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Dear friends, we find it important to put at your disposal this excerpt from an article by Serge Monast, this Canadian investigative journalist, who was assassinated by the Illuminati, for having exposed their works. Indeed, Serge Monast had revealed in 1993, the ultimate project of the Illuminati who run this world. This project consisted in offering all the men and women of the planet to lucifer through a system of control that the Bible calls "The Mark of the Beast".


This text, written in the early 1990s when the microchip was almost unknown, is relevant today. In less than 30 years, what seemed like science fiction has become reality; reason enough for every person to understand that God is alive, and the Bible is true.


Please understand once and for all that Hell is a reality and Heaven is a reality. Fortunately or unfortunately, life does not end on this earth, contrary to what many think. After this life on earth, there is eternal life, as the Bible reveals to us. We encourage you to read this article, and to read the other very edifying teachings that you will find on the website www.mcreveil.org.


1- Unveiling Of The Plot Relating To The Chipping Plan Of Humanity

By Serge Monast


Revelations of Mr. Monast (One of the last documents presented by the author before his assassination) "On December 15, 1993, in Montreal, Serge Monast, of the International Free Press Agency, whose activities were solely focused on international investigative journalism at the economic, political, military and medical levels, revealed information so astounding that it cost him his life. Nine years later, his information is confirmed one after the other. It is true that he was informed by repentant politicians, disgusted secret service agents; he also received classified, ultra-confidential documents, often anonymously or transmitted by colleagues located in the four corners of the world" (Jacques Delacroix, Naufrage d'un système, Tome 1, Collection L.I.E.S.I., Éditions Delacroix, B.P. 18, 35430 Châteauneuf, 2003, p. 70.)


For several years there have been serious projects aimed at marking individuals with lasers, on the forehead or on the wrist. But today the New World Order's string-pullers have gone further: they are able to realize their dream of complete control of the human herd. How? By injecting a microchip into every living being. Everything is almost ready! This will be the subject of the first part of this document. Then, we will see why our schools have produced a youth which, in its great majority, is - in spite of itself -: rotten, vitiated, without Faith, without moral values, without spirit of discernment, without inner life, having as its only perspective that of serving the System according to an Antichristian and Humanist morality.


We will thus look at the police and military forms constituted by the executives of the World Government. Executives chosen among the brilliant graduates of schools without God. Young people trained according to a particular ideology. This World Government at the service of Hell must establish the son of perdition - the Antichrist. It needs an omnipresent multinational task force. It can only be formed from national elements!


2- Concept of Electronic Money before the Marking of Humanity.
A Preliminary Condition: The Introduction of the Single Currency.


Over the last 30 years or so, the leaders of American and world banks have begun to consider an alternative to the cheque as a means of exchanging money. The first vice president of the FED declared in 1975, "It is imperative that a new electronic exchange system be developed or else the US banking system will choke on an avalanche of cheques." An international electronic funds transfer system was then set up, SWIFT - Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications, - established in Brussels and counting, in January 1975 already 246 banks equipped with a private communications system for the transmission of payments and other messages associated with international banking transactions.


An American businesswoman published two well-documented books in 1981 and 1983 on the 666 monetary system in the making. She wrote: When the monetary system falls... it will be the 666 System... Brussels, the headquarters of the European economy, is the location of the main connection centre of the international SWIFT network. This centre has the ambition to extend this transfer of funds to the international level, that is, for all and in all countries. This monetary control centre occupies three floors of the thirteen-storey EEC headquarters building. It is in this building that Mr Elderman is rapidly directing efforts to assign to every person on earth an 18-digit number consisting of three sets of six digits.


The article indicates that computer scientists were working on a plan to assign numbers to every person on earth. They suggested that a numerical number could be laser tattooed on the forehead or the back of the hand. According to them, this "international mark" could put an end to all currencies. No one would be able to buy or sell without being given an encrypted mark... The capabilities of the SWIFT network computers centralised in Brussels are such that insiders have called it "The Beast"... This gigantic computer in Brussels called the Beast exists since the late 1980s.


