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Dear brothers and dear friends, we are happy to share with you this excerpt from the testimony of Paul Adam, who had the grace to find refuge in Jesus Christ, and to escape the fate that his pitiless master lucifer reserved for him. For not being able to deliver to satan in time the few remaining members of his family, his death was already set in the eyes of satan. Fortunately for him he knew where to find help. He did not hesitate to run to the churches, to seek the protection of Jesus Christ.


This testimony further exposes the actions of satan and his agents towards the Children of God. It is rather succinct, but rich. It confirms the teachings on "Spiritual Warfare" and on "Discernment" that we made available to you a few years ago. We encourage you to read it, and learn from it. We also recommend our teachings on Spiritual Warfare and Discernment if you have not read them yet. You will find them on the website www.mcreveil.org.


Beginning of Testimony


I was born during my grandfather's funeral. In fact, during my grandfather's funeral, my mother was pregnant but she was crying and she was agitated because of the death of our grandfather. As a result, she started having contractions and she gave birth to a baby that I am, just in front of my grandfather's coffin. I was born with a scar of my grandfather on my body. The people of the family said that I was the spirit of the incarnated grandfather.


When I was still a child, witchcraft began to manifest in my life through clear dreams. I had dreams that were actually the realities of the spiritual world of sorcerers. There are two kinds of sorcery: active or conscious witchcraft and subconscious witchcraft that manifests in dreams.


One day I dreamed of a mango tree that was in our compound. I dreamed that on this tree there was a staircase reaching the top of the tree. In this dream, I started climbing this tree through the stairs. When I reached the end of the trunk of the tree, I saw many people on the branches of this tree. Those people who were gathered above that tree were my neighbours and the people in my neighbourhood. In fact, these people were sorcerers.


When I joined them on the branches of the tree, I saw a fallen angel. He was dark. He touched my shoulder and said, "Here is my beloved son who will honour our master." Then the angel wounded me by making a sign on my foot. This sign represents the eye of lucifer. In fact, this mystical sign made me able to see beyond the optical eyes. My spiritual eyes were opened; I had become capable of seeing the invisible world, the worlds of spirits.


After wounding my leg, this angel collected my blood and asked me to sign a golden book with my blood. I did exactly what he asked me. So I signed the pact with the devil. This alliance made me pass from subconscious sorcery to conscious or proactive witchcraft. Following this, I began to leave my body and travel in space and hyper-space. I began practicing the astral journey and the astral projection. Later in the world of sorcerers, I was offered human flesh on a plate, which I had to eat. And since I had no choice, I had to eat human flesh as is customary for anyone who is initiated into witchcraft.


Then I was asked to offer a white fowl. I did not know that the white fowl was a human. When I brought them a white fowl, the high priest of this brotherhood of sorcerers began to make incantations in front of a magic mirror. And I saw the images of all the members of my family projected into this magic mirror. Then the high priest took the white fowl I had brought and cut off its head. As soon as he did this, I saw my aunt in the mirror react with pain. She began to agonise as if she was suffering atrociously.


I looked at it in the mirror and then I saw the members of my family who took her to the hospital urgently for medical care. While my aunt was in the hospital, I was instructed by the high priest to drink the blood of the white fowl and as I drank its blood, my aunt gave up the ghost in the hospital. I was appointed governor of sorcerers in the astral world as a consequence of this human sacrifice. I was responsible for initiating children of my age into witchcraft. I was 6 years old at the time. I had to spread witchcraft among children. I used comics as a tool to initiate children into subconscious witchcraft.


I used cartoons like "Dragon ball z", like "Dora" or "Bubble Mermaid" and also "Bubulle Illite". These cartoons make children rebellious and stubborn to their parents. First the children will begin to dream since the unconscious sorcery is manifested in clear dreams. But once these children move from subconscious sorcery to active sorcery, they must provide us with information about their families. So, when their parents get their wages, we worked to generate problems that will cause them to spend their money, and in the end they do not do anything significant with that money.


I passed on witchcraft to other children through food. Once a child eats this food, it turns into human flesh and this mystical flesh activates extra sensory faculties in the child, and opens his eyes and ears to the invisible world.


