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(Updated on 01 01 2024)


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Dear brothers and dear friends, we want to share with you this testimony of Jeremie of the Central African Republic (CAR) who came into contact with the mystical world because he wanted to be someone important in society. This testimony warns us against the risk of living without having Jesus Christ as Lord and Master, and confirms the teachings on "Spiritual Warfare" and on "Discernment" that we made available to you a few years ago. We also recommend that you read the teachings on Spiritual Warfare and on Discernment that you will find on the website www.mcreveil.org.


Beginning of the testimony


Beloved, in 1992, I came into contact with a mystical community. It attracted me because I wanted the things of this world. I wanted to be an important person in the society. When I went there, I was accepted and initiated into mysticism. I started to learn basic and astral concentration. I also familiarised myself with inter-dimensional displacement techniques in the parallel and mystical world of lucifer. They taught me the basic technique to get in touch with the mystical domain through concentration. I learned a lot on concentration. When I was concentrated and in contact with the parallel world, if someone came to my home unannounced, they would see me levitating.


While I was still learning the basic mystical techniques, my master told me that if all went well, I would become one of the great mystics of my time. One of the techniques that I was taught was that I could call someone just by concentration without opening my mouth. I could also move an object that was far from me by concentration and by my will power. I was able to hang in space thanks to levitation. One day, my master told me to be in my private room because around 1am, magic words will scroll therein. My master said, "You will have to memorise and recite one of the magic words coming up on the wall of your room, and something will happen." As indicated my master, I was in my private room and at 3 a.m., I suddenly saw words scrolling on the walls like a video. I managed to memorise one of them. Beloved, when I began to recite the magic word that I memorised, something unexpected happened. I found myself in a mysterious and modern world.


It was an urban and cosmopolitan city. The city was lit by candles, and houses built of diamonds and gold that shone and emitted light. Suddenly, I found myself in front of a demon dressed in black with a belt around his hip. He walked towards me, and said, "Welcome to our world." After greeting me, he told me to drink water that was in the pot. This water was very black. When I drank it, it was so bitter that I was about to spit it out but this demon insisted that I swallow it. When I swallowed it, a spirit of wickedness entered my heart. Then this demonic entity took a knife that was in the calabash and wounded my hand with it. I then bled. And he said to me, "This is your first covenant with the mystical world." He then gave me a cross and told me it was the cross of Bethlehem. He said that whenever I needed money or something in my heart, my thoughts would be transmitted into the dark world of lucifer through this mystical cross. As a result, every Saturday at 10am, the money I needed would land in my private room. I had to spend that money the same day.


After the first covenant was made with the first demonic entity, a second demon arrived where I was, dressed like the first demon. The demon placed its hand on me and transferred demonic spirits inside me, among others the spirit of cockroach, of rat, of ant, and of lizard. At that time, I did not know that it was transferring demons into my body. It was when I started to operate that I saw these demons in action against humanity. After putting demons into me, the demon later put human blood on my right hand, which became a means of communication with the spiritual world. I communicated with Asia, America and the mystical world. My hand was like a communication receiver. I had to receive messages and instructions from the invisible world on specific days and times. Whenever a message was sent to me, I did not have to press anything. It was direct and automatic. This system was integrated in my hand.


After that, my visit to this magical and mysterious world came to an end and I returned to earth. Later, I went to sleep. My master had been informed by the mystical world of my visit to the inter-dimensional world in the land of lucifer. I also knew that I had just visited the universe of the devil. My master encouraged me by saying that the visit went well. He told me, "If only you would remain faithful, you would see great things." The next day, at 1 o'clock in the morning, I was visited by an evil spirit. This demonic entity had the form of a human skeleton. It presented itself as my guardian angel mandated by the world of darkness to assist me in various missions. So the entity said to me, "I'm here to help you, teach you mystical truths and techniques you need to know." In fact, this demonic being was the angel of death; it came to teach me about the destruction of the human race. It informed me of a meeting scheduled for 3 o'clock in the morning, which I was to attend, on the invisible world's instructions.


