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1- First Testimony of an Ex-Illuminati


Beloved in the Lord and dear friends, we are delighted to share with you this first testimony of an ex-illuminati who was among the agents of satan who planned and carried out the massacre in Ivory Coast and Libya. He opted to expose the case of Ivory Coast. We hope he will do the same for the case of Libya.


It is a testimony that helps us to better understand, especially for those who still doubted, that what happened and is still happening in Ivory Coast is the sole will of wicked and sadistic men, servants of lucifer, who are only happy when they kill and make others suffer. This testimony will help you to better understand how this world is managed by lucifer (that the Bible presents in John 16:11 as the prince of this world), and his agents. For men who are supposed to have a conscience to do all that you are going to read, they must be agents of Hell, totally sold to lucifer, with the unique goal of making the maximum number of persons suffer. That is what they are doing zealously, while waiting for God’s judgment that they will fortunately not escape.


Nevertheless, God keeps on observing them, hoping that one day they will come back to their senses, regret their deeds, and repent. Some glorify themselves of being gods on earth forgetting that their reign will last only for a short while, whereas Hell that awaits them will last forever. They will despise repentance and even make a mockery of it. Let us hope that others would seize this opportunity that the Lord is giving them to repent, and abandon their master lucifer and embrace Jesus Christ the only true Master whose reign is everlasting.


This first testimony, as you will see, is rich and very edifying, and confirms the truth that we all know about the cases of Ivory Coast and Libya. The blatant lies that we followed live from Ivory Coast, enabled us to finally understand how the demons who rule this world manipulate the world and create at will wars and other disasters in order to achieve their wicked objectives.


While this testimony is a golden opportunity for all those who are still serving lucifer, to repent and flee from the wrath and vengeance of God, it is also a wonderful opportunity for all the children of God, to better understand the importance of spiritual warfare. We recommend that you read it with an open and willing heart, to draw all the lessons that would lead you to a true repentance, to flee from Hell.


1.1- Start of testimony


30 November 2012 Special Correspondence - Laurent Gbagbo against the rest of the world.


To the Publishing Director,


I will not reveal my identity to you, just a nickname and you know why. However, the most important is what will follow.


Africans in general and Ivoirians and Libyans in particular do not know the background to their misfortune. Yes, what they are going through did not just start today as many might have thought. Those who pulled and continue to pull the strings of crises and wars in Africa and elsewhere had planned everything and were just waiting for leaders like Laurent Gbagbo and Mouammar Kadhafi to stumble. Together, we are going to skim through the Libyan case and take an in-depth look at the case of Ivory Coast. The high finance community (directed and controlled by the grey men/the illuminati) to which I belonged has a simple rule, money and more money…


Regarding the plan of the illuminati (to which belong the "CFR", the Trilateral Commission, the Skull & Bones movement, the freemasons, the rosicrucian order, etc.) Allassane ouattara was chosen in the 70s when he was still a student in Pennsylvania in the United States to replace Felix Houphouet Boigny when the latter would be ageing or dying. Through François Mitterrand, we pushed for the creation of multipartism in francophone Africa. This objective was prepared 18 years earlier in order to reshape African political landscape. Our experts deduced that the implementation of multipartism would enable us to replace the old political guard by a new one. To achieve this objective, we had to bring down the world market prices for cocoa and other raw materials. This was in a bid to create an economic crisis and provoke popular uprising which will eventually lead to political pluralism which will weaken presidents like Houphouet-Boigny, who in those days, were so adulated and respected.


High Finance is merciless. Our system covered all the blunders and crimes of the latter (Houphouet-Boigny) as long as he was useful to us and in good health. But having discovered this manoeuvre too late, Houphouet did everything he could to prevent Ouattara from coming to power. He modified the Constitution to allow Henri Konan Bedie to take over the affairs of the nation even though the Ivorian people, who saw in him a dynastic heir, did not like him. The antagonistic situation of a good number of the population gave us time to prepare the fall of Henri Konan Bedie who proved to be a weak man. We only had to simply play upon the ethnic and religious feelings to bring Ouattara to power no matter the adversary.


Create the RDR party subtly and transform it into an ethnic party with militants that were mostly uneducated or illiterate, was as easy as pie, because they are easier to manipulate. We shall come back to this later. Ouattara having been presented by our media (Cfi, Tv5, Rfi…) as a victim, it now became easy to manipulate the northern Ivorian military officers like Ibrahim Coulibaly nicknamed «IB», Issiaka Ouattara, Oumar Diarrassouba etc. Objective: Seize the situation and create a revolt, place a stooge to lead the transitional government and prepare grounds for a rigged election as was later seen in November 2010. Meanwhile on the 24 of December 1999, the regime of Bedie collapsed and General Guei was temporally placed at the head of the country to lead a transitional government but later on he changed his mind.


Two coup attempts against him failed, then, Laurent Gbagbo took over following a controversial presidential election. We were surprised by the popular uprising that enabled Gbagbo to have his victory back. The coming to power of this man (Gbagbo) whom we attempted to eliminate in 1992 with the help of ouattara during the opposition march of 18 February of the said year made the satanic High Finance including the Paris Club, the IMF, the World Bank, the Rome Club, etc. panic. The plan to eliminate him was secretly made and was just waiting for a golden opportunity like that of the opposition march (18 February 1992). But the humanism of the gendarmes at that time hampered the killing of this man.


Of course, we wanted an opposition to weaken the government of Houphouet and replace him, but we did not want a powerful opposition like the FPI with such a charismatic and uncontrollable leader like Gbagbo. The coming to power of such a man following the elections of the year 2000 did not help matters for bankers and the international chocolate makers guided by the grey men (the illuminati). Laurent Gbagbo, a man who is not a slave to money and inordinate luxury was therefore a poison for those who finally got him on 11 April 2011.


When Gbagbo came to power, he discovered that the country under his leadership is not truly independent, but worse still; the wealth of the country belongs to France who manages it for the interest of the international Community led by the illuminati. He then decided to start a completely new relationship between his country and France. All the corruption money offered to him by the French financial pundits was directly deposited in the Ivorian treasury. For he said it is Ivorians’ money. This was a crime of lese-majesty for the western financiers, for you never turn down with impunity offers from people who have always used this method to have control over the leaders and the wealth of third world countries.


Not only were we surprised by Gbagbo’s election, he also committed the crime of being incorruptible. We needed to get rid of him as soon as we could. In January 2001, the first coup attempt failed because of precipitation. In September 2002, another coup was prepared in Burkina Faso with the support of blaise compaore, freemason of the slave category, submissive freemason who respects the criminal rules of the cause. Intensive training of Ivorian exiled soldiers but the coup failed miraculously on 19 September. However, all was reorganized to partition the country and then conquer it gradually in order to weaken the government of the rebellious panafricanist and nationalist Gbagbo. But the battles were bloody even though the loyal forces were poorly equipped. A trick was then organized to neutralize Gbagbo.


1- Setting-up by the French DGSE (General Directorate for External Security) of a commando in order to assassinate more or less important personalities (the comedian Camara nicknamed "H", doctor Dacoury brother of the rebel Dacoury Tabley, Guy André Keiffer, etc.) to accuse Gbagbo with the supposed death squads manufactured by the French secret services.


2- The Marcoussis Agreements to strip him of his disturbing power. There again, Gbagbo proved to be a skilful politician and thwarted all the traps which were set for him. The re-equipping of the Ivorian army did not reassure Western interests because the loyal forces began to overcome fear and were getting ready to crush the rebels in order to free the country. Seeing the military superiority of loyal forces forging and gaining ground, a peace treaty was organized and signed to stop the belligerency. The question now was how to stop the purchase of weapons by Gbagbo; such became the short-term objective for the illuminati. Our experts made up of the French DGSE, the American CIA and the British MI5 in connection with burkinabe secret services, Malians and Senegalese put themselves at work to find a solution in order to militarily blockade the loyal army called FDS-CI.


The first opportunity was a protest march organized by the opposition in March 2004. The goal was to push Gbagbo to massacre the maximum number of "civilians" (infiltrated for the occasion by rebels) and thus make it possible for UNO (which is the diplomatic weapon of the illuminati) to vote a resolution of embargo on Ivory Coast. But to reach that point, a Commission of inquiry was dispatched in order to produce a false report which was going to justify the embargo. Once more, Gbagbo sensed the trap and produced a contrary legal report which beat down the arguments of the UN commission. Who is this man who succeeds in botching a well thought and expensive plan as this protest march where we very well manipulated the opposition parties with their greedy leaders thirsty of power? In anger some secret services proposed the physical elimination of Gbagbo. But this project was abandoned for reason of a civil war which would not be advantageous to us. With a gentleman like Blé Goudé at the head of a strong youth full of nationalist feelings, not forgetting the loyal soldiers, we did not have to take risks.


The dreamed opportunity was during the attempt to liberate the territory with "Operation Caesar", where an attack by the army FDS-CI was simulated to destroy the aircraft of the Ivorian loyal forces and to proceed to overthrow Gbagbo. There still, was failure and checkmate, which ended up with the massacre of many civilians by the french army. Focus was now put on the end of Gbagbo's term of office in 2005. But in the meantime, considering the manoeuvres of the Southern African mediator Thabo Mbéki which were dangerous for us, he had to be short-circuited. All the media means were deployed in order to call for the resignation of Gbagbo and the setting-up of a transitional government. You remember it isn’t it? I still laugh at it today because it was grotesque. But it was necessary nevertheless to try. This operation having failed, the objective was to again attack Gbagbo through the corrupt African union by imposing a new prime minister in the person of Konan Banny.


The choice of Banny was made under the pressure of Olusegun Obasanjo the former Nigerian president who is also freemason. Banny appeared more pugnacious to us than Seydou Diarra who was weak and voiceless. But the choice of Banny in December 2005 did not have anything promotional. We knew that the Baoulé population (which dangerously started to succumb to the charming Gbagbo), mainly nostalgic of the time of Houphouetist Pdci was going to believe that the party will come back to power. Their hatred was going to be consolidated against Gbagbo for the continuation of our plan. Banny was going to believe in the support of Rdr of Ouattara in order to cause the fall of Gbagbo considering that the International Work Group ("GTI"-diplomatic weapon) was set up for that purpose. Objectives: to dissolve the National Assembly, to control the army, to muzzle the patriots of Blé Goudé and to organize elections with an electoral file truncated on the basis of biased mobile courts operations.


There again, Gbagbo came out brilliantly with the support of the young patriots guided by Blé Goudé and Eugene Djué. But we had noted an important point in this defeat. The hatred of the Baoulé Pdci militants for Gbagbo re-surfaced and was consolidated thanks to "the Konan Banny cause". This was going to be useful to us for the continuation, because manipulation is our favourite game. The french DGSE working for the illuminati organized the introduction of toxic waste with the aim of creating agitation and popular uprising. The sudden shock that the public was subjected to following the harmful effects of toxic waste had started to make its effect but once again, Gbagbo took control because he had understood the French diabolic manoeuvres.


In order to regain control of the situation so that the episode GTI-Banny-toxic waste can be erased, Gbagbo initiated the political agreement of Ouagadougou. We were struck down, but not defeated. We had "to take over" the agreement of Ouagadougou because our pawn Blaise Compaoré was the sponsor. It was necessary for him to benefit from the confidence of Gbagbo to empty this agreement of its contents. As an obedient slave, he gave account to his masters after each important decision. But it did not have to reach disarmament. Once the movement of goods and persons started, weapons were easily transportable to disseminate them through all the southern part of the country. That engaged, our objective was to distract public opinion.


It was necessary to make noise concerning enrolment, the electoral listing and to demand for the date of the elections since the opposition now had control over the CEI (Independent electoral commission) following the agreement of Pretoria. The rebels were entrusted with the mission to challenge the mediation of Thabo Mbéki. But in the meantime the latter was pushed to allow the candidature of all and the introduction of a great number of opponents into the Independent Electoral Commission if he wanted peace in Ivory Coast. In order not to undermine the credibility of its mission, it was necessary for us to have control over the CEI. Why? Let me give you the reason: the secret services carried out a secret investigation to measure the popularity of the main candidates. Result: 65.90% in favour of Gbagbo, 20.08% for Bédié and 14.02% for Ouattara. Discovering this alarming result, it was necessary to pass to high speed i.e. to entrust enrolment to a foreign engineering service, to blockade the CEI and to proceed to truncated enrolments.


Notice that in the zones which seemed favourable to Gbagbo, enrolment centres were badly laid out in order to discourage those who were far away from there, whereas in the north mainly Rdr, enrolment centres were brought closer to the populations. Order was given to ECOWAS foreigners to inflate the number enlisted because the real numbers of Ivorian voters of the north were not as many as they would have wished. As for Ouattara's manifesto for the elections, one did not have to worry about. Gbagbo had already reflected and did all the work for us. It only sufficed to modify some elements in his project to make a pretense of difference of it. This made the manifesto of Ouattara, a pale copy of the program of Gbagbo, intelligently thought. With a flotilla of fanatic and little informed militants, the plan went off smoothly.


Lastly, during the 50th anniversary of independence celebrated in Yamoussoukro, Gbagbo announced the final date of the elections. This was a big signal for the start of great intimidation and corruption manoeuvres of the army chiefs in order to disintegrate the Fds -CI army. Top ranking officers fell like overripe fruits into a beggar's bag. Surprisingly, many officers such as Major Colonel Konan Boniface and late Captain Kouadio Timothée who died in Tiébissou at the time of the war of March 30th, 2011 were approached, but they resisted firmly. The billion CFA francs proposed did not shake them. They said they were men of honour and that this honour is not for sale. A shock for us! Negro-African soldiers, who logically should droop at the mere mention of ethnicity, refuse money, remain honest and nationalist. This sharply contrasts with the attitude of Captain Allah Kouassi Leon. Definitely one will have seen everything in Ivory Coast.


The first round of elections went on and the fear of the western financial leaders was confirmed: despite all the manipulations that were orchestrated, Gbagbo emerged the most popular of all the candidates and worse still, Bédié came second before Ouattara. We could not accept that and the results were reversed in favour of Ouattara. Bédié who remained a weak man and coward remained passive. All his properties were blocked without forgetting all the documents which showed his last economic embezzlements which were presented to him. Bédié then supported Ouattara whom he believed to fool so that the latter should persuade his supporters to vote for him during the second round. He fell into his own trap. It is the same method that will be applied for the choice of candidates during the next legislative elections. Sell and make Pdci inoffensive, which arranges the situation of the western masters of Ouattara.


During the second round of elections, in spite of the calls by Bédié to vote for Ouattara, the turnout was low. It was necessary to inflate the number of voters compared to the listings in the areas of the north still not disarmed. The men of Gbagbo at the CEI although limited in number, remained extremely vigilant. The three-day constitutional deadline for CEI to announce provisional results passed without proclamation of results. Force now had to be used. Task carried out by the French and American ambassadors. As soon as the false results were announced on France 24, we took care of the rest through the media and UN.


In spite of the media crackdown by western television and radio stations, Gbagbo did not give up. He applied the law in all its rigour but what was he up to in the face of such a force? Since we had already succeeded in creating doubt in the minds of the peoples, it was necessary to present him as the bad loser, the dictator… and our media organs did this job wholeheartedly. However, this man did not still leave us in peace but embarked on awakening the consciences of African masses with televised programmes and debates transmitted in excess without forgetting a diplomacy, which ran at full capacity. African Heads of State were threatened by western countries held by the illuminati. Old debts of many African countries were no longer going to be cancelled unless they obey orders, that is, use the corrupt, beggar and skeletal organization: African Union to cause the fall of Gbagbo. During an African Union summit, president sarkozy even proposed a power of veto for Africa at the UN. This was pure sweet talk for the naive.


Meanwhile, during the diplomatic negotiations with ECOWAS, African Union, European Union and UNO since January, the military forces from Senegal, Burkina-Faso and Nigeria started moving into the north of Ivory Coast with weapons and logistics. Officially and diplomatically, the military option was rejected, but unofficially all was in place. UN allowed the use of Russian helicopters Mi24, officially to defend civilians but in reality these fatal machines were intended to open the passage on the various military fronts for the rebel fighters of Ouattara supported by ECOWAS soldiers.


When the secret services led by the French DGSE submitted their report to say that all is OK, the military hostilities entered in their active phase after the report of advancements made by the invisible commando of Ibrahim Coulibaly known as IB supported by the french army and Onuci in Abobo, a commune favourable to Ouattara. The various military fronts were set in motion. The resistance of the FDS-CI was fierce, especially in the west of Ivory Coast. The militiamen associated with Fds made life difficult for ECOWAS forces accustomed to ground battle. However, each time, the Mi 24 of Onuci intervened to remove the obstacles.


Curiously, the continuation was facilitated with the backing down of the soldiers who remained loyal to Gbagbo. Because for us, the war was to last at least 6 months. These long battles were going to enable us to massacre most of the Christian community in order to have the quantity of blood needed for a satanic ritual of the illuminati. The withdrawal of the FDS-CI prevented this mass murder because the visibility of the ground was going to reveal this religious genocide. The intensive Christian prayers had a harmful role against the illuminati who on their part are worshippers of lucifer. One does not know how this plan was thwarted. But it was necessary to continue on Abidjan where the Fds gathered to engage the ultimate battle. The entry in Abidjan of the FRCI (Rebels), supported by Forces Licornes and Onuci failed woefully with the loss of at least 80% of the rebel-ECOWAS forces without forgetting Onuci soldiers and those of Forces licornes who died in the battle. It was a true massacre on the part of FDS-CI which suddenly got the upper hand in spite of the invisible commando of Ibrahim Coulibaly. Nicolas Sarkozy was summoned by the western bankers to change to a higher gear. At this point in time all the helicopters were deployed against the soldiers of Ivory Coast


There were extensive bombardments all over the place to weaken the positions of FDS-CI led by the courageous military chiefs such as Major Colonel Konan Boniface, General Dogbo Blé, late Major Colonel Gohourou, Commander Abéhi and many others who contrary to most of the high ranking FDS-CI, did not sell themselves to occult forces, who are the masters of the World Bank and the IMF, bosses of Alassane Ouattara. But considering the bodies of the young people, massacred by the french helicopters around the residence of the Head of State Laurent Gbagbo, considering that the french army destroyed almost all the vital weapons of the Ivorian army, Laurent Gbagbo decided to surrender himself while initially asking the soldiers to stop fighting and put themselves in safety because, saying that he is the one that the international community is after. The FDS-CI combatants unwillingly and with heavy hearts withdrew and put themselves in safety where they could.


