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Dear brothers and dear friends, we want to share with you this testimony, which awakens us in relation to spiritual warfare. This is the story of a young man who was targeted by satan since he was young, following his mother's visit to a witch doctor. His mother without realising it had signed a pact with the underwater world, thus delivering the life of this child to satan. This boy spent all his youth serving the mermaid of the waters, committing atrocious damage, until Jesus Christ had mercy on him, and took him out of that world.


This testimony will open your eyes to the works of mermaids. It would equally serve as a warning to you against the risks of living without having Jesus Christ as Lord and Master. It confirms the teachings on "Spiritual Warfare" and on "Discernment" that we put at your disposal a few years ago. We encourage you to read it very carefully and draw all possible lessons from it. Also take the time to read or reread our teachings on Spiritual Warfare and on Discernment. They are very rich. You will find them on the website www.mcreveil.org.


1- My death and my resurrection by Jesus Christ


I am Joseph Tshopa Fololo. I was born to a father of 47 children. My father was a military man and chief bodyguard of former President Mobutu. We lived in the Tshatshi military camp, but I grew up in Lemba commune. My father had so many women and concubines that he had kids here and there. My father had a lot of money. Therefore, he could afford all these women. He was never at home, and my mother could not take it anymore. She was always in confrontation with my father's concubines. She was constantly in conflict with all these women that at one point she could not stand it anymore. She finally decided to divorce my father. I remember at that time, there was no spiritual awakening in the country like today. People were in fetishism, superstition. So my mother left my father and she took me with my younger brother and went away with us.


Later, she met a man and since she got on well with him, she decided to marry him. Their marriage had gone well and my mother moved into her new home. Then my mother gave birth to a boy, my younger brother. We were now three brothers. Since we were only boys, my mother started to want a girl. Later, my adoptive father started asking my mother for a daughter and he was putting pressure on my mother. He said to my mother, "I wish you could give me a daughter because I have enough money to take care of her." Actually, my father had a lot of money.


So my mother started looking for a girl to please her husband and keep her marriage. But I would like beloved, to tell you that children are gifts from the Lord, boys or girls. We must learn to be content with what we have because everything God gives is good. My mother started seeking advice on how to have a girl. And since my mother's friends knew her concern, one of them advised my mother to visit a charlatan. The Bible says that bad companies corrupt good morals (1Corinthians 15:33).


So my mother was taken by her friend to see a witch doctor. I remember, at that time I was in primary 4 at Bonga-Yasa boarding school, outside the capital Kinshasa. Once at the witch doctor's place, my mother explained her concern to this man. He asked my mother to bring a goat and an egg. My mother was surprised. She said to herself, "How does the gentleman know that I have a lot of money, but he asks me for a goat and an egg instead of asking me for money." My mother was ignorant of spiritual realities. Beloved, when a witch doctor asks for a goat, a pigeon or an egg, you must know that the goat and the pigeon is for the sprinkling of human blood and the egg also represents life.


The next day, my mother gave what was asked of her. The witch doctor took the egg and put it on a plate. There was no fire but the egg began to boil. Then the witch doctor gave it to my mother and told her to eat it. And my mother ate this egg. After my mother finished eating the egg, the witch doctor asked her to give him the goat. As soon as my mother gave him the goat, he said to my mother, "We have just had an exchange, I have given you the egg which you have just eaten, this represents the girl you're looking for. You have given me the goat which represents one of your sons." When my mother heard these words, she was surprised and shocked. She was in disarray. My mother realised that she had been deceived and misled. My mother did not understand that in giving this goat to this witch doctor, she entered into an alliance and a pact with the invisible world and that she had given away one of her sons to the world of darkness.


Beloved, the devil is the father of lies. Whenever a man signs an agreement with him, he hides the terms and conditions of this agreement. And by the time you find out, it will already be too late. All this to destroy you. It must be understood that when you set foot in a witch doctor or charlatan, you create problems to yourself because you are pursued by unclean spirits. The witch doctor said to my mother, "Whether you like it or not, I have taken your son, he is under my control, you have come here by your own volition and then ... you should have asked for the conditions from the start!" My mother became angry and started using the name of Jesus against the witch doctor but unfortunately, my mother did not have Jesus in her heart. Then the witch doctor said to my mother, "I will prove to you that I have taken possession of your son's life." He took the goat and threw it on the mirror. The goat disappeared and my image appeared in the mirror. It was as if I was being filmed at the boarding school because the pictures were broadcast live in this magic mirror. When my mother was recounting this story, she said she had seen me in the mirror dressed with my khaki pair of shorts that I used to put on.


When my mother saw this face in this magic mirror, she cried out with emotion and astonishment, but the witch doctor told her, "It's too late, we have your son but we have decided not to kill him because we have seen his star, so he will work for us." As soon as my mother heard these words, she slammed the door and insulted the witch doctor and left. She continued to live her life normally. Later, she forgot what had happened, but the kingdom of darkness never forgets alliances and pacts. A few years later, I fell ill. The disease was so bad that despite the treatment it was getting worse. After a few days, I finally succumbed. I was pronounced dead at the Bongayasa hospital, outside the capital of Kinshasa. Since there was still no cell phone at that time, people could not inform my mother the same day. The next day, I saw how they put my remains in the coffin. Although I was dead, I saw how they had informed my mother to come and take control of the situation.


My mother had a good car. So she drove off in her jeep to meet the mourning ceremonies, but she was late because I had to be buried that very day; I saw how people were preparing to bury me at the cemetery. I saw the nurses dressing me in death-ceremonial clothes, I saw them putting cotton in my nostrils and gloves on my hands, socks on my feet. Then after that, they put my body in the coffin. After laying my body in the coffin, I heard them talking about arrangements for my burial. They said that they had to go and do the parade of my body in the boarding school so that my mates could see me for the last time after which I would be buried in the cemetery. Then my body was laid in the room for the dead and there the doctor and the nurse were arranging my remains for the last parade at the boarding school. At a certain moment, while they were talking about my burial, I could hear them but could see them no more. I realised that I was like in a dark pit, and in this pit I was chained.


I heard the voices of the doctors who took care of my body. It was the voices of several people who were talking to each other, but I could not see them anymore. So I was in deep darkness, with chains on my hands and feet, but I could hear people talking from afar. Then suddenly, I saw the sky open and I saw Jesus come down. He held a sword that he raised as if to hit a target and he came down with strength and power. He was filled with light and His light lit up where I was. When the place where I was chained was illuminated, I realised that I was surrounded by grotesque, bizarre creatures, by demons, and by terrible and vile monsters. I could not see them before because of the absolute darkness that characterised this place, but when the light illuminated the place, I then could see the terrible creatures and monsters that surrounded me.


When Jesus came down, he cut off all my chains. I could not look at His face because of the intensity of the light emanating from His face. He was dressed in fine white linen. After cutting my chains, He said to me, "Jose, you are Joseph, I knew you from your mother's womb." I asked him the question, "Who are you?" He replied, "You are only a child, when you are old, I will reveal myself to you, now hold my hands and follow me." I said, "Jesus, I cannot look at your face because of the intensity of the light." Jesus said to me, "You do not have to look at my face because you risk being destroyed and you cannot stand it, just hold my hand and follow me."


So, I followed Jesus. We moved at high speed then we arrived at a place where Jesus said: "Joseph, here is the path you must take, you should go straight, do not look back." I followed the direction that Jesus had shown me, then I heard for the last time the voice of Jesus saying to me, "Joseph, go out quickly, go out!" Beloved, when Jesus spoke for the last time, it was in a simultaneous manner. The doctor and the nurse who were arranging my remains noticed that my hand had moved, they were afraid. They were three of them with the keeper of the hall of the dead, they fled.


After that, I woke up in my coffin. I remember well that I was a child. A green liquid was coming out of my mouth. So I removed the cotton from my nostrils, the gloves from my hands and the socks. I was still a kid, I did not realise what had happened. So when I tried to get out of my coffin, I fell to the ground and the coffin fell too. It almost hit me, but the protection of God was on my side. Now I got up to walk but I staggered since my blood was like coagulated. I continued to stagger but to get out of the hospital, I had to walk through a room that was filled with patients. When I reached this room, everyone including the sick who could not walk or get up, fled out. And as soon as I reached the exit door, the crowd dispersed. It was total chaos, but it was the director of our college, a Catholic priest, who calmed the crowd. Later my mother arrived and was told what had happened. She was shocked, but she took me and brought me back to Kinshasa. She did not realise that what happened to me was the result of the visit to the witch doctor.


2- The submarine kingdom


My mother had a short memory. She could not even imagine that her visit to the witchdoctor was the basis of my death, and that she had made a fundamental and costly mistake in visiting the charlatan. Because my death was only the beginning of a series of dramatic and paranormal phenomena which were intended to destroy my life. At the age of 17, I was diagnosed with cerebral malaria, but in reality, my illness was a demonic attack, even though the doctors called it "cerebral malaria". As children of God, we must learn to see things with spiritual eyes because we are no longer ordinary people. We must learn to go beyond scientific understanding. We therefore need discernment. We must not accept everything on the pretext that it is the will of God.


In reality, I was under the oppression of satan's world, and no one could know it. A few days later, I was hospitalised. I remember being asleep at the hospital at night when I heard the door open on its own. I was still under the influence of drugs but I managed to open my eyes to see what was happening. It was then that I saw a man dressed in black entering my room. He entered, giving me his back, and then he called my name.


When I answered him, he said to me, "I am your protector and I am also your doctor." I replied reflexively, "How can you be my doctor while you are dressed in black clothes? You should be dressed in white." I asked him to turn around because I could not see his face since he had turned his back on me. I told him, "I want to see your face or I will cry out for help." When he turned, I noticed he had no eyes, no ears, no nose, and no mouth. In fact, he did not have a face. He warned me not to scream. He said to me, "If you dare to shout, I'll kill you." I do not know how he could even speak when he had no mouth.


This entity breathed on me. As soon as he breathed on me, I lost consciousness and went mad. I started to talk nonsense. I ran out of the hospital running through the streets of the city. I said things that did not make any sense and I ran everywhere. People thought it was cerebral malaria as the doctor had told the family. They did not understand that I was attacked by the kingdom of darkness. In the meantime, my mother was crying and lamenting on my situation as I was crisscrossing the city with dirty clothes. Later, my family managed to lay their hands on me; they chained me and brought me home.


So my mother started going here and there to find a solution. My story is similar to that of Joseph who was fought because of his star. My problems began when the devil's world detected my star shining in the invisible dimension. I was chained because I had become a public danger. My mother was wondering about the origin of my madness. She thought it was the result of cerebral malaria, but I knew that it was the faceless entity who appeared to me at the hospital that was responsible for my situation. Glory be to God because my grandfather was a born again Christian. He took me to church. The pastor prayed for me, and the spirit of madness left me and I was healed in the name of Jesus Christ.


