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Dear brothers and dear friends, we want to share with you this excerpt from the testimony of Megnanou Bienvenu who was born a sorcerer, served satan for many years, before he met Jesus Christ. This testimony confirms the teachings on "Spiritual Warfare" and on "Discernment" that we have already studied. We urge you to read this testimony, as well as these two teachings, if you have not read them yet. They are very rich. You will find them on the website www.mcreveil.org.


1- Living environment


Bienvenu is from Decamé, in southern Benin, 55 km from Cotonou. It is in this country that Ouidah is located, the world headquarters of voodoo (vaudoun is its real name). It was there that the International Voodoo Festival was celebrated in February 1993 for seven days. It is from this city that voodoo spread all over America (and throughout the world). Decamé is considered to be the headquarters of witchcraft among the villages in the district of Ouidah just 22 km away. The village is located at the edge of a large lagoon of 15 km wide and 80 km long. It is also surrounded by a large forest divided into two parts, the second of which is reserved for agriculture, while the first part is reserved for late-night witchcraft practices. It is the meeting place of all the sorcerers of the village and even of the region.


There are large trees (iroko, baobab and the like) on which the sorcerers install all their diabolical armaments. When these trees fall due to a strong wind or rain, things like kitchen utensils, human skulls and more are found in their hollow trunks. But sorcerers also plant trees in the village which they use for their own profit. The same objects are also found in those trees when they are cut. In fact, these trees are inhabited by sorcerers. The dead are buried in huts, in houses or in the courtyards. Until today, the village has no cemetery. In the courtyards, hoes are arranged on the tombs. People sleep on tombs unbothered. This situation makes the inhabitants of the village constantly possessed, inhabited by the spirits of death. The village of Decamé is divided into three districts:


The first quarter worships a fetish based on two albinos, a woman and a man, buried alive in a big hole by the leaders of the said fetish. This fetish provides protection for this neighbourhood. It is considered to be the support of senior managers. Any leader who manages to find a job with the help of this fetish must thank him with a sheep, red oil, a bottle of gin, two litres of koutoukou (local alcoholic liquor of over 80°) and at least 50 000 FCFA. Every year this fetish demands the sacrifice of a child, a human being.


The second quarter worships another fetish based on 41 human heads placed in a big hole. Its name is Zangbetô - Zangbetôh is broken down as follows: Zan = night, Gbetôh = fetish. So it's a night fetish. On the day of the Zangbetôh dance and miracle ceremony, the wearer of the mask, following the pronunciation of incantatory words, transforms into either a caiman, a hen and its chicks, or some other forms. Then he becomes a man again. He participates in the promotion of senior managers who adore him. But those who resort to his help end up badly.


The third quarter is linked to a fetish built on a pregnant woman who was slaughtered in a big hole. Its followers go into a trance. On the day of the ceremony, they engage in terrible acts. This is an occasion where blood is shed in abundance: some can make cuts on their body with a knife. They can bang their heads against a brick wall, and so on. This fetish is supposed to help villagers and senior managers who put their trust in it.


Decamé has another dangerous fetish called Hèviosso or thunder. Its role is the destruction of thieves. When an object is stolen and the leaders of the said fetish are solicited, they implore thunder that will lead to the unveiling of the thief. The fetish acts during a torrential rainfall to strike the culprit. After the thief's funeral, the body is unearthed regardless of its state of decomposition. The leader of the fetish cuts the body with a knife, takes the head and keeps it in the fetish house. On the day of the fetish worship, he comes out with 16 skulls of his victims around his waist. This is his title of glory. This is proof that his fetish is powerful, that he has killed many criminals. Thus, satan gives his approval by punishing the culprit. My village is victim of a real demonic possession. In Décamé, 90% of children, young people, and leaders are deeply involved in witchcraft. What about my family environment?


1.1- My parents


Paternal great grandfather: He was the greatest sorcerer in the region. He was born a sorcerer, in the first part of the forest. He is the one who imported the family fetish (wloivaudou) from another region of Benin. He used to inject people with diseases. He could turn into a wasp to destroy an entire village in case of dispute between two villages, inoculating a deadly poison with its bites. He remained a sorcerer until his death.


Paternal grandfather: He succeeded his father in the same witchcraft practices. In the army, he would turn into a fly on the battlefield. Because of this, he was promoted. But later, he was poisoned by one of his wives. He died a sorcerer.


Father: Megnanou Tchanon (Tchanon is a fetish name) spent seven years in a "convent", on the initiative of his father, to be initiated into witchcraft in order to become the leader of sorcerers. He needed that, although he was born a sorcerer. When he left the convent, he was appointed the head fetishist of the family. He communicated with demons. Note that the family had a house of fetishes that it nurtured. It is in this house that the convent is located. The family fetish, the wloivaudou, had many followers. After every 3 months, a young girl or boy is kidnapped from one of the member families to be trained in the convent. After three years, these young people go out and become followers of the fetish. My father had to deliver nine of his children (2 girls, 7 boys) to the convent. It must be said that these children die of a brief illness. Moreover, he himself died a sorcerer, after a brief illness, on May 26, 1996, after having repeatedly refused to accept Jesus Christ.


Maternal great grandmother: She was a great witch. She would kill people, and on the day of the funeral, she would come to sympathise with the grief of the grieving family. She died a witch after bequeathing the inheritance to our grandmother.


Maternal grandmother: Sorceress too, follower of the thunder fetish (Hêviosso). She engaged in the same witchcraft practices as her husband. She died a witch. It should be noted that all these sorcerers went to church.


Mother: She is still alive. May God save her!


1.2- Birth and initiation


When my mother was pregnant with me, she was confronted with a difficult situation. After the usual nine months, she still did not give birth to me. So she went to consult a marabout. The answer was terrible: I had to be given birth to after 14 months of pregnancy, in accordance with the wishes of my great-grandfather who was already dead. This is what happened. After 14 months, my mother gave birth to me at 1 am, on the grave of the latter. When I was born, I had two teeth in my mouth. To be born on a grave, allows the newborn baby, according to our beliefs, to have the power of the deceased. Also, according to my parents, I was to inherit this grandfather’s powers. At the age of five, I was not walking yet. I started walking when I was six. I was then enrolled in primary one. One night, my father took me to the forest, cut his skin and mine, collected our blood in the same glass and we drank the two mixed bloods. This was the blood pact. When he had to consult a client, he would wait for me to come home from school before starting work. He always wanted me to attend all sessions. This is how he introduced me to the different practices of witchcraft.


1.3- Student and sorcerer


In primary school, when the teacher was preparing his exam, I would transform into a fly around 1 or 2am to go and see the exam paper. I did this until the final year of primary education. Thus, I easily succeeded in school without having to study. This is how I got into secondary school. In college, I used to bewitch teachers by causing headaches and stomach pains when I got poor grades - by poor grade, I mean 12/20. Once, the teacher had to go to a marabout to find out the cause of his pain. After consultation, he was told that he had offended one of his students. He made this revelation because marabouts, witchdoctors, sorcerers and others communicate by telepathy. Later, the demons inspired the teacher to know who he was talking about. So he came to me to ask for forgiveness. And I demanded that he rectify my marks by giving me 19/20. At about 1am, I invoked the spirits with incantatory words for him to obtain healing.


I also bewitched my classmates (those who were the brightest) either with chronic headaches or with stomach aches in order to hinder them from doing their homework. This happens in schools, at the university, without the knowledge of teachers, many students and pupils. This is one of the causes of school failures. At that time, Benin was shaken by political upheavals that affected schools. Students did not progress regularly. So, I decided to join my father who was already settled in Ivory Coast.