On 11 April, another miracle occurred. Laurent Gbagbo who was to be killed according to the plan, came out alive and was made prisoner. The international community even though unhappy said through its media such as france 24 (which like the other western media, have a mission of brainwashing through wisely distilled lies onto the populations) that Laurent Gbagbo must be well treated. Their fear is that Gbagbo becomes a living hero which is well the case today. A small country as Ivory Coast which stands up to a whole system (the international high finance), which pushed the international community into the mistake by forcing it to go to war openly and publicly. That made it possible for African youths to understand definitely that they are being taken for idiots ever since and that their countries are not truly independent as they try to make them believe with anniversary of independence celebration each year.


The international community feels weakened because Laurent Gbagbo pushed it to reveal its real face in broad day light whereas in the past all was disguised and the people manipulated completely fooled. When I saw this man more closely at the Golf hotel following his arrest, when I read in his very deep look, certainly full of disappointment, I did not see a single sign of defeat, of fear nor of weakness. Yes undoubtedly he is a great man, incorruptible and above all a genius of the politics ever seen in Africa since a certain Patrice Lumumba. When his eyes met mine while the fanatic onlookers of Alassane Ouattara covered him with insults of all kinds, I understood that the battle that this man is fighting is not over even if he died on the day of his arrest.


Gbagbo was not killed physically, but the international community wanted to make up for it differently. The brainwave is the International Criminal Court (ICC) which will be used to kill the man definitely. To accomplish this task, the prosecutor Ocampo received $1.000.000 from the shadow services of the international community in an offshore account in Bélizes which is a tax haven for money laundering. The fact that Gbagbo was imprisoned in the north, the ouattara regime remained feverish and not reassuring at all because the image of the charismatic leader unjustly imprisoned, continued to have an impact on the African populations. His precipitated transfer to the ICC was intended to morally shatter his militant supports and to push the political parties which were close to him to abandon the race for the legislative elections.


But, following a dramatic turn of events, his first appearance at the ICC proved to be a stab in the back of the international community which then understood rather belatedly that it is dealing with peerless man. An individual, who was maltreated, humiliated and held under inhuman conditions, reappeared in the face of the world, perked up, combative than ever, with as the icing on the cake, a masterly intervention which came as a bombshell. In all Africa, the hope of young Africans rekindled and increased. Heated debates took off again in the various areas of African capitals. On the other hand; the international community felt ridiculous towards a man, the only who embodies the political hope of a continent thirsty for freedom and democracy without foreign influences. It felt guilty not to have assassinated this Gbagbo who pushed them to reveal all their mafia in broad day light.


In Ivory Coast, the new french instructions were as follows: suppress the "blue" press, favourable to Gbagbo by all possible means in order to prevent it from doing an efficient job of communication and restore the hope of the Ivorians, prevent it from ensuring its job of awakening of consciences to maintain the patriotic flame. These manoeuvres, which were skilfully conducted and subjected to the sanctions of the National Press council (CNP), were its main mission. All this was done under the benevolent eye of the ministry for the interior, which was in turn closely monitored by french secret services. This with fallacious arguments based on the spirit of a pseudo reconciliation and "peace".


At the international level, the clear instruction was to stretch the prosecution of Gbagbo at the ICC as long as possible with multiple adjournments in order to dull the hope of African patriotic youths. The successor of the prosecutor Ocampo, the present prosecutor Fatou Bensouda of black race was approached with twice the sum ($2.000.000) that her predecessor received to finish the work of charges against Gbagbo. The choice of a prosecutor of the black race was strategic. This was in a bid to avoid giving the prosecution, a racist colour that every African criticized under the Ocampo era. In Ivory Coast, the organization of legislative elections aimed at dispossessing Ivorians of their lands, to allow a very modern re-colonization of Ivory Coast by france to the benefit of the international community. That is the plan.


But the credibility of this poll was very largely weakened because the people answered the call to boycott launched by the party of Gbagbo and consequently most Ivorians did not participate in the Sunday, December 11, 2011 election. It was then necessary to fake the statistics and to give a wrong figure of the participation rate. In reality, the participation rate was 16% and not 36%, which was purely untrue. Here still, Laurent Gbagbo recorded another victory. Yes undoubtedly, Gbagbo is not comparable with alassane ouattara who is manufactured and kept on the leash by france and some foreign powers. This man, Gbagbo, established himself without external support. He believes in Africa whereas ouattara helps to plunder Ivory Coast with large contracts offered to Burkinabe companies such as the 25 billion contract for the reconstruction of the Abobo district awarded to a company of Blaise compaoré's country.


The biggest contracts are reserved for french companies to the benefit of his masters of the international community. But nothing is late given that a new spirit was born since the year 2000 and is not close to dying. A man called Laurent Gbagbo, whom I do not love (it is not obligatory), it is true, but that I respect, thought a revolutionary society project, which in the long term was to make Ivory Coast and the sub region as a whole an industrial economic power with its own technology held and controlled by Africans themselves. He contributed to the setting-up of the first African satellite RASCOM, which as a result, was going to give Africa Telecommunication and information autonomy.


His policy of raw material transformation was going to enrich and make small farmers economically powerful. They were going to see themselves equipped with last generation technology. His objective was to initially start the assembling of Transport vehicles with the purpose of building them locally, with the help of engineers graduated from the INP-HB. And moreover, he started a clever policy of debt-clearing (HIPC) of his country in a bid to finally have an autonomy based on the country's own resources. This debt-clearing was aimed at shielding most of the Ivorian workers against poverty by increasing drastically all wages by at least 65% in addition to putting all economic resources at a level where young people could understand that one does not have to put his hopes in the mass immigration to the West. This is one of his secret plans that we discovered. This was something that the international community could not admit. To put an end to this vision, his own brothers, egoistic, and greedy for easy wealth, honorary political positions, in order to enjoy life, sold themselves to the devil and denied him.


However, as I said earlier, this man called Laurent Gbagbo, who is worthy of respect, has sufficiently taught and nourished Ivorian and African youths politically to continue the fight. For, I would like to inform you that the international community, beyond all boasting, has many weaknesses. I know what I am talking about and I am not talking rubbish! As for allassane ouattara, all compromising documents about him have been archived to blackmail him at the opportune time. Beyond all that I have just shown you, I suggest that you fully use your intelligence profoundly in combativeness and you will see that these politicians who are guided by the leaders of the high finance who lead the international community are only men like you. They are not more intelligent than you, as most Africans beggars, followers of laziness and fate, foolishly believe. I am of the white race certainly, but it is stupid to believe that one race is more intelligent than the other races. The Chinese have proved us the contrary.


It is your turn today. Gbagbo has shown you the way and it is up to you to finish the work or to give it up because of weakness, negligence and laziness. Humbly I support you and I encourage you to better organize yourselves so that the truth bursts out at the ICC, so that Gbagbo should not be assassinated scientifically as it is the habit of the international community. Beyond that, like Martin Luther King, an African hand is likely to be paid to do the dirty job of physical elimination. Embark on much prayer but also act with much intelligence, enthusiasm and ceaselessly in spite of the difficulties and trials until you obtain the convincing results. But if you pray much and act less, then your prayers will prove to be useless. Because prayer is used to overcome what is invisible and in fact it is your actions that obtain physically what has been obtained in the spiritual. It is simply what the illuminati of whom I was a member do. They worship lucifer and act in the same way in reality for concrete results. Prayers and Intelligent actions without emotions for an unquestionable victory, here is the secret. [End of testimony].


1.2- Call to Repentance


I seize this opportunity to address African Heads of State who shamelessly and unscrupulously, do not hesitate to take off their trousers in front of their childish western masters. To you men without honour and dignity, I say shame! What we have just read is ridiculous. How can you ridicule yourselves to this point? How can you agree to be humiliated and reified that much? History will retain that where you failed like vulgar cowards, one of your counterparts, the worthy President Gbagbo, succeeded. He is currently held in high esteem, respected, honoured and supported by all the worthy and sensible Africans. He also has the respect of all your ghoul masters, who in their pettiness, recognize now that Africa does not only have egoistic and male prostitutes, people capable of sacrificing everyone around them, for their only interests. Africa also has some worthy and honest men, fortunately.


And you African people, you now understand how your presidents, these men without any dignity, corrupt both in their heart and in their spirit, are held captive by the great satanists of this world, and submit themselves to them "in all things" as God in the Bible recommends to women to do towards their husbands, in Ephesians 5:24. This is really shameful! Nowadays, even some women in their "emancipation" do not agree any more to submit themselves anyhow to their husbands or to men. Whereas "great" men, Heads of State, respected and feared in their respective countries, agree to play the religious women, faithful maidservants in front of their "lordly" western counterparts, submitting to them in all things. Yes, they agree to behave as slaves in front of these idiots who for the majority have the age of their own children. It is simply pitiful! When shall African Heads of State free themselves from slavery? But when?


For how long shall they continue to lower their trousers in front of their children who lead western countries? This is not possible! It is outrageously revolting! When will they cease to bring us shame, these old-for-nothing? We have all followed live how these "great and respectable" African Heads of State allowed themselves to be humiliated and dehumanized by the thug sarkozy during the coup d’état against President Gbagbo and the massacre of thousands of Ivorians and Libyans. The lie of the ignoble sarkozy and his band of good-for-nothing was so ludicrous that no one needed to be intelligent to discern it. Whereas African Heads of State, men who for the majority are octogenarians i.e. supposedly wise and honourable, submitted themselves to this ridiculous diktat, unscrupously. What a shame! Isn't it often said that old age equal wisdom? This band of sexagenarian Heads of State, septuagenarian, and octogenarians proved us the opposite. O shame when you hold us!


It is worth wondering whether these men still have a conscience. If so, what do they do with it? Of what use is this conscience to them? When they are in their various palaces, are they for a minute concerned about what their people think? Look at the way this ex-illuminati describes the so-called African Union. He called the thing a "corrupt, beggar and skeletal organization". Some among you will find in that an insult, whereas it is just but a simple and sad reality. What a shame! It is difficult to understand how these "great" men succeeded in crucifying their consciences to the point of not having the least feeling of shame anymore. More than ten thousand Ivorians and more than one hundred thousand Libyans were massacred before their quiet and complacent eyes, because they believe they are indebted to their western masters. They believe that it is by so doing that they will have the approval of these men without morality. They do not know that what was done to President Gbagbo, his family and his people, and what was done to Leader Kadhafi, his family and his people, is what awaits them in the next days.


Toumani Touré, who liked to behave like a submissive and beloved vassal of his colonial masters, learned it at his own expense. He was strangely rewarded for well rendered services. What a shame! The moribund Wade, who made the first move to facilitate the assassination of Kadhafi and the destruction of Libya because his masters had promised to help him to die in power and to create his dynasty in Senegal, fell into his own trap. This big fox was deceived like a small idiot. This moron is currently furious with anger, but nobody anymore cares about him. He finally understood that his colonialist masters, just like their great master lucifer, are only liars and sadists. If only the other African presidents could draw some lessons from this!


The clown Jonathan of Nigeria, this wizard who by his mystical practices had precipitated Umaru Yar' Adua to the tomb to take his place, had become the cook of the monster sarkozy during the last phase of the long coup d’état against President Gbagbo. He received at times up to eleven calls from sarkozy per day. His masters had promised to help him fake elections in Nigeria through ultra sophisticated methods to remain in power. A few days after the destruction of the residence of President Gbagbo and the massacre of thousands of Ivorian students, this traitor was rewarded with a well-faked election. He then believed to be the most loved animal of his herdsmen of the West. He was unaware that these snakes had another idea in mind. It is now that he is realizing it. His sponsors have gradually installed a true Islamic rebellion in the North of his country, and have proposed their "assistance" to him. Knowing how their Mafia functions, he is not ready to accept the generous "help" of his benefactors. He who was strutting around during the various meetings organized against President Gbagbo, and was ready to go to war even alone against Ivory Coast, because he believed to have a very powerful army, will now have to prove the power of this army vis-à-vis the "small" Islamist rebellion of the north of his country. Alleluia!


All that we can now expect from these African Heads of State is that they should wake up at last. Better late than never. Wake up, and like this former illuminati who has chosen to speak, speak! Recognize that you let yourselves to be treated like slaves. Free yourselves from this slavery, denounce and put an end to what is currently happening in Ivory Coast. You have the capacity to do it; it is courage that you lack. The innocent Laurent Gbagbo is suffering in a shameful prison in The Hague with your complicity. His wife, the true first lady of Ivory Coast, this representative of the people, Member of Parliament for the commune of Abobo and academician of her status, is being treated as the slaves were treated in the 17th century, right before your passive and complicit eyes. Meanwhile, a bloodthirsty harpy, the "dangerous whore" as she was called affectionately by those who knew who she really is, or the "fatal woman" as someone said, is freely parading the streets of Abidjan and usurping the title of first lady. This mortician who had sworn to reign on the blood of Ivorians, and had promised I quote: "even if there must be 100.000 dead we will seize power", and who has finally achieved his wishes, still with your complicity, reigns as a goddess.


The son of President Gbagbo, an academician who chose to stay out of politics, and who, contrary to the sons of several among you, took care not to misuse his position of Head of State's son in order to embezzle billions from his country's treasury, has become a toy in the hands of Burkinabe tramps who abusively became the legal army of their compatriot ouattara. All this is happening right before your complicit eyes. Are you not ashamed? Professor Aké N'Gbo, former University President and Prime Minister, and all the Ministers of President Gbagbo and other great personalities of his government and of the civil society of Ivory Coast, people who proved their integrity and their love for Africa and the African people (because the liberation of Ivory Coast for which they were committed, was also that of the entire African continent), are tortured like vulgar gangsters, for those who are not in exile. Whereas each one of you knows what occurred. Each one of you knows that the insane ouattara did not even cross the threshold of the first round of elections in Ivory Coast. You all know it, and you have the proofs thereof. How can you remain so passive and so indifferent? Of what use is your conscience to you? Be ashamed for once, poor "Excellencies"! React! React!


During the so-called post electoral crisis, President Gbagbo sent to you copies of the verbatim reports of election results. You have them. None of you can thus claim to be ignorant. The hooligan and assassin sarkozy by bombing the palace of President Gbagbo, not only sought to kill him, but also to destroy all the documents which he held, thus hoping to erase all the evidence of the defeat of the renegade ouattara in the elections. What this miserable rogue did not know was that evidence of President Gbagbo's victory was already everywhere, even in your palaces. He would better summon you now to restore all this evidence to him. O cowardly men, men without courage! Come back to reason! Give us honour for once! Let me tell you this to round off, God will hold you responsible for the blood of the thousands of people shed in Ivory Coast and Libya with your complicity. If you enjoy life, know that all those whom you precipitated to the tomb were also glad to live.


Dear readers, as you must have noticed while reading this testimony, it is not only African Heads of State who chose to flee their responsibilities and to give up their dignity. There are also unfortunately, some African intellectuals, as the case of this mean traitor who has the guts to receive two million dollars to complete the assassination of President Gbagbo and to perpetuate the torture of his wife and many Ivorians. That is Africa unfortunately. For two million dollars, the despicable and abominable slave Fatou Bensouda, this piteous ICC prosecutor sold her dignity (if at all she had any), gave up her oath, and is ready to sell two million Africans. This witch knows that by assassinating President Gbagbo, another war will start in Ivory Coast, and will make at least two million deaths. With that, she will have well achieved her mission before the eyes of her cannibals and vampire masters. And slavery continues. Poor Africa! What a shame!


Each time we try to justify slave trade on the basis that our ancestors sold their brothers because they were not well educated enough or were not well informed, and were limited in their judgment. What shall we say now about these wretched intellectuals who are worse than their ancestors who had never been to school, and who in their naivety were easily deceived by the slave traders? I read the articles of another beggar, pseudo qualified professor of philosophy, who because of his belly, has become an adulator of the mercenary ouattara, and a friend of the swindler soro, in whom he finds true democrats. It is quite pitiful! See to what extent some African "professors" ridicule themselves.


Let me explain to you how God had chosen to expose these hypocrites, givers of lessons of democracy. While these schizophrenic voted for resolutions to bomb Ivory Coast because of the elections which President Gbagbo according to them would have rigged, another demon, the wretched most submissive and most servile slave, the repugnant assassin of the man of integrity Thomas Sankara, won in the first round of a two-round presidential election, after 23 years in power in Burkina Faso, with nearly 81% of votes. No bomb was directed towards his palace, no resolution of UN was voted against this murderer. It is thus time for you to understand that it is lucifer and his agents, who for yet a short time play the gods on earth, who lead this world while waiting to meet the true God in the next few days.


God still chose in this month of November 2012, with the elections of UMP in france, to expose these hypocrites, givers of lessons of democracy. Here are idiots who have the guts to destroy whole countries by massacring tens of thousands of people, in the name of a democracy which they are themselves unable to put into practice. The hideous, shameful and ridiculous spectacle that the UMP of the puppet sarkozy served us last week reveals to us the mindset of these mentally imbalanced people who govern us. These villains who distribute democracy in the whole world with bombs and sordid sanctions, are unable to manage a small election of some 300.000 voters. This UMP election made it possible to understand well how the election of 2010 was managed in Ivory Coast. I hope that these African leaders who are full of complexes, these innate cowards and traitors, who in their lowness believe that all that the master of the west says is the Gospel truth, must draw some lessons from this. Before setting up as good pupils of these dunces, some of these vassal African leaders will reflect now. This is actually our wish.


Let all those who think to have some power on this earth understand that such power is short-lived. Let all those who think they are above the justice of men understand that they shall not escape the justice of God. In your pride, you can claim to be god and shout today that God does not exist. You will meet Him tomorrow. Feel free to continue to say with arrogance that those who believe in God are people who have lost their senses. You will find yourselves, whether you like it or not, one day, in front of the judgment of this God whom you now revile offhandedly. While waiting, an opportunity of repentance is hereby given to you. Bear in mind nevertheless that Hell is real, and is eternal.


You the powerful people of this world should know that there is someone more powerful than you. You will not escape the judgment of Jesus Christ in the next days, if you do not repent. I do not need to remind of the obvious, that is, each one of you will die. The small power which makes you drunk now will end soon. Those who made themselves gods on earth before you ended up being carried away by death; and are currently in the hot fire of Hell burning. Do not think that it is you who will derogate from this divine principle. In your extreme wickedness, you plan the massacre of whole peoples. And after your carnage, you accuse your victims of genocide and of crimes against humanity; you arrest and judge them in your courts of shame. And as pathological liars, you make use of your lying-media to overpower them and make them hateful to the eyes of the whole world. Then, as accredited kleptomaniacs, you plunder all the wealth and resources of your victims. You divide them among yourselves without any shame, and you count yourselves happy.


