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(Updated on 01 01 2024)


Dear friends, we are happy to share with you this excerpt from the testimony of Jonas Lunkutu Mpala who spent nearly twenty-five years serving satan. He was adopted by lucifer as his child since childhood, and served him faithfully as his only master, to the point of calling him "dad", until the day when by the grace of God he met Jesus Christ, who took pity on him and delivered him from the chains and torment of Hell in which satan, his ruthless master, had already abandoned him.


This testimony has the merit, on the one hand, of reassuring sorcerers and other satanists, that Jesus Christ is ready to forgive and deliver those who choose to repent honestly and sincerely, and on the other hand, of opening the eyes of true Children of God on Spiritual Warfare. This text is a transcription of an audio that was, in part, inaudible. The spelling of certain names of people or places therein might therefore be incorrect; for where we could not understand a word, we wrote the sound.


This text confirms the teachings on "Spiritual Warfare" and on "Discernment" that we made available to you several years ago. We encourage you to read it and learn from it. Please also read our teachings on Spiritual Warfare and on Discernment if you have not read them yet. You will find them on the website www.mcreveil.org. Keep in mind that this text is a transcript. The spoken style and the likely mistakes therein should therefore not distract you.


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1- Introduction


I served the devil for 25 years. I began serving him while I was two months old. They are wicked people who got me into the mystical world. I began with sorcery; I evolved until I had permission to participate in all the meetings of all the sorcerers of Africa. We met in the desert of Kalahari. There was a demon of high rank, Hindu Sankara, who was responsible for taking reports of all meetings and transmitting them to lucifer. After sorcery, I joined wrestling and after wrestling, I joined the Indian magic called "magic K". It is the fusion of two magic, Egyptian magic and Hindu magic.


After that, I evolved and met a priest who initiated me into another form of magic called "holy magic". Holy magic is nothing else than Catholic magic. That priest was Spanish; he was of the congregation of the Catholic fathers. He also initiated me into white magic. I even joined the amorc. And after that I was summoned to India, where I met the prime minister of satan. I also worked there, and after that I travelled to the mystical world, the world of Pandemonium. There, I got married to a white woman named Helene. I lived over there, I worked a lot for the devil until they called me back to India where I was asked to bring four barrels filled with human blood which I did following many human sacrifices that I made, and from there, I was given the rank of secretary of lucifer.


Afterwards, I went to the world Tartarus, where I met lucifer. I worked with him until he gave me the authorization to take part in all the meetings that he organized with the satanists of the whole world. There we met under the water, at the crossroads of two oceans: the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean. At their meeting point, there is a triangle called the Bermuda Triangle. When you go deep down, there is a big temple, white in colour, called: "The white house of lucifer".


Beloved, the funny thing is the fact that when I was there, I saw some people who claim to be men of God, and even some pastors who make noises. There are even some of them here in Lubumbashi who know me. They disguise themselves as ministers of God, but in reality, they are just agents of satan. They are too many here. Know that not all those who claim to be servants of God are servants of God. This is therefore briefly all that I did.


I had my deliverance on December 20th, 2003. I was dead, people were already weeping and preparing for my burial. During this time, I was chained by the devil in the astral world, and it is there that Jesus intervened. Jesus, the One who has the keys of Death and of Hades, came where I was. He did not need satan’s permission to come where I was. He came down and set me free, I that was already in in Hades. May His name be glorified! Amen! After my deliverance, I was really sad, especially when I looked back at my life, and saw all that I had done. I felt very bad, but in my distress, the Lord visited me by the Holy Spirit.


2- End of year sacrifices to lucifer


Many sacrifices are performed in the world of darkness at the end of the year. Sorcerers offer thanksgivings to lucifer, by sacrificing people. We all have sorcerers in our families, and at the end of the year, they prepare sacrifices. While I was still satanist, when a sorcerer wanted to see lucifer, he had to perform two sacrifices: "the sacrifice of condemnation" and "the sacrifice of the red carpet." As the representative of the third degree in the mystery of the air, sorcerers came to me so that I put them in contact with lucifer. Lucifer forbade me to call him lucifer or the devil, he asked me to call him dad. I thought that lucifer was my father and marie madeleine (a demon that has a department at the bottom of the sea) my mother.


Therefore, each time a sorcerer came, I would take him and go with him to the world of Polliun. When we arrived there, we would enter my department, and would sit around the round table that was there. I would then sit on one side and he on the other. I would ask him to give me the name of a member of his family. When he gave it to me, I would call the name three times and the person would appear on my table, and with my hands, I would kill him. With part of the victim’s skin, I made "the black book", which is the "book of condemnation". In that book, I wrote down all the condemnations I wanted, and all these condemnations were dictated to me by lucifer himself. And when I did that, the condemnations which were in that black book became reality in the life of every person who is of the same family as the sorcerer who came to see me. There are certain things that people go through, and they are not responsible for it. All because a family member, for his own interests, went to endanger the whole family. And because of him, the family begins to suffer.


With the other part of the victim's skin, I made "the red book", which is the book of execution. I asked that sorcerer to give me the names of all the members of his family, and I wrote them down in that book, and when he needed to go and see satan, I asked him to name someone. And when he named someone, I would simply cross out that name. Once the name is crossed out, the person concerned dies in this world. Once the person dies and is buried, I send demons at night to the cemetery to withdraw blood from his body. When the blood was collected in a vase, I laid it on the carpet, and it slid into the castle of lucifer. When lucifer saw the blood, he drank it and was satisfied. It is only at that moment that the sorcerer could enter. It is really unspeakable. To seek death and curse, sorcerers are ready to do anything, they go all out. They make huge sacrifices for satan. When sorcerers do such things, they make their family members suffer. If you come to Jesus, His blood will annul all these condemnations.


3- The Indian magic


Wrestling led me into the Indian magic. A man of Kolwezi initiated me into wrestling. At this level, I am going to talk to you about an incident that arose when I wanted to kill the father of a wrestler. While I was in Likasi, I worked with a demon that gave me the power to control nine cemeteries. It was at Toyota, from the mountain where the "marial domain of the Catholics" is located, that I made the connection. A wrestler of Kinshasa came to Likasi where the fights were going to take place. These fights took place from Thursday to Sunday. And the "big game" was going to take place on Sunday. He was the one to wrestle on Sunday with the champion of Likasi. When he saw me, he called me and connected with me by telepathy. We met and he told me that if I helped him to win the fight, he would give me some money from what he would get.


Then I told him that in order to win we must block all directions, so someone has to be killed, and his spirit used to this effect. I explained to him that with the help of this spirit, it would be difficult for his opponent to get into contact with the mystic world. I asked him the name of someone and he gave me the name of his father. I had to go to the cemetery. It was Saturday, I arrived at a tomb and there, I placed my cabalistic mirror next to the cross. And on the tomb, I placed my other incantation tools. I concentrated and made incantations. The father in question lived in Kinshasa, he was a member of the church Béthel. I was in front of the mirror at midnight, with my knife. I had to send for his spirit, and as soon as he was going to appear in my mirror, I was going to stab him.


I concentrated to call that dad's spirit. Before calling him, I first called the wicked spirits that are charged only to kill. I sent them one by one; they went and did not come back. I then concentrated and called one of the big demons who works in the world of Armstrong, and in spite of the direction I gave him, nothing happened. I still concentrated and called other spirits, they all went, but none of them returned. And after all these vain attempts, I concentrated to call the duke and the marquis of Hell. What happened to me this night, even as I speak to you, I have never understood it.


While I was getting ready, I saw fire. A flame of fire landed on the mirror. My mirror broke, I myself was propelled at a certain distance and fall, even my candles went out. When I was propelled, I felt into a deep sleep and only woke up at about 6:30 in the morning. It was already Sunday. I looked at my broken mirror and returned home. That wrestler went to fight and that day he was badly beaten. A day later, he fell sick and was sent to Daco hospital in Likasi. At each visit of the doctor, the name of disease changed, and on the fourth day, that wrestler died. He who was trying to kill his Christian father found death himself. With my lit candles, there was certainly fire, but because that dad was a Christian, his God is a consuming fire and it is this fire that I saw coming. And the fires of candles which were lit, went out because the real fire was there.


As I evolved with Indian magic, one day, my master, who was of Kisangani and I, had to make a trip to Kalemie to meet a siren who is at the bottom of the Lake Tanganyika. But before that, my master invited me somewhere, and at 8pm he gave me a parcel and told me: "Tonight at 11:30pm, you will go to the cemetery, you will do a ceremony and during the ceremony, a creature will appear. No matter its nature, keep calm. You do not have the right to flee. If you flee, you will either die or go insane."


I came home and at 11pm I went to the cemetery of sapins. The package contained among other things two white candles and a red candle. The three candles formed an equilateral triangle. It represents "the diabolic Hindu trinity", and in the same parcel, there was a small bell like the one that the acolytes use in the catholic church during the transubstantiation, it is the moment they turn bread into the body of Christ and wine into the blood of Christ. This small bell that the acolytes use when they are on their knees, is satanic. They use it to open the door to demons. There is a white stone, which is at the right side of the sacristy; it is through that way that demons enter the church to participate in the mass.


Catholicism is not a religion of Jesus, it's just satanism hiding behind a christian façade. I was initiated by a spanish priest. When I arranged all these things, I uttered incantations, and after the three candles were lit automatically, and I started to utter incantations, while following the instructions that my master gave me. After that, I took my small bell and rang three times. To my great surprise, nothing happened. I had made a mistake while I was reciting the incantations. With the devil when you utter incantations, if you make any spelling error, for example instead of "e" you put "a" the whole incantation is automatically cancelled.


I repeated the incantations correctly, and there was a violent wind that began to blow in the cemetery, it was like a hurricane. It was already past midnight, and I was alone in the cemetery. A man appeared before me. He wore a black toga, but his feet did not touch the ground. He was a white man, he introduced himself as hindu sankara. He gave me a small chain of 108 balls, which corresponds to the rosary in Hinduism, among Catholics and to tasbih among Muslims. All this is satanic. After that, he told me not to forget my first sacrifice, and he disappeared.


The next morning I went to see my master. I explained to him all that occurred to me at night, and he shook my hand and said, "You are a brave man." He told me again, at the end one told you not to forget your first sacrifice. Know that the sacrifice they are talking about is that this night, at midnight sharp, you will eat a cock, but an uncooked cock. [...] You will not buy it at a market, but you will buy it in a family. And that was what I did, I crisscrossed the neighbourhood, but I did not find anything, around 3pm I was almost discouraged. I was passing by, and I saw two boys who left their house with cocks and were going to the market. When I saw them, I stopped them and went with them in the house. I asked for the price of the cock, they gave it to me, and I paid without arguing. As I was still there, I used a trick to let a feather fall down by uttering incantations inwardly, and I left. [...] I ate the cock and did everything according to instructions.


At 9am, I went to see my master. I told him what I had done, and he said, "Indeed you're a brave boy! But I will ask you to do something: Now go back to where you bought the cock and check the results." I went there, and I found that there was a mourning. While I was there, the parents of the victim moaned and said: "The child was not even sick, but at 11:30pm, he had a high fever that lasted only a short period of time, after 30 minutes, the child died!" At 11:30pm I cut the head of the cock, the child catches a fever and at midnight sharp, I eat the cock, the child dies.


4- A point of confusion that i had had


I would also like to mention a point of confusion that I had had. As a satanist, I was dating a girl who was a member of a prayer group. She invited me one day to her group. When we got there, she introduced me to the leaders as her fiancé. They greeted me with joy. The prayer started. I was there, also pretending to pray, because I did not know how to pray. All I knew was invoking demons. Know that not everyone who comes to church, comes to seek Jesus. Some come just to harm others. When the prayer was over, I took the sister and I drove her home.


Two weeks later, she came to my house crying. I greeted her, and she did not answer, but all she did was cry. At the end, she said to me, while sobbing, "Why have you never told me about your state?" I said: "My state? Which state?" She told me, "Your spiritual state". I said, "My spiritual state? I am a catholic christian and if you want to know more, I'm also a catholic scout." She told me: "No, this is not your true state!" "My true state? Who am I according to you?" She said, "You're a great satanist!" I said, "Who told you that?" She replied, "The leaders of our prayer group were in prayer when I gave them the request for my marriage, as I had already introduced you to them as my fiancé. While they were praying, they received from God that you are a great satanist." I said, "Me, a satanist! Look at me, do you see anything that has to do with satan?" And she said "No"


Beloved, satanism is not written all over the face! It is spiritual and it is only through revelation that we can uncover it. The Bible says that the heart of man is desperately wicked; no one can know it, only God tries the hearts and the reins; He alone knows the true spiritual state of a person. So I told her, do not worry, those people are jealous, they are trying to prevent you from getting married, they are spirits that seek to block you in celibacy. They said that to you so that you do not marry me. I convinced her, and she agreed. Then I even gave her money and I drove her home.


When I got home, I was angry, and I said to myself: These people who gave her this revelation will see tonight what I'm made of. So beloved, I went in my secret room, I concentrated and I took the form of an owl, I took my knife. The knife in question, if you look at it with carnal eyes, you will see that it is really a knife, but it was not a knife, it was a human bone. After taking this form and my knife, I flew away. I said to myself I was going to punish them. When I arrived in front of the house, there was an avocado tree. I landed there as an owl. After that I projected myself on the avenue on the ground, and then I concentrated and became human again. The house was in front of me and I had to stand up straight to attack. But what I saw that day, is beyond my understanding.