One day I gave food to a friend to initiate him to witchcraft. After he had consumed it, I was sure he was awakened spiritually. At night, I came out of my body and travelled out of my body to his house to call his spirit out of his body because I assumed that his spiritual eyes and ears were already open. When I reached his house, I tried to call his spirit but he did not answer. I called his spirit several times, but he did not react. I did all sorts of ceremonies and rituals to get him out of his body so as to take him to the big gathering of sorcerers, but he did not answer. Then I called for help from an experienced wizard of our brotherhood to resolve this situation.


When he came, he brought a magic mirror and began to invoke the spirit of this child to appear on the magic mirror, but instead of the child's spirit appearing on the mirror, we saw a pair of shoes appear on the mirror. We were confused; we could not understand the meaning of this. Then my colleague who was a senior sorcerer transformed into an owl. He flew over and penetrated inside the house of this child to get him out. I was there waiting for them, but they were not coming out. I waited for them from midnight to five in the morning, but they still did not come. When it was dawn, I had to go back into my body. I understood that my colleague was stuck inside that house.


In the morning, I learned that there was a funeral in the neighbourhood and it was my sorcerer colleague who had died. Later, there was an emergency meeting in the astral world to determine the cause of his death. We found out that the parents of the child I was trying to initiate into witchcraft were born again Christians. We discovered that recently they had bought a new pair of shoes for a preacher who had come to preach in their church because the pastor's shoes were not in good condition. When they had offered the shoes to this preacher, he was so merry that he prayed for them. I want to remind Christians that supporting the work of God can lead the Lord to protect and preserve what is precious to them.


There are seven levels in subconscious sorcery, and these seven levels are manifested in dreams. Once you are initiated or used in unconscious witchcraft, you begin to dream that you are participating in meetings and gatherings. You dream that you are eating with people you do not know. In reality, your mind actually participates in meetings and night celebrations. You also dream that you are married and have children. If you dream that you are flying in space like "Superman", it means that your mind is making astral journeys in hyper-space or in the astral world. You also dream that you drink wine but this wine is actually human blood. All these dreams are the manifestation of unconscious witchcraft.


While I was only 7 years old, something happened to me. I went with my parents to an animist church of which we were members. As we were coming home, I was abducted. I was trying to cross the boulevard when I was kidnapped and thrown into a jeep. The author of this kidnapping was an American occultist of high level. He took me with him to the province of Bas-Congo. When he took me to his lodge, he made an incantation in front of a magic mirror, and I saw images of my family appearing in this mirror. I was watching my family who were looking for me all over the city. I watched how local television was broadcasting information about my disappearance. Then this American began to initiate me into occultism.


He took care of me from 7 years to 9 years. While I was under his responsibility, I did many esoteric courses. Later, he took me to South Africa where I was introduced to red magic and yellow magic. The purpose of these occult initiations and courses was to prepare me to meet lucifer. When I reached the age of 12, my American occultist master told me that it was time for me to meet the great master lucifer.


In this planet, the devil has three temples on earth. The first temple is under the Atlantic Ocean, around Cape Verde. The second temple is called "the temple of Dai" which is located in the basement of India. This is the seat of the world government of lucifer and the residence of its prime minister. The third temple is in the basement of Great Britain. At this point, I was no longer a sorcerer but a satanist; there is a difference between a sorcerer and a satanist. A sorcerer serves the devil but only works with demons, while a satanist attends meetings and gatherings regularly with the devil.


As I had become ready to meet lucifer, we therefore made a trip to lucifer's white house under the Atlantic Ocean. Once we arrived under the ocean in the submarine kingdom, my master warned me not to greet anyone on the street, lest I die. What is sad is that I saw men of God in this kingdom of satan under the ocean. I saw Catholic priests in this temple and even Christian musicians. The devil has succeeded in establishing his throne in many churches on earth.


After going through this mysterious kingdom, we entered a gathering where there were many people. Once we sat down, I noticed a character that was humanoid who was sitting on a throne, he was extremely handsome. My master told me it was the devil, lucifer. I thought the devil was ugly, but my master told me that the image of lucifer in literature is just an illustration. But satan can take as many forms as he wants.


