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(Updated on 01 01 2024)


Dear friends and dear brothers, we find it important to share with you this article published by the website CF dated August 10, 2019, which exposes the Bamiléké genocide project that france is planning. This article is quite edifying, and will help you to measure the degree of danger that Cameroon in general and the Bamiléké people in particular are facing.


1- Maurice Kamto and the Bamiléké, Sworn Enemies of France


Will there be genocide in Cameroon or not? The question no longer arises, since in the English-speaking regions, the genocide had begun. Soldiers are already used to killing father and mother in front of petrified children, to raping the wife in front of the beat-up husband, to killing the sleeping baby after crushing their butts on the mother's breasts. They are used to burning the house with its inhabitants, and seeing fiery monsters come out to dance the fire dance before collapsing into comical positions, twisted with pain.


2- France: The commander in chief


Soldiers have become accustomed to avenging their murdered comrades, cutting off the head and sex of innocent young people as a lesson to a hostile community. After having the girls crawl into the sewers, they tore their clothes and cleaned them with a jet of water, before raping them in groups, so that it could serve as a lesson. And how could it be believed that they will have difficulty crossing Mbouda to carry along the correction tidings to the Bamiléké "invaders"? No. They are just waiting for the order of france.


The French have trained animals in the name of soldiers. They have administered the prisons and have set the principles. What is perpetuated is the French vision of Africa in Cameroon. Surprising as it may seem, france has no component in the C2D, (these projects financed by the French astronomical profits at the exchange during the devaluation of the FCFA), no component for the improvement of the conditions in the prisons. And this, despite their technical advisers in large numbers to the ministries of Justice and the Interior!


The debate today is whether a new genocide will hit the Bamiléké people and then have its way in Cameroon as a whole. Kamto thinks no, and that the regime will collapse by the weak internal pressure and strong international pressure. Normal, for a genius of Law. What if he were wrong???


An objective and central truth, without which one will not understand anything that is going on at the moment: france cannot survive in its current economic configuration if it loses Cameroon. To lose Cameroon is to see the emergence of a government turned towards the interests of the country, because that would mean the fall of the French empire. Has Kamto got a real idea of the violence that france is ready to deploy to block him the path? To get Gbagbo out, they bombed the Ivorian presidency without a UN mandate! Nearly 3,000 dead in a conflict built up from scratch to chase a president who is nevertheless Francophile, but who had an inclination for independence and obeyed too slowly...


The presence of a patriot at the head of Cameroon would immediately give unprecedented economic openings to the most dynamic people of the country, which would lead to a rapid conquest of the French-speaking world, and the invasion of the French economic space. In fact, in bilateral trade measures, there are principles of reciprocity which Cameroonian companies cannot benefit today because of the lack of industrialisation. But if it so happens tomorrow that cars or motorcycles were manufactured in Cameroon and exported to france, the scene would change completely and suddenly. Obviously, there would no longer be a CFA franc, and france would be forced to work more, like the Germans and other Europeans, which would in fact destroy its social structures based on holidays and the omnipotence of trade unions, and would consequently lead to a great social revolt. In comparison to that, the yellow vests crisis would be nothing but a parade of a group of intelligent children from well-to-do homes.


3- Kamto did not give enough guarantees to France


France has not received enough guarantees from Kamto so far, and it will do anything to keep him in prison. Contrary to appearances, the young President Macron is much more interventionist than his predecessors: One only has to look at the blow that he tried in the DRC by going to the UN to seek a cover to 'restore' the result of the elections. We are facing a violent and contemptuous French government, ready to take significant risks, and who is aware that it is playing its historic survival and the future of a great nation. France does not today have the intellectual means to calmly consider a new economic model that would not be based on the savage exploitation of African countries.


Faced with this issue, the image of Vietnam proposed by Tibor Nagy, the US Secretary of State for Africa, becomes striking and very meaningful. The battle could be tough.