After my deliverance from madness, I became a member of the Pentecostal church of Fepaco. I sang in the choir but I was not born again, like many people who go to church but are not born again Christians. I was very young at that time. At the age of 20 I had found work in a night club in the city centre. But all this was arranged in the realm of satan who watched my life and controlled me. Indeed, since the day my mother visited the witch doctor, she had opened the door to the world of satan who controlled the lives of her children. During all these years, my life was monitored in the underwater kingdom through a magic mirror. They had already decided that I would be their servant. Because of my mother's visit to the witch doctor, they had the legal right over my life.


One day while I was working in this nightclub, I was watching the door as usual and I saw a very beautiful woman. She had a lot of hair and had the size of a model. I was delighted, captivated and dazzled by her beauty. I said to her, "Miss, you're not supposed to come to this kind of place, what are you doing here? This place does not suit you." To my amazement, the beautiful woman said to me, "Darling, I came here especially for you." I could not believe what I heard; it was too good for me. Beloved, this beautiful woman was a mermaid sent by the world of darkness precisely for me. I could not realise it.


We agreed to find a place to live together. So we started living together. Whenever we went out, people were amazed by her beauty, and I was proud of myself; but I was bewitched without knowing it. One day I had to visit my mother and I was looking for my shoes. I was looking for a pair of shoes that could match the colour of my suit, since I used to dress in fashion. While I was looking under the bed, I noticed a cleansing product and a bottle of water containing a fish inside. I was surprised because I knew I did not put those things there.


As soon as I took the bottle of water containing the fish, the bottle stuck to my hand. I was electrocuted, I vibrated and trembled. I started screaming for help. I struggled to remove the bottle from my hand, but my efforts were unsuccessful. So I heard a voice in me telling me to remember the name I was singing when I was a member of the choir of the church of Fepaco. Indeed, after my healing from madness, although I was a child and even though I was not born again, I went regularly to church. I heard the voice tell me to use the name of Jesus Christ against the bottle that was stuck on my hand.


When I invoked the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the bottle came off my hand and fell to the ground. I tried unsuccessfully to open the bottle. Then I took a hammer and tried to break the bottle, but this bottle was even resistant to the hammer. Several times, I tried to break this bottle with the hammer, but without success. I could not understand; I was shocked to find that this glass bottle was resistant to an iron hammer. While I was using the hammer against the bottle, the fish in the bottle was making movements. Then suddenly, and with my own eyes, I saw my girlfriend enter the house through the wall. She crossed the wall of our room. I was shocked. I told myself that I was dealing with a woman using charms and superstition to dominate and control me. I could not realise that I was dealing with a mermaid who physically came to earth just for me. She came into my life with a specific mission.


When the mermaid crossed the wall, she told me to give her the bottle. I thought she was just an ordinary woman using charm and spell. So I told her, "I'm not going to give you the bottle, you must know that I'm a master in martial arts, if you dare I'll beat you up today." I said to her, "How can you use charm and spell to bewitch and control me." Dear brothers and sisters, I was about to hit this woman, when suddenly she breathed on me. As a result, I collapsed on the floor. It was a Friday night when I collapsed into a coma, and when I woke up from this coma I realised it was Sunday morning. While I was in a coma for two days, something happened. It was like a dream, but it was not one. Christians, I want to warn you not to neglect dreams!


In fact, when I was in a coma, the mermaid transported me to the underwater world. I saw myself celebrating, we were eating meat and drinking red wine, it was actually human blood. It was like a wedding celebration for me, they put a ring on my finger and a bracelet on my hand. During this wedding party under the sea, I was surrounded by people half-man and half-fish. Then I woke up.


When I woke up on Sunday morning, I noticed that I was naked. I saw the mermaid naked standing in front of me. She was holding a plate of grilled meat. She said to me, "Joseph, you're going to eat these pieces of meat one after the other." Before giving them to me, she introduced them one by one in her private parts, then she gave them to me. I was controlled by her. I now knew that I was dealing with a woman that was not ordinary. I did everything she asked me. I ate that meat that was human meat.


Although I was bewitched, I still had a certain degree of freedom. Then the mermaid said to me, "I'm not going to hurt you. In fact, I'll make you a great man in this country, as I did with many." She gave me names of people whom she had made rich and famous in our country, but whose names I cannot reveal here. Let me give you a hint: There is a pastor who brags about the fact that he goes on astral journeys; there is a musician who calls himself sheitan, which means satan in Arabic. After finishing eating the meat, the mermaid applauded and said, "Joseph, you just ate human flesh." I was so shocked that I tried to vomit them but to no avail. Then the mermaid made a revelation to me saying, "Joseph, I came into your life because we monitored you from childhood; you were under surveillance through a magic mirror. In fact, it was the day that your mother came into contact with the witch doctor that it all started; she made an alliance with him and this opened the door for us into your life."


The mermaid hit her hand on the wall, and suddenly a big mirror appeared. I noticed that this mirror had my name written all over. It was a big mirror made exclusively for me. There are many people in the world who are monitored like this through magical mirrors in the water world. Then the mermaid said to me, "Joseph, you were monitored from your childhood because you were chosen to serve our kingdom." She added, "My father has charged me to talk to you about 3 missions we have for you." The father she was referring to here is the king of her dynasty in the underground world. She said to me, "Here is your first mission: There will be money under your cushion that we will put at your disposal every day; you will have to use this money. You will sleep with 10 to 15 women each day. After having slept with these women, before washing your body I must first lick your body, including your genitals, to recover the odours of all the women who slept with you."


The mermaid had to lick my body, including my genital organ to capture the odours of all the women who had slept with me. Let me tell you that the practice of licking the genital organ of the man or the woman comes from the world of darkness. It was imported to earth by satanists through pornography. This practice has just arrived on earth, but it has always been practiced in the world of pandemonium. Men who are in occultism tend to sleep with many women and are in strange sexual practices.


Every night, after sleeping with several women, at midnight the mermaid would lick my body and would capture the odours of every woman who had slept with me. After capturing these odours, she blew those odours that were in the form of vapour into a capsule. The siren knew the names and identities of every woman who had slept with me through these odours in the form of vapour. After capturing these odours, at 3 am she would travel to the underwater realm, and carry all these female odours or vapours into the world of darkness under the sea. After landing in the marine world, she would blow each vapour-like odour in several mirrors respectively, designed specifically for each of these women.


Whenever she blew a woman's vapour or odour in a mirror, she called her name in the mirror. Therefore, the images and the life of this woman appeared in the mirror. The life of the victim was projected on the screen of the magic mirror. As soon as the mermaid blows your odour or vapour on the mirror and calls your name, you will appear live in the mirror; whether you are sleeping or working or studying, your images will be projected in the mirror screen. And next to your images, there is data and information about your future, your star, your hopes and your destiny that will be displayed in the mystic mirror. Once your image is projected on the mirror, the information and especially what God has given you are projected in the mirror designed for you and having your identity. Your star and your destiny will be displayed. Therefore, your life will be controlled and manipulated by the world of lucifer.


The mermaid knew the future of these women thanks to fornication and thanks to this mirror. She could read data about their future, their luck and their star. Although the mermaid could know these details, she did not know how God would fulfil the destiny of these people. The devil may know that your star will shine like Joseph's, but he does not know how God will do that. The devil can know your destination, but he does not know how you will get there. On the basis of the data and information displayed in the magic mirror, the water creature and the devil will seek to block and bar the way to the fulfilment of God's destiny in your life. Many people walk on the street, but they are controlled and monitored, they are not free. Sex outside marriage is very dangerous.


If data in your mirror indicates that you are going to be rich, the devil will make spiritual holes in your pockets or he will burn your hand. You will work and you will have money, but you will have nothing to show for it. You will have a good salary, but will do nothing with it. If he sees in the mirror that you are beautiful and will have a good marriage, he will put an age-mask on your face. You can be a beautiful woman physically, but spiritually you are already old because of the age mask, and no man will come for marriage. The fact that your face appears in the magic mirror means that the water world has power and control of your life; they can inflict you with any kind of misfortune.


When I travelled to the world of waters, I saw the case of a man who was inflicted with epilepsy. The demon of epilepsy is a black and white bird. It is mostly in a cage. I saw how the marine spirits got it out of the cage, and blew it to the mirror bearing that man's name. I saw this bird that is the spirit of epilepsy enter the head of this man who was the target. As a result, this man became epileptic on earth. Epilepsy is a sign of demonic control and manipulation. In fact, I saw a lot of cages and mirrors in the underwater realm. There are people on earth with chronic diseases, heart disease, and kidney disease. I saw the hearts of people in cages. I saw the brains of people living on earth in cages. I saw people's bodily organs in cages. These people suffer from chronic illness on earth because their organs are stolen or sacrificed and put in cages in the water world.


Once the water world can locate you in their mirror, they have the power to affect you in one way or another, since they have free access. They can inject any kind of disease into your life, and any disease of mystical origin will never be cured by scientific medicine. Only prayer in the name of Jesus can put an end to these diseases. Many people fail because they are under surveillance in the realm of darkness. They will start one thing but they will not get to the end, because they are in the magic mirrors of the water world. Through these mirrors, we can also choose a husband or a wife for somebody. We can also send you a night husband or a night wife. As a result, you will not enjoy marriage life. One of the things we do to people in the mirror is that we put seals, signs, and marks on people's foreheads. These marks will be visible to occultists and witches, but the ordinary man will not see them.


You could be marked on your forehead as single for life, and wherever you go in the world, sorcerers and satanists would work to keep you in this unmarried state, as it is written on your forehead. They will fight you every time you try to get married, because it says "single for life" on your forehead. Many people have seals, marks written on their foreheads. One day I was walking with the mermaid in the city. I saw a beautiful woman. In fact, I was looking for a victim, so I proposed this beautiful woman as a victim. The mermaid told me that this woman was already killed in the invisible world; so you had to look for someone who is alive. In fact, there was a date on the forehead of this woman indicating the time she had to die on the earth. Many people are walking down the street, but they are already dead. You can see the date on their forehead with spiritual eyes. There are also people marked "unemployed" on the forehead. They have degrees, but they will never get a job. If they found a job, they would be fired and would not keep a job for a long time.


3- My mission in the revival churches


The Bible says in Colossians 2:14-15 "having cancelled the written code, with its regulations, that was against us and that stood opposed to us; he took it away, nailing it to the cross. And having disarmed the powers and authorities, he made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross." Beloved, when I became agent of the kingdom of waters, I was instructed to attack the revival churches in my country Congo, because there was an intense awakening in the Congo during this period and the kingdom of darkness was in disarray. I was instructed to perpetuate the invisible war on churches and to coordinate systematic attacks on local assemblies. But first, I had to sleep with the princess named Jacqueline who was supposed to transport me under the sea in the world of darkness. As my third mission was against the Church of Jesus Christ, I was given the mission to destroy a woman who was a Christian. The mermaid told me that this woman was full of grace and divine abilities, which is why she was identified as a potential target to be destroyed. The mermaid said to me, "We will kill her and we will eat her flesh."


