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(Updated on 01 01 2024)


Mister President,


At a time when your puppets are asking you to run for the next presidential election, I advise you to resign from your position as Head of State without delay. However, I cannot give you any recommendations as to the position of party leader you have held since 1985.


If I advise you to leave power, it's because the National New Deal policy of which you are the artisan has failed all along the line. It is unable to renew itself. Cameroon has only one problem, and this problem is you. Since November 6, 1982, when you became president, my country has been in deep darkness. You are indeed the Demon, the prince of darkness, the incarnation of evil. Get away from the sun of the Cameroonian people!


When one has been in the dark for a long time, it is possible to finally take pleasure in it. That's what happens to those who fawn over you. They are comparable to masochists. It's you who perverted these people. Fortunately, the majority of Cameroonians think that darkness is a bad thing. It's their cries of pain that dictate these lines. We are tired of you. We look forward to the sunny side of life, to see our country out of the abyss, out of underdevelopment.


Unlike those who wish to remain in darkness, we want to see public lighting in our villages very soon. We want wooden power line posts to disappear from the streets, all city dwellers to live in buildings, highways to connect regions between them, underground railways and trams in our cities; high-speed trains to make regular trips between Ebolowa and Kousséri as well as between Batouri and Bamenda. We want all citizens to have access to clean water, electricity and quality health care, every household to have a washing machine, tumble dryer, dishwasher, refrigerator and stove, the unemployed receive a State allowance, etc.


You like to lull the people to sleep with wonderful promises. Your policy of "great ambitions" remained ineffective. The same goes for the "great achievements" and the completion point of the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) initiative. The "Triennial Emergency Plan" that is much talked about today is another powder in the eyes, another magic powder. As you have learned that the People's Republic of China has become an emerging country, you heat up. Already before the beginning of your political career, you had chosen the wrong camp, and then you stayed there; while the UPC had special relations with China and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, André-Marie Mbida, Ahmadou Ahidjo, and you were bootlicking the capitalist powers of the West. Under the Ahidjo government, Cameroon achieved only a pseudo-political independence. To date, Cameroon, which united in October 1961, has the same currency that circulated during the colonial period: the CFA franc (Colonies of French Africa)! The New Deal regime you control is nothing more than an instrument of neo-colonialism. China and the USSR supported the UPC-led struggle because the nationalist movement wanted Cameroon to achieve not only genuine political independence, but also economic independence. But Mbida, Ahidjo and you helped Rene Coty, Charles de Gaulle and Georges Pompidou to crush the upecist (UPC party supporters) rebellion in Sanaga-Maritime, the Bamileke countryside and in the Mungo. You participated in the Bassa massacre and the Bamileke genocide. Several hundred of patriots were victims of these horrendous crimes that you impudently called "pacification campaigns". Today, you are trying to make the Cameroonian people believe that these killings were anti-terrorist acts and patriotism. On August 2, 2014 for example, you drew a parallel between the fight you are fighting against Boko Haram and the eradication of the maquis between 1955 and 1971.


Do you believe that your crimes will go unpunished? Think again! One day, you will be tried not only for your participation in the crimes committed under the Mbida government, under the Ahidjo government and during the presidency of the latter, but also for those you have committed since November 6, 1982. Neither the law nor cunning will help you escape justice.


In August 1984, Israel tested a weapon of mass destruction in Lake Monoun. The explosion that followed led to the death of 37 people in Njindoun near Foumbot. It was you who authorised the Hebrew State to perform the test in question. Two years later, Lake Nyos exploded for the same reason. Nearly 2,000 people died asphyxiated.


During your reign, you have deployed troops several times to massacre unarmed civilians who took to the streets. Before and after the 1992 presidential elections, thousands of citizens were shot dead. In the year 2000, 1000 others were victims of the "Operational Command" created by you. Heads also fell during the "hunger riots" from February 23 to 29, 2008. More than 100 rioters were killed.


There is no doubt that you foamed internally when François Hollande admitted in your presence on July 3, 2015 that there were "repressions in the Sanaga-Maritime and Bamileke countryside" from 1955 to 1971. He forgot the Mungo. In addition, he avoided using the terms "massacre" and "genocide" and suggesting reparations. Nevertheless, it must be acknowledged that it is the first French president to evoke the subject of the crushing of the Bassa revolt and that of the Bamileke in front of everyone. It's already something! The erection of the memorials of the victims is an aspect that must also be put on the table. It is a pity that Ahidjo died without being held accountable for these crimes. In truth, you have to be locked up!


