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(Updated on 01 01 2024)


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Dear friends, we have found it necessary to put at your disposal this testimony of Angelica, an 18 year old girl from Ecuador in Latin America, who was taken by the Lord Jesus Christ to visit Hell and the Kingdom of Heaven, for 23 hours. This is quite an inspiring testimony. Please read it, and also make the effort to share it around you, in order to warn the maximum number of people. God bless you!


Angelica witnessed Jesus weeping as He overlooked multitudes of souls lost forever, a world that has rejected Him, a Church that is mostly unprepared for Him, a people that have stopped witnessing to the lost, and an entertainment industry that even lures children to satan. She saw many celebrities suffering in Hell: singers, entertainers, artists, and even the pope. She was also shown how the Kingdom of Heaven is all wonderfully prepared and ready, an unimaginable glorious place, where no evil exists. Though Jesus is ONLY coming back for a Holy People, and many of God’s Children will not be ready on that day, and will be left behind in a world that will fall apart.


1- Death


During prayer, I felt shortness of breath; I couldn’t breathe. I felt a pain in my abdomen and in my heart. I felt my blood going dormant and tremendous pain all over my body. All I could say was, "Lord, give me strength, give me strength!" because I felt I couldn’t go on. I had no strength, it was leaving me! When I looked up to Heaven with my spiritual eyes, I saw Heaven opening up. I saw angels, not two nor ten, but millions of them gathering together. In the midst of the millions of angels, I saw a Light, 10,000 times brighter than the sun. And I said, "Lord is it You coming?"


Jesus was coming down, and I felt my body dying. As Jesus and the Angels got closer, I felt I was leaving, that I was no longer myself. I was no longer alive, I was dying, and it was agonizing! When my body fell to the floor, they were already there. My house was full of angels, and in the midst of the angels I saw a Light, stronger than the sun! It was very difficult; I felt tremendous pain, as if my soul and spirit were being torn away. I was crying and screaming, as I saw my body on the floor. I asked, "Lord, what is happening? What is happening?" I wanted to touch my body and get inside it again, but when I tried, it was like grabbing the air: I couldn’t touch it. My hand went straight through it. None of those who were praying there could hear me! And I shouted, "Lord, help me!"


At that moment I hear the Lord’s voice, a beautiful voice, a voice like thunder, a voice full of love saying, "Fear not, daughter, for I am Jehovah, your God, and I have come here to show you what I have promised you. Arise, for I am Jehovah, who holds you by your right hand and tells you, fear not, I will help you." Suddenly, I arose. I had been kneeling down, looking at my body, wanting to get back in but not being able to. When I heard His voice, fear left me, and I was no longer scared. As I started walking, the angels began to open a path. There was a strong light shining, and as I gazed at it, I felt peace. As I looked, I saw a beautiful, tall, elegant, muscular man. Light was projecting from Him. There was too much light for me to see His face! But I could see His beautiful hair of brilliant gold and a white garment with a wide golden girdle that crossed His chest. It read, "King of kings and Lord of lords."


I looked at His feet, He was wearing shiny golden sandals, of brilliant gold. He was so beautiful! He extended His hand to me. When I took His hand, it wasn’t like when I touched my body, my hand did not go through it. I asked, "What is happening?" And He said, "I am going to show you Hell, so that you return and tell humanity that Hell is real; that Hell exists. And also, My glory will I show you, for you to tell My people to be prepared, for My glory is real and I am real." He said, "Daughter, do not fear"- He said it again and I said, "Lord, it’s just that I want to go to Heaven, but not Hell, because I’ve heard that it’s horrible!" He said, "Daughter, I will be with you. I will not leave you in that place and I am going to show you that place because there are many who know that Hell exists, but they have no fear. They believe it’s a game, that Hell is a joke, and many don’t know about it. That is why I am going to show you that place, because there are more that perish than those that are entering My glory."


When He said that, I could see tears streaming down to His garments. I asked Him, "Lord, why are you crying?" He replied, "Daughter, because there are more that perish, and I will show you this, so that you will go and tell the truth and so that you will not return to that place."


2- Hell


Suddenly, as He was speaking, everything started to move. The earth shook and split open, and I saw a very dark hole below. We were standing on a sort of rock with angels surrounding us. I said, "Lord, I don’t want to go to that place!" He said, "Daughter, do not fear for I am with you." In a split second we descended into the dark hole. I tried to see but there was a terrible darkness. I did see a huge circle, and hear millions of voices. I was so hot, I felt my skin burning. I asked, "Lord, what is this? I don’t want to go to this place!" The Lord said that this was just the tunnel to Hell. There was a horrible, repulsive and nauseating smell, and I begged Jesus not to take me. He responded, "Daughter, it is necessary for you to come and know this place." I cried, "But why, Lord, why?" And He said, "so that you can tell the truth to humanity; humanity perishes, it’s lost and few are entering My Kingdom." (Matthew 7:14). In saying this, He would weep. His words strengthened and encouraged me, so I continued walking.


We arrived at the end of a tunnel, when I looked down I saw an abyss covered in flames. The Lord said "Daughter, I give this to you." It was a large binder with blank sheets of paper. "Daughter, take this pencil so that you can write all that I will show you, what you will see and hear. You will write everything as you are observing it, as you will live it." I said, "Lord, I will do it, but what I have already seen is enough, Lord. I am seeing souls being tormented in immense flames."