"How will I execute this mission?" I asked the mermaid. She said to me, "Do not be afraid because we have allocated 450 demons to help you destroy this Christian, they will work with you and accompany you everywhere." As I was established against the churches, so we deployed demons of dreams among the sisters. The purpose of these demons was to cause deceitful dreams with false messages, to create confusion in the local church. Christians were made to have dreams containing false and deceptive messages against the pastor, and even dreams of false marriages between brothers and sisters. Beloved, when you do not live in holiness you can be attacked and you will end up having dreams containing demonic messages. We sought to create confusion in the church, but the Lord also speaks to us through dreams. In the underwater world, I was taught to prevent Christians from dreaming. Normally a born again Christian is supposed to have dreams of revelations, otherwise he is blind and blinded. Even the pagan kings in the Bible like Pharaoh and king Nebuchadnezzar had dreams containing specific and even prophetic messages.


The second tactic against Christians was to let them dream, but I made them forget what they had dreamed at night. The Lord Jesus can give you a message, but as you always forget the dreams of God that contain warnings or precautionary messages, you will end up suffering the consequences of what will happen to you. Sometimes you can even dream and even remember it. Many people do not finish their dreams. The spiritual implication is that you can start things in your life, but you will never end what you started. Many destinies of people are diverted into dreams. There are also people who have repetitive dreams. It is a reflection of their spiritual condition. There are also people who only dream of the past, past experiences, past places of their lives; the truth is that it is the spirit of regression, which means that your life and your mind are stuck in the past.


My first strategy against the sister was therefore to create confusion in her church through dreams caused by demons we deployed. Later, I visited this sister's family just to flatter them. I talked to her mother who loved me very much, because she hoped I would marry her daughter. But in reality, I was trying to destroy her. I was accompanied by 450 demons including the mermaid. After talking to her family, I booked a room at the hotel where I had to destroy her through sex. She loved me sincerely because she did not know that I was a fake brother. Many people come to church not to pray. Some of them are agents of the enemy. So I booked the hotel, I knew she was not going to say no, she trusted me. When the day arrived, together we went to the hotel. The mermaid was hiding in the bathroom. She was in her half-fish hybrid form. The sister was unaware of the presence of the mermaid. The sister was in loincloth, and I noticed that her attitude changed, she was a little sad. I think she had guilt. Then she asked me to read a Bible verse. It meant nothing to me, it was just a book. So I quickly went to the bathroom where the mermaid was hiding to ask her opinion. She said to me, "Do not be afraid, let her read if she wants, there will be nothing, there are more than 400 demons here, whether she reads the Bible or not, she will die."


So this sister opened the Bible in the book of Isaiah. I do not know why God wanted me to hear the words of this verse. This woman did not know she was minutes away from her death. She was unaware of the presence of a mermaid in the toilet and hundreds of demons around the hotel. So she opened her Bible that says, "So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. All who rage against you will surely be ashamed and disgraced; those who oppose you will be as nothing and perish. Though you search for your enemies, you will not find them. Those who wage war against you will be as nothing at all." Isaiah 41:10-12. This sister did not know why the Holy Spirit made her read this verse. Beloved, when the Holy Spirit prompts you to read the Bible do it right away. As soon as this Christian lady read this Bible verse, I heard the mermaid scream. She said to me, "Joseph, we must flee, run!" It was a cry of distress. So I saw the mermaid run away at the speed of lightning. I did not know why she would run. It was only when I raised my eyes to the sky that I realised why the mermaid had escaped that way.


In fact, I saw myriads and myriads of angelic soldiers come down to answer the reading of the Bible verses by this lady. They had their sword lifted. The mermaid and the 450 demons fled and I was left there with the sister. I thought 400 demons were a lot, but when I saw these legions of the angelic army come down, I got out of the hotel room and escaped. The people working at the reception were surprised to see me in my pair of shorts with my clothes in my hands. The woman could not see all this and did not understand the reason for my escape. She did not know that a whole angelic legion had been deployed by the Lord for her. Many things happen when we pray, even if we do not see them. I left the sister in this hotel room never to return, while the mermaid and the 450 demons were already far from this place.


4- The second aspect of my mission


In the first aspect of my mission, I slept with 10 to 15 women a day and the mermaid captured the destiny of these women thanks to their odours. The mermaid captured these smells and carried them into the underwater world and blew those odours inside a mystical mirror from which she controlled the lives of those women. In the second aspect of my mission as an agent of the water world, I slept with the mermaid and she deposited seeds in me. Then I went to bed with the women and in my turn I deposited these seeds of the mermaid in them. Before going on my mission, which consisted in sleeping with 10 to 15 women a day, I slept with the mermaid, which deposited in me two seeds: The seed of the snake and the seed of the snail. I want to start with the seed of the spiritual snake, which was a two-headed serpent.


5- The seed of the two-headed snake


In fact, every time I slept with a woman, I transferred to her a two-headed snake. The snake entered the body of the woman by her vagina, and this two-headed snake resided and positioned itself in the sex organ of the woman. The head of this snake was positioned in the vaginal opening of the woman. As a result, the female genitals became the head of the snake. Beloved, there are women whose vaginas have become the head of a serpent, and every man who sleeps with this woman has his genital organ penetrating the head of the serpent and thus becomes affected and bewitched. In fact, this two-headed snake that is positioned in the female genital organ captures the stars, the gifts and the destinies of those who sleep with these women. Whenever a man's body penetrated the woman's genital organ, it penetrated into the mouth of the snake that captured the wealth and happiness of that man. This two-headed snake captured and devoured the luck, the stars and the riches of all those who slept with these women.


Many lives and destinies have been destroyed and compromised because of fornication and illegal intercourse. Because of enjoyment and sexual pleasure, the lives of many men and women are destroyed. Sexual pleasure out of wedlock is extremely dangerous, which is why the Bible says: Flee from sexual immorality... 1Corinthians 6:18. Many have destroyed their lives because of sexual pleasure. Beloved, if by imprudence you sleep with this kind of women your destiny and your future are captured and compromised, and what remains is poverty and suffering. I said that this snake had two heads: The first head of the snake was positioned in the vaginal opening of the woman, while the second head was positioned and resided in the conception organs of the woman, exactly where the baby resides. Sometimes this snake killed the woman's baby. But often the snake let the baby live to bite it later; and as a result of the snake bite, the baby will be born either with brain problems or with uncontrollable behaviour.


Dear Christians, I want to warn you not to accept everything that happens to you in life. Many Christians accept demonic situations under the pretext that in all things God works for the good of those who love him. Romans 8:28. There are many who say that we must give glory to God, because all that happens to us is the will of God. We must not adopt this mentality. The things you accept in your life will remain and persist and the things you refuse will eventually leave you. The kingdom of satan trades in the lives of many people. They take the original that God gave them to leave them the counterfeit, this is called exchange. They steal the original to leave you the fake. When you notice that your son or daughter is showing unbearable behaviour, do not tolerate it. We must seek the face of God in prayer and fasting.


Beloved, when I slept with a woman and put a snake in her, the snake would destroy the seed of her husband or men who would sleep with her, in order to keep her in infertility. Secondly, this snake was intended to terminate pregnancies and cause miscarriages. Thirdly, this spiritual serpent disrupted the menstrual periods of the woman by making them painful. Finally, the snake could bite or kill babies. There are children born with difficult and unbearable behaviours and attitudes. It is because of the bite of the snake. There are children born with defects because of the venom of the snake.


Once I slept with a woman and gave her the seed of the snake, this woman will lose her beauty and freshness. She will feel as if something were moving inside her body, she will be nauseated. Finally, she will be inhabited and influenced by a strong desire to sleep with men, and she will not manage to master this sexual desire. These are the effects and consequences that women and men who carry the snake in them will experience.


6- The seed of the snail


The second seed that I passed on to the women who slept with me was the snail that caused various diseases. There are men and women with various kinds of things and foreign bodies in them. They must be delivered, otherwise they will continue to suffer. This is a warning to men and women living in fornication. You risk sleeping with a man or a woman whose sexual organ is a snake that will devour and capture your chances, your star and your wealth. There are men and women whose genital organs are destructive serpents.


7- My third mission


My third mission was to fight the Church of Jesus Christ and Christians. But that was not an easy task. Therefore, the mermaid insisted that I travel to the world of waters to be armed, so as to be able to fulfil my obligations and tasks effectively. First, we had to go to the cemetery where I had to sleep with a woman who had died several years ago. When the big day came, I undressed and the mermaid held me by the hand. In the blink of an eye, we changed places and landed in the local cemetery. It was midnight and it was very dark. I thought we were alone, but to my greatest surprise, I saw a crowd of people present in the cemetery.


There were musical celebrities, politicians and people we watch on television. We were all naked. Then I noticed lots of luxury cars. So I asked the mermaid who owned these cars. She replied that they belonged to the dead, I mean to the ghosts. The mermaid informed me that every night, when the dead or ghosts leave the world of the cemetery with their luxury car, they will relax in the bars, nightclubs, and sleep with men and women in the hotels.


The mermaid told me that the luxury cars I saw were actually coffins. In fact, the ghosts are men who died before their time, since God has determined for each human being the number of years to live on the earth. However, many die prematurely, either their lives are interrupted by witchcraft or by human sacrifice. These people cannot go to Hades. Therefore, they become serving spirits in the service of satan's kingdom.


Many of the beautiful cars we see in the boulevards are coffins, and their drivers are dead people or ghosts who come to earth to relax in bars, nightclubs, and hotels. Some people we see in the street are not normal men, they are ghosts, dead people. Those who have the lifestyle of frequenting nightclubs and sleeping with men are victims of these ghosts. They appear in the evening to disappear in the morning.


I was saying that I was in the cemetery at midnight with my wife, the mermaid. There was a crowd of people. These people were ordinary people in search of power, success, and wealth. Each of these had received prescriptions with instructions on what to do. It is not easy to serve satan, because there are people who had to sleep with buried corpses in our presence. Suddenly, I heard something like a whistle. Then, I saw the crowd forming two lines: the first line was that of men and the second that of women. We were all standing and naked in these lines.


Then I saw a short humanoid demon standing over a grave in front of the crowd. He had a beard that went down to the ground. I saw this demon hit the grave where he was standing with a whip, and as a result, a woman who died several years ago came out of that grave. She was naked. We were all supposed to sleep with this revenant woman inside her grave, and in turn. The naked women in their line were supposed to sleep with a man who had died several years ago like us, in turn.