It is childish and really naïve to believe that france has unsuccessfully asked Cameroon to release Kamto. Mota's recent declaration on the French proposals and their anti-Bamiléké statements shows that we are facing a sham policy. The public lynching of their ambassador after having told him of his departure several months in advance is only a decoy intended to make believe that the French were misinformed. In fact they have intelligence services in Yaoundé, independent of the French ambassador and directly connected to the Quai d'Orsay. The ambassador is only one spy among many others.


France's only solution is a controlled regime change, which would eliminate Kamto and reduce the Bamiléké influence, which is perceived as being very hostile. It would be a question of finding 'good Bamilékés' who, without pushing things to the buffoonery level, as did somebody like Momo Jidédé, could guarantee the continuation of aid and exploitation by france, by bringing a better one. It would be a question of saving the patient, but without actually treating him, so that he perpetually remains under drip and in a coma.


If this solution fails, as it seems to be the case right now, then it will only be left to the French to order the genocidal army to cross Mbouda, and to put the Bamilékéland on fire, to generate a civil war. This would allow on the one hand to eliminate the irreducible opponents, and especially to proceed then to a humanitarian intervention, which would be done without the need for endorsement of the UN, since the Western countries will all be grateful that france can exfiltrate their nationals. Then, another transition would be put in place, and "free" elections for a new season of ... 70 years. Diabolical, isn’t it?


4- When an American talks about Vietnam


Tibor Nagy's allusion to Vietnam is fraught with meaning. In fact, the US minister, in a subliminal language, said that Cameroon could get away with it in a long-running war against france, if it is determined. This means that the peace operation that france intends to carry out after its next genocide by proxy will not be a victory, if it comes up against a determined opposition. It is in this context that the military resistance, embodied today by the Ambazonians, the BAS, and Patrice Nganang among Francophones makes sense. The peaceful accession to power advocated by Kamto is totally compromised if Westerners remain in the fear that the Bamiléké could lead Cameroon escape from their favelas, and deeply destabilise the French economic model based on extortion by violence and corruption of weak and poorly governed countries.


By seeking a military solution to a probable genocide, Nganang is preparing an armed resistance, which would intervene against the French occupation and protect the local populations. Because the French plan can only work if the intervention is dazzling, and if the violations of the rights of the blacks do not extend over time. But in case of long resistance, of Vietnam, france would be defeated. Patrice Nganang thus becomes the major element in the Bamiléké guarantee against the next and probable French genocide.


The choice proposed by france is on the one hand to stay with a regime under its boot, and continue to eat rotten fish imported by a single importer; to use an imposed currency; to live on the side-lines of modernity in the Republic of privileges and dominant tribes; to be delivered hand-and-foot related to the diktat of foreign banks and mobile phone companies that can puncture at will the accounts of poor workers, to wait for electricity all week ... or, on the other hand, to support the radical change and to face a deadly civil war and mass exactions. No intermediate choice exists.


5- A victory is possible by a historic mobilisation


Hope rests on three factors:

- Real demonstrations of muscles, in Brussels, Paris, Geneva that could bring Macron back to reason.

- A resolute determination of Cameroonians to accept the anti-French confrontation and serious financial and human preparation for such a confrontation are vital assets to influence france and help it abandon the fatal project of a new Vietnam.

- An intelligent and coordinated reflection on the attack on French vital interests is necessary, because its deterrent effect would be devastating on their public opinion.


It is urgent to make Macron doubt. The fact that he appointed two Bamiléké by his side in a puppet committee made the emotional people believe that he wants to understand the situation in Cameroon and "help" as they say. But he already knows it very well. In fact he simply chose to scramble the cards, to deprive some of the Bamiléké of their freedom of speech, to lead a population in a smug angelism to better consider their elimination from the political scene.