If you believe only for a moment that you will escape the Justice of God, then you are much more naïve than it appears to be. The day is coming, when you will understand that you were only a bunch of refuse. Yes the day is coming, when the justice you believe to have escaped on this earth, will catch up with you. The True God awaits you in the next few days. Whether you like it or not, your knees will bow before Jesus Christ the only true Master, and your tongue will confess that this Jesus Christ, whose authority you scorn today, is indeed the only Lord.


You Christians of Ivory Coast and other Children of God who prayed wholeheartedly for Ivory Coast, after the destruction of President Gbagbo's palace and his kidnapping, you surely asked yourselves whether you did not pray in vain. I believe that you have the answer after having read this testimony. Had it not been for our many prayers, President Gbagbo would have been assassinated the same day as his former minister for the Interior, and the thousands of Ivorian Christians would have been exterminated. Here is the plan, which the snakes who glorify themselves of being faithful servants of lucifer, had made. To this very day they are in the most total confusion, and still do not manage to understand the cause of their failure. They spend sleepless nights now seeking how to clean this shame, which they drank to the dregs. While waiting, they have been unmasked before the eyes of all. And henceforth, the African youth know whom they are dealing with.


Know therefore that our prayers bore fruits, as opposed to what some ungodly people said to trivialize our efforts, and to try to mock us. Wake up then and re-launch spiritual warfare. This is the moment to make things more difficult for these agents of Hell. Embark again on spiritual warfare. You should regularly destroy all the plans of satanists and sow total confusion in all their projects by the fire of God. Dry each day the blood that these vampires collect, and consume each day by the fire of God the human flesh that they collect. Arise against all these vipers, arise against all these satanic lodges, and pour the fire of God on them without stop. Make sure all their efforts to collect blood are in vain. Make sure that the crimes that they commit and the wars that they cause everywhere be useless to them, by regularly drying up the blood which they collect. In your prayers, do not forget the innocent people who continue to undergo torments and torture from the hands of the torturer ouattara and his henchmen.


Grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love!


2- Second Testimony of an Ex-Illuminati


Dear warfare companions and dear friends, we are happy to share with you the continuation of the testimony that this friend, former agent in the service of the illuminati, placed at our disposal about a year ago. This time, not only did he give us the rest of the case of the Ivory Coast, but he also chose to talk about the case of Libya that he had mentioned. He even went further and revealed other cases to us, among others, the case of Syria. We would like to express our gratitude to him and sincerely wish that he places at our disposal other edifying revelations, because we are certain that he has many more.


This testimony is very instructive as you will notice, and it is useful to everyone. For those who believe in God, it allows them to better understand the stakes of spiritual warfare, and for those who do not believe, he allows them to understand how the world is run. In any case, this revelation helps us to no longer be victims of the lies that the leaders of this world convey through their 'media-lies', to justify their wickedness. Each of us is well-informed now. We encourage you to read it fully, and draw your own conclusion.


2.1- Start of testimony


For the second time, I am writing to you Publishing Director. In a previous post which dates back to about a year, I explained to you the basis of the African problem which came down to the death of Mouammar Al-Kadhafi and the arrest of Laurent Gbagbo. I repeat it, these were the basis. In this new article that I publish, I will try to explain in details some depths of these conflicts while protecting my safety under a nickname. I therefore rely on your sense of professionalism.


Colonel Kadhafi was able to show to the world and to Africa that any development and emergence is possible when one relies at first on oneself, this by using intelligently the resources of his country. The development which will follow will endeavour, I repeat, to enlighten the opinions of Africa and the Arab world through my experiences and the missions carried out when I was member of the occult services of the illuminati.


The events which shake for more than 2 years the Arab and African countries are not the fruit of spontaneous revolutions, but "revolutions" of laboratory made up such as HIV-AIDS. Concerning the HIV-AIDS, I might write on the subject another time. For now, I shall develop the maze of these geostrategic "inventions" which cause so many misfortunes in the world. This will hinge on three pivot countries, to facilitate the understanding of all. It concerns Libya, Ivory Coast and Syria. These three countries by themselves become the historic symbols of fights for freedom which has furthered to expose the western diabolic lie intended to break up the states chosen by my former masters from their offices in Washington, London, Paris and Tel Aviv.


Without delay, I will get to the heart of the matter that leads me to send you this new document which I advise you to read attentively after the one I entitled, I repeat, about a year ago: Laurent Gbagbo versus the new world order (The paths of freedom Part I).


2.2- September 14, 2001 - Camp David - Maryland - USA


The meeting being held that day was of utmost importance because the time to implement the plan initially prepared that had just led to the triggering factor that is, the attacks of September 11, 2001 is running out. I say triggering factor because all this gruesome drama was conceived and planned by CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) with the support of FBI (Federal Bureau of investigation), of Military Intelligence 6 (Mi6) and the Mossad (the national intelligence agency of Israel) at the orders of the illuminati, their masters and masterminds; this, under the mandate of George W. Bush, a valet with the title of president of United States of America.


Let me explain to you: the conquest of the Eurasian and African zones is the strategic objective of the illuminati for almost 40 years. But faced with all these objectives, three major obstacles stand before them today:


- China, which acquires slowly but surely a not inconsiderable part of the world economic cake, that is oil, gas, high-tech, uranium and other natural resources.

- The BRICS (Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa) which become an antagonistic disturbing block aimed at swaying their unchallenged power of domination.

- The impressive comeback of Russia under the leadership of Vladimir Putin, this former Lieutenant-colonel of the ex-KGB of St Petersburg's office, who, with great feat, managed cunningly and resolutely, to restore Russia's grandeur beyond the antecedent.


This history which the world lives today began under the Carter administration which ruled the United States from 1977 to 1981. In his wake there was then a certain (make sure you remember this name) Zbigniew Brzezinski, the henchman of the American politics and a terrible devilish conspirator. He is the malicious genius who has inspired the main and worse methods that has served the Illuminati interests from the time of Jimmy Carter to that of Barack Obama. Since the end of the cold war, people of the world thought that they had finally reached peace. Absolutely not! Peace is not the intention of these people. No war, no arms sales and therefore no money according to them. Not to mention that competitor countries could emerge to counter their harmful power. The one who appeared later, happens to be China, which, although it is endowed with an efficient military power, chose the "win-win" partnership with the southern countries: The nightmare for the illuminati.


I mentioned above that illuminati met at Camp David on September 14th, 2001, three (3) days after the "terrorist attacks" in New York and Washington which caused the death of about three thousand (3,000) people. But this part of the story (September 11th, 2001) was set up during William "Bill" Jefferson Clinton's term in office, without the knowledge of the world and to the American people "lulled" by the temporary economic health of the country, which was done on purpose. Meanwhile, CIA was finalising the preparation of the "terrorism" which had to be carried out under George W. Bush's term, imposed on the Americans.


As I always said, the manipulation of the people is the favourite game of the illuminati in their march towards the total domination of the world. Everything speeded up since the cold war where the fight against Soviet Union was in full swing. Mr. Zbigniew Brzezinski who was the National Security Adviser under Jimmy Carter, is the instigator of the trap set for the then Soviet Union by threatening the Afghan regime of dismissal via a rebellion maintained and sneakily supported militarily by Washington. The Soviet Union seeing that its private preserve was threatened, began to invade Afghanistan on December 27th, 1979, falling in this way into the trap of CIA which could now activate "the Operation Cyclone" with the Mujahideen against the "infidel" Soviet.


After a prolonged war, the Soviets are defeated. The purpose of all this, beyond the media hype which covered this war, the tactics of the illuminati with their most influential members in the machinery of the U.S. administration, such as the lugubrious Zbigniew Brzezinski, were the following: firstly: To implement the "visionary" plan, the choice of Afghanistan as "laboratory" for the experimental development of the coming Great War in the East, the Pashtun country representing the ideal ground. To recruit idle people from various most deprived Arab countries was the first task. That accomplished, some corrupt but very influential religious "guides" entrusted to manipulate them is co-opted by Saudi Arabia. These "guides" such as Abdul Rasul Sayyaf and Pir Sayyed Ahmad Gailani are giving the responsibility of indoctrinating the recruits to make the "Jihad" in Afghanistan against the "infidel Soviet". In the background, the CIA undertook a huge drug trafficking, that is heroin, produced from poppy, cultivated on a very large scale from Pakistan to Afghanistan in an area very suitable and appropriate for growing that crop.


During that war, American CIA produced 60% of the world's heroin. This dirty money will first be used to finance the mujahideen fighters and then refinance these jihadists later renamed … Al-Qaeda, that is, The Base in Arabic language. Yes, dear friends, Al Qaeda is a pure product of the CIA, Mi6 and Mossad, fearsome weapons of the illuminati. Then, it was necessary to prepare the ground for the continuity of the "program". After the end of Soviet Union, it was time to move forward, that is to (re) conquer Eurasia and Africa. China seeing the Soviet defeat, although not in the Soviet Union's good graces at the time, understood that she could be the next target to be destabilized. China which is therefore vigilant, steps up its efforts to conquer the economy wherever it is necessary to slow down the American greediness held by their enemies. The market chosen by China turns out to be the world of tomorrow with which one will have to trade on the basis of win-win policy if one want to stabilize its economy without having one day to face a nationalist revolution. This market, I say, proves to be Africa. China understands that with this one, she will have much to gain in the long term without compromising the interests of the native people. The conflicts are thus avoided in the interest of all, although …


Once Al-Qaeda was created, the test phase was the conflict in Kosovo where one had to go and support the Muslim Brotherhood with the paternal support of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Conflict that ended in the NATO's bombing which cruelly put an end to the war, splitting up therefore the entire region into autonomous territories under US control, thus under the control of the illuminati. But the most important is materialized. Al-Qaeda is effective but has not got a great deal of media attention yet.


The second test was the attack of the US embassy in Kenya on August 7th, 1998 in Nairobi and then in Dar es Salaam, in Tanzania. For the illuminati, the result is "satisfactory": 213 dead in Nairobi and 11 in Tanzania. "The Base" (that is Al-Qaeda in Arabic) is from now on operational and can be exploited by media for the cause. In Washington, Tel Aviv and London, they went wild with joy, they were delighted because the Plan works as expected and the poor blokes jihadists are completely fooled, they who are manipulated by "Islamic guides" in the service of the holders of the western financial power through the petrodollars. That is, the lackeys such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other monarchies or sultanates of the golf.


Bill Clinton, democrat, was "elected" to calm and make people forget the periods of Reagan and Bush's father marked by conflicts and wars that could not go unnoticed by the public which starts wondering. But in reality what the world ignores, is that the Democratic terms in the United States are used for preparing the future wars according to the illuminati plans. The democrats are used as "sleeping drugs" for the populations which, naively believe in a lull, without imagining a single moment that these periods are used as Incubators for hatching more deadly conflicts during the Republican mandates. The most dangerous are the Democrats, creators of Al-Qaeda which will later be used to justify the wars that the world experiences today.


As the Kosovo war having turned out to be a conclusive experiment, a member of the family Bin Laden, the famous Osama is confirmed to play the role of the leader of the "jihad". A well-oiled frame-up which showing him adjusting a Kalashnikov on a shooting range surrounded by hooded acrobats carried out military manoeuvres intended to inspire videotapes. Then publish them later by the media in the service of the Cia. Falsehood, blown up by the media-lies (CNN, BBC, Al-Jazeera, France24 etc.) to brainwash people who in return will be delighted at the war against the "evil" terrorist. Poor devils who ignore that terrorists are their own governments which play with their intelligence. Because what the world did not know, is that this Bin Laden who suffered from a kidney failure, was being treated whenever necessary in Dubai in a private clinic belonging to Dr Terry Callaway. There, Osama used to have visits from the CIA bureau chief Larry Mitchell. Bin Laden did not die in 2011 but well before. His death announced by the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Bénazir Butho in 2007 during a televised interview cost her her life to preserve that lucrative business, that is Al-Qaeda, which is used by the illuminati to justify their wars.


So let us come back to the attacks. Before September 11th, that is from 10 March to the end of June 2001, some shady individuals working for the Cia but who were not identified in the archives of Langley (site of the headquarters for Cia in Virginia), scattered meticulously particles of explosives in all the secret places of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre. Other suspicious people took possession of the tower 7 which housed a committee of the Cia. It is in this building that were the detonators which caused the demolition of the Twin Towers.


The manipulators of these lethal weapons did not know that the building from where they caused the collapse of the aforementioned towers was also riddled with the same explosive particles by other agents of the Cia without their knowledge. Once the Twin Towers collapsed, other detonators were activated, so liquidating them and their macabre diabolic equipment, to wipe out any compromising trace during the investigations. Take a good look at the videos of September 11th, 2001 "to appreciate" the show.


Long before the "airliners" of the flights AA11, UA175, AA77 and UA93 crashed into the New York buildings, arrangements are then made to take away any interceptor (fighters F16) on the day of the "attacks". But what you need to know is that 8 years earlier, three aircraft of type airliner identical to the classic aircraft were built in secret. They were unmanned and equipped with remote control as drones with a technology developed unbeknownst to all. The day of the attack, all the real passengers of the incriminated planes were simply hijacked from their itineraries to be executed and cleaned by chemical procedures in places kept secret by Cia.


The shock caused by the attacks "against" the Americans was used effectively to justify the invasion of Iraq following the "grave" sin of Saddam Hussein, that is, to decide to make in the near future, the financial transactions of oil in euro in lieu of Dollar, which is the currency-tool of the illuminati. This politics as advocated by Saddam Hussein was going to destroy the dollar, which was and is still the commercial currency of oil trade. This is seen by his enemies as a threat. Worse than the weapons of mass destruction or the chemical weapons mentioned by their agents in power in the United States (George Bush son) as arguments for invading Iraq and its oil. Thus saving the dollar.


The day of the practical decision of the invasion in Iraq happens to be September 14th, 2001 at Camp David. You know the rest. But this is only a tiny element of the big game of the illuminati which September 11th was used as a trigger to justify what is going on. Multiply the adjustments of the geostrategic zones in Iraq and in Afghanistan to counter China and Russia in order to favour the progress towards the New World Order. That is for the first phase of the diabolic plan in preparation.


2.3- Libya


The Illuminati through the Republican or Democratic American regimes (it does not matter, it is the same oligarchy) were using their position in Libya in the time of king Idriss to keep a close eye on Arab North Africa, thus the Arabic line from Africa to the Middle East stuffed with oil. Then somebody comes to disrupt the established order. An army colonel of the kingdom of Libya seizes the power by a coup d'état by overthrowing the monarchical regime in 1969. He does not stop there, but dismantles the American military presence and installs a revolution. Colonel Mouammar Al Kadhafi is his name. All this occult world is surprised by "the intruder". Muammar Gaddafi comes to power and begins to extol the Arab revolution against the "ungodly" West, which corrupts the real sense of human dignity. Indeed, in the time of king Idriss, the Libyan did not enjoy the wealth of the country, which was under US "trusteeship".


Gaddafi and his men begin reverse the socio-economic situation in favour of the people. All those who have been or who have lived a moment in Libya know that the Libyans were living happily and peacefully with the system of Djammaryha of which Gaddafi was guide. With the coming of Gaddafi, It was firstly fundamental social and then economic reforms, for the benefit of the people, that is: health, study, property, a whole first level social life kit rarely equalled in the world. Indeed, the Gaddafi regime was what one calls, to be in the service of the people. It became important for us Westerners to react quickly to end this "dictatorial" reign which might be emulated in the Arab world full of oil, vital to the world high finance which is one of the major bases of economic speculation; since with oil and gas, the illuminati hold the world. For the time being.


Later I would explain why. The Libyans lived fully and passionately the revolution, and that limited or minimized the western infiltration to divide and manipulate a part of the people against their regime. All attempts against the Libyan Djammarya failed. The Libyan intelligence agency strongly supported by the Committees of Revolution was extremely efficient against the West which suffered to see this system being strengthened. The attempts of colonel Kadhafi to create with the Union of the Arab Republics a Pan-Arab institution including at first Syria, Egypt and Sudan with the objective to unite all the Arab nations to lock up the western system fail in the years 1970. The Illuminati, aware of the danger, did their utmost to manipulate and intimidate the regimes and the monarchies in the Arab world to prevent this dangerous project from being carried out for their interests. They succeeded. Gaddafi is disappointed by the attitude of the Arab partners but does not give up and turns henceforth towards Black Africa with the objective of succeeding in setting up an African continental revolution and meeting the needs of popular masses of Africa which began to consider being masters of their own fates. He finds in Thomas Sankara a key ally to carry out successfully the task of countering the American imperialism.


African youth at that time see in this young visionary captain, a hero. Thomas Sankara proves that one can achieve better results if, and only if one really get down to work by reducing the foreign contributions of the Fmi and the World Bank. Burkina Faso under Sankara demonstrates in front of the world his ability to produce wheat and other crops in abundance. The gesture of Sankara which definitively convinces Gaddafi is the fierce battle against the Debts granted by the so-called foreign partners, that is the international financial institutions in the service of the illuminati. Unfortunately, the chadian conflict at that time, set them at odds. Gaddafi and Sankara had divergent points of view concerning this crisis. The anti-imperialist resistance of Gaddafi exasperated the illuminati so much so that they asked the Reagan regime to teach him a lesson. That was done on April 15th, 1986 because president Ronald Reagan crosses the Rubicon with the operation El Dorado Canyon by bombing directly Libya with the fighter-bombers of types F 111F, but all was in vain. Gaddafi became more and more popular in the Arab world from which he became a hero and the defender of his dignity denied by the "great satan", the United States of America.


Gaddafi was at the head of an oil-producing country. If all the Arab oil-producing countries start a revolution like him, just imagine what will happen. The Illuminati slept with one eye open. In addition to all that, he prompts the African states to the African Monetary Fund so that Africa no longer undergoes the whims of the criminal IMF (International Monetary Fund) which impoverishes them. But what will be the cause of the loss of Kahdhafi following the war that the high finance illuminati wage on him to "eclipse" him from the geopolitical scene is as follows: He too plans to put an end to the oil transactions in dollar to migrate to the transactions in Gold dinar. He had just signed his death warrant and the decision to be done with libyan Jahmmarya was taken the same day of September 14th, 2001 at Camp David. It is also at this date of September 14th, 2001 that the decision to reorganize the Arab area to counter China and Russia was definitively taken.