2- Installation, equipment and consultations


Some moments after arriving in Ivory Coast, I was lodged by a personality of this country (director of the cabinet of a minister) in the commune of Abobo. He had lodged me in a big villa because I was his protector. Later, my host became a minister, by my care. But not for long. Because, as we will see later, the power of satan does not go far. It is for this reason that many of the authorities who have benefited from my care have died, others are paralysed or sick. In my luggage, I had an arsenal of fetishes. By my power, I crossed the three borders: Benin - Togo, Togo - Ghana, Ghana - Ivory Coast without being searched once by the security forces.


2.1- My initial equipment


2.1.1- Human's jaw and bottle shards


I had a fetish made up of a human's jaw, shards of bottles with another crushed element and a piece of loincloth that had been used to close the mouth of a corpse. This fetish allowed me to eliminate people from a distance. With this fetish, no matter what my client's job was, he could be sent on a mission or an internship. If there were people who bore him a grudge, all he had to do was to come to me and I would end their existence. This fetish also applies to jealous people who gave me the name of a person to eliminate. With my fetish, I would take off my shirt around 1am, make incantations by invoking the name of the jealous person or the person to eliminate. Then I would tie him up with the piece of loincloth. Once I shot at the loincloth, no matter where they were: in Europe, Asia or America, I could reach him. Seven drops of blood fell in my palm, proof that the blow was successful. In the morning, when he woke up, the victim began to feel burns in his body, as if lacerated by scraps of bottles. When he tried to move, he felt bites in his body. When an illness is caused by fetish, modern medicine, in spite of its prowess, will never succeed in detecting the cause. The victim will die a week later.


2.1.2- Human's head and padlock


This fetish's function was to make women barren. They could have their menstruation twice in the same month or have terrible stomach pains at any time. This is often due to rivalry in polygamous homes. The one who came to me, often had the desire to be loved by their common husband and to put the other wife far from him. I would ask her for an underwear of the co-wife to do this job. This is the reason why women lose their underwear in an astonishing way and later have painful menstrual periods. This same fetish can cause epilepsy in some victims. Following the incantations, I invoked the name of the person targeted on this fetish and I locked the padlock. She was then automatically reached. In the morning, while she was preparing to go to the shower, she would collapse all alone and fall asleep. When she woke up, spittle would be coming out of her mouth.


2.1.3- Foot and padlock


This fetish was used to paralyse the victim. Most often, jealousies in workplaces and companies caused this. Some people envying the superior position of their hierarchical leader came to me to destroy them. And when invocations were made from this fetish, the person targeted in the company was paralysed. He could be a chief accountant who was looking to become a CFO (Chief Financial Officer). If such a person came to see me, I would paralyse the CFO with this fetish, and my client would take his place.


2.1.4- Clay pot made up of human blood, water, ...


This terrible fetish drove people mad. When someone came to see me just with the name of a person, around 1 am, I would strip to the waist, go to the clay pot and pronounce the name of this person, accompanied by incantatory words. I would then see his image in the clay pot and would pronounce other incantatory words. The next day, the person would take off his clothes and walk naked on the street. That person could also pull the bins over and eat his own excrement. Whatever incantation I pronounced on that person's name is what he will do.


2.1.5- Human heart


The function of the fetish "human heart" was to make blind. It consists of a human heart. My human's heart, I got it in Nigeria. But even in Treichville (Treichville is one of the ten communes of Abidjan), in the years 77-78, in the barracks that were located at the current location of the SOTRA (Société de Transport Abidjanais), there was a traffic of human organs. Satan uses human organs to make powerful fetishes. This human's heart, I would burn it, accompanied by very hot small peppers and incantatory words, until it charred. I made a powder out of it. When a client sent me a photo of an unwanted person, I scraped that person's eyes with a needle and put the powder in it. When the person woke up, he would go blind. We usually see people who have their eyes open but do not see. Most often witchcraft has something to do with that. I destroyed a lot of people. They came to hire me from inside the country to go and cause harm.


2.1.6- Matchbox with padlock


This fetish, accompanied by incantatory words, was used to burn down plantations, especially of coffee and cocoa. Driven by jealousy, people came to me to hurt others. When a jealous person came to me with all the requirements, I would go to his opponent's field, dig a hole in which I would put a matchstick. With the padlock, I prevented the proprietor, by mystical means, from coming to the plantation, and around noon the field would catch fire. I was at the origin of several bushfires. I "helped" a lot of plantation owners in this domain.


2.1.7- Fetish composed of ten human fingers wrapped


This fetish had the property of causing death in villages. It allowed me to respond to the requests of several people in the Attié region (southern Ivory Coast). Some traders and beverage sellers came to me to ask for my services in this direction, because they found that their business flourished during funerals. Our contract stipulated that I take half of the profits they made at the funeral. In a village in Ivory Coast, the inhabitants had to consult another witchdoctor, to tell them of the existence of a fetish buried in their village, and to have it dug up in order to stop the slaughter. I buried this fetish in several other villages in the west, in the east, etc. People came to hire me from everywhere.


2.1.8- Fetish made up of a clay pot containing human blood, …


This fetish has destroyed the lives of many young people and senior managers. When the name of a girl was invoked on this fetish, accompanied by incantatory words, she became frigid and could indulge in sex with more than ten men without being satisfied. With this same fetish, I got young people to indulge in alcohol and drugs. As for the senior managers targeted, they could earn 800 000 FCFA, 1 000 000 FCFA, but as soon as they received their money, they squandered it entirely. This fetish prevented them from carrying out their projects, pushing them to indulge in alcohol. Despite their salary, they became mediocre, unable to build any house in the village. That is how I destroyed the lives of senior executives. I did it of course at the request of my clients.


2.1.9- Telephone combined with fetish


It was used to destroy the lives of people and homes. Once I got the phone number of the person I had to hurt, I called him with my handset unconnected but covered in human blood. As soon as he picked up, I would pronounce incantatory words, thereafter, he would have a high fever and death would follow. This, no matter where the target was.


2.2- Consultation


Before consultation, I had a drink in a bottle containing a fetish made of human tongue wrapped in red percale sewn with cowries. It was in the form of a fist. These elements are introduced into the bottle from the bottom using incantatory words: the bottle opened after some words that I said, then it closed after other words pronounced. When I gave this drink to my clients, they were bewitched. They could now believe anything I said and execute everything I ordered them to do. All the clients who consulted me were bound to me for good, because of that spell. I had authority over their lives. So it is, with all the marabouts occultists I have known. The consultation fees were fixed at 660 FCFA plus one litre of koutoukou. Like many sorcerers, I used drinks like Royal Gin and Mangoustan Rhum. The consultations were done with four cowries to which the client spoke before dropping them down. The demons then revealed to me the customer's concerns. However, during the consultation, what I said was not always true, but the client's mind was controlled by the drink taken at the beginning of the session; he was bewitched. Also, he was at my mercy. He could even go into debt to meet my requirements.


2.3- Forbidden food items


What I did to some of my clients was sometimes terrible. To some, I prescribed not to eat sheep, chicken, cassava, etc. To others, I ordered not to breathe when lifting up the clay pot containing their fetish. If they breathe, I told them, the fetish is worthless. As a result, they had to acquire another clay pot, which profits the witchdoctor. Can you imagine senior managers, business directors manipulated by a witchdoctor to the point that he tells them not to breathe while taking this or that medicine; or to put a clay pot on their head and go around their room seven times before bathing ... What a torture! Imagine directors, senior managers with clay pots on their heads!


Imagine that many people are living these things right now and you will understand how much they need Jesus Christ to be delivered. You see them in big Mercedes cars, but once at the witchdoctors, they become less than nothing. We got them undressed as though it were a joke. That is what it's like not having Jesus in your life. A man without Jesus Christ is really a slave.