I told Jesus, "I will testify that Hell is real, that Hell exists, but take me out of here now!" And He replied, "Daughter, we haven’t even entered that place, and I have shown you nothing yet, and already you want Me to take you out of this place?" "Lord, please take me out of here," I said. Then we started to descend into the abyss! I started to cry and scream, "Lord, no, no, no, no- I don’t want to go!" and He would reply, "You need to see this."


I saw horrible demons, of all types, both large and small. They were running so fast, and carrying something in their hands. "Lord, why are they running like that and what are they carrying?" He answered, "Daughter, they run that way because they know their time is running out, because time is so short to destroy humanity and especially My people. That which they carry in their hands are darts to destroy humanity, because each demon is given a name and according to the name that is given to them, they have a dart to destroy that person and bring them to this place; their goal is to destroy that person and bring them to Hell." And I would see the demons running and exiting toward earth and He told me. "They are going to earth to bring and throw humanity into this place." As He said this He would weep, He would weep so very much. He was weeping all the time and I would cry too. What takes place in this place is horrible. It is one thing to recount and listen to what happens there, but it’s another thing to go there and experience it. It was a very difficult and inexplicable time.


The Lord said to me, "Are you ready to see what I am going to show you?" "Yes, Lord," I said. He took me to a cell where I could see a young man being tormented among the flames. I noticed that the cell was enumerated, though I couldn’t understand the numbers, they seemed to be backward. There was a huge plaque in that cell, and the young man had the number "666" on his forehead. He also had a big metallic plate that was encrusted into his skin. The worms that were eating him were unable to damage that plate; neither did the flames burn it. He screamed, "Lord, have mercy on me. Take me out of this place. Forgive me, Lord!"


But Jesus would respond, "It’s late, too late: I gave you opportunities and you would not repent." I asked Jesus, "Lord, why is he here?" What troubled me most was the fact that I knew him. On earth, this young man knew the Word of God, but abruptly he walked away from the Lord, preferring alcohol, drugs and walking on the wrong path. He did not want to follow the way of the Lord. Jesus warned him many times on what could happen to him. Jesus said, "Daughter, he is in this place because anyone who rejects My word already has a judge: The Word that I have spoken will judge him in that last day," (John 12:48) and then Jesus wept.


When the Lord weeps, it’s different from the way we weep. He would weep with this pain in His heart and He would sob profoundly. "I did not create Hell for humanity," Jesus said. So I asked Him, "Then why is humanity here, Lord?" He answered, "Daughter, I created Hell for satan and his angels, who are the demons; (Matt. 25:41) but, because of sin and the lack of repentance, humanity ends here, and there are more that perish than those who reach My glory!" (Matt 7:14). He continued weeping and it would hurt me so much to see how He cried. "Daughter, I gave My life for humanity, so that it would not perish, so that it would not end up in this place. I gave My life out of love and mercy, so that humanity would proceed to repentance and could enter the Kingdom of Heaven."


Jesus would moan as someone who could no longer withstand the pain, that’s how much pain He felt watching the people here. Being with Jesus, made me feel safe. I thought, "If I let the Lord go, I’d be stuck here!" I asked, "Jesus, do I have relatives in this place?" He looked at me as I was crying and He said, "Daughter, I am with you," because I was so scared. He took me to another cell. I could never have imagined seeing a relative of mine in that cell. I saw this woman being tormented, she had worms that would eat her face up, and demons plunged a type of spear into her body. She would scream, "No, Lord, have mercy on me, forgive me, please, take me out of this place for one minute!" (Luke 16:24).


In Hell, people are tormented with the memories of what they did on earth. Demons would mock people and tell them, "Worship and praise because this is your kingdom!" and the people would scream remembering that they knew God, because they knew the Word. Those who had known the Lord were tormented twofold. The Lord said, "There is no other opportunity for those who are here; there is still opportunity for those who are alive." I asked Him, "Lord, why is my great-grandmother here? I don’t know if she ever knew you. Why is she here in Hell, Lord?" He replied, "Daughter, she is here because she failed to forgive… Daughter, he who does not forgive, neither will I forgive him." I asked, "Lord, but You do forgive, and You are merciful." And He answered, "Yes, Daughter, but it is necessary to forgive. Many people are in this place because they failed to forgive. Go and tell humanity that it is time to forgive, and especially My people, for many of My people have not forgiven. Tell them to rid themselves of grudges, of resentment, of that hatred in their hearts, for it is time to forgive! If death were to surprise a person who has failed to forgive, that person would go to Hell, for no one can purchase life."


When we left that place, my great grandmother was engulfed in fire and she screamed, "Aaaah," and began to blaspheme the name of God, she would curse Him; every person in Hell blasphemes against God. As we left that area, I could see that Hell was full of tormented souls. Many people would extend their hands out, begging Jesus to help them and take them out of there. But the Lord could not do anything for them and they would start blaspheming God. Then Jesus would weep and say, "It hurts Me to hear them, it hurts Me to see what they do, because I can no longer do anything for them. What I will tell you is that there’s still an opportunity for he who is still on earth, who has not yet died, who is still alive; he still has time to repent!"