He said to me, "There are strategic hours that you need to know, these moments are peak hours, hours of affluence and accelerations of the operations of satanic manipulations." He told me: "We are intensifying our activities at 11pm and from midnight to 3am, the demonic troops are patrolling the earth because they are satanic hours." Then the angel of death said to me, "This meeting you have to attend is a major gathering because important decisions against humanity and against Christians will be taken, it is an annual gathering." It informed me that every year and precisely at the end of the year, there is a high-level luciferian meeting in December that I was to attend as a satanist. At this point, I was already able to make astral journeys and astral projections. Even if the door of the house were closed, I could through concentration cross metal doors and solid walls. After this short presentation, this angel of death held me by the hand and we travelled together to attend the worldwide annual meeting of satanists.


Beloved, the lucifer’s world that I visited had three levels. The first level was in the firmament or the second heaven. The second was established on earth and the third was under the ocean and under the earth. When we arrived at the meeting room, I noticed that the director of this meeting was from Mexico but the speaker was Italian. After the Mexican moderator had finished speaking, the Italian speaker stood up and delivered a speech. When the Italian addressed people in the auditorium, fire came out of his eyes and mouth. He said to the audience, "Our satanic and cosmic world has noticed the diminishing of its destructive power and its influence in the world of humans. We must begin by eliminating traitors among us." He said again, "We have to carry out traffic accidents around the world; we have to cause plane crashes and cause air disasters; we have to wreck ships and boats; we need motorcycle and bicycle accidents."


The audience was calm and attentive and the speaker said, "The purpose of these accidents and deaths is to get blood that is the fuel to fill our fuel reserves. We need these accidents to recover the years of life of the victims and transfer them to our followers who are already dead on the earth but who work in our production industries and factories in the underwater world and in our civilizations under the earth and under the sea." The speaker continued his speech and said: "We are obliged to frustrate surgical operations in hospitals by creating confusion in the minds of doctors."


The sea mermaid called goddess Monica attended this satanic gathering. She worked in collaboration with our mystical order. Once the Italian speaker had finished his speech, the goddess rose and began to address the audience. She raised the tone of her voice and shouted at the participants, "I want human blood and I want human blood. Go and cause abortions and miscarriages of babies from 0 to 3 months. Push young people into fornication. Once they are pregnant, harass them to have an abortion and to throw the foetuses in the toilets or dustbins." It should be noted that the mermaid Monica can recover these foetuses whatever the places where they are thrown. Once she gets them, she has the option to incarnate sea mermaids in them and place them in women's wombs.


In addition, sea mermaids also feed themselves with foetuses. After finishing speaking to the audience, she shouted: "Execution!" The meeting ended at this point. The angel of death held me by the hand and we returned to the earth. Then he said to me, "You have to learn practically how we are going to recover, steal, and trade goods with human beings." Beloved, when someone is not in Christ, his mind and thoughts are exposed to the dark world. As I could read the thoughts of men without Jesus, if I noticed that a man had positive thoughts, I would replace them with negative ones. The training I received from the angel of death was about manipulation of thoughts in the human mind, especially the transfer of negative and bad thoughts. It should be remembered that we are at war. This planet is subject to spiritual warfare and satanic manipulation.


In this war, there are battlefields and frontlines. The mental dimension of thoughts is one of the battlegrounds of this war, it is a spiritual warfare. I injected negative thoughts into people's minds, such as thoughts of self-hatred, of inferiority and superiority complexes, of despair. It is written in Philippians 4:8 "Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable - if anything is excellent or praiseworthy - think about such things." Every day, when we wake up in the morning, the enemy injects negative thoughts into our heads that affect the mood of the day. Later, the angel of death told me that when a man fails in his goals and feels worthless and useless, it becomes easy to inject thoughts of suicide into his mind. Beloved, the thoughts that come in our heads are not necessarily our own thoughts.


Some of them are injected into our head to cause us to behave in a certain way. The angel of death said to me, "Our occultist colleagues who are already dead and working in the infernal kingdom need an update of their intellectual capacity. As such, we must steal the intelligence of the living and transfer it to the underwater kingdom and to the underground world for our servants the human spirits." I would like to specify that those who sign contracts with lucifer die prematurely so that they can serve the devil in his civilization under the sea and under the earth where they will live the remaining years of their lives. We had to steal the intelligence of the people and transfer them to our colleagues, the dead occultists who work in different factories and production industries in the underwater realm. To steal human intelligence, we would visit students at school, university students, graduates working and unemployed graduates.