3- The minister of satan and health


3.1- Pregnancy blockage


I had a fetish composed of a woman's kidneys, a padlock and another item. With this fetish, I blocked pregnancies in the womb of women for up to 15 months through the incantations I made. The woman who was targeted could not give birth. All it took was that her rival comes to me with one of her underwear and a piece of her loincloth for me to block her pregnancy. If she gets operated upon, the baby will be found dead in her womb, worse, she will not survive the operation.


3.2- Abortions


Abortions are not the prerogative of doctors and midwives. Witchdoctors do them too. As far as I am concerned, aborting a month's pregnancy was just a child’s play. I only needed a bottle of gin, 20 000 FCFA plus a chicken that I gave to the fetish. I gave the client a drug consisting of a wine previously warmed up with the powder of a certain tree. I gave all these stuff in the form of beverage to the pregnant woman; she drank it. The next day she would have a fever and within one to three hours, the abortion was complete. Her menstruation resumed right away. Abortions of one-month to two-month pregnancy were simple; they were more complicated from three to six months.


Today, I appeal to all those women who continue to kill through abortions to come to their senses, because they will give an account to God. I remind them that they are now under the influence of demons. You need Jesus Christ to understand the gravity of the crimes you commit. I declare it to you, student, if you have sinned with a young man, and got pregnant and then you want to abort and kill the child, give up this idea and let the pregnancy take its normal course. Otherwise, God will hold you accountable. I also call on doctors, midwives who claim to help people to improve their situation, but who in reality earn their living by aborting women. Take note that what you are doing is witchcraft. Indeed, it is satan that inspires you. Know this, you will render an account for those children you have killed unless you accept Jesus Christ and get delivered from these satanic practices.


3.3- Lumps in the belly


Women often suffer from stomach pains that are caused by witchcraft. As far as I am concerned, I had a bottle containing human blood and 20 grams of kidney. The incantatory words uttered on this bottle, with the name of the victim, caused illness. Most often, these women underwent surgery after which they got malaria, and they succumbed to it. By the same process, I bewitched women, which caused them to have a lump in the belly. The gynaecologist sometimes discovers a lump in the belly of some sterile women. This may be the result of witchcraft. Therefore, I appeal to women who have a lump of suspicious origin in the stomach: it is a terrible spell of sorcery. God did not bring us into the world to see us suffer from diseases. Sickness comes from satan, from the evil one. So you need Jesus Christ. He is the ideal solution to this problem.


3.4- Bloated belly (pregnant men!)


When, driven by jealousy, people came to see me to destroy someone's life and gave me his name, I also had a fetish consisting of a padlock and a pig’s head with which I could bloat the belly of a man. Then he would keep losing weight. And that was possible thanks to incantations that I made around 1 am. I specify that this is the best time for sorcerers because they easily come into contact with spirits. To do this, I would strip naked and lock that person in that padlock. After a month or two, the victim started getting weird nausea. After three to four months, this man will go to the doctor because his belly size will be increasing from day to day. The tests will not reveal anything. Everything is in order, but he keeps losing weight. This is the sign that he has been bewitched. Despite the care he can receive from doctors, they will never be able to detect the problem. Through witchcraft, I sucked blood out of people's bodies so that they were always sick - with bloated stomachs. They are always anaemic. Others may look healthy, but are seriously ill because of witchcraft.


3.5- Epilepsy


I had a fetish in a clay pot, consisting of dog drool mixed with some liquid. With these elements accompanied by incantatory words, I bewitched young people and struck them with an incurable epilepsy, which only Jesus Christ can cure them of.


3.6- Breast cancer


Through witchcraft, I used to bewitch women into getting breast cancer. This resulted in the removal of one or both breasts.


3.7- Deaths in health centres


After rendering a person sick, sorcerers go further by preventing his healing and then kill him. Sorcerers prevent the serum placed on the patient from entering his body. When the doctor or nurse places the serum, sorcerers come to block it so that the drug does not enter the body of the patient. Admittedly, the drops go down into the tube, but the patient receives nothing in his body. In fact, sorcerers suck these drops out of the patient's body. No matter how much the doctors administer serum to the patient, nothing enters the body or rather it has no effect. I practised these things. I used to turn into a fly and go into hospital wards. When the doctor or the nurse made every effort to treat the patient, I would confuse them to prevent them from properly diagnosing the disease. They wondered why the serum had no effect. They could not imagine that the drops of serum did not enter the body of the patient.


3.8- Healing of barren women and its consequences


In my consultations, there were couples who came to see me, because of infertility. Very often, barrenness is caused by witchcraft. Sorcerers "tie up" women's belly or render men impotent. They then make you unable to have children. I cured this evil not without consequences, because the first child that my customers had was dedicated to demons. I urge you not to go to witch doctors to have a child. In Jesus Christ, there is everything you need. Certainly, we do not accept Jesus Christ for any gain, but He said in his Word to seek first the Kingdom and the righteousness of God and the rest will be added to you. Therefore, it is true that when we accept His Word and put it into practice, we are inundated with blessings.


4- Bewitchments


I have helped women who have never been to school to become mistresses of great personalities. They charmed these men who even abandoned their homes in distress. But know that these mistresses eventually end up badly. At the beginning, they are fine: they drive big Mercedes and other popular cars. But their end is pitiful. If you have done these things, it is high time you abandoned them and gave yourself to the Lord. Otherwise, you will end up badly not only on this earth, but much more on the Day of Judgment!


There are people who wanted to have women, especially old men who love young girls aged between 15 and 18. I asked them for a bottle of perfume that they like and another item that I will not mention. All this was mixed and put in a bottle. I gave it to them accompanied of course by incantatory words. Once the perfumed client shook hands with a woman he desired, whether she was married or not, she was automatically possessed. In her dreams, in her thoughts, she could only see my client. Thus, she became his slave and was subjected to him in everything.


Sorcerers sow division in families, especially in polygamous families. This is often the case when there is a wife in the family who does not have children. This barren wife becomes a dangerous element; she is often the cause of failures, lack of success, chronic diseases that poison the social, material and financial life of her rivals' children (often the first wife). To do this, she goes to see sorcerers, marabouts to whom she communicates the names of all the children of the other woman, in order to bewitch them. Thus bewitched, working children do not really enjoy their salary in that they are unable to complete a project. For example, they cannot save money and build a house either in the village or in the city.


I have bewitched pupils and students in such a manner that when they are informed of a forthcoming assessment, they panic. They sometimes have headaches and fever. They have no other choice but to grab a cigarette to smoke, or to take pills or drugs, thus destroying their lives. Sorcerers are often at the root of this state of affairs. Others may not pass their exams even though they work well in all subjects. If you are a pupil or student, and you do not have Jesus in your life, you must put yourself under the protection of Jesus right now, otherwise sorcerers, always ready to destroy, may very well make you fail your exams.


5- Witchcraft and social promotion


There are people who will never have a job until they have Jesus Christ in their lives. Whatever advanced studies they may have done and the university degrees they may have obtained, they will never know happiness. Their studies will be of no use. Their files will be filed in companies’ drawers, just because sorcerers have decided so. They have bewitched them. I myself have bewitched people to stay unemployed and fail until they die. The sorcerer who claims to ward off this evil spell is a liar. This evil can certainly be mitigated: the victim can find work, but after one or two months, he will be fired. That spell will always weigh on him. A healer can do nothing but extort money from him. He must accept Jesus Christ to be set free. It is Jesus who can heal this kind of bewitchment.