I was scared to witness this horrific spectacle. Then a man who was a popular musician in our country, whose name I will not mention, said to me, "Joseph, I see that this is your first time of participating in this ritual, but do not worry, everything will be fine." The words of this man reassured me. As I dialogued with this musician, our line was getting shorter as people slept in turn with this ghost woman. But while I was chatting with the musician, I heard a voice in the sky, saying, "It's dawn, it's dawn!" When this voice sounded in space, there was rout. Everyone was on the run. In fact, the activities of sorcerers stop when it is morning towards dawn. When the voice said "Dawn!" I saw with my eyes sorcerers who fled with flying speed like missiles. Darkness cannot stand light.


I always wondered what happened to the gentleman who was sleeping with the ghost when the voice rang out in space. As I watched these sorcerers fly into space, my wife the mermaid held me by the hand and in the blink of an eye we landed at home. Then the mermaid said to me, "Joseph, something is wrong with you, I have taken no one to the cemetery and then brought the person home without completing this ritual." Then one day in the morning, a friend came to inform me that there was mourning in the neighbourhood. So I was supposed to attend these funerals. I promised him I would come.


As I prepared to attend the funeral, my wife the mermaid proposed to come with me physically. I contested. In fact, every time I walked with her, she was invisible but I could see her. But often she was physical and people were amazed at her beauty. I did not like her proposal to physically come to the funeral with me. I told him, "You are so pretty that you always attract people's attention because of your beauty."


But she pressured me to allow her to come with me physically. So we went to my friend's mourning. In the street people were amazed by her beauty. Then we arrived at the funeral. But something happened there. I had a girlfriend in the past named Catherine. We had already broken this relationship, but when her friends saw me with the mermaid at the funeral, they went to inform Catherine. They told her, "We saw your boyfriend at the funeral with a very beautiful woman."


When Catherine learned this, she got angry although my relationship with her was already broken. She rushed to join us at the funeral. Then she assaulted the mermaid. She thought she was dealing with an ordinary human being. She began to insult the mermaid. She threw sand at the mermaid to humiliate her publicly. Her friends tried to beg her, but in vain.


When we left the funeral, the mermaid was angry and she said to me, "I swear, I'm going to make your ex-girlfriend pay for the humiliation she made me suffer. Your ex-girlfriend Catherine humiliated me publicly. I'm a princess of the royal family! She can't subject me to this kind of treatment. You must know that your girlfriend's life is over, she will die!" When I saw Catherine attack the mermaid, I knew she was going to pay for it with her life, because this mermaid comes from a royal family of the underwater world, so she is very powerful. It was 11 o'clock in the night when I was awakened from my sleep by my mermaid wife.


When I woke up it was as if I was sleeping in the bush, although I had fallen asleep in our house. The house had been transformed. Then I saw the mermaid holding an antique knife with mysterious writings similar to Egyptian writing. She hit her hand against the wall of the house and a mystic and antique mirror appeared. I saw the pictures of Catherine appear in this magic mirror. She was sleeping in her bed, and then the mermaid started to call her. When she called her name, Catherine began to move, and woke up.


I looked at all this in the magic mirror. Then the mermaid took her antique knife and stabbed Catherine to death. Then the blood began to flow, and the mermaid brought something like a calabash. She collected the blood that flowed in this mystic mirror. When this calabash was filled with Catherine's blood, the mermaid drank that blood. Then she passed over the calabash to me and asked me to drink. So I drank the blood of my girlfriend. Then the mermaid said to me, "Your former girlfriend who dared to publicly humiliate me is dead; you will hear the news of her death in the morning." Then the mermaid blew on me and I fell asleep until morning. When I woke up in the morning, a friend came to inform me of Catherine's death. She was bleeding and her heart was open. She was bleeding from the nose and ears. There was blood everywhere in her room. When my friend gave me the news of Catherine's death, the mermaid was standing at my side, but my friend could not see her. Catherine's problem was that she was not born again. She was unprotected and exposed.


8- Mermaids, catholic priests, and hospitals


A few days later, the mermaid told me that we were going to visit the hospital to see the sick. In fact, lucifer is very active in hospitals; it is a place of demonic activities. The person in charge of this visit was a Catholic priest. He was doing charity by giving food to people, shoes and clothes, while capturing their souls. Many things happen in the hospital. I would advise women, after giving birth not to allow doctors to separate them from their baby, because they do not know what this doctor is doing with their baby. In this visit to the hospital, the priest was anointing the sick and this resulted in their death, and their stars were stolen. The mermaid captured the souls of the sick who were killed by the priest's rituals. The night before travelling underwater, the mermaid showed me the souls of those captured in the hospital. She was transferring them to the sea kingdom.


9- Children initiated through food


Aside from the fact that the mermaid worked with the Catholic priest to collect souls at the hospital, she also visited children who had just been initiated into witchcraft. In fact, many children contract witchcraft through food. The kingdom of darkness worked with sorcerer children who were responsible for distributing witchcraft in schools and their communities. Since most children are introduced to witchcraft by a mystical human meat, they are asked to repay the meat they ate when they were initiated. As a result, they must choose or point at a family member. The work of the mermaid was to gather the souls that the newly initiated children offered as sacrifice. The capture and the raid of these souls, victims of human sacrifice in hospital, was the work of this mermaid who was my wife. After capturing and raiding these souls, the mermaid took them to the underwater kingdom at night.


10- My new girlfriend


As I said, my mission was to sleep with 10 to 15 women a day. The mermaid was supposed to capture their odours from which she controlled their lives through mystical mirrors. One day I fell in love with a girl although I lived with the mermaid. I wanted to visit my new girlfriend, so I lied to the mermaid that I wanted to visit my parents and I would come back the next day. The mermaid agreed. I did not know she was aware of my relationship. She knew that I had lied to her, but pretended and let me go. Dear friends, once you are controlled by the marine world, you are monitored in a mirror or a magic board. So I went to see my girlfriend. We had sex. At 2 am, I noticed water around me on the bed. I did not know that this woman was a witch who used to urinate in bed when she came out of her body for astral travel. I was surprised and disappointed to find that she used to urinate in bed. When I asked her, she denied it.


Later in the night, this woman took a devilish and monstrous form to destroy me. She had become like a vampire with long nails and pointed and sharp teeth. She began to walk towards me to devour me. It was then that a violent and powerful wind began to blow in the room. It was the arrival of my mermaid wife. She landed in this room in the blink of an eye, precisely between me and the vampire witch like a missile. The mermaid questioned the witch and asked, "What are you trying to do to my husband?" Then my mermaid wife and the witch began to quarrel, and what followed was a trial and a test of power between the mermaid and this vampire. The witch was neutralised by the mermaid, which was too powerful for her. Then the mermaid ordered this witch to kneel. But the witch who looked like a thief surprised in action was filled with shame. She wanted to give the mermaid the cold shoulder. Then the mermaid said to her, "If you do not kneel now I'll kill you." But the witch pretended to ignore the mermaid. Then the mermaid repeated her command: "For the last time I order you: kneel or you die!"


The mermaid was about to kill this witch when suddenly she received a call from the underwater world. She was instructed not to kill the witch because she was an agent on a mission. So I heard the mermaid say to this witch, "You're lucky, I've just been informed by the head quarter that you're on assignment, otherwise I would have killed you!" Beloved, let me tell you that the kingdom of lucifer is not divided. They coordinate what happens between their agents and workers. The Bible says, "Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand. If satan drives out satan, he is divided against himself. How then can his kingdom stand?" Matthew 12:25-26. After this communication, the mermaid ordered the witch to return to her normal human form. I saw the witch leave her monstrous form of vampire and resume the human form, and the mermaid drove her away. So I opened the door and the witch went out.


11- My journey to the mysterious civilization under the sea


After failing in this mission of killing this Christian lady, I returned with the mermaid to the hotel where we lived. The mermaid said to me, "Joseph, you are failing in almost all the missions we entrust to you. So my father decided that we should travel to our world under the sea, so that you can learn and be equipped. There is a high-ranking witch in the suburbs of the city, she is responsible for a demon snake. We are going to visit her. You will be swallowed by this snake that will vomit you under the sea in our submarine kingdom."


Beloved, like the story of Jonah, a snake swallowed me for 3 days to throw me into the underwater realm. So I had to travel in the underwater world to be equipped and become efficient and powerful. The mermaid said to me, "Normally we should have destroyed the Christian lady the other day because she was a strategic target, this failure is unacceptable!"


Dear Christians, when the day I had to travel under the sea came, the mermaid said to me, "Joseph, it is noon. You must know that midday and midnight are strategic and operational hours for us. It is at midday and midnight that we intensify our activities on Earth, we pour blood at noon, we cause traffic accidents at noon and we travel under the sea at noon." Then the mermaid said to me, "Joseph, it is noon you must undress, since we have to travel, our journey will be different from that of ordinary men, we would travel by teleportation." After undressing as instructed by the mermaid, she held my hand and told me to close my eyes. In a fraction of a second, we changed location and landed in a bush at the residence of a high-ranking witch in the suburbs of the city. The mermaid and this witch instructed me to enter a barrel in which there was water. They told me that there was a huge snake inside although I could not see it.


When I put my feet in this barrel, I was paralysed. Immediately I found myself in a large compartment. I did not know where I was. There was a door behind me, then I saw a boa, a huge, massive snake. Its dimension and size were mythical. In reality, this snake was a demon. It was heading towards me with great speed to swallow me. This demonic snake was so big that I was paralysed by fear and I was trembling. But something happened when it was about to swallow me to vomit me into the underwater world. I noticed that this snake was opposed by a force that prevented it from swallowing me.


He was trying to swallow me but he could not. So he got angry and rolled over my body, then started talking to me and asked me, "Who are you?" I was silent and surpassed by what was happening to me. The snake asked me three times, "Who are you?" It was angry, so it hit me with its head and instantly I found myself in the barrel filled with water on the earth. I understood that the Lord controlled everything that happened to me. And He was the One who kept the monster from swallowing me up. This operation with the mermaid and this high-ranking witch was a failure. But the mermaid was nonetheless determined to transport me to the underwater realm.


Several days later, it was Wednesday at 3 am. She asked me to undress, then she held me by the hand and in a split of a second, we landed on the bank of the Congo River. It was 3 am in the morning, it was still dark, but I could recognise the place. After landing at the edge of the Congo River, I noticed that I was not alone. I was surprised to find that there were many naked people like me at this time of the night. There were men, women, and teenagers, all naked by the river. We were each given a garment.


I would like to point out that in the world of darkness women are more powerful than men. I knew very well where we were, although it was very dark, and I knew that the waterway was not navigable at this place. So I was surprised when the mermaid informed me that a boat would emerge and transport us to the underwater civilization. A few minutes later, we heard the sound of a ship. My eyes were wide open and curious. Then I saw a ship much bigger than the Titanic and more beautiful than the ships we have on earth.