As in the 1950s, france has designated its enemy: They are the Bamiléké. The Bamileke must not forget the real target, it's not the Bulu, it's france. Between 1954 and 1970, france killed several hundreds of thousands Cameroonians in Cameroon. In 1958, General De Gaulle planned the extermination of a part of the population (Bamiléké and Bassa), considered dangerous, and extremely harmful for the management of his colonial empire. A story today classified as a partially secret defence. [End of the Article].


6- Lessons to Learn


For those of you who were wondering how a lousy and execrable bedridden person like paul biya can challenge the world, you have the answer. The despicable paul biya, which a wise and perceptive man has described as the most idiotic and irresponsible president on the planet, has been defying the world for three years. He defies his own fellow citizens who ask him to engage in a dialogue with his people to end the genocide in the Northwest and South West of the country, he defies the European Union, he defies the United States, he challenges former African Heads of State who seek to meet him; he challenges everyone.


Everyone wonders how a mere rascal who has no means to realise his own policies, can be so stubborn. In reality, this lackey is a prisoner of his French masters. It is france who asks him to persist, promising that it will ensure that no great power intervenes to shake him from his position. It is france that, having vowed never to let go of Africa, is playing its survival in Cameroon, and prefers to create a second genocide of the Bamiléké, and cause millions of deaths, to perpetuate its systematic looting of Cameroon and Africa.


So do not be fooled by the hypocritical rhetoric that you hear these rascals holding, telling you that they have asked paul biya to release President-elect Maurice Kamto, and other political prisoners, and engage in an inclusive dialogue. It is not so, and it will come to nothing, until this parasitic france is forced to liberate Cameroon, and consequently, Africa.


7- Cameroonians, what should you do now?


You must first understand that the tribalism that has become the favourite chorus of the idiots who are in power in Cameroon at the moment, is a melody created by france since the period of independence, to prevent Cameroon from uniting and fighting like one man. So in reality, it is not the biya regime that is at the origin of tribalism, it is france. The idiots who make up the biya regime have just fallen naively into the trap of france; and in simple ninnies, they appropriated the sad paternity of tribalism.


The Beti-Bulu tribalists who are ready to destroy the Bamiléké under the pretext of defending paul biya because he would be Beti-Bulu, must understand that paul biya is neither Beti nor Bulu nor Beti-Bulu. biya bi mvondo is a satanist thirsty for power, who lives only for his power. Biya does not live for any tribe. Go through the whole of Cameroon, and give me the name of the region of Cameroon that has a passable road. Give me the name of a town or village that paul biya has developed. Jeanne Irène Biya was not Bamiléké. Yet the bloody biya did not hesitate to murder her for his power. Stop dividing yourselves because of paul biya.


And the Bamiléké who, feeling driven back by the Bulu, are preparing to fight back, must also understand that they are falling into the trap of france. If you kill each other, france wins. If you tear each other to pieces, you will be doing a great service to france. This is the goal of france; it wants through you, to make by proxy, her war against Cameroon, exploiting your great idiocy. Remember that both tribalists and racists are mentally unbalanced. No normal, balanced man finds in another tribe or race a problem. And the so-called supremacists are nothing but insane.


Biya crushed men like Ayissi Mvondo, Edzoa Titus, etc., in his path to protect his power. None of these men is Bamiléké. Stop killing yourselves for a vampire who does not distinguish the source or origin of the blood he drinks. Roger Motaze and all those whom the bloody biya had massacred to hide the murder of Jeanne Irene were not Bamiléké. We recommend reading the testimony of Ébalé Angounou "Blood for Blood: The Real Face of Paul Biya", which you can find on the website www.mcreveil.org.


You must then understand that in the absence of divine intervention, war between you and france is inevitable. You think that you own your country, but france believes that she owns it more than you do. So only war will decide between you. But you must understand that in an armed war against france, you will be the loser. First because france will be helped by this thing you call UN, but also because this war will be on your territory, and all the losses will be yours. Even if you follow the advice provided in this article which urges you to a resilience in the Vietnamese fashion, do not forget that a long war, even if it were to lead to the defeat of france, would be a pretty deadly war for you, and quite destructive, in terms of material destruction. The war will not take place in in neutral territory or in france, but rather in your country. An armed war is therefore to be excluded.


