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1- Introduction


Dear brothers and dear friends, we would like to put at your disposal another story as true as the ones we have shared with you in the past about the dangerousness of C Medicine. Do not waste time going into medical dictionaries to search the expression C Medicine. You will not find any. C Medicine is simply this medicine that kills you voluntarily, consciously, and deliberately, giving you the impression of healing you. It is this medicine that the agents of the devil who govern the earth impose on the whole world, to satisfy their dark and sinister interests. For the sake of ethics, these criminals give this medicine the deceptive label of "Conventional Medicine", whereas the real label should be "Chemical Medicine" or "Criminal Medicine". You have now understood what C Medicine is. Yes, you have understood, C as Conventional, C as Chemical, C as Criminal.


The story that we propose below is that of a doctor who has had all the problems of the world, ranging from prison to the removal from the Medical Register. His mistake was to have naively believed that conventional medicine was intended to cure patients. His crime is that of having worked in the direction of curing cancer, and his misfortune is to have succeeded precisely in curing all the cancer patients who have come to him, by his simple and natural method, thus depriving the genocidal of the pharmaceutical cartels of many customers.


The German doctor Ryke Geerd Hamer, since he is the one we are talking about, has discovered that cancer can be cured, and has demonstrated his discovery by irrefutable scientific evidence. He went so far as to advise his cancer patients to stop all chemotherapy, all radiotherapy, and all surgery, and he practically cured them all by his method. We invite you to discover his story through the narrative below, which is in fact the transcription of the documentary "Seul contre tous" (One Against All) shot in his honour by the film director Jean-Jacques Crèvecœur. The story is in two parts.


2- Dr. Hamer: One Against All


Prison Fleury Mérogis (Paris region), January 2006. The largest prison in Europe. An average of 6000 detainees stay there. It should be said: 6000 inmates are languishing. On many occasions, this prison has been blamed for its inhuman detention conditions. In the heart of this prison hell, for 16 months, a man suffers the worst humiliations on daily basis, the harassment of guards and prisoners, bullying, abuse, not to mention taunts about his lack of knowledge of the French language. What do you want? It's a German, a "Boche" as it is referred to in France.


This man, this "criminal" kept in the high security district is called Hamer, Dr. Hamer. Hamer, that means hammer. Dr. Hammer, another opportunity to make fun of him. In a few months, in May 2006, he will be 71 years old. His crime, the one for which it is right and proper that he pays, is to have incited through his writings the "illegal" exercise of medicine. Anyway, it is what is written on the order of his judgment.


In reality, his fault is to have declared that cancer could be cured and not fought. The problem is that he has proven it scientifically. His folly, because you have to be Hammer to do that, is to have advised his cancer patients to stop all chemotherapy, all radiotherapy, all surgery in other to fight their terrible disease. Another problem is that he has practically cured all of them. His unconsciousness is to have stood up to the entire scientific establishment and the medical-pharmaceutical lobbies. Yet another problem is that he alone explained what thousands of researchers had failed to unravel despite the billions of dollars invested in medical research.


Since 1981, for 25 years, against all odds, against all comers, "Einer gegen alle" as he says in his autobiography published in 2004 just before entering prison, one against all...


One against all, and yet during the winter of 2005-2006, 3 women set up their caravan at the entrance to his prison distributing leaflets every morning to the guards and supervisors of Fleury Mérogis. From time to time, they returned to the heart of Paris, trying to awaken sleeping consciences. But how could the fate of a dangerous charlatan be of any interest to the whole world? "Justice has done its job, stay clear, there is nothing left to see."


One against all, and yet in 18 months, between September 2004 and February 2006, date of his release, several thousand letters of testimony, of support and of protest were sent to many leaders and politicians, especially the French and German.