Thanks to credit cards, it has been easy to put almost all the populations of industrial and commercial nations into the banks' memories. We are linked to this electronic machine by one or more keys, which may be our social security number, our driver's license, our birth certificate, our passport number. Every money movement we have made and every penny we have paid to the tax department annually is recorded. The capacity of this gigantic Brussels machine was previously established for 2 billion people in 1989. Every individual, member of one of the industrial nations, is already in this computer. Every money movement, every change of address, every job, every income and tax rate is known.


In this programme, all buying and selling must be done by computer. No currency, no coins, and no cheques. The banking and trading companies have all converted to the electronic funds transfer system, bringing with them the great mass of employees and other workers. The initial idea was to establish this gigantic monetary unification and planning by means of credit cards.


In the 1980s it was thought that each person would receive a number tattooed on their wrist or forehead. This number provided by Brussels would be printed by a laser beam without being felt. The number on the body would be invisible to the naked eye and would be as durable as fingerprints. All commercial items are marked on the computer. The appearance of the computer barcode a few years ago spread rapidly to almost all consumer goods. This was the first concrete, perceptible consequence of the ongoing monetary enslavement plan. All this was done without publicity, in great silence. We will come back to this.


The shop's computerized cash register, which records the number of items, would also record the number on the person's body, automatically total their purchases and deduct the amount from their special right of withdrawal account. At that time, the marking on the hand or forehead had to be done using laser technology. A microscopic, painless, unalterable, and very precise burn was to be used to print the computer code of the bank data. Explanations can be found in the United States:


- In the big leisure centres, where the words of Jesus are treacherously practised: "Let the little children come to Me ..." At the entrance to Disneyland Park, parents pay so that their children can go to this or that playground. Once at the desired area, the child puts his hand in a machine. It reads that the child has paid. It lets the child enter the playground.


- In large distribution centres... Customers no longer have to stand in long queues at the checkout. They no longer have to pass their purchases on the conveyor belt. To borrow a trolley, the customer inserts his credit card into a special slot built into the trolley. Inside is a robust, shock-proof laser barcode reader. This means that every time the customer inserts an item into the trolley, its price is recorded. Payment is made automatically by connecting the trolley to the checkout, which reads the credit card and checks the validity of its code. The customer only has to sign the bill, which is then read by the barcode reader on his own trolley. The first supermarket without cashiers was opened in Caen in 1994...


Here is what is being worked out: to borrow the trolley, the consumer will have to place his hand in a special built-in slot - just as children already do at Disneyland. The optical reader will read the barcode of the hand, engraved by laser. If the potential customer is properly marked, has sufficient funds in his bank account or is not classified as economically excluded for religious or political reasons, the trolley is released and the customer can enter the shop. The same system is used and the customer goes to the cash register to establish the identity of the invoice and the account number. Only the slaves of the Beast will be able to eat and drink...


But the globalists were gradually forced to face the facts: the credit card, for example, was no match for the monetary plan for universal enslavement! Something else had to be found. In this context, which was already well advanced, it was only necessary to take one more step in order to perfectly realise the economic and monetary domination of the antichristian World Government.


Several individuals working alone to reveal the truth about various subjects, unknown to the public and dangerous, have decided to get together and organise a parallel network of information and exchanges of all kinds on a national and international scale. The aim is to slow down the destruction of Western values and to bear witness to the conspiracy against our Christian world. Dangerous, because the verifiable information at the International Free Press Agency, demonstrates the not too distant prospect of our condemnation and a will of the enemies of Jesus Christ Son of God, to hunt us down for our faith, our refusal of the present antichristic society, and finally the desire to mark all the individuals of the planet with the sign of the Beast as you will see later.


The activities of the International Free Press Agency in Canada are focused solely on international investigative journalism in the economic, political, military, medical, and verifiable fields. Their leaders cannot be contacted at the moment for reasons that everyone can guess. Hence the decision to broadcast what you will know. Even the information that will be brought to your attention was obtained with great difficulty by certain journalists [nevertheless the consistency of this information makes it very likely, not to say certain, given what has already happened]. Many risked their jobs, their safety and, for some, their lives.


