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(Updated on 01 01 2024)


1- Introduction


In the teaching on Spiritual Warfare, we defined theft as a double sin: Theft itself, and wickedness. It is clear from this teaching that when you steal something from somebody, you deprive this person of his thing, and you leave the person in distress, in suffering, and in big problems. You are thus guilty before God of a sin of wickedness and a sin of injustice. If the sin of wickedness can just be confessed like other sins, God believes that the sin of injustice must not be limited to mere confession, it must be repaired. God, to solve this problem of injustice, has established what the Bible calls Restitution.


According to the Bible, restitution is the act of returning to the true owner, or to the rightful owners, something that was voluntarily stolen, or something that is illegally retained, or something found or picked up, but that the owner did not throw away. The Lord who had chosen to introduce himself to His people as the God of Justice had not failed to give clear instructions as to the management of things stolen and/or found. To be sure of doing no more and no less than God has required, it is important that we examine the Bible.


2- What does the Old Covenant say?


In the Bible, especially in the Old Covenant, God demanded the restitution of stolen goods, as well as lost but found items as we see in the following passages:


Numbers 5:5-8 "5The Lord said to Moses, 6'Say to the Israelites: Any man or woman who wrongs another in any way and so is unfaithful to the Lord is guilty 7and must confess the sin they have committed. They must make full restitution for the wrong they have done, add a fifth of the value to it and give it all to the person they have wronged. 8But if that person has no close relative to whom restitution can be made for the wrong, the restitution belongs to the Lord and must be given to the priest …"


Leviticus 6:1-5 "1The Lord said to Moses: 2If anyone sins and is unfaithful to the Lord by deceiving a neighbour about something entrusted to them or left in their care or about something stolen, or if they cheat their neighbour, 3or if they find lost property and lie about it, or if they swear falsely about any such sin that people may commit - 4when they sin in any of these ways and realize their guilt, they must return what they have stolen or taken by extortion, or what was entrusted to them, or the lost property they found, 5or whatever it was they swore falsely about. They must make restitution in full, add a fifth of the value to it and give it all to the owner on the day they present their guilt offering."


Exodus 22:1-4 "1Whoever steals an ox or a sheep and slaughters it or sells it must pay back five head of cattle for the ox and four sheep for the sheep. …4If the stolen animal is found alive in their possession - whether ox or donkey or sheep - they must pay back double."


3- What does the New Covenant say?


The New Covenant has not come back to this practice, although Zachaeus voluntarily decided to repair the damages he had caused to people. This is what we read in Luke 19:8 "But Zacchaeus stood up and said to the Lord, look, Lord! Here and now I give half of my possessions to the poor, and if I have cheated anybody out of anything, I will pay back four times the amount."


We have just read what the Bible says about restitution. Now that we are purifying ourselves and are preparing ourselves for the Rapture, we must not neglect anything that can withhold us at the last minute. It is also important for us not to allow overzealousness and ignorance to push us into many errors. For that reason, a good understanding of the notion of restitution is paramount. We will formulate some essential questions, the answers of which will help us to understand this subject.


4- Essential Questions


- Why did the Lord demand restitution?

- Who was to benefit from it?

- How was it supposed to be done?

- Do we still have to apply this restitution law?

- What needs to be done now?


All these questions are important to us, and their answers will help us to be in order with God regarding this issue, so that we should stop living in guilt.


4.1- Why did the Lord demand restitution?


It was to re-establish justice amongst the people that the Lord instituted the restitution of stolen or found properties. God's concern was that man should not suffer because his property has been snatched from him through theft, tricks, or just by finding the property and not returning it to the owner. This is what comes out clearly from the passages we have just read.


4.2- Who was to benefit from it?


In the law concerning restitution, God speaks of our "neighbour". It is obvious that what God calls our neighbour is neither an institution, nor a nation, nor an organization, but an individual.


4.3- How was it supposed to be done?