During this gathering in the white house of lucifer, there were so many new satanists that were consecrated. Then the devil said, "Bring me the mystical child." I was taken before the devil. I knelt before him and he placed his hand on my shoulder and said, "Here is my beloved son, who will honour his master." Then the devil told me that the first condition to be his missionary was that I should be married. I was only 12 years old. The devil called a goddess named Linda who resides in Britain. She is responsible for the design of artificial nails, powders, artificial eyelashes, beauty products that make women attractive. When the siren Linda approached, I noticed that she was taller than me, but she made a magical prayer, and she grew shorter and shrunk down to my height.


My wedding with her took place in our cemetery, and the feast took place under the fall of the local river. There were many people at this marriage, including Christian musicians. After the marriage in the underwater kingdom, my wife and I travelled to the satellite world, which is one of the parallel worlds of the devil. That is where we made the covenant of blood. We swore never to betray lucifer. I was responsible for targeting and destroying young people. I had the power to bewitch young people by leading them to make blood pacts.


One day we were in a meeting in the Congo River. There were two young people who loved each other so much that they decided to make a blood pact by collecting their blood in a bottle and then throwing it into the river. We who were in a meeting collected this bottle and started celebrating their marriage. After some time the young people decided to get married. On the day scheduled for the celebration of the wedding, the couple was returning from the hairdressing saloon to go to the place of celebration. Along the way, they had an accident and died on the spot. While the people were crying, we were putting wedding rings on their fingers.


The satellite world is a parallel world that is also called the cellular world. It is from this kingdom that the technology of mobile telephone originated. I was the representative of this kingdom in my country. Network codes like 555 or 999 or 777 are simply 666. After my consecration in the white house of lucifer and my marriage with the siren Linda, the devil gave me 999 demons to work with me in various operations and missions. I had received the title of malefactor. The devil then gave me a hexagram, a six-pointed star. My mission was to destroy the living churches of Jesus Christ with this star. I had to fight the true Servants of God. I had to detract their preaching; instead of preaching the word of God as written, they would have to tell their lives, their travel experiences, and all kinds of teachings that have nothing to do with the Bible. Here are the functions of the six branches that constituted the star I had received:


1st branch: My first mission was to incite Christians to doubt the Word of God in order to weaken their faith. For without faith it is impossible to please God, and faith comes from the Word of God that is heard. There was a demon who worked with me to harden the hearts of Christians during preaching. This demon is named Thomas Ankara. This demon urges Christians not to obey the Word of God. This demon also pushes Christians to go late to church, knowing that angels come to church in time with blessing for Christians.


2nd branch: My second mission was to prevent Christians from reading the Word of God. I was helped by the Hindu demon Ankara. We made sure that Christians did not read the Bible, but rather other books like "Watchtowers". Reading the Bible is one of the pillars of Christian life. During the preaching of the Word in the church, I deployed demons that had the size of mosquitoes to distract people and push their thoughts to travel.


3rd branch: My third mission was to prevent Christians from praying unceasingly as recommended by the Bible in 1Thessalonians 5:17. Once a Christian loses the habit of praying, it becomes difficult to get this habit again, and when such Christians try to pray, they lack words, they find it difficult to concentrate; a feeling of restlessness surrounds them. The first thing I did to prevent a life of prayer among Christians was to put unbelief in them. This distanced them from their leaders and the Word of God. That is why you will see some brothers who were very zealous in their life of prayer weakened, this is the mission of the devil in the church. These brothers were victims of the bite of the spiritual mosquitoes I had received from the devil to spread to the church, in order to keep Christians away from God.


4th branch: My fourth mission was to deploy the demons of fornication in groups of the church, such as the choir, the group of worship and intercession. I sent my wife Linda to seduce the brothers. When she did not succeed, I transformed myself into a woman and did it. In case I did not succeed, I would start to overload their thoughts, pushing them to watch pornographic movies. Pornographic films in black magic are a sexual initiation because they are acted by demons. These films are devoted to the world of Polium. When you watch them, you are contaminated. You feel great sexual desires to the point of not being able to control yourself. We then work on your thoughts as a means to lead you to masturbation. The fact is, in black magic, when you masturbate, you are actually having sex with 600 demons. After this act, 300 demons leave and 300 remain, and keep you in fornication. You begin to love sex without control and restraint.