To numb and upset the Arab opinions of Africa, it was decided to prepare and use a soporific cure to change the political order which would sweep the entire Maghreb area aside. This by counting on "sure" secular arms such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, asked to finance and arm if necessary the Muslim Brotherhood (movement created in 1930). American intelligence agency (Cia), British intelligence agency (Mi6), French intelligence agency (Dgse) and Israeli intelligence agency (Mossad) jointly set to the task to prepare with many financial means infiltrations in countries chosen to apply what will become the Arab Spring fronted by the Muslim Brotherhood secretly hijacked by the monarchies of the Gulf but masterminded in the shadows by the illuminati.


It is necessary "to sweep" the old regimes in the Arab zone including those who have always served them as Ben Ali from Tunisia and Hosni Mubarak from Egypt. Without any qualms, one had to sacrifice the friendly regimes to delude and deceive everybody. The main targets of all these movements were: Libya, Syria, Iran and to some extent Ivory Coast, future oil giant which took the liberty of putting in power a sovereignist named Gbagbo. A man that we, agents of shadow and even with my former masters, the illuminati, did not plan on the international scene.


In Libya, the renegades and the Arab recruits that we convoyed secretly infiltrate the country and settle at the beginning of January 2011 in Benghazi, under the supervision of my former colleagues from the French, English and Israeli secret services while waiting patiently for developments of the events in Tunisia. This in order to see and appreciate the results of the plot "Arab Spring" long prepared of which the experimental phase was awaited. In Tunisia, the renegades supervised by the same intelligence agencies and other Arab nationals infiltrated with the support of the Gulf monarchies (Saudi Arabia and Qatar) start the "revolution". And this is the fall of Ben Ali, an ally of the Westerners who was so used as a guinea pig to cover their tracks.


The cables that reach us let us know that Washington, Paris, London and Tel Aviv are overwhelmed with joy, because our test has just turned out conclusive. On 15 February 2011, our dormant cells "our so-called opponents" "revolt" in Benghazi and highly publicized by the Media-lies such as: BBC, CNN, France24, Africa24, Al-Jazeera, Al-Arabya, Rfi, Voice of America (VOA), Radio Canada, i-Télé etc. To spice everything, the snipers of the DGSE (The General Directorate for External Security) and the Mi6 (Secret Intelligence Service) fire on the crowd which was not so numerous as wanted to create emotion and justify the condemnations worldwide. This led to a resolution of the UN and give rise to the deployment of the western armed forces against the libyan Jammahrya which is surprised by the speed of the events. Gaddafi realizes that he was conned and trapped by his erstwhile enemies who provoked the diplomatic rapprochement which misled him and pushed him to be lulled into a false sense of security and then surprised him. It is Nicolas Sarkozy who was in charge of doing the job, by receiving Gaddafi at the Élysée palace to make him definitively accept that there were no more hostilities between Libya and the West.


It was the political and fatal soporific which had just made its effect. Following the first bombings of Libya, following the media hype of the western channels, crowds of journalists land in Tripoli. Among these journalists, there were more secret agents (spies) than real press agents. These journalists had in their belongings, tags that they placed in sensitive areas to facilitate the NATO bombings with a surgical precision. Gaddafi caught in a hellish trap takes refuge in Sirte to re-orientate his fight but in vain. He was killed on the order of the illuminati and on Nicolas Sarkozy's proposal who did not want the proofs of the financing of his campaign for the French presidential elections to be spread out in public.


But what Sarkozy did not know is that his masters had decided to punish him for not having murdered Laurent Gbagbo as planned. The illuminati machine thus allows Hollande to win the elections. In the heat of the action during the war in Libya, Gaddafi calls on all the people of the Maghreb to come and fight the Western invaders. It was the Tuaregs of northern Mali that came massively but were quickly approached by the secret services in order to enable them to gain the autonomy on northern Mali. In fact, the Westerners had planned long ago to reshape the north of Maghreb then go down to the south of Sahara. The arrival of the Tuareg in Libya offered them a golden opportunity.


Given the weapons freshly obtained, the Tuareg who have long desired to be independent jumped at the opportunity. Therefore, the Tuareg on their return and supervised by the shadow services, engage in war against the southern Mali. When the defeat of Malian soldiers was proven, the jihadists of Qatar came into play. I inform you that these are the jihadists (stemming from the US product called Al-Qaeda) that were, in the original plan prepared since 2001, to infiltrate Mali in the north, recruiting the young Tuareg with sufficient means to create a rebellion that would move towards Bamako. The war against Gaddafi sped things up. The reinforcements that came to support the Libyan leader were godsend for us. Once the jihadists Qatar were involved, the media of the NATO began to thunderously amplify the phenomenon AQIM (Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb) in order to increase fear in Mali, which is thus in a bad shape. It was then that the young captain Sanogo seizes power and protests against the dignity of Mali which is being violated by the West.


Suddenly, the Malian people realize that they have just unwittingly backed up their worst enemy in the sub-region, that is Alassane Ouattara. Besides his appointment to power in Ivory Coast, the other task was to put Alassane Ouattara in charge of the ECOWAS. With the war in Mali, he was to facilitate the tutelage of this country which has strategic resources such as gold, oil and uranium in abundance. It is in May 2012, just after his election, at the G8 meeting at Camp David and at the NATO Summit in Chicago that order was given to François Hollande to withdraw from Afghanistan and go on mission to Mali on behalf of the international community and the western high finance illuminati. Not only that, know that it is especially to keep a close eye on Ivory Coast, the scene of conflicting economic destinies. A battle that looks merciless.


Now having manipulated and frightened the African opinion with the deceitful phenomenon named AQIM, the OK is given to France who went to war to eradicate her "jihadists". The ignorant who serve as war cattle, believing to work for the "Islamic" cause with the blessing of Qatar corrupted, at the service of the west. Regrettably, the wealth of Mali thus escapes the Malians who have been abused and scammed.


To crown it all, they have just validated their tutelage by fooled elections serving the western interests. I think again with sadness about the enjoyments of the Malian populations welcoming blissfully with singing and little spherical bells, the French troops landing on their territory. The poor people, yes the poor people who receive their executioners with smiles and dances, naively throwing themselves in the "prison" of the international community, which, as a vampire, gets ready to suck them dry. That is what concerns Mali.


On the other hand, this war in Mali under the command of François Hollande had as another major target to invade the neighbouring Algeria where the African satellite Rascom is built. A jihadist commando headed by Mokhtar Belmokhtar, a fake Muslim guide recruited by Saudi Arabia and Qatar at the service of the CIA for the cause, infiltrates the country and takes possession of the refinery Amenas with hostage taking. As expected, the western media then began to broadcast with much noise that AQIM was moving into the area to spread chaos. NATO is preparing to land to curb the "evil" Al-Qaeda. But Algeria which obtained its independence by crushing the French army, which knew that the jihadists in Mali were only a hoax, was not sidetracked. The Special Intervention Group (SIG) of the Algerian security services reacted vigorously to get rid of hostage takers in spite of collateral effects (22 hostages dead and 54 jihadists neutralized and killed).


Washington and London, understanding that their plan failed then begin to vociferate and condemn the Algerian military intervention which, according to them, put lives in danger. The Algerian government does not listen to them and sends in addition to this liberation, 5000 men to secure the area. If France wants to "free" Mali, let her do so and remains in Mali but not in Algeria, according to the comments at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. NATO suspends its operation of landing in the Sahara, but does not give up and is still waiting for another opportunity. As for Algeria, she remains watchful with her army ready to fight for her sovereignty.


The refinery of In Amenas has been a strategic choice of the westerners, because nationals of multiple European and Asian countries work there. These multiple nationalities were useful to justify an international military intervention, that is of the NATO. The illuminati overlooked a fact: Algeria is not Mali because they have a culture of a warned fighting country which cannot be duped so easily. Also, Algeria is not Ivory Coast where to disturb and weaken the Fds-Ci soldiers and arrest Laurent Gbagbo, they spoke of saving the Japanese ambassador who was in "danger".


2.4- Syria


Since taking power following the death of Hafez el-Assad, the young Bachar that nobody expected is in power in order to manage the heavy political inheritance left by his parent since July 10, 2000 by referendum. For the general public, it is necessary to underline that Syria is the last bastion of the Arabic secularism where the Muslim, Christian and Druze religious communities live in perfect harmony sharing everything, where cultural exchanges are brotherly done in all fraternity. Although the country did not live the democracy such as advocated by the enthusiasts of the kind, the country had no difficulty socially except for the Muslim brothers, a small group of fundamentalists that remained the enemy of the regime with some followers who are against the Syrian power. On the evening of September 15, 2001, the leader of the Idarat Al-Mukhabarat Al-Ama, the Syrian state secret service, receives in secret a man of the Palestinian services. The latter who came from the Gaza Strip handed him a document revealing the decision of Camp David as for the future wars in preparation to reshape the Middle Eastern geopolitical space and place it under the total control of Washington, on behalf of the illuminati.


That same night, the first adviser of the Russian embassy in Damascus is briefed with first-hand information. He felt relieved by this confirmation because the last Russian diplomatic cables coming from the United States, suspected something not clear in the September 11 attacks and this secret meeting at Camp David confirms the trick. The same night the Chinese Embassy in Damascus, after receipt of the cable, informs Beijing. All the securocrats of the Syrian regime are summoned and informed about the situation as well as the Iranian ambassador in Damascus. So, westerners never change. But go as far as killing their own nationals to justify wars? It had to be done.


The only unknown factor was the date of the American attack and how. The Syrian military advisers propose the resumption of the military operations of high intensity and the purchase of military intercontinental war materials. The experience of the army following the war of Lebanon will accomplish the rest. So for the night of 15 September 2001, Syria with her army of about 400.000 men, prepared the war against the western enemies. The invasion of Iraq confirms the suspicions as for the deadly policy of the United States. The delivery of advanced equipment to Syria intensified as well as the training with the supervision of Russian and Chinese military advisers. Time goes by and it is "dead calm", there is no aggression but one is kept focused, considering that the Americans get bogged down in Iraq, the neighbouring country. How were the Americans going to proceed against Syria? Against Iraq it was the lie on chemical weapons (argument later used against Syria). Against Syria, the argument was pursued but, nothing. President Bachar El-Assad then thinks that the failure of the Americans in Iraq would cause the imperialist war project of the United States against his country to fail.


This is when the Syrian-Russian gas pipeline project (the largest in the world) becomes more active, but in parallel the Syrian President prepares political reforms to strengthen democracy in his country because for him, "democracy" (it is known) was likely to be an argument of aggression by the Americans. This project of the Syrian gas pipeline is to be protected because it will make Syria an influential country economically. This will boost Washington's decisions to accelerate the process of aggression of Syria, considering that the war by proxy later on in Libya has proved profitable and less expensive in human life on the side of marine and Gi's. Training camps financed by the Cia are then built in Turkey and in Jordan with the blessing of their governments from December 2010 to welcome the "jihadists" recruited by the Emir of Qatar and king of Saudi Arabia. Criminals Emir and king at the service of the evil and not of Islam, the real, social and free from any United States and western demonic influence.


This was done subtly, beyond the ordinary human eyes. Intensive trainings of renegades wrongly called "jihadists" were done in order to rally the populations of the parts of the country to invade and carry the deadly sword to the Baasiste regime of Damascus. The latter who commits the "crime" of dealing with the new powers such as China and Russia which seem to offer better business benefits to their partners, unlike a West crook and contemptuous. Our jihadist system of infiltration arrived just in time, the "social and political demands" start on March 15, 2011 to Déraa. Taking advantage of the deployment of the security agents in the country, snipers (again and again) of the western secret services shoot at the crowd to provoke bitterness and condemnation of the international community in order to achieve the Ivorian and Libyan schemes styles, to justify an intervention of the NATO, the criminal army of illuminati.


In Damascus, the regime reuniting the securocrats, notes: Washington has decided to lie against Syria in their usual ways. Two trends stand out at the highest level of the state: those who propose an immediate counter-attack against those who suggest letting in the enemies in large numbers and destroying them methodically, them, their equipment and their human resources that is the jihadist fighters. According to my information, the debate went on for hours and hours. President Assad then decides to settle with the following: let the events unfold in order to make sense of military, political and diplomatic strategies of the enemies. This can result in the cost in lives and infrastructures, but the most importing is to finally save the sovereignty and the dignity of the Syrian people without political compromises. How far did the Americans want to arrive after their dirty jobs in Africa, such was the method chosen by the Syrian regime to counterattack.


23 March 2011, second "popular" demonstration in Deraa, poorly followed but victims fall under the bullets of the snipers ambushed and protected by the agents of the CIA and the French DGSE, not forgetting the British Mi6, in short! The criminal trio operating under the coordination of the US ambassador to Damascus, Robert Ford, one of the best students of John Negroponte, a specialist in destabilization. Jihadists from Jordan, Turkey and Qatar infiltrate the country and receive weapons and ammunition by channels created by the CIA, that means underground tunnels and other mobile means. Damascus is informed but let go in order to trap them.


April 10 in Banyas: demonstration poorly followed but coordinated by security forces, and again, the CIA snipers shoot at few demonstrators, creating a chaos that led to the death of 14 people including seven Syrian soldiers. President Assad remains calm vis-à-vis the questions of the military hierarchy partisan of the immediate confrontation against subversive. For the Syrian president, one question remains: how to expel traitors within the state apparatus? For despite immediate appearances, Bachar El Assad is by experience convinced that there will inevitably be. But who? What senior officers?


He chose patience by maintaining the minimum security. On April 14, a new government is formed and political prisoners are released to mitigate confusion that was being prepared. The next day April 15, 2011, the NGO Amnesty International, an instrument of the illuminati [just like the Red Cross, Human Rights Watch, USAID, International Crisis Group, NDI (National Democratic Institute), Reporters Without Borders, etc.] released a report denouncing the death of 200 people to dazzle the public. This time we were there, and President Assad then understands that the same practices that have proven successful elsewhere in demonization had just begun their saraband. To prove the Syrian president right, on April 27, 230 personalities, members of the party in power, resign noisily, thus betraying their country for bribes and promises of Qatar at the service of the illuminati.


As if that were not enough, the corrupt dissidents make a statement against their former comrade President, saying that the latter would massacre the "peaceful demonstrators"; a bonus that the westerners believed to hold against the Syrian regime and then prepare a binding resolution against Syria. China and Russia who saw the westerners coming, use without hesitation their vetoes at the UN to block western resolution. There is panic and anger in the European capitals and in Washington. The illuminati tremble and their agents within the media such as CNN, BBC, France24, Al-Jazeera, etc. begin to vomit their poisons against China and Russia which remain serene while continuing to deliver military equipment to the Syrian army.


A curious and misleading organization is then created and established in London, the British capital in order to fabricate lies to manipulate people against the regime of Damascus. This sinister organization is called the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), responsible for providing erroneous figures of the numbers of deaths in the military field of Syria. As for President Assad, he remains focused on what to do. The kick-off had just been given. In the anger of this first failure, the European Union sanctions the Syrian regime and the key members by freezing their assets and prohibiting their right of stay on the old continent. Thus mercenaries that infiltrated the country start committing murders and other disorders in various cities. The Syrian Arabic army officially engaged in war against the jihadists' armed gangs.


The response is fatal, the jihadists fall like flies. There is panic in the west owing to the defeat of their mercenaries in Syria. It was then that on February 12, Koffi Annan is chosen to allow a ceasefire to achieve a peaceful and political solution (in fact it was to get their breath back and rearm the jihadists). On Marcp4, Russia affirms its support for the Annan's plan. But nothing was done because the Syrian people, well-informed, understand over time that westerners are their enemies, and that they are the financiers of the Syrian rebels (very little) and the foreign mercenaries (the majority). These ones were recruited and stemmed from the Mujahideen of the CIA who fought in Afghanistan and associated with the Muslim brotherhood. The illuminati committed fatal errors in their frightened haste in front of the military and commercial power of Russia and China.


The first mistake was to believe that the brainwashing methods would remain productive all the time. On May 25, 2012, a massacre is committed in Houla and creates a media outcry all over the world to justify NATO intervention. France, the United States, Germany, Spain, Italy, Canada expel Syrian diplomats. The UN sends a delegation led by Norwegian general Robert Mood in Syria to verify the facts before any sanction. General Mood then finds that the evidence in his possession exonerates the Syrian Arab army of Bachar El-Assad. But worse, he discovers that a third jihadist group created in secret by Saudi Arabia, Great Britain and the United States is the author of the aforementioned massacre. Ali Sayyed, an 11 year old child whose family was massacred escaped death that day thanks to his mother's blood that covered his body. He then bears witness to the nature of the killers of Houla. This evidence demonstrates the guilt of this 3rd group. General Mood is stuck and declares that the evidence of the massacre is unclear.


Koffi Annan, seeing the outcome of the events, resigns. In Washington, Paris and London, the anger is great after this umpteenth failure against Syria, but they are content with the continuation of the armament of the jihadists. To help these jihadists, the Westerners set up a puppet movement called "friends of the Syrian people" to give a more serious pledge to their destabilizing actions with the participation of a plethoric number of vassal states. Despite this scheme, the determination of Bachar El-Assad does not weaken, on the contrary. And this, in spite of the attack of July 17, 2012 which affects the heart of the Syrian defence system, killing the defence minister, the leader of the crisis unit and the president's brother in law. It should be noted that this attack was activated from the United States embassy in Damascus. But the Syrian government stands firm and continues unabated in eradicating the terrorist vermin.


The second mistake is to have underestimated the Syrian president. Today, the strong fear of the westerners in view of their economic downfall, cause them to act with precipitation. The CIA analysts then begin concocting a spectacular strategy which happens to be the threat of chemical weapons against the Syrian "people" by Assad. This, magnified by their usual media-lies with false images published excessively to tame popular opinions and masses. Thus, hoping to validate military strikes against the brave Syrian people and their army. This method is stupid enough, but they had to try it all same given the urgency, for their "djihad" or "Syrian opposition" are constantly being destroyed on all the battlefields. On August 21, 2013, while the UN experts arrive in Damascus, the "mainstream" media in the pay of the illuminati broadcast false videos showing the "massacres" with chemical weapons on the outskirts of Damascus. Chemical weapons used by rebels and provided by Turkey.