The question pertaining to how restitution was to be done has been answered in the passages of Numbers 5:5-8, Leviticus 6:1-5, Exodus 22:1-4, which we have just read.


4.4- Do we still have to apply this restitution law?


The answer is YES. We still have to obey this commandment, even if its application should no longer be the same as in the past, where it was necessary to return either the whole object by adding a fifth, or double of the stolen object, or quadruple, or quintuple, depending on the stolen object. The fact that the Lord has chosen not to mention it in the New Covenant does not cancel this law, given that God’s position regarding justice has not changed.


4.5- What needs to be done now?


Firstly: Endeavour to steal no more. Stop stealing. Do not put yourself in an embarrassing position with regard to this problem of restitution. You know yourself that restitution is a very embarrassing act. Avoid stealing in order not to face that kind of situation.


Secondly: All that you stole in the past must leave your home. Let no stolen object be found in your house, I say none. Any stolen object that you keep in your house can always be an open door to satan. You must therefore select all such objects. Those that belong to individuals, that is, physical persons that you know and who are still alive, you must ask for forgiveness from them and give them back their property. If those concerned are no longer alive and you happen to know their children, go and give the properties to them. However, if there is no child or any close relatives to whom the objects can be given, go and give them to a true servant of God, who will know how to dispose of them according to the instructions he receives from the Lord.


If for example, you are holding land, houses, cars or any other property, which you forcefully snatched from the hands of the poor and the weak, or which you confiscated, or stole, or obtained by forging the name of the real owner, or used tricks, or misused your powers or authority to have them, you must make restitution for everything to the owner if he is still alive, or to his family if he is late. Remember that if you remain in possession of these goods, Hell awaits you. And if after your death your family members do not return these goods to the real owners, it is also Hell that awaits them. So before you cling to property that does not belong to you, know very well that it is in Hell that you will spend your eternity.


But again, if there is nobody in his family to receive the properties, take them to a true servant of God, and he will see what to do with them before the Lord. Do not take the short cut of going to the servant of God with things when the rightful owners are accessible.


In the case where the objects you stole from individuals are no longer available but the victims of your theft are still there, you must meet the people and ask for forgiveness and offer to make restitution to them. If they accept restitution but prefer that you pay them in cash, instead of giving them the property itself, you must give them what they request. And if they accept to forgive you but refuse restitution, go and give the value of the stolen object to God as offering. If the persons concerned are no longer alive, restitution shall be done to their family, if they had any.


Generally, during restitution, if your victims demand for compensation because you had deprived them of their property, you must accept that condition. And if they say that their objects are worn out and insist on having them back in their initial state, you must comply with their requirement, for this is normal before God. When you have to return stolen objects, it is up to you to pray that the Lord should soften the hearts of your victims.


Concerning objects that you stole from institutions, organizations, or companies for example, you are not obliged to go back to those companies. Go to a true servant of God, confess this act and give him all the stolen things. He shall pray for you and offer those things to the needy.


5- People not to go to for restitution


There are people to whom it is not wise to go for restitution, even when they are still alive. This is particularly the case of sorcerers, marabouts, and any satanist. If you have had the misfortune to steal something from a sorcerer, a marabout, or any servant of satan, it is dangerous to go back to him for restitution. Instead, seek to contact a true servant of God to help you deal with this. Above all, do not take the risk of keeping in your possession any item stolen from a sorcerer or occultist. If you do, know that your life is in great danger.


6- Who is concerned by the restitution?


Any thief or swindler is concerned by restitution. Whoever you are, whether you are already a born-again Christian or not, if you have been involved in acts of theft, swindling, extortion, or corruption, against sole traders or individuals you are concerned by restitution. So this teaching is not just for born-again Christians. It concerns everyone. Gentiles too must understand that every act of wickedness is a curse. Theft, swindling, extortion, corruption, and abuse of any kind are acts of wickedness, and therefore are real sources of curses in the lives of all those who are guilty of them.


