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You snakes! You brood of vipers! How will you escape being condemned to Hell? Matthew 23:33




Beloved and dear brethren in Christ, the situation in Cameroon is becoming increasingly worrying, and it is urgent that we take it seriously. As you have already followed, Cameroon has been making headlines for several months now, with the civil war that started three years ago in the Western region of that country, and the post-election crisis that has been added to it since October 2018, not to mention the war against the Islamist sect Boko Haram in the Northern part of the country, which is still ongoing.


The situation has become so worrying that a section of the army grouped under the title of Honour and Loyalty to the Republic Committee (HLRC) has decided to intervene before it becomes too late. These valiant soldiers who have chosen not to be accomplice in the bloodshed that satanists in power are deviously planning, promise to take their responsibilities, and fight for the people, and no longer against the people as they have been forced to do in the past. If God does not intervene, what is in the making in Cameroon will be one of the greatest genocides in history.


You are therefore called to fast and pray for this country, and to do it seriously. You cannot remain passive and let lucifer's plans come true as if you did not exist. It's up to you, Children of God, born again Christians of all the countries of the world, to rise up and defeat this satanic project that France and the demons who are in power in Cameroon are organising. To help you better understand the situation in Cameroon before knowing how to pray, we make available to you the statement that this group of army officers made. This declaration, whose authenticity is proven, was done on May 22, 2019. It helps you to understand the essence of the problem of this country. The text is in two parts. Please also read the second part. May God bless you!


(Beginning of the Declaration of H.L.R.C)




We, the officers, non-commissioned officers, soldiers, and other elements of the Defense Forces, members of the Honour and Loyalty to the Republic Committee (H.L.R.C) intervene in the debate on the course of our country in these critical hours after a long, discreet, and very attentive observation.


We are not a group of soldiers engaged in a coup d’état process. We are apolitical and do not intend to support any of the actors officially or unofficially engaged in the race for the succession of President Paul Biya. Our only party is Cameroon and its people from whom we come.


Our statement comes two days after the celebration of national unity, the barbaric bullets assassination of baby Martha in Muyuka as part of the dirty war that the political power imposed on us against our brothers from the two English-speaking Regions. We extend our sincere condolences to her parents and family. The press release of minister Sadi on this painful case is inappropriate because it suggests that the government wants to hide the truth. The simplest way would have been to announce the opening of an investigation and at the same time to present the condolences of the State to the parents of the baby.


It also comes after the national and international community discovered, during the parade at the Boulevard of May 20th, and again during the ceremony at the Unity Palace, how the chief of the Armed Forces is weakened and diminished in terms of his health. This deterioration in the health of the head of State puts at the heart of the debate the question of the permanent delegation of power held by the Secretary General at the Presidency, Minister of State, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh. Now that this case of permanent delegation of signature is made public, the manoeuvre will be to increase the number of pseudo delegations to henchmen to try to hide the reality of the collaborative power transmission process managed by Ngoh Ngoh. It is to prepare for his takeover through the control of the high administration that Mrs. Biya and Ngoh Ngoh have appointed an apprentice magistrate at the head of the National School of Administration and Magistracy (ENAM).


It finally intervenes, after the presidential election of October 7, 2018 whose verdict remains quarrelled several months after the announcement of the official results; and in the course of which Professor Maurice Kamto and several of his supporters and partisans were put in prison after the peaceful marches of January 26, 2019.


We want to inform the Cameroonian people that at the heart of the State is hatching a plot against its sovereignty. This plot is the work of some personalities who take advantage of the great age of the President of the Republic, and especially of his serious state of health, to establish the project to seize power.


The conductor of this attempt to usurp the presidential power is Mr. Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, tutored by Mrs. Chantal Biya despite her own health condition. On purpose, she has long ago put in place a strategy to remove the head of State from his biological family and from his associates that she does not control.