The Lord told me there were many famous people in Hell, and also many people who had known about the Lord. He said, "I am going to show you another part of the furnace." We came to a place where a woman was surrounded by flames. She was in great torment and would scream, begging the Lord for mercy. Jesus pointed to her with his hand and told me, "Daughter, that woman that you see over there, surrounded by flames, is Selena." (The Lord told me that Selena was a Mexican American singer-songwriter). As we started getting closer, she screamed, "Lord, have mercy on me, forgive me Lord, take me out of this place!" At that moment she started to repent, but the Lord looked at her and said, "It’s late, it’s too late. You cannot repent now." She saw me and said, "Please, I beg you, go tell people about this, please speak out and do not be silent; go and tell them not to come to this place; go and tell them not to listen to my songs, nor sing my songs." (1John 2:15). So I asked her, "Why do you want me to go and say that?" And she answered, "Because every time people sing and listen to my songs, I am tormented even more, the person who does this, who sings and listens to my songs, is walking to this place. Please, go tell them not to come here; go tell them that Hell is real!" She would scream and demons would hurl spears from afar into her body and she would cry, "Help me, Lord, have mercy on me, Lord!" But sadly, the Lord told her, "It is too late".


I looked all over that area; it was full of singers and artists who have died. All they did was singing and singing, they would not stop singing. The Lord explained, "Daughter, the person who is here, must continue doing here, whatever they did on earth, if they had not repented."


As I was observing the area, I noticed a lot of demons that were spilling down some type of rain. I actually thought it was raining. But I noticed the people in flames running away from the rain and shouting, "No, help me, Lord! No, this can’t be," and the demons would laugh and tell the people, "Praise and worship because this is your kingdom forever and ever!" I saw the flames increase and people’s worms would multiply! There was no water there, it was brimstone that would multiply the flames and increase each person’s anguish. I asked Jesus, "What’s happening? Lord, what is this?" The Lord replied, "This is the wages of anyone who has not repented." (Psalms 11:6).


Then the Lord took me to a place where there was a very well-known man. Before now, I used to live as an ignorant young christian. I used to think that any person that died would go to Heaven; that those who celebrated mass would also go to Heaven, but I was wrong. When Pope John Paul II died, my friends and relatives would tell me that he had gone to Heaven. All the news on TV and other media would say: "Pope John Paul II has died, may his soul rest in peace. He is now rejoicing with the Lord and his angels in Heaven" and I believed all of it. But I was only fooling myself, because I saw him in Hell, being tormented by flames. I looked at his face and recognised him. The Lord said to me, "Look, daughter, that man that you see there, is Pope John Paul II. He is here in this place being tormented because he did not repent." But I asked, "Lord, why is he here? He used to preach at church."


Jesus replied: "Daughter, no fornicator, no idolater, no one who is greedy and no liar will inherit My Kingdom." (Ephesians 5:5). I replied, "Yes, I know that is true, but I would like to know why he is here, because he used to preach to multitudes of people!" And Jesus responded, "Yes, daughter, he may have said many things, but he would never speak the truth as it is. He never said the truth. Although he knew the truth, he preferred money over preaching about salvation. He never told the truth; he would not say that Hell is real and that Heaven also exists. Daughter, now he is here in this place."


When I looked at this man, he had a large serpent with needles, wrapped around his neck, and he would try in vain to take it off. He pleaded with Jesus, "Lord, help me!" The man would scream, "Help me, Lord; have mercy on me; take me out of this place; forgive me! I repent, Lord; I want to return to earth, I want to go back to earth to repent." The Lord observed him and said to him, "You knew very well that this place was real… It’s too late; there is no other opportunity for you."


The Lord said, "Look, daughter, I am going to show you the life of this man". Jesus showed me a huge screen on which I could observe how this man offered mass many times to the multitudes. And how the people who were there were so idolatrous. Jesus said, "Look, daughter, there are many idolaters in this place. Idolatry will not save, daughter. I am the only One who saves, and outside of Me, no one saves. I love the sinner, but I hate sin, daughter. Go and tell humanity that I love them and that they need to come to Me."


As the Lord was speaking, I began to see how this man received multitudes of coins and bills; money, all of which he would keep. He had so much money. I saw images of this man seated on a throne, but I was also able to see beyond that. While it’s true that these people do not get married, I can assure you, I’m not making this up; the Lord showed it to me, those people do sleep with nuns; with many women.


The Lord showed me these people living in fornication, and the Word says that no fornicator will inherit His Kingdom. As I was watching all of this, the Lord told me, "Look daughter, all of this which I am showing you is what goes on, what he lived and what keeps on happening among many people, among many priests and popes existing." Then he told me, "Daughter, go and tell humanity that it’s time to turn to Me."


The Lord showed me a place where many people were walking to Hell. I asked Him, "Lord, how is it that they walk to this place?" He replied, "I will show you." He showed me a tunnel with many people walking through it. These people were chained from hand to foot. They were dressed in black and carrying a load on their back. Jesus said, "Look daughter, those people that you see there don’t know Me yet. What they carry on their backs is sin, but go and tell them to turn their burden over to Me, and I will give them rest; that I am He who forgives all their sins… Daughter, go and tell those people to come to Me, for I await them with open arms, and go tell them that they are walking to this place."


As I was watching the people walking, I said, "Lord, that person over there is my cousin; that young man is my cousin, Lord, and that young girl coming down is also my cousin; my family is coming to this place!" He replied, "Daughter, they are walking to this place, but go and tell them they are walking to Hell. Go and tell them that I have chosen you as my messenger; it means that you are to tell the truth. You must go and tell all that I have shown you. If you do not speak out and something happens to those people, their blood will be on your head. But if you warn them and they do not repent, their blood will no longer be on your head, but on their own head." (Ezekiel 3:18).


Jesus told me that many famous people were walking to that place, famous and important people. Take for example, Michael Jackson. This man was famous all over the world but he was a satanist. Although many people may not see it that way, but it is the truth. This man had satanic covenants: He came to agreement with the devil in order to achieve fame and attract many fans.