3- The Biological Microchip for International Identification


Since the appearance of the Barcodes in 1977 - approved by the UN as early as 1972 - there has been a dramatic acceleration of the "Synagogue of satan" Plan [Revelation 2: 9] prophesied by Revelation chapter 13: 8 and 15 to 18: "… He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666." [www = 666].


These Barcodes of type "Ean" integrated the number "666" by means of three groups of two bars longer than the others (at the beginning, in the middle and at the end). Each group is read with a laser as a "6". This gives the number "666" which is superimposed on each barcode. These three identical numbers are added to the thirteen functional numbers (the choice of this number was deliberate in order to reveal the realisation of the Apocalypse, precisely its chapter 13!)


The thirteen-digit code is explained as follows: 3 for the country and region of origin, 5 for the producers (factory, workshop, etc.), and 5 for the product (price, date, etc.). Each number is itself made up of 7 white or black modules. As the number of arrangements of 7 modules is much higher than 10, this process allows for the simultaneous use of 3 codes known as A, B and C.


B is identical to A, but upside down. C is obtained by reversing the colours of A. The A code is only used for the first 6 digits of each label, which allows the code to be deciphered regardless of the direction in which the supermarket cashiers hold the packages in front of the scanning device. In order to avoid duplication, all these codes are assigned in each country by a single distributor who has made secrecy its golden rule: "Gen Code", a subsidiary of the American distributor.


In 1988, the city of Singapore - in Malaysia - tested this marking system on a population of ten thousand people. For three months the replacement of payment cards with an individual laser-readable barcode was tested in this megalopolis. Half of the code was engraved on the wrist and half on the forehead! Ron Steele will demonstrate that the technology to tag, record and monitor people exists for example in the US with prisoners and even some HIV positive prostitutes.


The subject I am developing today is based on information provided mainly by the said Agency; it is very important. Not even insider journalists could think that the information that is the subject of this article could exist. It is about something extremely serious, which overnight would not only allow the establishment of a World Government, a World Order, but makes possible the individual, direct control of every person on the planet.


This information concerns the international identification microchip. In the new advanced technology that is to be used and is being used to achieve absolute control of all the populations of the planet, the architects of the New World Order have admitted in private meetings that without the advent of computers and high technology, the achievement of a World Government could never have been so close. Among the most frightening of these new technologies is the international biological identification microchip.


What is it? American [not French] colleagues have managed to obtain verifiable information from audio documents, photographs, and a complete press file from publications produced by official and religious newspapers since 1990. This information demonstrates the existence of direct electronic control of all individuals on the entire planet.


One might think that we are dealing with science fiction, but the presence of written documents, references to these documents and video documents from the companies that have been commissioned to produce this product, leave no alternative as to the conclusions. According to Terry L. Cook - an investigative Christian journalist on the American West Coast - referring to Tem Wellord, the technology behind the new Micro Chip is not very complicated. With a little refinement it could be the subject of a wide variety of human applications.


More than conceivably, a number could be assigned to each person from birth and be an integral part of their life until death. Presumably, this electronic chip could be implanted on the back of the hand, and it could serve as a universal identification card, replacing credit cards, passports, driving licences, etc.


At the end of 1993, an American company: Destron Idi Colorado, manufactures and advertises these electronic identification chips, IDI CHIP, globally via "Infopet" and other American and international distributors. For the moment, these chips are used to track, control and identify farm animals, pets, birds, fish and all manufactured products. Currently, this new system is spreading at lightning speed all over the world. One example is the implementation of Micro Chip on large racing birds in Australia.


Ostriches, emus, and rheas are commercially farmed in the United States. Zoan Parker, a ratist or running birds' specialist at Penn State Cooperative Extension in Lancaster, says that the breeding of these birds today reflects the same trends as cattle breeding in the 1800s, which also began as a market limited to a few breeders. These early farmers knew that cattle rustlers were a real problem. Rather than hot-ironing the cattle, this live bird stock is fitted with an individual Micro Chip ID that emits a signal. Zoan Parker says "it's like a social security number".