This ship was coming out of the depths of the Congo River. It was so glorious and beautiful that many people collapsed on the ground due to emotion. I observed this non-earthly intelligence. This ship was above technological progress and human civilization. I was standing and watching this boat. I then saw three faceless demonic entities come out of the boat, like the one that had struck me with madness in the hospital. These entities did not have clothes on them. They had neither mouth, nose, eyes, nor ears. When they left the ship, they deployed a bridge reaching the riverbank. Then all the people waiting on the shore boarded the ship. After we all entered, the boat submerged deeply into the river. The boat was moving at a prodigious speed.


People were emotional while observing this angelic technology. We witnessed an advanced civilization and superior technology. In this boat there were not only Congolese, there were Europeans, Chinese, Indians, Americans and all races of the earth. The influence of the world of darkness has reached the four corners of the earth. Then after only a few seconds of travelling, we began to see massive and populated cities. I saw massive infrastructure. I saw markets, and people sell and buy. These kingdoms and cities were crowded and populated. We travelled around metropolitan cities and many advanced civilizations under the sea. But when I observed the population of these cities and kingdoms, I saw ordinary human beings. Then I saw people half man, half fish.


We finally arrived in the submarine civilization. I observed from a distance, I saw the former president of my country. He was dressed in dirty clothes. In fact, he was like a slave there. He died several years ago. People sang for him while he was alive, but he was only a servant there. He recorded the names of the people who arrived in this kingdom. He drew blood from people with a syringe, and by the blood sample, he knew their name and identity. After this formality, we were taken to an auditorium. It is as if there was a meeting in this building. But I noticed the absence of my wife the mermaid. I was still touched to see our former Head of State serving as a slave there. As I was thinking about it, suddenly my wife the mermaid appeared. She was delighted to see me in her kingdom. She greeted me and said, "Joseph, I am very happy and excited that you have finally arrived in our kingdom." She kissed me and made a gesture with her hand. As a result, a half-fish man appeared.


He was extremely handsome. It was my wife's brother. So my wife said to her brother, "Help my husband to visit our civilization and all the cities, including our infrastructure, our factories, our businesses and our industries." So we went into a capsule that looked like a ship that was used as a car in this civilization. My wife said to her brother, "Show him our universe." So the man who was half-fish took me to visit the cities of the submarine kingdom. We started the visit by going to see the royal family or the dominant clan. After travelling for a while, we arrived at a residence, which was a royal palace. The protocol service opened the gate for us and we entered. Then I saw the king of this kingdom. I was told that he had many names, but he is commonly known as Acram-Mojes. In fact, in our country musicians like to be called by these names. This sovereign of the underwater world is also called Ben Adam, which means the second Adam.


He appropriated the title of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is king of the mermaid clan of which my wife was part. The underwater kingdom is populated by different mermaid clans. This leader is one of the greatest leaders of the mermaid dynasty in this underwater civilization. In his royal castle, I noticed that the mermaids of this clan and the mermaids who served the royal family had tattoos on them. In fact, every clan or kingdom of mermaids under the sea is identified by their specific tattoos. Then the brother of my wife, the half-fish hybrid entity tells me, "The tattoos on us show our membership of the Xim-Adam clan, and very soon this tattoo will be popular on the land and in your country." In the underwater world, each mermaid clan had their tattoo for identification, but many people on earth wear the mermaid tattoo without knowing it, as if they were members of a particular mermaid clan under the sea. Beloved, there is a mermaid spirit behind tattooing. If you have a tattoo on you, the spirit of mermaid is in your life. It will influence you and control you. In that period, there was not yet this type of tattoo on earth. I recently attended a deliverance session of a sister, tattoo changed location in her body.


After this visit, we left the royal residence of this dynasty, then after, we travelled to visit factories and manufacturing industries of several products and items that we use on the earth. First, we had to visit the dynasties responsible for these factories and industries. We first went to visit the Cabello dynasty. The king of this dynasty is the sovereign of our mermaid clan in charge of the production and manufacture of make-up products, jewellery, and clothing. Beloved, there is hair made under the sea. This hair is named after the royal family of this kingdom of mermaids. Mermaids have a lot of hair reaching even their hips. This hair is cut and transported on the Earth. I would advise the sisters to avoid artificial hair. These are mermaids' hair transported to the surface of the earth. After that, we went to see the production and manufacture of other products and articles. The half-fish hybrid entity that was my wife's brother, told me about the seductive items that are exported to the earth, like eyelashes and nails; this was before these products emerged.


12- People captured on the earth and imprisoned under the sea


Our visit continued. We arrived in a place where I saw people who were arrested and incarcerated. I was informed that these men were captured by the kingdom of darkness on earth. They are people who have disappeared from the earth mystically. Sometimes these people reappear on the earth. These people are held under the sea, I saw them with my own eyes. In fact, there are people who are captured on the earth and imprisoned under the sea, but they are replaced on earth by demons. Demons take the form and the likeness of these captives and come to the surface of the earth to live there with the identity of these captives retained in the world of waters. These physical demons resemble and speak like them, but the real people are incarcerated. This is how demons come to earth physically. These demons are mistaken for the real person by the families of captives held in the underwater world. They are therefore integrated and accepted in these families. But with keen observation and discernment you will notice inconsistencies and attitudes that do not relate to your real brother or sister held captive in the underwater world. Some of these people held captives are not dead; they just disappeared on earth and are slaves in the water world. After visiting the detention centres and prisons, we continued our visit of the underwater world.


13- Night wives and husbands


Then I saw a crowd of people in a room shaped like an auditorium of the university. It was actually a meeting of sorcerers and this meeting was animated and led by a hybrid demon. He was teaching mystical and esoteric knowledge to the assembly. I was curious and so I looked what was happening from the window of this auditorium, when suddenly the hybrid demon that was dispensing mysterious knowledge appeared behind me in a blink of an eye. He invited me to join the crowd inside the auditorium because I was curious. So I sat in this meeting room. This demon taught the mystery of witchcraft and how to become a husband or a wife at night. I was surprised because I thought that night wives and husbands were just the incubus and succubus demons. But the participants of this meeting were taught by the demon to function and operate as night wives and husbands. So even human beings who are sorcerers can sexually molest people in dreams. Not only demons, but there are also normal men who come to molest and rape people in dreams.


In this phenomenon of night wives and husbands, we are dealing with demons, but especially human sorcerers who unite with men and women in marital alliances without their consent, to molest them and abuse them sexually. When you are spiritually married to a spirit of the waters or a sorcerer, he considers you as his legal spouse and will make sure that you are not physically married. You will therefore remain single in the physical world since you are already married in the invisible world. Your spiritual partner will therefore regularly use your body through sexual practices, and will even drop odours into your body, so that when physical men come to you they are repulsed. There are men and women who have odour problems, although they are clean. It should be noted that night wives and husbands work with the spirit of celibacy, and even if you have managed to get married know that your night husband will not give up. In reality, getting married physically is considered by your invisible partner to be a provocation.


Beloved, there are men and women who come into marriage having night wives and husbands as partners. This is a very dangerous problem, since their invisible partners who are their night husband and wife will fight these marriages. This is the reason why many churches recommend that men and women go through deliverance sessions before marriage blessing. If by imprudence you marry a woman who has a night husband, you must understand that the battle between you and her night husband has just begun. What I am telling you is what I learnt in the school of witchcraft in the world of waters. So be careful! If you are married to a woman who has a night husband, your wife's spiritual partner will have as priority the destruction your marriage, since he considers that you are married to his wife. It will start by attacking the source of your income; I mean your job, to cause financial hardship in your home. If you are working and married to a woman who has a night husband, know that your wife's invisible husband will attack your job, so that you are not able to take care of your wife whom he considers his, and also to get the woman leave you because of these financial difficulties.


Just after your wedding, financial difficulties will begin, and he knows that your wife will not tolerate poverty for a long time. Many people enter marriage while having spiritual partners. The night husband will not tolerate your husband; the night wife will hate your wife and influence her to rebellion, with the ultimate goal of divorce. After attacking the job or income of your husband, the night husband will attack the sexual organ of your husband so that he no longer satisfies you in bed. The night wife will make your wife cold in bed and will attack her organs of conception, and as a result, there will be complications. There are women who are virgins, who have never known men, yet they look like women who live with men, because night husbands come to molest them and play with their bodies every night. The night husband will cause your husband to be weak in bed; he will suffer from sexual impotence. The night husband will ensure that your husband suffers from premature ejaculation and has odour problems in order to keep you away from your partner.


14- Occultism and esoteric knowledge


While I was visiting the underwater world, I was taught occultism and esoteric knowledge, which are subdivided into three. I was exposed to white magic practiced in the western world. This magic is practiced by Western elites, royal families, nobles, aristocrats and those who are in charge of governments, the army, the economy. You cannot become governor or president without being initiated into this form of magic. People who are introduced to this form of magic are called the illuminati and the world finance.


The second form of magic is called red magic, which is based on blood and practiced in Asia. Red magic is practiced in Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam. The third form of magic is called black magic, which is very low and is practiced in Africa. It is low because it consists of killing a person and eating his flesh.


Let us talk a little bit about white magic since the Western elites who practice it are those who are at the origin of wars in the world. In order to develop their country, they cause wars that represent a form of human sacrifice offered to fallen angels and demons. World conflicts caused by Western elites have spiritual roots; they consist of making human sacrifices. Through war, they offer human blood to the inter-dimensional entities that are the fallen demons and angels who feed on human flesh and blood.


Human blood is offered to lucifer through wars. The consequences associated with the practice of white magic can be noticed in global conflicts motivated by natural resources such as gold, oil and raw materials. Countries with these precious substances will fall victim to white magic and blood will flow.


15- Consecration and enthronement as a triton or mermaid


At some point, after living with the mermaid, she said to me, "Joseph, you need the throne, you need to be consecrated and enthroned as a triton." As you know, most of our musicians in Congo have become mermaids and newts. They have been consecrated and enthroned in the underwater world. Today, we will discover the process by which a human being becomes a mermaid or a newt. The mermaid said to me, "Joseph, my father has instructed me that you must offer 25 women in sacrifice, so that our marriage may be consummated in the underwater world, that is, you will be consecrated and enthroned as triton." She then tells me, "There will be a lot of money on your bed that day; you will take it and use it to lure these women. We will give you enough strength to sleep with 25 women in one day. These women will die and therefore you will be enthroned and consecrated as a triton in the marine world."


Then the mermaid said to me, "Going from the fact that the name of satan has 5 letters, you will sleep with 5 women whose name begins with the letter S, which is the first letter of the name of satan. Then you will offer 5 other women whose name begins with the letter A, which is the second letter of the name of satan, then 5 others whose name begins with T, which is the third letter of the name of satan, and so on. The blood of all these women will be collected to write the name of satan during the enthronement and consecration ceremony in the Aquarius world." Then the mermaid said to me, "You will need strength to sleep with 25 women, so I'm going to send you to our churches, I mean 3 of our churches because we have many."