This is therefore the starting signal of war movements against Syria, on whom we want to impose the practices that have their effects in Ivory Coast (the deceitful massacre of women in Abobo and the crimes of Gaddafi against the demonstrators in Benghazi). It is the same trick based on the push to crime manipulator's lie that is practiced. But, as anecdote, I was struck by a fact during my last visit to Damascus, the impregnable citadel. A young soldier who went to the battlefield and who had just got married, answered his tearful young and beautiful wife who said to him, "I shall pray every day for you so that you return to me safe and sound". The young husband in tears also answers with an incredible wisdom: "Woman do not pray for me, but for Syria, our only real property whose fate will never be negotiated." Incredible! A young of barely 23 years old, who says things so filled with moral values.


The awakening of consciousness of the new generations is a strong guarantee for the geostrategic interests of their nations. Yes, times have changed. Definitely! Russia and China are on the lookout, ready to face warlike monsters from the western criminal policies who think they can do what they like. It is then that the G20 summit takes place in St Petersburg, a city where centuries earlier, Vladimir Putin lived as the man of KGB, at the time of the cold war. It is during the same summit that the illuminati understand that they are no longer the masters of the world.


Yes, it is there that they understood why the Russians are the greatest chess players of all times. While the summit is being held, the Russian warships (7 boats) and other submarines sail towards the Mediterranean. It is at the same moment that the computer geniuses of the army of Bachar El-Assad break the US military computer system, access it and appeal to the wisdom of their counterparts in the US army. The Pentagon is astonished; the CIA is stunned, not to mention the boss of the US espionage system, the Nsa.


Who is then this Bachar El-Assad who dared to do this? His Russian support does not stop the supplies of the most sophisticated weapons with this state-of-the-art computer system that allowed the Syrian audacity to access and defy the US. Not to mention that the Russian president said at the G20 meeting that if the western attack Syria, eh! Well, his country will provide Iran with the most powerful nuclear missile of all time. This missile is the SS-400 which no anti-missile can neutralize. Worse, it is capable of bringing down targets from the space. Vladimir Putin waited for this G20 moment to announce the "news" that created panic even to the top of the western secret services. This missile is the most dangerous in the world. In Washington, London, Paris and Tel Aviv, the tune is the same: Vladimir Putin is the heir of Machiavelli, the taciturn imp. The illuminati wanted to push things further because their decline is emerging more and more.


The tactician Russian president then shows them he is the new master of the game, he the man of St Petersburg. As if that were not enough, the western secret services discover for their misfortune, that China, Russia's right arm has released the ultimate drone: the BZK-005, more powerful and destructive than the Ms-1 Predator of the US army. The shock is eloquent and preventive. Vladimir Putin, aware of the fact that the western were deeply affected, "kind" as he is, then offers his enemies an "honourable" exit route with the proposal to seal the Syrian chemical weapons. As a dog leaping over a bone, the illuminati of Europe agree to disguise their defeat. Did the westerners know what was expecting them in Syria? They whose fighter bomber F22 Raptor plane was shot by the Syrian anti-aircraft force as well as 4 missiles Tomawawk deployed to test the Air Force of Bachar El-Assad. Nothing says that they will digest this humiliation.


The Czar of Moscow has just wrong-footed them with, I repeat, his proposal to put Syria's chemical weapons arsenal under the UN control. Will the illuminati admit defeat? One thing is certain, since "The Bay of Pigs" in Cuba, the illuminati have experienced no such defeat. Without forgetting the fall of their henchman, Mohamed Morsi, that they had placed in power in Egypt to help encircle Syria. Mohamed Morsi is an agent of the CIA under the orders of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, themselves at the service of Washington. The Egyptian people, who understood the trick, stood up to end the "dream of the Arab Spring" of Muslim brothers in the pay of the illuminati. Will the latter settle down and let poverty invade them? Wait and see!


To you brave Syrian people who did not allow yourself to be deceived by the western lies which use your own brothers from the other Arab countries (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan ...) against your destiny, I say to you Bravo! You continue to resist to preserve your independence and your sovereignty against the makers of poverty that are the IMF-World Bank, the US and their underling that include France, Great Britain, Turkey, the European Union, Canada, Israel … Again bravo for this lesson of courage without compromise!


2.5- The Ivory Coast


I am not going to repeat what I told you briefly in my previous post, but I will explain to you some more important details. We Westerners have never taken seriously the African intellectual abilities, for we used to say: Africans are lazy, they are indeed intelligent but they excel at mendicity and at "whites" assistance to live. But truly, it is quite different, and pay attention to what follows.


During the military battle which began on February 15th, 2011 on the West of your country, the ritual purpose of these fights was to produce on one hand a maximum of deaths for the macabre interest of the illuminati, in order to consolidate their influence on Ivory Coast by a satanic occult alliance which had a precise time limit. Gbagbo avoided it, we do not know how, and made this deadline obsolete. This country is the economic powerhouse of the vast West African area which brings back thousands of billions monthly and annually to France and to western criminal high finance.


In its joint and criminal action, the European Union enforces an embargo on medicine, which will also have to produce its macabre number of deaths due to the lacks of proper care. This contributed on the other hand to the bodies' count that the aforementioned illuminati needed for their rituals. In this regard, the Aké government under Gbagbo was trying to find a formula which, if successful, would make the western high finance lose billions and billions of dollars. That plan aimed to revolutionize considerably the African modern medicine, which had been put for long on the back burner by the World Health Organization, which belongs to the same illuminati. As if all that were not enough, the Aké government demonstrates to the African and to the Westerners that intelligence is universal. This, by circumventing the trap of banks closure with Ivorian computer geniuses who were determined to defeat "the intelligence" of the whites who thought they were better.


Something never heard of in Black Africa. Negroes who take the liberty of thwarting the European with genius, it was simply unimaginable. In the western capitals, the diplomatic cables were panic-stricken, almost unanimous; they were set on one thing: Laurent Gbagbo must fall, dead or alive, but especially dead because he had just broken the taboo by exposing the lie of the supposed intellectual superiority of the whites. Since that day, I began to see and understand that this Gbagbo is the politics of darkness for the illuminati, but the politics of light for Africa.


I was fighting him on behalf of my former masters but his qualities as a man commanded respect towards him even though I had no feelings for him. The day of his arrest when our eyes met at "Hotel du Golf", I later isolated myself around the lagoon to search for answers to what I saw in his eyes which expressed rather victory and not defeat. But what was it then? It was February 28th, 2013 following his intervention at the International Criminal Court (ICC) that I began to have the beginnings of a reply that I will not totally explain here, but maybe at another time. But what is certain is that his survival after the bombing of his residence, caused the fall of Nicolas Sarkozy and Abdoulaye Wade according to the diplomatic cables which I have. Gbagbo had to die in order to avoid the political awakening of Africans, which is in progress since this man is held in The Hague.


The Africans renewed confidence in themselves was the worst to avoid. The dull rumbling which is running through Africa at the moment is the fact that one must get rid of the assistance of the IMF-World Bank to build a strong African economic system with as potential partner, the BRICS, the other side of this new bipolar world. The Ouattara's regime is incapable of imposing itself on the Ivorians to create an ECOWAS state in order to carry out a redistribution of lands for the benefit of the foreigners with so-called strong arms on behalf of the international chocolate makers. But the big question is this: according to the diplomatic cables which are going around, the mentality of the Ivorians has not been conquered up to now despite the imprisonments, arrests and tortures of the Ouattara's regime which is incapable of governing due to the lack of vision. Given that the slogan of the emergence on the horizon 2020 does not work anymore, only the slogan which earned him massive support of the people of the North is all he has left. That is, the religious tribalism.


Seeing that even in his camp, more and more people are disappointed, he has to distribute on a large scale the Ivorian nationality as his masters of IMF-World Bank recommends, not only to remain in power, but also to gradually eradicate the natives of the Ivory Coast. This will lead to a submissive West African nation working for the luciferian illuminati. That is the secret plan under way dear friends. It is up to you to let it happen or to manage to turn the situation round in your favour with dignity, firmness, intelligence and combativeness. These illuminati know that one cannot overcome people who resists in the long term and without respite. To finish, I will give you a very important revelation. During a recent meeting of high-ranking illuminati held recently, Mr Zbigniew Brzezinski (I warned you) took the floor and said (I translate):


2.5.1- Things are getting complicated for our interests


NB. This is the translation of the french text. "Dear friends, things are getting complicated for our interests and we must act fast. There is more and more awakening of popular masses worldwide, and it thwarts all our plans conceived with so much means to arrive at the New World Order as our illustrious predecessors (Rockfeller, Roschilds, Wishaup...) wished. We are losing control of the large central Asia because we have underestimated by pride China and Russia of Vladimir Putin. Not to mention Venezuela of which our services contributed to Hugo Chavez's death, Chile, Brazil, Ecuador, India and their emerging satellites. Syria does not stop surprising us by its capacity of resistance against our geostrategic interests. If we do nothing, the people whom we lead will realize our true nature and all that we built will collapse and I would not give much for our chances of survival.


On the other hand I am going to raise an important point: our interests in Africa and particularly in West Africa with the Gulf of Guinea rich in hydrocarbon might also be complicated. We thought that with the deportation of the political leader of Ivory Coast in The Hague, things would work out with our man whom we expensively placed at the head of this country. But today, things seem to be more difficult because our man in power there is a weak political leader and he lacks charisma. Until this day, he has failed to overcome the state of mind of the Sovereignists either free, in prison or in exile, in short, the natives. Because of his clumsiness he has just lost the one (Koné Katinan) who was a key actor of the economic victory during the banking crisis in year 2011. The Ghanaian justice has just set him free. This kind of thing is not good for our interests.


Given that we are preparing the repopulation of Ivory Coast with the strong arms coming from the sub-region West-African, our services suspect the Ivory Coast Sovereignists of preparing a revolution. Although France and its army in Ivory Coast keeps a close watch with the strategic support of UNOCI (United Nations Operation in Côte d'Ivoire), we have to find a solution please, because if Africa also get down to it, where shall we go? I therefore propose a solution of moral and political corruption that will be taken care of by our services on the spot under the French benevolence, to re-elect our pawn during the elections in 2015, even if he remains a puny head of state. Besides, our Russian and Chinese enemies continue moving forward and this until Guinea Conakry with a very rich soil. We must act to prevent it from falling into their hands."


Dear friends, the rest of this intervention concerns the other areas of the world. I am going to stop at this point of the intervention of this lugubrious man who has caused quite a lot of damages in the world by his diabolic influence. So, during almost 3 years, the illuminati have failed to overcome, as they admit themselves, the Ivorian Sovereignists whether free, in prison or in exile. The great powers are weak in front of a moral, political and military resistance in the long term. In this regard, the Ivorian Sovereignists have shown an incredible capacity of resistance that scares the West. It was to turn the situation round in their favour and damp down any revolution whether civil or other, that it was allowed to free on the eve of the national day, the leaders of the party of Laurent Gbagbo. Objective: to lead the Sovereignists to soften by the emotion of reunion, and then lower their guard.


This will gradually allow the invasion of the country by the masses West-African which have to become in the long term owners of the Ivorian lands while playing a central role in the political decisions of the country. Here is the plan such as concocted by the shadow services of the illuminati. The bigwigs of Fpi who are released, will believe in a return to grace into the political arena. Please sirs, do not let yourself be intoxicated by this vicious freedom. Because what is afoot against your country is more awful than you can imagine. If you think that it is simply by politics that you will safeguard the sovereignty of your nation, then consider yourself as living on borrowed time. It is up to you to judge. Make your choice: your nation or your person. The blending at this level is not permitted. But the question which must now be asked is the following: are you aware of the political stake which is incumbent upon you?


Did you understand the vision of your leader deported to The Hague? He, the first African head of State who forced the international high finance in Mars 2011 to kneel down, without forgetting his military victory over the throngs of mercenaries recruited in all the West-African zones and the french and UN soldiers whose bodies were thrown off the Atlantic Ocean. I am going to tell you that he, Laurent Gbagbo is still in action in the International Criminal Court (ICC) and that thanks to him, this illuminati organization is becoming the shadow of its former self to the point of obtaining the withdrawal of Kenya and other countries from this lugubrious institution.


I still remember. Yes, I remember when Laurent Gbagbo, during his swearing-in on December 4, 2010, made a speech that terrified the international community. He said that the sovereignty of your nation is non-negotiable and that a country which loses its sovereignty loses control of everything and then becomes a vassal (an enslaved) country. Besides, during the same swearing-in, he called up the Ivorians to be the guardians of their sovereignty. Your president did not know how right he was. To negotiate the fate of one's land with those who are determined to eradicate the Ivorian race is a political, moral and criminal fault from those who are party to it. Because of them the future generations might be condemned for ever.


2.5.2- Why the liberation of the main political prisoners?


I inform you that, despite the French-UN military victory which imposed Ouattara on the Ivorians, the legitimacy of the Ouattara's regime is thwarted if I confine myself to the information that is getting around in the western chancelleries. Ouattara is supported by his masters but the African and world opinion is not convinced of his popularity as claimed before. His sponsors see their interests hampered by this illegality in spite of a swearing-in which everybody finds rigged whatever a plethora of distinguished guests who were there only to give a false impression. They then ask their experts to find a trick to solve the problem before the worst happens. This is how they receive from their strategists the following plan: the Ivorians feeling tarnished by the way they are losing control of their country, those among them who did not approve any reaction other than the ballot box, let themselves gradually be convinced that Ouattara would not leave the power democratically.


On the other hand, the most important political support of Ouattara is crumbling with the internal dissidence of the Democratic Party of Côte d'Ivoire (DPCI). This is how the choice to release the leaders of the Ivorian Popular Front (IPF) is decided from Washington, London and Paris to reduce the enthusiasm of those who do not want to wait "the choice of the ballot boxes" to get rid of Alassane Ouattara. Laurent Gbagbo could by some unlikely chance be released on bail. But know that the objective of these liberations is to corrupt the spirits by the emotion and to appease the Sovereignists in order to gradually sail for the elections in 2015 and finally end in the legitimization of Alassane Ouattara; legitimacy long-awaited by your illuminati enemies to start the "legal" plundering of your wealth and your lands. To exploit their ego (the bigwigs of Fpi), it is asked to the ambassadors to receive the leaders of Fpi after their release, to make them believe that one made a mistake about them, that they are valuable and that they have to be reckoned with as far as the life of the nation is concerned. But in parallel foreigners are granted Ivorian citizenship at will to be turned into electoral cattle and future landowners.


It was to allow this criminal project that your Minister of the Interior at that time, Emile Doudou specially had a visit from rebels in 2002, which had a clear instruction: to destroy him along with his objective of improvement of the registry file. The international community wants at all costs to reach its goal with or without the DPCI because Bédié is no longer popular and does not have authority anymore. The mission of the United Nations in Côte d'Ivoire (Unoci) is to administer and lock the system for Ouattara (or another one of the same type, the debate is ongoing) in the service of the enemies of your country. From time to time one publishes reports or makes some condemnations against Ouattara, but it is only to distract the public opinion and the naive until 2015. One will let you experience euphoria, talk and made a racket in different media or other meetings to let you believe that you are back. But I warn you that the purpose of your enemies is to corrupt the will of the Sovereignists who chose to overcome the international community by anything other than the false and misleading democracy of the illuminati.


In fact, the objective of the Westerners remains simple but decisive. They are burning their fingers in the Middle East (particularly in Syria) that is why they "are counting on you" with this false manipulative liberation to regain control in Ivory Coast, the economic capital of western Africa with the same swindle pre-election 2010 which pulled you aside on April 11th, 2011. The same swindle which led Gaddafi to the grave, he who suddenly became socially acceptable again and welcomed with great pomp and ceremony in elysée. Do you remember it? Moreover, it was agreed that if the French services announce a terrorist threat in Ivory Coast, the Sovereignists will suspect elysian dirty trick. That is why this task is entrusted to Great Britain and its outside security service Mi6, to make the "job" by announcing a threat on the country. It is a new trick of which you have to beware and that you have to reject.


The western leaders may deserve all the considerations of the world but, despite all their "good" political and diplomatic "intentions" (which are and remain a trick), you should never trust them, never! Do you think that those who financed and armed the rebels, the mercenaries of the sub-region, have changed? Those who have massacred your populations since 2002, bombed your institutions with Mi24 and Gazelle helicopters under the command of the war criminals, the ambassadors Philip Carter III and Jean-Marc Simon, in 2011 have come to their senses? These agents of lucifer who bombed your president of the republic and who guided later the massacre of Nahibly in a UN-camp to the West of your country do not know repentance. They act only for their interests by a deadly ruse because if they lose Ivory Coast, they lose more than half of Africa. Do you see and understand your historic share of responsibility in this matter?


I believe to have done my share to set my mind at rest, because I know in details this evil world of lies and crime that I served for 25 years. If you want be bumped off, you who defeated economically the international community in March 2011, it is your problem. But remember one thing: the international community, controlled by the luciferian illuminati draws back only when it is compelled to, by draconian methods, but never by "democracy" and collaboration. Keep that in mind!


2.6- Conclusion


Some individuals will be giving the responsibility of trying to deny this publication in order to disturb the gullible people, but remain calm because they all know that it is the truth. I am going to explain in a few sentences, one of the biggest political swindles at this time. The illuminati have understood that to dominate popular masses, they have to anticipate the thoughts, the needs, the strengths and the weaknesses of the latter. Once it is done, it is enough to adjust the "truths" and the lies to manipulate generations, what guarantees the sustainability of their geostrategic interests.


These men who control the biggest financial centres of the world stick at nothing to ensure their hegemony. To keep the weapons industry going, in order to fill their coffers, they need armed invasions in different countries and after that they invoice the taxpayers of their states for that. To do this and have the approval of their populations, they have to resort to subterfuge and malice to lie them through the most popular, large-scale and widely followed media which they control, such as: CNN, Washington Post, Le Monde, Paris Match, Le Figaro, CBS, The Voice of America, BBC, Rfi, France24, Africa24, iTélé, Al-Jazeera, etc. Once the minds have been manipulated, then to justify wars becomes easy and it is even encouraged by these populations which see their governments as righter of wrongs who go to mission to restore the order. Following this, they line their pockets with profits that arise from the costs of bombs, released missiles, war planes and other lethal weapons, without forgetting the plundering of resources of the invaded countries.