5.1- Help to bandits and traders


I delivered fetishes to renowned bandits (anti-bullet, security belt). They were thus protected by demons. But these people end up pitifully because the fetishes I gave them have a limit. If you are very observant, you must have noticed a fan with nine lines, three at each corner of the triangle, hanging in some shops. These are products made from human blood, white clay and cowries. You will see that these shops are very busy because the fetishes attract customers. Other shops in the area are simply deprive of customers. But this success is not of long duration, because their wealth is based on sacrifices, on devilish ceremonies. These traders were soon in trouble and went bankrupt. This is a fact that I have personally observed. Therefore, I appeal to merchants who make sacrifices: if you do not accept Jesus Christ, know that you will have a tragic end.


5.2- Accidents and prosperity of transporters


Some of the popular transporters in Côte d'Ivoire know me because of the help I had given them. Some of them started with two buses and ended up with 50 to 60 buses. How did it happen? There was one condition that had to be met: generally, the customer had to sacrifice one of his cars to the fetish sakpata. The sakpata fetish is a spirit that loves human blood. This demon is at the heart of disasters, wars and accidents. You often hear of car accidents with many deaths. Well, here's the reason. I simply asked the customer the matriculation of the bus to sacrifice, plus 500,000 FCFA that he had to bring to me after the accident. With the bus number, I would work with a fetish made up of human blood. This fetish is greedy for human blood. If it doesn't have human blood, it needs pig blood. It works when it rains. After the departure of the bus at a speed of 120 km/h, if there is a small rain, the tires slide and the bus rolls over. The ideal is that half the passengers die, because blood must flow.


Once this is done, the sacrifice is considered successful. After two to three months, this customer's business starts to thrive and he becomes rich. He can then buy several buses. Thus, innocent people die to ensure the prosperity of these criminals. To succeed in certain operations, I had signed pacts with sorcerers in Benin, where I went regularly. I could not always indicate the day when certain operations were to be carried out; it did not depend on me alone but also on the great sorcerers of Benin with whom I had signed pacts. Sometimes, when I saw that I could not do the work on the spot, I would fly to Benin. I'd go and see a great wizard who would do the thing for me and I'd fly back. I did this to satisfy my customers since my reputation depended on the success of my practice.


5.3- Help to musicians


Most of the musicians you see and those that people envy are under the firm grip of demons. They have signed pacts with satan. I helped musicians and singers from various countries. I made a fetish based on a perfume they love and human blood for them. I asked them to bring these items, plus a sum of 200,000 francs. If they were unable to bring human blood, I would procure it myself for them for payment. This kind of job was expensive because of the work to be done. Indeed, I had to build the customer's reputation, make them known. I had to make sure that when their album came out, people would rush for it. Once that's done, people only had their names on their lips. This spirit works on journalists. If the musician has a concert, he only has to consult and make sacrifices. This concert cannot but succeed. This is what ensures the great success of certain stars whose cassettes are bought like hot cakes and who perform in packed theatres.


Thus, I helped foreign musicians come to liven up concerts. They had an extraordinary success, but the concerts ended up in bloody fights simply because this success was due to witchcraft. All this money won't do any good. They use it to drug themselves all day long. Some defend themselves by pretending they don't do drugs. In fact, it is witchcraft, it is fetish that drives them to do these things against their will. So these people don't end well. After having helped many musicians, I appeal to them today: give your life to Jesus Christ. Satan may raise you up, but you will end up badly. I ask these musicians from Cameroon and Zaire, who know themselves well, to accept Jesus Christ. Set your life in order with Jesus Christ.


5.4- Help to senior managers and appointments


Do you see these personalities and top executives that run around bragging and run expensive Mercedes? Know that when they get in front of fetishists, especially when elections are coming up, they get very small. They become like kids in front of a simple witch doctor. This is a very funny scene. I say this as a witness, because I've also helped many senior executives. They came with a sheep plus 200,000 francs and I did the fetish. But these people don't end up well. When this power drops, they fall lower than they had been before then.


6- Race after wealth and power


6.1- How I made people rich


I began with prayers, then the consultation; the fetish specified the sacrifice to be imposed. There are many ways to become rich. Some were asked to bring a small amount of semen, a certain amount of human blood in a bottle and a sheep. I made sacrifices with these things. After the ceremony, I asked the client to bring me a suitcase in which I would dispose white sheets cut out in the format of 5000 and 10 000 FCFA notes. I poured the sperm, human blood and sheep's blood on the papers with incantatory words and handed him the suitcase. After seven days, when he opens the suitcase, he will find large quantities of authentic bank notes, which he can use as he pleases. But in return for the sperm delivered as collateral, he will have no children. He may have sex, but he can never have children. That is why we see many rich people without children. They possess all sorts of things, but they have no children. After they die, their families can't use that money. It needs to be squandered. I have helped people get rich in this way, but I have to say that all those whose wealth is based on witchcraft end up badly: they have big cars, Mercedes, big houses and a lot of money, but they end up pitiful.


6.2- Magic bank notes


I had a fetish made up of 1 000 FCFA, 5 000 FCFA and 10 000 FCFA notes but also 500 FCFA notes. I used to say incantatory words on these notes before I handed them to customers. They made purchases with these money from merchants. Once one of these notes is found in the sales of the day, the merchant will always lose money. After a few years, they go bankrupt and it's a mess. Many of these merchants can't make it again. Sorcerers are often at the origin of the bankruptcy of traders. In the beginning, these traders prosper, but after a few years, it’s a mess.


6.3- Debauchery and albino sacrifice


After consultation, it happens that the evil spirit asks them to sleep with a mad woman under a shed or with their eldest daughter - nowadays, there are clients who consent. What would men not do to get rich? After sleeping with a crazy woman on the street at night, they become extremely rich. They own trailers, buses. But they end up being crazy and their descendants have problems using this wealth that is destined to disappear. Others were asked to offer an albino child for sacrifice. It was the favourite formula of most clients and the reason was: just bringing the hair of an albino. The work was done in their room, and the albino died wherever they were. The client also had to abstain from sexual intercourse with a woman some time before the sacrifice.


When satan grants power, it is irresistible at first, but then it ends badly. The lives of his servants are in danger and he himself takes it upon himself to destroy them. As far as I was concerned, I could help people to become rich after consulting the fetishes because it was the fetishes who prescribed what to bring. I made sacrifices so people would become millionaires, even billionaires. But once these people die, their wealth dissipates. For, the riches which satan brings do not last. As a sorcerer, I helped a lot of people get rich that way. In this field, my reputation had gone beyond the borders of Côte d'Ivoire to the point where I had clients who came from Gabon, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Senegal, Mali, etc. As you know, one client sometimes brings several.


6.4- Human sacrifices


Many rich people and billionaires make human sacrifices every year to sustain their wealth. And this human sacrifice is made either on October 31, November 30 or December 31 to end the year. If you have noticed, it is from the month of October that children are abducted, and this until December. These kids, we do not find them anymore. Even adults are kidnapped. They sucked blood from their bodies to get rich. One thing's for sure, all these kidnappers end badly afterwards. They pay the price of their heinous crime. The very rich are generally untouchable because of their relationships in the upper spheres of the State where they are protected.


6.5- My own race after wealth


6.5.1- Child trafficking


To get money, I joined a group of child traffickers. We stole children to sell them to Aladjis (deformation of El Hadj). They were often sold at 5,000,000. As for them, they will work on these children to become billionaires. Till today, the Aladjis group continues to operate; I see them at their posts when I go to Benin. I do not fail to approach them to tell them the truth about the life they lead. I think the Lord will perform the miracle one day.