Those steps that he performed, that’s the way I saw demons walk while tormenting people in Hell. They would slide backward and not move forward, while they shout; enjoying the anguish they impose upon the people. Let me tell you that Michael Jackson is in Hell. The Lord showed him to me after he died.


He let me see Michael Jackson tormented in flames. I cried to Jesus, "Why?" It wasn’t easy to see how this man was being tormented and how he would scream. Anyone who listens to Michael Jackson’s songs or sings them or who is a fan of Michael Jackson, I warn you that satan is trapping you in his web so that you will end up in Hell. Right now, renounce it in the name of Jesus! Jesus wants to set you free, so that you will not be lost.


The Lord said, "Daughter, there are also people who know Me, that are walking to this place." I asked, "Lord, how can people who know You also come here?" He replied, "That person who has left My ways and that person who is living a double life." He started showing me people who were walking to Hell. They were tied from their hands to their feet.


They each wore a white garment, but it was torn, stained and wrinkled. Jesus said, "Daughter, see how My people have walked away from Me. Daughter, I want to tell you that I am not coming for these people. I am coming for a holy people, ready, without blemish, without wrinkle and without defilement… Go and tell them to return to the old paths." (Eph. 5:26-27). I started to see many of my uncles and many other people who had walked away from the Lord’s ways. And the Lord told me: "Go and tell them that I am waiting for them to surrender their loads to Me, and I will give them rest." Jesus was weeping, "Daughter, they are coming this way. Go and tell your uncles; go and tell your relatives that they are coming this way! Daughter, many will not believe you, but I am your faithful witness, I am your faithful witness. I will never leave you. Even if they do not believe you, daughter, go and tell them the truth, for I am with you. I will also show you, daughter, how people arrive at this place."


We went to a tunnel where there were a multitude of people falling into the abyss. Not one thousand, not two thousand, but as many as the sand of the sea, countless. They were falling by the second, like handfuls of sand being thrown down. The souls were falling rapidly. Jesus was weeping, He said, "Daughter, this is how humanity perishes; this is how it is lost! Daughter, it hurts Me to see how humanity perishes."


Jesus said, "Demons also hold meetings in this place." And I said, "Demons hold meetings?" Jesus said, "Yes, daughter, they meet to plan, to plan what they will do to humanity. They hold daily secret meetings." And with that, Jesus took me to a cell, where I saw a wooden table with chairs around it. And there were all types of demons. Jesus explained, "Daughter, they are now planning to go and destroy the pastors’ families, the missionaries, the evangelists and all of those who know me. Daughter, they want to destroy them; they have many darts."


The demons would laugh and mock and say, "Let’s destroy humanity and bring it to this place." Jesus said, "Go and tell them that I am with them. Tell them not to leave open doors, to leave no place for satan, as satan walks about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour" (1Peter 5:8). But the Word says, "He walks as", because the only real Lion is the Lion of Judah, Jesus Christ of Nazareth (Revelation 5:5). Jesus said, "Daughter, they especially want to destroy pastors’ families." I asked, "Why do they want to destroy pastors’ families?" And Jesus responded, "Because they are in charge of thousands of people that are the sheep of the Lord. Demons want these people to return to the world again; to look back and end up in Hell… Go and tell the pastors to speak the truth. Go and tell them to preach the truth and to speak everything that I tell them and to never keep to themselves what I tell them!"


As we left that place and He told me, "I want to show you something else… There are also children in this place." And I replied, Children in this place, Lord? Why are there children here? Your Word says, "let the children come unto Me, and do not stop them: for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these." (Matthew 19:14). Jesus replied, "Daughter, it’s true, of such is the kingdom of Heaven, but that child must come to Me, for he who comes to Me I will not throw out." (John 6:37). Instantly, the Lord showed me an eight year old boy being tormented in fire. The boy cried, "Lord have mercy on me, take me out of this place, I don’t want to be here!" He kept crying and screaming. I saw demons around this boy, that resembled cartoon figures. There was Dragon, Boy Z, Ben 10, Pokémon, Doral, etc. "Lord, why is this boy here?" Jesus showed me a large screen of this boy’s life. I saw how he would spend all of his time in front of the TV, watching these cartoons.


Jesus said, "Daughter, these animated cartoons, those movies, those soap operas that are seen daily on TV are satan’s instruments to destroy humanity… Look, daughter how this came to be." I saw how the boy was rebellious and disobedient toward his parents. When his parents talked to him, he would run away, throwing things and disobeying them. After this happened, a car ran over him and ended his life. Jesus told me, "Ever since then, he has been in this place."


I looked at the boy as he was being tormented. Jesus said, "Daughter, go and tell parents to instruct their child as is written in My Word" (Proverbs 22:6). The Word of God is real, it tells us to correct a child with the rod, but not every moment, only when the child has been disobedient to his parents. (Proverbs 22:15). The Lord told me something that is very sad and very painful. He said, "Daughter, there are many children in this place because of animated cartoons, because of rebellion." I asked Him, "Lord, why are animated cartoons to blame for this?" And He explained, "Because animated cartoons are demons that carry rebellion, disobedience, bitterness and hatred to children; and other demons enter these children, so that they do not do good things, but do that which is bad: whatever children see on TV, they want to do it in reality." Hell exists, Hell is real, and even children must decide with whom they will go. I said, "Lord, tell me, why are there children in this place?" And Jesus answered, "Once children have knowledge that there is a Heaven and a Hell, then they have to make their choice."


