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Dear brothers and dear friends, we want to share with you this excerpt of the testimony of an occult grand master that will help you to better understand the principle of manipulation of the world by satan and his agents. This man went deep into the satanic world to the point of believing himself to be God. As you will read in this testimony, it is not only unbelievers who are victims of the manipulation of the satanic world, even Children of God are. This will lead us to review our way of life. This story confirms the teachings on "Spiritual Warfare" and on "Discernment" that we have already studied. We urge you to read this story, as well as these two teachings, if you have not read them yet. They are very rich. You will find them on the website www.mcreveil.org.


1- Beginning of the testimony


Our present earth planet is a realm of "psychic attack" and manipulations of the powers of darkness. There are only two classes of people here in this planet:


The first class of people are the followers of Jesus Christ, who live daily in perfect obedience to His word. This class of human beings are spiritually seen with a great light in their foreheads. In my related higher occult operations, I usually found the believers in Christ in any of the following ways:


- Firstly, as pillars of fire projecting thick smoke that could chain and destroy spirits and agents of the forces of darkness.

- Secondly, as people living inside a field of fire that protects them from any attack and harm.

- Thirdly, as people living inside an ocean of blood, which is the blood of Jesus Christ their Master.


The second class of humanity are the people who are bereft of the life of Jesus Christ. For without Jesus in the centre of your life you are definitely hopeless in this world. Without Christ, you are lost in sin. Without Christ, you will be lost in eternity. Indeed, without the light of Christ the whole world lies in wickedness.


Thus, the second class of humanity include all those who worship God without Christ, as well as those who believe in gods, cosmic forces, universal mind, first cause, tao, vishnu, sugmad, nirvana, krishna, demi­gods, etc.; all those who belong to a secret cult, club, fraternity or society; all the skeptics, agnostics, pagans, or those who practice witchcrafts, magic, voodoo, occultism, yoga, astrology, mysticism, etc.


2- Manipulations of demonic powers


2.1- Occult manipulation


By the word "manipulation" I am speaking of the process of using witchcrafts, occultic, psychical, or metaphysical power to influence, dominate, manage, or control the life of another person for a detriment purpose, whether directly or indirectly. Both the direct and the indirect manipulations of demonic powers produce the same result of satanic bondage in the final analysis. Consequently, direct manipulations is a "psychic attack" projected against a specific person or persons with a specific evil plan, whilst indirect manipulations is like a deadly trap set against people with no particular person in mind. This operates through the occult law, thus one who is under the power of sinful-life can fall into the trap and become a victim.


In the occult sciences, the mind of man has four fundamental faculties through which the human-spirit transmits consciousness to the body. The Bible revealed that man is a tripartite being with spirit, soul and body. 1Thessalonians 5:23 reads: "Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you completely; and may your whole spirit, soul, and body be preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ." The awareness of man in this world by which he thinks, speaks and acts in so many ways, originated in his spirit and is transmitted to the physical body through the four fundamental faculties of the mind.


When these faculties are working in their normal condition, your life will manifest righteousness, peace and joy. These will attract the Holy Spirit to come and protect us from the manipulations of demons, for through the constant radiation of the Holy Spirit in your life, the "magnetic field" of your spirit will be able to expel any external attack of demons. Nevertheless, whenever there is a dichotomy of the four fundamental faculties of the mind, the fifth abnormal faculty of the mind comes into existence. This is the "media of destruction" that attracts the demons to come and manipulate a person. It is through this abnormal faculty that one enters into zero point or illusion.


The zero point is entered through any of the five propensities of the fifth abnormal faculty of the mind. These propensities include lust, anger, greed, vanity, and attachment to mundane things. When we speak of "zero point", we are speaking of a state in which the life of a person is subjected to the lowest degree of the spiritual scale of being. In this repugnant state, an individual can be controlled, managed, dominated, or manipulated by the forces of darkness even beyond his awareness.


In the occultic manipulations of principalities and powers of darkness against people, the power of lust constitute 50%, anger 20%, while greed, vanity and attachment to mundane things are interwoven and each constitute 10%. All the sins that men commit emanates from these five propensities of the fifth abnormal faculty of the mind. Sin is the highest power that subjects one under the authority of satan. Remember that the Bible says "He who sins is of the devil, for the devil has sinned from the beginning ..." 1John 3:8.


2.2- Psychic gates


At this point, it is important to note that when one is in a zero point, all the gates of power of his body will be open for evil spirits to pass in and out. An advanced occultist can also project into another person through any of the psychic gates to manipulate him. There are seven psychic gates in the human body that are sealed by the power of God, but when opened through the abnormal faculty of the mind (sin), spirits can pass through them into a person to dominate his life. And there are ten psychic gates through which spirits of evil can come out of a person. The seven psychic gates in the human body include the anus, the sex organ, the navel, the heart, the throat, and the forehead centres, as well as the centre between the eyes. While the ten psychic gates are each of the two eyes, each of the two nostrils, each of the two ears, the mouth, the navel, the sex organ and the anus. It is important that one should always pray and cover his entire self with the perfect blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.


2.3- The god of this world


In the Bible, satan is said to be the god of this world: "The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers ..." 2Corinthians 4:4. But satan is only a temporal god, because at the fullness of time, satan, his angels and human agents would be banished into the lake of fire and brimstone. We must realize, however, that until the forces of darkness are finally eradicated from this planet, they will continue to manipulate and dominate the lives of all those who are not in Christ. It means that until then, no single minute on earth will be free from the manipulations and operations of principalities and powers of darkness. "... Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and the sea! For the devil has come down to you, having great wrath, because he knows that he has a short time." Revelation 12:12. Satan the devil has but "a short time" to operate against people, and as such, he is always impelled by time consciousness to accelerate his manipulations. Right now, every minute on earth is filled with different manipulations and metaphysical intercourse of esoteric powers. These manipulations and intercourse, presently operating on the highest rate of occult velocity, are designed by the "god of this world" to suffocate humanity through the illusion of mundane gratification of the senses.


2.4- The main battlefield


The earth planet is a region of spiritual battle. The sinners who have strange gods and who serve the demons have war in their gates, because they war against their Creator. The believers are in warfare against principalities and powers of darkness. Satan and his fallen spirits are fighting against the faithful and the faithless. To this end, life on earth is full of battle in all aspects. In every physical war, there must be a battlefield. Many people are aware that there is a spiritual war going on in this life, but some are not aware of the major area declared by the enemy to be the main battlefield. Your period of sleep or the sleep state is the war front of the manipulations of psychic attack against you, because this is the time the forces of darkness intensify their battle against you.


Apart from the state known as zero point, all the evil things from the forces of darkness, when projected against a person, can only subdue him in a sleep state. That is why any true follower of Christ wishing to always overcome every demonic attack must strive also to overcome much sleep. It was not in vain that Jesus admonished, "Watch and pray, lest you enter into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak." Matthew 26:41.


2.5- Astral poisons


It is for man's ultimate benefit that he is required by God to be holy. If you will realize for a moment the demonic manipulations against your life at any time you are in sin, you will then strive with all your strength to live the life of Christ. For instance, if you are a major target of psychic attack, some astral spirits known as "Aramau Astral Poison" (AAP) could be projected against you. The AAP can fight a person constantly for 1095 days before it could retreat. This poison manipulates an individual and subjects him to a zero point through any of the five propensities of the fifth abnormal faculty of the mind - lust, anger, greed, vanity and attachment to mundane things. When one is in this zero point, he becomes a slave of the forces of darkness. Many people on earth are subjected to zero point through sin, and because of this, they are under the daily manipulations of the powers of darkness. Therefore, such people can be destroyed at any moment. Only true believers have the authority in Christ to overcome the forces of evil.


2.6- The force of manipulations


Some time ago, there was an incident of a higher occult manipulation in Lagos, Nigeria, involving a man and his wife. This man married and lived with his wife for twenty-five years, and they had six children. One early morning, the man woke up, looked at his wife, and he was greatly bamboozled when he saw her. He began to ask his wife: "Woman who are you? Who brought you to this house? What are you doing here?" The woman thought that her husband was joking. "Darling, what is wrong?" She asked, hoping to get a mild reply from her good husband. But unfortunately for her, the man became highly exasperated and ordered the woman and the children to move out of the matrimonial home immediately. He vowed to maim her if she refused to move.


Then neighbours and friends gathered at last in this man's house. Some of them thought that the man had gone mad, because he told them that he was surprised to see the woman in his house claiming to be his wife. He also told them that he could only remember to have met the woman (his wife) as a prostitute about twenty-five years ago, and that since then he had never seen or met with her again. At this point, the woman began to cry, and at last, she confessed her occult manipulations against her husband. She confessed that she manipulated the man into marriage and dominated him through highly concentrated charms, by which she hypnotized the man and caused his spirit to live blindly inside a witchcraft bag throughout the twenty-five years of their marriage. She further confessed that the occult powers in her charms are revived once in every nine months, through a secret occult ritual.


Having lived with the man for many years, she thought that the revival of the charm was no longer necessary; hence, she did not perform the required ritual thrice, which was for a period of twenty-seven months. It was because of this that the forces, which sustained her marriage via the charms, totally expired, whilst the eyes of the man opened. The man came to his senses and could not even believe that he was married to the woman in the first place. That was how their marriage came to an end. What made this manipulation possible is the state of zero point - Sin! If the woman had kept strictly to the process made to revive her charms, her husband would have lived perpetually inside the boat of manipulations of his wife, except he is delivered by Jesus Christ.


For twenty-five years, everything that man did was performed under the force of occult manipulations. The true self of the man was locked up inside a witchcraft bag. As such there was no awareness, strength, or ability for him to resist or react against the forces that blinded his eyes. This is the true example of the repugnant condition of anyone in sin. It was not in vain that Jesus came. He came "that He might destroy the works of the devil". And until the works of the devil (sin) are completely destroyed in your life, I tell you the truth, you cannot escape the manipulations of demonic powers against your life.


I used to prepare some subtle charms for women to fix or rob in their private parts. With this charm, a woman could seduce a man of her choice into sexual intercourse. When this is done, the man is gone! From that moment, the thought of the woman will dominate the mind of the man. The man's willpower cannot resist this, because through lust the man had sold himself over to the charms of the woman. By the power of the charms, the man's mind will be focused to marry the woman.