As I said it earlier, in the planning of the lie by terror which consists in opening hostilities, the time had come for them to introduce an old joker that would undertake to complete the conquest of mentalities in order to put the final touches to the "job". So for that reason, to consolidate the imperial aims as intended by the criminal high finance illuminati, the latter ask the CIA to conceive an original program which shall be approved unanimously all over the world, for the plan of invasion of the Far, Middle and Near East and to reduce the power of the Chinese and Russians, attracted by Africa. Therefore, the shadow services spot and follow for a long time an individual who seems to meet their economic and demonic needs. Why? The sum of the multiple minorities who live in the US (Blacks, Hispanics, Indians...) feel cut off from the "American dream" which benefit rather the bourgeoisie stemming from the high finance. Henceforth, the people of the world see the politics of the United States as a danger with never-ending wars and its attendant tragedies and dead. The analysts of the secret services, after all the assumptions conclude that if nothing is done, social upheaval will cause a conflict from which they will not be left unscathed and the fall of the occult power will be inevitable.


What solution to contain that in order to save the plan of conquest for the advent of the New World Order? An unexpected proposition was made during a secret meeting of the Bilderberg club which brought the world elite of the finance, media and politics together. A surprising proposal from the analysts of the shadow services, as I said was made, discussed, but finally adopted. Yes, it had to be done, in order to crush the revolt of the "minorities" which if, they united, would become a strong majority which would screw everything up. This is how the mulatto Barack Hussein Obama was "chosen". This is the first reason. The second reason which imposed the choice of Obama is the sense of a whole plan of mass manipulation.


I said earlier that the market of the future and worldwide market happens to be Africa of which China became aware very early since the fall of the Soviet Union, at the temporary end of a bipolar world. The illuminati by choosing Obama as president of the US, conceived the biggest political swindle of this new millennium. According to them, it was important to play on the weakness of the Africans, not to allow China to upstage them, given that this continent is the reserve of the last vital resources to their industrial needs. The Arab world is a vast gas tank and a source of energy resources to be conquered entirely in front of Russia and China which hurtle at full speed.


The conquest of opinions and minds is the most difficult battles to wage in order to win out. The old fantasy of the black race is to see one day, one of them be President of the United States of America. This is for the Africans that one will thus want to deceive. On Arab side and Muslim world, the Arab-sounding name of Barack Hussein Obama obeys the same strategy. This would serve to reduce the eastern distrust. Therefore the Arabs will be more "tolerant and open" to the disguised conquest of their lands and then reduce the image of "big satan" inflicted on the Americans. As the icing on the cake, Obama, this man with an outward appearance of a playboy knew how to speak to the crowds. To succeed in imposing it on popular masses, they appealed to the film-makers of Hollywood, to produce a movie which would raise public awareness of a black president at the head of The US. The Fox studios were thus contacted for this project with Joel Surnow and Robert Cochran, producers of the famous television series 24. A television show giving the starring role to the not-less charismatic canadian Kiefer Sutherland to play Jack Bauer with co-starring, Dennis Haysbert, athletic und handsome black man to play David Palmer, an afro-American senator who becomes president of the United States.


As the seasons go by, Arabs are presented as eternal terrorists that one must fight tirelessly for the "sake" of the world. The series became a success. The TV viewers and the video makers of the whole world are entirely won over. The illuminati are satisfied and happy. The sociological result proved to be convincing beyond expectations with later, the election of Barack Hussein Obama, the first black president of the United States. Well before, the future afro-American president travelled extensively for reasons of marketing, in the world. Everywhere, it is a triumphant welcome which is reserved for him. One put up Hillary Clinton against him to keep people on tenterhooks and hold them more and more spellbound. Later during the elections in 2008, the first black man, Barack Obama is placed at the head of the United States of America. All over the world, the blacks dance and sing the victory of their "brother" of Kenyan origin. The Arab populations begin then to look at America with a different eye. The illuminati lap it up, they are quite satisfied because the decisive phase of the "plan" can start its economic-funeral march towards its goal, that is, the New World Order. Really?


It is not so sure because in recent times, the history of the humanity has a funny way of behaving: in Africa, the native Ivorians, to the great surprise of their enemies, seem to resist and to continue on the path towards the safeguard of their sovereignty which they do not intend to negotiate. Libya wakes up and rebels. As for Syria, it displays a fearsome military solidity with the unambiguous support of its people, confusing intelligently the western plans. The African countries start preparing their withdrawals from ICC (International Criminal Court). The Iranian president Hassan Rouhani refuses to greet Barack Obama at UN, he stands up and openly makes a memorable speech during the last meeting of the aforementioned organization. The BRICS which surprise the world with a new technology named BRICS Cable which is going to revolutionize the world of communication from 2014; this by reducing considerably the costs of Internet network, which was the private hunting ground of the United States. The plan of the illuminati in Egypt fails thanks to the people. General Al-Sissi who takes the power and wiped out the harmfulness of the Muslim Brotherhood in the service of Qatar obeying orders from Washington which thought of maintaining the strategic control of this zone with its deposed pawn, Mohamed Morsi. And to close the loop, Russia irreversibly imposes itself as new master of the geopolitical game.



Former agent in the service of the illuminati


Grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love!


3- Third Testimony of an Ex-Illuminati

(The crimes of the international community)


Dear brothers and dear friends, we are delighted to share with you the 3rd testimony of F.F. Derekssen, this former illuminati agent who had already put at our disposal the first two testimonies in 2012 and 2013 respectively. He kept to his promise by putting at our disposal other revelations on the projects of the illuminati, these men made gods whose mission is to execute the lugubrious plans of their master lucifer in this world.


In his second testimony, F.F. Derekssen (nickname) promised to tell us about AIDS. But in this third testimony he did not mention it, perhaps because he realised that in the meantime we have received from another source revelations about the true origin of AIDS.


Once again, we would like to express our gratitude to him, and earnestly hope that he will put at our disposal other revelations exposing the sinister projects of these scoundrels who are destroying entire nations by pretending to be humanists.


This 3rd testimony like the two preceding ones is very edifying as you will notice, and it is useful to everyone. For those who believe in God, it allows them to gain deeper understanding of the importance of spiritual warfare, and for those who do not believe in God, it enables them to understand how the world is governed. In any case, this revelation helps us to finally get out of our legendary naivety and guilty ignorance, so that we are no longer victims of the lies that the monsters who rule this world convey through their lies-telling media, to justify their monstrosities. Each of us will henceforth be well informed. We encourage you to read it fully, and draw your own conclusion.


3.1- Beginning of testimony


It is again with pleasure, Mr. Director of publication, that I am sending you this 3rd paper, which I think may be the last.


This paper will punctually describe some political events in Africa. But you will permit me to go through events in Ukraine. This document based on elements classified top secrets, which I obtained by my sources within illuminati shadow services, i.e. the CIA (USA), the Mi6 (United Kingdom), the DGSE (France). Well! In these documents, I do give you some essential bits and pieces that I think will help you in your fight for information and help the fight for the freedoms of your peoples.


This document will be subdivided into two letters. Please pay attention to the following statements to understand past events and those that are going to happen because they are about to be accomplished, if nothing is done by the peoples who are the targets.


3.2- Letter A: Ukraine


Everyone sees and hears what is happening in Ukraine. But most people are unaware of the ins and outs of this war, which is not a classic war of self-determination for the pro Russians of Donbass in the east of the country.


I was in Poland on the eve of the explosion of the Mp7 flight. I was there to meet my former teacher and great geo-politician that I had not seen for 12 years before my journey to some African and South American countries. I owe a lot to this man who made me know how the world works and help me to become an agent of illuminati shadow services. I took an enormous risk to see him again after so many years, but this elderly man who has never had a child takes me as his son. That is what accounts for my survival, which I enjoy. During our last discussions, the latter gave me some important revelations about the situation in Ukraine.


You know, in this vicious and malicious world, the same tricks do not always produce the same effects. That is what the illuminati who rule the United States of America and Europe seem not to have understood. In my previous address, I had developed somewhat the origins of the war in Afghanistan and the trap set by the Americans in which the former USSR fell. This war had two vital objectives:


- Attract the Soviets to a destructive mess in order to end the Soviet Union and lead to the creation of al-Qaeda by the CIA, the Mi6, the Israeli Mossad and the French DGSE.


- Develop al-Qaeda and other terrorist movements that will serve as arguments for future wars of aggression and invasion throughout the world.


But against all odds, the awakening of Russia under Vladimir Putin and the sudden powerful attractive Chinese economy came sooner than expected to upset the global system. The programme of world domination finalised at Camp David in 2001 just after the "attacks" of September 11 is then disrupted and inoperative.


The situation in Ukraine had the same objective as in Afghanistan, except that Vladimir Putin, a former executive officer of the Soviet KGB who has not forgotten it, keeps a bitter and instructive memory of it. Therefore, the illuminati feel trapped in their extreme wickedness. To urge Russia to officially enter into war in the Donbass conflict in eastern Ukraine is pure naivety. That could happen, but not in the way they had thought. Vladimir Putin, very well informed by his services, knew 10 years ahead that NATO, the instrument of war was going to rub against the borders of Russia. That is the fundamental reason that pushed him to give a single presidential mandate to his Prime Minister Dimitri Mevdedev. In 2012, Putin regains power in Russia at the time when the illuminati aggression calendar matured for the wars we are experiencing today: Libya, Ivory Coast, Syria, Iraq, implementation of the Arab Spring, Boko Haram and the outbreak of the Ebola epidemic.


In the face of all this, Putin knew that if Russia disperses in multiple counter-offensives against these gruesome Western projects, he would weaken. He then sorts out his defensive methods against the western enemy. This would cost human lives and infrastructures, not to mention the loss of some more or less important partners. But it was necessary to pay a price to save the essential and to promote world equilibrium. During the Sochi games, the illuminati of Europe triggered operations in Ukraine, which toppled the legitimate president by the neo-Nazis who plotted a coup. At the moment when the latter and their Western godparents are jubilant, Vladimir Putin surprises them, snatches the Crimea and positions his military forces in the Black Sea in order to keep an eye on any attempt of NATO aggression.


The illuminati are affected and then start to yell and apply silly and ineffective sanctions.


It is then that NATO equipped with weapons and military equipment the Ukrainian army, which then bombarded with heavy weapons the pro-Russian territories, hoping that the Russian army would interfere in order to distract them, but wasted effort. In return, pro-Russian fighters equip themselves with military equipment and plans of war and inflict defeats upon defeats to the Ukrainian army equipped but not disciplined on the military field at Donbass. NATO under the supervision of the CIA, the Mi6 and the French DGSE having seen the ineffectiveness of the Ukrainian army, begins to recruit mercenaries without restraint to fight in the place of the soldiers poorly prepared for this vicious war. Provisional record, 288 NATO mercenaries lose their lives faced with the combative, determined and cunning pro-Russian fighters. The illuminati have vertigo but do not retreat.


Vladimir Putin, instead of throwing himself into battle, looks with amusement at all these agitations and concentrates on the economic aspect which is the sinews of war. This is the best way for him to weaken Western political gangsterism.


To crown it all, Novorossia becomes a reality in eastern Ukraine following the parliamentary elections that Russia has just acknowledged by Russia's Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov.


To understand these events, let us know that the Russian and Chinese intelligence services have had information since 10 years submitted to their experienced analysts who deduce that the Westerners are preparing a global geopolitical crisis with necessary military support in order to dismember and weaken the important regions from Eurasia to Africa.


Russia and China therefore understand that any counter-offensive must begin by strengthening large-scale regional and international economic policies. For in the event of war, the economy will play a crucial role in containing the illuminati. The sanctions against Russia? She expected it. The closeness of NATO at the borders of Russia and Asia? Russia also expected it. Attacks on the Russian-Chinese economic system? These two giants were expecting it without the least doubt in their minds. On the one hand, regional organisations are consolidated and strengthened.


These are strategic organisations such as:


- The Eurasian Economic Community comprising: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Tajikistan


- Economic Cooperation Organisation: Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey.


- Shanghai Cooperation Organisation: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Tajikistan and China.


- Economic Organisation of the Black Sea: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Turkey.


- Organisation of the collective security treaty: Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Tajikistan.


- Union of Sovereign Republics: Belarus, Russia




On the other hand, the construction sites of the last generation armament are running at full speed.


Some eloquent examples:


3.2.1- Russia




- The Ke-52K "alligator" assault helicopter

- Mi-35M and Ka-32 helicopters

- The Sukhoi Su-35, a multipurpose and stealth fighter-bomber, superior to the latest American F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

- The MiG-29 "Fulcrum" and the Mig-31 "Foxhound", 4th generation aircraft

- The iakovlev iak-130, terrible 5th generation aircraft.

- Tupolev Tu-160 "Blackjack" long range action (biggest bomber of the world) currently in service.

- The 5th generation PAK DA Super Bomber with supersonic weapons on trial for 2020.

- The Sukhoi T-50 PAK-FA, 5th generation bomber fighter in collaboration with India. The Sukhoi T-50 far surpasses the F-22 American Raptor, yet seen as avant-garde.

- ETC...



- RS-12 Topol, hypersonic intercontinental ballistic missile.

- RS-24 Iars - 4 nuclear warheads with capacity within a range of 10,000 km. NB: this missile can neutralize any anti-missile shield.

- The S-400 Triumph system, at the end of life but ultra-powerful against aerospace and terrestrial threats. More powerful than the American THAAD missile.

- The S-500 Triomphator-M system, the world's most powerful missile in service in 2017.

- ETC...


3.2.2- China




- Chengdu J-20 "Black Eagle", 5th generation bomber fighter, more powerful than the American F-35 from Lockheed Martin.


- The drone BZK-005 "Lijian", more powerful than the American Ms-1 Predator, with an autonomy of 42 hours of flight.


- Zhi-10 fighter Helicopter




- The DF-31A Intercontinental Missile


- The DF-21D anti-ship ballistic missile, with the nickname: "Carrier Killer".


- DF-15B TBM


The Chinese and Russian replicas prove to be equal to the gangsterism of the United States and Europe subjected to the international bankers, the backbone of the illuminati.


The war in Ukraine, which was the fallacious argument of the illuminati, turns out to be disastrous for them. They are in a state of turmoil, but Russia and China are not distracted and remain concentrated on the most important, that is to say, the economy which is no longer the exclusivity of the West. But it's just beginning and everybody is warned.


3.3- Letter B: Burkina Faso - Nigeria – Cameroun - Côte D'ivoire


January 16, 2014, in the United States, a unit of the CIA and some agents of Mi6 and the French DGSE hold a secret meeting in West Roxbury, Boston, in the State of Massachusetts. The main item on the agenda: the implementation of the plan of control of the West African Sub-Region for the year of elections, which is 2015


It is agreed during this meeting that Blaise Compaoré, after his good and loyal services, must clear out for the new henchman. Time had fully come for the execution of the plan. It was necessary to encourage Blaise Compaoré to modify the constitution as a means to stay in power. Agents controlled by France are entrusted with the task. Unfortunately, for him, he falls into the trap. At the other end are opposition leaders who have been well prepared in advance to lead their militants to "revolt". A serious manoeuvre is thus launched to maintain and sustain confusion. France, under the leadership of the United States, conducts so to speak, the complex game of geopolitical interests in West Africa. The principal goal is to reach a psycho political chaos that will be highly publicised as a last resort. By so doing, they would wash off their hands and present Mr. Compaoré as the country’s problem after a dense show up of demonstrations organised by opposition militants. But in truth, Blaise Compaoré is subjected to a "dismissal" by his French and American employers. It was necessary to pass on to something else to stay in control of West Africa.


3.3.1- In whose favour?


For the naive of politics, what occurred in Burkina-Faso is a revolution of the Burkinabe people tired of seeing the same people at the head of the country. But what many people ignore is that human nature, which has the genes of boredom can be exploited easily if one knows exactly what to do, just as the Western secret services do. That is exactly what happened in Tunisia and Egypt (briefly in this country), in Ukraine, etc. But the effects of this game are much limited provided that the masses have a solid grounding in political education. The Westerners wanted Blaise Compaoré’s departure through the maintenance of the Burkinabe constitution, especially article 37, in its current state. Blaise Compaoré knows too many things to be deposed in a humiliating and dramatic way. In short! Mister Compaoré is a poison for its employers. That is why, in haste, with the unexpected turn of events, a French military intervention was about to be engaged to save him through Ivory Coast, in view of maintaining him until the next elections, to which he did not have the right. In short, it was all about a carefully planned political liquidation for services rendered and a placement of a new "employee".


But, considering the kind of unprecedented events in the country, a special French force with soldiers of black race is put in preparation through Ivory Coast to go on the spot and contain the Burkinabe crowd to avoid just what happened thereafter. In effect, what happened is that partisans of the still-alive revolt in Ivory Coast informed their compatriots on the ground in Burkina Faso about the ongoing situation. Thus, the crowd anticipates and falls on administrative buildings including the national assembly to plunder and set on fire. Blaise Compaoré is surprised, France, the United States also, not to mention Alassane Ouattara and his government that are panic-stricken. The report is clear. It is too late to restore the situation, but in a last-ditch struggle Blaise Compaoré is then advised to make a statement that he will lead a transition leading to the next elections. But alas, that does not work out for him! To avoid the worse and to save pieces of furniture, his resignation is hastily announced, with the hope of recovering the situation by threats and prepare the ground for the henchman of the illuminati, who is no other person than Zéphirin Diabré, a former senior officer of AREVA, French company that abusively exploits the uranium in Niger, and candidate of 2015 elections.


3.3.2- The plan of the West for the great Nigeria


The plan of the West for the great Nigeria is that it should be weakened by subdividing it into micro states.


In 2010, well before the elections in Ivory Coast, the services of the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton approach the sulfurous Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan to convince him to be part of the war which could take place against Laurent Gbagbo should plans to fake elections opposing him to Alassane Ouattara fail. Alain Juppé, then French Foreign Minister, sends his men to contribute to this American manoeuvre. In exchange, he is assured re-election in the next elections of his country, not forgetting his share in the spoils as concerns the Nigeria oil wealth. He is guaranteed happy days after his departure from presidency.


Stupid President! Little did he know that he was throwing himself in a bow net with no return way. While he was gathering momentum to prepare the ousting of Laurent Gbagbo from power, he put the N.I.A (National Intelligence Agency), the Nigerian secret service at the disposal of the CIA. Whereas this same CIA was preparing without his knowledge, men of Boko Haram whose task is to create an Islamic caliphate in the north of the same Nigeria with back base, Idriss Debi Itno of Chad, another agent at the service of the illuminati.


Mr. Goodluck Jonathan, blinded by the Western proposals, never suspects that the dismemberment of the great Nigeria was what those Westerners reserved for him; he, who naively believed to be a privileged partner of the great powers.