One against all, and yet everywhere in France, Italy, Spain, Germany, demonstrations of support were organized in favour of the work of Dr. Hamer and his release. For example, here in Tübingen, a German city in Upper Bavaria located a little south of Stuttgart, a peaceful demonstration that wants to protest against a scientific power haloed with its arrogant certainty. A down-to-earth event that contrasts with the extreme violence of the facts which have been dragging on for 25 years with impunity. That day they had come from all over Germany, from Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and France to demonstrate in front of the faculty of medicine at the University of Tübingen. Among the demonstrators were medical doctors, homeopaths, naturopaths, psychotherapists, but also many patients who have been cured naturally of their cancer thanks to the work of Dr. Hamer. Here and there, fathers and mothers claiming freedom of therapeutic choices for themselves and their children. Their claim, the official recognition of the New Germanic Medicine, the theory resulting from the works of Dr. Hamer.


This is not the first time in history that a scientist has been persecuted for defending theories that upset the beliefs and interests of his epoch. For many of his sympathizers, the Hamer case furiously reminds them of another case that has long echoed in minds committed to truth and freedom. It was in 1633, 350 years before the Hamer case.


The one who was sentenced was called Galileo Galilei. At that time, the conception of the universe was based on the natural philosophy of Aristotle (384-322 BC) which put the planet earth at the centre of the world. It was in the 4th century before Christ. Later, Ptoleme (90-168) proposed in the 2nd century AD, a geocentric model of the solar system. This model was accepted as a reference in the Western and Arab worlds for more than 1400 years. He even explained, thanks to a very complicated model, why most planets had seemingly retrograde movements. This geocentric vision was supported by the clergy of Rome as being the only one compatible with the Christian faith. In any case, the Council of Trent had decreed around the 1550s that the interpretation of the scientific results was incumbent on the church alone. Moreover, the pope had attributed to the most famous university of the time, the Roman college run by Jesuits, the monopoly of scientific interpretations. Yet this geocentric approach stuck less and less to the reality of observations that were becoming more numerous. Among them, the movement of solar spots, the phases of the moon and Venus, the observation of the satellites of Jupiter. All this no longer became compatible with the theory of geocentrism.


At the same time as the Council of Trent, Copernicus, a canon, doctor, and Polish astronomer, proposed a heliocentric model of the solar system. This model had the enormous advantage of greatly simplifying the explanations for the apparent motions of the planets. But Copernicus had been careful not to publish his works except on his deathbed, well aware that his scientific conclusions would be fiercely opposed by the religious and scientific power in place. Rome was not mistaken in accepting only his theory as a working hypothesis, and not as a scientifically established truth.


60 years later, Kepler, a German astronomer from the Stuttgart region, studied and confirmed Copernicus's heliocentric theory. For him, not only did the planets revolve around the sun, but he calculated that their trajectory was not circular, but slightly elliptical. Kepler's laws were so precise that later they served as a basis for Newton's theories on universal gravitation, theories still valid in the twenty-first century. But Kepler also had the prudence to remain discreet about his discoveries.


At the same time as Kepler, an Italian physicist and astronomer by the name of Galileo (1564-1642), laid the foundations of classical mechanics. In the same movement, he devotes himself body and soul to the stubborn defence of the works of Copernicus and Kepler. It was this attitude that was fatal to him.


We are in Tübingen at the end of the 60s. At that time, Geerd Hamer is one of the most renowned oncologists in Germany. Head of the oncology department of the university hospital specialized in women's cancers, he receives women from all over Europe. Creative genius, he filed several patents for medical inventions including a revolutionary scalpel still used today in cosmetic surgery. Everything work out for him, he is immensely rich; he is recognized by his patients and his peers; he lives a happy life with his wife Sigrid, also a doctor, and their four children.