When you notice that your child who was smart in elementary school is no longer intelligent in high school, understand that he received a mystical visit and an exchange took place. It may be that his intelligence has been tampered with or stolen. I also injected memory loss and forgetfulness into people's minds. As a result, they could not succeed because their memory was stolen or sacrificed. I caused memory lapses and repeated forgetfulness to my victims. Every human being living on this earth without Jesus is exposed to many demonic manipulations and even several diseases. So I was sent to destroy all that is beautiful and attractive in the physical world. I had to make old and ugly all that was beautiful and resplendent. I stole the beauty of women and left them with old age. As a result, while others are getting married, they will be stuck in the neighbourhood. Nobody will be interested in them because of the exchange and manipulation that has occurred in their appearance. I applied this exchange even in families. I managed to dislodge 84 couples.


Women lost their beauty and charm even in marriage. Once a married woman received our mystical visits and manipulations, she spiritually got an ugly and repulsive face. As a result, her husband saw her old, ugly and unattractive, and could not stand her anymore. I was empowered to transform myself into a woman as a spiritual night wife. Know that every time you have sexual dreams, substances are deposited in your lives and will manifest in the day in the form of failures, illnesses, blockages and sterility, resulting in many problems including conception problems, erection problems, miscarriages, and diseases such as fibroids. Even if you go to the hospital with these mystical diseases, medical science will not be able to do anything for you. Only the fervent prayer of the righteous which is powerful and effective can make the difference.


Beloved, the main purpose of the intervention of the mystical kingdom of lucifer on the planet earth is the destruction of humanity. As the Bible says in John 10:10 "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." I had been instructed to destroy all that is good, beautiful, and positive in the physical world, and even the family, which is the divine establishment. I was guided by the spirit of destruction. I could not accept or tolerate a family living in peace, joy, happiness and well-being. It was unacceptable to us. Everything that was beautiful, everything that looked positive and good was supposed to be destroyed or exchanged. It was my mission and that of the angel of death on the part of the mystical hierarchy. When we meet love and harmony in a family, we were forced to bring about division, conflict, misery. When a family is divided and in conflict, we excel in our activities, and we cause grief and sadness.


You must know that a united family living in harmony is difficult to bring down. But where there are divisions and animosity it is easy to operate. I caused calamities, catastrophes and disasters in families without Christ. Every human being living on this earth without Jesus is not protected. He is exposed to many diseases that we spread. Diseases were thrown into space and innocent people without protection were affected. Modern medicine could not treat these mystical diseases. It's beyond science. While we were flying in hyperspace, the angel of death told me that it was time to work in the hospitals as stipulated in the satanists worldwide summit by the goddess Monica. The hospital is one of the places where demons are very active to kill and capture the souls of non-Christians and to drink their blood.


While working in hospitals, I tried to sabotage and manipulate 15 surgical interventions. I managed to disrupt seven surgeries and as a result, there were deaths. There was a young woman who was sick, and was supposed to be operated upon. The doctor sent her brother to buy drugs in the pharmacy but since she did not have Jesus in her life, I went after her brother to the pharmacy. There, I exchanged the drugs he was supposed to buy by replacing it with a fake that was a poison from the mystical world. Then I pushed the pharmacist to sell the fake medicine to her brother. Later, the doctor transfused the fake medicine into the young woman who died as a result of this poison. Another woman had a hernia problem. While she was having surgery, we managed to disrupt and disturb the doctor's mind. As a result, he cut a vein by mistake; the woman lost a lot of blood and died. Another woman was supposed to have an operation related to fibroids.


She did not have Jesus in her life. During the operation, we disturbed the doctor's mind who gave her an overdose of anaesthesia, and she died. Another day, I arrived at the hospital and there was a surgical operation going on. A girl was being operated upon. I was accompanied by my guardian angel, the angel of death. We tried to attack but we were unable to enter the operating room because it was surrounded by intense light. We tried to get around the windows but we could not get in because of the bright and fiery light. We were in direct connection with the mystical world, and we asked them to verify the spiritual identity of this girl because she was in a bright and dazzling light. Once the mystical world verified the girl's identity, they informed us that this girl was a born again Christian. Without Jesus we are without security in this lost world. By serving Jesus, His grace is on your life, and nobody can harm you.