Some professions expose those who practice them to this kind of sin of wickedness. This is the case of customs officers, police officers, gendarmes, tax collectors, judges, magistrates, lawyers, politicians, managers of public wealth, and all those who are often involved in corruption and scheming of all kinds. All of them are under the curse, and are concerned by restitution, and must, if they want to be freed from the curse that hangs over them, return all that they have either stolen, or extorted, or defrauded, or embezzled, etc.


All those who misuse their powers to enrich themselves at the expense of their poor victims, are all under the curse, and if by misfortune they die without repenting and without restoring to their victims the stolen or extorted goods, it is in Hell that they will understand that the God who seemed not to be a God of justice, and who observed them doing their follies freely, is indeed the God of justice. It is after their death that they will understand that justice exists.


So if you practise any of these professions that I have just mentioned, or if you practise any other occupation that allows you to abuse the weakness of the poor and the weak, or to take advantage of the ignorance of the ignorant, know that restitution awaits you. Before you embark whole-heartedly on corruption and extortion of the goods of the poor and the weak, keep in mind that you will return everything, otherwise you will spend your eternity in Hell. And if you are like the Jehovah's Witnesses who do not believe in Hell, be stubborn; when you get there, you will believe it.


In some cases, if parents who have committed thefts, fraud, and extortion do not make restitution before they die, their children will be forced to do so. So if you have wicked and evil parents who take pleasure in enriching themselves on the blood of poor innocent people and feeding and raising you with the fruit of their wickedness, know that you are under a curse, and may be, in some cases, forced to make restitution for all that your parents stole, or swindled, or confiscated, or extorted.


6.1- Customs officers and tax collectors


Customs officers and tax collectors who abuse their functions to swindle and ruin the poor people to whom they are supposed to render a normal and free service, are under the curse, and are all concerned by restitution. They must return to their victims all that they have extorted from them; otherwise, Hell awaits them.


6.2- Unjust judges and magistrates


The wicked judges and magistrates who allow themselves to be corrupted into giving unjust judgments are under the curse, and are all concerned with restitution. They must return to their victims all that they have extorted from them; otherwise, Hell awaits them.


6.3- Police officers, gendarmes, and other security agents


Police officers, gendarmes, and other security agents, who exploit their position on the roads to defraud and ruin taxi drivers, coach or lorry drivers, and other poor little drivers who struggle to survive, are under a curse, and are all concerned with restitution. They must return to their victims everything they have extorted from them; otherwise, Hell awaits them.


6.4- Treacherous and wicked lawyers


Lawyers who allow themselves to be corrupted by their clients' opponents in order to make their clients lose their case, are guilty of a double crime, wickedness and high treason. These demons will pay in one way or another, for their heinous crimes. They are all concerned with restitution. They must make restitution to their victims for all that they have stolen from them and all that they have done to them.


6.5- Those who abuse their title, power, or authority


All those who abuse their title, power, authority, or high positions to defraud or extort people's property are all concerned with restitution. They must return to their victims all that they have extorted from them, if they intend to be saved.


6.6- Women who cheat and swindle men


Women who cheat and swindle men and get financed by them by falsely promising them marriage, and by pretending to be their fiancées, are under the curse, and are all concerned by restitution. They must return to their victims all that they have extorted from them, if they intend to be saved.


6.7- Men who cheat and swindle women


Men who cheat and swindle women and get financed by them by falsely promising them marriage, and by pretending to be their fiancés, are under the curse, and are all concerned by restitution. They must return to their victims all that they have extorted from them, if they intend to be saved.


6.8- Embezzlers of public funds


Contrary to what I have explained above by insisting on the fact that it is crimes caused to individuals that require restitution, know that there are cases of theft and embezzlement concerning governments, which also require restitution. When your act results in the misery and suffering of many victims, you do not escape the wrath and punishment of God. You are under the curse, and are concerned with restitution. You must absolutely return all the stolen public wealth, otherwise Hell awaits you. And all your children that you feed and raise with this stolen and embezzled wealth are all under the curse. You are warned!