When they are married at last, such charms can be revived by the food prepared by the woman and sexual intercourse with her. Consequently, for as long as the man continues to eat the woman's food and have sex with her, he will continue to live under her manipulations, except he is set free by Jesus. There are many married people living in this condition today. If a person is not in Christ, he may even live on earth for one hundred years or more, but all such number of years could be spent under various manipulations of the powers of darkness. Therefore, if you are not in Christ, be warned, because your whole life on earth including your education, marriage, business, journey, finance, health, etc., can be dominated by the enemies.


2.7- Sexual manipulations


There are three major mundane propensities used by mighty powers of darkness to daily manipulate the so-called development or advancement of humanity towards animal standard in every stage and degree of civilization. These are called "animal propensities" and they include sex, fight and food. We shall briefly discuss these three animal propensities, but let me start with the first - Sex.


Sexual force is the highest secret power used in demonic manipulations to dominate and control the thoughts, words, and deeds of the people of this world. In advanced demonic operations, sexual act is like fuel while lust is like fire. Therefore, as constant supply of fuel can never extinguish fire, so no amount of sexual act can extinguish lust. The powers of darkness manipulate every activity of man to revolve around sexual attraction. People are shackled by sex-life just as criminals are kept in prisons behind bars.


Illicit sex is a symbol of ignorance by which one could be kept constantly within the prison of witchcrafts manipulations. Of course, there is always a feeling of enjoyment during sexual act, which makes people to run after sexual intercourse. But that so called feelings of enjoyment is one of the greatest tools used to dominate a person and enhance demonic manipulations. Evidently, the people of this world have greatly advanced in the illusion of sexual enjoyment. There has been an occult plan in the realm of spirits (demons) designed to manipulate people and make it possible for men and women, boys and girls, to indulge in sexual act anywhere and anytime, even along the streets, just like cats and dogs - animals. But suffice me to say that any effort made to advance sex-life is advancement towards animal propensity. It is an advancement, which does not transcend the same sex life evident among animals. It is written in 1Corinthians 6:18-19 "Flee sexual immorality. Every sin that a man does is outside the body, but he who commits sexual immorality sins against his own body. Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own?"


Let me state once more that manipulations through sexual act is the greatest and the most effective tool used in demonic operations against people. There are millions of water spirits that use to combine with the fore of witchcrafts to manipulate and dominate people through sexual act. In the month of July of the year 1986, about 30,000,000 spirits in the water occult realms were sent to the earth as pretty girls, and they began operations as prostitutes in different nations of this world. These girls, who are demons in disguise, were sent to reinforce those that were before them.


There are three main categories of prostitutes on earth: The first category is demons or water sirens. The second is the human agents of the powers of darkness who are possessed by demons. Some of them wear rings, bangles, or talismans, while some use a particular colour of dress, pant, shoe, scarf, etc., as their symbol of initiations and covenants with demons. The third is the ordinary human beings, who are mere spiritual slaves of the powers of darkness. These are girls who are captured by demons or their agents and plunged into prostitution through various manipulations. Such manipulations operate via the following factors: insatiable lust, herd instinct, frustration, the get-rich-quick propensity, libido, greed, unemployment, broken homes, promiscuity, etc. All these are used for the sole aim of defiling and subjecting people to zero point, so that the people of this world could be easily manipulated.


It is written in Proverbs 6:25-26, "Do not lust after her beauty in your heart, nor let her allure you with her eyelids. For by means of a harlot a man is reduced to a crust of bread; and an adulteress will prey upon his precious life."


Note that the Bible says, "The adulteress will hunt for the precious life." The semen (sperm) is the symbol of the highest life energy, or precious life, in each and every person. This pure energy is so important in life that it must never be wasted at any time. It was made solely to be used by God as a blessing. Consequently, whenever one is wasting the semen through illicit sex, such as fornication or adultery, as well as through homosexuality, masturbation, etc., he also becomes a playground for demonic manipulations. Even the mere thought of sexual gratification also makes one a slave of the forces of darkness. To this end, the Lord Jesus Christ declared, "You have heard that it was said, do not commit adultery. But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart." Matthew 5:27-28.


2.8- Causes of barrenness


There are various demonic manipulations, through occultic and witchcrafts operations, used to cause barrenness in marriages. I used to manipulate some men and women and cause them to become barren. When this is done, it will be difficult for such men to impregnate women, and for such women to become pregnant except they are delivered by the power of Jesus Christ. Those in this condition are further manipulated to seek for a solution from an agent of demons and may thus receive a child. But such a child is still a representative of demons on earth. Therefore, please be informed that every so-called solution received through occultic, witchcrafts, or metaphysical operations is still a process of demonic manipulations.


For instance, you may be healed of a particular sickness by an agent of demons, but that healing is a manipulation, because the same sickness could reappear in your life as a problem in a different form. This example truly applies to each and every solution received via esoteric powers. It is only the Father that gives perfect solution to every problem of man through Jesus Christ our Lord. "Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning." James 1:17.


One's total spiritual freedom is important, and there is no true spiritual freedom without Christ, who is the bona-fide Master, Lord and Saviour of the Universe. Therefore, your journey of eternal spiritual freedom from the manipulations of demonic powers begins when you give your life to Christ.


2.9- Dream manipulations


There are different categories of psychic entities (demons) used in occult operations to manipulate people in the dream state. There is an occult art which I used to project elemental spirits against people who were under my manipulations. These elemental entities will disguise themselves and operate as masquerades, they will then begin to pursue or fight against the person to whom they are sent. Consequently, this dream experience is further manipulated to bring the person's life on earth into catastrophe and bad luck, such as bad luck in business, marriage, finance, education, or journey.


Further to the dream manipulations through occult operations, I used to combine the forces of witchcrafts with that of incubus and succubus to suck the blood of people in the dream. This is done through the release of semen. Several entities of the occult kingdoms feed on human blood. In this connection, whenever you are seduced to have sex or release your semen in the dream, it means that the forces of darkness have fed on your blood. Having sex in the dream with anybody is a psychic contamination with evil powers. This experience will bring weakness upon your life, as well as bad luck in various aspects.


Now, let me emphasize that the private part of any male or female that comes to have sex with you in the dream, including the private parts of the three categories of prostitutes on earth, are spiritual instruments used to suck blood through higher manipulations of demons and human agents of evil powers. To this end, whilst in the realm of spirits (demons), such private parts are prepared to be like the head of vulture, serpent, cow, or tortoise. And it is through them that blood is finally extracted from carnal people via sexual act, whether in the dream or otherwise. Of course, a demon, or a human agent of the forces of darkness, can appear in the form of another person to have sex with you in the dream. But in some occasions, the person that comes to you in the dream in this regard is the very agent of demons directly involved.


2.10- Manipulations through anger


Anger is a propensity of the fifth abnormal faculty of the mind used in demonic manipulations against humanity. There are different demons used in occult operations to possess and dominate a person through the manipulations of anger. They can possess and dominate the life of a person who is overcome by the power of anger and make him a slave of the powers of darkness. Whenever one is overcome by the force of anger, he is directly attracting the evil spirits to come and manipulate his life. Thus, it is written, "Make no friendship with an angry man, and with a furious man do not go, lest you learn his ways and set a snare for your soul." Proverbs 22:24-25. "A wrathful man stirs up strife, but he who is slow to anger allays contention." Proverbs 15:18.


In a state of anger, one can be possessed and used to promote the art of "witchcraft business". This can occur in different ways. For instance, in such a state, when one is dominated by demons even beyond his objective recognition, certain disease or sickness can be transmitted into him. Then he would be manipulated to further seek a solution from a healer, who is an agent of demons in disguise. Furthermore, the force of anger is used to impel humanity into fighting, which is an animal propensity. Now, this is another major area of man's advancement on earth. Through fighting or war among men, blood is wasted to the ultimate satisfaction of the powers of darkness.


2.11- The beginning of your total victory


From the foregoing, it is evident that sin is the major connection between man and the forces of darkness. Jesus Christ came to this earth to destroy the power of sin, so that those who believe in Him will receive total victory from the manipulation of demonic powers. It therefore follows that total freedom from sin is your beginning of total victory over principalities and powers of darkness. Please, do not forget this, but understand that there is absolutely nothing like a "sinful Christian." It is either you are a righteous believer in Christ, or you belong to the devil through your sin. "He who sins is of the devil", that is the verdict of the Holy Scriptures.


If you worship the sun, the moon, or the stars, you are of the devil. If you worship the so-called holy animals - beasts, serpents, or birds, you are of the devil. If you worship a deity, or if you belong to any secret society, you are of the devil. Furthermore, if you belong to any religion which is directly or indirectly opposed to Jesus Christ and the Christians, you are of the devil. If you sincerely fast and pray, go to church, or if you give money to help the poor, but yet you commit sin, you are of the devil. You may be a great evangelist, bishop, or pastor, or you may have a great role or position in the church but if you commit sin, you are of the devil, or a worker of iniquity.


Do not pass over this lightly, but always bear in mind that your sin is like a badge or identity showing that you belong to the devil. If you have this identity, it is only Jesus Christ that can set you free. When we talk of sin, we are talking of disobedience to the Word of God. As such when you commit sin, you are cut-off from the power of Christ. And the moment you are cut-off, you are immediately united with the devil, whether you are aware of this or not. To this end, the scripture says, "He who sins is of the devil ..." 1John 3:8. In other words, "He who sins" possesses the nature of the devil. And the nature of the devil includes falsehood, hatred, strife, fornication, adultery, envy, idolatry, anger, and greed, to mention but a few. Your faith and righteousness in Christ is the source of your daily victory.


3- The seven occult kingdoms


"For even if there are so-called gods, whether in heaven or on earth (as indeed there are many "gods" and many "lords"), yet for us there is but one God, the Father, from whom all things came and for whom we live; and there is but one Lord, Jesus Christ, through whom all things came and through whom we live." 1Corinthians 8:5-6.


3.1- Demons in the universe


There are seven occult kingdoms in the universe, which are the kingdoms of satan and the fallen angels. In esoteric metaphysics and mystical sciences, these occult kingdoms are never known as or called the "kingdoms of satan"; they are called such names as "the universes of god," or "cosmic manifestation", or "macrocosm," or "heaven-worlds," etc. Further to this, the spiritual entities ruling such kingdoms and the realms, planes, zones, etc. within them, are never known or considered to be demons. Rather such entities are called the "manifestations and expansions of the godhead."


3.2- The occult level of women


There are many higher occult manipulation used to keep women solely in level 999 of the Operation Starlight. Therefore, for many women, this is the highest mystical point they can reach. For certain occult confidential reasons, women are seldom allowed or appointed to gain entrance into the fourth and the fifth cosmic seals. Consequently, in the history of the operations of esoteric and occult powers on earth, only three women are known to have ever reached the fifth cosmic seal of the operation starlight. And in each occasion this was done for a very important assignment that "must be" operated by a woman.