This duo who does not conceal their project to exclude the Bulus from the transmission machinery, controls an efficient team composed of Mbarga Nguele, the General Delegate to the National Security whose young wife is closely related to Mrs. Chantal Biya; Senior Chief Superintendent of police  Eko Eko Leopard Maxime, torturer and bloodthirsty head of the General Directorate of External Research (GDER); Secretary of State for Defense (SED) Gallax Yves Landry Etoga, Paul Atanga Nji Sulphurous and venomous Minister of Territorial Administration (MINAT), corrupt Director of Presidential Security (DSP) General Ivo Dessancio Yenow and some elements of the special staff of the President of the Republic; of the Ministry of Justice Laurent Essoh, Emmanuel Sadi, the traitor of the Bulu community, Jacques Fame Ndongo whose unorthodox sexual practices including within his family are well known and the evidence archived, the eternal traitor Luc Sindjoun, also advocate of special sexual mores, the wealthy and arrogant Deputy Director of the Civil Cabinet, Baboke Oswald, etc.


In support of this shock team, are a few civil servants, including the Territorial Administration, the police, and the well-known public media. For example, the old and tired Senior Divisional Officer for Mfoundi, i.e. the capital Yaoundé, the businessmen governors of certain regions, including those of the Southwest, Central, Littoral, West, Far North, North, Mr. Charles Ndongo, Director General of state radio and television station (which he baptized the president’s drum), Mrs. Marie Claire NNANA, CEO of the daily newspaper Cameroon Tribune.


In addition to the team of secret agents of the GDER, is that of the Military Security (SEMIL) murderous torturer Colonel Joel Bamkoui who laundered the money he stole or extorted in agriculture, specialised teams of the Gendarmerie SED, the Special Operation Group headed by the brutal Senior Chief Superintendent Pigui Ngosso Eloi Gaëtan, the corrupt, known since his passage to the police of the Borders, the Director of the Judicial Police, Jacques Djili.


Whether it is about the war against the Islamic nebulous Boko Haram in the Northern part of the country, the civil war against our brothers in the South West and North West Regions, the electoral masquerade of October 7, 2018 and especially the savage crackdown on the peaceful marches of Mr. Maurice Kamto and his supporters, Cameroonians must know that it is this clan that is at the centre of manoeuvre.


In the war against Boko Haram, Mr. Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh has, through the embezzlement of ransom money, fought deadly battles. When the time comes, we will make public documents and terrible testimonies on this war which allowed Ngoh Ngoh himself and some senior state officials to build fortunes on the blood of our comrades and brothers in arms, and on that of the people. The death of MP Abba Malla Boukar of Mora should not lead Ngoh Ngoh and the other members of his gang to believe that the Republic has already turned the page. One of these accomplices in the theft of ransom money is a businessman from the city of Maroua that he and Maxime Eko Eko have released while serious facts overwhelm him. Two senior officials of services, one in Maroua and the other in Amchidé, who knew enough about the criminal management of money taken out of the public treasury for the "negotiations" for the release of Boko Haram hostages, were complacently released by Maxime Eko Eko and his henchman, Chief Superintendent Ze. The very dreaded boss of the GDER antenna of Camp BIR Maroua Salak. Amadou Ali will also have to explain the Boko Haram affair, even though he himself was a victim of members of the nebulous group. Evidence of his contacts with the leaders of the sect exist. In addition, the current Western governor, Augustin Awa Fonka, can always provide clarification to any commission of inquiry.


The president of the National Assembly, Cavaye Yegue Djibril, speaking of the accomplices of the sect had he not declared in front of the assembly: "We know it, many are among us, some lurking in the shadows, others very active but in hypocrisy (...) ".


On the subject of the civil war which the mafia group who revolve around power have engaged in taking advantage of the illness of the head of State, the people must know that it was by no means necessary. In both English-speaking regions, the problem from the beginning was purely political, not military. It remains political. The army cannot be the solution to the security, humanitarian and economic drama that is being played in these two regions.