The intercession group was my main target because they are one of the pillars of the church. The stronger they are, the stronger the church. I attacked the intercession group by sending the mermaid Linda. When she failed, I sent the siren Jacqueline. When she failed, I used beauty products, eyelashes, lotions as open doors to reach the intercessors. I used these products in case they were designed by sirens.


Products such as eyelashes extension are designed by the mermaid Linda. And products like lipsticks are designed by the mermaid Jacqueline. Many makeup and beauty products are demonic and make women appealing. The simplest way to enter the intercession group was through the beauty product because many of these products are designed by the sirens and goddesses of the underwater world.


Thanks to these beauty products, I could push the brothers to covet and desire the sisters in the intercession groups. Once the brothers and sisters in the intercession groups fell into sexual immorality, I sent demons of fornication inside the group. From the moment when sexual immorality enters the group of intercession, the group is invaded by the demons of prostitution and their prayers become impotent because of sins.


The leaders of the churches were also my targets. Among the 999 demons the devil had given me, I had a demon called Maria, a woman of great beauty. The latter turns into a physical woman and goes into churches to ask for information in order to seduce pastors. Hence, the importance of discretion. She also likes to go to the pastors for consultations. Generally when she arrives, she gives the impression to the pastors that her problems are related to her intimate parts. If you are not vigilant, you will immediately fall with her into immorality. And when you fall into fornication as a pastor, the whole church is drawn into immorality. These fornication demons have so much possessed pastors today that some even have a bed in their office. And when a pastor falls into immorality, it becomes very difficult for him to preach sanctification. Yet without sanctification, no one will see the Lord.


I also attacked groups of worship to prevent their songs and praises from reaching the throne of God. I sent Linda to cause fornication in the worship group, so that their worship would be rejected by God.


5th branch: In my fifth mission, I worked with two goddesses. One is called Dalila, she is the demon of homosexuality. When he enters a man, he leads him to behave like a woman. The second is called Cynthia, she is the demon of lesbianism. When he enters a woman, she behaves like a man, and begins to dress like a man; even her manners and personality change. I also tried to encourage Christians to listen to worldly music. Know that the music of the world is a great gate for demons. When you listen to or sing the music of the world, you call demons in your life.


6th branch: This branch was intended for false prophecies. There is a demon called Martadela who very often possesses Christian women and urges them to give prophecies that come from the devil. Beloved, the prophecies of God never come to divide the church. When a prophecy divides the church, it does not come from God, but from the devil. You need discernment.


In addition to my mission against the disciples of Jesus Christ, I had to offer thousands of people to the devil as sacrifice. I had to kill by accidents, by illness, by miscarriages. Many motor accidents are simply human sacrifices. The devil had given me several conditions:


Firstly, in order to carry out his mission, I did not have to run when rain threatened falling and I should not be wet by rain. I was astonished when he gave me a horn with a mirror on it. Using this horn I could check the weather. For example, around 6am if it indicated that it was raining at around 12pm, I had to go back before 12h so that I did not get soaked by the rain.


Secondly, I had to sacrifice 12 people each year through the money on which I was making incantations. I went to different community areas, I threw the money and the number of people who picked it was the number of people who died. Therefore, do not seek to have a life of ease. You have to work. The Bible says that the one who does not work should not eat.


Thirdly, I could not sleep outside my lodge; as soon as that time rang, I had to go home. After that the devil gave me 7 demons and told me that these demons had to possess anyone who was to enter my lodge. One of these demons is called the breaker of breakers. His mission was to destroy people's projects. When he came where you were, I was able to listen to your conversations. If you had for example a project to receive money, I would block the project. Do not be astonished at the cases of those who have retracted without real reason, after having made a firm promise to render you a service.