This Micro Chip is so small that it can easily be inserted into a hypodermic needle! It is a tiny glass tube, passive microprocessor, 2 mm in diameter, and measures between 10 and 12 mm in size. Shortly after the bird is born, the Micro Chip is injected into the animal's fat or muscle tissue, "causing no harm or inconvenience to the animal", according to Parker. The bird can then be identified by a portable Micro Chip reader.


Parker added: "Every bird must have a Micro Chip to be transported across state borders, or be insured. You would literally have to tear the bird to pieces to be able to remove the Micro Chip".


In 1995, as most people know, the social insurance number consists of a series of nine digits. According to other information recently received at the Agency, this system will soon be replaced, with the help of new computers, by an international series of eighteen digital, liquid crystal digits known as MESH-BLOCK. An international configuration that will make it possible to identify anyone on the planet. This new series of eighteen digits will be divided into three parts, i.e. three series of six digits each.


At the beginning of 1994, these microchip implants, also called Transponder, were widely used throughout the world to control the animal industry. In order to identify the animal (precise number assigned to each one, including the name and address of the owners) a hand reader sends a radio pulse of 125 Khz (signal). The implanted transponder sends the assigned number back (echo response) to the reader (scanner). The scanner immediately displays the digital number on its liquid crystal screen.


A Transponder is a radio or radar receiver-transmitter, activated for transmission by the reception of a predetermined signal which can come from a laser scanner or from sophisticated equipment: computer transmitter or even by satellite. According to the journalist L. Cook ("Implantable Biochip Technology 666") the full name of this "grain of rice" is: Destron Idi Transponder TX 1400 LX. In his book he tells us that the cost of one of these "grains of rice" is about $4.5 (US). He cites in his book an article in the San Diego Union of November 9, 1991, in which a reporter revealed that the city of Los Angeles had voted an appropriation of $123,000 per year to produce "implants" in pets and to encourage pet owners to do the same. The aim is to reduce the number of lost pets, which are costly to cities...


In another article, taken from the "Arizona Republic" of July 20, 1989, we learn that a certain Jack Dunlap would propose to implant electronic chips in... young children so that their parents could find them at any time, via police computers! ... [And the step is taken, because the escalation was logically and inevitably obvious].


This American journalist states: "The technology behind this new 'microchip' is not very complicated and, with a little refinement, could be used in a wide variety of applications for humans" [of course, this was a no-brainer]. To this end, in 1995, a new version was being tested on humans. Presumably, this identification chip has a great chance of becoming the expected electronic tag, since it could be implanted on the forehead or the back of the hand and become the "universal identity card". For example, in shops, it would be enough to pass the wrist over or through a "scanner" to make a direct debit to a bank account... [and it's done!]


According to Ouranos, "experiments have been carried out in the United States to engrave the barcode on the hand of certain people in the form of a tattoo that is invisible to the eye. A new forgery-proof identity card with a microchip will make it possible, once it has been passed through a reader, to find out all the information about the person. It will become a universal card by the year 2000. Already the new form of electronic tally replacing the metro and bus ticket in some cities foreshadows the new forgery-proof magnetic control system which will be used universally."


We know that such projects are being tested at this very moment in the "research offices" set up and financed by the "synagogue of satan" (International High Finance). It may seem implausible, but it is now "technically" possible to directly and individually control every individual on the planet. Each of us, with this system, would be registered. And from the documents received, it is obvious that those who intend to implement it in a compulsory way at the population level are structuring the new international parameters, the new economic telemetry, in such a way that any individual who does not have this electronic implant would not be able to buy or sell anything across the globe.


To better understand what the biological microchip of international identification can be, one can look for a definition according to the companies that have been commissioned to create it. After mentioning Destron Idi Colorado, we could also mention the multinational Texas Instrument, Tarovan, which is the electronic identification system company in the United States, but also the company Avid, which manufactures a "tag", that is, a kind of identity medal that is replaced by the electronic chip, and which is one of the companies manufacturing identification devices for the veterinary world in the United States.


