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(Updated on 01 01 2024)


Brothers and sisters, Pan-Africanists, worthy daughters and sons of Africa, Friends of Africa


As you must have realized, France has vowed to keep Africa in the most abject slavery at all cost, and by all means, including the most inhuman, most degrading, the most unhealthy, the most humiliating and most unjust. The massacre of thousands of Ivorians and tens of thousands of Libyans and the systematic looting that follows is proof for those who still needed proof.


You must have also noticed that what makes the "strength" of France and justifies the outrageous arrogance she displays is the support she receives from the international mafia called the UN and other terrorist states called major powers. The ignoble sarkozy and his other schizophrenic counterparts, who consider themselves as lords of the earth, think they have the power of life and death over Africans.


They can arrogantly and with impunity decide who will live in Africa, and who will die, which country should be destroyed partially and which one should be destroyed completely. They take upon themselves the freedom to cause genocide where they deem necessary, kill African leaders who are not submissive to them and imprison at The Hague those whom they fail to assassinate. And when they kill African leaders, they use their media to taunt us, they rejoice over their crimes, and boast of their "great achievements".


If they are so infatuated, so imbued with themselves, it is because they think we can do nothing. For, in terms of weapons, we are voiceless, because they are the ones who make the weapons. And even if we needed weapons, it is from them that we would buy. And even if we chose to buy, they would control what they sell to us, in order to destroy it quickly when the time comes. They are aware of all this, hence their arrogance and contempt has no limit.


The many articles we wrote did not change anything. The many open letters addressed to them remained moot. The many marches and demonstrations in the streets of Paris and other Western capitals did not in any way upset the "great peace" of these gods of the earth. In response, the big question is this: Will Africa and Africans ever free themselves from colonial rule? Will they one day emerge victorious from this battle that seems to oppose a cock and a cockroach?


In analysing this problem, several other small issues torment our minds: Will it be necessary to sink into pessimism and be contented with defeatism? Should we give up and die slowly in anger? Should we opt for the great sacrifice by opposing these shamelessly armed blood mongers with our bare hands? Or turn into bombs like others do, hoping that the high number of deaths will one day change anything? Should we rather take up arms and face them? Or should we just pray and trust in God for a turnaround of the situation like the case of David and Goliath? I would like to suggest some answers to the questions above.


For more than six hundred years today, Africa has been humiliated and despised by Westerners, and despite the many uprisings that took place in the meantime, with a balance sheet of tens of millions dead, nothing has changed. This finding is sufficient to justify our pessimism, especially since we can legitimately and naturally quote this saying which comes to mind in this case "no one is bound to do the impossible."


But should we really take the defeat as a working guide and faithfully embrace the idea of giving up? Although suffering takes us there, I think it would be a very terrible option. Such a solution is therefore out of question.


We met several times with friends to discuss the situation in Africa. Some of us argued that what Africans need is enough courage to stage a powerful revolution that will cause tens of thousands of deaths. They back up their point with the fact that without a revolution there is no freedom. They cite the example of the French Revolution. I have always found and I still find this position unreasonable just like the idea of opposing these ghouls with our bare hands. When dealing with demons of a different caliber like the vampire sarkozy, cueing up to be massacred, knowing that this crime will never be punished, at least in this world will be acting foolishly. The young Ivorian patriots went out in thousands thinking that the ignoble Sarkozy will be modest enough not to drop his bombs on them. They surely did not know this agent of satan who strongly believes in his omnipotence.


And since the thug obama, this funny Nobel war Prize winner had already given him his support by describing the Ivorian patriots as thugs, this vile Hungarian racist knew that by killing thousands or tens of thousands, he would be at no risk. And you all know the result.


Should we turn into bombs? This would mean losing the sense of life. Man has enough value that he cannot just transform himself into a weapon. Let us leave the method of empty minded people to them.


Should we then take up arms and face them? That will be in vain. The Libyan leader was sufficiently armed but faced with the coalition of terrorist states and gangsters who run those states, his determination yielded no fruits.


Should we just pray and trust in God for a turnaround like the case of David and Goliath? This subject has been debated upon and continues to be a subject of debate. Some think that we should just pray and wait on God. Others rather think that to expect a miraculous intervention from God, is like a colourful beautiful dream, which unfortunately will never become reality. The massacre of thousands of patriots in Ivory Coast is proof. What should we do then?


Experience has shown that to fight against a god or against gods, we must also rely on a god or other gods. These demons who lead the world do not just take themselves for gods, as we like to say, indeed they are. I do not need evidence to convince you, the news is full of that.


So, to fight or to defend oneself against gods without counting on another god is to offer oneself as a sacrifice for nothing. That said, those who propose that we pray and wait only for God to turnaround the situation are actually proposing the best solution but unfortunately they do not know all the twists and turns of such a solution.


When we go into the Bible to see how God acted and on what basis He gave victory to David over Goliath, something draws our attention. It is the condition in which David was, in other words the kind of life he led before God. 1Samuel 17. David lived for God and his life was pleasing to God. The conditions were ripe for an intervention of God in his struggle. And with the intervention of God, victory is assured, regardless of the great power of the enemy.


So, the option of only praying and trusting God for total victory is therefore conceivable if and only if Africans submit to God, repent of their sins and choose to live according to God. Unfortunately very few are even willing to submit to the "whims" of God. They are so comfortable in their way of life that asking them to comply with God's word would be a bit too much trouble. And that's where the shoe pinches. As long as we consider the instructions of God as "whims", it would be very difficult to count on Him. Therefore, as we choose not to repent and put into practice the instructions of God as stated in the Bible, the option not to count on God would be the one to choose because relying on God  in these conditions would only lead to other disappointments and frustrations. Nevertheless, the best and only real solution for total victory can only come from God.