The mermaid sent me first to the catholic church. When I went there, I was received by the priest who said to me: "Welcome Joseph, I was informed by the mermaid of your arrival and I was waiting for you, this is what you need for your mission." The priest gave me a rosary, then he said to me, "This rosary will vibrate when you are around the woman who has been targeted and programmed to be sacrificed."


After the catholic church the mermaid sent me to the mosque. She tells me that the god Allah is the collaborator of their master lucifer. So I went to the mosque. The imam of this mosque welcomed me warmly because he was in communication with my wife the mermaid. This imam gave me a series of Islamic prayers called "dua". He instructed me to recite these prayers after sacrificing each victim, in order to veil my face and avoid the vengeance of the spirits of these victims.


Indeed, when an innocent man is killed, he dies with the image of the face of his executioner in his soul, and this image is kept in his memory. To prevent my image from being perceived and kept in the memory of my victims, I had to recite these Islamic prayers. When the victim knows his executioner his soul will seek justice against the person who killed him, as was the case between Cain and Abel.


Then the mermaid sent me to the third church, which is a sect called kimbanguiste. There they gave me two handkerchiefs: A green and a white. I had to wipe the victim's face to remove my face from her memory. After that, the mermaid said to me, "Joseph, you will start sleeping with 5 women who will be your victims, but not just any, only those who are targeted and programmed, since these women have profiles and things that connect them to us." There are people who are born into families that have spiritual problems, alliances, pacts and links that connect them to the dark world. These covenants are like open doors giving free access to the world of satan.


Ezekiel 16:1-5 "The word of the Lord came to me: Son of man, confront Jerusalem with her detestable practices and say, 'This is what the Sovereign Lord says to Jerusalem: Your ancestry and birth were in the land of the Canaanites; your father was an Amorite and your mother a Hittite. On the day you were born your cord was not cut, nor were you washed with water to make you clean, nor were you rubbed with salt or wrapped in cloths. No one looked on you with pity or had compassion enough to do any of these things for you. Rather, you were thrown out into the open field, for on the day you were born you were despised."


The mermaid informed me that there are people living on the earth of which we have free access in their life because of their origin, their customs and traditions, their ancestral lineage and genealogy. Many people come from ancestral lineages linked to practices, customs, traditions, and alliances that are open doors and free access for the devil’s world. Children of God must disconnect themselves from loads and spiritual heritages of their families, and from family alliances. They must cut the links and connections connecting them to ancestral spirits and genetic heritages. When the day of my mission arrived, in the morning when I woke up I saw a lot of money on my bed as the mermaid had promised. I was supposed to spend that money on the same day. So I hired a taxi for the whole day so as to be able to move from one neighbourhood to another in the city. Since I did not want the driver to report to the police, I sent a demon of death to kill the driver at the end of the day as soon as my mission was over. This was to avoid the police.


I had to kill my victims through sex. In fact, my saliva had become the venom of a snake and it paralysed the victim who became unconscious. Before sleeping with these women, I took time to suck tongues with them, to inject my saliva, which was the venom of a snake meant to paralyse them. Whenever I slept with these women, the mermaid was in hiding in the bathroom. Once the victim was paralysed by my saliva, which was the venom of a snake, the mermaid would come out of the bathroom to kill or finish the victim off. I was only paralysing the victim with my snake venom, but it was the mermaid who was finishing with the victim.


Before killing the victim, the mermaid introduced her hand to the victim's forehead to remove her star, her destiny, and her wealth. After capturing the victim's star, the mermaid finished the victim off. When I started this operation, I had to start with the women whose name begins with the letter S, then the letter A, then the letter T and so on. The rosary confided to me by the Catholic priest vibrated to signal me and tell me the next victim.


When it was 7 pm that day, I had already reached the 19th woman, so I was tired. Then I went to the house to drink some water and refresh myself. But all this was prepared by the enemy. When I arrived home, my sister was present. I asked her for some water to drink. While I was drinking the water, the rosary began to vibrate to signal that my sister was the next target. I could neither believe nor accept what was happening to me. I checked out in the street, maybe there was a woman. But there was nobody.


When you work with the devil, at first, he will give you the impression that your life and that of your family is spared, but in reality from the start, you are the target. When I realised that I had to sleep with my sister and that she was going to die I began to argue with the mermaid. I said to her, "How can you do that to me? She's after all my sister!" But the mermaid was cool. She said to me, "Joseph, if you do not do as we instructed you, you will die." So I slept with my sister and she died in the hands of the mermaid. I was filled with shame and anger against the mermaid. When I came to Christ, I confessed to the family that I had slept with my sister and she was killed by the mermaid. It was terrible in the family, but in the end, they ended up forgiving me.


After the death of my sister, I was in the car with the mermaid when the rosary vibrated. I was looking in the street to see the next target, but I did not see anyone. The mermaid said to me, "Look well and you will see." As I watched, to my surprise I saw a mad woman lying in the trash. It was incredible. I could not accept it. I felt betrayed by the mermaid. So I picked up a quarrel with her. The taxi driver noticed that I had spoken in a vacuum since he did not see the mermaid. But I pretended to talk to myself, when in fact I was talking with the mermaid. This is the reality when we serve the devil. He will ask you to sleep with a corpse, with your mother or daughter, even with a madman. That's why you should not envy people on the street because you do not know the realities they are going through.


The question that must be asked is this: Why had the mermaid planned and wanted me to sleep with this mad woman? In the Bible, we notice that there was a mad man who lived in the cemetery. This man had in him a legion of demons. The mermaid knew that this mad woman had multitudes of demons in her and once I had slept with her, these multitudes of demons would be transmitted to me. The siren wanted the legion of demons that lived in her to come in and live in me, to change and influence my personality and my behaviour. In this way, I would become heartless. My personality was changed after sleeping with the mad woman because of the multitude of demons that were transmitted to me. Many leaders are often sent to sleep with mad women by the devil, so that the demons that inhabit these mad women be transmitted to them. Some people are heartless because of the sacrifices and realities they encounter in fetishism and occultism. They are heartless, they are never charitable because of what they go through and their experiences.


After sleeping with the mad woman, I went to a popular bar in the city where there were many prostitutes. In this place, I met the last woman. I have always said that a prostitute is a witch since she is exposed to all kinds of people. They are often frequented by occultists who always need sacrifices and human blood. Many satanists before dying frequent the prostitutes in order to unload on them their demons. So after luring this prostitute woman we got into the car and were driving to a local hotel. On the way this woman said to me: "I and my sister have been doing this work for a long time, but my mother surprises us with her commitment to her church stories, she keeps telling us that we are going to serve God. And she spends all her money on these corrupt pastors and churches, and that's why we're in conflict with her." Listening to this prostitute, I realised that her mother was fighting for their salvation in prayer, but that did not mean anything to me.


When we arrived at the hotel, the prostitute lady opened her bag to take condom. She realised that by mistake she had put in her bag the Bible and the envelope of her mother containing the money for the contribution of the building of the church. At that moment, the disposition of her heart changed. She told me that she had to go home to return this envelope to her mother, and then she would come back. I objected to this suggestion and proposal because it was almost midnight. If I did not fulfil this last sacrifice, I would die myself. I offered to increase the price she had asked me, but to my surprise, she refused. I offered to give her 10 times the amount she had asked for, but she refused. So I thought, "It's going to be midnight and I do not have a choice, so I have to rape her." But I did not know that Jesus Christ was fighting to save the life of this prostitute lady because of her mother's prayer, and her financial contributions to the work of God. As time ran out, I tried to rape her, but she had become very strong and she screamed to alert the people of the hotel. When the hotel workers came I tried to bribe them, but they refused.


Then the prostitute lady went away. This lady was saved thanks to her mother's prayers and financial contributions to the church. After leaving, I was alone at the hotel. It was midnight; I was waiting for death or madness. I knew that once you failed in the realm of satan, there is no compassion, the rules are rigid and must be respected. I had offered 24 people instead of 25 as the mermaid had prescribed. I knew the worst was waiting for me. As a result, I started to drink in order to get drunk so that death would find me in a state of drunkenness, but to my surprise, I was still not drunk. There are times in life when you cannot escape the gravity of your situation by drunkenness. When I tried to sleep the mermaid entered the room. She was extremely angry. In fact, she was accompanied by two entities that were newts. Their upper part was human, but their lower part was that of a fish. I knew they had come to finish me.


Then the mermaid said to me, "Joseph, give me!" I said, "What do you want me to give you, I gave you 24 people instead of 25. And because of just one person you want to kill me?" She said, "We don’t work like that. I asked for 25 people, you should have given me 25 souls, but you have failed again!" As I noticed that the mermaid was extremely angry, I got down on my knees. I started begging her not to kill me since she seemed decisive. So she said to me, "Joseph, give me the rosary, the Islamic prayer, and the two handkerchiefs!" Which I did. Then I saw the mermaid chatting with the two newts. When she was talking with them, I thought they were discussing how they would kill me. Then the mermaid said to me, "Joseph, you have one last chance, give me your blood, give me a member of your family." Then she made a sign with her hand and a magic mirror appeared. She ordered me to call my father's name in the mirror. I began to call my father's name, and as a result, his image appeared in the magic mirror. The mermaid was supposed to kill him.


But she said to me, "Joseph, your father works for us, he is in alliance with us, so we cannot kill him because he is our agent." In fact, my father was close to President Mobutu, and the circle of President Mobutu were all occultists. The mermaid then asked me to summon my mother so that she could appear in the magic mirror. So I started to call my mother's name insistently. But something happened. Fire came out of the mirror, and I noticed that the fire was chasing the mermaid and the two newts. I heard them screaming and crying out in anguish and terror. I did not know that my mother was a born again Christian. So we were attacked by this flame of fire, but God spared me, it is these spirits of the waters that underwent the attack. Sorcerers and occultists can watch Christians in magic mirrors, but they cannot touch them. They use the strategy of offending Christian as means to gain access to an open door to reach the Christian.


After this fire the mermaid instructed me not to call my mother's name in the mirror. Then she said to me, "Do you have a son?" I replied, "Affirmative, I had a son with a woman but my family does not know." Then the mermaid asked me to call my son's name in the mirror, and he appeared in the magic mirror. The mermaid gave me a knife and asked me to stab my son's image in the mirror. As soon as I did, I noticed that my son was shaking. He collapsed into a coma, and his mother panicked. May I inform you that most sudden deaths and cardiac attacks are mystical attacks and a result of witchcraft, and only prayer in the name of Jesus Christ can save the victim. But the mother of the child was not Christian, so she ran to the hospital.