In order to increase my power, I had to sacrifice my father. We made a magic prayer and the image of my father appeared on the magic mirror. I was handed a knife to stab him. When I stabbed my father's image in the magic mirror, there was red blood covering the mirror. Beloved, it is impossible to kill a true child of God in a satanic mirror.


The purpose of human sacrifice is the search for favour, promotion, and well-being with fallen angels and demons. The kingdom of darkness constantly needs human blood. They are responsible for wars throughout human history so that demons should feed on human flesh and human blood. When my father died, his soul became my servant. Many people whom I offered as human sacrifice became my servants and my slaves. I became higher in the world of darkness because of human sacrifice.


Most victims of human sacrifices do not go to Heaven or Hell, but they become spirits serving their tormentors. Other victims of human sacrifice become enslaved in the spiritual world, precisely the astral domain of sorcerers where they do forced labour until they reach the number of years fixed by God. The astral world is a stormy world where thunders are constant in the sky. This kingdom is populated by deformed demons. It is located between the physical world of men and the pandemonium kingdom of lucifer.


When somebody has been sacrificed, his spirit is either under his armpits or under his feet. To know that somebody has been sacrificed, either you will see the dead sweating in his coffin, or tears flowing from his eyes. He hears you cry but cannot react. These are the reactions of his body, which confirm that he was sacrificed. If a true servant of God comes and prays for him, he can rise again. But to prevent this, we used to bewitch children of the neighbourhood in order to distract the pastor with insults. We were doing everything to prevent the pastor from accomplishing his mission. Among our actions, we were bewitching youths of the neighbourhood and family members to provoke fighting among them. Because if at all the pastor prayed being concentrated, the dead would rise again.


One day I was in the Premacury lodge with twelve satanists. We were supposed to execute a victim in a human sacrifice. The target was a young Christian. We began to invoke her spirit so that it appears on the mirror. As we continued to perform the ritual, her soul appeared in the lodge on the black board. We were about to execute her when suddenly we saw the spirit of a pastor entering the lodge, pulling her out of the black board, taking her out of our lodge, and they disappeared together.


In fact, the pastor was at home doing a spiritual warfare prayer. He pulled many of our victims from satan by force. In fact, when true Christians pray, their spirit travels spiritually in the world of spirits. The pastor only prayed, but his spirit travelled into the invisible world and set free the young woman which we were about to sacrifice.


After having learned yellow magic in South Africa, I returned to Kinshasa to practice yellow dragon. Yellow dragon is the prophetic liberation from the world of darkness. I was doing this practice on the mountain of Mangengenge. It is a pilgrimage mountain always visited by Christians of all religions, although initially only the Catholics were going there. Many people know this mountain and know that its initiator is a Catholic priest. In reality, Mangengenge is a mountain devoted to the devil, I worked there for a year with the yellow dragon.


Many fetish-priests have placed their lodges there, and Christians who go there do not even ask themselves how can there be lodges in a place that is supposed to be a place of God. That is the reason why you see many people coming back from there with the spirit of dragon and become prophets. There is a man at the entrance of that mountain who sells sticks that you buy for 100F, 200F, 300F to help you climb the mountain without easily getting tired. In fact, this man is already dead and buried and these sticks are nothing but gateways that lead you to the world of Polium, which is a world of condemnation or Pandemonium.


The Holy Spirit can never take you to a place that is of the devil. If you have the grace of God, it would remain at the entrance of the mountain and all that is of the mountain will possess you. Unless you have received from God a recommendation to go and pray against the place. If you go there on your own, know that it is to receive satanic orientations. When you go there and pray for a particular topic, such as marriage or a job, you will hear a voice saying, "My son or daughter, the purpose of your coming here has been answered". But the condition is that you do not have to throw away the sticks you buy at the entrance.


You take these sticks home and each time you have a problem, you make declarations on them, which is idolatry. The Lord has not asked us to go and pray on Mangengenge, or on any mountain or in any particular place to be heard. On the contrary, the Bible tells us in John 4:21-23 "Jesus declared, Believe me, woman, a time is coming when you will worship the Father neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem. You Samaritans worship what you do not know; we worship what we do know, for salvation is from the Jews. Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks."