Thus, the first woman to reach the highest mystical degree was queen Maha Maya of India (602 B.C.), who as a virgin gave birth to Buddha via sexual intercourse with some spirits in the Himalaya mountains. The second woman was mother Shipton of Scotland (1488-1561 AD.). Her mother was also a virgin who gave birth to her through sexual intercourse with a demon. While the third woman was Ogamisama of Japan (1900-1967 AD.), who was proclaimed as "saviour of the world" and who is still being worshipped in many parts of the world today as the "only begotten daughter of god."


3.3- The occult kingdom of the earth


The occult kingdom of the spirits on earth is called Devic kingdom in the mystical parlance. The entire occult kingdom of the earth is ruled by a female archspirit called Seraphim Visel. In Hindu occultism, she is called Bomy. She is also called mother earth, queen of womanhood, goddess of wisdom, etc. Visel lives in a spiritual city called Nu located in Persia, now Iran. In her spiritual abode, she is often seen as a cow, or as a twenty-five years old queen, but she does manifest in other forms. Within the occult kingdom of the earth, there are ten major zones of spiritual operations of the forces of darkness. Through these zones, the spiritual powers of Visel are projected to operate in the whole earth.


These ten occult zones of demonic operations are located at the following places: The Gobi desert around Afghanistan, Agam Des in Tibet, Himalaya Mountains in India, the Forest of Surpan in India, Vrindavan City in India, California in the United States, Ibadan city in Nigeria, Jerusalem in Israel, the village of Tabuse in Japan, and around the pyramid of Egypt.


3.4- The water occult kingdom


The water occult kingdom is ruled by a mysterious archspirit addressed as "Kaliya", who is neither male nor female. Kaliya can manifest in many ways, but often he is seen as a beast (snake) with sixteen heads and with a crown of light on each head. Kaliya lives in an occult city called Gupha, which is the headquarter of the water occult kingdom. The city of Gupha is directly located in the area called "Bermuda-Triangle," which scientists in America and Europe have declared to be a "zone of death". This is because whatever has travelled physically to the Bermuda Triangle has never returned and has never been found, such as aeroplane and sea-going vessel.


3.5- The horrible kingdom of fire


The horrible kingdom of fire is a mysterious and powerful subterranean occult kingdom. The ruler of the fire occult kingdom is an archspirit addressed as "Naga". He is proclaimed to be the "lord of death and of punishment", and he is directly in control of millions of mighty dark angels of death. ... During my advanced astral projections or soul travel, I used to visit the first plane of the occult kingdom of fire. But as for the second plane, the realm of punishment, one can only be permitted to briefly observe and not to project therein. It is a realm made for some of those who are truly dead physically on earth.


There are great occult manipulations and fallacy going on as far as the realm of fire is concerned. In the esoteric teachings received in the higher realms of spirits, the lake of fire is said to be a reformatory centre, where souls go following their death on earth to work out character problems. Consequently, it is proclaimed in the realm of spirits that those who will enter the lake of fire include the witchcrafts slaves or those who have received the mark of destruction upon themselves; the believers in Christ who are called "psychic criminals"; those who are not initiated into higher occult mysteries.


Thus, it is proclaimed in the realm of demons that it is only the advanced witches, occultists and disciples of grand masters that can never enter into Yamalok - the fire occult kingdom. And those who are in the lake of fire are said to be there for a little while, after which they reincarnate to the earth or to another plane. But the Bible says, "It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgement." Hebrew 9:27.


Another great manipulation that sustains this fallacy in the realm of demons is that when one is dead on earth and known to have truly gone into the realm of fire, after some time such a one will be out and seen again in the occult realms. Then such a one will finally transmogrify to a minute psychic entity and will be projected into a woman's womb to be born on earth again. However, it is still the demons who disguise themselves and appear in the occult kingdoms as those who came out from the lake of fire. Even when the so-called advanced mystics and witches have gone forever into the lake of fire, demons still disguise themselves in the spiritual realms and appear as such people, so as to sustain the esoteric thought that mystics, witches, occultists, etc. do not enter the lake of fire.


All these are specific manipulations are designed by the devil to deceive even the so-called advanced mystics. I have said before that the devil will first deceive a person before using him to deceive others. The Bible says, "The devil, who deceived them, was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone where the beast and the false prophet are. And they will be tormented day and night forever and ever ... And anyone not found written in the Book of Life was cast into the lake of fire." Revelation 20:10-15. Now, please be informed and be warned that hell fire is real! The Bible says, "But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death." Revelation 21:8. [...]


4- My cosmic initiations and operations


4.1- My occult background


Each initiation into any of the five cosmic seals of the operation starlight has different ways in which it could be performed. My first cosmic initiation took place when I was seven years old. I was born in my hometown, which is Isunjaba in Imo State, Nigeria. In my hometown, there is a predominating deity (controlling spirit) known as and called "Njaba". This deity is mysterious and powerful in his operations, and he is the major demon operating in river Njaba. My area is the custodian of this deity said to protect the central Isu, which include the former Nkwere/Isu Local Government Area. People from my area believe that it was this deity which prevented the civil war in Nigeria from reaching our area. This deity also has certain snakes called "Eke-Njaba" which are considered to be sacred serpents in my area. In my area also, these snakes visit people and live with them without harming anyone; even little children play with these snakes that only bite strangers. Before my full conscious initiation into occult mysteries, I used to see myself in the dream as the commander of these serpents.


My partial initiation started in the dream state when I was three years old. I began to have strange dreams. In each of such dreams, I usually find myself as a big python in the river commanding different forms of reptiles, birds, aquatics as well as the serpents called "Eke-Njaba". While in this form, I always meet some strange and unknown entities and spirits. And they constantly proclaimed me to be the commander of the spirits of Njaba; that I was born in this life to function as a principal agent of invisible powers; and that I must never disclose my dreams (contact with them) to people.


During the Nigerian Civil War (1967-1970) I was with my parents in a certain village located around River Niger in the Rivers State, and the civil war did not reach there. Indeed, while many people suffered hunger during the civil war, those in this area had enough food. Nevertheless, this village is a place recognized for witchcrafts operations. This is a place where one is either a witch, a sorcerer, an agent of satan, mermaids, a member of some cult, or a servant of the predominating demon called "Iyiojii". There was no single church there then, not even the Catholic church. And any ordinary person who comes to this village does not stay long before being maimed or killed. It was there that I came in contact with spirits. In my hometown, there is a cult known as and called "Okonkor". This cult operates the "Ekpo masquerade", which is the worship of ancestral spirits. My father sponsored my direct initiation into this cult when I was not up to eight years old.


4.2- First experience of astral projection


My first experience of conscious astral projection into the realm of demons took place one night in November 1971. In that experience, I had something like electric shock all over my body while I was still awake on the bed. Immediately after this shock, I found myself standing outside my body. Thereafter I began to run inside a big tunnel filled with darkness. As I was running inside this dark tunnel, I heard the voices of several spirit beings shouting: "Welcome! ..." I did not see any of them because of the darkness, but I continued running until I reached the other end of the tunnel.


4.3- How I met Sat Gopinatha


When I finally came out of the strange tunnel, there was a bright light. As soon as I entered the light, I saw an entity standing before me and with him was 120 strong witches. The head of this entity was also shinning as a great light. The Bible says, "... for satan himself masquerades as an angel of light." 2Corinthians 11:14. This entity introduced himself to me as "Sat Gopinatha". He then informed me that he is an "ascended master from the kingdom of god" who has appeared solely to bless and ordain me as well as to become my "spiritual guide" thenceforth, because of the spiritual works, which I must do. It was after some years later that Sat Gopinatha told me that he had appeared to some mystics in America and Europe as Saint Germain, and that he once lived physically on earth in the person of Sir Francis Bacom. After introducing himself to me, he emphasized that in due time, I shall be made to know the works that I shall do. As from that moment, Gopinatha became my spiritual guide in occult mysteries.


Consequently, Sat Gopinatha brought out a kola-nut, which is a human heart in the realm of witchcrafts, and gave me but he directed me not to chew it yet. Sat Gopinatha went further to strongly warn me and commanded that I must keep all of our contacts strictly personal and confidential. Then I took the oath of secrecy. And the consequence of breaking this secret oath was immediate death within seventy-two hours. After giving me this brief instruction, Gopinatha hit my head with his left hand, then I changed and became a python. He carried me up and we all went to a certain area where I turned again to a human form and became fully initiated into occult mysteries.


4.4- First cosmic initiation


During the initiation ceremony Gopinatha asked me to chew the human heart in form of kola-nut, I chewed it and immediately received the power to hear the language of the spirits. As the initiation was in progress, there was a fire burning in the centre of our gathering and I was asked to dance around it for 108 times, which I did. Then I passed through the burning fire for seven times. The blood of a man was brought and used to wash half of my body - my left side. The same blood was used to anoint my eyes and to set a seal upon my forehead. From that moment, I began to use new eyes to project psychic attack against people.


After washing my left side with blood, a demon called "Gaura" stood up in the midst of the spirits. As soon as he stood up, he received a secret signet from Tau and by the order of Gopinatha he entered into me and occupied the left side of my body. From that moment, this demon called Gaura became my "second personality" for astro­metaphysical operations of the powers of darkness. Gaura was commended by Gopinatha to remain with me till my second initiation.


From then also, I was called "Gaura" in the realm of spirits. From 1971 to 1992 when I was delivered by Jesus Christ, I never lived truly as a full human being, rather I was living as a human with my right side and as a spirit with my left side. Nevertheless, after my initiation I was once again changed into a python. Gopinatha carried me back to where my physical body was lying on a bed.


When he dropped me on the ground, I stood up as a human being and discovered to my amazement that I had three parts. In my tripartite aspects, I observed that my physical body was on the bed, that I was still in the astral body, and that my second personality (the demon Gaura) was standing beside me, with my particular form in all aspects. This strange occult experience soon ended when the three personalities merged as one, which is myself, whilst I returned to the physical awareness.


Right from that day of my full initiation and from that moment that Gaura possessed me, I began constant astral projections into different realms of the forces of darkness. And while in the astral form I could change into diverse forms whether big or small. Also I could from such a point project myself inside a tree or beyond locked doors, walls and other solid material elements.