3- The kingdom of Heaven


There’s much more to be said about Hell, but now I’ll share what I saw in Heaven. Jesus said, "Daughter, now I am going to show you what I have prepared for My Holy people." We left that place, going out through a tunnel. While traveling through this tunnel, we suddenly came out to where there was light. I saw no more darkness, torment or flames. He said, "Daughter, I am going to show you My glory," and we started ascending to the Kingdom of Heaven! Soon we arrived at a door with giant letters written in gold, it said: "Welcome to the Kingdom of Heaven."


Jesus said, "Daughter, go in, for I am the Door and he who enters through Me, will enter, will go and will find pastures." (John 10:9). After the Lord said these words, the door opened and we entered. I saw angels giving glory, honor and praise to our Heavenly Father! (Revelation 7:11-12) As we continued walking, we approached a table of which I could see the beginning, but not the end. (Revelation 19:9). I observed a large throne, and other smaller thrones surrounded by thousands of chairs. Between the chairs were garments along with crowns.


Jesus told me, "Daughter, the crown that you see there is the crown of life." (Revelation 2:10). Jesus said, "Look, daughter, this is what I have prepared for My people." I saw that the table was covered with a white tablecloth with gold edging. There were plates, gold goblets, fruit; everything was served. It was so beautiful. There was a very large vessel in the middle of the table, which contained the wine for the dinner. And Jesus said, "Daughter, everything is ready for the arrival of My Church."


We went to another place, where I saw many people in a garden. There were well known people from the Bible, but they were not aged, but young. There was this young man with a large kerchief in his hand who danced and whirled around and praised the Lord. Jesus said, "Daughter that young man that you see there is My servant, David." He was giving glory to our Father. Suddenly, another young man passes by and Jesus told me, "Daughter, he is Joshua; he is Moses; this other young man is Abraham." Jesus would call them out by their names. They all had the same countenance! I could not differentiate between them. Then Jesus showed me the women and said, "Daughter, that woman that you see there is My servant, Mary Magdalene; My servant, Sara."


But then He told me, "Daughter, she is Mary, the one who gave birth to Jesus who is speaking to you. Daughter, I want to tell you that she has no knowledge of the things happening on earth. I want to tell you that you must go and tell humanity, tell idol worshippers that Hell is real, and that idolaters will not inherit My kingdom, but go and tell them that if they repent, they can enter My heavenly dwelling place. Go tell them that I love them and tell them that Mary has no knowledge of anything happening on earth. The only One that they must exalt is Me, because neither Mary, nor St. Gregory nor any other saint can offer salvation. I am the only One who saves and outside of Me – nobody, nobody, nobody- saves!" He repeated it three times – that nobody could save; only He saves.


Humanity has been deceived believing in an assumed saint, which is not, but is a demon, working through an idol made by the hand of man. But, let me tell you that the Lord wants to give you the best. He wants you to enter the Kingdom of Heaven; to repent and to leave idolatry. Because idolatry will not save you. Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the one that saves, that gave His life for you, for me and for all humanity. The Lord has a great message for humanity. As He wept, He told me: "Please, daughter, do not be silent; go and tell the truth, go and tell what I have shown you."


I saw how Mary worshipped the Lord, and I saw women with very beautiful long hair. I said, "Lord, how pretty the way they wear their hair." He told me: "Daughter, go and tell women to take care of the veil that I have given them." Then He told me, "I have something to show you that is very important." I looked far away and saw a shining city, a city of gold! I said, "Lord, what is that? I want to go over there." He answered, "Daughter, I will show you what is over there. What you are seeing is the heavenly dwelling, the heavenly mansions which are ready for My people."


We started walking, until we reached a golden bridge. As we walked over it, we came upon streets that were made of pure gold! (Revelation 21:21). Everything was so beautiful, so brilliant, like shining glass, it was absolutely supernatural, inexplicable! We saw heavenly mansions, and watched thousands of angels constructing them. Some of the angels constructed very rapidly, others constructed slowly and others were not constructing at all. I asked the Lord, "Why are some angels constructing rapidly, while others are slower, and some have stopped constructing?" The Lord explained, "Daughter, that is how My people work on earth, and the angels work as My children work on earth… Daughter, My people no longer spread the Gospel. My people no longer fast. My people no longer go to the streets to distribute tracts telling the truth. My people are now ashamed. Go and tell My people to return to the old paths. Those angels that you saw that were doing nothing belong to those people that have walked away from My paths… Daughter, go and tell My people to return to the old paths," (Jeremiah 6:16) and in saying this He started to weep.


I heard other people singing, so I asked Him, "Lord, I want You to take me over there, where those people are singing." Jesus was observing me, I could tell how He was observing me, but I couldn’t see His face, only the movements of His face. While His tears were pouring over His garment, I asked Him why He was weeping. But He would not explain it to me. Later we arrived at this beautiful garden. There, among the heavenly mansions, I saw flowers that were swaying. The Lord pointed with His finger and said, "Daughter, look, they praise Me; they worship Me! My people no longer do as they did before. My people no longer praise Me, no longer worship Me, and no longer seek Me as before."


That is why I told you, daughter, to go and tell My people to seek Me, for I will go, I will go, I will go for a people that seeks Me in spirit and in truth, for a people that are ready, for a holy people!" And weeping He said, "I am coming, I am coming!" Then I understood why He was weeping, because He is coming, but not for those that are half-hearted. He will return only for a people that is seeking Him in spirit and in truth. Then the Lord told me that I had to return to earth. I said, "Lord, I don’t want to go back to earth! What do you mean? Return to earth? I want to stay with You. You brought me here and I’m not going anywhere because I am with You!"