6.9- Crooked, dishonest and greedy politicians


All these crooked politicians and other dishonest and greedy managers of public wealth, who empty the coffers of governments to enrich themselves while millions of people perish in abject poverty around them, are therefore all under the curse, and are all concerned by restitution. They must return to the people all that they have stolen, otherwise Hell awaits them. And if you have this kind of demons for parents, and live a good life on the blood of the poor, you will not escape. You are also warned!


7- Watch out for hypocrites


Understand beloved, whatever we do, we do it for the Lord and not for men. We are not interested in a show event; our desire is not to be seen by men. We want God's approval. For that reason, we must always act with common sense, and according to the word of God. Therefore, do not imitate the Pharisees who in their hypocrisy appear to be more righteous than everyone, and who ask you to do what they themselves are unable to do, and end up pushing you into errors to satisfy their ego. These hypocrites pass themselves off as overly righteous. Let me give you some examples:


7.1- First Example


The first example is that of a young girl who lived in a European country, and had not yet got her papers. Her Pharisee pastor, who claimed to be more righteous than everyone, and who believed to be one of the few to practice the teaching on restitution, told her she had to make restitution, and that the Bible recommends restitution. The sister then asked him what to make restitution for and how. That Pharisee asked her to go to the immigration authorities, and tell them that she was living illegally in the country.


The naive sister followed this abominable advice. In her ignorance, she obeyed. She went and did what the sorcerer asked her to do and the immigration officers arrested her on the spot and repatriated her to her country without giving her the opportunity to take any of her belongings. After spending several years abroad, she was sent back home like a thief empty handed.


Let me tell you that it will be very easy for a woman like that to curse God in her suffering and incomprehension. She will even believe that God had certainly set a trap for her. What she would not understand is the fact that she was misled by her Pharisee pastors. That's the disadvantage of being in false churches, and to follow ignorant and blind pastors who are mostly sorcerers.


7.2- Second Example


The second example is that of another Pharisee who said that she cheated to pass an exam and that when she started working, God asked her to go and make restitution. She therefore went to the authorities to give up her job, saying she had cheated in an exam; and the authorities told her they had never found an honest person like her. Beware of seduction!


This misinterpretation of the concept of restitution is very common in some Pentecostal sects that, not understanding the word of God, and not having the mind of Christ, think that it is by their own righteousness that they will make Heaven. Let us examine the following passages: Matthew 5:20 "For I tell you that unless your righteousness surpasses that of the Pharisees and the teachers of the law, you will certainly not enter the kingdom of Heaven." Ecclesiastes 7:16 "Do not be overrighteous, neither be overwise - why destroy yourself?"


We learn from these passages that we must seek righteousness, and live righteousness. The Lord expects our righteousness to be greater than that of the people of the world. And He says in Revelation 22:11 that we who are righteous, must do righteousness still. It is therefore clearly established that the Lord is committed to righteousness. This is still the same Lord who tells us not to be over-righteous. In reality, it is not even possible to be over-righteous. We are not even righteous, let alone being over-righteous. What the Lord is saying here is that we should not believe in our pride to be more righteous than anyone else, and that we should not imitate the Pharisees who seek to practice their righteousness to be seen by men. They load people with burdens they themselves cannot bear (Luke 11:46).


We must not imitate those hypocrites who are unable to do small things, but claim to do great things. Observing the Word of God is beyond them, but they give the impression of being too righteous before God. The teaching on restitution is not difficult to understand; it is the hypocrites who are too righteous in their own eyes who make it complicated.