A decade or so later, this life of happiness and success suddenly changes. His 19-year-old son Dirk spent a peaceful vacation with his older sister Birgit and a few friends. The night of August 17 to 18, 1978, on the island of Cavallo off the coast of Corsica, he is seriously injured in the femoral artery and in the abdomen by a bullet fired by prince Victor-Emmanuel of Savoy, son of the last king of Italy. Victor Emmanuel of Savoy is arrested immediately. He is remanded in a prison in Corsica Ajaccio for 6 weeks. Despite a guilty plea signed by him, the prince of Italy will never be condemned thereafter for his act. Meanwhile, Dirk is admitted into emergency care clinically dead. After resuscitation in extremis and a first operation to stop the bleeding, they are compelled to amputate his right leg. After 110 days of suffering and 19 surgeries, Dirk died in his father's arms on 7 December 1978 at the Heidelberg Hospital. Dr. Geerd Hamer is 43 years old. He will describe this day as the darkest of his life. Sigrid is as devastated as he is. They have just lost what they had most precious: the flesh of their flesh.


Three months later, Geerd is diagnosed with testicular cancer and Sigrid with ovarian cancer. After two surgeries carried out quickly, Geerd resumes work. For him, the appearance of the same cancer in his wife and in him is not a coincidence. It must be related to the sudden loss of their child. From there, systematically, Dr. Hamer questions each of his patients with cancer. He was hoping at the very most 30 to 40 percent of responses that linked the emotional shock to the onset of their cancer. Imagine his surprise when he found that all said they had suffered in the weeks or months before, a brutal and intense shock that put them in a state of blockage and over-stress.


Between 1979 and 1981, Hamer collected the testimony of 6,500 cancer patients. From these testimonies and from the analyses he makes of them, he draws all the more surprising conclusions that he verifies them in 100% of cases, which has never been the case in medicine before him.


First conclusion: The cancer of a particular organ always results from the same type of emotional shock. The same organ is always connected to the same emotional feeling. This allows him to establish a precise mapping of each cancer in relation to the shocks felt. He observed, for example, that the left breast cancer in a right-handed woman is always caused by what he calls a nest conflict in relation to a child, real or virtual. Testicular or ovarian cancer is related to a sudden loss conflict. As for bone cancer for example, it is always triggered by a serious conflict of devaluation.


Second conclusion: He manages to visualise on the scanners of the brain the trace of the over-stress caused by the emotional shock. He thus discovers that each type of shock always corresponds to the same area of the brain, which is always in relation with the same organ. That's what he checks. In the same examples as before, nest conflict manifests itself as a focus in the right lateral cerebellum, loss conflict in the occipital part of the brain, while bone cancer in the marrow of the brain. Thus, the precise and careful examination of a brain scan allows Dr. Hamer to determine with certainty which organ is affected by the cancer.


Third conclusion: These correlations in triads between the psychic shock, the cerebral zone and the affected organ not only prove that the disease is not triggered by chance, but also that its development is entirely controlled by the brain.


From there, Hamer tests with his volunteer patients a new therapeutic approach. His reasoning is as follows: If a brutal shock generates a traumatic emotional feeling, and if this feeling triggers in the brain the start of a biological program called a disease, then if one resolves the situation which is the origin of the shock, and or if the emotional trauma associated with it is solved, the brain should logically command and control the regression of this same disease. This is what he observes almost systematically. He thus becomes a witness to the dissolution, necrosis or natural disintegration of cancerous tumours in a few weeks, without chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery.


In view of his many positive results in terms of healing, Geerd Hamer urgently wrote a post-doctoral thesis, which he submitted to the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Tübingen in October 1981. His goal is to obtain a qualification as a university professor, and to officially recognize his new medicine, so that it can be taught in all the medical schools of Germany and the world. His goal is also to provide his results to the university so that they can be tested as quickly as possible for the benefit of all patients. In his thesis, Dr. Hamer states the first four biological laws of a theory that will count five in total and that he called at the time the new medicine.


His first law establishes the redundant and permanent links that exist between the psychic feeling related to a shock, the cerebral zone where a focus is observable and the affected organ corresponding. This law, which we just talked about a few moments ago, was called by Hamer, the iron law of cancer, because he considers it to be as solid as a law of physics, a law that alone would earn him a Nobel Prize in Medicine.