When I stood up to move forward where there was the house, there was no longer a house. In this place, there was a large river instead, and the house that I had to attack was in the middle of the river, and we could only reach it by swimming. And as I could not swim, I took the animal form again and went home. The next morning around 10am, I went back there to see the river. When I got there, to my great surprise, the house was really there, but there was no river any more. Beloved, Jesus is the protector par excellence! When I went there to attack them, I did not see the house, instead of the house it was the river. The Lord had confounded me, He smote me with blindness, I did not see anything and what is even more complicated is the fact that these people who were in the house did not even know that I was there. It was only after my deliverance, several years later that I went to apologize to those people. And when I spoke, they were surprised, because they did not even know that something had happened.


5- My Journey to the world of polliun and to India


I will tell you about my journey to the world of Polliun and my trip to India where I met the prime minister of lucifer. Know that the whole world is under the domination of lucifer. Lucifer told us that there are only Christians who escape from his control and those people represent only 25% of mankind. He told us that the remaining 75% belong to him and that only 25% belong to the King of the Christians. The devil never mentions the name of Jesus. When he wants to talk about Jesus, he says, "The King of Christians." Because the name of Jesus is a bomb in the world of lucifer and this is one of the reasons that made me separate myself from him. I thought that the power of lucifer was the absolute best and it was only when I discovered the power of Jesus' name, that I started to doubt everything lucifer told me. He also told us that we had to work seriously in churches, and that we should do everything to let Christians sink into a spiritual sleep. And for that he made an action plan that includes seven points:


1- Fight or deny the manifestation of the Holy Spirit.

2- Do everything to strengthen the power of evil.

3- Do everything possible to introduce homosexuality in the world on the horizontal and vertical plan.

4- Do everything to turn the Bible in the wrong way.

5- Influence the business world.

6- Do everything to stop the offering and the daily sacrifice.

7- Make every effort to introduce rivalry and fashion in the church. Lucifer told us: "Christians became powerful because of their firm faith in this Man, so we must do everything to weaken them, because once their faith is weak, they cannot please their God anymore." He gave us his ten commandments. When we are children of God and are in a perfect communion with God, He gives us His own weapons, the spiritual weapons. But to carry out a good spiritual warfare, we must get rid of all carnal weapons. There are people who fight witches through insults. It is not because of insults that witches will be afraid of you. Witches will be afraid of you if you get rid of all carnal weapons, and take the weapons of the Holy Spirit.


At the end of each year, many sacrifices are made in the world of darkness. There are many people living in this world while their blood had already been drunk. They are still alive, though there is already an allotted time and when the allotted time expires, the physical death will follow. Even the circumstances of their deaths are already planned.


5.1- My journey to the world of polliun


When I was still serving the devil, one day my master told me that I had to do everything to get married. So he sent me to Likasi. There is a river there called Panda. I went there, I uttered incantations, and on the river there was a strong light, and from this light, a white woman came out. She joined me at the bank and asked me why I came to wake her up. So I told her, "Before giving you an answer, first give me your name." She told me her name was Helene. Then I told her that I came to look for her so that she would be my wife. She refused categorically and I started begging her, I told her that I would do everything possible to make her happy. I had begged her and she finally agreed and told me: "If you truly want me to be your wife, you must come to our place." She added: "When you come, you will present a token." She gave me a yellow token, and after that, we parted.


The next day I went to see my master. He told me: "Before going to that world, you should know that women there have a very high degree of seduction. If you go there and sleep with one of them, you will remain there forever. And to prevent you from doing a one way trip, you have to make a nine-day dry fast". I started to fast, without drinking or eating, for nine days. And all this time, I was only uttering incantations. To resist the demons, see what a satanist is capable of doing.


In the meantime, there are Christians who refuse to fast. Beloved, there are stubborn demons who do not go out easily. And these demons go out only by prayer and fasting. That is why Jesus said in Matthew 17:21 "However, this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting." There are Christians who hide themselves to eat when the church decrees a fast. When your pastors ask you to fast, you must obey them because to obey is better than sacrifice. When an order is given to you, you must obey. When you hide yourself to disobey, even if the pastor does not see you, God sees you! And if you disobey your pastors, your prayers will be fruitless.


The tenth day after the fast, I went to the river. I uttered some incantations. And after that, a mermaid came out of the river, it was around 1am. It was this mermaid who was to show me the way that leads to the world of Polliun. She asked me to join her in the river, which I did. When I was at the bottom of the water, it was no longer spiritually, it was really physically, with the body I still have today. At the bottom of the water, there was a large crocodile in front of me. And this crocodile was the means of transport to the world of Polliun. It opened its mouth, I went in and it swallowed me. It was the one to drop me off somewhere on the road. So while I was moving forward, I found myself in front of a gate, I presented the yellow token that they had given me and they made me get through. When I was on the other side, a black car came, one door was opened and they asked me to come in.


When I was in the car, while we were moving forward, I looked at the man who drove me, he had neither a head nor a neck. He took me to Helene. When I arrived, I found four identical women, with the same morphology and the same clothes. Once the three others had left, I said to Helene, "Now that your friends have left, it is time to sleep together." And this demonic woman told me, "You and I have not got married yet, so we don't have the right to sleep together." Beloved, I was really touched by that. It was a demon that was telling me that. See what the so-called "engaged" christians do today. Some consummate marriage before the wedding! This is sexual immorality!


On my arm, there is a scar. It was not caused by a human being, but by lucifer himself. He wounded me and my blood flowed into a chalice. When the chalice was full, lucifer drank my blood in my presence. He gave me 406 demons that had to be at my service. I would like to make an important digression. I had 406 demons at my service. But when I met Jesus, all the 406 demons fled, and I'm free now. After he did that to me, my right arm became the seat of my power. I could carry lucifer in my body, and he could incarnate in me. When I walked, it was actually lucifer that people saw. Lucifer is a great whoremonger. When he was in my body, he led me to hotels and to young girls. Although the girls saw me, it was lucifer that they slept with. There are girls who have already slept with lucifer without knowing it. For I was not the only satanist in whom lucifer could incarnate. Flee sexual immorality! Demons enter a person's life through sexual intercourse.


When I took this woman, I came back home, and after that, she also visited me. She came to visit me every even day of the week. She even gave me prohibitions among which, apart from her, I did not have the right to have any relationship with a girl in the human world. But one day at a funeral, I met a girl who was my girlfriend before I was with Helene. And while we were still there at this funeral, I spent the night with her. And when I got home, I found this girl that I had left at the funeral in my room. When I saw her, I told her: "What are you doing here? I left you at the funeral, how did you manage to get here?" She did not answer, and I went on and said: "I have a wife who is really wicked, if she finds you here, she will kill you." She said nothing; I turned my back on her.


And then she began to cry, and she told me: "Darling, have you forgotten me?" When I turned round, I looked at my bed, and it was not that girl anymore, but it was Helene. And two days later, the girl died. It was Helene who killed her. I would like to draw the attention of young girls, especially those who have the bad habit of changing men as one changes clothes on the body. If you continue with your dissolute life, you will come across a satanist, and that day will be the end of your life. Satanism and magic are not written on one’s face! Be very careful.


5.2- My trip to India


After this incident, one day, I found a letter on my table, in which one asked me to go to India. I went to see my master, and I explained to him what had happened to me. He told me: "As your master, I have nothing to do for you. You will have to go to India to be punished. If you survive, it's good, and if you die, it's your problem." So I went back and I acted according to the instructions I had received. I uttered some incantations, and after that, I went to bed. Shortly after midnight, I felt that the roof of my house started to shake. A few minutes later, I saw a smoke coming from the roof. The smoke came down in the circle I had drawn. This smoke took a human appearance, and it was a man. He invited me to join him in the circle. I told him: "Before I join you, you must give me your name." He told me: "I'm Dr krishna, I'm among the indian deities. I was sent to take you to India." It was an opportunity to give my life to Jesus. I agreed to go to India to be punished, all because I was bewitched. Bewitched people do not reason well. So when I joined him, I hugged him, and we were both thrown into a large temple. Lucifer has only three temples in all the world.


The first temple is in Great Britain underground. And it is there that the governor of lucifer stay, the one that coordinates activities within pernicious sects and churches of satan. It is there that you find the board of censors that releases brochures as well as diabolic books like: Awake, Watchtower, spoken word, bible TOB, bible of Jerusalem, bible verbum xxl cain, new world translation.


The second temple is at the bottom of the water, at the junction of the Atlantic and Indian oceans, there, there is a triangle called Bermuda Triangle. When you go down there in depth, you find a large building with white colour. It is called the white house of lucifer. And it is there that lucifer meets with satanists of the whole world.


The third temple is in India. It is called "temple of daïl". It is there that you find the prime minister of lucifer. But apart from these three temples, there are small satanic houses as well as mystical lodges: rosicrucian order AMORC, the rosicrucian order of the golden, martinist rosicrucian order, etc. When one talks about rosicrucianism, it is a mystical order that has seven different fraternities. There are houses such as: "Louis gilbert", "lombard house", "unction house", even in Nigeria where one shoots the film "Karachika" with the power of the prince Talus.


When I was in this temple, there were more than a thousand people. There, I met many authorities, among whom those of Mobutu. As we speak, Mobutu is chained up in the astral world. He who worked faithfully for the devil, finds himself with chains and a large padlock. So when I was taken there, I was thrown into a hole that had a depth of 200 meters. When I hit the bottom of the hole, there was a total darkness. And in this hole there were reptiles, snakes, scorpions... The mission of all these animals was to bite me. This is what one called the place of torture. And I was obliged to keep silent, because if I opened my mouth, death would ensue. And I spent five days there. And during that time, in Likasi, my parents were looking for me everywhere. Yet, I was in a hole. The temple in question is a large temple. At the front, there is a large mirror like a big screen. And at every meeting, one must drink the blood of five hundred people. There are satanists who are chosen to sacrifice their family members.


There was a dad who was among those who had to sacrifice their family members. At his turn, he gave the name of his nephew. He gave neither nails nor saliva, nor hair. He gave only the name. And there were servants who had a golden vase, and they put these vases at the bottom edge of the mirror. Others had the task of calling the name of this nephew. And one had a golden sword. There were many people. They began to call and shortly after, the nephew in question appeared on the mirror. He was bare-chested. Then the man who had the sword, pointed the sword at the mirror at the level of the chest, and the sword began to go in.


While the sword was going in, blood was coming out and was flowing in the vase. And when the body was emptied of all his blood, the image disappeared but the blood remained in the vase. One poured it into small glasses, and the servants distributed and we drank it. And after that, one prepared a file. We write the name first, and then one said, "How will he die?" We said: "He will die by accident." One wrote there, circumstances of death: accident. One said, "How long before he dies?" One said, "Two weeks." One wrote two weeks. Beloved, when I returned to Likasi, I found this nephew alive and two weeks later, he was struck by a vehicle.


Another day, I was in Likasi, I had a friend who was a wrestler. He went to Mbujimayi and came back with fetishes. He wanted to challenge me. He joined me at the playground of the secular school, and wanted to give demonstrations. When I looked at him, I told him: "What do you want to do? This is for small children. Go and play with people of your level. When you will get home, you will find all your fetishes burned." He denied it and we took leave of each other. He went home and in the evening around 6 pm, he came to my place in tears. He said: "As you told me, when I got home, I found all my fetishes burned." And he was crying and I went with him to his house. When we arrived at his house, I uttered some incantations, and we renewed what had been destroyed. And when I did that, he was curious. He told me: "I admit that you are powerful, and I want to be like you." I said, "Really? As you want to be like me, begin by eating a baby. When you will eat a baby, I will take you with me where I always go."


So he looked for a baby to eat, without finding one. One day he came to see me and told me: "I have a girl who is pregnant and is trying to have an abortion because the boy who impregnated her ran away." So I asked him how long she has been pregnant. He said, "Six months." I said, "Six months, it is already a foetus. We can use it, you will eat it, and after that, we will go together." And we invited the girl to my friend's house. I subjected her to a magnetic sleep, called hypnosis. And then I invoked a demon called "dead master, living corpse". I made a surgical operation without lancet on the body of the girl. I removed the foetus, and then I invoked another demon, doctor Lang, who is the surgeon of the next world. And I put everything in order, I got the girl up, and she returned home without pregnancy. But with this ceremony, her fertility was sacrificed, I gave it to lucifer. She went back home without pregnancy, but barren. After she left, I took the knife and cut up the body of the foetus. I told my friend, "Eat." He hesitated, and I said, "But you are the one who wants to be like me. If you want to be like me, eat quickly."


He ate. And when he finished, I invited him over to my house. At my house, I invoked Krishna, [...] and Krishna came. And then we were all three thrown, and found ourselves in India physically. When I got there, they thanked me for bringing a new member. But they said to my friend: "As you just joined our group, you must first give us a dear one in your life." After a few minutes, they asked him the question, and he said, "I give my father." They asked him, "Why your father?" He said, "Because in the family, he is the one who has already lived for a long time." And then, as usual, he gave the name of his dad.


Those who were responsible for calling this dad called him, but the mirror remained intact. They called so many times that they were even tired. So we wondered, "Why is that?" They asked my friend, "But your dad, is he a member of a secret society?" He said, "No. My father knows nothing about witchcraft." So who is he? He said, "My father is just an elder of the Church." They said, "An elder of the Church? Thus he is a Christian?" When we were there, when one told us that we had to deal with a Christian, we did everything possible, because if a satanist manages to capture a Christian, lucifer will give him a lot of money. In order to kill only one Christian, lucifer is capable of killing even a thousand pagans. Only Christians escape his control; only Christians destabilize the works of lucifer.


They told us, "Instead of letting only the people responsible for the calls call, we must all join them ..." All of us, more than a thousand, were now obliged to call the name of only one dad. We called many times, but the mirror remains intact. So as we were still calling, instead of that dad appearing on our mirror, there was just a cross. And as we were still calling, there was blood on the cross. And when the blood began to flow, the mirror broke and all of us who were there, were all hurled to the ground. And when we got up, everyone was saying to my friend, "What has just happened here is because of you." I do not even know if they have already replaced that mirror. So they condemned my friend. They took a poison, gave it to him, and told him, "This time your dad will die." They said to me, "As it is you who brought this guy here, you will go with him to monitor this operation, which consists of poisoning this dad."