Jesus said, "Daughter, it is necessary that you return to earth to go and testify that My glory is real, that what I showed you is real; that what you saw is real, so that humanity will come to Me, repent and not perish." Weeping, I fell to His feet; there I saw wounds on His feet. I asked, "Lord, what are these wounds here?" He answered, "Daughter, it’s the scar of yesterday, when I gave My life for humanity."


He also showed me the scars in his hands, I asked, "Lord, why do you still have that?" He told me: "Daughter, it is the scar that has remained." So I asked, "Will this go away?" He replied: "Daughter, this will go away when all the saints are reunited here… Daughter, I must take you to earth: Your family and the nations are waiting for you." I tried to refuse but He pointed down to earth with His finger and said, "Look, those people that you see down there are your relatives; that body that you see there, is where you have to return… It is time to leave this place." Then He took me along a beautiful crystal clear river and said "Daughter, enter the river and submerge yourself." Before I entered that crystalline river of living water, I was experiencing indescribable joy, but after I submerged myself and came out, I was elated. I thought I would not have to return home, but the Lord told me, "Daughter, you have to return to earth…" [End of testimony].


4- Call to Repentance


4.1- The education of children


Many Children of God have fallen into the trap of satanic laws, which are created today. In many western countries, laws have already been created preventing parents from correcting their children. Know that these are purely satanic laws, created by demons, to cause men to oppose God.


It is God who created man. It is God who gives us children. God knows children better than us, and He masters their education. God loves children more than we do. And He is the One who asks us to correct children.


Since demons are only there to oppose God, they tell you not to correct children, to the point of making it a law. And what is disturbing is that even the so-called born-again Christians, venture to observe such demonic laws. They let their children become irremediable, under the pretext that they are submitting themselves to the authorities as the Bible recommends.


What a folly! I have this question for you, answer me! According to you, between God and men, which authority is higher? The Bible tells us in Romans 13:1 "Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God."


Talking about higher authorities, retain that God remains the highest authority. It is therefore obvious that God is not asking us to submit to the authorities, which He has established to the point of despising God Himself. Let’s read these verses of Matthew 10:28-33 "28Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in Hell... 32Whoever acknowledges me before men, I will also acknowledge him before my Father in Heaven. 33But whoever disowns me before men, I will disown him before my Father in Heaven."


Let us equally look at the passage of 1Corinthians 15:20-28 "…27God, indeed, has put everything under his feet. But when he says that everything has been submitted, it is clear that the one who put all things under him is excepted. 28And when all things shall be subdued to him, then shall the Son also himself be subject to him that put all things under him that God may be all in all."


As you discover in the above passage, God has subjected everything to Christ, yet Christ Himself is subjected to God. There is therefore no reason for us to submit to men created by God, to the extent of despising God's laws. You do not need me to teach you that it makes no sense; it is just a matter of common sense for any true child of God. God cannot ask you to submit to demons who themselves do not submit to Him, but instead fight God with all their heart. If in your seduction, you abandon the laws of God to follow the Antichrist, using a few Bible verses to justify your folly, Hell awaits you.


For all of you who despise God because you are afraid of mortal men, know that you will find yourself before the judgment of God in the upcoming days. Meditate with me these passages of the Bible:


"Folly is bound up in the heart of a child, but the rod of discipline will drive it far from him." Proverbs 22:15.


"Do not withhold discipline from a child; if you punish him with the rod, he will not die. Punish him with the rod and save his soul from death." Proverbs 23:13-14.


"The rod of correction imparts wisdom, but a child left to himself disgraces his mother..." Proverbs 29:15.


"Discipline your son, and he will give you peace; he will bring delight to your soul." Proverbs 29:17.


"He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is careful to discipline him." Proverbs 13:24.


"Discipline your son, for in that there is hope; do not be a willing party to his death." Proverbs 19:18


You all realize that the world has completely deteriorated. We are living in a generation where all is corrupt, where all is rotten. The fear of God has completely disappeared. Children no more have respect for adults; their behaviour has nothing to do with the behaviour of a child. You now find them involved in all sorts of crimes, in rapes, in violence, in all sorts of sexual abominations. Most young girls today, become mothers before the age of 14. Children of less than 10 years are involved in drugs. Many people are no more ready to accept the teaching profession, because of the unbearable character of children.


But in which world are we living? All this happens because parents no more have the right to correct their children. What type of society can we build with these types of laws? You do not need me to tell you that a society without God is doomed to perdition. Everyone is overwhelmed. Police are overwhelmed, teachers are overwhelmed, parents are overwhelmed, and politicians themselves who vote for these laws are overwhelmed, or at least give the impression of being overwhelmed. But no one does anything. A funny situation, isn’t it?


Know that you have the right and the duty to correct and set right your children, and that those who do not correct their children sin against God. If your children are not well brought up, you will give account to God. When your children are not well brought up, it is a clear proof that you are irresponsible. For those among you Christians, who desire to become Elders in the Church, note that one of the conditions required by God to become an elder is that you keep your children in submission and perfect honesty. You must hence have faithful children, perfectly honest and totally submissive, if you must have any title in an Assembly of saints.


The education of children is a vital step in the life of every parent in general, and especially any Christian parent. The education of children is not something we can take lightly with impunity. The education of children according to God, is a commandment of God. All Children of God and all who claim to be of God have the duty and obligation to raise and educate their children according to God, that is to say, according to the Bible. And as we have just seen, God’s teaching on the education of children is clearly stated in the Bible.