His second law describes how each level of the triad psyche brain organs evolves naturally according to two distinct phases. The first phase called sympathicotonia is when the individual is still over-stressed. It is during this first phase that a focus of Hamer appears in the brain and that the disease settles in the organ. The second phase begins when the individual drops his over-stress; either by concretely solving the dramatic situation or by healing the emotional trauma associated with it. It is during this phase called vagotonia that the Hamer focus in the brain is filled with glial fluid and the natural processes of repair are manifested in the affected organ.


Intrigued by the fact that a cancer of the stomach or liver does not evolve in much the same way as bone or skin cancer, Hamer understands that these differences depend exclusively on the embryological origin of the liver organ affected. This is what he states in his third law that would also justify another Nobel Prize. He then classifies cancers and diseases according to whether the organ concerned is derived from the endoderm, the old mesoderm, the new mesoderm or the ectoderm. Thanks to this, what seemed confused, complicated and illogical in these physiological manifestations becomes at once luminously and coherently simple.


In his 4th law, Dr. Hamer demonstrates that during the phase of repair, the one he calls the vagotonia phase, the brain specifically uses the microbes in the body to help the affected organ return to its normal state. In addition, he discovers that the choice of microbe involved does not happen randomly. For organs from the endoderm such as the stomach, liver, intestine, mammary glands or lungs, the brain uses fungi, mycobacteria and bacilli. Their missions: disaggregate, deconstruct, and dissolve the tumours to allow their natural evacuation. On the other hand, for the organs resulting from the ectoderm like the bones, the gonads, the arteries or the skin, it is the viruses or certain bacteria that are mobilized to repair, rebuild, reconstitute the damaged tissues. Therefore, with this simple law, the fundamentals of virology and immunology collapse to make room for a new vision where fungi, bacteria, and viruses act under the complete control of the brain to help the body to rebalance.


The fifth law, he states a few years later. He calls it the law of quintessence because it gives the deep meaning of these manifestations of life that we call: Diseases. According to this law, by far the most daring of all, the disease is a well-founded programme of nature that provides an emergency response to a situation where biological survival is at stake. In other words, according to Dr. Hamer, in a specific organ, a cancer cell fulfils exactly the same function as a normal cell but in a super-efficient way. Once the danger has been removed, the body no longer needs this over-revving mode of operation. The brain ends the first phase of the programme and then switches to the second phase: that of returning to normal, where the tumour obviously useless disintegrates, necroses or encysts naturally according to predictable and observable processes.


When he submits his thesis, Dr. Hamer attaches 200 complete files from the 6500 records of cancer patients he reviewed and followed. It is certain that the scientific community will not be able to do otherwise than to recognize the relevance of his work, since all his files corroborate 100% the statement of these four biological laws. In response, the University of Tübingen refuses to officially read and examine his work, a rare event in the world of science. To date, the University of Tübingen has been condemned 3 times by the civil courts: in 1986, 1992, and 2006. Despite these injunctions and convictions, it still has not agreed to consider Dr. Hamer's thesis 25 years later. However, in 1992, at the request of Hamer’s lawyer, the order of doctors is forced to check the survival rate of 6500 patients treated by Hamer with his original method. As the files have been searched, it is easy for them to trace all these people. The result is staggering: 92% of Hamer patients were still alive more than 5 years after the diagnosis of cancer. The official rate of school medicine barely reaches 30% survival after 5 years.


Since 1981, the theories of new medicine have been 100% verified by independent groups of physicians and oncologists on 28 occasions in several European countries.


In December 1988, for example, in Vienna, Austria, the pope of Austrian oncology, Professor Birkmayer brings together three other doctors around Dr. Hamer and checks the law of cancer in 100% of cases on seven unknown patients of the father of new medicine.


In May 1990, in Namur, Belgium, around 40 doctors and health practitioners checked the veracity of the new medicine on all patients presented to Hamer.


In June 1992, at the Faculty of Medicine in Düsseldorf, Germany, Professor and Dr. Stemmann chaired a medical conference during which 24 cases were examined; each case with 4 to 5 diseases. The 24 cases included the following diseases: cancer, leukemia, psychosis, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, allergies, epilepsies, brain tumours, infectious diseases, tuberculosis and sarcomas. Through these hundred diseases, the laws of the new medicine were verified in 100% of the cases.