The definition given by these companies is as follows: the microchip identification implant is an indiscreet, privacy-abusing device, inserted with a unit - a module - into a small area of the skin by means of compressed air. In other words, this microchip - no bigger than a grain of rice - must be injected with a compressed air syringe. The angle of this implant device is like a hypodermic needle, with only limited penetration, and it could not operate at all if the angle or amount of skin was not appropriate. This unit emits a signal which is digital and consists of 85 bit data bursts.


This chip therefore produces a digital signal at specific intervals. It is a location signal. The technology of this device is highly sophisticated, classified (so it is unpublished technological information), and is not subject to normal digital transmissions and the like. This device provides vital information, as well as serving as a means of location; that is, the device can be coded, programmed, to provide complete information with an identification number. In addition, it allows the individuals handling it to locate you wherever you are through a detection service. By implanting the MICRO CHIP under the skin, it is possible to locate any individual thanks to the signal emitted by the chip and picked up by satellites. The latter would retransmit the information to a computer screen at the headquarters of the police forces at the service of this World Government [can one imagine the power of such a Government?] (We shall see later that these police forces already exist).


A geographical map integrated into the computer program would then make it possible to immediately locate the individual sought and to program an operation to find him. This is the main reason for the large number of satellites being launched today.


Let us look specifically at the question of satellites in the light of other information received by the Ouranos Study Group. The objective is entitled: "A satellite data highway".


The UN globalists and the financiers of the World Order [for in this order nothing can be achieved without money] have a deliberate desire to make the planet into a large "village". It is imperative for them that the remotest places in the world be connected to a global infrastructure, thanks to a gigantic network of 840 satellites. This project is proposed by Bill Gates [Mr Gates, watch out for the boomerang!], the founder of Microsoft, and by Craig McCaw, the king of mobile phones (all these phones already have a built-in chip that allows their owners to be tracked, hence the frantic advertising for their distribution).


It is known that the American Loral Corp and nine foreign partners, including the powerful French group Alcatel Alstom, have just kicked off a global satellite telephone and radiolocation system Globalstar, which will be associated with Bill Gates. To reach 98% of the world's population, the "Globalstar constellation" will comprise 48 satellites on six orbital planes at an altitude of 2390 km. Bill Gates is planning a gigantic network of 840 satellites orbiting in 21 different orbits at an altitude of 700 km to cover 95% of the planet.


In addition to the 'Globalstar' project, there are several "contenders", including the "Irridium" project, based on 66 satellites, for 1988. This project has the particularity of being ahead of the others in technological achievement.


According to documents in the possession of some Canadian and American journalists [the French journalists having slipped away] and given to the International Free Press Agency, the MICRO CHIP has already been experimented with and implanted in baby bodies, military personnel, government messengers and personnel working in the White House in high security sections. It is also reported that it was authorised during the Gulf War and was publicly shown on the well known "Twani and Twani" programme in the United States in August 1991 [in France, we lie down, as the extraordinary Melanie de la Salette, Sister Marie de la Croix, the holy shepherdess, already said].


Among the diabolical projects is that of implanting in the body of newborn babies an "electronic chip" which will make the individual a robot subject to the power of the computer with which he will be connected. Father Mouraux's "Bonum Certanem" reveals that "the unfortunate person controlled day and night will become an electronic slave. Electronically controlled, this slave will be able to commit all the crimes imposed on him by his masters". It appears that at the present time, with technology of this kind, it is possible to have complete control over the people on the planet, allowing the establishment of a World Government under the aegis of the United Nations.


But it gets worse... We now know that people are working on replacing the Micro Chip with a Bio Chip in the next decade: a chip made from living proteins. At present, the project is already in the experimental stage. This chip will be infinitely smaller than the Micro Chip: it will have the capacity to contain a wealth of information. It would have the potential to act on an individual's memory or thoughts. Hence the spectre of mind control.


Is it possible today to act on human beings without their knowledge by manipulating their states of consciousness? This question can easily be answered by referring to the states of high suggestibility on the conscious mind which allows the action of hypnosis on the unconscious. For example, television is becoming an effective tool for this kind of manipulation by means of the subliminal. Moreover, the CIA, which is currently working on the installation of its own "TV channel", will have the capacity to transmit - from powerful aerial transmitters - to interrupt any programming in any country. This is the material realisation of the Bible verse that the Beast will have the power to "make images speak" (Revelation 13:15).