A few days later, a couple had to have their child operated upon. So they went to church and asked for prayers. After that, they went to the hospital for the operation, and they were fasting. During this surgical procedure, I came mystically with the angel of death to the place, but to my surprise, we saw the operation room surrounded by the energetic blood of Jesus. As a former satanist and ex-mystic, I certify that the blood of Jesus Christ is true and real. The blood of Jesus is filled with electricity and is full of strength so that no demon can come near. That day, the blood of Jesus protected this girl. There was nothing we could do against her. You must understand that the mystical world exists. The satanic kingdom is real and works but Jesus Christ is Lord. One day there was a car accident and there was a woman pregnant with twins among the victims. She was transported to the hospital. But since she did not have Jesus Christ in her life, she was unprotected and exposed. As a result, the twins died and we handed over their bodies to the goddess Monica. Later, the woman also died. The years of her life were transferred to a satanist that had died long ago so that he would continue to serve in the underwater civilization.


Apart from our operations in hospitals, in terms of physical activities, I attacked cars by causing them to burn down mystically. Nobody could suspect that the problem of the car was mystical. If the car did not belong to a Christian, it was exposed to our attacks. You may wonder why I was destroying cars and houses. It is because the men and women of this world go continually to lucifer to ask for material goods such as cars, houses, money, and health. I was empowered to destroy or sacrifice these things. I sacrificed material things through destruction and gave them to satan's kingdom. This is where the mystery lies. By destroying your car, I sacrificed it because our partners are asking for material goods from lucifer. It must therefore be stolen. It was done by means of sacrifice. Clothes, technological and physical instruments could be sacrificed.


Beloved, there are people who lose things in their life, such as money. There was a man who contributed in the church in which he was a member. I came after him, I tried several times to destroy his car but to no avail. After many attempts, I went with my guardian angel, the angel of death, but there was a huge hand over his vehicle and this hand brightened up the car and there was nothing we could do on this subject.


In this spiritual and demonic conflict against humanity, it is very easy to recognise the Christian in the astral dimension. I found that Christians had many signs around them. There are Christians who are dressed in sparkling lights and fiery flames of fire. Some Christians have swords on their left and right and even around them. Some have a huge bright hand above their heads. The Bible says in Psalm 91:1-2 "1He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. 2I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust."


In addition, I had four demons living in my body; I used them to steal and devour people's properties. I used the mouse spirit to steal material goods and bring them to me. Once a property had disappeared or had been mystically stolen by the rat, I put it on my red carpet. After incantations, the object was bewitched. Then I ordered the rat to return the object where it had been stolen. Beloved, once you find what you lost, if you use it again you are bound and connected to the mystical world to be monitored. At the beginning, I told you that I had received the spirit of wickedness. My sister was touring, traveling to neighbouring countries and buying goods. Because of the wickedness in me, I deployed the spirits of mice and cockroach who were spirits of poverty against her business that eventually collapsed. I deployed four agents of destruction who were resident-poverty agents in my body, against property such as houses, stores, warehouses, or depots.


I remember a woman who was a major dealer of rice, beans and peanuts, and who excelled in her business. Since she did not have Christ in her life, she was therefore without protection. So, I sent the mouse spirit against her business. Later, the demon brought me back the profit of her products. After making incantations on this profit, she fell victim and her business collapsed. Later, troubled by the collapse of her business, this woman heard about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and gave her life to Christ. When this woman came to Christ, she started her business again, and it was fully restored by Jesus Christ. Know that those who love to give their goods for the advancement of God's work are protected. When a Christian gives, he and his family are protected. We worked to prevent Christians from knowing this truth about giving their offerings and tithes, because it is a secret for protection.


Beloved, you can dream that someone gives you money but in reality, it is an exchange. Your real money is taken that way and you have been given white paper. If you find abandoned money and you take it and put it in your pocket without praying over it in Jesus' name, if that money is bewitched it will create a hole in your pocket. I also used the lizard spirit. I should say that every time I flew, in company of the angel of death, above the Christian churches, we were touched and seriously disturbed by the prayers and we lost strength and energy. In my neighbourhood, there was an acacia tree that was our fuel station. Whenever Christians prayed, we were attacked by the fire of prayer and our flight into space was disrupted. We lost strength. We were forced to land in that tree to refill fuel. To cause accidents on the road, I would dig virtual holes on the road. In reality, there were no holes. Only a bewitched driver saw these virtual holes.