4.5- Manipulations against police


Throughout the twenty-one years of my conscious occult operations, I was totally living in wickedness and in the negative essence of demonic manipulations. I was an expert in the art of manipulating people in different ways to get what I want. Let me briefly talk about the only encounter I had with police throughout my operations. It was in 1985 that I requested a certain company in Benin City to do a work for me, and I promised payment after the work. The director of this company did not initially agree to do the work, I used occult manipulations to cause him to do the work which was about 26,000.00 Naira, even sooner than expected. Thereafter, I refused to pay the money.


I fully trusted my manipulations, and when the company became full aware that I was not going to pay their money as promised, they brought police to arrest me. The policemen were two, while the director of the company, his driver and the company's supervisor came with them. That day I was with six of my disciples in my mystical sanctum at Adolor Street, G.R.A., Benin City. My personal plan was to follow them to the Police Station and then cause great manipulations there. But the demon working as my second personality reacted against this and immediately directed me to drive all of them away.


To this end, l told the policemen to go back and that I will come to the police station personally. One of the policemen which was a sergeant became angry with me. He shouted at me not to waste his time because the divisional police officer wants to see me urgently. At this point, my full demonic powers manifested. I projected many spirits against them that brought them to naught. Furthermore, I took up my mystical rod and wanted to maim one of them, for at that point they were all captured by my spirits, but they all fled away from my sanctum. Although the policemen vowed to reinforce and came back, I projected hundreds of spirits against them, which suppressed them including the company from coming to me again. That was the end of the whole matter.


4.6- Second cosmic initiation


My second cosmic initiation into the seal of Kal 666 took place in the temple of Katamisha of the water occult kingdom, in November 1975. ... Gopinatha appeared with Katamisha and two other demons. Gopinatha and Katamisha sat down in their respective thrones, the two demons stood beside them. Afterwards, a demon went inside a dark room and brought out a man who was in chain and naked. Another demon brought water, washed the man and covered him with white cloth. After that, the man changed and became a cow. Then I recited an incantation, after which the head of the man who had become a cow was cut-off. We all ate his flesh and drank his blood, while I alone ate the heart of the man. This exercise marked my second cosmic initiation. Gaura, the demon that was in me, left me, while a greater demon called Arapian became my second personality. It was then that I received the seal of Kal 666; then I was known as Arapian in the spiritual realms.


4.7- Strange thick smoke of the believers


As my initiation was almost getting to an end, a very powerful, mysterious, strange and thick smoke of fire forced itself into our midst, and immediately there was confusion among us. This was around 2 a.m. This strange smoke had the potency to chain any demon or human agent of the powers of darkness. Thus each and every one of us including Gopinatha and Katamisha strived to escape from the smoke. While we were escaping, Gopinatha ordered that we should trace the source of this smoke. Later on, we discovered among other things that the smoke came from a certain house in Nairobi, Kenya, where only five believers in Christ were engaged in prayers, and calling upon the name and the blood of Jesus Christ. These brethren were seriously praying and calling upon the Holy Ghost fire, in the name of Jesus Christ, to annihilate the forces of darkness in the land, in the air, and in the sea. They were calling upon the blood of Jesus to discomfit demonic operations. And they specifically mentioned that the Lord should banish any meeting of the powers of darkness in the water.


I saw and observed that each of these five brethren was like a pillar of fire out of which proceeded the powerful smoke. We did not see any of them like an ordinary human being. We flew from them without making any effort to further approach them. This incident revealed the potency of the prayer of the saints to me for the first time. Revelation 8:4 says, "And the smoke of the incense which came with the prayers of the saints, ascended up before God out of the angel's hand." This verse is an indication that the prayer of believers could operate as smoke. Indeed as there is no power in the universe that can escape the authority of Christ, so there is no occult operations in any realm of existence that can escape the spiritual authority of those who worship the Father through Jesus Christ.


The authority to live and move as a child of God is the highest spiritual authority that an individual can have in this universe. For many weeks after our experience with that mysterious smoke, my spiritual guide, Sat Gopinatha did not visit me as usual, whilst I was greatly bamboozled with the thought of why the prayer of only five people could totally overcome us and banish our operations. Before this time I knew nothing of the power of the believers, hence I became inquisitive to know more about the Christians and their power. However, I was waiting for Gopinatha to appear and clear all my doubts in this regard. I travelled to the realm of Gopinatha via astral projection, but he was nowhere to be found.


Though I knew then that I had occultic, esoteric and witchcrafts powers, nevertheless I was fully prepared to discover and to submit to the source of this greater power of the believers. While waiting for the appearance of Gopinatha, I still continued in the art of witchcrafts and other related evil works and manipulations with other human agents and demons. Then I was already a leader of thousands of demons and human agents. And there were many ways in which we used to work against many people in different parts of the world. For instance, I used to manipulate the business, marriage, finance, education, or health of some people and put them inside a spiritual box.


When the box is locked, I could command a witch or a demon to sit upon it in all of our meetings. When this is done, the business, marriage, finance, education, or health of such a person on earth will begin to fluctuate or deteriorate. We used to project and poison the food of people through the air, especially those who talk while eating. We used to spoil some business deals discussed between 8 p.m. to 3 a.m. And we used the tears of little children to poison those who beat or make them to cry, especially if such people are under our manipulations.


In March 1976, Gopinatha finally appeared to me. He commanded me to be fully prepared for a great spiritual war against the believers all over the world. When I questioned him of the power behind the prayer of the believers, he answered that I should forget about that for the meantime. He only emphasized on the battle against believers and warned me to continue as directed. Gopinatha however promised me that during my third initiation I would be made to know everything including the secrets of the Christians and what they stand for. Let it be emphasized that the thick smoke from the saints had in different occasions caused great confusion in the realms of the powers of darkness.


4.8- Astral conference in the venus planet


My third cosmic initiation took place in April 1979. It was then that I received the Shiva Seal 999. The conference was held in the great spiritual city of Retz in the Venus planet and was attended by more than 300,000 spirits and human agents from different realms. My spiritual guide was present. He briefly informed me that my question on the power of the believers in Christ would be answered by Elam. Elam appeared and addressed the conference. Part of his address was centred on the "mystery of Jesus and His religion". He also spoke of what he called the "jehovah entity". Of all that Elam said about Jesus Christ, the Christians and God below is the summary:


In his address, Elam informed us that the secret name of Jesus was "jesus ajonichim". He quoted a Bible verse which says, "... and he had a name written, that no man knew, but he himself." Revelation 19:12. He stated that ajonichim was the secret name of the second personality of Jesus in his second cosmic initiation of the operation starlight, and that the spiritual guide of Jesus then was known as master zadok. Elam informed us that Jesus is greatly suffering today in Kosa, an astral prison house located in the city of Retz. He said that this was because of the offences Jesus committed when he was physically on earth.


For instance, Elam stated that Jesus was a mystic of the second cosmic seal of the operation starlight, who broke the vow of secrecy, rebelled against his master zadok, and began to perform open miracles without the approval of the hierarchy of the cosmic forces. Elam proclaimed that because of these major and other minor offences, zadok neutralized the mystical powers of Jesus to the extent that Jesus lamented and cried at last, "My master zadok and the spirits of helois, why have you forsaken me?" He said that this was the real statement of Jesus and that the Bible did not give the true report of this when it says that Jesus said, "... My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?" Matthew 27:46.


Elam then told us that Jesus will remain in the Kosa prison for the next 300 years. He also said that Jesus was judged in the astral kingdom and cast into the Kosa prison in the year 72 A.D. Furthermore, he seriously warned that the same punishment meted out against Jesus is the same punishment that anyone who breaks the oath of secrecy must undergo. All these are the blasphemies of the demons against the Saviour of the Universe, Jesus Christ. "And he was given a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies, ... Then he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme His name, His tabernacle, and those who dwell in heaven." Revelation 13:5-6.


He emphasized that the followers of Jesus Christ are "psychic criminals, rebels and wanted men." According to him, this is because the Christians are "trying day and night to use the prayer force to free Jesus from his predicament." He declared that this is a great offence in accordance with the laws of the astral kingdom. He therefore directed and empowered each and every one of us to operate as an "astral police" and arrest such criminals (Christians) and drag them to the presence of Naga - "The lord of death and of punishment".


Elam declared that the arrest of the Christians would not have been ordered if they had stopped praying and accepted the fact that Jesus can only be freed from the prison at the appointed time. He also said that the proclamation of the Christians that Jesus Christ died for the sins of the world is also another offence, because Jesus did not die for the sin of another person but for his own sin. In this astral conference, Elam pointed out why the prayer of believers used to operate as thick smoke. He said that this was because such prayer cannot fulfil its aim of freeing Jesus from prison, thus it turns into smoke and begin to disturb occult operations. As a matter of fact, the address of Elam in this conference was the basis by which I greatly fought the Christians, thinking that I was doing a good work for both God and man. Finally, Elam commanded that we should be taken to the presence of the jehovah entity and jesus ajonichim in the astral prison, to experience by ourselves all that he had said.


4.9- Demons in disguise


I was one of the few who were chosen to visit the false jesus. Gopinatha led me with four others, while other spiritual guides led their respective disciples; we all travelled into a certain realm of the astral kingdom and we were led again into the Kosa prison to meet a demon named jesus ajonichim, who claimed to be Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I did not know then that he was a demon; I thought that he was the true Christ, because that was what I was made to believe by the forces of darkness.


This jesus ajonichim also spoke briefly to us and said: "I am jesus whom the Christians proclaim to be their master on earth. And I am the ajonichim whom they knew not. I am in this Kosa prison to atone for my offences while I was in your planet. Whosoever follows my path of misdeeds, verily I say to you, he shall come to me in this prison. ... Christians do not know this, instead they are trying to use prayer to remove me from here, and by this they add to my suffering in their ignorance. Therefore go and fight them, go and arrest them for their atonement."


I believed all that Elam as well as the false jesus said. And they formed the basis of my esoteric recognition in such matters. From the very moment I heard and saw all these, I sincerely believed that I had discovered the ultimate secrets of Jesus, and the Christian religion. I started profound battle against the saints in the understanding that I was doing a good work.


4.10- Third cosmic initiation


After all these, Gopinatha led me to the presence of Sagna - "lord of the astral kingdom", to receive initiation into the third cosmic seal of the operation starlight. Sagna "blessed" me as the sign of my third cosmic initiation - shiva seal 999. After my initiation, the demon Arapian left me while another demon called Aradia took over the half of my body again. Then my secret name became Aradia.


After my initiation, Gopinatha brought a form which I filled with secret oath and vow in the presence of Sagna. I signed among other things that:

1- I will cease to be on earth at the age of 43 or the year 2007 A.D, and that this would come to pass when I will physically enter into the ocean in Seme, Lagos.