In September 1998, the Cancer Institute at the University of Trnava in the Czech Republic invited Dr. Hamer to submit to an investigation of the new medicine laws on seven cases involving about 20 diseases in total. Each time, all the scientists who agreed to check Hamer's laws are convinced, without exception, of their relevance and veracity. Today, hundreds of doctors have integrated this approach into their daily practices successfully, but they are forced to hide so as not to suffer the same fate as Hamer. For disrupting the scientific theories and beliefs of his time is not without risk, for one who has the impertinent audacity to support his thesis, one against all. Both Galileo and Hamer have experienced what it costs to propose a new paradigm in an area where the stakes of power are enormous.


In 1610, by publishing his book, The Celestial Messenger, Galileo brought about a new vision of astronomy, the planetary system, and the laws that governed it. His theory was rigorously established according to the laws of objectivity and reproductivity in force in the scientific world. All his findings could be demonstrated mathematically.


In 1981, Dr. Hamer's post-doctoral dissertation also brought about a new vision of disease evolution and cure. His theory was also rigorously established and reproducible according to the same principles in force in the scientific world. Yet a decree of 1616 condemns Copernicus's theories and declares Galilean theories stupid and false because they are incompatible with the writings of the Holy Bible. But he himself is not worried thanks to the intervention of some of his very influential friends.


Directly after the submission of his thesis in 1981, Hamer was thrown out of the oncology department of the Munich University Hospital where he is head. But he is allowed to continue his personal research, to treat his patients in private and to intervene in the media of Austria and Switzerland.


In 1633, Galileo was again put on the spot following the publication of his dialogue: First attempt of a physicist in history and masterpiece of logical argument. He is dragged before the tribunal of the inquisition and judged by the holy office. Not to suffer the same fate as Jordano Bruno who was burned alive because of his work on materialism and the plurality of worlds, Galileo retracts, abjure his theories and asks pardon on his knees. It was June 16, 1633.


In 1986, in the face of his refusal to abjure his scientific convictions, the court removed from Hamer his right to practice medicine, considering him as dangerous and insane.


Between 1986 and 1996, Hamer narrowly escaped four attempts at psychiatric confinement.


Between May 1997 and May 1998, he was imprisoned in Cologne Prison for providing information to three patients while he no longer had a doctor's license.


From September 2004 to February 2006, he was imprisoned in Fleury Mérogis for instigating the illegal practice of medicine.


On several occasions, the medical order and the civil courts begged Dr. Hamer to give up his theories. He never agreed to kneel, unlike Galileo, and he lost everything: his career, his reputation, his wealth, his right to practice medicine and even the life of his wife who died of a heart attack in 1985.


The inquisition is not dead. It only changed shape and face. Galileo will finish the last 9 years of his life blind and cooped up in a residence in the Florence region.


After taking refuge in the south of Spain until March 2007, Dr. Hamer was forced to flee again to a secret destination far from Europe. In any case, it has been a while since he had been prohibited from setting foot in France or in Germany, or to give public lectures.


It was not until 1983, 350 years later, that the Catholic Church recognized by the voice of John Paul II, his error in the trial of Galileo. How long will it take for the scientific world to recognize his mistake with Dr. Hamer's discoveries?


Hamer's thought: And why should I have this knowledge and that he, the lady next door, the man over there must die? Why him, he must swallow chemistry until he falls sick, until he eventually dies? This is not normal.


In Galileo, as in Hamer, one may wonder why a real scientific debate is not possible. In the 17th century, the motivation of the holy office was to keep the Bible as the sole means of knowledge. Above all, it was necessary to keep Christians in a state of ignorance favouring superstition and submission to a divine law superior to all scientific laws. Copernicus, Kepler and Galileo are part of this movement, which was called the Renaissance and which wanted to put man back in the centre of the universe and no longer God. By relegating the earth to the simple status of a planet orbiting the sun, they relegated at the same time the planet created and elected by God on the periphery of the world. For ideological and power reasons, this position was unacceptable to the church.