6.5.2- Manufacture of counterfeit bank notes


I was also in the making of counterfeit bank notes. I had two partners. Once, a great sorcerer from Benin asked us to bring the hump of a dead and buried hunchback. So we went to see the city cemetery keeper. At that time (in the years 86-87), the Beninese government did not pay civil servants. So we had no trouble deceiving the keeper to get him to show us the tomb of a hunchback who had been buried for about six months. We forced open the coffin and removed the body of the hunchback. Then we removed his hump, it was rotten but we removed it and we put the body back in the coffin. With the hump thus extracted, we went to see the great sorcerer. He took it, let us into a room. As for him, he entered another small room. After an hour, he called us in. And we saw hundreds of thousands of banknotes that he asked us to count. I was the first to count. It was more than 50 billion! But there was a flaw on the money; we had made a hole on the hump and that made the operation fail. We had to burn all the notes, more than 50 billion!


6.5.3- Drug dealing


I took advantage of my marabout profession to sell drugs. It was kept in a cemented hole over which was deposited a fetish. Many marabout, sorcerers and others are drug dealers. As for me, I sold Indian hemp and cocaine. Satan urged me to do these disreputable things and many others to increase my riches.


6.5.4- How I conferred power on my customers


I also had a fetish I had acquired in Benin. This fetish was based on two albinos: a woman and a boy were passing by to sell wood in the nearby village at the exact moment when sorcerers were playing their drum. They grabbed them and threw them into a big hole that was closed. With this fetish which I was able to acquire, whatever power an individual had, I could always increase it. On the other hand, if a sorcerer or a fetishist was against me, there was nothing he could do against me.


6.5.5- My own race for power


I fasted. As a sorcerer, if I was given a very delicate job, I had to fast to be able to do this job: I did not eat for seven days; I drank only coconut juice and with incantatory words, I obtained positive results to destroy the life of someone whose soul is powerful. One has to fast in order to win his case. This is how many sorcerers proceed in any difficult case. For example, I was asked to bewitch someone to hang himself in the forest. You see people hanging themselves in the forest; this is due to witchcraft.


6.5.6- Marriage to the sea mermaid


Within the context of the increase of my riches and power, I had to marry the siren of the seas (generally called Mamie Watta), a powerful demon that operates from the coast in the West. The annual feast of Mamie Watta is celebrated in Togo in Anecho (seat of the mermaid in Togo), by the sea, on a date chosen by the mermaid herself. Usually this happens in August or September. This feast brings together thousands of followers, men and women who have celebrated marriage with this spirit and received support or assistance from her for their prosperity. Marriage to the mermaid is a highly mystical scene. This wedding, celebrated by the sea at around 1:00 am, is the occasion of a great ceremony bringing together the great women you hear about, the Nana Benz, who come from Togo, the ladies of Benin, Ghana who also made this marriage with Mamie Watta. Many do it to get rich; it was my case. Those who officiate these marriages usually live by the sea. The spirit of the mermaid is the basis of prostitution. She makes people go to nightclubs. The mermaid is also at the origin of the night women and husbands phenomenon.


6.5.7- Contact with an Indian mentor


I was in contact with an Indian with whom I had sessions several times in my home in Abobo-gare. There, we made incantations around one o'clock in the morning. After that, he took his plane and left. A week after this series of visits, every Friday at noon, I made incantations during which I saw the image of this Indian in a large mirror that he had given me and that I had installed in my room. Through that mirror, I talked to him directly. I must say that senior managers engage in such practices with partners in Europe, India or elsewhere in the world. These people know what I'm talking about.


So I was in contact with this Indian using incantatory words. When these words were spoken, he appeared in my mirror and we communicated, him in India and me in Abidjan. By this Indian I had increased my power. This allowed me to "help" a lot of people. I made them evolve in their society, in their ministry. They came from Congo, Mali, Cameroon, Burkina Faso and so on, to consult me. Through this testimony, I call out to all those whom I had "helped" in this way. What I did for you is wrong. It's worth nothing compared to eternal life. I beseech you, stop all this! Accept Jesus Christ or you will end up badly. Mystical works are terrible; you can be in your car and get run over by a big truck. That's what I call ending up badly.


7- Megnanou and the Church


In the exercise of my profession, I became an enemy of God. I was associated with a group of occult sorcerers practising voodoo. This group was composed of an Indian, a Haitian, a Guadeloupean, and a Brazilian. I was the only African in that group. Our mission throughout the world was to work in collaboration with the great masters of Freemasonry, Rosicrucian Order, Eckankar, Voodoo to cause air disasters, train collisions, floods, etc. to collect human blood for satan. We then had to report to satan in cemeteries and sacred forests.


Sorcerers, occultists, marabouts, voodoo adepts or fetishists, operate from midnight until 3 am. Some take advantage of these hours to come out of their bodies, thus proceeding to doubling. Sorcerers transform themselves into cockroaches, lions, black cats, mice, cattle, hippos, snakes, flies, scorpions or dogs to kill. As for me, I was duplicating myself by turning into a fly to go and operate in great distances, destroy human lives by making them sick in their sleep. This is why people wake up sick in the morning and after fourteen days or twenty-one days, they die.


Through witchcraft, my group and I weakened Christians and led them to interrupt their fast before the end. When they decided to fast for one day, I led them to break the fast at noon instead of continuing until the appointed time so as to be blessed. When a group of Christians decided to fast four or seven days, I attacked them to shorten the fast decreed by the congregation. When in spite of everything they continued, it caused great panic in our camp. Fasting and prayer fail the works of witchcraft directed against Christians. I could attack the churches with my group of sorcerers by sowing division between pastors and church leaders for money and material goods, when they are attached to these things. These dissensions prevented them from praying enough, fasting, and taking care of the sheep for the advancement of God's work. I attacked the churches by arousing a spirit of rebellion, pride and slander among Christians. Rebellion against pastors, criticism and slander, hatred and resentment towards one another, are often due to witchcraft.


As sorcerers, we collaborated with the following associations: Eckankar, Rosicrucian Order, Guru-maraji, Mahikari, Buddha, Moon, Krishna, Freemasons, associations where people light candles to pray and who worship statues of carved images representing things that are up in the heavens. All these people practice witchcraft. Some so-called churches offer visions to people in order to bewitch them, and sell white, red, blue, green candles. They require married women to spend seven to fourteen days of convent. These "churches" also practice witchcraft. At night, their leaders go to cemeteries and the seaside to pray, make sacrifices, practice witchcraft, occultism, and witch doctor practices. Others use anointing oil, which is very dangerous. It is with python grease that they make black soap they give to people to wash themselves; thus putting them in contact with demons.


8- Conversion, Warfare, and Deliverance


8.1- Conversion


As you can see, everything was going well for me: I was successful and my reputation went beyond the borders of Côte d'Ivoire. With my Indian mentor, the prospects were fantastic. So there was apparently nothing predisposing me to abandon my practices. But God had His plan. To realise this, He allowed my sister, by the name of Beatrice, to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour and to pray with perseverance for me. When Beatrice realised what I was doing, she came to my house on a Saturday, while I was receiving a client. I said, "I hear you're going to church." Yes, she answered me, "I accepted Jesus Christ and I came to tell you about Him." It didn't need more than that for me to kick her out of my house because if the customers heard such a conversation, they might get discouraged. Without disarming, she returned the next day, this time, to invite me to church because, she said, there was a powerful programme. I had to chase her with a machete.