Back at Likasi, we went to my friend's place. When we arrived there, they served us food. We ate and after that, the mum and the others went out. We were left alone in the living room, and on the table, there was dad's meal. The dad was still at work. My friend took the poison. I saw it with my own eyes. He went and put it in his father’s sauce. And at around 5pm his father arrived and greeted us with joy. He went into his room, changed clothes, and came back to the living room. He sat down to eat and before eating, he prayed. When he prayed, he mentioned the name of Jesus. And where we were, we said: "Today, that Jesus, nothing will happen, he will die today." His father started to eat. And he ate everything. Even as I am speaking to you, this man is still alive. So because my friend had been given a deadline of one week, when the deadline expired, they struck him by the spirits of death. They contacted me and told me, "Go and finish him off!" Beloved with the devil friendship does not exist, there is only hypocrisy.


I went there at 7:30pm. I laid down on the ground behind his house; I concentrated and took the form of a snake. I entered the house and found my friend on the floor. He was bleeding, blood was coming out of his nostrils, ears and even of his mouth. And when I arrived, I bit him, I infiltrated a venom in his body and I left. When I reached the other side, I took a human form again and I arrived at the door. I knocked, my friend answered and I went in. Once there, I found my friend and I asked him, "What happened?" He said, "One hit me and a few minutes ago, a snake came and bit me." And I asked him, "The snake, where has it gone?" He said, "He went in that corner." So I picked up a piece of wood and I started looking for the snake. It was the snake looking for the snake. You know, beloved, sorcerers, when there is a problem, they are the first to tell you, "Let’s go see this witch doctor." Know that when one drinks blood, one blocks the soul in the world of darkness. But the Bible tells us that the weapons of our warfare are spiritual, they are mighty through God. With these weapons, we can go down in the world of satan, destroy powers and retrieve souls whose blood has already been drunk.


6- Testament imposed on many families by satan


The devil has already imposed a negative testament on many families. When you look at your life, you realize that there are certain things that your parents experienced and that you too are experiencing. If you are not careful, even your children may experience what you are going through today. This is a negative testament that satan has already imposed on many families. But if you fear Jesus, He will bring you in a new testament different from the one the devil had imposed on you.


7- My life in the world of pandemonium


In the world of pandemonium, one took me to a department called the world Armstrong or the marian domain, led by a goddess called Mary Margoue. It is the headquarters of the catholic magic in the world of satan. Catholicism has two headquarters. In the human world, its headquarters is in the Vatican. It has a bicolored flag (yellow and white). These two colours mean prayers and sacrifices, and it is there where one finds the pope, the vicarius filii dei, the one who wears the mark of the beast. Even today when you see the catholic faithful go somewhere to kneel before a statue, it's just the image of the world Armstrong. One deceives them by telling them that Mary Margoue is the blessed virgin Mary, mother of Jesus. You should know that Mary who gave birth to the baby Jesus is already dead, and she is also expecting the rapture like everyone.


And in that world, I was led into the santeria. It is the place where you find all the saints whose names are recited in the catholic litanies. [...] If you do not walk in the fear of God, demons can suggest you their ideas and make you believe that those ideas come from you. [...] In the universe, the devil has already placed satellites. These mystical satellites send images towards mystical radars, and these radars, again, resend images to the screens XS. It is from these screens that the devil controls this world, because he is not able to be in several places at the same time. But Jesus, our God does not need radars nor screens. The Bible says, "The eyes of the Lord are everywhere, keeping watch on the wicked and the good." Proverbs 15:3.


From those screens, the devil controls this world. He knows the true Christians, the hypocritical Christians and the pagans. So when we were on the other side, the devil asked us to coordinate many demons and direct them towards people who had signs, that is, towards true Christians, in order to extinguish those signs. You should know that a true Christian is the one who is fought a lot. If you are fought, know that Jesus will never forsake you, He will always deliver you.


The devil works with two codes. The first code is the control of the world that I have just explained. The second is the fact of turning the Bible in the wrong way. And that is what is happening today. One has already turned the Bible in the wrong direction. And many of those who call themselves servants of God do the will of satan without knowing it. What does it mean to turn the Bible in the wrong direction? It is the gospel that we have today, where one only speaks of blessing, and neglects the most important: Salvation. One does not lay emphasis on sin, but focuses only on blessings and other useless things. You should know that a blessing without Salvation is a curse. Jesus tells us in Matthew 6:33 "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." A church where one does not like to talk about Salvation or insist on sin, is a church that is under the influence of the devil.


8- Problem of certain names given to children


In some regions, children who are born in special circumstances, that is, wrapped in umbilical cord, are given the name Mouginga, which means someone who is bound. People with such names, behave strangely, especially when the moon appears. This is not limited only to the name Mouginga, there are others: Tchanda, Ngaloula, Toumba, Mouadi, Moukalayi, etc. You must be very careful with these names. Try to know the meaning of your name, because the name you bear can be an open door to demons in your life. [...] Parents should pay attention to the nicknames that they give to their children. And mothers who have the habit of tying a rope around their children's waists should be careful, because these ropes can be a gateway for demons into the child's life. [...]


9- My activities from the age of 2 months


I was only two months old; however, I could already go out during the night. In my parents' room, my parents had their bed and I was in my cradle. But at night, when I was two months old, I was leaving our house and going to meet the sorcerers of our family at the source of the Congo River. It was there that we used to meet. Before leaving, I would plunge everybody into a deep sleep. That is what sorcerers do. Before leaving, they first plunge all those who are in the house into a deep sleep. I was still in Cancegnia. The sorcerers there tried by all means to make me join their group, but I was against it, they decided to kill me. One night while I was sleeping, the leader of all the sorcerers of Cancégnia came to threaten me and ask me why I did not want to join their group. Then the four bodyguards I had, asked me: "What do we do with this man?" I said, "Kill him!" And suddenly I saw that a hole appeared before this man, one pushed him, he felt in and the hole closed again, and then I woke up. In the morning, I was taking my bath to go to school and I saw this dad coming. Just when he arrived at the entrance of our house, I lifted my eyes and as soon as our eyes crossed each other, he was hurled to the ground. After that, he got up and went home. He died that same day. That night, when I came into my room, I looked under my bed, there was a snail shell and inside there was blood. It was the blood of that dad. The snail shell was what I used as a plane to go into witchcraft and blood was what I used as fuel.


After that, my father was posted. We left Cancegnia to settle in Likasi, in Colomoni. This neighbourhood is located next to two other neighbourhoods, Canona and Tchatchi. In these three neighbourhoods, witchcraft is a religion. Almost 90% of the people who live there, are involved in witchcraft, and it is in this environment that I grew up. When I was there, with the shell that was under the bed, my mother and my sisters cleaned my room, even under my bed, but did not see this shell. Yet, the shell was there. This is what happens in the house of many people. Sorcerers have already put things there and it is through these things that they enter the house. You must ask God to reveal to you the spiritual state of your house.


The devil stays in the air, in the place called the world of tartarus, the second Heaven. If you stand outside and look up, you will see the sky, which is the first Heaven. After that, comes the second. It is where lucifer stays with his demons. After that Heaven comes the third Heaven, the Heaven of God. Lucifer and his angels formed an army called the mysteries of the air. It is what you read in Ephesians 2:1-2 "As for you, you were dead in your transgressions and sins, in which you used to live when you followed the ways of this world and of the ruler of the kingdom of the air, the spirit who is now at work in those who are disobedient."


Lucifer is called the ruler of the kingdom of the air. When the Bible says: Woe to the earth and the sea, it is because lucifer stands between humans and God. He is trying to divert the children of God so that they no longer do the will of God, and that, like him, they be lost too. He has created a barrier called the cosmic force. This barrier aims to block all the inefficient prayers, that is, a prayer that is made by a person who lives in sin.


It is there that the devil formed his government, which works at three levels. The first is the divinity of lucifer, the second is the royalty of lucifer, and the third is the ministry of lucifer and the demons. What does the devil do in his government? He has already placed a triad, and in this triad, there are three demons. The first is the one that has the mission to destroy the divine capacity placed in man. This demon is called Calibosse, in other words Apollion. After that one, there is a demon that is responsible for the astral communication, that is, to precipitate death and captivate the souls in order to lead them in the astral world. It's called Belial or Nickel. Then comes the third one that has a feminine appearance, the queen of heaven. Through these demons, lucifer controls the world of technology and computer science. These demons control the brain of the underground computer. They are the demons that give rapid progress to technology.


While lucifer conceived the "Project 2000", he told us that Christians escape his control and that he cannot read their thoughts. Thus to know the projects of Christians and read their thoughts, they invented cell phones. Every time that you make a phone call, your call goes through the world of darkness first before reaching the person you are calling. The phone works with the mark of the beast, which is 666. Let us take the example of our country, there are two main networks: Vodacom and Zain. These two networks use the same satellite. If you take their customer services and you make the sum you find 666. Vodacom is 111 and Zain is 555.


Every Internet address begins with www. The three w mean 666. The devil is very crafty. The Bible calls him the evil one. Let us take the letter w, of the French alphabet. The French alphabet has 26 letters, and w is the 23rd. When you have w, it represents the number 23. So when you take the number 23, it is a two digit number. You have 2 and 3. When you multiply 2 by 3, it gives you six. And when you have three w, how much do you have? The devil is crafty.


10- The divinity of lucifer


Let us read Galatians 5:22 "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness." In this passage, you find the nine fruits of the Holy Spirit. The devil has already created the nine fruits of the diabolic spirit and in the catholic church, it is called the nine orders of angels. In his divinity, the devil pretends to be god before the angels who fell with him. When you read the Psalm 75:6 the Bible says, "For exaltation comes neither from the east nor from the west nor from the south."


In the East, lucifer has already placed a demon called Baemon, in the West, there is a demon called Amaemon. So when you take the four cardinal points, there are the North, the South, the East and the West. The North is the Septentrion, The South is the Midi, the East is the Orient and the West is the Occident. In the four corners of the world, lucifer placed four demons whose mission is to strengthen the power of evil in the world. And these four demons enter in the life of a person by two means:


The first is the sign of the cross. Many people have already made this sign. People, in their ignorance, do not understand where the trap is. They believe that they are doing, "In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit." And because they are doing this quickly, they don't realize the trickery. But when you do it slowly, you see the trap of the devil. That is when you understand that in reality, you are doing the father, the son, the holy and the spirit separately. That means Maugua, Egime the great, Baemon, Amaemon. It is called prayer of conjuration of kings. All priests know it.


The second is the ash, which is put on the forehead of people on Ash Wednesday. What happens? The acolytes come with the ash that comes from branches of the same season that has been burned. And you’ll see the priest make that sign when he arrives. When he does that, on the left side of the sacristy, there is a white stone called Petras. From there, there are demons that enter with another special ash. It is an ash that one takes in the world of cemeteries after having burned human bones. They take the ash that the acolytes brought, and leave the ash that comes from the calcinations of human bones from the world of cemeteries. And then the priest stands in front, and people line up, he starts making this sign of cross on their faces while saying: you are dust, and to the dust you shall return. That's what you hear, but in reality, this is not what is said by the priest. He says, "You are dead in our magic and you become a slave of death."


The cross they put on the face, is a cross with four corners. But, at these corners there are Maugua, Egime the Great Baemon, Amaemon. These spirits enter the person. Man is tripartite, there is the body which is the envelope, the spirit that makes the body move and the soul which is the centre of the will and decision. And there, the soul is captured and brought in the presidium which is the prison of Mary Margoue. That is why, even if you tell the truth to a catholic, he will listen to you, but in the end, he will tell you: "Mary and I, only death will separate us." Do they easily accept to abandon Mary? They are not masters of their will, they are bewitched. We must pray for them.


11- Categories of men in the world


By observing humans, lucifer found three categories of men. First category: There are humans who are driven by hatred and jealousy. People who are willing to kill their fellows without gaining anything. To that group, lucifer gave the colour black. Second category: There are human beings who like to prove or demonstrate everything, who try to get to the bottom of all things. Those people who try to explain the existence of God by means of science. To that group, lucifer attributed the colour white. Third category: There are humans who love wealth, elevation, domination, and power. They are willing to kill for these things. To that group, lucifer gave the colour red. These three colours correspond to the three kinds of magic, that is, the black, white, and red magic. Some people believe that black magic is the magic of Africans. No, even in Europe, you find Europeans who practice black magic, although black magic is more widespread in Africa. And for white magic, we see occult sciences: Rosicrucianism, the grail message (in the light of truth), eckankar, freemasonry, christian science, mormons.


12- Black magic


Black magic is also divided into several parts: Witchcraft, Islam, Islam is a part of black magic, Jainism (branch of Hindu religion), and holy magic. Holy magic is at the same time in red, white, and black magic. Witchcraft occurs in three forms:


12.1-Conscious witchcraft


Here we have sorcerers who recognize themselves as sorcerers and who are aware of their state, like me. I was well aware of my condition. Conscious sorcerers know that at night, they will go somewhere to eat human flesh and drink human blood. And those sorcerers are many in Churches.