As an element of discernment, know that those so-called Christian parents, who do not correct their children under the pretext of loving them, or under the pretext of submitting to the satanic laws, are simply the agents of satan. This is not because they like to obey the laws of this world, nor because they love their children. Rather it is because they have chosen Hell, and want to go there with their children. Remember that very well. Every true child of God knows how to submit to God, and loves to submit to God.


4.2- Television and Internet


As we have studied in the other teachings, television is one of the tools satan uses to pollute this generation. With the abominable images that parade all day long on TV screens, this generation is lost as you can see. If already television is not good for adults, what more of children? If there is so much violence, crimes, murders, drug use, and other sexual abominations among children of today, it is because of television.


Television defiles, and satan with his agents have ensured that TV programs should increasingly be impure. You cannot therefore claim to seek holiness while spending time defiling yourself through TV. Television is absolutely incompatible with the life of sanctification that God’s Children are supposed to lead. So you must protect yourself and your children against television. It is the same for Internet. If the computer has become a work tool today, even for children, you must ensure that they do not have Internet access. There are so-called Christians who fill their homes with television sets, to the point of putting them even in children’s rooms, in such a way that each child has his own TV set. They claim to love the children, as if sending children to Hell was a sign of love. You must flee from television, including what you seductively call Christian television.


I still want to remind you that there is nothing like Christian television. Do no longer fall into the trap of seduction. If the Church of God is so rotten and so filthy today, it is largely due to the so-called Christian television. All these agents of satan that you ignorantly refer to as servants of God, instead use this so-called Christian television to deceive the ignorant and the weak, and divert them from the word of God.


By seeing all these witches who call themselves pastors, evangelists, doctors, prophetesses and apostles, each time on television with their heads uncovered, in trousers, with makeup, jewelry and other satanic outfits, the weak minded Christian women come to believe that God condones this kind of madness, and start copying them.


By watching these agents of satan you ignorantly call servants of God, each time on television, with necks, hands and fingers full of chains and rings of any kind, and these other demons called singers and other leaders of praise and worship groups with long hair sometimes tied behind the head, in satanic garb and jewelry of any kind, blinded and ignorant Christians who believe that these people are of God, have come to believe that if God accepts them the way they are, then, there is no problem copying them. This is why you hear them all say each time that God does not look at our outward appearance. Some of these demons called servants of God even wear earrings, and braid their hair. If you value your salvation, flee from them quickly. I advise you to read our teaching on "Discernment". You will find it on www.mcreveil.org website.


Protect your children from television and the Internet. For all of you, Children of God who already protect your children against television, know that the Internet is as rotten as the TV, if not more. If you give them access to the Internet, they will see everything you have prevented them from seeing on television. Do not allow children access to the Internet, otherwise you will lose them.


4.3- Video games


Video games are purely satanic. Through video games, satan possesses children, and holds them captive for Hell. Parents who fear the Lord should never buy such abominations for their children. Children themselves, who want to go to Heaven, must flee from all video games, and totally abandon them.


4.4- Cartoons and comic strips


As you have just read in this testimony, comics and cartoons are demons that freely and easily possess children who watch or read them. These demons convey either magic or violence or rebellion or disobedience or delinquency, or bitterness and hatred, etc. in children.


In fact you did not even need this testimony to understand that comics and cartoons are satanic, and are a trap for children. On the one hand, you only have to look at these bizarre images often used, and on the other hand, the messages conveyed. The Bible clearly warns us against the world and the things in the world. It is not because you do not see the words "cartoons" or "comics" in the Bible, that you will believe that the Lord did not say anything about them. The Lord does not need to name every little thing that we must flee. He knows that He gave us the minimum discernment we need to move forward. You should therefore avoid all the comics and cartoons, including the so-called Christian types.


Let me remind you that there are no Christian cartoons or comics. Do not fall into the trap of seduction. All these monstrous characters from cartoons or comics are monsters, demons. And as you can understand, there are no Christian monsters or Christian demons. So there is no reason for the existence of Christian comics and cartoons. Flee from seduction before it is too late!


4.5- Message to children


I want children to understand very well that no disobedient child will enter Heaven. All children who do not love Jesus Christ, and do not walk according to the law of Jesus Christ, will go to Hell. All of you who are children only when it concerns God’s word, and old people when it concerns the things of the world, God will send you to Hell regardless of your age.


4.6- Worldly or satanic music


Many Christians have still not understood the danger of worldly music yet. Know that whenever you listen to worldly music, you invite in you all the demons that control these music, and these demons possess you. For those of you who still cling to worldly music, you must totally abandon it and get rid of all the stock of this kind of music you still keep at home. You must burn everything. Do not attempt to give them to pagans under the pretext that they can listen to them, because they are pagans.


As you have just read in this testimony, when you listen to worldly music, not only are you possessed by demons, you also increase the torments of the authors of this music, in Hell. So in other words, while you "rejoice" with their music, they are in Hell undergoing double torture. Do this little favour to those poor tormented souls. Do not play their music anymore, do not increase their suffering and torment in Hell anymore.


Let all those who call themselves Singers and Stars, understand very well that if they do not repent and abandon this satanic profession, they will spend their eternity in Hell dancing in the fire under terrible torture. Michael Jackson, Selena, Whitney Houston and the others are already there waiting for you. They have already left the glory of the world, big houses and big cars on earth, and are in Hell fire burning every day. Their eternity has begun. This is the vanity of life.


4.7- Catholicism


It is often very difficult to prove God’s love to people. Whenever we tell them the truth for their own good, they get angry, and take us for enemies. Several times I was nearly lynched by the Catholics, for having tried to save them. Let me give you an example.