The warfare was thus engaged between her and me. It should be said that she prayed and fasted for me. She was thus losing weight every day. Not knowing it, I used to make fun of her every time I saw her. But she kept saying that the Lord has a plan for me, which naturally amused me the more. I then went into my car and left. After a month, I had a terrible fever, shivering of cold. A fetishist friend who lives in Port-Bouët (one of the ten communes of Abidjan) visited me at that time. He asked me what I had. I had to tell him the truth. So I said to him: for some time now, my younger sister has been visiting me with her Bible and she invites me to church. In response, the friend warned me: never collaborate with the people who come to talk to you about Jesus Christ, for in His presence, fetishes no longer have power. Afterwards, he spoke incantatory words on me, after which I gave him my sister's name so that he could do to her what he wanted, including killing her. I was determined to put an end to it.


As a sorcerer, I decided to launch the attack myself before my friend could even enter the scene. Then at about 1 o'clock in the morning, I approached my fetish, which had the property of driving mad, and I uttered incantatory words. I expected to see her image in the clay pot containing the fetish. To my surprise, this did not happen. I then called my disciples to see more clearly in this matter. One of them suggested pouring a bottle of Gin on the fetish, to give it more power. After all these sacrifices, the image of my sister still did not appear. I consulted my cowries which had predicted that the operation would work. Then I took a padlock which had the property of driving mad; I said her name over it. When I tried to close, the lock was blocked. I began the process all over again, always the same result. It lasted until 3 am. Fed up and imagining that she was already hit, I decided to let it all go. It was a Friday. On Saturday, at about 4 PM, while I was visiting my father, I saw my younger sister who, seeing me, cried out, "Well, big brother. Hallelujah! Jesus is wonderful."


Very angry, I made an effort to control myself. I approached her and asked her if she was feeling any pain anywhere. "I am in Jesus Christ; how do you want me to get sick just anyhow?" She said to me. Then she continued, "Accept Jesus Christ, for all that you do is void and of no effect." "The power of Jesus", she added, "far exceeds that of sorcerers." After three days, I took another fetish, composed of a man's foot and a padlock, to paralyse her. And to do that, I locked myself in my room and fasted for three days. As food, I take only coconut juice. I spoke seven times and when I tried to shut the lock, it blocked again. I began wondering if she were a magician. However, I decided to go to the cemetery late at night to bury the fetish, a way to make it more powerful. The next day, I decide to visit her, hoping that she would be paralysed, and on her bed. But being in the cab, I see her leaving, Bible in hand. So I go up to her and I said, "I had a dream about you. Don’t you feel any pain in your foot?" She replied, "I am in Jesus Christ, so illness has no power over me."


In anger, I returned home and called my friend and colleague from Port-Bouët. I explained everything I had done, without any success. He said, "Give me a week." Then he said, "Don't worry, we'll pay for her coffin." I gave him carte blanche. It is worth mentioning that sorcerers, to get us, always go through a member of our family. After this, he leaves for home. After a week, nothing happens. I then go to his house. He tells me that he has done the work and that he does not understand what is happening. In the face of this mystery, I decide to let it all go. But now, three weeks later, the fever that I had suffered came back fully. It was so strong that I thought, "It's over, I'm going to die." Out of instinct for survival, however, I took a taxi to the airport, to urgently go to my mentors in Benin to take care of me. When I get out of the vehicle in spite of the fever, in that state of supreme effort, it did not occur to me to see if the pedestrian light was still green before crossing the road. So I almost got hit by a cab. The taxi driver after insulting me properly, came down to give me two good slaps. People were looking at me. I was unresponsive.


I could not even address to the driver one of those words of which I had the secret, which would have caused him to have an accident; I had forgotten all these things, I was so much troubled! On arriving at Air Afrique, the counters had just closed. And I was there, not knowing what to do. One voice suggested I go see Beatrice, another objected to the proposal. But the first voice was irresistible. It’s the one that won my vote. Here, I am on my way to my sister's house. When I got to her place, she told me that the Lord was going to perform the miracle. I asked her: "What miracle? For I also work miracles." And I quoted from some of the miracles I used to perform. "These miracles are satanic, they are devilish, they have no power." She exclaimed with a touch of anger. "Well," I said, "What are we doing for my health?" She answered, "We are going to see pastors. They'll pray for you." "All right, I will." "Try to see the pastors after the service", she told me. "No problem", I replied. In the taxi that led us to the church, I noticed that my sister had her head bowed and was praying. I then hit her on the back and told her that a taxi is not a church.


When we got to the church, she was very excited because she had just found a new soul. Finally, she found a place for me to sit. After the service, before I was received by the pastor, I went into the toilet, I opened my briefcase and took out a fetish that I put in my mouth saying: "There’s going to be trouble!" It was obviously meant to hurt the pastor. The pastor received me in his office. The fetish being in my mouth. He asked me a series of questions that I answered with my head because I couldn't open my mouth. I had to take advantage of a moment of inattention to remove the fetish from my mouth. Strangely enough, the incantatory words I wanted to pronounce on the pastor, I had forgotten them all. The pastor asked me what was wrong, what caused the fever that brought me here. Before leaving, the pastors prayed for me. They began to pray over me. Then I began to sleep. When I woke up, they had finished praying, and I felt a great heat coming out of my body. They gave me an appointment in three days. I did not go.


During my absence, indeed, I had missed customers. When they came back, they asked me where I'd been. When they heard that I had gone to church, they disavowed me, and said to me, "Go no more there. It's very dangerous." Wanting to reassure them, I answered, "Do not be afraid; I have come home to take another fetish to go against the pastor." After that, I consulted them and they left. Actually, I was not myself. All my thoughts were in the church. Everything that happened out there was running through my head. Realising I wasn't at the rendezvous, Beatrice came to see me. "But, big brother, we didn't see you at the service." I said, "With God, don't rush; I will come to church; but let me go at my own pace." "No", she said, "Do not be deceived by satan. He's only looking for one thing, turning you into an idiot and destroying you in the end." She was not happy that I was still doing consultations. It was a Friday. In the evening, we went to church. After the prayer, I went home and began to laugh alone.


Another day, I had a discussion session at the end of which I confessed to them that I had fetishes. They then asked me to bring them. I did not agree, because I thought from the bottom of my heart that the pastors were going to use it in order to have more power. But after that conversation, I couldn't sleep. I was the scene of a terrible fight: I saw people chasing me with sticks in the living room. We were going around the dining table. On the other hand, I started talking to myself. I was on the verge of madness. The frightened neighbours came to meet me. To hide my own apprehension, I told them: "Don't worry, there's nothing." In fact, I hurried to see the pastor at the church to explain the situation to him. And he said to me, "Bring the fetishes that they may be burned, after which you will have peace of heart." This time, I agreed. I have to say, I had no choice. One morning, I rented a new pickup truck that had been in circulation for just three months. I told the driver I had some luggage to take to the church.


I took suitcases and bags, and I spoke to the fetishes in these terms: it seems that it is because of you that I do not sleep. So you're going to go there, to the church. If you want, go attack them and leave me alone. On this, I got to a fetish to lift it; it became extremely heavy. Impossible to lift even the smallest fetish!


After that failed attempt, I began to speak alone. The driver then approached me and asked me what was happening. "No, there's nothing, wait for me, I'm coming, don't be in a hurry, don't worry, I'll pay you", I told him. He said, "But you speak alone; if the luggage is heavy, just call me, I will help you." "No, I'm coming." But all the fetishes were heavy and as if nailed to the ground. I started to think and I remembered an expression that came up on the lips of people in church. "In the name of Jesus, come out of this body!" I went into the room and asked the fetishes: "Are you going to move or not?" When I said, "In the name of Jesus, come out of this body!" the biggest fetish became light. And I said: "Well, well! So then, you're worth nothing."