The mystical aspect of my mission was very dangerous because it involved the battle and the invisible warfare against churches and Christians. I had to write strategic information and tactics that I had to use against Christians. I was supposed to receive training and I got this training to be equipped for this conflict and hostility. After these trainings, I was given a 666-page mystical book containing methods and tactics to use against Christians. Every page of this book is the result of demonic research on the church and Christians and how to attack them successfully. There are points in this book that satanists should know before starting such a war. I had to make sure that I was in communication with our command base in the invisible world. I was in contact with the stars that were to guide me to avoid the dangers while I was performing an operation against Christians.


The stars gave me warnings by pointing out the dangers. They told me not to fly over a place where there were genuine Christians, instructing me to deviate, otherwise I would fall. They warned me against the location of revival churches and stormy places. The first targets of the dark world in spiritual warfare are the lukewarm Christians who have one foot in and one foot out. I had to stop them from reading the Bible and gaining knowledge of the Truth. I had to stop them from fasting and praying because this was very dangerous for the mystical world. I had to neutralise the thoughts and intentions of fasting and prayer in their minds. I worked hard to disturb their prayer programme because a Christian in prayer can prevent and destabilise our activities against Christians and churches. I also attacked brotherly love so that they would stay away from each other. I had to keep them apart because each time they were together, they tended to pray and spread fire.


The shortest way for the destruction of the Christian is anger. When a Christian is angry, it's a shortcut for me to come in and create an unleashing of things in his life. You can get angry at school, at work and at home, but it is even more dangerous to sleep with your anger. Anger opens the door for the enemy to destroy you. Sleeping with anger means that when demons move at night, you are exposed and they can do what they want. Another shortcut that is an open door for me and the dark world of lucifer is lack of forgiveness or grudge as these are open doors for satan in your life. A Christian who focuses on the things of this world like the lust of the flesh or the pride of life, opens the door to destruction for the dark world of the devil. The division of a family is also an open door. In the mystical realm, when two people do not get along, the kingdom of darkness takes advantage of this situation of conflict and division to reach them.


I attacked the Christian with discouragement. I injected disagreement, conflict, thoughts of hate, animosity. In the mystical realm, we had studied the church and Christians. We know their weaknesses. When we come and find these things as conflict, disagreement, animosity, resentment, then we unleash on them the spirit of sexual immorality and we take away holiness in the church because a church where the people are not in sanctification is powerless. Through the door of conflict, of division, I could stifle the zeal of prayer and service, and cause coldness, laziness, discouragement, spiritual slumber, and heaviness.


It was necessary to prevent prayer at all costs. We knew that if we could succeed then we could destroy a church. The Bible says in Ephesians 4:31-32 "31Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. 32Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you." The leadership team was also our target. We first sought sin and weakness in the leadership group and used it as a gateway and demonic control. When one of these leaders was found to be lover of money, it allowed us to cause chaos in the church and to attack the church. I used a mystic camera for surveillance, and candles for incantations. I also used these candles to control the thoughts of those who are not in Christ so they do not come to church.


I used green candles to capture the property of those who are not in Christ. I used white candles to cover myself mystically. These white candles were sent to me by the world of darkness because they did not exist on the earth. I used the blue candles to win souls and distance them away from Jesus in order to kill them later, recover the years of their lives and pass them onto those satanists who had died and were working in the underwater world so that they live long and help us in the invisible battle against Christians. I used black candles to kill and make the victims go mad. Pink candles were used to cause women to dress indecently. I mean sexy. When they go to church, they will seduce weak minds by their dressing. It was important to wait for the moment of offerings to make invocations with the pink candles. Sexy-dressed girls and women go in front in order to attract the attention of weak minds, when people march to the front to give their offerings, and those who will covet them will lose the blessings they had received from God during the preaching and worship sessions.


One day in the afternoon, I received a call from the kingdom of lucifer. I was informed that there was an assignment for me in Ivory Coast. I was told to participate in the installation of our mystical order in Ivory Coast. The space allocated for the installation of this mystical structure was a former cemetery. Therefore, we had to negotiate with the dead of this cemetery. I was assigned to this task because I was told that I have the potential to achieve this assignment successfully, but I had to prove to them that I had the skill to do this job. A few days later, I received another mystical call instructing me to first go to Rwanda for a brief assignment. After that, I had to go to Ivory Coast. I was reluctant to go to Rwanda. So I asked the mystical hierarchy to give me time to think about it. I could not decide, I was divided. I was not convinced to go there. I did not want to comply.