Today, instead of a golden retirement as promised, he is confronted with the worst crisis of his country with an army in difficulty caused by "terrorists" of the American CIA that relies on this terror to disembark its troops under the name AFRICOM (invading illuminati army) as decided since 2001. With these people, one should never ally because they end up roasting all those who place themselves at their disposal.


I mentioned above that the aim of Boko Haram is to create an Islamic caliphate and to contribute to the dismemberment of Nigeria, but the other objective is to do the same with neighbouring Cameroon that has an enormous potential worthy of a great power. This is why Cameroonians, originating from the north of this country are contacted and recruited by the CIA that wants to turn them into djihadists fanatics, with the objective to create an Islamic caliphate as in Nigeria. But the army of this country does not go to war against these supposed djihadists as though with tied hands. These djihadists who, in spite of quality armament provided by Western secret services (the CIA, Mi6, DGSE), are still unable to advance on the military ground as envisaged. Since, quite earlier, France had created a serious military crisis in Central Africa in order to disturb and throw intelligent services of the Sub-Region in confusion and to infiltrate Cameroon with djihadists towards Yaoundé, the capital of the country. This is to collect useful information to help their combatants in the North advance.


1850 Boko Haram spies infiltrated Yaoundé and Douala in collaboration with the American and French Embassies. Henchmen with special mandate, work there to destabilize the country under the supervision of infiltrated CIA agents and now under that of Mr. Michael Stephan Hoza, new US Ambassador to Cameroon in collaboration with Mrs. Christine Robichon, French Ambassador in the same country. It is equally important to understand that the auditioning of the American Ambassador in the congress of his country before being accredited was simply a trick to set confusion in the minds of Cameroonian Information services which are the NDC (National Documentation Center), the GDER (General Direction of External Research) and the DTC (Direction of Territory Control). Vigilance is thus imposed on the authorities of this country, for the hardest to destabilise this country is still to come, because the CIA, Mi6 and the DGSE are in active work although pretending being calm.


3.3.3- Ivory Coast is not done yet with the Western scum


Certainly, Ivory Coast is not done yet with the Western scum and their grunts in power and in opposition parties.


Before the 2010 elections, the International Community (without Russia and China), had planned its strategy by making Mamadou Coulibaly the Trojan horse that was to destroy Fpi from the inside. In the plan of the illuminati, the elections of 2015 were to lead to a face-to-face Alassane Ouattara and Mamadou Coulibaly. Through the prepared "victory" of Ouattara for 2015, the death of Laurent Gbagbo’s party would thus be acquired because this party is regarded as dangerous by the International Community.


But unexpectedly, in spite of the befitting military shock that defeated Laurent Gbagbo, his partisans who saw in Mamadou Coulibaly, the man to continue the fight, harden their position as soon as their interim party leader starts saying strange and incoherent things in relation to their hopes.


Mamadou Coulibaly is then defeated and is obliged to resign and create his own political party, which is now the shadow of itself.


The International Community cannot believe it! Mamadou Coulibaly, the idol of young patriots whose works became an icon of worship, is vomited by the latter who see in him the greatest traitor. Laurent Gbagbo alive and still vivid in people's minds, the detention of Affi N’guessan then becomes a golden opportunity to attempt again at destroying Fpi. The International Community then decides to pull out all the stops; to release some political prisoners and not least among them Pascal Affi N’guessan, still statutory president of his party.


I should point out that the order of his release comes from Washington and Paris for which there is no time. The following plan is then set on motion.


Firstly, Affi N’guessan, the statutory president of Fpi, had as prime interest to calm the zeal of Ivorian sovereignists (majority according to the polls of the CIA) that stay fervent in spite of the military shock therapy applied by France and UNO in 2011.


Secondly, Pascal Affi N’guessan’s political tours just after his release from prison met a simple aim: mobilise the masses for a "fresh revival" of Fpi. There was huge attendance everywhere Fpi held meetings. In nostalgia, militants and patriots would burst in tears of joy on political meeting grounds. They can hardly believe their eyes! They, whom the dictatorship in place had censored from organising political rallies, can now freely meet in the open! On the other side, in Paris and Washington, there is regained smile – phase one of their plan is conclusive and promising. They decide to let Affi N’guessan make provocative and engaged speeches against Alassane Ouattara who panics and answers by threats. The tension is palpable, thus forecasting better days ahead for the second phase of Paris’ and Washington’s plan.


Realising that the President of Fpi is adulated everywhere he goes, he is then forced to apply the second phase of the plan, that is to integrate Affi N’guessan into the ranks according to the wish of his new ‘masters’ in Paris and Washington. This simply means to capitalise on his after jail popularity.


That is where everything becomes once again complicated for the latter, who can hardly admit that times have changed in Africa. In fact, Affi N’guessan becomes a source of worry and provokes the rage of Ivorian sovereignists who do not intend to be liquidated politically even if that comes from the President of Fpi. Consequently, there is discontentment within the ranks of his new "masters"; they cannot understand what is truly happening. Well before that, President Affi N’guessan, seeing himself in difficulty, had carried out a reshuffle within the ranks of the party. This was the last error to avoid committing since it permitted even the most sceptics to understand that Affi N’guessan had given up the fight to serve other interests.


It is one of the reasons for the arrival of François Holland in Ivory Coast, to straighten him out considering the strength of the opponents within Fpi. He is asked to contest in the forthcoming 2015 elections in exchange of having all his accounts and those of his internal friends unfrozen. In addition, their rights will be recognised so that they could spend better days for rendered services. This is the great scam which pushes the weak Fpi President to commit the dangerous political fault against the future of his country.


These are all the reasons why those that Abidjanese streets call the Blé Goudé generation, are galvanized by leaders of the youths like Justin Koua and David Samba who have a terrible influence. These two individuals with incorruptible reputations thus became the antidote against the political interference of Affi N’guéssan and his accomplices who have chosen the way of submission.


The ex-Vice-President of the National Assembly of Ivory Coast, Ago Marthe, sees herself entrusted a task of secretary in charge of the release of Laurent Gbagbo by Affi N’guessan as a means to get rid of it. He was as such underestimating the dynamism of the latter that does her job intelligently in becoming by her actions, more significant than Affi N’guessan in the eyes of Ivorian youths and of the sovereignists.


The C.I.A cannot understand what’s really happening. Under normal circumstances, the intensive bombardments followed by the arrest and deportation of Laurent Gbagbo should have discouraged Ivorians to continue the fight. This had never happened in the history of Black Africa. The triumphal tours of Affi N’guessan after his exit from prison that was intended to tame the masses so that they willingly legitimize Alassane Ouattara in the 2015 elections. Ivorian sovereignists are hard-skinned this time around!


Investigations of the French DGSE and the CIA show that 81% of Ivorians see in Affi N’guessan, a traitor together with his supporters Amani N’guessan and others. The CIA then registers Justin Koua and David Samba on its black list of dangerous men to muzzle or liquidate if necessary by making them future terrorists. But the problem is that they are supported by the mass of young sovereignists of the country.


The conclusion on the ground is clear - the sovereignists are in majority and are ready to continue the fight without the current President of Fpi. It is too much indeed. But what is more complicated is that the Ivorian non-militant youths of Fpi detach itself from the line of Affi N’guessan whom they accuse of treachery. The Official Journal of the party is not sold as before as compared to other "blue" dailies that remained faithful to the vision of Laurent Gbagbo. From now on, all eyes are cast towards the congress of the party scheduled for December 2014. Seeing the danger, the President of Fpi organises a fresh series of tours but avoids organising meetings because he is conscious that he can no longer mobilise huge crowds as he did when he just came out from prison. He thus organises indoor meetings to talk nonsense. Even this new round of tours does not produce the awaited success. To make matters worse, Laurent Gbagbo’s candidature is announced for the presidency of his party, suddenly upsetting the situation on the ground. This is the shockwave, which Washington and Paris never expected.


This is therefore the reason why they want to leave nothing to chance and send on Sunday 2nd November, an agent of the CIA, code name "cheyenne", under the cover of the American Ambassador Terence P. McCulley, in order to help Affi N’guessan at the time of this congress so much dreaded by the illuminati. The CIA has just released the sum of 1.000.000 US dollars to corrupt the political machine of Fpi with one aim: ensure that Affi N’guessan wins in the congress so that he takes part in the elections of 2015. After which, all those who would have supported Affi Nguessan would have their bank accounts well furnished and, the Fpi, which will certainly lose the elections because all is already planned, will appear in the world’s eyes as having lost all of its esteem, huge strength and popularity as people know it today.


But tell me my dear friends, do you think that it is just for the sake of putting aside a disturbing political party such as Fpi that causes the entire manoeuvre prepared by Washington and Paris?


If it were just for that reason, your political experience would be enough to fix the problem, but it is not the case.


All this battle began in 1993 following a complex and criminal scheme. What does that mean?


Washington, London and Paris envisaged making of Ivory Coast a country without true nationals, a country with no national conscience. The goal is thus to lead to a "country" politically led by docile immigrants ready to serve as vassals. This kind of individual will never revolt against the abusive exploitation of its subsoil riches and the oil of Ivory Coast that Laurent Gbagbo wanted for his people.


The International Community is greedily eyeing the crude oil reserves of the Gulf of Guinea, gold, diamond, bauxite, iron etc… riches which in 8 years of serious and committed management will make your country and its Sub-Region truly emergent and powerful nations with advantageous trade partners.


There is another important thing to know and to meditate on. If Alassane Ouattara "is re-elected" as wanted, you will then see what you will never see again in your lifetime. According to the illuminati agenda, at the time of the "next mandate" of Ouattara, all rebel leaders who supported him will be liquidated or imprisoned in order to wipe off all compromising evidence. Targeted assassinations will be applied to eliminate all disturbing exiled persons without forgetting the local sovereignist political leaders who will be accused of terrorism. All those young over-eager of Pdci-Rdr will also be liquidated using very sophisticated methods. The international media will create diversion to camouflage this intense "clean-up" and "peace building" already well made up. All depends on the outcome of the 2015 elections.


Without putting aside the fact that if Côte d’Ivoire "falls" in 2015, it will do so with the other Member States of WAEMU (West African Economic and Monetary Union). On the other hand if it stands, it will experience an unprecedented prosperity while saving 300 million West African inhabitants of socio-economic and political losses.


In order to neglect nothing and considering the geopolitical stake of the moment, an exaggerated media campaign on the Ebola virus is ongoing "to preoccupy" and disturb minds in order to distract them with respect to the coming elections. This is the only reason and nothing else. The aim is to surprise everyone and put them in a fait accompli when deadlines would suddenly become too close to an unprepared population to cast their votes.


As you can see, the stakes are too high, and leave no room for weakness, fear and the lure of profit.


Through Blé Goudé’s voice during his most recent appearance in ICJ, Laurent Gbagbo intelligently makes everyone to understand that he is not at all in search of physical freedom. Laurent Gbagbo wants the truth, which truly liberates without any ridiculous compromising as Affi N’guessan wants to make people believe by using politics as business setup to scam militants whom he believes to be naive.


All this criminal theatre of the illuminati is in motion because of the fear of seeing Russia and China established permanently in Africa with economic advantages reasonably shared to all business parties. These two countries know it and will support all those who will have courage to fight courageously for the defence of the interests of their people. Westerners know that militarily and economically they will not be able to do anything against these two super powers, which are convinced that if each nation can guarantee just the basic necessities for its population, the chances of a true peace in the world are possible.


Illuminati are not invincible and are moving towards their downfall. It is unavoidable and they know it.



Former illuminati agent


Grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love!


4- Fourth Testimony of an Ex-Illuminati

(The Crimes of the "International Community")


Dear brothers and dear friends, we are delighted to share with you the 4th testimony of F.F. Derekssen, this former illuminati agent who had already put at our disposal the first three testimonies in 2012, 2013 and 2014 respectively.


Spurred by the desire "to increase his participation in the awakening of consciousness of those who want to live and not survive," as he himself says, he has once again chosen to disclose this 4th testimony, which like the first 3, is very rich in revelations. We really want to thank him.


Although we have already understood that all the horrible crimes, all the abominable wars, and other monstrous murders across the world are nothing but the works of gangsters who govern the world, it is nonetheless interesting to have some evidence through such testimonies.


This 4th testimony like the first 3 others is truly edifying and I strongly recommend that you read it. Whether you are a believer or not, you would certainly benefit from it. Those who believe in God would gain deeper understanding of the importance of spiritual warfare. And those who do not believe in God would however understand how this world is governed. In any case, this revelation helps us to finally come out of our legendary naivety and blameworthy ignorance, so that we stop being victims of all the lies spread by demons in flesh who rule this world through their lies-telling media to justify their monstrous acts. We are now fully aware! We encourage you to read it completely, and also to distribute it in order to raise awareness of as many people as possible.


4.1- Start of testimony


This is my last letter. I say last because it is the very last time that I write to you in this form. In fact, 2015 is the year of all the dangers on the global geopolitical scene. There are things that I feel obliged to reveal because I want to increase my participation in the awakening of the consciences of those who want to live and not survive.


On 5th February 2015, in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, I am dinning with an old friend and her husband, an aristocratic couple who despise international politics riddled with lies and unwarranted killings. The husband of this lady had insisted on meeting me before I left for Athens, where a political change was in preparation in the heart of Europe dominated by illuminati bankers. Top on their agenda was how to wage war against Russia and China. That evening the husband in question hands me an envelope and asks me to make good use of it.


This envelop contains what the diabolic illuminati scheme is preparing to strengthen its grip on the world's economy and geostrategy. But, according to the man, the hope for which he gives me this parcel is the staunch resistance that Russia and China and their Latino-American friends, and not forgetting a few African countries, put up against the illuminati. Fortunately, the whole illuminati criminal scheme is henceforth laid bare to China, Vladimir Putin's Russia, South Africa, India and Brazil.


In effect, these countries had updated the 'provocative' and Machiavellian process which unfortunately provoked and caused the death of Saddam Hussein, of Mouammar El Kadhafi and led to the deportation of the African leader Laurent Gbagbo. The BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) process with the creation of the BRICS Bank in 2015, is the antidote against the highest degree of embezzlement the world has ever been a victim. This embezzlement which was founded, designed and applied for decades by those who are called the 'masters of the world', with their bankers who manage the property of these families very accustomed to the manipulation of the masses and to economic and political fraud.


For them, to kill just for the sake of preserving the fruits of their plundering is the most appropriate method. These are the families who, through banks, provoked and sponsored the two major wars called World War One and World War Two. This simply permitted them to transform the military industry to lucrative business, have a stranglehold on the global economy and to finally lead to the creation of the UN, an organ that gives them the possibility to keep a watching eye over all member States. But to get there, they mounted up a complex and an extended network of corrupt officials to maintain the course for generations. For generations?


This is now the question they are asking themselves since they know that all their manoeuvres have been discovered and for this reason they are presently obliged to use counter measures to resist Russia, China and their allies whose number is in constant increase. But apparently, it is too late for them to do anything substantial since a thief caught red-handed has little chances of escape especially if one considers China's outstanding economic skill which has weakened the Western financial system and left it unsteady. The United States of America and the European Union, without the least doubt, thought that their criminal economic domination plan which has been used for decades could never be disrupted or countered.


Today, they have found a rival. Whether one is Latin American, Asian, Oriental or African, everyone, I repeat everyone, far or near is concerned by what is happening. There is no excuse exempting any one's involvement. For, death is lurking in every nook and cranny of the world; this due to some ill-meaning individuals who make money by killing people.


To better understand and secure your ability to wage the warfare with neither weakness nor compromise, and without trying to lecture you, let me return to some facts that can help you know where you tread in this ruthless and diabolic 'jungle'. In this jungle, there is no room for emotion, distracted minds, negligence, and silly triumphalism. Permanent concentration is rather a virtuous requirement for any people who aspire to live long-lasting freedom.


In my second letter, I explained the causes of all the wars that the planet experiences today. But I deliberately omitted to enlighten you on the root causes of all current geopolitical and geostrategic drama.


In 1975, following the Vietnam War, the Western military industry scoffed at the American defeat because having done good business (at least 7 million tons of bombs dropped). The industry controlled by the "International Community" (the illuminati) felt reassured given the military equipment purchased by the Lindon Johnson and Richard Nixon administrations, their 'clients' and employees. In fact, it was a modernised mechanism to create wars after the Nazi regime, by using the media to broadcast blatant lies. Vietnam was thus a perfect pattern fabricated to involve the US Army in the arena.


Finally, it is the taxpayer who pays the cost without even realising it. Over 8.800 billion dollars as turnover for manufacturers of military equipment directly landing in the pockets of these criminals without name. The next step was sub-contracted war in Afghanistan against the former USSR that led to the creation of Al Qaeda with its test in the Balkans and Africa in Kenya in the 90s. As usual, I will develop my discourse in a geographical fashion to provide you with much detail.


4.2- Venezuela


I would begin my discourse with Venezuela of Nicolas Maduro, called, "el digotudo" (the man with a moustache). Nicolas Maduro succeeded the equally legendary late Hugo Chavez, leader of the Bolivian Revolution, which has contaminated much of South America. The man with a moustache has an enormous advantage in that he is not Hugo Chavez. His appearance of a fragile person enables him to raise Bolivian politics to its best. This is what lulled the Obama administration which realises only too late that Maduro is a very good student of Hugo Chavez.


In Venezuela, it is the people who have power and not a clan of criminal business men subjected to American politics. But the Bolivian country has a great worry – it is a huge oil and gas deposit which violently attracts the voracious appetite of major oil companies very accustomed to economic and political gangsterism. The United States of America has realised that the death of Hugo Chavez has not solved their problems in that part of the world. So, Barack Obama's employers (the illuminati) compel him to criminal actions such as sending CIA-controlled mercenaries to launch "operation Jericho" by hiring the services of the mercenary firm, 'Academi' to carry out an armed-strike action on February 12th, 2015.


The "Operation Jericho" fails because it is no longer easy to sneak in with a population that stays alert. Venezuelans have understood that they can no longer have an easy peace alongside the West, led by the United States of America. So they teach both their children and the growing generations what "real" life is all about, that is, to sleep with eyes open because gangsters of the Western geopolitics are not ready to make concessions.


All the farmers, workmen and workers of that country have from now on eyes behind the head and do intensify activities of political "Circles" which are used for teaching and providing political training for the masses. The government of Maduro keeps multiplying military, economic and diplomatic relations - the only viable partners here on earth - with China and Russia, delighted to help this brave people of Venezuela who challenge the West.