That's how I put all the fetishes in the bags and suitcases, repeating that expression. So we put it all in the pickup truck. But it refused to start. I had to say the same expression to get it started and finally, we got on our way to church. When we arrived at the church on December 26, 1987, the pastors, seeing the great number of fetishes, exclaimed: "Wow, you were really a dangerous element!" Then they called me to a corner and made me sign a paper. Then they set fire to all the fetishes. Some of these fetishes were bouncing in the fire. That's how I delivered all my fetishes. And that day, I slept from 10:00 PM to 10:00 am in the morning. The lesson that I learnt from this experience, I offer it in the form of advice to those who want to accept Jesus Christ: everything must be delivered up, without reservation. Seven months later, on July 28, 1988, I was baptized.


8.2- Warfare


After my conversion, my life changed completely. My standard of living fell very low. I didn't keep any money in the bank; one morning, I found all my money in ashes while my clothes remained intact. I called my sister to explain the situation. She said, "This is proof that this money did not come from God." This opinion was confirmed by the pastors. So I accepted the situation and even gave glory to God! When the clients came to see me, I pushed them back and evangelised them. In response, they said I had gone crazy. I went to evangelise sorcerers and fetishists. Some of them attacked me. Even my father sent a message from Benin to finish with me. It was the beginning of my conversion; the situation was tense; and it continues even now. I had attacks from all over. Every day, when I woke up, I found a snake in my room. I always said the same sentence: "In the name of Jesus!" Then, with a broom, I would hit it on the head and it died. I noticed that every time I killed a snake, someone came to announce a death in the village.


Even the sorcerers with whom I had signed pacts came together to kill me. At that time, I went to Benin. Then people said, "We will see if he’ll survive; he will surely die." That way, he'll go to evangelise the "there's nothing". This expression designates in our language those who are no more. So in the village, they did everything they could to kill me. When I woke up in the morning, I saw fetishes near my bed. I'd take a broom, I'd say, "In the name of Jesus," and I'd sweep it all away. Even on the road, I met great sorcerers who asked me where the fetishes they had given me had gone. I told them I burned them all in the name of Jesus Christ and I preached to them the word of truth. It irritated them and made them do everything they could to kill me. My ex-friends sorcerers, give yourself to the Lord without reserve or you'll have problems with sorcerers.


8.3- Deliverance


At the beginning of my conversion, every morning when I woke up, I bled from my nose and mouth because of the pact signed with sorcerers. But by the grace of God, I have been delivered from the situation. Glory be to His name! I also had stomach ulcers, a disease characteristic of many sorcerers. I spent a lot of money without any result. In fasting and prayer, I was healed one night while I was sleeping. In a dream, I saw someone operate on the part where I was in pain. I then felt a pain similar to a pinprick. When I woke up, I prayed and thanked the Lord. I was so convinced that I asked my sister to prepare a very spicy sauce that I consumed without moderation: I felt nothing. It was kind of my test. Jesus Christ is wonderful! Our God is a merciful God. His is the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the God of Israel. He has not changed, He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Only He can deliver and save. Yes, He is the only one who can free from all sin. Glory and honour be given to Him!


8.4- My arrest by the judicial police of Côte d'Ivoire


After an evangelisation crusade followed by a prayer vigil from 9 PM until dawn, on a sports field in one of the communes of Abidjan, which brought together nearly 12,000 people and during which I gave my testimony, the Ivorian police, informed by secret agents of the intelligence service of the judicial police, put me under arrest. Certain details of this testimony led them to arrest me: the facts that I had sold drugs, that I had killed by witchcraft, that human blood had been the basis of my sacrifices. These are the objective reasons. But these reasons cannot obscure the mystical causes. During this prayer vigil, I revealed the works of witchcraft, occultism, fetishism that I had practised. I said how satan and his demons operate at night to kill people, to bewitch families, how the occultists scam people in order to make them poor. I said how I sold drugs to destroy youths. Anyway, I exposed all sorcerers' secrets. I revealed how, through witchcraft, I helped people to be appointed ministers, elected members of Parliament, etc. In addition, this crusade in the form of a vigil saw the conversion to the Lord Jesus, of about 4,000 people.


So I cannot help but believe that sorcerers, occultists, marabouts, fetishists - not to say satan - whose secrets I had just revealed were behind this action of the police. Besides, I was expecting this arrest. The purpose of these sorcerers and accomplices was for this testimony to be erased. Satan believed that if I were arrested, I would get scared, that I would deny Jesus and return to his camp. I will never give in to satan. I will always expose him till I die for the salvation of souls all over the world, so that all those who live in darkness may discover the light.


So I arrived at the judicial police, accompanied by one of the pastors of the church where I was converted. After questioning me and listening to three of my tapes recorded during the crusade, I was then listened to by the director of the judicial police who made us understand that he had been instructed by his hierarchical chief, the minister of security, to take me into custody in order to conduct the investigations. The first day of my arrest, I was kept among thieves, high-class criminals that the police had arrested. They wanted to intimidate me. But I preached the Gospel to them, and six of them gave themselves to the Lord. I prayed for those six criminal thieves who accepted Jesus. After five days, they were released. Their lives changed completely and today they are attached to the Lord. They no longer attack people with weapons because Jesus freed them.


The director of the judicial police entrusted the investigation to one of his officers who was in charge of my case. He called on more than fifteen police commissioners who listened to the testimony on my three tapes and this enabled them to draw conclusions. After these hearings, a police commissioner called me crazy. He asked me to be taken to psychiatrists. "I'm not crazy, I told them, what I say is nothing but reality. The things I'm talking about, I've been through them myself. It was Jesus who seized me and led me to abandon everything in order to follow Him; otherwise, whatever police commissioner you may be, I was probably going to exterminate you by my witchcraft. Jesus is the only One who can deliver and transform a sorcerer, fetishist, occultist." In view of all these answers, they accompanied me to the doctors' office in a health institute. They were planning to take me to a mental health facility for treatment. But this consultation yielded nothing, at least for those who asked for this review. As far as I am concerned, by the grace of God, it was an opportunity for me to preach the Gospel to the doctors.


The doctors at the centre examined me by asking me many questions and suggesting answers to see if I were really mad. I answered all their questions. They didn't find anything that proves I'd start a mental breakdown. In truth, the doctors were somewhat perplexed. It was necessary for one of their own, a woman, to reveal to them that often there are people who bear witness to their past life and say how Jesus saved them, which allows others who do not know Christ to give themselves to Him. It took this argument for the doctors to declare the test result negative.


I was in possession of all my senses to expose satan and his fallen demons. One thing that struck me a lot in all these trips that I made with the officers of the judicial police is that they carried loaded guns behind me. Even to go to the bathroom, those officers always had an eye on me, guns in their hand. They said to each other that it was necessary to follow me closely: who knows if I would not turn into a fly to disappear from their sight. I then told them that I had become a new creature and that I could no longer turn into a fly: "Jesus Christ freed me", I told them, "I can no longer do witchcraft. I live for the Lord."


If the result of my psychiatric consultation prevented me from being taken to the "mental disorder centre" for treatment, it exposed me to imprisonment. Indeed, after the doctors' results indicated that I was not showing any signs of insanity, I was brought back to the direction of the judicial police. The report of my examination was therefore submitted to the director of the judicial police by his officers. After reading this report, which ended with a negative result, the director was troubled, he wondered what was wrong. On the spot, he reported to his superior, the minister of security, who, also disturbed by the result, ordered that I be brought before the prosecutor's office (the most competent court) to make the final decision. I was in police custody for nine days, nine days that I turned into a time of fasting and prayer. I interceded and wept before the Lord. God answered me and here is the word that He addressed to me: "I will make your testimony an instrument for the salvation of souls throughout the whole world. Don't worry, I'll defend you wherever you go." How wonderful it is to hear the voice of your God!