This incomprehension of satan and the mystical world marked the beginning of the Holy Spirit’s action in my life. I was at home thinking about all this when a woman in the neighbourhood came to greet me with her son. This woman had a 9-year-old boy. She said good day and her son came over and leaned over me. He says, "Father, everything shall pass away, but Jesus Christ is Lord". I was surprised to hear this. The words of this child pierced me like a spear. I was disturbed and confused by the words of this boy. I asked the boy what that meant. But he repeated the same phrase: "Everything shall pass away but Jesus Christ is Lord." In my confusion, I began to reflect on the words of this boy. I thought and reflected so much about it that the angel of death who was my guardian detected my thoughts. He appeared and began to reproach me.


He said to me, "You are a great mystic. Why are you troubled because of the words of the little child? You should forget all that. You have many promises of the invisible realm. You will become great and rich, so get rid of the words of this little child from your heart and your thoughts." Then the angel of death disappeared. After the apparition of the angel of death, I went to the headquarters of our mystical order. I told the hierarchy that I was not in a position to decide on Rwanda. I asked them to give me 4 hours to think about it. Then I entered a room lit by candles. I was thinking about the option of going to Ivory Coast and Rwanda. While I was thinking about it, the words of this 9-year-old boy came back in my thoughts. "Everything shall pass away but Jesus Christ is Lord." From the moment this boy's words came back to my thoughts, I could not think of anything else. Meanwhile, the room where I was suddenly became illuminated by intense light. This light was neither terrestrial nor ordinary.


When I opened my eyes to observe it, I noticed that it grew in intensity and increased in luminosity. It filled the room and increased the more. I was scared. I fell to the ground and closed my eyes. To my surprise, even with my eyes closed, I could see that light. So, I opened my eyes. I had the impression that the light was transporting me and that I was moving up in space. When I looked at the sky, it was an intense blue colour and it was bright. Then I heard sounds of thunder and thunder rumblings. Then I saw the sky open and the clouds withdraw. Then I saw something bright coming down from the sky with great speed. In fact, I was seeing a star coming down from the sky. It was sparkling and powerful. I did not know what it was. I watched it come down from the sky. When this bright, burning, and luminous star reached an altitude of 10 metres from where I was, I noticed that it was a man.


This man was neither terrestrial nor natural. This man was not physical like us. He was shining and he was bright like the sun. He was whiter than the clouds of the sky. I noticed by his constitution that he had wings. He was an angel of the Lord. When he came down to my level, he did not touch the ground but he smiled at me. Then he put his right hand on my shoulder and said to me, "Jérémie, I have come to confirm the words of this little boy of 9. I came to confirm to you that it was God who spoke to you through the mouth of this little boy. The words that this little boy spoke are the words of God Himself. Everything shall pass away but Jesus Christ is Lord. God spoke to you through this boy." Then this luminous angel said to me, "Jesus Christ sent me because He wants to work with you. He wants you to be His witness. He wants to send you to testify around the world of what you know and have experienced."


When this angel of the Lord was speaking to me, he had his hand resting on my shoulder. As he spoke to me, we began to go up into space together. As we were going up, I noticed that it was as if a very black garment was being removed from my body. Then this angel began to speak about the hidden terms and conditions that governed my covenant with the mystical world. He said to me: "The first implication of your covenant with the satanic world is that you had to serve the devil all your life until death. The second implication is that your memory is captured. The third implication is that the world of satan decided that you had to die on December 25, 2004. All those who sign pacts with the satanic world have the date of their death determined in advance so that they can continue to serve the devil under the water." The angel of the Lord said to me, "The satanic world had decided to send you to Peru on assignment." That is where I had to die in the date it chose. "The fifth term and condition hidden by the satanic world is that after your death, you were to become an evil spirit in the service of satan to finally be a lost soul at the end time."


When this angel of the Lord revealed to me the hidden terms of my covenant with the satanic world, a rain fell on me, and black smoke began leaving my body. It was stuff that the mystic world had deposited in me. Demons came out of my body in the form of black smoke. Then the angel of the Lord lifted up his hand and as a result, a screen appeared. I saw images of people singing and dancing for Jesus Christ in this screen. The angel of the Lord said to me: "This is the place where you must go to testify." Then the vision ended. When I realised it was a vision, I trembled. I felt fresh as if strange forces had come out of me. I went to tell my superiors that I wanted to go home and take my time to think about the options that were in front of me. When I returned home, I collected all the magic books and all the mystical tools. I reached a point where I thought it was over with these mystical practices.