People came to consult me in my lodge for various problems. Among them were women who came to abort. Abortions have two components. There are abortions that are done by sorcerers, I was doing that. When a woman came to my lodge for abortion, she remained naked, opened her legs on the coffin designed for this purpose, and I invoked the goddess Kali who opened the cervix, and the pregnancy fell into this coffin. I was the first to drink the blood, then the goddess. We would leave the cervix opened so that the woman should have problems conceiving in the future. That is what justifies the barrenness of some women. The second type of abortion is curettage. When I was a satanist, I had the ability to push the perpetrators of these abortions into incessant sexual desires to commit other abortions in order to collect blood.


One day a woman called me that I should help her because she had just lost her job. For that, I had given her as condition to remain naked for three days in my lodge, and she had to submit to such a sad condition without hesitation. Beloved, as you can see, people always find it very easy to submit themselves to strange and abominable conditions imposed on them by satan, but are incapable of doing simple things that God asks them to do for their good. This woman had remained naked without any embarrassment for three days in the lodge. On the fourth day I asked her to go back to her workplace by confirming to her that the keys would be returned to her. When she returned to her office, they gave her back the keys and asked her where she was.


Seeing that things happened as said, the woman introduced one of her friends to me so that I should help her with her problems. This friend was the wife of the director of a company and the latter began to date little girls, which displeased his wife and she wanted to sacrifice these girls. I had sacrificed the first, by making her image appear on my magic mirror. A month after the same rubbish was repeated and I sacrificed the second girl. Then came the third, which I had to transform into a hen and sealed in a white coffin. For you young girls who prostitute yourselves, know that your life is in danger. The easy life you are looking for will lead you to Hell. Seek Jesus Christ and you will be saved.


While observing this girl whom I had just sealed, I realized that she was the sister-in-law of one of my uncles, and I wanted to spare her. I then asked the lady who wanted to sacrifice her, to return and come back afterwards. I explained to her that there were capacities in the girl that I had to remove before doing the work. I just wanted to spare the girl. After the lady's departure, I went to this girl's house. As people knew me for who I was, those I had found at her place told me that she was not there. The following morning she came to my house. I spoke to her about the man she was dating, and she denied it. But when she entered the lodge and saw herself in the cabalistic mirror with the clothes she had worn the day before, she began to weep and to urinate on herself, and confessed her sin. I told her: this man's wife has consulted me so that I should kill you.


I tried carnally in every way to get this girl out of this white coffin, but it did not work because the devil knows how to destroy but does not know how to repair. I asked her to come back around midnight so that I could try another operation. It still did not work. I went back to my lodge to carry out all kinds of practices, but to no avail. I asked her to go back. At night in my lodge I was about to carry out practices in the coffin. As soon as I opened it to start the invocation, fire came out of the coffin with a paper that was addressed to me. It said, "Since you want to spare someone in the lodge, you will have to sacrifice 9 people." And these 9 people had to be all from my family.


I was thinking on how I was going to sacrifice 9 people in my family because we were only 7 left. I thought I was going to take the 7 of my family and 2 from outside my family for this to make 9. Without forgetting that at the end of the year, we were to give thanksgiving to the devil. Everyone goes to the streets to find people to sacrifice, especially girls who walk around with transparent clothes that show the navel. The navel is a place through which we stole pregnancies. The devil begins fighting a fetus from two weeks of pregnancy. We also caused accidents for thanksgiving.


When I last came to consult the devil for thanksgivings, a flame of fire appeared and a voice came out of the statues I had in my lodge to tell me that I had 2 months to accomplish the sacrifice of the 9 people asked. I began to cry. Even if you serve the devil for 30 years, you will never have a reward. If you die, your reward for having served him will be chains and padlocks in the astral world that is the world of condemnation. The devil is never grateful. And even the two months he had given me to offer him these sacrifices were reduced to two days, which pushed me to look for servants of God.


I began to look among the great servants of God. I was thinking because very often at the meetings we had with lucifer in the Atlantic ocean at the white house in Kisangani, we met many occultist pastors. I went to at least seven churches and each time the pastors of these churches told me that in my case they would need time to pray and to gather strong and powerful intercessors for this service.