8- Thieves of Tithes and Offerings


There are two categories of thieves of tithes and offerings: Those the Lord calls thieves because they do not give their tithes and offerings, and those who simply take the liberty of stealing the tithes and offerings that the Children of God have given. If for the first category one can speak of mere theft, or of greed, the second category goes beyond the simple sins that a normal child of God can commit, and reveals rather an element of discernment. Let us talk about these two categories.


All of you children of God who are guilty of theft before God by choosing not to give tithes or offerings in the house of God, understand that theft like other sins, will lead you straight to Hell if you do not repent. And repenting here means returning everything you have already stolen. Do not play with your salvation. Do not take the risk of being overcome by greed, only to find yourself in the fire of Hell for eternity. If you are one of those who always find some reason to steal God's money, know that you are on the way to Hell. Make an effort to restore everything you have already stolen, and stop stealing from God.


If every time you do not give your tithes or offerings to God, under the pretext that you have just borrowed with the intention of paying back, know that you are thieves in the eyes of God. Stop deceiving yourselves. You have no right to use the things of God without permission, even if it is to pay back. Stop greed, and stop having a covetous look at the things meant for God. Make an effort to quickly return anything you have already stolen. If you persist in not returning, and death surprises you, Hell has begun for you.


And all of you agents of satan, so-called children of God, who defy God by coming into the house of God to steal, take this message seriously. Satan has surely convinced you that Hell does not exist, and that he will share his reign with you. I want to remind you that satan is deceiving you. He has no reign to share with you. It is Hell that awaits him, and this famous reign he intends to share with you is the fire of Hell. So before following him you would better think again.


Remember that in order to be forgiven, if you intend to be forgiven, you must pay back all the money you have stolen, without a penny less. If you intend to escape Hell, every penny you have stolen must be repaid. And if you want to see before accepting, persist in not paying back, and you will understand it in the next few days.


For you, Children of God, I take this opportunity to give you an element of discernment. Know that no true child of God can take the liberty of going into the house of God to steal. No true child of God can afford to steal from the Lord’s coffers. So all these so-called children of God or leaders who take the liberty of helping themselves in the Lord's coffers because they believe that no one sees them, are either demons or demon-possessed. Even if the normal Christian in his moments of weakness can steal, none can afford to go to the house of God to steal either the offerings of the Children of God or any other object.


9- Thieves of objects in the House of God


Whether it is money or any other object that you have once stolen in the house of God, remember that you must return everything, and ask for your deliverance, in case you are not a demon. There are only two categories of people who can steal in the house of God: Demons and possessed people. If you are just possessed, repent quickly, return all that you have stolen, and ask for your deliverance.


10- Conclusion


In conclusion, remember that restitution is different from making reparation for all past sins. Restitution concerns the sin of theft, and should not be generalized to other sins. Never again fall into the trap set for you by these agents of satan who tell you to restore old diplomas obtained by cheating, jobs obtained by corruption, immigration papers obtained by incorrect declarations, etc.


Understand very well that it is simply impossible to claim to fix all your past mistakes. So, trying to twist the word of God and extending the notion of restitution to the things that God has not taught is a trap for those who teach these falsehoods, and for those who follow them. By so doing, in the context of the stolen and picked up items, you must put restitution into practice as we have just studied. And for other sins, you should repair what can still be repaired, or what still needs to be repaired.


So if there are past mistakes that you can fix without creating other problems, do it. Remember that our goal is to escape problems, and avoid any problems. Thus, whenever you can fix a problem without creating another one, do it. Do not especially fall into the trap of wanting to solve small problems by creating greater ones.


If you have any questions about this topic, or if you are concerned about restitution and do not know how to go about it, feel free to contact us, and we will help you. And if you are possessed, if you are still living under the influence of unclean spirits, if you are still bend under any kind of curse, and are seeking deliverance, first make sure that you do not have a case of restitution to settle in your life, before asking the brothers to pray for your deliverance. I recommend the teaching entitled "Deliverance", which you can find at https://www.mcreveil.org.


Grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love!




Dear brothers and sisters,


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The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you!


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