I was invited to lecture at an American university. The audience was predominantly Catholic. Because of the love I had for them, I explained to them point by point the skids of Catholicism. I told them that Catholicism has never been a church, and that it was indeed the largest sect in the world. I told them that the man they abusively called "holy father", was only a demon that would burn in Hell in the coming days. At that time Pope John Paul II was still alive. I told them that Hell awaited John Paul II, and that he would not escape.


While I was teaching, people gnashed their teeth in the hall. And as they were mostly intellectuals and academics, they could not accept that their pride be hurt to this point. You know that most intellectuals are full of themselves that they consider themselves to be either small gods or God’s junior brothers in terms of knowledge. They always think they know everything, and do not imagine that one can teach them anything.


I told them I was shocked to see big scholars, with PhD, Masters and others, being incapable of understanding the basics. I took time to explain how this notion of the virgin Mary was a great idiocy. I stripped before their very eyes, with the Bible in hand, the doctrine of the Catholic sect of all its substance.


While some were struck by the wisdom and authority with which I was teaching, because no one had ever dared to speak to them that way before, others were red with anger, and were ready to explode like bombs. The atmosphere in the hall was overheated. There were some who began to grumble in the hall, saying that they had not invited me to come and insult them.


I told them I had nothing to benefit from insulting them, and that I was just trying to tell them the truth, for their own good. I told them that even if I had lost my mind, I would not take the risk of travelling over 10,000 kilometres, with all that it cost me, just to come and insult them. Some understood and calmed down, while others kept on behaving like mad dogs. Finally the hall was divided into two blocks. On the one hand the block of those who had had the humility to recognize that what I had taught them could not be more compelling, and the block of those who would not understand anything, and who had only one language: "We did not invite him to come and insult us."


Once I realized that the point on which many clung to fidget was the fact that they had not invited me to come and insult them, I stopped them, and asked them this question: "How much have you spent on my flight ticket, my hotel expenses, and other travel expenses in the city?"


Following my question, they all became calmer and began wondering. Many of them did not even know that I personally took care of my flight ticket, and of all my expenses, and that I had not received anything from any of them. They were puzzled. I then told them that I would be mentally ill, if I paid a ticket for several hundred dollars, with all other costs, modified my program, while taking the risk of a possible plane crash, and travelled over nearly 10,000 kilometres, just to insult people.


To this, the differences in opinions increased in the hall. Those who had the courage to recognize the truth were sharply opposed to the agents of satan who wanted to fight with me despite all the explanations. The atmosphere was so electric that they had to escort me out of the hall under protection. Behind me, the two blocks remained in the hall for hours bickering.


Let me seize this opportunity to remind you that whenever I am invited to give lectures, I refuse that my expenses are borne by those who invite me. And I do not even accept donations from them. It is to avoid diluting the message God is asking me to give that I do so. This position allows me to preach and teach freely, without being answerable to anyone.


Also, whenever there is at least a small place in a brother’s house or someone hospitable, I prefer to manage that place, rather than going to a hotel as a worldly person. Remember that we must find ourselves in hotels only when we have no other choice, and not by lust and love of the world.


To end this chapter on Catholicism, I would like to remind you that it is not only John Paul II who is in Hell. All popes, cardinals, Catholic priests and all Catholics who die without accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, go straight to Hell. So if you are still Catholic, know that if you do not renounce Catholicism now, and do not accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Saviour, you will spend eternity in Hell. Catholicism is not a church. It is the largest satanic cult in the world. You cannot go through it, and be saved. And you cannot remain there, and escape Hell.


If you want to be saved, you must get out of there, accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour, and be baptized in water for the remission of sins. It is only by so doing that you can be saved.


4.8- The Lord who weeps


I know you have been surprised to read in this testimony that the Lord at the sight of people suffering in Hell, had repeatedly cried. You will certainly wonder why the Lord cries, whereas He is all powerful, and capable of removing these people from Hell. Things are not as simple as you think. What you ignore is that the Lord is limited. I know that some children of God will think I am blaspheming when I say that the Lord is limited.


Listen to me very well. Contrary to what you think, or to what you have always been taught, God is limited. This is a teaching that I will develop in the coming days, if the Lord permits me. In the meantime, I will summarize it here. God, despite His omnipotence is limited by His word. He will not do the opposite of what His word says. This is why we must make every effort to comply with His word. God will not compromise later to prove His love to us. He has already proved His love by sacrificing His only Son for our salvation. Those who do not want this salvation will not get it, and all who despise the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, will not escape Hell, unfortunately.


Dear friend, you who just read this teaching, repent, and reconcile yourself with God while there is still time. Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Saviour, and get baptized in water, that is to say, by immersion for the remission of your sins. And for you, who call yourself Christian already baptized in water, give up all your sins and all your wicked ways, if you want to go to Heaven. Otherwise, Hell awaits you. And do not forget that Hell is real, and it is eternal.


Grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love!




Dear brothers and sisters,


If you have run away from fake churches and would like to know what to do, here are the two options available to you:


1- See if around you there are some other children of God who fear God and desire to live according to the Sound Doctrine. If you find any, feel free to join them.


2- If you do not find one and wish to join us, our doors are open to you. The only thing we will ask you to do is to first read all the Teachings that the Lord has given us, and which are on our website www.mcreveil.org, to reassure yourself that they are in conformity with the Bible. If you find them in accordance with the Bible, and are ready to submit to Jesus Christ, and live by the demands of His word, we will gladly welcome you.


The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you!


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