When I went to the seventh church, I exposed my case to them by explaining without hiding anything I did. To obtain true deliverance, one needs a sincere confession. I was then asked if I wanted to receive Jesus and I accepted to receive Him. After my repentance, all my witchcraft objects were burned. When I received Christ, my life changed completely. Since I received the Lord I can eat and sleep unconditionally, I live unconditionally, whereas with the devil everything is conditioned.


For a satanist to remain firm in the Lord, he must be well followed up. Many Satanists got converted and were not able to stand because of lack of a serious follow up. One day when I was going home after a Bible study session, I was knocked down by a vehicle and people took me to the hospital. After examination, the doctor found nothing, no shock had been detected, but I had pain in the ribs. Even after the radiography, nothing was found, and the pain persisted. By the grace of God, a pastor prayed for me, and after two days, the pain disappeared.


After sometimes, I was kidnapped in a jeep while I was going to a technician to have my headphones repaired. In this jeep, there was my American master who initiated me at the age of 7. They tied my hands and took me to the fall of Zongo and began to make incantations. I had a phone in my pocket. I contacted a brother. When the brother answered the call I told him, "My brother please, pray a lot for me, I am at the fall of Zongo" and he asked me what I was doing there and I explained to him that I had been kidnapped, but he did not seem to believe me and asked me what I did to be kidnapped.


I had to drop my phone when one of those with whom the master was making incantations looked at me. These people were among the children I had initiated. There were five in number. When he turned away his eyes to continue the incantations, I picked up my phone to put it back on my ears and at that moment, the brother understood that it was serious and started praying. The person who looked at me took my phone and swiped through it with a finger. We have never been able to have network with that phone, no technician has ever been able to repair it.


After these incantations, they came to take me to the fall and I struggled in the water. They told me that I did not have the same body like them again. After we were introduced into the water, we found ourselves directly in the white house of lucifer. There were many satanists gathered. The purpose was to kill me because at that moment, I had not yet testified and they did not want me to reveal the secret I knew about the devil. In this world, I had reached the 32nd degree at Primacoria. I therefore knew 99 secrets of the devil and all the strategies with which he operates. The devil then removed his crown from his head and placed it on my master's head in order to consecrate him because he had succeeded in kidnapping me.


I was still tied up when they began incantations to put me on the blackboard. I felt that my ears, my mouth and my eyes were being opened. I heard this phrase come out of my mouth: "Jesus save me"; and the devil on his throne and all those present all found themselves on their knees on the ground. At that moment, I started running, the path was long, and then somebody pulled me out of the Atlantic Ocean and I found myself in Ngebamangembo. After that I stayed in the church with the brothers for 14 days before going back home. When I was kidnapped, these brothers were praying and the Holy Spirit was revealing to them all that was going on in the world of darkness.


One day I was preparing to go to church. While going out of my room, I saw hooded people in the corridor. I asked them what they were looking for without answer. I scarcely drew back with the intention of reaching the door of my room when one of them seized me and closed my mouth while another stabbed me in the stomach. Blood began to gush out and he took out a syringe containing a green liquid and injected it under my shoulder, and I fell. One of them had taken off his hood and I recognised him. They were doctors who were working with my master. They said to each other that somebody should stay until I die. But finally, they all left.


I was soaked with blood; I crawled out to the gate where there was a brother of the church who recognised me. When he saw me full of blood, he called another brother to take me to the hospital. But as I had no more strength, I refused to be taken to the hospital. I felt I was going to die. I insisted that they should take me to church so that I should die there. They took me to church, my breath was almost gone, I had lost consciousness and when they began to pray, suddenly I saw a wall, it was a barrier, I could no longer join the other side of the world. Then I woke up and found that I had come back to life. God shows mercy.


I still have this wound today that is being healed gradually because it was very deep. The Holy Spirit had instructed us not to treat this wound. No medicine was supposed to be put on it. When I got home, I felt a wind blowing from the door of my room and when I turned round, it was the devil himself. And he said to me, "Give me all the keys I gave you." Then he looked at me and said, "I will start by killing your leaders one by one, then your pastor, then I will kill you." Then he transformed into a snake and disappeared.