This war was initiated by the hawks of the Ngoh Ngoh clan, the corrupt senior officials of the army, the GDER, who thought it necessary to test his so-called elements of war. The GDER, the SEMIL and the GSO (police hit squad) carry a very heavy responsibility in triggering the war.


Lieutenant-Colonel Ba'Ana Jacques Alain, commander of the 21st Motorized Infantry Battalion of Buea, under the orders of Brigadier General of "Palaces" Donatien Melingui Nouma who presents himself as the great specialist in terrorism and organised crime, mounted a deadly unit of killers whose responsibility in the tipping of reinforced law enforcement operations to the war was tragically decisive. Meanwhile, the corrupt and old general of division Saly Mohamadou, commanding the 2nd joint region looted the bonuses of the soldiers and distributed a part to his young amazons that populate his administrative services. It must be remembered that Colonel Ousmanou Babikir was humiliated by the high hierarchy for having taken ordinary measures as a responsible leader who values the image and honour of the army.


All this could only be done because the Cameroonian army is not commanded. At its head is an old man, ill-sighted and sick, who has no interest in the army except the totally free management of its budget. All his great collaborators being the chiefs of staff of the army, the navy, the air force, the fire brigade and the general, Director of the Central Coordination of the National Gendarmerie (DCC), are notorious businessmen for whom the civil war in the English-speaking regions was above all another business. It does not matter the losses in the ranks and among the civil populations. In due course, we will communicate on the business of the war against our Anglophone brothers at the cost of the lives of our poorly equipped and unprotected young soldiers. The Cameroonian army is a great sick eaten up by corruption, business, promotion on unprofessional criteria, the great age of its leaders at the top, the lack of patriotism and so on.


Regarding the presidential election of October 7, 2018, Cameroonians must finally be informed that President Paul Biya was forced to represent himself. Conscious of his state of health, his wife and his clan, whose figure is Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh organised their plan to "nominate him without the knowledge of his own free will", extort his re-election and exercise power by usurpation. It is in this articulation that one must inscribe the gross masquerade of the Constitutional Council, the police nervousness orchestrated by the DGSN and the SED, the very curious government of the after election which revealed that it is well Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, under the tutelage of Mrs. Biya, and protected by the GDER, the DGSN and the men of Colonel Joel Émilie Bamkoui, who took the reins of power.


We can reveal that it was he who had arrested Professor Maurice Kamto, his allies and his supporters in conditions that are now known and decried by the international community.


It is indeed, under his orders that the police and judicial machinery was engaged against them with the clear intention of eliminating them politically, if not physically.


Military magistrates were preferred to their civilian colleagues because Ngoh Ngoh and his clan took advantage of the now degraded health of the President of the Republic to seize the very compromising file that overwhelms our comrades who claim to do justice. We too have secured a copy of this famous file on the military magistracy for which, oddly enough, their civilian accomplice has since been languishing in prison. We appeal to the still patriotic and republican comrades, especially those of the second office of the presidential guard (GP), because the DSP is no longer loyal to the president of the republic, to redouble vigilance because Mrs. Biya and Ngoh Ngoh are trying to seize sensitive files at the Palace of Étoudi.


Now that the international community has seized the Kamto affair, and after May 20, Cameroonians saw live during the reception of the presidential couple at the Palace that the head of State is no longer master of his gestures, and therefore certainly of his actions, the members of the clan plan an outright elimination of Professor Maurice Kamto and his supporters currently imprisoned in the main prison of Yaoundé. All options are considered, poisoning, an uprising at the prison with a specific mission assigned to infiltrators, and in case of large mobilisation by their supporters scheduled on June 8 in the capital, an armed attack of the prison by a special squadron.


We, the officers and other members of the Honour and Loyalty to the Republic Committee, are opposed to any project that may aggravate tensions in the country.


We have evidence that important figures of the State are also in the viewfinder of the clan of Ngoh Ngoh, Eko Eko, Mbarga Nguele, Etoga Galax, Atanga Nji, etc. Notably, an important minister from the department of Dja and Lobo, also seen as a rival. Even minister Esso, who is one of their objective allies in neutralising Mr. Kamto and his partners, is not immune to anything.