2- I will marry physically at the age of thirty (1994), (but I already had a wife in the water before then).

3- I will have four children and that the life of the first born who would live only for three months, shall be used to exchange and sustain the wealth that would come to me at the age of 31 years - 1995.


Finally, I was crowned with the mystical crown of "lord Sagna". This immediately conferred upon me some rare occult powers. For instance, I was conferred with the mystical power called "astral memory and brain power". This is the occult power by which one could read, learn and understand in a greater dimension. Consequently, I could from that moment read a book of more than 500 pages and understand everything in it in less than six hours. From that moment also I had the occult powers to completely influence and control others; see physically without my eyes; vanish into the air when necessary; read sealed letters; transfer myself occasionally and live briefly inside another human being, animal, or tree; hear and communicate immediately with a spirit or spirits no matter however distance they may be from me; bend a strong iron with my eyes; render guns or knives ineffective when applied on me; overcome accidents and travel freely in the air, land and sea; use my second personality to appear in nine or more places at the same time; operate or command rain, lightning and thunder; and project alone into the higher astral realms without a spiritual guide.


At the end, I travelled into the astral museum to see all the major inventions of the past, present and future. I saw many strange things that are yet to be invented on earth. Then I returned to the earth, but when I returned I noticed that there was a certain ring in one of the left finger of my physical body, which I never had before. This ring bears the seal of the "ancient order of lord Yima". It was brought to my physical body by some "spirit-friends" while I was undergoing my third initiation. I used that to protect my physical body from that moment during my astral projections. Also I could close my right eye and use my left eye through the ring's hole to see whatever I may wish to see when I am not in astral projection.


4.11- Marriage with a demon


I was married to a water demon, who was visiting me physically on earth from time to time. To marry a spirit in the water is still a process of demonic bondage and enslavement. Sometimes one who is married to a spirit may not be allowed to marry physically on earth. But in my own case this was not so. However, women or girls were always coming to me, but they never knew that I was married to a demon. Some of such ladies were not also aware that it was against my mystical law to indulge in sexual act with women of the earth, except in my so-called "free period", which was 21 days in every 365 days. Even in such a free period, I seldom partake in sex life with women. To this end, I taught most of my girlfriends bad lessons, while I killed some of them.


For instance, there was a certain lady highly advanced in the art of black witchcraft, who had both male and female private parts in the realm of witchcrafts. This lady came and lived with me for nine months, but throughout this period I did not have sex with her. Her plan was to lure me into marriage with her, whilst my spirit wife did not like her. This lady was initiated into black witchcraft by her mother when she was two months old. Consequently, this lady and my spirit wife fought greatly in the realm of demons. Because of this, I was not happy with the girl, so I advanced a higher esoteric manipulations against her beyond all the levels of black witchcraft. I projected ten astral spirits against the lady and within five days they manipulated her to fight her senior brother. During this fight, her senior brother mysteriously cut-off the totality of her right ear, in fulfilment of my wickedness and manipulations. This poor witch has one ear now.


4.12- Fourth cosmic initiation


My fourth cosmic initiation took place in the first week of July, 1989. Elam, Gopinatha and other spirits appeared and led me into the terrestrial kingdom of the powers of darkness. When they appeared, Elam spoke to me and proclaimed: "Aradia! The way is prepared for thee. Now, you shall travel beyond the astral kingdom into the terrestrial kingdom. There you will discover the secret of secrets in the presence of Gotamy, and of Goo­Ling, and of the lord Ba-Vara. You will also learn the mystery of perfection in Azura. And finally you will meet with god. Then you will know that you are the lord of your life and the lord of those who shall follow you."


I was led for the first time into the terrestrial kingdom. I was taken into the presence of Ba-Vara, also called Shohang. There I met many entities that gathered to welcome me, among them, many of those who once lived and died on earth, such as saint peter, guru Nanak, buddha, mohammed, sri krishna, abraham, moses, etc. But now, I know that all these were demons in disguise. It was in the presence of Ba-Vara that my second personality (Aradia) left me, while another greater spirit called Omka possessed me and became my next second personality. After I had received the mark of initiation, Ba-Vara spoke to me and said: "Today you have begun your true journey to the most high god. And know this that we are with you always." From then I began constant projections into the terrestrial and Azura occult kingdoms.


4.13- Higher occult secrets


There are different kinds of mystical training in the Azura kingdom, but ultimately one is trained on how to manipulate the highest esoteric powers and become their distributive centre here on earth. After one's final training in Azura, and when he had received the fifth cosmic seal, spirits in the occult kingdoms will begin to use his image to manifest to people in dreams, physically, or otherwise. This is a higher manipulation designed to make people believe that such a "principal cosmic agent" is an omnipresent "lord." Now, this was the occult secret of the report of my being seen in different places at the same time. Some time ago, I received a letter from Chicago, United States; there a lady who knew me in Nigeria was thanking me for coming to heal her while she was in the hospital. But I never went to her physically as she thought. There are many other manipulations of this nature. Of course, they were done by spirits that appeared in my form.


4.14- Fifth and final cosmic initiation


My training in the Azura lasted till August, 1990. At the end of the training, I was led to the highest occult kingdom, called Kalami, and l met face to face with Chitanam, who is proclaimed and worshipped as the "most high god" of occult mysteries, and who is none but lucifer. Then I discovered the final mystery of esoteric consciousness. [...]


4.15- Demonic plans for 2000 A.D and beyond


There are major specific plans designed in the highest realms of the occult kingdoms to advance greater manipulations of the earth before and after the year 2,000 A.D. Such plans include:


1. To cause the continents of America and Europe to sink beneath the waters and to cause two mighty continents to emerge from the water with strange beings (demons) that are hitherto unknown to people of the earth. The eyes of such beings will be in the centre of their heads and they will finally live with men.


2. To make Nigeria the occult headquarters of the earth, hence the highest esoteric powers of the earth was moved from India to the United States and from the United States to Nigeria. This took place in July 1976, when two planets in the solar system (Mars and Jupiter) aligned with the moon in the seventh house of the astrological Zodiac.


3. To cause series of destructive catastrophes on earth that will lead to the death of several million people all over the world.


4. To cause an upset in the solar system including on the rotation of the earth, through the alignment of the sun and the planets that will lead to sunspots and heat waves, and therefore mental disequilibrium among millions of people.


5. To subject this world to a state of unprecedented tension, to the extent that several crusts of the earth will give way in varying degrees in every continent to cause shattering disasters in different parts of the world, through ocean mega waves, meteoric invasions, earth-quakes and volcanic eruptions.


5- Specific manipulations against believers


5.1- Soldiers of Christ


In every physical war there must be a soldier, the same applies in every spiritual battle. The only bona fide soldier on earth fighting against the powers of darkness is a believer in Jesus Christ. Anyone who is not in the righteousness of Christ is a spiritual slave or captive living under the manipulations of satan, whether he is aware of this or not. Christians are called the soldiers of Christ. It follows then that the moment you give your life to the Lord and Saviour of the Universe, Jesus Christ, you immediately enter into direct battle against principalities and powers of the occult kingdoms. This is obvious, owing to the fact that demons of the land, air and sea, does not want anyone to uphold the righteousness of the Son of God. Consequently, it is important for each and every believer to put on not one, or few, or many, but the "whole armour" of the Almighty God.


Take note of this point, for that is the only source of your total victory over the manipulations of the powers of darkness. It is only in the Bible that God proclaimed the condition by which we could overcome the "wiles" or manipulations of the spirits considered to be the "rulers of the darkness of this world". Such condition includes the fact that we must "put on the whole armour of God". This is the condition which a sinner cannot fulfil, for he is bereft of every ability in this regard. Let it be emphasized that no one who manifest the propensities of lust, anger, greed, vanity and attachment to mundane things will ever be able to put on the whole armour of God, which alone can banish the demons.


A sinner has no spiritual armour to fight the devil; rather he is a captive of the forces of darkness. A sinner is a servant of sin unto death. Indeed when you become fully aware of the various manipulations of demons against people, you will then comprehend that one without Christ in the centre of his life is nothing but a meat in the mouth of satan. That is why one must repent and receive Jesus Christ in order to secure the eternal protection of the Holy Spirit. For the Father cannot bestow His "blessed armour" of victory upon he who is not in Christ Jesus. One must receive Christ to qualify for the protection of God.


Arrows of wickedness and destruction are projected daily by satan and the fallen angels, against humanity, and none can overcome such ubiquitous empire of powers of darkness, except a true soldier of Christ, who does not live a careless life. "... No one engaged in warfare entangles himself with the affairs of this life, that he may please him who enlisted him as a soldier. And also if anyone competes in athletics, he is not crowned unless he competes according to the rules." 2Timothy 2:3-5.


5.2- Spiritual warfare


"Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wile's of the devil". Ephesians 6:11. It is only a true soldier of Christ that can overcome the powers of darkness. You are already aware that spiritual warfare is a battle which can only be fought in an invisible level. Consequently, carnal weapons are invalid in this connection. That is why spiritual warfare is very dangerous. Principalities and powers of darkness have diverse crafts, manipulations, weapons, systems and techniques with which they operate against people. And all these are within the invisible level. It is only he who has the "whole armour of God" that can be able to totally banish these powers. Therefore each and every soldier of Christ is daily expected to put on the whole armour of the Almighty God, so as to be able to pull down and annihilate the "strongholds" of concentrated powers of darkness, whether in the land, in the air, in the sea, or otherwise. That is our duty as believers. "For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds." 2Corinthians 10:4.


Principalities and powers of darkness are highly concentrated spirits well arranged in order and wisdom that far exceeds that of men and everything on earth to a greater degree. Without the power of Christ, no man can penetrate and subdue the strongholds of these highly concentrated demons. But with the power of Christ, the prayer of a believer can totally disorganize the concentrated "high places" and "strongholds" of mighty demons. That is why we are called upon to put on the whole armour of God. The spirits of the occult realms have specific manipulations against believers. Evidently, most of such manipulations are metaphysical in essence; thus if a believer is not watchful in the Lord as required, he will not be able to recognise them as demonic operations. Therefore, please be informed that it is only a God-equipped man that can boldly confront and overcome satan and his forces.


5.3- Battle against believers


The demon Aradia that possessed me as my second personality in April 1979, during my third cosmic initiation, was greatly empowered to work with me in my battle against believers. And after my third cosmic initiation, I underwent 90 days of secret training in the higher psychic art of manipulations against the followers of Christ, after which I became a "master" in my role as an "astral police," empowered to arrest Christians. During my training in this regard, I was directed to read the Holy Bible five times from Genesis to Revelation, which I did. I was also directed to attend the gathering of believers from time to time so as to manipulate them directly and thus counter the thick smoke of the saints that usually battle against our operations.