The papers on which I made pacts with padlocks fell (these objects were burnt by the brothers of the church). From that moment, I began vomiting blood. When people came to my house, they took me to the hospital and from there I was treated. The Bible says, "They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony." Since I began to testify the greatness of God, I am no longer having such attacks, such kidnappings, and satanic threats. [End of testimony].


Lessons to be learned


Warfare: You Pastors know that you can forcefully pull out several of those captured by satan and his agents. You just need to engage yourselves into true spiritual warfare, and do it as it should be done, that is to say with seriousness and determination. You Christians, know also that you can set yourselves free from the clutches of satan and all his agents, and also set free all those who belong to you. You simply need to engage into true spiritual warfare, and do it with seriousness and a great determination. I want to make it clear that those who belong to you are all those who are under your control and all those over whom you have authority.


What it takes to have victory in every spiritual warfare you carry out is seriousness, a real rage to overcome and a great determination. If you understand this message well, you Pastors and Christians, satan will never again succeed in stealing anything from you or blocking any of your projects from now on. Satan will only succeed in taking what you will allow him to take. To put it clearly, satan only has victory over us because we do not fight enough. Wake up with regards to warfare, men and women, and you will see the result. Married men should watch over their spouses and children, and parents in general should watch over all those who live in their homes.


Discretion: Put more emphasis on discretion. On the one hand, beware of all those who use tricks to seek to have information about you, and who supposedly to show you love, generosity or tenderness, seek to know more than necessary about you and about what you like. Very often, these people are looking for information that will help them get you. Be firm and uncompromising in this regard. And you Children of God, avoid being unnecessarily curious, lest you be confounded with satan's agents.


The demons that roam around you: Make it a habit to regularly strike all demons that roam around you. Do not wait to see them before you strike them, because you will never see them. Note that satanists send demons at your heels to spy on you, watch you, set traps for you and fight you.


Masturbation: For all of you who still suffer incantations from demons and who masturbate, the time has come to seek deliverance, and to seek it with all your heart. What should be done? Take a time of fasting, confess your sin to the Lord, and beseech Him to forgive you. Take authority over those demons with whom you signed pacts through the sin of masturbation, and ask those demons to come out of you in the name of Jesus Christ. If after that you still do not have the result, take a longer fasting moment, and implore God's help for deliverance. Order in the name of Jesus that all those demons who have taken control of your body should go out, and never to come back again. The Lord in His faithfulness will help you. Know that masturbation is as harmful to your spiritual health as adultery and fornication. So take this case very seriously. As long as you have not overcome this sin, satan will always have access to your life.


Cartoons: Take note that cartoons are direct instruments of initiation into witchcraft. If you do not want your children to become wizards in your homes, keep them away from all these demons presented in the forms of cartoons. I am sure some stubborn people will contact me as usual, to talk about biblical cartoons. If you believe that "biblical" demons will not possess you, remain in stubbornness.


Blood Pact: Let all the fools who give themselves to these abominable practices now understand that it is with satan that they sign these pacts, and are bound by demons. If you have had to make such a pact, get to true Servants of God, for them to break the pact and deliver you from it while there is still time.


High places: Never take the risk of visiting satanic places as long as you have not received God's anointing to tread upon such places safely. Among these satanic places you have cemeteries, museums, nightclubs, etc. There are also these so-called christian places, where the ignorant go, hoping to find God. These places are named among others mountain of pilgrimage, mountain of prayer, holy mountain, etc.


Grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love!




Dear brothers and sisters,


If you have run away from fake churches and would like to know what to do, here are the two options available to you:


1- See if around you there are some other children of God who fear God and desire to live according to the Sound Doctrine. If you find any, feel free to join them.


2- If you do not find one and wish to join us, our doors are open to you. The only thing we will ask you to do is to first read all the Teachings that the Lord has given us, and which are on our website www.mcreveil.org, to reassure yourself that they are in conformity with the Bible. If you find them in accordance with the Bible, and are ready to submit to Jesus Christ, and live by the demands of His word, we will gladly welcome you.


The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you!


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