We are also able to inform the very old and bedridden Marcel Niat, president of the Senate and therefore constitutional successor, that he must pray that President Biya does not die before him.


In conclusion, Cameroonians and the international community must know from now that it is no longer President Paul Biya who governs but rather usurpers sponsored by the wife of the latter.


We are for the end of the war against our Anglophone brothers and for inclusive dialogue dealing among other things with the form of the State, the constitutional revision, the reform of the electoral system and the new politics-Army relationship.


We warn that we will not let usurpers of power continue to sink the country and will soon call for the demobilisation of the army in this fratricidal conflict.


We know that this clan has the blind support of French diplomacy and the businessmen of France-Africa.


We ask president Macron to honour the history of friendship between the French and Cameroonian peoples. And therefore, to avoid letting Cameroon sink like Ivory Coast into a fratricidal conflict. The current Cameroonian political institutions are too weak to ensure in case of the disappearance of president Paul Biya, a peaceful election. Especially if we take into account the post-election crisis in progress since the election of October 7 2018, the civil war in the English-speaking regions; the clan struggles within the power sphere and, more seriously, the mistrust of the political actors of the opposition vis-à-vis Elecam, the electoral body.


To Israeli mercenaries who, in addition to the command of the army, are in charge of the training of the Rapid Intervention Battalion (RIB), we ask them to stay out of the current fights for the succession of president Biya. Patriotic arrangements are already made for close monitoring of their activities on the national territory.


There is still time to mobilise all the good will civil, military, diplomatic at the national level, the international community, countries friends of Cameroon to save the great sick that is this country today.


We want to reiterate that we are military, and do not intend to interfere in politics. May our statement be understood as an act of patriotism and nothing else. However, we reserve the right to be with the people if nothing is done to appease Cameroonians and restore harmony among them.


We offer our condolences to the families of our comrades who died in this useless unnecessary war in English-speaking areas, but also to the families of civilians killed.


Yaoundé, May 22, 2019

For the Committee, Colonel A. BB



- SG UN;

- President AU;

- President EU (Parliament and Commission);

- Gouvernments (French, American, British, Germany, Italian, Swiss, South Africa, Israel);

- Director of the AU Political Commission

- Media


(End of Declaration of H.L.R.C)


Help us, O God our Saviour, for the glory of your name; deliver us and forgive our sins for your name's sake. Psalm 79:9


Dear friends and dear brothers, after having read this statement of the officers of the Cameroonian army, each of you can now get a clear idea of the situation, and no one among you will be allowed to be manipulated by anyone. The declaration you just read is not that of a political party leader, or a group of activists, or even from a civil society that one might want to accuse of being in the pay of any political party. This is the declaration of soldiers who know better than anyone the secret history hidden behind the abominable wars that demons in power have imposed on the Cameroonian people for years.


Spiritual warfare only bears fruit when those who fight feel the burden of the people for whom they are fighting. Before encouraging you to embark on this spiritual warfare, we find it important to give you more information about the abominable works of this bunch of refuse that have ruled Cameroon for 40 years. In addition to this statement by soldiers that you have just read, you should also read "The Testimony of Ebale Angounou", which you will find on the website www.mcreveil.org, in the Witchcraft section. All this information will create in you the rage it takes to lead a victorious spiritual warfare.


How to fight


Get together in your assemblies and take this issue seriously. Organise fast and prayer chains to cover the 7 days of the week. Make the effort to group yourself into groups of people who are eager to see this genocide project fail. Do not accept unengaged people in your midst. If you are Cameroonians, make sure that there are no demons in your midst who pretend to be children of God, but who belong to satan. These, you will recognise by their support, not of justice, but rather of the satanic regime that has prevailed in Cameroon for 40 years. Although the abominable works of the satanists who have been destroying this country for four decades are exposed by the grace of God, you still have some so-called born-again Christians, among them pastors, who continue to support this satanism. Do not be surprised. Instead, the Lord has chosen to reveal to you the true nature of these so-called children of God. They are demons.