In order to bring me before the court, these officers drew up a report that was supposed to trace all my past life: how I destroyed human lives through witchcraft and occultism, how I sold drugs, etc. However, in this fifteen-page report, nothing was said concerning my conversion: how Jesus seized me and how my fetishes were burned by the pastors in the church, as well as my new life in Jesus Christ. They just pointed out the wrong side. This report was charged with many crimes that were attributed to me as follows: Assassin, sorcerer, drug trafficker, criminal in association. With these crimes, I was to be sentenced to between ten to twenty years in prison. Our God does not abandon His children. His Word says, "There is therefore now no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus." Romans 8:1-2.


This shows that he who does evil things such as murder, abomination, etc., and who makes the decision to accept Jesus Christ - the only Saviour of mankind and the only mediator between God and men - will no longer be condemned. His word also says, "If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed." (John 8:36). "If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new" (2corinthians 5:17). God in his compassion has forgiven me since I accepted Jesus who bought me at a great cost. If God had not forgiven me, I would have already died and been condemned to Hell on Judgment Day.


So these officers made me sign this famous report. I was waiting for my departure on the tenth day of my custody. And it is this day that God chose to intervene. Thanks be to Jesus, the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the President of presidents, our advocate to the Father, who intercedes for us night and day, this authentic Son of God who came out of the tomb, who overcame death, who crushed the head of satan, that can do nothing but wag his tail, this wonderful Saviour came to my rescue and destroyed all the plans of satan and other demons of imprisonment.


I had to get in the van connecting the police stations and the prosecutor's office. Before I put my left foot on this van followed by the right foot, the two wrists handcuffed in preparation for the departure for the court, a phone call was heard at the direction of the judicial police, from the minister of security who himself had received the order from the presidency of the Republic, not to refer me to the prosecutor, but to release me immediately. The entire criminal investigation department was amazed at my release.


On the spot, the handcuffs were removed and I was entrusted to the church where I was converted. In fact, after being informed, the authorities of the presidency in turn informed His Excellency the president of the Republic, the late Félix Houphouët Boigny to whom they made listen my tapes. He would then have rejoiced at my conversion and at what God did such a work in his country, Côte d'Ivoire. That's how he decided to release me. Having said that, I maintain that the real author of these instructions to the president of the Republic is Jesus.


I must say that having learned of my arrest by the judicial police, many pastors and faithful mobilised and were ready to undertake a two-day march throughout the city of Abidjan in order to obtain my release. This is a beautiful demonstration of love, of the love that the elders of the early church practised towards one another. Yes, this same love must manifest itself in the life of Christians today. If a brother or sister in Christ has a problem, we must support them so that those who do not have Christ know that Christians love each other. Let us not turn our backs on all our brethren who are going through hardships. Let us show them our affection so that they may be strengthened.


This beautiful demonstration of solidarity is further proof that God was at work. To Him be the glory forever and ever! Satan had planned everything so that this testimony would not be spread all over the world. But the power of our Lord is above all powers, so satan has failed. His defeat was total and Jesus won the victory. To prove it, thousands of people have listened to this testimony on cassettes and thousands of others are reading it today for the forgiveness of their sins, for their salvation, their deliverance and their restoration.


From this day forward, I am redoubling my efforts against satan and his demons. During all crusade programmes of evangelisation, conferences, and seminars, I never cease to expose sorcerers, occultists, etc. through my testimony that the Lord allows me to give wherever I go; former clients, sorcerers, have given their lives to Jesus Christ. The Lord grants me the grace to go inside Côte d'Ivoire as well as outside to give this testimony and glorify Him before all. But I must say that I have not always been successful; proof of this is my own father and many members of my family who died in rebellion against God. I preached the Gospel to my two disciples; they called me mad. Later, the first died of AIDS, the second struck a stone on returning from the farm and died four months later.


9- Exhortation to be vigilant


Time is short. Sorcerers, occultists, fetishist healers are ruthless. They will deceive you by making you believe that there is hope in everything they do, but it is only lies and theft because, their father who is the devil is the father of lies. Sorcerers, occultists, marabouts, etc. are nothing but crooks, deceivers, seducers. They will do things to make you feel confident of your future. These things will work at the beginning, so you will have everything at your disposal: money, cars, houses… but eventually you will have problems on problems, until you are wiped out. You will be in trouble. After that, satan will claim all your possessions before he puts an end to you. You will end up in the grave. If satan gives you 10,000,000 FCFA in the beginning to attract you, he will claim 20,000,000 FCFA at the end and then kill you. The power of sorcerers, occultists, marabouts, etc. is ephemeral and limited: but the power of our God is above all powers, and it is everlasting.


With Jesus Christ there is always hope. Be careful not to go to diviners, sorcerers, marabouts; they will rob you, they will ruin you until you are reduced to your simplest expression. I'm talking about things I've practised with my clients. At first, they were on bed of roses. They were very rich: they owned cars, houses, etc. but in the end, they became miserable. I helped them by witchcraft and by the same witchcraft, I made them poor.


If you live in this situation now, you need Jesus Christ who came to free the captives. You must accept Him with all your heart and you will see His glory in your life. No sorcerer, marabout or fetishist can bring a satisfactory solution to your problems; only Jesus Christ can save you and bring you the true solution. My friends, come to Jesus and He will give you eternal life. Satan is evil. He is a false master who does not forgive his followers. Satan has never done good to anyone. In the beginning, he offers you life in bright colours but in the end, regression and death.


To you, dear ministers, deputies, mayors, CEO, directors of companies, entrust yourself to the Lord Jesus Christ and turn away from the way of sorcerers, marabouts and occultists. You who have entrusted your business, your company, your enterprises, your trade, etc. to sorcerers, marabouts, occultists or diviners in order to prosper, I urge you to turn around and entrust your entire life to the Lord Jesus Christ because "He is the way, the truth and the life". Please take the true gate that is Jesus Christ. "... For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it." Matthew 7:13-14. The broad road is the road of sorcerers, marabouts, occultists, and fetishists. Many take this road to get lost.


The only way I would advise you is the small gate, the narrow road that leads to eternal life. Although it is true that only few find it, but it's the right way. It’s up to you, my friend, to choose. Do you want to collaborate with satan (when in the end he will destroy you) or with Jesus of Nazareth who saves, who delivers, who restores and who has defeated sorcerers, marabouts, occultists, fetishists and made a spectacle of them? Jesus is the best way, and that is why I Megnanou Bienvenu, former sorcerer, fetishist, occultist, I decided to choose Him and follow Him since December 26, 1987 and that for the rest of my life. The choice is up to you, my friend. The right choice is Jesus Christ who will soon come to take away his Church. Time is short. Sorcerers are only experts in killing the youthful force, leaders of the village; they only create problems for people; their strength is only to bewitch human society; eternal dividers of families, they are. They can only destroy countries through war, floods, air disasters, and train collisions. The sorcerer is well aware that he is doing evil and that he will render an account to God at the Last Judgment.


Grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love!




Dear brothers and sisters,


If you have run away from fake churches and would like to know what to do, here are the two options available to you:


1- See if around you there are some other children of God who fear God and desire to live according to the Sound Doctrine. If you find any, feel free to join them.


2- If you do not find one and wish to join us, our doors are open to you. The only thing we will ask you to do is to first read all the Teachings that the Lord has given us, and which are on our website www.mcreveil.org, to reassure yourself that they are in conformity with the Bible. If you find them in accordance with the Bible, and are ready to submit to Jesus Christ, and live by the demands of His word, we will gladly welcome you.


The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you!


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