12.2- Unconscious witchcraft


Here we are dealing with people who do not identify themselves as witches, but who are used by conscious sorcerers. And to discover this form of witchcraft, you just have to analyse the dreams that you have every time. For example, in your dream, you see yourself either eating or having sexual relations, or serving food, or cooking, or being chased by people whose faces you do not see, and when they want to catch you, you see yourself flying like a bird. Then in the morning, you wake up and say: I have escaped. Know that you did not escape; you are rather in unconscious witchcraft. Sorcerers are using you. If I talk about these things, it is because that is what I was doing. There are several examples: You see yourself in your dream swimming in a river. You go to bed fit, but in the morning, you begin to complain of pain. Either it's the head that hurts, or you have pain in the spine, or you have abdominal pain. Do you work at night while you are in bed? Then why did you wake up with such pains? If you are in unconscious witchcraft, a conscious sorcerer can use your image to go and disturb other people. But the next day, you will be the one to be threatened. And when one threatens you, you say: But I do not know anything about what you are saying. It is true that you know nothing about it, but it is your image that was used.


12.3- Blood witchcraft


The first sign that helps to identify this form of witchcraft is the lack of compassion. The second sign is the fact of beating children almost every day. We all know that the Bible tells us in Proverbs 23:13-14 "Do not withhold discipline from a child; if you punish them with the rod, they will not die. Punish them with the rod and save them from death." I am not talking here about a normal correction. I am talking about parents who are misusing the rod, and brutally beat their children. Another sign is to beat your husband. There are women who are really terrible! Another sign is to beat your wife. These are the signs of witchcraft.


While I was a sorcerer, I had 24 mystic eyes. With these eyes, I could see everything. In this world, if the Lord opened your spiritual eyes, you would be sick, seeing what happens. In this world, there are people who walk upside down. There are also people who walk, but when you look at them, you see a human body but a skeleton head. I could be on the road and see a pretty girl, but while looking at her with mystic eyes, I rather see an old woman. In this case, one has already taken her real young girl face and has given her an old age mask. And these kinds of girls do nothing but change fiancés. When you find yourself in such a situation, pray a lot. You must pray so that this old age mask fall in the name of Jesus and that you get your real young girl face back.


Beloved, witchcraft whether you like it or not, exists. Let no one deceive you, witchcraft exists. And in every family, there is witchcraft. We should only enter in the Lord Jesus who is our city of refuge. If we are in the city of refuge, demons can see us, but they cannot touch us. If you are in the Lord Jesus, make sure that you do not open a breach, because the Bible tells us that the devil, as a roaring lion, walked about, seeking whom he may devour. With those eyes, I saw many things. I saw demons, I saw Christians, I saw pagans and hypocrite christians. All hypocrite christians and pagans, I saw them naked. Beloved, imagine a two-year-old little sorcerer who, when he looks at you, sees you naked, because you do not like sanctification. Do you accept such humiliation? No, let us really fix our relationship with God. And God will protect us and the sorcerers will not be able to see us naked.


13- Markets


When I enter the market, I feel uncomfortable, because markets are real dumping grounds for demons. To each market whatever its extent, lucifer has already allocated six legions of demons. And a legion of demons is made up of 13000 demons. So to know the total number of the demons found in a market, you have to do six times 13000 which gives 78000. When you go to the market, pray at home to be under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, so that the Holy Spirit leads you to buy products that are not contaminated. There are horrible things that people buy and eat. And when people eat them, lucifer pursues two objectives: The first is to harden pagans so that they do not give their lives to Jesus. The second is to make Christians decrease in their faith.


14- Traffic accidents


One day we left Likasi, we were on a bus with a friend, with passengers. While we were on the bus, my friend and I wanted to cause an accident to kill ten people. From Likasi, we had just passed Luiza. After some time, a pastor who began to preach on the bus. While he was preaching, we looked at him with mystic eyes and saw him without clothes. But he was preaching anyway. You know, there are some pastors who are just like signposts. They tell others, "This is heaven, heaven is that way". They preach, but do not live according to what they preach to others. And nowadays, there are so many pastors who live like that. While he was preaching on the bus, there was a sister who was touched by the Word, and who suddenly began to speak in tongues. And while she was speaking in tongues, my friend and I were thrown out and we found ourselves in the bush.


We were there in the bush physically; I do not know how we got out of the bus because the bus’ windows were not broken. When we were in the bush in Boulouwo, we got angry. So I told my friend: "Everything that happened to us, it is because of this pastor who was preaching, because if he had not preached, this sister would not have started speaking in tongues. So we must do everything to kill this pastor. "We turned into a sparrow hawk, and we flew away. This pastor got off in Kibombo. It was there that we captured him and killed him. He is no longer of this world. Be careful with the work of God.


15- Night flights


At night when we were flying, we saw all the houses of pagans and hypocrite christians without roofs, nor frames, nor sheets, nor ceilings, we could see everything. You can be in your bedroom, a sorcerer looks and sees everything because you are a hypocrite or a pagan. But there were other houses that we saw from afar. They were surrounded by flames of fire and we could not even go near them. And these flames of fire had an effect on a vast area. Even the surrounding houses were protected by these flames of fire. There are some pagans who are not easily hit by sorcerers because their houses are close to the houses of Christians. The Bible says in Obadiah 1:18, "And the house of Jacob shall be a fire, and the house of Joseph a flame." What allowed us to go down into those houses that we saw without roofs?


Firstly: Spider webs. Hygienically, spider webs are nothing but dirt. But spiritually, they are antennas by means of which sorcerers come into your houses. If there are those things in your house, remove them immediately.


Secondly: Photos, pictures, idols. Pictures of a false Jesus; a picture of a false Mary; a cross with a dead Jesus. Beloved, who told you that Jesus is on the cross? He was on the cross, it's true. But He left the cross more than 2000 years ago. All these pictures are idols. Do not put them in your homes. This is idolatry! And God hates idolatry. God said in Exodus 20:4, "You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below." It is an abomination, and sorcerers cannot be afraid of you just because there is a picture in your house. We must not put the Lord Jesus on the wall, but He must be in us. That is why Paul said in Galatians 2:20 "I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me."


Thirdly: All the houses where there is someone who has already dealt with fetishes. Even people with incisions are unconscious sorcerers. When you go to a witch doctor, he takes the blade and cut your skin, and blood comes out. He takes a black powder, which you do not know neither where it comes from, nor the meaning of the words he utters on it, and applies it to your blood. This powder gets into the blood and demons enter in you. While he was making the incisions, a few drops of your blood remained on his blade. So he takes the blade with your blood on it, and sends it to lucifer. Now we know that man's life is in the blood. Through your blood that you yourself gave to lucifer, he is able to control your life, and block your projects.


Fourthly: When you're in a house, you should never go to sleep if you have conflicts. Before sleeping, make the effort to settle your dispute, if not, it will open various doors to satan to harm you. When we were having fun in such houses, we would put nets all around them when we were leaving, in order to prevent people from waking up in the morning for the morning intercession, or to weaken them in their morning prayer. Because we knew very well that if these people wake up in the morning and enter into prayer, everything we did during the night will be null and void.


16- Many people live according to the will of sorcerers


When we took our sorcerers planes to go to the sorcerers’ world, I saw rivers and trees there and in the trees, there were holes. When we went down there, there were women witches, men sorcerers, young sorcerers, and everyone came there with the problems of his family. For example, one could see a witch come, open her loincloth and take out a piece of paper that she throws in one of the rivers there. After that she utters a word: The children of so-and-so will never complete their study. Someone else comes and says, This person will never thrive well, and he throws his paper in the river. There are some examples. And when they throw the paper, they utter a word. So you see families in which people abandon their studies for no obvious reason, whereas they have the opportunity to continue their studies, simply because it has already been decided in witchcraft. These are things that have already been said there, that are happening.


In many families, there are people who live only according to the will of sorcerers, according to what the sorcerers have already done there, to what were thrown into the river, to what they have already placed in tree holes. Know that it is not in this world that these things are done, it is not a river of this world, there are not trees of this world, but trees and rivers of their world, it is there that they threw it. That is why today, you see many Children of God, many families suffer because of what sorcerers have already done over there. […] As for you who like to talk too much, know that you have already succeeded in betraying yourself without you knowing it. One must learn discretion, you must not say anything to just anyone, you then who talk too much, be careful!


17- Some signs of witchcraft in the life of little children


We will examine some signs that will allow us to discover witchcraft in the life of the little children, if these children are being used unconsciously. These signs are the following: the child is very distracted, he has lapses of memory, the child forgets easily (you tell him something, after a few minutes, you ask him again what you have just said, and he no longer remembers, he has forgotten everything. For example, you ask a child to bring you a cup, but instead of a cup, he brings you a knife), the child's lack of intelligence, he is always fighting, he is rebellious (and about boisterousness, parents themselves play a large part in it through the insults they hurl at children). When you hurl insults at your child, if, for example, you insult him "dog", and it happens that a sorcerer passes by, he will cast a spirit or a demon of dog on the child, and the child will become rebellious, and from that moment, one will begin to use him in witchcraft.


18- Danger of raising cats


Here again, I draw your attention. The cat is an animal that is highly used by sorcerers. When a sorcerer uses the cat, what can he do to get people involved in witchcraft? The cat can come where you are eating and while it scratches itself, its hairs fall. As soon as they fall in your food while you are eating, witchcraft starts.


19- How does one enter into witchcraft?


Witchcraft can be contracted in three ways:


Firstly: The pact that you sign yourself. For example, you have a problem that is beyond you, instead of trusting in Jesus, you go to consult a witch doctor, who gives you a fetish, a semblance of solution. The fetish you take gets you involved in unconscious witchcraft, and as time goes on, this fetish will transform you into a conscious sorcerer. When you have a problem, no matter how difficult it is, go to Jesus Christ, He is the solution. He is the Master of the impossible.


Secondly: Family inheritance. They may call you and tell you: "From now on, you will be the head of the family." Beware of this, because you will be plunged into witchcraft.


Thirdly: Witchcraft by influence. You have no intention of becoming a sorcerer, but one makes you get involved in witchcraft without your will. And this form of witchcraft occurs through food. You should not eat anything. I would also like to draw the attention of the parents. If you do not know the spiritual state of your neighbours, never let your children eat there, in short, never let your children eat anyhow when they are not at home. It is good when you hear about witchcraft from afar because if it comes in your house, there will be an absolute disaster, you will prefer death to life. Remember clearly that witchcraft is destruction in all areas. Here I insist! Almost all of those who have studied medicine are satanists.


20- Missions of sorcerers in the Church


Being a servant of satan, I even worked in churches. The Church represents the visible part of the army of Jesus Christ, so we had to do everything within our power to render the church harmless. Satan gave us assignments in the Church:


The first mission was to make Christians ignorant of the Bible! Lucifer told us: "Once Christians are ignorant of the Bible, their faith will be weak … If Children of God abide in the Word, they will easily avoid my traps." If you do not abide in the Bible, it will be difficult for you to avoid the traps of lucifer; so the Bible tells us in Psalm 119:105 "The Word of God is a lamp unto our feet, and a light unto our path."


The second mission was to create dullness during offerings and tithes.


The third mission was to block the projects of the Church by infiltrating sorcerers among the leaders. Be very careful when choosing leaders, it has to be done according to God.


The fourth mission was to disorientate praise and worship and direct them towards lucifer. And there, people playing keyboard and instruments, and choristers were easily manipulated. There are people who sing to be admired, and who do not have any life of sanctification; it is very dangerous. The devil is able to exploit any opportunity that arises to do evil.


Being at the service of lucifer, I could represent him as a ghost. I had the power of metamorphosis, I could change into mosquito, into frog, into owl, into sparrow hawk, into crocodile, into snake, etc. Lucifer even gave me the power to change into a woman to cause the servants of God to fall into adultery. I was a representative of the devil. The representatives are proxies of lucifer. They are the ones who take the instructions directly from lucifer. Among these representatives of lucifer, there are even false servants of God. They hide under sheep’s clothing but they are ravening wolves. You shall recognize them by their actions. May the Holy Spirit help us discover all these agents of satan disguised as servants of God.


21- How to recognize sorcerers in the Church


To recognize sorcerers in churches, all you have to do is observe the case of restless people, people who do not want to be calm, and only want to go back and forth. If you know such people, know that you are dealing with sorcerers. When we arrived in churches, you know that before the service, one starts with intercession, and there is an intense heat, and we could not get in with fetishes. So we would leave them outside, and at some point, we would go out to take the fetishes and start to operate in the church. When you see people who like to go back and forth without any good reason, know that you are dealing with sorcerers. So what else did we do? If the man of God who preaches, is powerful, if he walks in the fear of God, we will not be able to tie up his tongue. Therefore, not being able to tie up his tongue, we could either send the spirits of drowsiness in the crowd (that is why you see some people start to doze just at the time of the preaching), or start to do mystical injections or bites on children (that is why you see children cry anyhow in the hall), all that in order to create distraction. And when there is distraction, people cannot follow the word that is being preached. That is what sorcerers still do in churches today.


22- The organization of sorcerers


In first position, we have the presidents and queens who give instructions in witchcraft. They sit on chairs made with human bones. When one eats, one uses the remaining bones to make chairs where presidents and queens should sit.


In second position, we have the supreme sorcerers who are the neighbourhood chief of sorcerers. In any neighbourhood there is a neighbourhood chief of sorcerers, there is a chief of all the sorcerers of the neighbourhood. He is the one that one calls the supreme sorcerer, and it is he who has the right to go to the department to pass on the report of his entire neighbourhood. And the neighbourhood chief does not work alone. He works with the avenue chief and the street chief. In every avenue and every street, there is an avenue chief or a street chief of all the sorcerers of the avenue or the street. And the avenue chief’s mission is to gather information within the avenue. Here is how they proceed: they drop by at your place, greet you well, and even talk with you. And since you like to talk too much, you yourself begin to give him all the information about your family. You tell him for example: One has already paid the pre-dowry for my daughter; her in-laws said that they would come at a given time to pay the dowry. My child will do the state examination this year...