As a result, the child died. The mermaid and the two newts applauded me and congratulated me saying, "Congratulations, you are brave!" while I was mourning my son, the mermaid said to me, "Get yourself ready, for tomorrow we will come to take you for the journey into our underwater world for the wedding ceremony during which you will be enthroned and consecrated as a newt." They told me that I would become like them and I would have power after this consecration.


16- The conversion of the agent of the underwater world


After offering 25 souls to the devil, I was congratulated by the mermaid who was with two newts, entities whose lower part is that of fish. It was painful for me because I sacrificed my own sister and my own son. But the mermaid was trying to encourage me and she said to me: "Joseph, since you have conquered, the next day I will come for you and take you to the underwater kingdom for your consecration and your enthronement as triton. Then our marriage would be consumed after you have been given the power to transform into a newt." But on that week’s Saturday, my mother who was a born again Christian had a dream. In that dream, she saw me holding an antique knife, the one the mermaid used to stab her victims in the magic mirror. It was exactly the knife the mermaid had given me to kill my own son. It was really a sharp knife. The handle of this knife had ancient writings similar to Egyptian hieroglyphic writing. I thought it could be the writings of the underwater civilization.


My mother dreamed that I was holding this knife and I was chasing the whole family to stab them, and all the family members were fleeing to save themselves. My mother said that when she saw me haunting the family, she noticed that I had blood all over my body, and in that dream, she was trying to protect the family from me. Then she ran into something and she fell to the ground. And it was when I was about to stab her that she awoke from sleep. The Bible says that, "For God does speak - now one way, now another - though man may not perceive it. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls on men as they slumber in their beds." Job 33:14-15. My mother was not happy with this dream. In fact, when my mother was born again she committed herself to support God's work with her finances. She was a businesswoman at that time, and when she had that dream, she went to see men of God for direction and guidance.


She told them about this dream, then she asked them to come and pray for the house and the family, and they came to pray for the family after Sunday service. It was when they were about to leave that my mother heard the voice of the Spirit instructing her to sow a seed. And my mother sowed a seed of 1700 dollars. At that time, you could buy a house with this amount of money. After sowing this seed, the men of God prayed for her. But as these men of God were about leaving our compound, they received a revelation from the Lord for my mother. As a result, they walked back to give my mother the revelation from the Lord. The men of God said to my mother, "The Lord Jesus told us to tell you to ask Him anything you want, He will grant it to you because your seed has been accepted by the Lord who has honoured it." But my mother was already a businesswoman and she was relatively wealthy. She had cars, houses and a lot of money.


Since she wanted me to come to the Lord, she asked Christ for the salvation of my soul. After the men of God prayed for the salvation of my soul, they were about to leave. In fact, they were already leaving when they heard the voice of Jesus again. They came back to my mother and said to her, "This is what the Lord tells us. Your son will come to visit you on Wednesday and this is what you need to do. You will prevent him from leaving your compound before noon. When your son comes on Wednesday to visit you, do not let him leave you before noon." Yet my wife the mermaid told me that she would come and pick me up at noon to take me to the underwater for the ceremony of my consecration and enthronement. She was supposed to come at 11:55. These men of God asked my mother to keep this prophecy secret. So the Friday of that week, I was in my hotel in the morning and the mermaid came to confirm that she will come to take me on Wednesday at 11:55 to take me to the kingdom of mermaids under water.


It was early in the morning that Wednesday when I felt an unknown voice in me urging me to visit my mother. I never heard such a voice that had much authority, and I have never heard it again in my life. I was driven by a force to my mother. I did not know that my mother had bought big padlocks to prevent me from leaving the compound before the time indicated by the Lord. In fact, my relationship with my mother was not good because when she saw my wife the mermaid, she did not like her. My mother was a born again Christian and authentic. She was filled and led by the Holy Spirit. When my mother was in front of the mermaid, she felt in her spirit that my wife was not an ordinary human being. It was like the meeting of two opposing powers and vibrations. My mother could not stand it and the mermaid could not stand the power of my mother either. And since my mother was born again, she saw revelations and visions about my works of darkness. She knew I was in occultism. As a result, there was a conflict between her and me.


But this Wednesday morning, when I went to my mother's house, I was surprised at how she had received me and I noticed that she was constantly singing songs of praise and adoration. At a certain point, I saw my mother shut the main door of the compound with large locks, then she said to me, "Joseph, the Lord Jesus Christ recommended me not to let you leave my home before it is 12 o'clock." I objected energetically. Since I was opposed to this suggestion, we began to argue. But my mother was adamant, she refused to open the door. When it was 11 am, I began to feel desperate. I had an appointment with the mermaid at 11:55. I was very angry because of my mother's attitude. As a result, I began to insult her so as to shock her and thus push her to let me go. Since my mother was stubborn, I began to abuse her verbally. As I tried to open the door, my mother grabbed me by her hands to stop me from leaving.


Then I started to strike her on her hands to free myself from her hands so that she could let me go; but even today, I have never understood what happened that day. Although I hit her hands, she held me and I felt she did not feel anything. I knew that if I missed this appointment with the mermaid, I would suffer fatal consequences. As soon as 12 o'clock stroke, I noticed that my mother let go of me as instructed by the Lord Jesus through the men of God. I knew I had missed my appointment with the mermaid who was going to take me to the underwater so that I would be enthroned as a newt, and I knew there would be consequences. In fact, this ceremony of enthronement in the underwater domain was supposed to bring together high dignitaries, kings and authorities of the marine kingdom. As I said, there are many mermaid races and dynasties in the marine world and there are several creatures like newts, hybrid demons and half-fish creatures in the underwater realm.


When I realised that I had missed the ceremony of induction and consecration, I started to cry. I said to my mother, "Mom, you've killed me; you do not know what you've done." My mother said, "My son, I've saved you." And as I was angry, before leaving her house I took a big stone and threw it on the window of her car. Then I left her compound and headed for the hotel where I lived with the mermaid. On my way to the hotel, I thought it was unlikely that I would leave this hotel alive. I told myself that I would be killed by the mermaid because I missed the appointment of the consumption of our marriage while the dignitaries and authorities of the underwater world were gathered and waiting for us in the world of waters.


Beloved, Christians can come to church late, but this is not the case for satan's kingdom. When you cannot keep time, there are consequences. By the way, in that consecration ceremony that I missed, I was going to become a newt and I had to receive the power of mermaids. As a result, I was going to become able to transform myself into a hybrid man with the lower part being that of the fish, I mean triton. There were already satanists and high-level demons there that were waiting for us in the underwater world, but the Lord through my mother disturbed the whole programme. So I left my mother's house and took a taxi to the hotel where I lived to meet the mermaid. When I arrived at the hotel, I was filled with fear. I dreaded death. I did not know if I would come out alive. And when I opened the door to our room at this hotel, I saw the mermaid sitting on the bed. She was furious and naked. But strange enough, I noticed that there were many wounds all over her body. So she said to me, "Joseph, do you see what your mother did to me?" I was surprised to hear the mermaid talking about my mother. I told her that I left my mother at home.


Beloved, we cannot say it enough: The armies of heaven are waging wars and unseen battles against the devil's world in our favour as a result of our prayers. I remember when I left my mother, she said, "No one is going to harm you, do not worry." This despite all the verbal abuse to which I subjected her to. So, the mermaid started telling me that they had come to take me to the hotel to transport me under the ocean in the Aquarius kingdom for the enthronement ceremony and our wedding ceremony as agreed. She said the powers and kings of the underwater world were waiting for us.


She said to me, "Since we did not find you at the hotel, we then came to your mother's house. When we entered your mother's compound, we found your mother preventing you from leaving. But when your mother started singing songs of praise and adoration, the sky was opened, and as a result, three angels glowing of light landed in your mother's compound; these angels held flaming swords, and each time that we tried to separate you from your mother, these three angels cut us with their swords. Joseph, look at how I am wounded all over my body because of you and your mother, we fought to separate you from your mother so that she let you go, but her angels were cutting us with their swords and they kept us from getting you out of your mother's hand."


While the mermaid told me what had happened, I wanted to sit beside her on the bed but she angrily reprimanded me and said, "Joseph get up!" I got up trembling. Then she hit her hand on the wall of the hotel room and a magic mirror appeared. Then the mermaid said to me, "Joseph, I cannot see you in the magic mirror anymore, I do not know what your mother did to you, I do not know where she hid you, but you disappeared from the system and our instruments." The mermaid was furious, but I noticed a change in her because normally when she is angry, and she is talking, it is as if fire is coming from her mouth; but it seemed to me that her power was affected by the encounter with the angelic power. She seemed weak as an ordinary human being. But I was expecting the worst from her. I thought she was going to get rid of me by killing me; so she kept looking for me in the magic mirror but in vain. She even put her head inside the magic mirror. She did not see me. Then the mermaid said to me, "Joseph, I'm finished, you've put me in trouble and in danger. I do not know what to do."


I realised that the mermaid could no longer see me in their instruments. I remember the words of my mother who said, "They will not see you in their tools and devices anymore, and they cannot do anything to you." These words of my mother had results, because I became invisible in satanic systems and instruments. Having been watched from my childhood in the mystical mirror of the underwater realm, God had fulfilled my mother's words and made me invisible to devices and tools for control and detection of the underwater world. Beloved, prayer can make you invisible to the cameras and radars of satan's world.


After that, I saw the mermaid enter the bathroom. I tried to follow her and see what she was doing in the bathroom. When I opened the bathroom door, it was as if the bathroom had transformed into a river. So instead of seeing the bathroom, I saw a massive river. I wondered how a bathroom could become a river, and I noticed that the mermaid's hair had become very long and numerous. Around the mermaid, I saw all kinds of lotions, all kinds of soaps and make-up products she used. In fact, one day my lotion was finished and I thought, "I'm going to have to use the mermaid lotion." And this day it was the first time I used her lotion. But when I went out on the street it was outrageous; women were crazy about me. I could not understand what was happening; even married women were following me. When my uncle saw me he shouted, "What's wrong with you Joseph, why are all these women following you?"


In fact, the mermaid applied this lotion every 3 hours to renew her beauty, and it was after 3 hours that I became normal again. That demonic beauty was gone and those women who followed me began to leave me one by one. The mermaid lotion I had applied to my face had given me a demonic beauty. Many of the beauty products that women use are made in the water world by mermaids. These products give women a demonic beauty and make them attractive. One day it was at the beginning of my relationship with the mermaid. I found her having sex with seven men. Later, she told me that this allowed her to increase her power. If you are a woman and you think that a partner is not enough for you, you need deliverance. And when a man tends to sleep with a lot of women, it's not about the pursuit of pleasure but about power. He must be in occultism.