That is not done to arrange things. So, the CIA reinforced its base in Colombia with its objective to reach Venezuela by subversive actions and destabilisation before the next elections. But it must be specified that one of the leaders of the coup which failed, that is, one of the two persons in charge of morbid tasks in Venezuela and in Ivory Coast lost his life therein. The person in question is Omar D. Nelson known as "the dark hand", the CIA worker charged with the destabilisation of tropical States. He was executed and burnt alive by Bolivarian "volunteers"


In a fury, Obama takes a decree against Venezuela, addressing this country as a threat to the USA. Unfortunately for him, the Latin American countries, for the majority, denounce and condemn the feverish behaviour of the American government. The illuminati then withdraw to wait for a favourable occasion to launch a 'counter-offensive'. For your information, Omar D. Nelson's successor is found and he is already in Mali to pilot subversions in Cameroun, to support France in Togo and to "pin" the elections in Ivory Coast.


4.3- Mali – Niger – Burkina Faso – Ivory Coast


Here is the group of four who got bogged down in emotions and foreign assistance while refusing to engage themselves in the warfare, not considering what it would cost them in terms of human lives and material loss. That is, trying to go to heaven without dying. This opinion is largely true for the first 2 countries, strange for the 3rd and partly true for the 4th that is Ivory Coast.


As for Mali, the objective of the West is to divide the country into two entities, the Touaregs and those of the South. The reason for sending the 'jihadists' is to facilitate and reinforce the separation process, put the country under NATO's control and keep it in total submission and permanent misery. Elections were simply a means to put Ibrahim Keita, the 'socialist', in power.


In Niger, it is equally a 'socialist' who is ruling. These two 'personalities' obey François Hollande, the French 'socialist' President in charge of 'managing' puppets called socialists in 'satellite' countries. Dear friends, do you know the causes of the existence of ideological 'movements' in the world? That is, the international socialist and the like? It is however obvious, this ideological scam!


The International socialism is an illuminati movement controlled by Freemasons. The same applies to extreme liberalism movements. If people do not understand this, they would always be puppets in this perverse game put in place to manipulate 'service-loving' idiots who are proud to belong to the 'family'. These movements were created to control all those leaders who have a liking for this or that ideology. This means that it is vital for Africans to have a local movement that develops ideologies that suit their own cultural aspirations. Doing so can produce a far reaching and convincing result if associated with an iron discipline. China has been doing this for long and every one can see the resulting effect today. It is rather unfortunate to see people who blissfully and stupidly do their utmost to join movements across the world responsible for controlling their minds. It is possible to be a socialist in one's soul and to serve one's country well without necessarily belonging to this International socialist scam.


Laurent Gbagbo, this timeless African leader, succeeded in doing this so much so that he was disowned by François Holland and other famous International Socialist who were unable to control him. Let me tell you this, all socialist leaders across the Western world are controlled and directed by their masters working behind the scenes. The IMF, the World Bank, ONGs and commercial banks in countries are all these masters' objects of domination.


In Ivory Coast, Affi Nguessan who was ready to serve as puppet to Francois Hollande, accepted it with ease because he also dreams of being at the top of the State someday. He then sold himself bound hand and foot over to France for stupid, senseless and bleak ambitions. Whereas, he knew that FPI militants are politically formatted, tied to Gbagbo and sovereignist in their soul. How foolish it was for him and his sponsors to think that their perverse game would last? The fact is that post-election events are still fresh in people's minds.


Would cancelling a congress in 2015, locking up his comrades in prisons, seizing Laurent Gbagbo's headquarter, accepting help from the Ouattara regime at the behest of France and the US, be enough to lock up, like in a small box, the partisans of Ivory Coast's sovereignty? One wonders where he got his political training from to become the worst kind of vassal. The congress which he and his sponsors dreaded so much has just been held in the Laurent Gbagbo's home region. Gbagbo has been elected President of the party while Affi N'guessan and comrades were expelled from the party. Obama, David Cameron and François Hollande who closely followed everything have again been beaten by Laurent Gbagbo from his faraway prison at The Hague.


This set of three criminals may perhaps have war weapons but Laurent Gbagbo uses his intelligence. This is what makes the difference between him and those who are nothing but International bankers' employees. These bankers are those to whom he, Laurent Gbagbo and his government, gave a sound economic defeat in March 2011 to such a degree that they were obliged to activate the French military air force. Ivorians are not at all ready to forget such a man who went as far as bearing for their sakes bombs from the UN and France.


Given all these, one quickly understands that Affi and his henchmen followers of ease and political prostitution are only vermin to be eradicated. Washington, Paris and London had expected Alassane Ouattara to supress Laurent Gbagbo's party congress. Unfortunately for them, the congress held because political tricks prevailed over power while waiting for the final confrontation between the Ivorian people and the vultures of the "International Community" together with their puppets in power as well as those who lead prostituted and stodgy opposition parties.


To catch up, they are attempting to give back to Affi Pascal Nguessan some power so as to permit him regain breath by organising his own fake congress, a so-called "Freedom Day" and an investiture with militants from RDR, minority PDCI members close to Konan Bedié and a few ex-FPI militants who had been expelled from the party. But it is of course too late because they are but dead objects in the political minds of the people. Africans and Ivorians now know where the truth and normality are.


But France, the US and Great Britain are not lowering their guard and have just taken a decision to force the passage of Alassane Ouattara in the October 2015 elections despite his non-eligibility and non-popularity of his candidacy against nature relatively to Ivorian laws. Affi Nguessan is not up to it because he is politically weak, unnecessarily arrogant and unpopular. The Fpi militants are certainly fighting for the sovereignty of their country, but they are indeed unaware of the economic significance of a victory over France and its internal and external supporters. Do they know for a moment that in case of victory over their enemies, it is the daily sum of 180 billion dollars that they snatch from Western bankers? Yes dear friends, is it the fear of losing such an amount that maddened the bankers and their masters who bombarded the presidential residence in April 2011.


Ivory Coast was on the brink of circulating its currency that would have imposed itself on other ECOWAS countries. This means that the financial windfall defined above would have come under the control of Ivory Coast and the countries of the sub-region. Instead of waging the war of sovereignty and 'recovery' of the money being stolen from their people, the executives and other Sunday politicians of these countries choose cheating and criminal lies-telling in order to fill their pockets with only 0.005% of the 180 billion swindled every day from the West African populations whose interests they claim to "defend".


The "International Community" does not accept and poorly digests the sovereigntist resistance of top military officers who are General Dogbo Blé Bruno and Commander Anselme Seka. Such attitudes have a mania to sustain the hope of Ivorians who must understand that they must go to the very end even in pain. For if these men undergo torture and other inhumane humiliations without letting go the sovereignty of their nascent nation, the civil mass would no longer give themselves any limits to fulfil its historic destiny. These soldiers with high national consciousness know that part of Africa's history requires of them priceless stoic attitudes. They know it and accept it regardless of their earthly lives. It's difficult what they are going through but have nonetheless accepted to pay the price.


Another concern of the criminal "International Community" is what happened during the parody trial of pro Gbagbos which helped reveal to the world the steel stature of two top-ranking African women prosecuted in court. In her speech, former Minister Géneviève Grebe manifested honour, fidelity to her homeland wrapped in her loyalty to the leader Laurent Gbagbo. But the final blow came from Simone Gbagbo, an exceptional woman who had the audacity to give law lectures at the "ouattaradian court" and showed the West that she is inflexible in front of their brutal and criminal savagery.


The attitude of these citizens who remained upright against the machine of the Ouattara regime has only strengthened the faith of Ivorians who refuse to see their country stolen from them. Yes, they know that those two soldiers and those two ladies are African heroes that are equipped with a charismatic authority, even in pain. The CIA knows it and wants to destroy it in the current electoral cheating by maintaining them in hostage. This election is vital to "erase" definitely these "elements" and bury the Ivorian Ivory Coast in favour of West Africa's Ivory Coast that is to say, an Ivory Coast for "ECOWAS".


It is this model of Ivory Coast that the Ouattara, Affi N'Guessan and Konan Bedie clan have accepted. As I warned in my previous post, all troublesome syndicate movements and political actors will be liquidated, that is to say massacred under Western command. That is why France, Britain and the United States, are preparing an overthrow in Burkina Faso to militarise the State's power in order to support Alassane Ouattara relatively to the "elections" in Ivory Coast against Ivorian sovereignists.


Ivory Coast is unaware of its economic power but is a goose that lays golden eggs for international high finance that prepares all this criminal scenario in Burkina Faso having as rear base Ivory Coast under the cover of Alassane Ouattara on behalf of the "international community". The high International finance knows that a sovereign Ivory Coast will remove the CFA Franc from its monetary system. Knowing that the death of Franc CFA will cause a volcanic upheaval of their interests, that band of criminals has finally revised its choice in Burkina Faso as to Zéphirin Diabré.


They thought that Alassane Ouattara would succeed in taming Ivorians after the 2011 massacre. For now and for the Illuminati, Zéphirin Diabré does not have the "weight" to manage what is being prepared against Ivory Coast (we need not get tired of saying it, the progressive eradication of the Ivorian race, their enemy) and the sub-region, he who had been co-opted to replace Blaise Compaore. The current tension in Laurent Gbagbo's country has changed everything because Alassane Ouattara is not eligible. To "stabilise" the situation, Gilbert Diendéré and ECOWAS had as task to change the political life of Burkina Faso in order to remake this country a rear base of mass destruction under the cover of the "International Community" against the rumbling Ivorian revolution.


The fallacious arguments such as the exclusion of Compaoré's party from the elections and the verdict of Sankara's case were merely seized opportunities. But the Burkinabe people spontaneously seem not to see things that way. The regime of Abidjan, ECOWAS, France and the United States are caught in a thorny and poisonous net.


Certainly, those African political novices are just pawns that are manipulated according to the interests of the moment. As for the Ivorians, the progressive and durable resistance that began recently after the grotesque illegal validation of Ouattara's candidature could bring deliverance.


4.4- The Big Scam


To conclude this chapter, I am going to tell you a piece of the content of the envelope that the husband of my Lithuanian friend handed over to me. Ivorians were happy with Nicolas Sarkozy's fall weren't they? Know then that all this is a gross staging to "deflate" Ivorian sovereignists and the pure and hard panafricanists. Indeed after the post-electoral war that was intended not only to install an unelected called Alassane Ouattara at the head of Ivory Coast to demolish democracy and economic freedom advocated by Laurent Gbagbo, the situation remains bitter for the West.


Why? It is true that the massacre of the guéré ethnic group and the Ivorians was necessary to install the man of the "International Community", but the other fundamental reason for this holocaust and crime against humanity had as purpose to cool down the ardour of neo African panafricanists. But what a surprise! Ivorian sovereignists prove hard skinned. Thus in February 2012, the US, French and English secret services met for a course of action given that Ivorians do not want to make concessions. Information in their possession reveals that a military offensive is being prepared against their protégé Ouattara.


They talk of a "return match" everywhere. "Fortunately" for the Illuminati, Ivorians do not know how to keep quiet by selling the skin of the bear before hunting it without forgetting leaks confirming the information of Western secret services. After working sessions, the Illuminati come to an agreement. Nicolas Sarkozy must fall because keeping him in power will galvanise hatred and the fighting spirit of Ivorian sovereignists. It was therefore decided to replace him with Francois Hollande the "socialist" and "friend" of Gbagbo's FPI in order to reduce the mercury of resistance, just to save time and lock up everything. On May 6, 2012, as agreed by international bankers, Sarkozy falls in favour of Francois Hollande.


There is then joy in Ivory Coast where Sarkozy has many enemies numbered up to 70% of Ivorians (secret service poll). However, this joy of Ivorians reassures the Illuminati who appreciate the fact that Ivorians have risen to the bait. Ouattara is ordered to gradually release political prisoners to play on emotions and "deflate" the "hawkish". It should however be admitted that this has had an effect on some naive activists and political leaders right up to the apex of the FPI party.


As a result, Westerners feel comfortable with their project to make Ivory Coast a country that is beyond the control of the indigenous to the benefit of West African nationals. Thus, the buying of consciences continues its course with sporadic releases of political prisoners and as icing on the cake and to close the circle of this hideous scam, Affi N'Guessan is released after having promised to forget Gbagbo and make the FPI party docile. Francois Hollande advocates the same political game to all political parties in sensitive Francophone countries and recommends rebellion and terrorism to difficult countries like Cameroon and Nigeria.


While Western terrorist movements such as the jihadist in Mali and Boko Haram are playing their role to destabilise Cameroon and Nigeria, in Ivory Coast, political terrorists are at work to destabilise the revolutionary vision of Laurent Gbagbo right in his own camp, the FPI - the No 1 Enemy in Africa of the "International Community". Affi N'Guessan and his companions Gossio Marcel and others have sold themselves to France which charges them to accompany Ouattara who firmly holds the electoral machine despite his ineligibility. The most important for the United States, Great Britain and France is that their protégé Ouattara is "legitimised" in the eyes of the world in order to move to the phase of their "DEIVORISATION SCHEME" of Ivory Coast.


The first phase of this 'deivorisation scheme' would be done by filling Ivory Coast with the nationals of ECOWAS and in 5 years, all public administration, the police, the gendarmerie, the army, the teaching corp. Then it will be the division of land with 5 malicious laws already ready to be voted by Ouattara MPs under the control of the "International Community". It is this deivorisation of Ivory Coast that the "International Community" is awaiting impatiently, with feverishness. This is the same "International Community" which UNOCI and the French army represent in Ivory Coast.


It was to counter this deivorisation scheme which he foresaw, that Laurent Gbagbo decided to remain under bombs at the presidential palace and refused all the absurd proposals of the Illuminati. You should know that the liquidation of Ivory Coast or its survival depends primarily on Ivorians themselves. If Ivorians want to save their country, they should definitely understand that they must accept to pay the price of blood before all external help from allies, because these allies only support those who are willing to pay with their blood and sweat for their fatherland.


Popular uprisings that are in progress should be intensified with a lot of intelligence, strategies, cleverness and a lot of solidarity by all means, because Western democracy and the politically correct have no place in this inevitable and deadly fight. Ivorians must know that they are on the right track, but they should finally understand that should they make any mistakes out of weakness and fear by letting Ouattara succeed in his false election under foreign control, then they will see what they have never seen, they would have a deceitful "calmness" but will be dispossessed of their country without any mercy (that's the medium-term objective).


All those who are likely to hinder Ouattara politically (if the electoral trick works) in this deivorisation scheme programmed right from Washington, London and Paris will be liquidated. There will be tears of distress if it happens but it will be the fault of Ivorians themselves, in that case, it may be too late. Good luck.


4.5- Nigeria - Cameroon - Chad And Boko Haram


In Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, before losing the elections, finally understood that those he considered his friends, that is, the world's "great" Western powers were in fact only manipulators, swindlers, and criminals. During a secret meeting at Enugu in the east of the country, officials of Nigerian intelligence made him understand that Boko Haram is a pure product of American and British with their valet, France of Francois Hollande; that their purpose is to divide Nigeria into two religious entities in order to weaken it.


He then asks them the question as to how to solve such a problem. The latter answer him in a frank, radical and "dangerous" manner. We must take courage and expel the ambassadors of Western countries involved in order to make them understand that their manoeuvres are laid bare. Furthermore, to create political circles to inform the masses like Hugo Chavez did in Venezuela and Laurent Gbagbo in Ivory Coast with his popular agorae. Because once the people are sufficiently informed and trained, no outside force can overcome Nigeria.


Goodluck Jonathan nods and promises to seriously consider the issue. Alas, there was never an answer because the former Nigerian President was corrupt to the neck in his "friendly" ties with the West. These Westerners he nevertheless served up to the point of going to war in Ivory Coast to install with force Dramane Ouattara who had nevertheless lost the election. The naive Goodluck was caught like a rat in a trap, and he knew that a corrupt man can never become a hero. He knew henceforth that he would lose the presidential elections. What followed confirms it.


In neighbouring Cameroon, President Paul Biya who had well started a revolution by supporting Afrique Média, could not stand the test of time. Cameroonians know that the USA, Great Britain and France are determined to destroy their country. Moreover, Cameroonians still have in mind their painful past with their colonisers who massacred with impunity their peoples and the leaders who fought for real independence of their country. They know that Paul Biya has for long messed around with the West, but have decided to solve their problems internally and not under external influence.


In addition, President Biya seemed to have understood Western manoeuvre to resist it. He had decided to leave a country with means to protect and consolidate its sovereignty. With such an opportunity that presented itself to him, he did not grasp the historical significance. As he was improving diplomatic ties with Russia and China, he ended up stooping so low before François Hollande and Barack Obama who told him off. Result: Afrique Média, unprecedented media mirror is suddenly prohibited activities in Cameroon. Until then, the old man seemed to hold out but alas.


On the other hand, I'll tell you a strange fact that took place during the visit of the Russian delegation in Yaoundé. In private, a Malian delegation requested to exchange with the head of the delegation. The latter preferred that one of his collaborators met the said Malians who had come to state their concerns about the war that was imposed on them by France under U.S command to divide their country.


The response of the Russian officer was stinging: if Malians themselves engage in the liberation struggle, then Russia will be ready to help them. Otherwise, do not expect anything as aid because it is determination, not fear or weakness that encourages alliances. It is determination regardless of what one might lose. And as a good Orthodox Christian, he quoted them the biblical passage which says this: "For whoever wants to save his life will lose it; and whoever loses his life for the sake of Christ will save it."


In the case of Mali, Christ referred to, is the Malian nation that awaits the sacrifice of its children to save it. Did the Malian delegation, Muslim by faith, understand the message? Wait and see. But as Goodluck Jonathan, Paul Biya is a man of the system with too many evil connections with France and the United States of America.


Idriss Deby Itno, far from being a political model for having been a French agent for long, has apparently understood that, like Blaise Compaoré of Burkina Faso, he too will be thrown off like worn-out sock. He who though contributed to the Boko Haram's advent has been finally convinced by the Cameroonian diplomacy. By Cameroonian diplomacy, I mean the Cameroon administration before all the Western pressures that obliged it to shamefully stoop so low after François Hollande's visit to Yaoundé. My advice to Cameroonians is that they avoid falling into any kind of emotion and that they stay clear-headed, because in geopolitics there is no room for emotions and blissful triumphalism. Perpetual resistance is prerequisite to living a free and sovereign life.


F.F. Dereckssen, former illuminati agent.


Grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love!




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