When you give all this information, do you know the spiritual state of the person with whom you speak? You are the one who gives him your information, and in turn, he will give the report to the neighbourhood chief. Have you never seen cases where in some families, despite the fact that the pre-dowry has already been paid and the day of the dowry fixed, the in-laws go and never come back? Sorcerers are the cause of that. The neighbourhood chief takes all the reports that the avenue chiefs gave him and passes them on to the department at night. They use the information you gave them yourselves to block your projects. They entrust all this to a sorcerer of your family.


They entrust a sorcerer of your family with the task of blocking your marriage, your fecundity, your work, your health, your business. You will realize that you work a lot but do not earn anything, while sorcerers who do not work, benefit from your work. Didn’t the Bible say that the worker deserves his wages? And when we work we should benefit from it. And when they do that to a neighbourhood, they block many things, from the things that have been blocked, they establish laws that will govern the area. That is why you will see that in some areas, people do not get married. There are also areas where people do not complete their studies. sometimes it happens that one lives in a neighbourhood, and things do not go well, but as soon as one changes the neighbourhood, things that did not go well in the old neighbourhood starts to go well in the new one, because there are laws that sorcerers have already established in the neighbourhood. But we who are Children of God, we will not move because the sorcerers have established laws, we would rather pray and their laws will be cancelled in the name of Jesus.


Continuing on the subject of supreme sorcerers, when we wanted to go in the world of darkness, we used the call whistle. And when we whistled, all the unconscious sorcerers came to join us, we then transformed them into horses and then used them as means of transport to go to the world of darkness. That is why some people wake up with pain in the spine or in the back because at night someone used them as means of transport. That is what we used to do. For example, when we organized parties to enjoy ourselves, we used to take people's heads, and these heads became our balls. That is why there are people who wake up with headaches. Still, during our moments of celebration, we sang and played drums. And the bellies of unconscious sorcerers are what we used as drums. Therefore do not be surprised to see people who go to bed in good health, but wake up with abdominal pain, it is just because someone used their bellies at night as drums.


We also took the legs of people and used them as guitars. That is why you will see some people with incurably wounds. You will also see some people with problems or pains in the legs. It is simply due to the fact that someone used their legs at night as guitars. We could also take a person and sleep with him or with her, and this person would see himself or herself in his or her dream having sex. Beloved, it is not a dream! If such a thing happens to you, know that sorcerers are responsible for it. With other people, we ate human flesh. When you see yourself in a dream eating, you think that it is normal; you think that it is only a dream. It is reality. It is the work of sorcerers.


In third position, we have the executioners. They are the one who are in charge of dismembering. When sorcerers want to kill a person, they first begin by casting a spell on him, then they steal his shadow and death follows shortly after. When the person dies, his family normally takes his body, goes to bury him at the cemetery and goes back home. And at night, all the sorcerers who hatched the murder plot gather together at the cemetery. This is what I was doing. When we got there, we came together around the grave of the victim, and with the "whip call", we hit the grave three times. And when they hit the grave, the person that they buried, would come out and they would give him his shadow back. The person becomes conscious and is able to recognize all the sorcerers who surround him. The person will know that: This person is my uncle, this one is our neighbour, etc.


After all these ceremonies, we took an egg and crushed it on the victim's head. Then, we proposed five names of animals, and we drew lots. While we draw lots, if it falls on a goat, the person would be transformed into a goat and executioners would come and dismember him. And when they finished doing the cutting up, if we wanted to create demonic possession, we took this dismembered "meat" and gave it to women of cemetery and women witches who, in turn, would go and sell it at the market in the world of the human. And when they are selling that, there is a hand on their stalls, this hand is the "calling hand". It is invisible to normal eyes. This hand is there on the counter and wave to call people who come to market. So when you get to the market, this hand calls you. You get there, buy dirty things, take them home, and eat them. We also took the fingers of corpses, turned them into cigarettes, and sold them. That is why many people find it very difficult to quit smoking, because they have already smoked human fingers without knowing it. We also turned fingers into big fries. We also took the goat faeces and turned them into peanut. We took human blood and turned it into palm oil, and all these things were sold on the market.


Now that these things are on our markets, what are we going to eat? In 1Corinthians 10:25-26 the Bible says, "Eat anything sold in the meat market without raising questions of conscience, for the earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it." If you are a true child of God, you are full of the Holy Spirit. When you enter the market with the Holy Spirit in you, this calling hand cannot attract the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will lead you only where there are healthy things. And when you buy them, you eat them, and they have no negative effect on you. The only way to be shielded from all these stains is to really have Jesus.


When we were sorcerers, we used to eat human flesh with fufu, but in that world, I had never seen a single cornfield, there was not even a mill. Where did sorcerers get the flour to prepare fufu? At the entrance of every market, sorcerers have already placed their nets. When you buy for instance two buckets of flour, when you arrived at the level of the net that you cannot see with normal eyes, they divide your flour in half and keep back a part of it. When you get home, you see that you still have your two buckets of flour. But when you cook them, you eat everything, but without being full. It is because a part of it remained in the nets. And at night, sorcerers come to collect everything they have drawn in order to cook their fufu. From now on, when you go to the market, pray before leaving your home, send fire on the sorcerers' nets, so that these nets do not hold your flour, and that their nets be burnt by the fire of God, in the name of Jesus.


It may happen that at some point, someone tells you: I've seen this person. And you reply by saying: No! The person you are talking about is already dead, and has already been buried. But the other person tells you: No! I've seen him. What does that mean? It means that sorcerers have already sacrificed him, but have not eaten him yet. The victim will be given to the person who sacrificed him and he will use him: either for fishing, or in the fields, or for hunting and during that time, one can still see the victim. And it is when he gets tired that they finish him off and eat his body.


23- Holy water


Now if they want to create another form of possession, they would kill a person, recover his body, and leave it for 4 days. After 4 days, the body begins to swell and to decompose. In the decomposition process, the body secretes a liquid. We took that liquid and then gave it to false prophets as holy water. There are people among us who have already drunk water from the prophets, especially women, they like prophecies very much. Beloved, the prophecy par excellence is the word of God. The word of God is the key to everything. That is what we used to do with false prophets, we gave them that water, and people went to their house to get it. Many people believe that they can be freed only when one makes them drink holy water or anointing oil, or when one makes them pass through fire. No! That is not how you can obtain deliverance. Deliverance is in the name of Jesus only.


24- How witches destroy marriages


No one here can say that he has never asked someone for drinking water. If a sorcerer wants to destroy your marriage, the drinking water that you ask him will be used as an open door to reach you. Before giving you water, he first spits in the cup. As soon as you drink this tainted water, you are infected, and you start to behave insolently and disrespectfully towards your partner. The saliva he puts in the water is a support where demons will land. When you drink this water, these demons come in you, and they are the ones that urge you to change your behaviour. You begin to bicker and the result is divorce. If you purify this water in the name of Jesus before drinking it, you will cancel these incantations. That is why you should always purify everything in the name of Jesus. Let me give you another example. Here in Africa, people often go to each other's house to get some fire. If your neighbour comes to your house to get fire, will you throw her out? No! Yet when it comes to a witch, as soon as she arrives at your place, she holds in her hand a powder called "powder aspergillum", and this powder is invisible to normal eyes. While the witch takes the fire, she opens her hand, this powder remains on your brazier and will serve as a gateway to demons in your home. And these demons are the ones that are going to urge you to bicker, to the point of getting divorced. So you must pray every time to cover your house with the fire of God.


25- Wrestling


I know that there are many people among us who have already been at a stadium to watch wrestling. Some of us have already followed wrestlers as they passed on the road advertising themselves. But what is serious is the fact that people do not know what wrestlers do. Many people believe that wrestling is a sport. Wrestling is satanism hidden behind a sport’s facade. When I was still in secondary school, in order to have fun with friends, we would make small rings, placed four stakes and put ropes around them.  Many children also do that. Here I draw the attention of parents. When your children start to give themselves names of wrestlers and play, do not believe that it is just a game. No, for the devil it is not a game. He always wants to take advantage of that, you must absolutely forbid that to your children. When we were playing like that with friends, I was already a sorcerer and many people were coming there. [...]


When wrestlers advertise themselves and pass on the road singing, they attract many people. While wrestlers pass on the road, firstly, if there is a pregnant woman, she will automatically lose her pregnancy through a miscarriage. Secondly, they even steal the fertility of young girls. Some girls find themselves infertile because they followed wrestlers when they were younger. Thirdly, they robbed young girls of the chance of getting married. The Bible says this in Ecclesiastes 7:14 "When times are bad, consider." Beloved, consider, try to find out the origin of the situation you are going through. You can start condemning people, while your misfortune might have come from the fact that, in your youth, you had followed wrestlers, being unaware of the consequences of what you were doing. So when wrestlers are in the stadium fighting, they first start with fighting techniques that they have learned through wrestling. And then, they go on to the second phase. This phase of the fight is satanic; it is at this level that you see demonstrations of power.


At one point in the fight, the trumpets are sounded. This has two functions: to stop the legions of demons of the opponent, and to summon the legions of demons favourable to that wrestler. When the demons invoked leave the world of satan and come, they enter the stadium, walk first on the heads of the spectators before reaching the ring. That is why you see that people who go to a wrestling match and return home tired. And when these demons arrive in the ring, the wrestler who invoked them, uses them to bring down his opponent. You see him making some gestures. In fact, when he makes those gestures, he takes the demons that came and sends them back to the crowd of spectators. When these demons go to the crowd, they shorten the life expectancy of the people who are present. And when they return to the wrestler, he uses it to strike his opponent, and that is how he wins the fight. When he wins, the spectators begin to acclaim without knowing that it is with their shortened years that this man has just won.


Because of this kind of show, satan has already shortened the life expectancy of many people. It is the reason why some people die early. We know that we will all die. But if one has to die, one must die at God's appointed time and not at the time appointed by the devil. For you, who have already been to a stadium to watch a wrestling match, know that the devil has already shortened your life expectancy. And if your children or your husband like wrestling, and have already been to a wrestling match, know that satan has already shortened their life expectancy. How many times did you go to a stadium where a wrestling match is taking place? How many years do you still have left? When you go to a stadium where a wrestling match is taking place, you are not in the presence of God, and satan can do to you whatever he wants. But do not give up hope, because Jesus will give you back the years that the devil has stolen from your life, if you repent. Come to Jesus, accept Him as your Saviour and your Lord, and He will restore all the blessings that the agents of satan have stolen from you, all these years that wrestlers have taken from your life. Joel 2:25.


26- The ten commandments of lucifer


First: Do not allow Christians to pray and fast.


Second: Do not allow Christians to read the Bible, but let them read newspapers, novels, and religious books.


Third: Tell Christians that God, their Father, does not need tithes and offerings, but that it is their pastors who steal from them.


Fourth: Keep Christians in poverty by telling them not to give tithes and offerings.


Fifth: Go and spread hatred among Christians and divisions in churches. There are things that we see. You will see people of the same church, of the same community, who do not talk to each other but call themselves christians. The devil likes it when there is hatred among Christians. That is the ministry of the snake. And here, the devil uses many women in slander and malicious gossip. When a snake wants to go from one point to another, it never follows a straight path. Even if the point is in front of him, he will make a broken line. That is how the devil works. There are people, especially women, who go from house to house to cause slander, and through their backbiting, they create many confrontations and serious problems between the people who listened to them. There are women who are specialists in that field: That is the work of the devil. As for divisions, it is a principle of the devil, divide, and rule.


Sixth: Do not allow Christians to preach and testify the glory of God. The devil does not want the Children of God to be taught, because if they are taught, their faith will be strengthened. And once one has faith, one can easily resist the devil and be pleasant to God. That is why he was sending us to churches so that we disturb teachings.


Seventh: Go and spread polygamy and I will have several souls. Nowadays, there are some churches that support polygamy. Know that it is a commandment of the devil.


Eighth: Subject Christians to the worship of images and idols. Some catholics have images of a false jesus with a red heart and images of Mary in their houses. The Bible says that cursed be on the man who suppresses the truth. I know the truth about catholicism and if I do not tell you, I will be cursed. I will tell you about holy magic precisely, because I was initiated into this magic by a Spanish catholic priest. I know that talking about catholicism is provoking a war, for catholicism is a whole government. Many satanists hide in the catholic church and they will try to fight me.


Ninth: It has two parts: The worship of ancestors and television


The worship of ancestors: Subject Christians or all humankind to the worship of the ancestors. Speaking of the worship of the ancestors, I can give you a down-to-earth example. There are people who, inadvertently, drop some food on the floor while they eat and tell themselves: It is for the ancestors. And a few minutes later, you notice that the food is still there, and sometimes, there are even ants which come and settle on it. Beloved, it is really absurd! It is the devil who torments you like that! Did your ancestors become ants?


Another example of ancestors' worship is tribalism. Lucifer told us that tribalism in the Church is the worship of ancestors. There are some churches where tribalism is in full swing, one appoints people according to their tribes. As Children of God, we have the same Father, God. So if you see churches where there is tribalism, know that it is the devil that reigns there.


Still speaking of the worship of ancestors, in some religions, one will tell you that it is difficult to reach God. But that there are still some people who really aimed at perfection during their earthly life, and these people are called saints. So they will tell you that we must first pray to the saints, and in turn, they will pass the prayer on to Mary, who in turn will pass it on to her Son Jesus and Jesus in turn will pass it on to His Father. Beloved, why all these gymnastics? The Bible says in 1Timothy 2:5 "For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus." It is in the name of Jesus alone that we must pray. Jesus Himself said: "And I will do whatever you ask in My name."


Television: Subject Christians to television so that they will not be able to resist temptation. Look at young people today. They are destroyed because of television. They try to be stars because they want to do like this or that musician. They dress in a filthy way, because they want to imitate the stars that they saw on TV ... Today, there are sisters who no longer know how to dress because of television. There are christians who do not even know two passages of the Bible. But when you tell them about a film, they are able to explain to you all the sequences of the film. They know all episodes by heart and they explain them to you as if they were there during the making of this film. They even explain to you what has not been said. But do not ask them to give you a single passage of the Bible, they will not know it. It is this type of christians who fill the churches today.