We, children of God, are not of any political party. We are for justice. And justice is not very complicated to establish. Let us give you some examples. Take the case of the elections that took place in Cameroon on October 7, 2018. Some say that the bloody Paul Biya who in 40 years of absolute rule did nothing in Cameroon, but rather helped the French routinely loot Cameroon, won. On the other hand, others say it is Professor Maurice Kamto who won. For us who are not in this country or even of this country, there are simple elements that help us to know the true winner of these elections between the two who claim victory. The scores are almost 80 percent for Biya, and just under 15 percent for Professor Kamto.


1- Professor Kamto calls for the recount of votes, and the team of those who claim to have won with nearly 80%, oppose it. For all those who are of justice, this alone is enough to understand that the cheater Biya lost the election. It's a simple matter of common sense. You cannot claim to have won an election at 71.28%, which is almost 80%, and you are afraid that votes will be recounted. This is not possible. This element is one of those that allowed us to know the real winner of the 2010 elections in Côte d'Ivoire. The puppet Ouattara claimed to have won the elections with 54%, President Gbagbo had demanded the recount; Ouattara and his band of international criminals had found in this a serious injustice. When the recount of votes becomes a serious injustice, everything becomes clear to the most ignorant man in the world.


2- These same idiots who claim to have won the elections of October 7, 2018 in Cameroon, have stolen several billion from the Cameroonian budget to finance a few rogue thugs from some Western countries, so that they disguise themselves as observers of Transparency International to come and validate the forfeit. This is still a simple question of common sense. You cannot claim to have won an election by almost 80%, and you invest billions of francs to bribe some thugs who agree to pose as observers of Transparency International to confirm your victory. This is not possible. This is what happened in Côte d'Ivoire, with the insane Young-jin Choi and his gang of thugs in 2010.


Just these two elements are largely enough to make one know that the winner of the election of 07 October 2018 in Cameroon is Professor Maurice Kamto. One does not need to be intelligent to understand it, and one does not need dreams or revelations to understand such a simple thing. So if for such a simple thing you find so-called Christians who claim to understand nothing, and fight against the elected President of Cameroon, Professor Maurice Kamto, know that they are sorcerers who benefit from the corrupt satanic system that gnaws and destroys this beautiful country for 40 years. These demons are not Christians, no matter what title they carry. So do not be fooled anymore. If you identify some such demons, cast them out of any prayer group, otherwise they will do the opposite fight to cancel everything you do.


Children of God, stand up and intercede for Cameroon. While patriotic fighters are conducting the physical warfare as they are doing, you must lead the spiritual fight. You know very well that the victory of a warfare like this can only be won in the spiritual. It is therefore on the people of God that this struggle for the liberation of Cameroon and Africa rests. Stand up and go into intercession with all your heart.


The band of Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh and all those who these soldiers have quoted in their statement, are demons, not normal men. Anyone who did not believe in God will have to believe this time. They have no choice. They have all the evidence now that Paul Biya, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh and others that make up their gang, are not normal men. They are demons. You will never see a normal man enjoy killing thousands of people in order to satisfy his ego. Every normal man knows the value of human life. Every normal man has a little sensitivity in his heart. That people are comfortable in destroying a beautiful and rich country like Cameroon, by killing millions of people just to satiate their ego, this is the characteristic of satanists. These monsters are therefore demons.


Those who did not believe in the Bible must now realise that they were wrong. God clearly teaches us in the Bible that some men on earth are demons, and that these men are the most numerous. We recommend a teaching called "Discernment", which deals in detail with this subject. You find this teaching on the website www.mcreveil.org. We hope that all those Cameroonians and Africans who had trouble accepting the authority of the Bible will now be able to believe. It will be easier for you now to accept that all the rubbish you respect out of ignorance because of their great titles of president, ministers, senior military officers, general managers and others, who feed on blood, human flesh, women's menstruation, and other abominations that make you nauseous when you think about it, are not men, as the Bible teaches us. They are demons who came to the world with human nature, to contaminate the world.