You are an inveterate liar, a dictator who plays the democrat, a wolf in sheep's clothing. On July 3, 2015, at the press conference you and Holland organised at the Unity Palace, you said: "I am not at the head of the State by force, I did not take power in a dictatorial fashion; I have always been elected by the people, and at the moment I am finishing a mandate that was given to me by the people, and there were other candidates in this election, I won them [sic]." All is only lies and fabrications.


As you know, Ahidjo chose you as a dolphin especially because you used to inspire him with evil ideas. At one point, you pointed out to President De Gaulle and him that Felix-Roland Moumié, one of the leaders of the UPC, had an excessive fondness for sexual pleasures, and suggested to them to use a gorgeous-looking girl to trap him. The two Heads of State listened to your advice. Coming from Beijing via Moscow, Moumié arrived in Geneva on October 10, 1960. The Swiss Liliane Friedli turned his head at the Pacific Hotel and he missed the flight for Conakry. While waiting for the next flight, the beautiful contacted the French secret agent William Bechtel posing as a journalist. The president of the UPC agreed to give him an interview on October 15th. During the dinner-interview, Bechtel put poison in the glass of the thirty-five-year-old man that led him to his death at the beginning of the following month.


Another example: in 1964, you suggested that Ahidjo allocate a bonus for each guerrilla killed in order to encourage government troops and auxiliary forces. Your proposal was accepted immediately. Each guerrilla fighter's cut head was rewarded for 8000 francs! In 1964, you held the position of Special Advisor to the Presidency. Four years later, the tyrant Ahidjo propelled you to the post of secretary-general to the presidency. In 1975, he appointed you Prime Minister. Finally, you succeeded him on November 6, 1982, after he had resigned four days earlier. You owe your social promotion to your participation in the horrific crimes that were committed during the 24 years that dictator Ahidjo was at the head of the State. You were indeed an asset in the office. In conclusion, violence and dictatorship are the two factors that brought you to power.


I would now like to demonstrate the falsity of your claim that you have always been elected by the people. In the presidential elections of 1984, you were the only candidate. The same was the case in that of 1988. The UPC was dissolved in 1955 in East Cameroon, then in 1957 in Cameroon under British administration. It was forced to move underground. Over the years, the CU, which was renamed CNU in 1966, swallowed the other legal parties. The CNU defined itself as the great unified national party. So, long before you assumed the highest office, Cameroon was a one-party State. The CPDM that you created in 1985 is nothing more than the CNU in another form. In 1991, the people took to the streets to demand the restoration of the multi-party system. As you are an enemy of democracy, you appealed to the troops and the police who drowned the revolt in blood. Nevertheless, the people did not abandon the resistance, they paralyzed the economic activity of the country by means of civil disobedience, "ghost towns". In the face of its determination, you had to accept the principle of a multi-party system.


In the 1992 presidential election, you contested with other candidates for the first time. They were politicians of the opposition. John Fru Ndi was one of them. He was your dreaded opponent. He won this election hands down, but François Mitterrand, then president of France, stole the victory, because he did not want an Anglophone in power. You were declared winner. The people took to the streets, this time to protest against the murder of their will. Once again, you deployed troops, again blood flowed abundantly. Since 1992, you are an illegitimate President. Since then, you have mastered the art of rigging elections. On May 17, 1995, the Mitterrand presidency, of which you were, according to your own words, the best student, came to an end. You did not need him anymore because you had become a master. It is through the electoral deviousness that you won the presidential elections of 1997, 2004 and 2011. This is an indisputable fact. Whenever the result of the presidential election is proclaimed, one sees soldiers and heavily armed police in almost every city street. You use this method of deterrence precisely because you are a fraudster. Conclusion, it is not the people who give you mandates, but swindling.