There are also so-called christian movies such as Karachika. Many believe that this movie is a christian movie. Know that those who make it are not christians. Who has ever given his life to the Lord Jesus just by watching the movie Karachika? We had watched these movies already in the world of satan in 1994 before they arrived in this world around 1999-2000.


Studying humankind, lucifer told us: Man in his nature is more attracted by evil than by good. So when you watch this film, at first, they show you mystical things, it is only towards the end that they show you a short sequence of a servant of God who triumphs. But when you watch this movie, you only remember what is negative. It is bewitchment. Avoid horror, zombies, vampires, etc. movies. Avoid watching these movies. Because they create fear, and when you are afraid, you cannot fight the devil. Know that it is the devil who urges people to make all these films. And those who make these films are satanists. Still regarding the second part of the ninth commandment, there are pornographic movies. There are even christians who have such movies in their houses. What are you looking for when you watch this kind of movies? There are even young people who go on the Internet to watch pornographic movies.


Tenth commandment: Never mention the name of the so-called Creator and His Only Begotten Son.


These are all the ten commandments of satan. Now, if you find yourself in one of these commandments that I have just mentioned, know that the devil has a grip on you. You must repent and cast out the unclean spirits that are in you.


There is a man on this earth who does not have a human father. His father is Lucifer… He is a multibillionaire, he is in the Vatican because the papacy is the shadow of the antichrist. Thus, it is in him that the spirit of the antichrist will become incarnate. He finances many NGOs. Beware of NGOs, of the donations and gifts that are given to you. When you receive these things, pray on them before using them. They are poisoned gifts.


27- The army of satan


In the army of satan, there are satanics and satanists. There are 144,000 satanics. From the 144, 000, satan took 72. They are called the 72 gods. It is with those 72 gods that he formed his government. He divided the 72 into nine groups. And in the catholic "church", which is nothing but a satanic church, the nine groups are called the nine orders of angels. Never make prayers to angels. You must pray to God in Jesus’ name. It is in the name of Jesus that we have protection. You should never invoke the angels because the devil gave his angels the names of the angels of God. Before God we have more value than the angels.


As for the nine groups, satan called the first, the seraphim, (yet in the army of God, there are also Seraphim). The second, the cherubim; the third, the virtues; the fourth, the thrones or the authorities; the fifth, dominations; the sixth, the powers; the seventh, the principalities; the eighth, the archangels; the ninth, the angels. And after that, the devil created a triad. After the triad, comes what is called the divinity of lucifer, then comes the royalty of lucifer, after that come the four kings, the ministry of lucifer and the demons. There are six ministers of lucifer, who are each in charge of one day of the week. And since there are seven days in the week, lucifer himself works as a minister. Know that demons work 24 hour-a-day. But the hours I am going to give you, are rush hours, the hours when decisions are taken to send demons.


The demon of Monday works from 11pm to midnight, and from 3am to 4am. His mission is the destruction in all fields. So if you observe Monday very well, you will see that there is heaviness. Things do not work.


The demon of Tuesday works from 9am to 10am and from 9pm to 10pm. His mission is to spread the honour and the glory of lucifer in the world. He is the one who urges human beings to do things that reflect the glory of satan. When you lie or when you listen to worldly music, whose glory is it? When I was in the world that is run by the mountain dragon, I saw musicians, those who make worldly music. Some swallowed snakes with two heads, others snakes with three heads. You see a musician who sings and changes his voices; there is only one voice, which belongs to him, and the other voices are sung by demons. And by listening to this music in your house, you invite demons into it.


It is funny beloved. There are people in whose house it is the devil that reigns through worldly music. But when they have problems, they go quickly to Jesus: "Jesus, help me, help me." Jesus will not help you because in your house, it is the devil who reigns. Here I draw the attention of parents. Do no longer submit to the whims of your children. Because when they play worldly music in your houses, demons come in and everybody in the house is hit by those demons. When demons come in and put the mess in the house, there are blockages and difficulties, and no one escapes. As Children of God, we must know that we are in the world without being of the world. You might miss Heaven because of useless things.


The demon of Wednesday works from 9pm to 10pm. His mission is to spread pride and self-esteem in the world. There are people who are complicated. When they arrive somewhere, everyone should notice that they are there. Other people have nothing to say. When they are there, they always try to get themselves noticed. "I know everything". What do you know? Always saying I, I, I! If the Lord Jesus only removes your breath, you will be dust that will be thrown somewhere. If you have pride, know that there are demons in you. The devil himself has lost his place in Heaven because of pride. This angel of the devil works even with the so-called servants of God. This is how you see people who preach, filled with pride.


The demon of Thursday works hard from 9am to 10am, from 9pm to midnight, and from 3am to 4am. His mission is to spread hatred and division in Churches and families.


The demon of Friday works from 11pm to midnight. His mission is to turn people away from God's work and subject them to the riches and authority of this world. He works with another demon who coordinates the spirits of dead people. That is why in the catholic sect, there is a requiem mass on Fridays. In the requiem mass, if a member of this satanic sect is dead, people carry the coffin, and put it in front of the door. They close all the doors, and these so-called priests come there with an acolyte. The acolyte holds a vase with holy water in it. In this vase there is something called sprinkler. The priest will take it and begin to sprinkle the coffin with strength. And it is only then, that one will open the door, and people will go in. At one moment, you hear the priest say: "It is great the mystery of faith." Sometimes, one sings it. The priest then take the censer, start to walk around the coffin, and the coffin is surrounded by smoke. When he says: "It is great the mystery of faith", the white stone which is on the left side of the sacristy opens and four legions of demons enter. When they enter, they walk on the heads of people attending that mass. Then they enter the smoke that surrounds the coffin. And there you smell the smell of incense. Once you inhale this smell, the demons enter in you. What I am telling you is the truth and all priests know it. Never enter this satanic church. If someone dies in your neighbourhood, if he is a member of this satanic sect, if you choose to go to his funeral, as soon as they arrive in front of their temple, stay outside until they finish their nonsense. When they come out, accompany them to the cemetery.


When I was a satanist, I had mystical books. I had the bible TOB, the bible of Jerusalem. This is how one uses the deuterocanonical books and the apocrypha and converts them into mystical prayers. The true Bible has 66 books. The books that one adds, Sirach, Greek Esther, Greek Daniel, Maccabees, etc. are added by satan. I had the 6th and 7th book of Moses. But in the Bible, the Pentateuch has five books: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. But in satanism, there are the 6th and 7th books of Moses. I had a book on which was written "incantations." I even had grimoires (books of magic spells). I had the grimoire pentacle of St. Peter, St. John the Baptist, King Solomon, and pope Pius XII. And when you read the grimoires, towards the end it is written: "Every priest is a magician." I tell you the truth, every priest is a magician. As proof, when you go to a catholic temple, the priest leaves the sacristy, he comes with his acolytes. When they arrive at the level of the dais, they all kneel down. The priest goes up alone and kisses the altar.


What happens beloved? There are two stones, this is called the concept of purgatory. Those two stones were cut in Jerusalem. Where the sepulcher of Jesus was, there was a stone at the entrance, and another stone inside where the body of the Lord was laid. These people went to Jerusalem, from the stone at the entrance, they cut a part which they called Petras; and from the stone that is inside, they cut a second part which they called Petros. They took the two stones and brought them to the world Armstrong. And there, through mystical ceremonies, they enlarged those stones. Wherever they want to build a temple that will house this religion, they must go to the world Armstrong to cut pieces from those two stones.


The first stone, Petras, is the one that one puts at the foundation's pipe, on the left side of the sacristy while one builds the temple. With these two stones, when a priest wants to go to the world of darkness, he reads an incantation, which is in the book called missal (it is a book of mass). And then when they go to a place where there is a building that houses this religion, they can only turn three times, and the stone of the sacristy will be visible (they do it at night) and as soon as they touch it, they enter through it and go to the world of satan.


The second stone is called the altar stone. The young people who are in the ministry of acolyte, in the liturgy, they are taught that this place is called "the altar tomb". Look for yourself, a tomb in the Church of God! Beloved, some things are really clear. Can one find a tomb in a Church? And there, near that stone, there are relics. Sometimes they are bones. If the church bears the name of a saint, the relics of that saint will be placed there. And when the priest arrives, when he kisses the altar, he becomes half-man, half-animal, his tongue becomes the tongue of the serpent. And he begins to read the mass. That creates contact with the world of darkness.


What is the difference between a priest who does that and a magician that one finds at the cemetery? The two candles represent the two pillars of the cabalistic tree of life. The candle on the right is called the pillar of mercy, the candle on the left is called the pillar of rigour. And it allows the coming down of solar divinities. And when one takes the censer, pours the incense in, smoke rises. That is to reach the ninth emanation, which is the emanation of lucifer, in order to bring down the influence of lucifer in the church. Be very careful, all that I am telling you is the truth.


The demon of Saturday has two missions. He works from 11pm to midnight.


His first mission: It is to push human beings into stubbornness. This demon is the one that causes people not to follow the advice given to them, until they see the consequences of their actions. It is only then that they remember the advice they were given.


His second mission: It is to push human beings into stardom. You see young people with earrings, relaxed hair, and braided hair. Because they have seen this musician or this star with these things, they start to copy them. These demons work seriously even in Churches. You can clearly see it in the way people dress. There are some people who come to Church to compete with each other, and to be seen, instead of seeking God. These demons often work in choirs and worship groups. Likewise, worldly melodies and dances have already been introduced in the Church of God. Beloved, you must fear God.


On Saturday, he works with the demon of music. When you listen to Pépé Kallé's old albums, he spoke of Sankai. Sankai means bewitchment. There are Christians who say: I like zouk, slow, reggae, rock music. There are some who have these things in their houses. They have CDs, DVDs of zouk, slow, etc., of Celine Dion and others. Do you know that Celine Dion is a priestess of lucifer? Madonna, Shakira, Britney Spears ... And the list goes on. Know that it is the glory of satan. Do you know the album "Kibuisa Mpimpa"? Kibuisa Mpimpa, à la queue-leu-leu, effrakata where it is said: "god is great, man is small, everyone knows it." The god that one mentions is not God the Creator; even the god mentioned in Islam. When they say "allahu akbar," god is great, it is not God the Creator, it is another one.


The one who sang effrakata was married to a mermaid called Ecatchaka. On my wedding day with Helene in the world of darkness, the music we played was that of that man. His real name is Achram, which means Antoine Christophe Agbepa Mumba. The one who sang "Effrakata", "V12", "Affaire d'Etat" ..., is a satanist; even the one who sang "À la queue-leu-leu", "Kibuisa Mpimpa", "Ultimatum", "loi", "droit de véto", the inspiration for all these songs was given by lucifer himself, even the song of Celine Dion "Pour que tu m'aimes encore" (English: "So That You Love Me Again") was inspired by lucifer himself.


The demon of Sunday is the demon of poverty. He is the one who pushes people not to give to God. He works from 12pm to 1am in order to keep people in poverty. Poverty drives people to lucifer. It is easier to become a sorcerer when you are poor. You must do everything to fight poverty. And you can fight it only when you know how to give to God, when you know how to support the work of God. That is the only way to fight poverty.


28- The astral world


It is the place where all those who die far from Christ go, that means all those who die in sin. I tell you about this world because I was there, I saw it, it is a horrible place. It is divided into three parts:


The first part is the "astral world, slave quarter". It is the place where all pagans and all hypocrite christians go after their death. There one walks on the burning ashes. And this is only a foretaste, because the end is the fiery lake of burning sulphur with the devil. When you die far from Christ, as a pagan or a hypocrite christian, it is the beginning of your torment. To be Christian is not to have the Bible; to be Christian is not to speak in tongues. To be a Christian is to walk according to the will of God; to be a Christian is to walk in newness of life.


If you die in sin, as a pagan or a hypocrite christian, you will be directed straight to the slave quarter, and there, there are avenues according to the sin you were committing. There is an avenue for liars, one for masturbators, drunkards, etc. The devil is really very well organized. And what I am explaining to you are the things that I saw with my own eyes, because I was there. And it is there where there are weeping and gnashing of teeth. Know that an avenue will be assigned to you according to the sin that you were committing.


The second part of the astral world is the lucifer furnace. I saw this big lake of fire when I was there. It is a department that is controlled by lucifer himself. And when I was there, I saw a smoke which was coming out of the lake, and there were people who were weeping. But who were those people I found there? They were true christians, those who fought the devil during their life on earth, but who sinned and did not repent before their death. Those people were in the fire, they felt the pain of fire, but they were not consumed. When we pray, we cast out demons, we send fire into the world of darkness and this has terrible repercussions in the camp of satan. The devil is uncomfortable because due to the prayers we say here, his things are destroyed and his organization is destabilized. Therefore, you who fight the devil, if you sin and refuse to repent even when someone comes to give you advice, if you instead choose to deceive yourself with reasoning such as: "Am I the only one who has committed this sin? This or that person had also committed this sin, hadn't they? Even the pastor had done it!", so, know that the devil is lying in wait for your life.


You should know that Salvation is a personal matter and that you will not be judged according to your pastor. Know that you will be judged according to what you yourself do. If you are a Christian who fights the devil and who destroys his works by prayer, and it happens that you commit a sin, repent immediately, do not delay in doing so because the devil is on the lookout. Beg the Lord to forgive you and to sanctify you by His precious blood. If you who fights the devil do not repent as soon as you commit a sin, he will make you take a step backwards in your faith, in order to take you away from God and kill you. And when he kills you, you will not go to the slave quarter. For you, it is the furnace that awaits you.