You Christians and Children of God of Cameroon who allow yourselves to be bribed to support injustice, the Lord Jesus Christ is watching you. Before choosing to support injustice, know that you will meet the God of justice in the coming days. If you supported injustice before because you did not know the abominable works of the satanist Paul Biya's regime, you will have no excuses now. God Himself has chosen to lay the abominable crimes of the demon Paul Biya and his group bare, totally bare. You can no longer support this degree of satanism and hope to escape the wrath of God. You can no longer pretend to be ignorant. For your own edification, take the time to read "The Testimony of Ebale Angounou", and "The Truth About Aids", which you will find on the website www.mcreveil.org. These articles allow you to know who is the bloodthirsty and blasphemer Paul Biya.


For all of you who opt for stubbornness, you will explain to God on what basis you support and sustain a purely satanic regime like that of Biya bi Mvondo. You can, as usual, go into the Bible to search verses whose meaning you will twist to try to justify yourself. The Lord, who has put in you His Holy Spirit to help you distinguish right from wrong, awaits you. You can lie to yourself, you can lie to men, you will never be able to lie to God. It is therefore time for you to abandon tribalism, corruption, compromise, if you truly believe to be Children of God, and if you intend to enter the Heaven of Jesus Christ.


Christians from all over the world, stand up and join the Christians of Cameroon to implore the mercy of the living God for Cameroon. Christians, wherever you are, pray for Cameroon, to defeat this genocide project in preparation.


Here are the prayer topics:


Implore God to annul the genocide decree signed against Cameroon in the dark world.


Plead that God cancels the incantations of the demon Paul Biya, who had declared that after him, it would be chaos in Cameroon.


Pray for God to protect Elected President Maurice Kamto, all his allies, and all members of his party who are with him in prison.


Beg God to defeat all assassination plans against the President-elect Maurice Kamto and his allies.


Beg God to liberate Cameroon and Cameroonians from all the pacts that the demons still in power have signed with lucifer in cemeteries.


Sow in the name of Jesus Christ total confusion in the camp of these vampires who plan genocide to supply their different blood banks in the satanic world.


Dry up all the blood these vampires have in store, and order that all the blood they have drunk, and all the human flesh they have eaten, become a poison in them and destroy them all in the name of Jesus Christ.


Those of the family or village of Senate President Niat Marcel who supported the bloody regime of Biya because their relative was president of the Senate, have now realised that the president of the Senate will also be murdered if the plan of the monster Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh and his band comes to realisation. They now have an interest in joining the people in this struggle.


People of the family or village of Justice Minister Laurent Esso who supported the bloody regime of Biya because their relative was justice minister, have now understood that Mr. Esso will also be murdered if the plan of the monster Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh and his band were realised. They too now have an interest in joining the people in this struggle.


We therefore invited all tribalist "christians" who could not lead this spiritual warfare because one of theirs was one of the great of this satanic regime, to repent, and join the true Children of God in the fight for the total liberation of Cameroon. If the chaos settles in Cameroon, they will not escape, contrary to what they think.


Grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love!




Dear brothers and sisters,


If you have run away from fake churches and would like to know what to do, here are the two options available to you:


1- See if around you there are some other children of God who fear God and desire to live according to the Sound Doctrine. If you find any, feel free to join them.


2- If you do not find one and wish to join us, our doors are open to you. The only thing we will ask you to do is to first read all the Teachings that the Lord has given us, and which are on our website www.mcreveil.org, to reassure yourself that they are in conformity with the Bible. If you find them in accordance with the Bible, and are ready to submit to Jesus Christ, and live by the demands of His word, we will gladly welcome you.


The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you!


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