You lie shamelessly. You like to throw flowers at yourself. The people cannot give a mandate to a candidate they did not see during the campaign period. You hide because you do not have eloquence. You use unfair methods to oust those who wish to surpass you. In February 2014, you granted pardon to a few prisoners, including Titus Edzoa who spent 17 years behind bars. You had him arrested and jailed because he had announced his candidacy for the presidential election of October 1997. He found the courage to break the prescription that you are the natural candidate of the CPDM. He violated this prescription rightly because it is a poison for democracy. If he was released, it is thanks to François Hollande. Contrary to what I said at the beginning of this letter, I regretfully advise you to resign from your duties as National President of the CPDM. This party would have the opportunity to acquire statutes that meet the requirements of democracy.


You are the shame of Cameroon. You appear in public always with false hair to hide that you are an old man. It's a lost cause! Even strangers see you as you are and not as you would like to be seen. On 3 July 2015, for example, a journalist from France 2 tells you the following: "You have been in power since 1982, which makes you one of the oldest Presidents on the planet." You had already spent 33 years at the top of the State and were 82 years old. You replied: "Does not stay in power who wants, but who can." An effective President does not need to spend more than two decades in power. He puts his political programme into practice and passes power over. He goes out through the front door. Had Nelson Mandela sought to be President for life? Benin's Boni Yayi had promised that he would not seek a third term. He kept his word.


When the media asks you if you are going to run for presidential elections in the future, you always give them an answer that leaves the public uncertain. At the end of October 2007, you were the guest of the Talk de Paris, a show from France 24. Ulysse Gosset, the presenter, asked you this question. In response to that, you say that the 2011 presidential elections were certain, but still very far, that the Constitution as it was did not allow you to consider another term, that it was premature to discuss the subject of elections, that Cameroonians would do better to tackle urgent problems such as the fight against corruption, AIDS and poverty. But three months later, you announced in your televised wishes that you were going to amend certain provisions of the fundamental law of which article 6, paragraph 2, which prevented you from representing yourself in 2011. On April 14, 2008, you promulgated the law relating to revision of the Constitution of 18 January 1996, a law whose Article 6 (2) removed the limitation on the number of presidential terms. You claimed that "the majority of the population" wanted the article in question to be changed, which is false.


On July 3, 2015, the same journalist from France 2 who pointed out to you that your name is among the oldest Presidents in the world asked you the following question: "Do you imagine that a new mandate would be welcome or do you consider passing over power with the thought that a retirement would be well deserved?" As already on the set of the Talk de Paris eight years ago, you remained vague: "The Cameroonian elections of 2018 are certain, but distant ... We have time to think, and when the time comes, Cameroonians, French friends and everyone will know if I'm a candidate or if I'm retiring." Since the beginning of the current year, your supporters, who are in the minority, are holding a number of meetings at the end of which they call you to be their candidate for the next presidential elections. As I said, these people are your puppets. In other words, you are the one pulling the strings. We already know your modus operandi.


If you had at least raised the standard of living of the population, I might be able to understand your desire to stay in power till kingdom come. The problem is that you cling to it while you are an incompetent, lazy, sleeper, empty shell. Lapiro de Mbanga was drumming this truth to the people. He was your bête noire. You have managed to send him to kingdom come, but the lyrics of his songs remain.


Since 1982, Cameroon has only made progress in reverse. You are an individualist, a narcissus, a vainglorious person. You become richer and richer, while the people become poorer and poorer. You are over 80, but the life expectancy of the Cameroonian population is 19 years. The truth is that you are not the man of the situation. You are a specialist in visual navigation, you do not see beyond the tip of your nose. The clairvoyance that characterised Ruben Um Nyobe, Felix-Roland Moumie, Ernest Ouandie and Abel Kingué are lacking in you. The lack of height of your thought led you to choose the wrong camp. You were badly off.


You have instructed the members of your government to trumpet that Cameroon will become an emerging country "by 2035". Here is another state of mind set. While your ministers tell your dream to the people, you make some "short private visits to Europe". Switzerland is the European country you visit the most, because most of your ill-gotten gains are there. Misuse of corporate assets is another crime for which you will be judged. The regime's big boys that you have been arresting under Operation Sparrow hawk followed your example. You have stolen more money than they all gathered. In 2010, the RichestLifeStyle.com website revealed that you were the fifth richest African Head of State, with a fortune that the US magazine ForeignPolicy.com valued at nearly 200,000,000 USD (nearly 116,300,000 FCFA)! What position do you occupy six years later? The first maybe? It would not surprise me if that were the case. You have often been criticised for your extravagance, but this has never led you to change this behaviour.