The third part is the Hades. That is where all human beings who have worked for the devil with all their soul and conscience go: Sorcerers, magicians, rosicrucians, wrestlers… You sorcerer, know that when you die, the devil will not thank you because you served him, he will not tell you "good and faithful servant, as you had offered me 200 people during your stay on earth, receive your reward." No, open your eyes while there is still time. On the contrary, he will take you and send you into a cell. In the Hades, there are several cells and in each cell, there is a person with chains and a big padlock on the level of the mouth. When I was there, I saw president Mobutu, I left him there with his chains and a padlock. I left many people there: Luambo Makiadi, Pépé Kallé ..., all these people are chained in the astral world with padlocks, and the list is really long, I cannot mention them all.


29- What happens when a person dies?


When a person dies, he is put in the coffin and taken to the cemetery to be buried. On the way to the cemetery, the tearful family mourns. Know that what is in the coffin is just the body, but the person himself is above the coffin and is crying more than you are. That is why the priest, before bringing the casket into the church, sprinkles it, in order to control this spirit that is above the coffin. The deceased person even leaves the top of the coffin to cling to his family's members, but he passes through because his body has become immaterial. At that moment, the person cries and even looks for someone who will preach the Word of God to him so that he can believe, but it is too late.


The Word that you neglect now, there will be a time when you will look for it and will not find it. The deceased person is therefore above the coffin, in tears. And at that moment, even if he shouts: "Jesus, Jesus, come to my rescue", Jesus will not come, because Jesus is not the God of the dead, He is the God of the living. While you are still alive, you still have the opportunity to be reconciled with God. Now that you know this, seize this last opportunity and abandon sin, witchcraft; all the bad things that you are doing, abandon them now. God in His love for you still gives you the opportunity to repent. The Bible says in Deuteronomy 30:19 "... I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live." To choose life means to accept Jesus as Lord and personal Saviour.


30- My conversion


Beloved, if you want Jesus to intervene in your life, take the risk of telling the truth. Many people block their deliverance because they do not want to tell the truth. I know very well that the world does not like the truth. When you tell the truth, the world may reject you, your family may abandon you. But Jesus will never abandon you. There are some things that you have already confessed, but there are others that you keep to yourself and you say: This is my secret. Know that it is because of these things that you keep in you, that the devil continues to have a strong hold on your life. Because of the fear of being rejected by everyone, you prefer to turn yourself into a slave of lie! Many people are faced with this equation and do not know how to find deliverance. Take the risk like me of telling the truth, whatever the consequences, Jesus will never abandon you. I had told the truth and because of that, everybody, including my family had rejected me. But, Jesus visited me and rescued me.


31- Astral journey


While preparing to make this trip, you have to go through two doors to enter the secret room. The first door opens from the outside and anyone can open it. As for the second, only a person who is inside can open it, because when someone makes an astral projection, he can either decompose or be segmented. And when he leaves the body and is still in his journey, if someone enters that room and sees the body in this state, the person who has made the journey will not be able to return into his body, and then death will follow. That is how Pépé kallé kaba sélé died. It was the siren "Maimouna" who killed him, because he had two wives: One in this world of humans and another one in the world of satan, in the department of the siren "Maimouna". "Maimouna" is the siren that lucifer used to give the revelation of the koran to Mohammed. Allah is not God Yahweh, the Creator. Allah is lucifer himself. Islam is the blind submission to the will of lucifer. In the cabalistic world, Mohammed is called the antichrist of the East. The purpose of all this is to form two blocks. Because in this world, there are two blocks: the latin block and the arab block.


When we were in this secret room, both doors were closed and it was my master who held the two keys. In that room, there was no window, there was just a small hole which was used as ventilation. I could not even get my hand through that little hole. I saw horrible things when I entered there. There were cassocks, chasubles and stoles in different colours. When the priest gets dressed, he first wears the cassock, then the chasuble and finally the stole that one wears around the neck, and these stoles are in different colours. To each colour corresponds a special ceremony and all that is satanic. I also saw images there: The image of a false Jesus with a red heart that emits radiance. There was the image of "Mary Margoue." Even if you have never been in Catholicism, know that you have already revered "Marie Margoue" without knowing it. Anyone who went through the French secondary school called "5ème" has already worshiped "Mary Margoue", through the recitation of a satanist from Guinea Conakry, Camara Laye: "Black woman, woman of Africa" (original in French, "Femme noir, femme africaine"). Many people believed that Camara Laye wrote this poem to honour his mother. No! It was for lucifer, it was for Marie Margoue. Camara Laye was a satanist.


32- Africa, main target of the devil


Among the five continents, the one that frightens the devil the most is Africa, because there are people there who pray seriously. I speak to you as an ex-satanist. That is why Africa is the main target of the devil. Western satanists make contributions, fund-raising and send them to Africa. All this to weaken people through their donations that are nothing but gifts poisoned by the devil. You will see the birth of many NGOs, humanitarian agencies. Do you think that there are not people who suffer in Europe? We all know that charity begins at home. Why do they not take care of those people who suffer in their own continent but only want to take care of Africa?


33- Women who sleep with priests


The priest who initiated me into holy magic gave me a red handkerchief and told me: If you sleep with a woman, with this handkerchief on you, she will not die, but all her life, she will never get married. Look at these women or girls who go out with priests, they do not get married. Continue with sexual immoralities, one day you will come across a satanist who has a handkerchief, and he will condemn you to celibacy. But if you come back to Jesus, and confess and give up sexual immoralities, Jesus is able to turn your curses into blessings.


34- Do not have pity on the devil or sorcerers


We must not have pity on the devil or the sorcerers, because they too, when they steal our blessings, they do not feel sorry for us. First, I was supposed to die in 2006, and later, the date was changed to January 6th, 2005. Beloved, I am still alive after the deadline that was imposed on me. The devil is a liar, he is the father of lies. If the devil threatens you, if sorcerers threaten you, you must resist them in the name of Jesus. The Bible says: Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. If you fall into the trap of giving in to the sorcerers' threats, they will have an effect on you, but if you resist them in the name of Jesus, they will flee from you. That is the principle.


One day, in a big meeting, the devil gave us many strategies to entrap true Christians, and to win souls for the astral world. And at the end, he gave to each satanist a mission. My mission was to go and kill ten people, besides the two people he had requested in my nuclear family. And we went and I caused a traffic accident, and there were 13 dead. After that, we went to another meeting. And in that meeting, each satanist had to give the report of his mission. And the devil was sitting on his throne, and we were all there. We were many, and we had to give the report in turn. The first went forward, gave his report and returned to his place. I was the ninth person. I also went and gave my report, and returned to my place. The 15th person, a satanist from Togo, went forward. He said, I failed in my mission. The devil was furious. He got up, hurled insults at this satanist, and tried to know the reason of this failure. He sat on his throne, and the sorcerer continued to speak. His mission was to kill a pastor in Togo. He arrived at the pastor’s house, infiltrated the roof, and waited for the night when the pastor would go to bed, to kill him. Before going to bed, the pastor knelt and prayed.


And this man said, "He was praying and when he was praying, I felt nothing. I was still on the roof, waiting for the end of the prayer to act. At the end of his prayer, the pastor said, "It is in the name of Jesus…" He did not even say Christ. All of us who were in the room were thrown to the floor. Beloved, while we were on the floor, I looked at the throne of lucifer, he was not on his throne, he also was on the floor, just like us. He who told us that he was above all things, he had told us that his power was at the top and on that day, he too, like us, fell from his throne and was on the floor.


The devil on the ground, oh my beloved. The Bible says that before the name of Jesus, every knee should bow. I saw with my own eyes lucifer on the floor. And after that he got up and hurled insults at the sorcerer who had mentioned that name. He was taken away and was killed. A piece of advice: If you are a sorcerer, and you are sent on a mission to kill a Christian, if you fail, do not go back to your camp to give the report, you will be killed. If you fail, go quickly to the church, and confess your deeds, they will pray for you and you will be delivered like me. And as soon as the devil got up, he told us, "Do not worry about this incident, soon I am going to reign in this world, I will give you important positions. Know that I will dethrone that feeble from his throne, that feeble, who is called I do not know what, I am going to dethrone him." And when he said that, we acclaimed him, yet it was not long ago that we were all on the floor.


I had a deadline imposed on me. And when I was back in Likasi, I said to myself: When we were there, the name was just mentioned, He was not there physically, and all of us were hurled to the ground. Thus, this one who is imposing this deadline on me, there is someone who is above him. So what am I going to do? I will go where that Name is mentioned. and the deadline imposed on me will be cancelled. And that is how I started to go to churches to seek deliverance, because I recognized that the master I was serving was inferior to another Master who is Jesus Christ. The devil had imposed a deadline on me, and I had to die in 2005 according to his deadline. So I went to Church. I found deliverance; the deadline that the devil had imposed on me was cancelled. And today, I am still alive.


35- My deliverance


My deliverance took a year: from February 3rd, 2003 until February 3rd, 2004. I went to 23 churches. The demons that were in me struck both the intercessors and the pastors. And everyone was running away and in the end I was driven out. I told you: You should take the risk of telling the truth. The devil would not let me go, considering all the secrets I knew, and all the training I received from him. When I was trying to give my life to Jesus, the devil, knowing very well that if I am delivered and I reveal his secrets, many people will be delivered, fought me seriously. It is very easy to make a pact with the devil, but very difficult to separate from him.


I would like to emphasize on a point. If you need the intervention of the Lord Jesus, you should take the risk of telling the truth. And here I also draw the attention of those who are still serving the devil in witchcraft and who are causing trouble in the Church. Be careful, God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows, sooner or later. And when you do these things, do not think that God does not see you. He wants to let you seize the opportunity to change. But if you persist in doing these things, know that one day, when God says, enough is enough, He will strike you.


As I was passing by, I saw a church where one was talking about witchcraft. So when I heard that, I said to myself: But these people with their churches, they always talk about witchcraft, satanism, but if a satanist or a sorcerer comes to them for deliverance, they will do nothing. So I will go in there, I will call demons, they will strike these people, so that they no longer talk about witchcraft. I entered, I was sitting somewhere and the Christians were praying, it was the morning intercession. The one who were leading the prayer said: All of you who are seated, leave your seats and come forward, there was an empty space; I also left my package and went forward with true Christians. Once there, I knelt down like any other person. One gave a prayer topic and people were praying with their eyes closed. I was also there with my eyes closed. While others were praying, I was invoking demons. Usually every time when I was invoking demons, when the demons were on the way, I could look at my hand and see a shadow appearing.


So that day, I was on my knees and I started to invoke demons. I invoked them, but to no avail. And while I was still on my knees, I felt a little heat on the roof and this heat was coming down gradually and as it was coming down, it increased in intensity, and as its intensity increased, the heat became fire. And when the fire touched my head, it was terrible. As a satanist, I could get before a brazier full of embers, put my hand in it, take some embers and close my hand, and when I opened my hand again, the embers were put out and there was only coal which remained. But that day, the fire that came upon me was not the brazier fire, it was a fire that I had never felt before and when it came upon me, it was not only confined to my head, it spread all over my body, even my feet were affected. And then my body started to burn inside me, it was terrible.


You sorcerer, know that God sees you every time you come to the Church to make your incantations. He is not afraid of you. It is because of the love He has for you, that He continues to demonstrate His patience towards you, by leaving you time to repent. But if you remain in what you do, know that when God will have had enough of your wickedness, He will send His fire on you and you will know that God is almighty. That day, you will know that one cannot attack the living God and escape. On that day when the fire came upon me and I was thinking about how to get up and run away. I was on my knees and was making efforts to get up and run away, but my knees were pinned to the ground, and while I was making all my efforts, the people who were praying opened their eyes and saw me. It was at that point that the prayer ended. Everyone directed his prayer towards me and the whole church began to send fire on me. It was terrible. I spent ten minutes on my knees.


And after the ten minutes, I concentrated. Since there was an excessive heat, I invoked my master from Kisangani, and he did not answer. I invoked the priest who had initiated me into the catholic magic, but there was no response. So I said to myself, "Since all these people do not want to answer me, I will now invoke the greatest master", and then I invoked lucifer. Even lucifer did not answer. And in the end I fell down, I lost consciousness, I was taken out. When I was outside, passers-by were called to come and see the satanist who had fallen. That day, I was completely humiliated because it was in the city centre. When I got some fresh air, the communication with lucifer was restored. And he told me: Go back into the church and kill two people. While I was being burned, he was not there, but he told me to go in again. Satan is not serious. Beloved, that is the great difference with Jesus. When you go on a mission with the devil, if things become complicated, he will run away. But if you go with Jesus, and things become complicated, Jesus says to you: stand behind Me and I will fight in your place. That is the big difference with Jesus. [End of Testimony].


36- Call to Repentance


I invite you to sing with us this wonderful song entitled Hymn of Justice, which the Lord granted us the grace to compose in order to highlight the excessive idiocy of these people who sell their souls to satan. This song befits perfectly the testimony that you have just read.


36.1- Hymn of Justice


O men, fear the Lord!

For one day you shall stand before His throne,

To give account of

All the things that you will have done on earth.


1. You great men, rulers of this world,

You whose bodies are healthy, fat and strong,

Your pride is round you like a chain;

Wickedness covers you like a garment.


2. You always pervert equity,

And you cast down righteousness to the earth!

You rob the people of their right,

You turn aside the needy from justice.


3. You come together secretly

And say, let us lurk for the innocent;

You swallow them alive like Sheol,

And you take hold of their valuable goods.


4. You hypocrites, you cause great wars,

And you all pretend to be peacemakers;

You cause division and you rule,

You destroy those who were living in peace.


5. Although you are living as gods,

You will all die like common animals,

Hell fire will not take into

Account the great title you had on earth.