In January 1982, I travelled to the presence of Elam in the Venus planet via astral projection, and I was with Gopinatha. There, Elam directed me to operate on earth in the "highest rate of astral forces", and disguise myself and thus enter into a Christian work for not more than fourteen months of the human calculation. This was designed to bring me deeply into the secrets and mysteries of the ministers of the Gospel, who are considered in the occult kingdoms of satan the most wanted and the most prominent criminals. To this end, we fought greatly to weaken the ministers of the Gospel that we may dominate the Christian congregation. "... Strike the Shepherd, and the sheep will be scattered ..." Zechariah 13:7.


During this period, part of my spirit was sealed as a python in the Himalaya Mountains, India. In fulfilment of the words of Elam, I joined a Christian church at Kaduna, Nigeria. Within nine months, I was already operating fully in this church as a "man of God". I went for a six months course in a "Bible institute", and my entire operations in this manipulation lasted for thirteen months. "For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of Christ. And no wonder! For satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness ..." 2Corinthians 11:13-15.


Due to my disguised role as the "minister of Christ", it was easy for us to operate demonic powers against believers. I projected forces to manipulate and possess weak Christians. And I dominated the life of those whom I subjected to a zero point. I used the demons under my command to also possess and initiate some Christian sisters, whilst such sisters in turn were used to perpetrate sexual manipulations in the house of God. I was then a minister of satan transformed as a minister of Jesus Christ. I was a false prophet. There are still many people like this today in churches in different parts of the world. I used millions of spirits under my command to fight against the believers in Christ. Indeed, there are many weak churches and pastors that are under demonic manipulations. And most of the time my spirits sat upon the head of such weak ministers, whilst I dominated their pulpits.


In my advanced operations as an "astral police", I found that the blessed power of the strong believers in Christ operates via the following factors: The acts of righteousness, that is good thoughts, good words, and good deeds; constant and strong prayers and faith in Jesus Christ; unquestionable confidence in the blood of Jesus Christ; fasting from time to time; regular fellowship in the house of God; songs of praises and the preaching of the Gospel; perfect or sound knowledge of the Holy Scriptures. Having discovered the governing principles of the power of the believers, I began to counter their power through specific manipulations.


5.4- The weak ministers


In 1988 there was a church pastor living close to my mystical sanctum. I spiritually investigated the level of this man of God, then I discovered that his spiritual strength was in a zero point through the power of lust, even though he was married. Consequently, I decided to manipulate and dominate this pastor. I passed an occult decree to banish him from the work of God. Then I projected elemental demons in motion to fulfil this decree via an occult ritual. This ritual has to do with preparing certain remnant of food and keeping it for lizard to eat. I did this, and when a lizard ate from it, demons immediately possessed the pastor who was already under the power of lust. Under the manipulations of these demons based on my decree, the pastor stole some food items around us within six days from the beginning of this occult operation. He was caught and given serious beaten. He was also locked-up by police for some days. This incident was even reported in a weekend observer. At the end of the whole manipulations, the pastor did not continue again in the work of God. This is the result of not standing firm in Christ.


In May 1986, a certain Christian who was the secretary of his church visited my mystical sanctum in Benin City. We never knew each other before then, but he came in the company of his friend who was also my disciple in occult matters. As soon as they entered my spiritual centre, I led them into the sanctum. My spirits informed me that the other man was a Christian; I then projected or commanded forty spirits to manipulate him immediately. I was still talking to them when my second personality (demon) reported that this so-called Christian has no spiritual strength. I was still talking with them while I spiritually transformed myself and projected directly into this man through his anus. Then I examined his spiritual power and discovered that he was in the lowest level of power. All these I did in less than two minutes.


In this brief operation, I found that the power of this man was taken through illicit sex (fornication) and that the brightness of his aura was darkened through his constant association with my disciple. From that day, I initiated this man and he became my disciple in occult mysteries. "Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness? ... Therefore "Come out from among them and be separate, says the Lord. Do not touch what is unclean, and I will receive you." 2Corinthians 6:14-17.


There was a certain day that an evangelist who was also the pastor of his church came to preach the Gospel to me with another man and three ladies. I was highly exasperated because this pastor was bold to declare in my spiritual centre that my occult operations were the works of the devil. While the pastor was preaching to me, I directly manipulated him and discovered via my second demonic personality that he was already in a zero point. This was because one of the ladies he came with was his sexual partner in fornication. I also discovered that, that particular lady and another lady were higher occult agents of a water demon (the queen of Beta), and that they were empowered to operate in the midst of saints. When the two ladies found that I was a proclaimed grand master of the powers of darkness, they simultaneously made a secret sign of obeisance to me as an act of worship. The other man and the third lady that came with the pastor were strong in Christ, so that I could not manipulate them.


However, the two occult ladies had been fighting to manipulate those two true believers, but the two believers could not submit to demonic manipulations. These two were not full Gospel ministers, yet they were strong, powerful, joyful, and prayerful in the Lord. Nevertheless, I decided not to kill the weak pastor himself but to make him a slave of the demons. But because of the light radiating from the foreheads of these two believers, I could not fulfil this evil upon the pastor, thus I asked him to come back and pray for me. When they left the pastor did not want to come back, but my spirits manipulated him to come back in the evening of that same day, and he was forced to come alone. At last, I initiated this pastor in my sanctum and he became a slave of the forces of darkness. In turn, I preached certain occult philosophies to him, he accepted them and consequently became my secret disciple, while he continued with his church work. "Do you not know that to whom you present yourselves slaves to obey, you are that one's slaves whom you obey, whether of sin leading to death, or of obedience leading to righteousness?" Romans 6:16.


Throughout my operations with the powers of darkness, there were many weak ministers of the Gospel in different places who were not watchful in their dedication to Jesus Christ, whom I manipulated and brought to nought. Most of them totally backslid from Christianity, while some continued as lukewarm believers; I pray God to deliver them all, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.


5.5- The strong ministers


In all of our operations against the believers in Christ, there were many ministers of the Gospel that stood as mighty stumbling blocks against the demons. In August 1991, I was hired by some politicians to undertake an occult assignment in Lagos. While in Lagos, I lodged in a hotel for this operation. But the first day my operation was invalid because of a thick smoke of fire that came via the prayers of some believers. Then I discovered that the believers that spoilt my operation used to worship in a certain hall within the hotel. I ordered the spirits in my command to dominate this church, but the demons could not, rather they fled. Through their dedication to Christ, the believers in this church became a stumbling block to my operation. This was on a Saturday in which these believers observed collective fasting and prayers. The next day being Sunday, I entered the midst of these Christians during their Sunday morning worship, with the aim of disgracing their pastor. As the service was in progress, I ordered demons to kill the pastor immediately on the altar, but be demons failed and fled.


Indeed all that I did in my battle against the saints are too numerous to mention. However, the important point in this connection is that, while the strong believers are always great stumbling blocks to the operations and manipulations of the powers of darkness, the demons and their human agents in the other hand are stumbling blocks to the weak believers. I pray God to strengthen the weak believers and continue to uphold the strong ones, in Jesus name, Amen.


5.6- Manipulations unto death


In continuation of my battle against believers, there were many so-called Christians whom I manipulated unto death, because they were bereft of the protection of the power of Jesus Christ. For instance, there was a certain man who once boasted to me in Lagos that he had power in the blood of Jesus Christ. But as he was boasting, demons reported to me that the man was not free from anger and greed. Then I ordered fourteen wicked spirits of death to kill him. The operations of the demons against the proclaimed "believer" took nine days. It was within nine days that the demons struck him with an astral stone, and this stone killed him while he was asleep. Indeed a Christian who is not strong in the Lord cannot claim absolute and total protection of the Almighty God.


In 1983 the believers in Agbor, Nigeria, organized a crusade for a sister who was an ex satanist to share her testimony. In this crusade, the sister came and revealed certain occult secrets, for she was delivered from the occult level 999. I knew that by her confessions she was directly breaking the laws of secrecy of the occult kingdoms. Through her testimony, many girls whom my forces were using to manipulate men were delivered. From that moment, she became a major target of the spirits under my command. Few days after the crusade, I met with Elam in the Venus planet via astral projection. Consequently, Elam empowered me with a decree of death to kill that sister. Thus, I projected 600 astral spirits in motion to always move around her and manipulate her into a zero point. Again, I projected the spirits of death in motion to kill her whenever she is in a zero point. It took quite some time, however, yet by not being very watchful as required, that sister was finally possessed by 78 spirits of lust. Immediately she was thus possessed, the spirits manipulated her into an act of illicit sex. It was while she was doing this secretly that the spirits of death struck her, and she died within 72 hours.


5.7- Wolves in sheep's clothing


"Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves" Matthew 7:15. The wolves in sheep's clothing in this connection are the agents of the powers of darkness. This admonition reveals the possibility of the agents of satan coming to operate as "believers" in the midst of saints. For an agent of the powers of darkness to operate in the midst of believers, he must appear in "sheep's clothing". When the Lord spoke of "sheep's clothing", he was speaking of advanced hypocrisy, which include the ability of an agent of darkness to disguise and operate as a saint. There are many people, who are "ravening wolves", or agents of different demons, operating in different churches all over the world.


Women are more in this connection than men. The presence of such agents in Christian churches will always guide the demons on how to advance their manipulations against believers. It is only the anointing of the power of the Holy Spirit that can banish such manipulations. For instance, a girl who was possessed by the powers of darkness was once brought to a church for deliverance. A man of God came to cast the devils out of her. The demons of lust in her began to manipulate the man of God. Before the man of God could realize what was going on, his private part began to rise in response to the propensity of lust. At this point, this man of God stopped praying and said, "Excuse me, I am coming". He left and never came back to the girl. But another man of God with the anointing of the Holy Spirit came and banished the evil spirits in that girl.


The yoke of the powers of darkness shall be destroyed, not because of your ability to quote the chapters and verses of the Bible; not because you have a degree in theology; not because you are called pastor, bishop, evangelist, or otherwise, but "because of the anointing". In other worlds, it is only the anointing of the power of the Holy Spirit upon you that can destroy the yoke of the demons of our time. A man of God who has no anointing of the Holy Spirit cannot break the manipulations of the "wolves" in his church. There are many girls who are specifically prepared and empowered by the forces of darkness to wreck the men of God through the power of lust. Even eye contact alone with such girls can seduce a believer into lust. How can you destroy this yoke in the congregation of saints? It is only by the anointing of the Holy Spirit!