In the 20th century, what could be the motivation of scientists to refuse to examine works that could save millions of lives every year? Could it be the fear of losing face by realizing how firmly they affirmed statements that were ultimately only unverified assumptions? Could it be the fear of becoming useless because there is no longer any need to understand the genetic mechanisms or to find a vaccine to cure cancer? Could this be the pressure of the medical-pharmaceutical complex that has no interest in the fact that cancer can be cured as easily and without excessive financial or biological costs? It is true that each cancer patient brings back to the system an average of $ 180,000. Or would it simply be the fear of losing power by seeing patients become responsible for their own healing process by learning to resolve the conflicts that led to their cancer?


Galileo's fault is to have put man back in the centre of the world. The fault of Hamer is to have put man at the centre of his recovery. In both cases, it is not good to give back the power to the individual to the detriment of the institutions whatever they are. In science, as in other areas where power issues are strong, it is not good to be the only one who is right against all. Galileo made the painful experience. 350 years later, Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer is still experiencing it at the time when this documentary is made.


Even today, in Germany alone, 1500 people with cancer die every day without being offered real alternatives to the moral and physical suffering they endure. [End of Story].


3- Conclusion


With what you just read, you understand more easily that to describe the so-called conventional medicine as criminal medicine does not in any way constitute defamation. You are simply confronted with the sad reality. All the evidence of the crimes of the criminal mafia that controls the so-called conventional medicine is there. In order not to make this teaching unnecessarily lengthy, we recommend that you read the articles entitled "Sickness and Nutrition", "The Vaccine: An Extremely Dangerous Poison", and "The Truth about AIDS". You will find them on the website www.mcreveil.org, under the heading Health.


If Dr. Hamer were an African or a Black man, one would have thought that his persecution would be related to the colour of his skin. He is not African, and he is not a dark-skinned man. He is white; he is German; he is European. Then understand very well that the war against the demons who manage the criminal medicine that you call conventional medicine, has nothing to do with the colour of the skin. It is rather a war that satan and his agents wage against the rest of the mankind on the earth.


This article, like many of those we have already made available to you, proves and confirms that conventional medicine is a purely criminal medicine, which is not intended to heal or cure, but rather to kill. This is the reason why all medications that heal are forbidden, and all the doctors who work in the direction of curing the sick are struck off the medical registrar, and their licence withdrawn. Some are murdered, others jailed, others forbidden to practice.


Whenever someone dares to raise their voice against the organised crime of the C medicine and its abominable practices, his assassination is quickly organised. Do a little research on the internet and you will see that many of those who denounced vaccines or other lies of conventional medicine and pharmaceutical cartels, died in bizarre conditions. Every time they are murdered, they are accused of suicide.


The drugs proposed by these demons who control the pharmaceutical companies are not medicines to cure our diseases, but rather poisons to keep us captive by the disease, and kill us later. The luciferians who profit from these pharmaceutical-mystical cartels, have never worked in the direction of doing good to men. This is the reason why, knowing that many of us will never get sick, they plan diseases against us, imposing vaccines that are nothing but poisons that will make us sick later. And as soon as you're sick, you turn to the poisoned drugs they make. And the result is death, after spending the little money we had on these poison drugs. That's the reality.


Since they want to kill all the sick and do not want anyone to escape, they block any other means of healing, and tell the world that the only medicine recognised and accepted is their own medicine, that they call conventional medicine. All other medicines, according to them, are illegal, and doctors who dare to offer patients solutions that heal suffer the fate described above. That is to say, they are either murdered, taken to court and thrown into prison, or struck off the medical registrar with a prohibition on practicing.


Medicine has become a weapon of mass destruction, and drugs have become a real subject of blackmail and intimidation for these murderers. You saw the demonstration of what I am explaining to you in 2010 when these schizophrenic great leaders of this world wanted to succeed in their coup d'état against President Laurent Gbagbo in Côte d'Ivoire. We experienced this odious spectacle live and globally.