6. For a fleeting little power,

You all choose to sign great pacts with satan;

And for a few banknotes, you cause

Thousands of innocent people to die.


7. Know that all the pacts that you sign

With satan will be of no use to you.

All the human sacrifices

That you make will surely lead you to hell.


8. In broad daylight you are well dressed up

In suits, jackets and ties; but at night time

On the request of sorcerers

You all stroll, naked on the streets’ corners!


9. O you brutish! Are you not veiled,

All around you people die every day.

None of them has ever taken

A thing. They all return just as they came.


10. Know that the gods that have not made

The heavens and the earth shall all perish.

Let me remind you that, even

If you cling to power, your end will come.


11. For a useless post of honour,

Homosexuality, satanic sects

Become your daily practices:

You choose hell instead of the Living God.


12. You foolish, know that hell is real,

And it will last for all eternity;

Therefore, if you do not repent,

You will certainly not escape from it.


36.2- Message to African presidents


Dear Presidents, as you have just read in this testimony, things are not really what you think. The reality of life has been hidden from you by satan and by your various spiritual advisors. If, in your ignorance, you have sold your respective countries to satan so that you can stay in power as long as possible, you must now, after what you have just read, realize that you had made a big mistake.


Time has come, dear Presidents, that the truth be revealed to you for your own good and for that of the people under you. It is necessary and urgent that you understand the notion of eternal life while there is still time. Life does not end after death. On the contrary, it is after death that real life starts, that is eternal life. Every man will live eternally in one of the two places prepared for this purpose. Those two places are Heaven and Hell. Every man is bound to make one of those two choices because there is no third choice.


You have just read, with a big surprise and maybe with a little scepticism too, the case of your ex-counterpart Mobutu Sese Seko Kuku Ngbendu wa Za Banga who, I am not teaching you anything, reigned over Zaïre like a god. He was a well respected man who was very proud of his power. He was so proud that he told everyone, I quote: "In my lifetime one will never speak of ex-President Mobutu." To secure such a reign, and to dominate his people without anxiety as he did for thirty two years, he had to sell his country to lucifer through pacts and sacrifices of all kinds. The end, you know it. He is actually in an indescribable torment in Hell. He is being tortured by this same lucifer on whom he counted and to whom he had offered, free of charge, his country and the life of some seventy millions Zaïreans.


You also have the case of Gnassingbé Eyadéma who reigned as a god over Togo for 38 years. The numerous human sacrifices he had made to lucifer had earned him an "honourable" place before him. Satan had so reassured him of another reign with him after his death that he ended up believing it. He believed in it so much so that he was going towards death believing that he would still have power over all that would happen after him. With this conviction, before he died, he had his Generals swear, under penalty, that they would install his son in power. Once he died, he had the most unpleasant surprise of his life. He who believed that lucifer would welcome him with honours, as one does for a good and faithful servant, found himself chained by this same lucifer and subjected to the kind of tortures that he himself, during his 38 years of power, did not inflict on his victims. And his generals, in their ignorance, are still captives of the lie of satan. They still believe that their king will certainly punish them if they do not do what he had asked them to do before he died, and if they do not keep the promise he had them make, until the end.


Dear Presidents, let me give you another example. It is the case of your ex-counterpart El Hadj Omar Bongo Ondimba. In his ignorance, like you, he believed that one could put his trust in satan. He sold his country to satan in exchange for power. He reigned with absolute authority for 42 years over Gabon. A reign too long for those who, in his country, were wallowing in misery, but a reign which, after all, came to an end. As you all know, in his lifetime he was very respected and very influential. Great master of his masonic lodge and with a sufficiently high power, he did not suspect anything. Now he is in Hell being cruelly tortured by lucifer whom he had faithfully served through freemasonry and to whom he gave everything on earth. It is now that he realises that he had made a great mistake. My wish, while sending you this message, your Excellencies, dear Presidents, is to make you avoid this kind of inconvenience as soon as you leave this earth. The end is near.


Dear Presidents, these three examples are enough to draw your attention to the danger which awaits you in the next days if by misfortune you leave the earth as your counterparts mentioned above, that is, without reconciling with God, through Jesus Christ.


You will surely wonder whether it is still possible to free yourselves from the pact you signed with lucifer, and be forgiven after all the abominations you got involved in. The answer that I am about to give you will surprise you. Jesus Christ is ready to forgive all your misdeeds, all your crimes, even the ones you find shameful to mention because they are really disgraceful. Jesus Christ is ready to forgive all the numerous human sacrifices that you have made, just as he forgave the author of this testimony.


The trap into which you should certainly not fall, is that of believing the lie that satan will try to tell you after you have read this message. He will certainly remind you that the pact you have signed with him is irrevocable, and that if you try to back out you will die. This is not true. If you decide to separate from lucifer, and renounce any pact signed with him through the different satanic lodges, you only have to call on Jesus Christ and choose true repentance, and satan will no longer have power over you. All you have to do is to follow the example of Jonas whose testimony you have just read. He was even greater than some of you in the world of satan, yet he managed to free himself from the occult world, by relying on Jesus Christ. Some of you must even have met him in the satanic world.


And if you choose to free yourselves from the bondage of satan and escape the humiliation he is currently preparing for you when you leave the earth, we are ready to support and help you. The Bible tells us in Acts 4:12 that, "Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved." It is through Jesus Christ alone, that salvation is possible. And no power is equal to that of Jesus Christ. The Bible also tells us in Philippians 2:9-11 that, "… God exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father."


Dear Presidents, if you wish to leave the earth as ruler and enter into another kingdom where you will able to reign, it is only in Jesus Christ that this is possible. An everlasting kingdom awaits us with Jesus Christ. If you do not seize the hand of God stretched out to you to free yourselves from the bondage of lucifer, it is still him, lucifer, that in the coming days, will dispossess you of any dignity, and will torture you regardless of the title you had on earth. Dear Presidents, you agree with me that leaving the honours of the Presidency, to suddenly find yourselves in chains like a common dog, and be tortured as the last of brigands, for the whole eternity is not what a normal man could desire. And I do not wish you that. That is why, dear Presidents, I have taken the risk of sending you this message. It is therefore up to you to ensure that something like this does not happen to you. There is only one thing you should do: Renounce your master lucifer now and accept the Master Jesus Christ who is the Almighty God.


Therefore, we encourage you, dear Presidents, to make the right choice while there is still time. Do not forget that our days are numbered on this earth. We will all leave this earth, one way or the other, and at any time.


36.3- Message to agents of satan disguised as servants of God


All of you sorcerers and satanists who take the titles of servants of God to better recruit people to lucifer your master, I appeal to you from Jesus Christ the true Master and only true God. You have just read in this testimony that there are in Hell several of your friends who on earth had disguised themselves as servants of God to wreak havoc in the Church of God, because satan had promised them great rewards. It was after their death that they discovered that lucifer is only a liar as God has revealed to us in the Bible. They are now in Hell for eternity, and these great rewards that satan had promised them are torture and torment. You still have time to repent, if you want to. And if you choose stubbornness, your Hell will be according to your wickedness. You are warned!


36.4- Message to sorcerers


I ultimately appeal to all of you who are still in witchcraft. You have just read the testimony of Jonas. As you can see for yourself, this man really served satan. He committed many crimes, caused great harm, and got involved in so many abominations that humanly speaking, forgiveness would never have been granted to him. Nevertheless, Jesus forgave him, and delivered him. Jesus Christ is willing to do for you what He has done for him.


I know that many of you are already convinced that it is too late to repent, or it is impossible for them to break the pact they signed with satan. Let me reassure you that this is just a lie of the devil. While you are still alive, repentance is always possible, God's forgiveness is always possible, and deliverance is still possible. All you need is to choose with an honest heart to flee from satan and completely break with his world, and to seek deliverance with all your heart. The example of Jonas is there to convince you. To obtain deliverance, this man has desired and sought it. Deliverance did not come to find him in his house. He sought God's forgiveness as a greedy seeks money. He sought and looked for God's forgiveness with all his heart. He was ready to pay any price to obtain deliverance. For that, he took the risk of telling the truth.


Yes! He took the risk of telling the truth, he had no fear of the consequences, he forgot about shame and cared less about what people would say. He did not confess his deeds partly, he did not deceitfully confess his deeds. He honestly and sincerely did it. You know the result. He obtained God's grace and mercy. This example helps you to understand that all of you who stay in witchcraft because you believe that there is nothing else to be done, are wrong. You are mistaken. You are falling into the trap of satan. Jesus Christ promises forgiveness and deliverance, if you seek repentance with an honest and sincere heart. Those who seek God with all their heart find Him. I have always told you that it is not a man who delivers, but it is God who delivers. This means that even if men could choose not to deliver you because they doubt you, God who knows that you are honest and sincere, if you really are, will deliver you. Therefore, stop deceiving yourself, and seek true repentance.


I know there are some who, despite everything, will harden their heart. There are also some who will hide behind the unconscious sorcery, and give the impression of not knowing anything about witchcraft practice. In any case, you now understand very well the consequences of your obstinacy. You are now well aware of what awaits you if death surprises you in your state. In the meantime, I still appeal to you. The Lord Jesus is still reaching out to you. And I am at His disposal, and at your disposal, ready to do what He asks me to do, and willing to help those of you who are committed to take this last opportunity and break your covenant with satan.


36.5- The dangers of false doctrine


Beloved, I did not cease in my teachings to remind you that having abandoned sound doctrine gave free access to satan in the Church. While going through the testimony of Jonas, you realize that all the doors through which satan and his agents pass to succeed in their missions in churches, come from the abandonment of sound doctrine, as lucifer himself told them: "If Children of God abide in Bible, they will easily avoid my traps." Let me give you some examples:


First Example: One of the missions of the agents of satan in the Church is to create heaviness during offerings and tithes. If pastors observed the sound doctrine, there would not even have a moment called "moment of tithes and offerings." Please read the teaching on "The Church" on the mcreveil.org website.


Second Example: He mentioned the case of a sister who went to present him to the leaders of her church as her fiancé. This is a deviation from the sound doctrine. I recommend the teaching on "Marriage" that you will find on the www.mcreveil.org website.


Third Example: Jonas also spoke about all those pastors and intercessors who tried to lay hands on him, but ended up on the floor. It is still a deviation from the sound doctrine. We do not lay hands on people hastily, and without discernment. I recommend the teaching on "Deliverance" that you will find on the mcreveil.org website.


Fourth Example: He spoke of the demons that often work in choirs and praise and worship groups, and that mostly use choir members. If pastors had remained in the sound doctrine, these things would not have existed. Therefore, satan and his agents would have nothing to cling to. It is because of the false doctrine that people are given the opportunity to sing in order to be admired. Please read the teaching on "The Church" on the website mcreveil.org. Like all the other teachings on this site, it is free. Note that if you abandon the word of God, you will pay the price.


For you pastors and servants of God who turned away from the sound doctrine out of ignorance, repent, and return to the sound doctrine while there is still time, in order to close all those doors to satan and his agents. And you Children of God who are still in such Churches where teachings are not biblical, if your pastors are not willing to repent and return to the sound doctrine, know that they are part of those agents of lucifer who disguise themselves as servants of God, to destroy the people of God. Quickly come out of those churches, if you value your salvation. Know that no true servant of God can willingly remain in the false gospel.


36.6- Ancestors’ worship


Speaking of the ancestors' worship, Jonas in his testimony spoke of tribalism among others, by revealing that lucifer spoke to them about it as being the ancestors' worship in the Church. In this regard I would like to give you another element: It is about racism in the Church. You find so-called Christians who are so racist that even the title of Pentecostal or evangelical Christians they have makes no difference. Of this number are many so-called pastors. Let me share this testimony with you.


I was invited to give a conference in the South of France, in a city which I prefer not to mention. The time I spent in the midst of those pastors and brothers was rich in discoveries, and I would like to share one of them with you. To show me how much racism gnawed churches in France, pastors told me of a church in the area called "Church of Africans". This so-called church of Africans, was a church with dozen of members. All were white, and there was all in all one African in that church.


You will certainly ask yourself, as I did, that why can a church of dozens of people be called "Africans' Church" when there is only one black in the church. The pastors gave me the answer. It turns out that the only black in the church was the pastor. And amazingly, the pastor of that church was married. So if I tell you that there were all in all one black in the church, you can guess the rest.


And who are those who call this church "Church of Africans"? There are the other pastors in the area. Hallelujah! This is what the Church of Jesus Christ has become. These are people who call themselves Christians and pastors who claim to be serving God, and would even be waiting for the return of Jesus. This is just sad! You can understand how far seduction has gone. Lucifer is indeed sitting on churches.


36.7- Messages to the adulators of sportsmen


Jonas warned you against wrestling, laying bare all the cunning of satan hidden behind this so-called sport. I would like to remind you that it is not just wrestling that is concerned. All other competitive sports are as satanic as wrestling. Each team or each side signs pacts with demons in order to win. And it is you who run behind these sports and these athletes, who are the first victims of these satanic pacts. If you do not want to spend your eternity in Hell, run away from all those satanic sports and all these satanic sportsmen and stars that you idolize. Instead, worship Him who can save you from Hell, Jesus Christ the Saviour God.


Grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love!




Dear brothers and sisters,


If you have run away from fake churches and would like to know what to do, here are the two options available to you:


1- See if around you there are some other children of God who fear God and desire to live according to the Sound Doctrine. If you find any, feel free to join them.


2- If you do not find one and wish to join us, our doors are open to you. The only thing we will ask you to do is to first read all the Teachings that the Lord has given us, and which are on our website www.mcreveil.org, to reassure yourself that they are in conformity with the Bible. If you find them in accordance with the Bible, and are ready to submit to Jesus Christ, and live by the demands of His word, we will gladly welcome you.


The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you!


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