5.8- Manipulations of thought


Thought projection is an aspect of subtle manipulations of the powers of darkness against people generally, but here I will limit myself to the manipulations against Christians. Thought projection is a process of projecting certain thoughts to a person or persons, who may be quickened to manifest such thoughts in actions through homogeneous attraction. ... An intensified thought within the mind of a man in Nigeria can be received via homogeneous attraction even by a man in the United States, Japan, England, Egypt, etc. Through an advanced occult process, psychic force (demons) of diverse thoughts are projected in motion to strike, possess and manipulate the thoughts of people, and thus subject such people to zero point, through the final manifestation of such thoughts in their actions. The only way to overcome the manipulations of thought is to set your thoughts solely on things of Christ.


5.9- Manipulations of the Gospel


There are specific manipulations against the preaching of the Gospel of Christ, because it is known in the occult realms that the potency of the Gospel gives strength and power to the believers. Forces are constantly projected to manipulate the Gospel in five ways:


First manipulation: The first demonic manipulation against the Gospel is to make the potency of the Gospel to be weak. This is done by manipulating weak ministers and make them to preach vain theories, doctrines and philosophies.


Second manipulation: This is accomplished by making preachers to be weak in their spiritual life, to the end that such preachers may preach "powerless message" to the congregation of believers.


Third manipulation: This is done by causing dichotomy, acrimony, segregation, etc., in the midst of believers, so that the preaching of such believers will have no power.


Fourth manipulation: This is the demonic art of making believers to be afraid or ashamed of preaching the Gospel in public places, such as in schools, offices, or in market places, as well as while travelling, whether through the air, land, or sea.


Fifth manipulation: There are spirits of forgetfulness projected to strike believers in the morning of the first day of the week. When any of such spirits strikes a believer, throughout that week, such a believer will live under the power of sleep, and he will always forget the essence of the Gospel preached in the church. Furthermore, psychic forces (demons) of weakness and fear are generally projected against believers whether old or new. The forces of fear in this connection operates to make Christians live in the bondage of fear, such as the fear of man, the fear of enemies, the fear of tomorrow, and the fear of death, to mention but a few. The spirits of weakness on the other hand are empowered to manipulate believers to be weak in their prayer life. This is an important manipulation against believers, because it is through prayer that mysterious thick smoke of fire from the Christians operates to disintegrate the powers of darkness. Therefore, spirits are specifically projected against believers to make them weak and even sleep off while praying.


5.10- Manipulations of new believers


There are specific demons projected in astral motion solely against new believers. Such demons are commanded to fight against new believers through three major manipulations:


First manipulation: It is to make them think that they will live in poverty if they follow the path of Jesus Christ. Second manipulation: It is operated to make new believers think that they would become mediocre by following Christ, or that they would encounter extreme and irresistible predicaments, tribulations, persecutions, or disappointments on the path of Christ. Third manipulation: It is to make them become discouraged, doubt God's power in Jesus Christ, and finally backslide from the path of Christ, through diverse temptations.


5.11- The realm of thoughts and of satan


Vain thoughts, are always in motion against believers. When the spirits carrying such thoughts strikes a person, the mind of such a one will be filled from time to time with thoughts bereft of spiritual potency. Such a one will begin to gratify himself with vain thoughts that impel him to think of himself to be what he is not. And by this the person will live in a zero point. [...]


5.12- The binding of demons


There is a brief point to make on the exercise of binding demons. It is very important for believers to mention the demons they are binding. After binding such demons, the believer can also cast them to a specific location. For instance, one can mention and bind the demons of vanity, fear, anger, lust, forgetfulness, etc. If one is aware of certain locations of demons, one can direct prayers in such locations. But one must be a true Christian before he can prevail in doing this. It is dangerous for one living in sin to do this, because the moment the thick smoke of your prayer is noticed in the realm of spirits, you will immediately become a major target of attack of the forces of darkness.


The intensity of your holiness in Christ is the force that lifts up your prayer in all aspects. Even satan, must flee from you, if you are always in the presence of the Father and of Jesus Christ. Do not depend on your strength, otherwise you will fail. Do not depend on man, otherwise you may be disappointed. Depend solely on the keeping power of the Father, and live daily in the holy presence of Christ. So shall the Holy Spirit preserve you from all the manipulations of the powers of darkness.


6- My encounter with Christ


6.1- Confrontation with a servant of God


There was a pastor who greatly hindered our operations; he was the main spiritual obstacle in my occult operations. From time to time, I was disturbed spiritually by thick smoke of fire that came through the prayers of that pastor and other believers with him. Consequently, higher spirits of the occult kingdoms joined me to battle greatly against that pastor. I projected thousands of demons to fight and manipulate him, but the demons failed in each and every occasion. On a certain day, I led thousands of spirits to visit the pastor physically. The aim of this visit was to be at a closer range from where the elemental demons could operate on the highest degree. I also went to access him and to ascertain the level of his power, as well as to photograph him with a psychic camera. All these were to enable me to discover how to advance the process of demonic manipulations against him.


The psychic photograph which I took when I visited the pastor revealed that the pastor and those who were with him were inside an ocean of blood, which is the blood of Jesus Christ. The spirits with me could not enter, and they were escaping from me one by one. The demons could not stay to fight the required battle. When I found that many of my spirits had fled, and that I would fall on the ground if I did not flee, then I fled from the Servant of God.


6.2- A decree of death


We held a meeting in the occult city of Retz in the Venus planet during which a decree of death was issued to end the life of that pastor, and I was the principal human agent empowered to bring it to pass. I was to enforce this decree through diverse manipulations, one of which was to project the spirits of lie and fear to fight that pastor. These spirits were specifically commanded to manipulate people and use them to proclaim that the pastor is a "cocaine dealer". This was designed to embarrass him and make him to fear, so that while his mind is made weak through fear, the elemental spirits could strike him to death. Yet he overcame this manipulation and plan. "Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for My sake. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you." Matthew 5:11-12.


6.3- My last occult operation


Having failed in all our manipulations against the man of God, his case was finally taken to Chitanam, who is lucifer. Chitanam appeared to me and empowered me to bring the man of God before him. He decreed that this must be done within eight months from the day of the commandment. It took me about six months to be fully prepared for this operation, and it was approved that I should use Enugu for the operation as a neutral zone. After my total deliverance, some believers informed me that my coming to Enugu was revealed to them by the Lord, and that they seriously prayed against my operations.


The real operation itself took place in the presence of Chitanam. This was my highest occult operation against the life of any living man on earth. I projected to the presence of Chitanam via soul travel. Some of the so-called "living grand masters" were present. Many great spirits were also present. And at last Chitanam manifested as a man of about 35 years. Many things were discussed in this meeting, and each spirit and grand master gave brief report of his operations to lucifer. When it came to my turn lucifer asked me: "Where is that pastor?" I answered: "My lord, he is here". Consequently, I used the highest esoteric sound vibration called "The great invocation" to call the spirit of that pastor to appear in our midst, that I may have the right and power to take his life before lucifer and cause him to die on earth. This is the highest and the final esoteric process through which anyone can be killed on earth.


6.4- Strange encounter with God


As soon as I called the pastor through the highest esoteric sound vibration, his spirit was immediately expected to appear before us. But instead of his spirit appearing, a great white stone, with the radiation of more than the strength of twenty suns put together, fell down in our midst. And that was the end of my occult operations. As soon as this strange stone fell down in our midst, all the great spirits who were in this meeting fled from the presence of this blessed stone of the Almighty God. I attempted with all my strength to flee, but I could not, rather the spirit which was within me as my second personality appeared and fled. All the various forces with me manifested and fled. All my powers were gone. I was absolutely and totally empty. It was bizarre!


The consummation of my greatest surprise was when I saw and observed that Chitanam, who is proclaimed to be the "most high god" in the occult kingdoms, changed himself into a wild beast with many heads and fled from his throne of power. Even the proclaimed "most high god" could not stand the infinite radiations of this mysterious stone. However, I was unable to flee. The Lord ceased my occult powers to the end that I could not flee. It was for my salvation experience. As I stood empty and bamboozled in the presence of this holy stone, a mighty voice from the stone that could shatter the heart of the strongest man on earth proclaimed and said to me, "Surrender to Jesus Christ or you face the second death". Then the voice ceased and there was deep silence in the whole realm. I remained motionless. The mighty voice from this stone broke the silence and proclaimed again: "Have you not been wicked from the days of your childhood? Have you not known Christ for what He is not? If you will know Him henceforth for what He is, all will be well with you". At the end of these proclamations, the blessed stone of the Almighty God vanished, whilst at the same time I found myself physically on earth through a process that was not controlled by me.


6.5- Then I knew the truth


When I found myself on earth, I became afraid for the first time in my life. All my occult powers had gone. I made effort to contact spirits, but no spirit responded to me, they were all banished. I thought I was alone, and that the end has come for me. I was unable to eat. I subjected myself to serious thought throughout the whole day and night of Monday the 7th of September 1992. Then I knew the truth. I knew that: Chitanam is not the supreme power but the arch deceiver, lucifer called satan; the seven occult kingdoms are the psychic realms of the arch deceiver and his spirits; the jesus ajonichim and the jehovah entity whom I met in the astral plane were false personalities or demons in disguise; there is the true Christ whose plane of existence absolutely transcends the highest occult kingdom, and whose power is within and beyond space, time, energy and matter; Jesus Christ is alive; believers are not "psychic criminals" as proclaimed in the occult realms, but servants of the Great One whose appearance as a stone banished even the so-called "most high god" of the highest occult realm of mystical consciousness; and Jesus Christ being the greatest power is true and worthy to be worshipped. I gave my life to Christ on Tuesday the 8th of September 1992. I confessed my wickedness in the midst of saints. And I believe that the Father has forgiven all my sins, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. [End of testimony].


7- Lessons to be Learned


Dear brother or dear friend, after reading this testimony, you cannot remain indifferent. It is urgent that you do something to stop being the prey of satan, his evil spirits, and his agents. Whether you have already given your life to Jesus Christ or not, you must react. Whether you are a simple child of God or a servant of God, you must react. You must no longer allow yourself to be manipulated by the agents of the world of darkness. If the Lord has allowed this testimony to be made available to you, it is so that you wake up, that you come out of ignorance, and that you stop being a simple object that satan and his agents can manipulate as they please. What should be done?