Until I got to the fifth year in secondary school, I thought you were an honourable person. I did not know you were a manipulator, a swindler, a fake token, a pretentious, a bad seed, a thief, a wicked, a big criminal. A saying holds that you have to know how to leave things before they leave you. If you had applied this maxim, many would never have known your true nature.


You are a tyrant, a man without morality. Your power is based on immorality, perversity, cruelty. Even in your sentimental life, you have done things that are punishable. In July 1992, at a time when the people were clamouring for multiparty politics, you eliminated your first wife, Jeanne-Irène. She had disapproved of the repressive measure you had taken and suggested that you leave power. But you were determined to continue shedding blood, to stay in power. Two years later, you married Chantal Pulchérie Vigouroux in second marriage, after you had liquidated her concubine named Churchill Che. I also put the disappearance of the parents and two sisters of Che on your account. Of course, Chantal Biya is an accomplice to these crimes.


Under your rule, tribalism, nepotism, favouritism and corruption have become widespread. Those who ask you to represent yourself in the presidential elections are indeed obscurantists. They do not like their homeland. It is your governance that has fostered the spread of above-mentioned evils. In other words, you are the source, the pathogen. Therefore, you do not have the ability to eradicate them. If you leave office, they will disappear on their own. In case you have prepared a dolphin, tell him that you were wrong about him, and withdraw.


You are not only one of the oldest Presidents in the world, you are also one of the best guarded, best protected. Contrary to what you believe, this over-protection is a very bad thing. This is proof that you are suspicious of the people. This mistrust stems from the consciousness of being an illegitimate Head of State. You are an inhabitant of the ivory tower, an enigmatic person, occultist. Even those who wrote your biography have never had the opportunity to meet you, hence the titles such as "The Biya Code", "The Secrets of Power". You are dumb like a carp. Moreover, there is research work on "The presidential silences". You communicate by silence, you are invisible as God, except that God is not wicked. But your supporters deify you, venerate you, which leads you to strut yourself like a peacock. Your way of governing is indefensible; it is opaque, and this opacity is a favourable ground for looting, shenanigans, crimes, cheating.


You like to read speeches. In fact, you never made a speech at short notice. You are incapable of it. What characterises the texts you read is their inconsistency. But it is a calculated incoherence, it is intended to trap, to fool the public. Take for example your most recent speech, the one you made on this year's National Youth Day. You say that you will industrialise the ten regions of the country and that the development of our agriculture will occupy a privileged place in this enterprise. You invite young people to benefit from this measure. Moreover, you let them see a fund named "Special Youth" with more than 100 billion FCFA, as a means to get them count on the government to achieve for example their agricultural project easily. But at the same time, you argue: "The land never betrays, do not be afraid to take the plunge, be agricultural entrepreneurs that Cameroon needs ... It's not a question of waiting to be able to muster big means. It is above all a matter of will and commitment. In agriculture, it is often possible to do a lot with little." Clearly, young people who want to start farming will wait for government support until the cows come home.


You own a large farm in Mvomeka'a, your home village. You showed it to Guillaume Soro during his stay in Cameroon in June 2014. What the President of the National Assembly of Côte d'Ivoire does not know is that you had put the knife under Robert Messi Messi’s (the director of the former SCB) throat, to get the money needed to create your plantation. Therefore, the realisation of a viable project in this area cannot be a simple matter of will. Suppose young people listen to your advice. Would they not be reduced to practicing extensive cultivation? They would swell the ranks of millions of older people who are already doing so. They would also work with archaic tools such as machete, hoe, spade. For what returns? In the villages of Cameroon, I see only peasants betrayed by land. Even where the soil is fertile, they live in garrets, which reflects their poor living conditions. In Germany, only 2% of the active population practice agriculture. They basically do intensive cultivation. We want our agriculture to be mechanised and our agricultural production to be diversified.


I already told you that you lack competence. The only sensible thing you can do is resigning without delay. Quit so that Cameroon can get out of the medieval situation where it is.


Bamenda, April 19, 2016

Hilaire Mbakop, Writer


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