The day after the appearance of the angel of the Lord, I was walking in the street when I saw a placard of a Christian evangelism crusade on which was written, "Jesus Christ came to set captives free." As I walked, I felt the spirit of God urging me to participate in this evangelistic meeting. The crusade was already in its 4th day as it was a 5-day meeting. The next day, I went to attend this meeting. During this service, I felt a force pushing me in front of the altar. When I saw the crowd of people singing and dancing for the Lord, I immediately remembered the vision of the angel of the Lord. When I realised that it was the church that the angel of the Lord had shown me, I became emotional and had tears in my eyes. I was surprised and amazed. I wanted to join them in singing and dancing for the Lord but I did not know how to sing or dance. In this church, I could feel the flames of fire burning on my feet.


It was when the preacher began to proclaim the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that I felt completely overwhelmed by the flames of fire. My feet began to shake. I asked the person sitting next to me if he was experiencing the same thing as me. To my surprise, he said no. The fire of the Lord began to go through my whole being. It was like electricity going through my body. The people who sat by my side noticed that I was troubled and uncomfortable. Later, the preacher asked the congregation to stand up for deliverance prayer. When all the audience rose, the preacher raised his voice and shouted, "You are free in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth by the power and fire of the Holy Spirit." Immediately, I saw the flames of fire of the Holy Spirit coming towards me.


I fell to the ground, and my spiritual eyes opened. It was then that I saw Jesus Christ the Son of God in His glory. How wonderful it is to see Jesus Christ! He is so glorious! It is He who created us and who loves us. Jesus Christ laid His hands on me. He said to me, "From today you will be at My service, but you must keep My words so that those who are lost and those who are in the occult can see My glory and be converted through your testimony." When Jesus Christ was speaking to me, I could see my superiors of the mystical hierarchy and the angel of death, the skeleton. They watched me at a distance of 14,000 kilometres. They looked at us in despair and astonishment. They were shocked. There was a whirlwind of fire separating us from them. I saw my guardian angel, the angel of death, with his hand on his cheeks. My superiors had their hands on their heads in despair. Jesus Christ handed me a Bible and instructed me to teach about what was in it. When I woke up from this experience, I found myself in the presence of intercessors. I saw intercessors who had surrounded me and praying for me.


They all prayed in unknown languages. My heart was filled with an inexpressible heavenly joy. Tears flowed from my eyes. Later, the pastor told me not to sleep at home and the next day we went home. We gathered my occult books and my satanic instruments. As we returned to church, an occult book fell on the ground. When an intercessor tried to pick it up, demons entered into her. She was thrown several metres to the ground. She began to make several noises like a pig. The pastor and the other intercessors prayed for her for 45 minutes and she was delivered from the unclean spirit. Then pastors and intercessors burned my books and my instruments. There was a little book and a mystical cloth that I put on for incantations that took more than an hour to burn. It made noises like detonations when it was being burned. After my deliverance, I spent more than a year studying the Bible. It was after that that the Lord allowed me to testify and there were miracles. [End of Testimony].


Lessons to Learn


Beloved, in the lessons to learn that we have developed in the other testimonies, the essential has already been said. The element on which we can insist in this testimony concerns the idolatry which consists in venerating money, dancing every day during the service to march to the front to give tithes and offerings. Remember that getting up to march to the front to give tithes and offerings is an abomination; it is a true worship to mammon. If you are in these so-called churches where there are so-called "moments of tithes and offerings" punctuated with music and dancing, come out of there quickly. Know that what these sorcerers’ pastors make you do is idolatry. By making you sing and dance to give money, they bring you without you knowing it, to worship the god money. These snakes by these means turn you away from God and make you lose your blessings.


Grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love!




Dear brothers and sisters,


If you have run away from fake churches and would like to know what to do, here are the two options available to you:


1- See if around you there are some other children of God who fear God and desire to live according to the Sound Doctrine. If you find any, feel free to join them.


2- If you do not find one and wish to join us, our doors are open to you. The only thing we will ask you to do is to first read all the Teachings that the Lord has given us, and which are on our website www.mcreveil.org, to reassure yourself that they are in conformity with the Bible. If you find them in accordance with the Bible, and are ready to submit to Jesus Christ, and live by the demands of His word, we will gladly welcome you.


The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you!


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