7.1- Beware of accusations against true Servants of God


We have just read in the title A decree of death, that when the agents of satan do not succeed in finding a sin in the life of a true Servant of God, they try to fabricate lies against him, and to cook up stories likely to make him to fear, with the aim of destabilizing him and finding a door to get at him.


Whether you are a pagan or a Christian, you must pay attention to the various accusations that you hear here and there against the true Servants of God. These accusations are lies fabricated from the world of darkness, as you have just read in this testimony. These lies are very often things that never existed, accusations in which you will not find even 0.1% of truth.


The aim of these lies is to tarnish the image of the true Men of God in order, on the one hand, to discourage all those who want to follow Jesus Christ, and on the other hand, to destabilise the men of God spiritually, in order to get at them. Therefore, do not fall into the trap of believing the lies told against the true men of God, and never again take the risk of spreading these lies that you have not verified, and of which you have no proof. Know that the fact of falsely and consciously accusing a true Servant of God in order to turn people away from the way of God, is a sin that will never be forgiven, as we have studied in the teaching entitled "Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit", which you will find on the website www.mcreveil.org. Know also that spreading false accusations against true Servants of God, even out of ignorance, is a serious sin.


7.2- Close the doors to the demons of fear


You Servant of God, this revelation concerning the use of fear by the world of darkness to reach you, must awaken you. You are well aware of the fact that the agents of Hell spend all their time fabricating lies against you to discredit you. But you are often unaware that the aim sought through these stories cooked up against you is not only to sully your testimony. It is also and very often to frighten you, with the aim of destabilising you and finding a loophole to reach you. This element that God reveals to you is doubly useful to you. First, it helps you, on the one hand, to understand some of satan's plans that you have suffered in the past, or that you are still suffering from, and on the other hand, to identify the agents of satan hidden behind such plans. Then it will be useful to you to detect such manipulations from now on. It is therefore one more element of discernment that will be useful to you.


As we have studied in the teaching on Discernment, it is only on people who already call themselves born again Christians that it is easier to apply discernment. Here then is an important element that you, Servants of God, must remember. When you see so-called children of God cook up stories that will create fear in you, know that you are dealing with agents of satan. It is neither out of ignorance nor out of naivety that they do this. It is a well-conceived plan in the kingdom of darkness to destabilize and weaken you, in order to reach you. If you have ever been victims of such attacks, you will now know the nature of those who were responsible.


Be very vigilant from now on. You will catch all those so-called children of God who try by cunning to create opportunities to sow fear in you, while giving the impression of caring an awful lot about you. In the name of Jesus Christ, such manipulations will no longer work. You will catch all those agents of Hell who have sworn to get you by all means. They will all fail in the name of Jesus Christ!


7.3- Close the doors to semen-stealing demons


Let us now move on to the traps that await men, that is, male people. You understand after reading this testimony, the importance and value of your semen or sperm, and how satan and his agents exploit this against you. The world of darkness considers semen to be the symbol of the highest life energy. The essence of your energy is therefore in your semen. You must do everything to protect and preserve it. But how?


First, you must make every effort to avoid any sexual sin that would result in the release of your semen. For this, you must flee adultery, fornication, masturbation, and any other form of sexual sin.


Secondly, if by the grace of God you do not fall into any of these sins leading to the physical emission of your semen, do not think that the fight is over. As you have just read, when the agents of satan fail by their incantations to make you fall physically into a sexual sin, they organize themselves to attack you in your sleep, and drag you into spiritual sexual intercourse while you are sleeping. And when they succeed in this kind of attack against you to the point of making you emit your semen in the dream, they use it mystically against you, and through this attack, they feed on your blood.


You must therefore wage spiritual warfare so as to destroy all manipulations of the satanic world aimed at reaching you in your sleep. And if in spite of all your efforts you succumb to such manipulations to the point of letting out your semen, either physically or in a dream, pray and quickly cover all your semen with the blood of Jesus Christ, and forbid in the name of Jesus, the use of your semen by the world of satan.


7.4- Fight anger


After sexual sin, another danger that awaits the Child of God is anger. This former satanist teaches us that in the strategy of control and manipulation of man, the elements giving access to the forces of the devil are: Power of lust which constitutes 50%, anger 20%, greed 10%, vanity 10%, attachment to mundane things 10%. Anger thus occupies an important place as an open door to satan in the life of a Child of God. You understand therefore why the agents of satan always make the effort to push us into anger. It is not a coincidence. It is a well-planned strategy from their world. It is in fact one of the missions they have against the Children of God. So you have to watch out for that from now on.


This is also an element of discernment for you. You will be able to detect among Christians, agents of satan who disguise themselves as Children of God. As soon as you see so-called Children of God who, in their tricks, always make an effort to make you angry, know that you are dealing with agents of satan on a mission against you. Take all the necessary measures, so as not to fall any more into their traps.


7.5- Fight other open doors


The fact that sexual sin and anger are presented as constituting 70% of the access to the world of darkness in the lives of men, should not make you minimise or neglect the other elements mentioned, such as greed, vanity, and attachment to mundane things. You must flee from these things, and fight them in the same way as you will fight sexual sins and anger.


7.6- Seek deliverance


Let us come back now to what everyone must do to free themselves from the manipulations of demons:


If you are already a born-again Christian, that is, if you have already accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour and have already been baptized by immersion for the forgiveness of your sins, you had better free yourself completely from the manipulations of the occult world. You must absolutely seek deliverance. For this purpose, we recommend the teachings entitled "Deliverance" and "Personal Deliverance", which can be found at www.mcreveil.org.


If your deliverance case requires the intervention of a Servant of God, feel free to contact us. And if your case can be handled through personal deliverance, Take a moment of fasting, and pray to break all powers of satan over you. Beseech the Lord to deliver you from any sin that still holds you captive. Destroy all the incantations made against you, and cast out all the demons that still control your life. Take authority over all the satanic powers that still affect you, and free yourself from spiritual cages or boxes in which you would probably be locked up. Destroy the demons and sorcerers that would be sitting on you.


You servants of God, you must also ensure that some evil spirits are not simply sitting on your heads while their master dominates over you. Wage a serious spiritual warfare to destroy with rage, all the demons that would be sitting on your heads, as well as the chief agent of satan, who would be behind such an operation against you. Destroy them all, and close every door that is still open in your life.


7.7- Live as an overcomer


After your deliverance, you must ensure that you live a victorious life. Cover yourself every day with the blood of Jesus and order that any agent of satan who will try to enter in you be destroyed by the fire of the Holy Spirit, in the name of Jesus Christ. Do everything you can to close the door to all sin in your life, and embark now on a real life of prayer and worship. Confess your sins as soon as you commit them, without waiting.


If you happen to commit a sexual sin, do not let embarrassment and shame ruin your victorious life. Report it so that you can be helped. Remember very well that a true child of God never finds himself in a sexual sin because he is happy to tempt God or even just to sin against God. It is always as a result of great and intense manipulations of the world of darkness as we have just read, that this happens. So do not be ashamed to speak out about it in order to be helped and rescued.


Do not be ashamed, no true Servant of God will laugh at you. True Servants of God understand how the world of darkness works. They are well aware of the multiple and intense manipulations that the people of God undergo. When you fall into this kind of trap of satan, do not wait long before reporting it. The longer you wait, the more your life is in danger. The satanic spirits at any time, can exploit your state of spiritual weakness, and destroy you.


7.8- Avoid meetings with satanists


Another lesson you must remember is that when satanists ask to meet you, it is to test the level of your power. This is always an opportunity for them to approach you to better attack you. Do not accept any meeting with agents of satan who ask to meet you, unless you consider this meeting necessary and justified. And when you believe that such a meeting is justified, wage a serious spiritual warfare before going there, and never go alone. Always be accompanied by one or more other serious brothers. You must therefore wage serious spiritual warfare whenever an agent of satan asks to meet you, or when someone you do not know seeks to meet you, supposedly to listen to the Gospel, or for some spiritual help. Watch out for this, and do not be careless.


You true Children of God, you born-again Christians who fear God with all your heart, wake up now, and make the war against the manipulations of the world of darkness your daily fight. Make a personal commitment to never again passively suffer the manipulations of the satanic world. Regularly undo every manipulation of satan's agents against you. Regularly destroy all evil spirits and agents of satan who plan satanic manipulations against you.


Whenever you have any case to settle with a third person, or any matter to handle either at the level of police or justice, or any other transaction involving other people, do not forget that the agents of satan make incantations so that you suffer failures. You must always, first take the time to wage the spiritual warfare and destroy all manipulations that will be made against you and against all those who will be involved in this case or in this transaction, before launching the physical fight, that is, before dealing with the case in question. Be watchful to this end with all perseverance.


Always take the time to destroy all the demons sent to overturn your plans. Every time, you must cut off all the hordes of evil spirits that surround you. "All the nations surrounded me, but in the name of the Lord I cut them off." Psalm 118:10.


7.9- Accept Jesus Christ and become a child of God


You who are not yet a born-again Christian, you who have not yet made Jesus Christ your Master, your Lord and personal Saviour, know that your life is in danger. Satan at any time can get you very easily. If those who have already accepted Jesus Christ, who have been baptized in water and are even baptized in the Holy Spirit, and who enjoy the protection of the Holy Spirit, are not totally safe from the manipulations of the satanic world, what would become of you who have no protection? Accept Jesus Christ and become a child of God to shelter yourself from the manipulations of satan and his agents. We invite you to read the teaching entitled "Water Baptism", which explains how to give your life to Jesus Christ. You will find it on the website www.mcreveil.org.


7.10- Leave the camp of satan


All you sorcerers, you native doctors, and other agents of satan, you who are in satanic sects and other esoteric lodges, you missionaries of the satanic world in churches, you who serve satan believing that he is the greatest power, know that you are in error. It is Jesus Christ who is the greatest power. Jesus Christ is the Almighty God. Renounce the camp of satan, while there is still time. Confess all your satanic works, and accept Jesus Christ as your new Master, and He will change your life. We recommend the teaching entitled "How to Leave the Camp of satan" which you will find on the website www.mcreveil.org.


Grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love!




Dear brothers and sisters,


If you have run away from fake churches and would like to know what to do, here are the two options available to you:


1- See if around you there are some other children of God who fear God and desire to live according to the Sound Doctrine. If you find any, feel free to join them.


2- If you do not find one and wish to join us, our doors are open to you. The only thing we will ask you to do is to first read all the Teachings that the Lord has given us, and which are on our website www.mcreveil.org, to reassure yourself that they are in conformity with the Bible. If you find them in accordance with the Bible, and are ready to submit to Jesus Christ, and live by the demands of His word, we will gladly welcome you.


The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you!


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