The only possibility of victory without genocide and without breaks you have left is the economic war. By boycotting everything french, you will force france to leave your territory. The author of this article explains it to you in other words. This is what he called "An intelligent and coordinated reflection on the attack on french vital interests." Rather than go kill the French or French nationals, who are often not involved in the murderous and barbarous politics of france in Africa, you should rather opt for this solution that the author of this article offers. You must annihilate all French vital interests. This will force them to leave your territory without creating another genocide they are preparing. In this regard, we recommend an excellent article entitled: "The France-Africa War: The Solution", which deals with this subject. You can find it on the website www.mcreveil.org, in the Illuminati section.


8- Prepare for war: Joel 3:9


Do you have to prepare for the war? Yes! The author of this article has told you so. You must prepare for war. But it is not against the Bamiléké, against the Bulu, or against any other tribe of Cameroon, that this war must be waged; it's rather against france. You, Bulu peoples, remember once and for all that the Bamiléké are not your enemies. It is not the Bamiléké the cause of the fact that after 60 years of a pseudo-independence, there is no practicable road in Cameroon. It is france who has chosen to put at the head of your country a loafer while knowing that he will do nothing. It is still france that, through violence, corruption and the theft of elections, has kept at your country's head an unconscious and irresponsible idiot who spends his time funding French esoteric sects, French policies, hotels in france, without worrying about you.


It is not the Bamiléké who stole the billions planned for the organisation of CAN (African Cup of Nations) 2019 in Cameroon. It is not the Bamiléké who organised the genocide of your Anglophone brothers by creating a war that costs more than a billion CFA francs a day in Cameroon, when the country cannot even offer water to drink to its children. It is not the Bamiléké who gave all the big companies that were the pride of Cameroon free of charge to the French. Those who have done all that we have just mentioned are the buffoon paul biya bi mvondo and the gang of scoundrels who make up his regime. And it is france who has installed them, and who keeps them in power. Remember that you have no enemies in Cameroon. So remember that you have no enemy in Cameroon. Your enemy is outside Cameroon; it is called france, that cursed country whose name we write only in lower case, as you have already noticed. This message that we address to the Bulu is the same that we address to the Bamiléké and other tribes of Cameroon. Your common enemy is france. May this message be clear to all, and once and for all.


9- Africans, what should you do now?


You must do exactly what has just been prescribed to Cameroonians. It is not only Cameroon that must free itself from French slavery, it is all Africa. When france rose to go to war in Côte d'Ivoire, we told you that this war was not a war against Côte d'Ivoire alone, but rather a war against Africa. Know that this other war against Cameroon, is rather a war against Africa. If you do not get up together to finally put an end to the French slavery and the arrogance of these barbarians who think they are civilized people while believing that it is decent to live in eternal parasite on the African you will remain forever the footstool of france.


Finally, remember one last time for all, dear African friends, that your worst enemies are not necessarily the tyrant jesters who rule your countries, but it is mainly the French who lead, and france, and your countries they consider to be their sub-prefectures of "over-continents". You all followed the worldwide satellite broadcast of the Chadian despot Idriss Deby telling you that he wanted to leave power, and france forced him to change the constitution to stay there forever.


You, shabby African slaves who believe to be friends of france, know that france has never found in you friends. It finds in you simple objects. You, poor naive who pretend to have married france, know that for france, a marriage between her and you, would be against nature. The schizophrenics who run france are convinced of being men, and you mere objects. Remember once and for all that france was from the start only your worst enemy, and it will remain your worst enemy. So you must stop this idiocy called tribalism, and unite against your common enemy, which is france.


Grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love!




Dear brothers and sisters,


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The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you!


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