I said I was looking at the mermaid washing herself in the bathroom that had turned into a river. As she knew I was looking at her, she had become very angry. So, I closed the door. When it was 6 o’clock, I told her that I would go out a bit and that I am going to a local nightclub. She told me, "Joseph, let's go together, but your mother has destroyed me." I replied, "You are a mermaid, you have power and authority; how can my mother destroy you?" She said to me, "Joseph, I am an underwater spirit, but this human body has been offered to me, so I am incarnated in this physical body to become your wife and live with you on the surface of the earth. But your mother has neutralised my power; my mission in your life is compromised. So I have failed, and there is nothing I can do now; things are no longer in my hands, we are going to the nightclub. If you see someone dressed in red clothes, know that they are the servants of my father, they are responsible for killing you, they had decided to kill you today."


When we went out, we arrived at the nightclub. The mermaid stayed in the car, but I went alone into the nightclub. While I was drinking, I saw four people dressed in red drinking and talking. They avoided looking at me. But when I wanted to go to the bathroom, I noticed that they got up to follow me, so I gave up. Then I saw four beautiful ladies dressed in red, they were really beautiful. Then I went out of the nightclub to avoid them. I told myself that I had to go back to my mother where I could be safe. But I noticed again the people dressed in red in the street and it was 3 am. After that, my wife the mermaid told me, "We reached a point in our relationship that could not be reversed." In reality, she came to live physically on the surface of the earth so that I could marry her, but first I had to be a triton, that means a man with the lower part of a fish. But thanks to my mother's prayers, this process was stopped.


As the mission of the mermaid had failed in my life, she had to return to the underwater world. Before leaving our world, the mermaid warned me that her father had delegated his agents to kill me, and she cannot stop them from doing that. Then the mermaid asked me to follow her in the toilet. When we got to the toilet, she pulled a lot of things out of her bag. It was a mirror, a bottle containing a fish, a lotion, and many other things. Then she began to throw all these items in the toilet. She threw her lotion in the toilet and her mirror. Then she took the bottle containing the fish and said, "If only we had gotten married, you would have become a newt and we would have given birth to a baby mermaid like me and you. I was just going to swallow this fish and we were going to have a physical baby, another mermaid on the surface of the earth like me."


Then I saw the mermaid break the bottle containing the fish. And as a result, I saw with my own eyes this fish transform into a girl with the lower part being that of a fish. She had an angelic beauty. At this moment, I saw as if the toilet disappeared and turned into a river. Then, I saw a whirlwind in the river that penetrated into the depths of the river and headed for the underwater world. Then I saw my wife and the mermaid girl descend into the whirlpool around the river that descended to the underwater world at a supersonic speed. This was my separation from the mermaid.


When I came out of the toilet, I saw people dressed in red in this bar where I was. I started to flee to escape them. But once I came out of this bar, I saw a lot of people dressed in red coming from all sides towards me. It was 3 am and there was nowhere to run. There was no possibility of escaping them. That is when I saw a car coming out of nowhere. The person driving the car looked like a Western person. He drove his car towards me and opened the door of his car for me. I do not know if it was Jesus or an angel, but it was the intervention of God. The man told me to come in and stay inside the car until dawn. When this man spoke of dawn, I remembered the ritual in the cemetery that was interrupted by a powerful voice announcing the arrival of dawn. This voice put an end to all the evil activities of the night.


After entering this car, I saw these agents of the maritime kingdom surrounding the car in which I was. They did not dare open the door, but they screamed at me telling me to get out of the car. But this driver whose identity remains mysterious told me: "If you want to stay alive, you have to stay inside the car otherwise you will die." Since I stayed inside the car, these agents of satan's kingdom began to create images of illusions to get me out of the car. They created holographic images of my wife the mermaid to get me out of the car, but I knew it was a manipulation. They created fake pictures of things I like to get me out of the car, but I knew it was an illusion. I stayed in the car and when it was dawn, these underwater world spirits disappeared one by one. They vaporised in the air because they could not stand the daylight.


As it was morning, this man said to me, "You can get out of the car." And he gave me money to buy a Bible. When I got out of the car, I started running. A few minutes later, I turned to look at the car for the last time but it was no longer there. Later, I went to see men of God who came to pray for me. I gave them all the items of magic and witchcraft, but I found that in all my photos the image of the mermaid was gone. Even the pastors were surprised, because the individual who was supposed to be in the photos was no longer there. A few weeks after my separation from the mermaid, I started developing eczema all over my body. It was later that I learned that all the women who slept with me suffered from this disease. In fact, after failing her mission in my life, the mermaid had left in my body a mystical AIDS.


Later, my health deteriorated. I had eczema everywhere and my skin was starting to rot. My younger brother took me to the hospital, but I noticed that even the patients in this hospital were surprised at my condition. I was the centre of everyone's attention. Because of my condition, people scorned me; even the pastors who visited the sick in this hospital ignored me. Later, the doctors told me, "Your condition is getting worse, it's not normal, your outer skin is rotting, but your inner body is doing well." Then the doctor said to me, "You must pray because your situation is not normal." As the situation worsened, I asked the doctor to give me a medicine that could kill me. The doctor told me, "Instead of trying to commit suicide, it would be better if you were taken to a church."


At that time, my mother was already dead. So my family could not put up with my presence. So I sought death because it had become unbearable for me. I had a mirror and every morning when I looked in that mirror I could not accept it was me. So I resolved to commit suicide. But when I was about to do it, a stone came out of nowhere and broke the glass that contained that poison. Later, my younger brother advised me to attend prayer meetings in the city. He offered me a prayer called "the sinner's prayer". But since I did not believe in God, I felt ridiculed. Then a woman who was coming from a long fasting and prayer programme came to tell me that God told her that I will be His servant. But when she saw my condition, she was scandalised. A few days later, I could not feel my body. I felt like I was out of my body. It's like someone was waiting for me somewhere and he had to take me to a place that's not good.


So, one of those days in my suffering, I saw a worm come out of my body. I was scandalised and shocked. "How can a worm come out of my body while I'm alive?" It was that day that I finally decided to kill myself. I planned to do it precisely at 3 am. I felt compelled to do so. So I wrote a letter informing everyone that I am responsible for my death, not the people who welcomed me in their home. And when it was night that same day, I saw underwater world spirits and mermaids coming to visit me. They landed where I was lying in my room and they said to me, "Joseph, look how you have become, it's unacceptable and embarrassing, so take this knife and put an end to your life." Immediately I saw a knife at my side. Throughout the night, the mermaids of the waters urged me to take the knife and put an end to my life. They said to me, "Master Joseph, look at what you have become, what is the use of living in this condition, you are a great and famous man in the neighbourhood; this is humiliating. So take a knife and put an end to this humiliation."


At that moment, after hours of demonic harassment, I felt a fresh wind enter the room where I was lying. There was a presence in this wind. So I heard a voice speak softly, saying, "Joseph, you can recite the prayer that your brother has suggested to you, Jesus can heal you and save you." At this very moment, a spirit of the waters angrily retorted and he said to me, "No, Joseph, do not listen to him, Joseph, look only at your condition, it's humiliating." Beloved, most of the time when a man reaches this point in life, he will begin to hear voices, opposing voices but one of these voices will ask him to admit and confess his sins. There will always be a voice that will tell him to come to God despite his condition and situation. So, I got up and recited the sinner's prayer that my brother had shown me. I did it lightly without waiting for anything. Then I said, "Lord, if you are God, then heal me of this disease." I tried to test God to see if he would immediately intervene, but I did not see anything. So I thought, "This confirms my suspicion that there is no God." So I continued with the suicide plan that I had planned to end my life.


I prepared a rope and the last letter. I lay down to wait until 3 am to end my life. While waiting for the time, I fell asleep without knowing it. I began to see a spiritual vision about the unseen reality I was facing. This vision showed the spiritual struggle and the invisible battle unfolding in the kingdom of God and that of satan for my soul. In fact, I saw myself in a deep pit. It was extremely dark. It was a completely dark place. I was in the depth of the pit and I looked up to the top of the pit; suddenly I saw an angel of death coming down with speed and violence. He was holding a sword that was the sword of death he had lifted up. This angel of satan was coming down against me with the intention of hitting me with his sword of death. The angel of death cried out: "Wicked, wicked, today is the day of vengeance, today is the day of retribution, today is the day of death."


Beloved, this angel of death was coming down against me. His mission was to kill me and capture my soul. He cried out angrily, "Today you are going to die." I could hear him; he was clearly speaking to me in French. He was about to hit me when suddenly a voice rang out speaking to the death angel, telling him three times: "Stop, stop, stop." When I looked up to see the source of the sounding voice, I saw a huge hand. It entered the dark pit where I was. It went down to the depth of the pit where I was. I heard the voice speak to the angel of death saying, "Because of the covenant I have with his mother, and because you came to execute him with the sword of death, I command you to bless him." Beloved, I saw this angel of death who came to kill me put his sword on my shoulder and tell me to repeat this after him: "In the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who will judge the living and the dead, and in view of his appearing and his kingdom, I give you this charge: Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage - with great patience and careful instruction. For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear."


Beloved, these words came out of the mouth of the angel of death sent by the world of satan to kill me. After that, this hand grabbed me. The proportion of this hand was a bit like what I saw in the movie King Kong, the way the beast put the woman on the palm of his hand. This hand brought me out of this pit of darkness. As this hand pulled me out of the pit of darkness, I tried to see the face of the being of light that placed me on the palm of his hand; I tried to look at his face but I could not. Because of the intense light that sprouted from his face, He was dressed in bright and pure linen. There was an incredible and intense light coming from His face. I asked Him, "Who are you?" He replied, "You cannot look at my face and live, but you will learn about me in the scriptures."


Beloved, Jesus Christ Himself came where I was in the pit of darkness. He placed me on the palm of His hand and took me out of the pit where I was, and He took me to the firmament and then He said to me, "Lo, I have looked and seen the planet Earth." Then Jesus said, "This is the war that is taking place on earth." Then He took me to my country Congo. In fact, Jesus was moving while I was still on the palm of His hand. Then I saw an army with heavy artillery. The Lord Jesus said that it is the devil's army. This army advanced towards the position of the camps of the children of God to engage them in war. I noticed that the camps of God's children held branches in their hands. Jesus said that these branches in the scriptures represented Him. God's children were singing a song that said, "Victory is in the blood of Jesus, and the battle is for the Lord." Jesus said to me, "I am sending you in the midst of the battle. Tell them what you have received and heard and repent." That's how I came to the Lord.


Grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love!




Dear brothers and sisters,


If you have run away from fake churches and would like to know what to do, here are the two options available to you:


1- See if around you there are some other children of God who fear God and desire to live according to the Sound Doctrine. If you find any, feel free to join them.


2- If you do not find one and wish to join us, our doors are open to you. The only thing we will ask you to do is to first read all the Teachings that the Lord has given us, and which are on our website www.mcreveil.org, to reassure yourself that they are in conformity with the Bible. If you find them in accordance with the Bible, and are ready to submit to Jesus Christ, and live by the demands of His word, we will gladly welcome you.


The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you!


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