The so-called leaders of purported democratic and civilized nations, in their baseness and in great despair, proved to the whole world that their medicine, which they like to present as conventional, legal, etc., was a criminal medicine, a tool of imperialism, domination, and enslavement of the weakest. To confirm that they were only vulgar criminals, murderers and lawless people, they took the ignoble decision to place an embargo on the drugs in destination to Côte d'Ivoire, without any scruple and without shame.


It's full of smiles that these rascals announced to the media worldwide that they have ordered the genocide of more than 30 million Africans in Côte d'Ivoire, depriving them of any medicine. Those who always impose on you drugs and other vaccines under the pretext of wanting to save you, showed you their true faces and revealed to you the true purpose of their medications. You now understand the state of mind of those who are hidden behind the criminal medicine erroneously called conventional medicine, and you can more easily understand what this medicine really does. Do I need to tell you more?


Among the victims of this embargo imposed by the so-called civilized leaders on medicines, there were men, women, elderly people, children, infants, pregnant women, breastfeeding women, the disabled, etc. But the most civilized leaders in the world, the donors of democracy lessons and teachers of various rights including the rights of the abominable and animals, the imposers of free vaccines and other so-called proofs of civilization, did not care a damn.


Let's talk a bit about the notion of legality. These snakes who think they are gods tell you about their medicine as being legal. Legal as compared to what? You should ask yourself this question. The weapon these hypocrites use to chase, imprison, and even justify the killing of real humane doctors like Dr. Hamer is to accuse them of practising or encouraging the "illegal" practice of medicine. The simple question you need to ask yourself is who are these people who seem to love you more than you love yourself? These are impostors that give the impression that they love you more than you love yourselves. They love you so much that it is up to them to impose their medicine on you, that which they arrogate the right to qualify as legal. Legal as compared to what?


There is one thing you absolutely must understand. Whether you believe in God or not, it is established that God exists. And whether you believe in God or not, it is equally established that it is God who created man, with the possible exception of Darwin, who may have descended from the monkey. The Creator God of the Heavens and Earth, He who created men and who holds all power over men, imposes nothing on them. Although this God speaks to us of eternal Hell or eternal Paradise as the only option that awaits every man after life on earth, He does not impose anything on us. He presents to us the eternal happiness of paradise and the eternal torment of Hell, but leaves us the choice, without imposing anything.


If the God who created us and who holds all the power over us leaves us free to make our choices, who are those who place themselves above God the creator, and arrogate to themselves the right to impose their will on us, and to make our choices in our place? Don't you find that absurd? The Bible tells us in Deuteronomy 30:19 "... I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live." God, who knows the delights of eternal life and the horror of eternal fire, chooses to advise us to choose eternal happiness, but without imposing it on us. How is it that some demons believe themselves able to seize from us the freedom of choice that is so precious in the eyes of God the Creator?


Is it not time you put an end to this madness? If you are able to say no to God, when you would gain everything by saying yes to Him, why is it to men that you are incapable of saying no? Remember that your health must depend on you and you alone. If you are sick, it is up to you to choose where to get treatment, and what medications or drugs to take, if you want them. Legal medicine for you is the one you find legal, that is to say the one that is legal in your eyes and according to your judgment, and not the one that someone else imposes on you as legal. Now that you know very well what C Medicine is, that is, Criminal, or Conventional, or Chemical, you will make an informed choice.


Grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love!




Dear brothers and sisters,


If you have run away from fake churches and would like to know what to do, here are the two options available to you:


1- See if around you there are some other children of God who fear God and desire to live according to the Sound Doctrine. If you find any, feel free to join them.


2- If you do not find one and wish to join us, our doors are open to you. The only thing we will ask you to do is to first read all the Teachings that the Lord has given us, and which are on our website www.mcreveil.org, to reassure yourself that they are in conformity with the Bible. If you find them in accordance with the Bible, and are ready to submit to Jesus Christ, and live by the demands of His word, we will gladly welcome you.


The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you!


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