While waiting to convince ourselves that the instructions of God are in fact not "whims", while waiting to see if we can be willing to pay the price for God’s intervention in our fight, the price being the total submission to the word of God, we can already begin the battle with this last solution at our disposal: The complete boycott of all French goods.


With regards to all the options available to us, and in the absence of divine intervention, the only effective solution that can lead us to victory is the total boycott of all French things. Remember that we are the ones maintaining France in Africa by consuming her products. Let me give you some examples:


Air France


For those of you who have travelled with Air France from or to Africa, you must have seen the number of Westerners on board. Sometimes there is no single passenger of the West on board. In other words, the flight is full of Africans or "coloured people". Understand that if we all decide to boycott Air France, it will never go to Africa. This is not difficult to understand. Air France has successfully destroyed all African airlines, and now boasts of being the ‘best "African" company’. We can stop this arrogance if we want.




Go check out who are customers of Orange France Telecom in Africa. They are all Africans. If we terminate our contracts (telephone and internet) with Orange, and if we destroy all our Orange SIM cards, the company will leave Africa in the coming weeks.


French banks


If we close all our accounts in the various French banks, they will leave Africa. It is the same with their insurance companies.


French hotels


Do we really need them? There are so many national hotels, such that we normally should not even find ourselves in French hotels except it is chosen and paid by our company. And very often we have the opportunity to influence the choice.


French supermarkets


You will agree with me that it’s only snobbery that drives Africans in Africa, to do their shopping in French supermarkets. We have enough central markets and other shops in Africa, to desire the French supermarkets. We just simply need to leave out "pride" and this problem is solved.


This is true for the examples cited above, it is also true for all French things such as: French cultural centres, French fuel stations,  French car brand, lies telling French media, French restaurants, French clothing and jewellery, French language, etc.. In a word: EVERYTHING THAT IS FRENCH.


As concerns the French language, it may be difficult for some to return to school to learn other languages now; we should therefore orientate our children towards languages other than French.




We must also not forget to boycott chocolate, whether french or from elsewhere, because it is for chocolate that Americans have agreed to support the snake Sarkozy in the massacre of Ivorians. And as you can see, the poor peasants who were already living decently in cocoa are dying of hunger. Remember that by buying this chocolate, you're celebrating with these criminals the assassination of the many patriots who were murdered, and you are taking part in the extermination of poor Ivorian peasants who die each day because of the misery into which cocoa thieves have plunged them.


Some may wonder what will happen to our compatriots who are working in these companies and other French structures once they must have closed down after the boycott. I also asked myself this question but the answer is simple. They will find jobs in structures that shall be created to replace those that these parasites will leave behind them. Contrary to what you may think, the departure of France will open the door to greater job creation, and many opportunities which are now intentionally blocked by the same France. Those of you who know Africa well, know that France corrupt African leaders, and with their connivance, destroys all companies and national initiatives in order to reign supreme in our economies.


This is the solution I have been proposing for over ten years now. But very few have engaged in this fight, which is why the effects are not very visible. It is important for us to understand that in this world, there are wars that can carry no weapons, and victories that we can have without bloodshed. The people just need unity, determination, endurance, and a true vision of victory.


What Africans have always fallen short of is unity. Africans are still finding it very difficult to unite and defend their continent as China has done, and as other nations are doing. What a pity! We will endeavour to get everyone involved in this fight if possible. But remember that apart from rallying everyone to this cause, we need to educate as many people as possible. Unfortunately, there are Africans, mostly "intellectuals" who are shamefully rejoicing over the assassination of the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, and the trampling on Africa with the kidnapping and now abduction of President Laurent Gbagbo. It's pathetic! But what do you want? Every people have their idiots, and Africa will not be an exception. Please understand that with or without these traitors of Africa, we can win.


In this fight, we will concurrently put pressure on African leaders of the franc zone, to rapidly abandon this shameful currency called the CFA. Also note that I purposely did not mention the case of the DRC here. We are not unaware of the very sorrowful fate of hundreds of people who die every day in the DRC, and hundreds of women who are raped every day at the "watchful" sight of their "protectors." I omitted this case because it does not concern France alone. We will review this case soon.


Get involved in this fight, and educate all the worthy daughters and sons of Africa, and friends of Africa to join the fight. Let us not fall anymore into the trap of wanting to belong to one African country or another. Consider the whole of Africa as a country. Unity is the key to Africa's total freedom. If each of us takes this fight as his own battle, victory is assured, and it will not delay. If we all boycott everything that is French, France, despite its mafia, will be forced to leave Africa, and Africa will have no genocide on its soil, and Africans will regain their dignity.


Worthy daughters and sons of Africa, if you are as shocked, as horrified, as humiliated, as wrinkled as outraged and as scandalized as me to see the treatment that is given to Africa by the lords of the earth, rally to this cause. If you believe like me that everything must have an end, join me in this fight. Together we shall overcome!


God bless you!




Dear brothers and sisters,


If you have run away from fake churches and would like to know what to do, here are the two options available to you:


1- See if around you there are some other children of God who fear God and desire to live according to the Sound Doctrine. If you find any, feel free to join them.


2- If you do not find one and wish to join us, our doors are open to you. The only thing we will ask you to do is to first read all the Teachings that the Lord has given us, and which are on our website www.mcreveil.org, to reassure yourself that they are in conformity with the Bible. If you find them in accordance with the Bible, and are ready to submit to Jesus Christ, and live by the demands of His word, we will gladly welcome you.


The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you!


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