For the insiders who fund researchers on such macabre projects, such a chip has other advantages: everything could be included in it. This human electronic identification chip could make global centralisation by a central computer feasible. This would make it possible to never lose track of an individual and to replace the current monetary system. Money would then no longer be necessary: no need for cheques, credit cards, etc. Everything would work from this electronic implant on the individual. It would be a fantastic way to reduce the expenses of the state, the banks and to neutralise once and for all all the mafia, the black market, the drug market, and all forms of illegal money transfers.


Yet at the 1992 Bilderberg Group annual conference in Evian, France (shortly after the Los Angeles riots) Henry Kissinger said, "Today Americans would be outraged to see UN troops enter the streets of Los Angeles to restore order. Tomorrow, those same people will thank us on their knees for such an act. It is especially true that if we say to the people, "Look, there is a huge external danger that exists", and we pass laws based on that danger: whether that danger is real or not, we will be able to pass anything, and the people will accept it for the sake of their safety."


Similarly, other American politicians have imagined that if there were to be an unprecedented money scandal, or a terrible manufactured economic crisis that would throw all money values to the ground, the best replacement for the current system, and the best way to prevent further chaos, would be the use of an electronic identification chip. According to them, all forms of transactions, national and international exchanges, between individuals would pass through this chip.


Recent confidential information, verified by a former CIA officer, reveals various data that the Transponder could provide if this microchip were implanted in the skin: the person's name and photo, the international social insurance number consisting of three series of 6 digits - each for an international number of eighteen digits, - fingerprint data, the person's physical description, address, family history (family tree) [cf. Mormons], information about the person's work and income, tax information and a possible criminal record. This technology, already in use around the world, reveals a desire to exercise a dictatorship over all individuals. There is a prospect of totalitarianism, which the future World Government intends to demonstrate through the World Order currently underway.


There is more information in a special report on new technology for satellite surveillance. The sophistication of satellites is such that they can spot underground imperfections, even see glass under the grass. Using cell towers and satellites, a pet with a Micro Chip or an individual who has received one can be located by satellite at least ten feet away.


Using computers and a scanner system, the World Order police - which is already the current police force - will be able to trace an individual across the planet with such equipment. One can guess that a Christian, by his Faith in Christ alone, constitutes an obstacle to the antichristic ideas of the World Order: he will be "classified" as a dangerous terrorist by the UN. Such an individual will have no way of hiding anywhere on the planet. This is why the Holy Scriptures warn us to refuse the marking. From additional information, we know that men at the service of the World Order can track by satellite a billion pets that have been injected with the chip. Who do you think will be next if not us humans?


By the end of 1993, there were twenty-four "navstar" satellites that could spot anything in the order of a centimetre within a radius of one kilometre. You can find this information in the October 1991 issue of Forbes magazine. But the paper only elaborates on a fraction of what they are capable of doing to date with secret technology, funded by investments from multinationals or central banks. (Here you understand the purpose of Jean Conrad's "Conspiracy Against Man").


Among the records compiled from leaks or private revelations, it is known that increased control of humanity is being carried out through: laser surveillance, new driving licences, new health insurance card in the US and Quebec, new electronic spying by telephone, wireless telephone, telephone call records, surreptitious microphone, answering machines and voice mail, electronic garage door system, telephone survey polls, computer diskettes, postal services, video cameras, tax records, school records, medical and social service records.


Through an economic crisis, they are creating a social crisis that is already forcing people to go to social assistance against their will. It is a legal means that does not seem to be [a pretext] to get full information on all individuals. There is more. There is the technological control of the brain at a distance, electromagnetic fields, video terminals and video games, microwaves, military and civil disinformation, control by low-intensity microwaves and biological complication, new electromagnetic weapons.


Information was obtained on the World Bank of Energy Conservation. David Rockfeller and others established, in a meeting on September 13, 1987, the geographic division of Canada for the benefit of the New World Order with a map of the world plan. There is also the technological plan for the collapse of the world economy and the annihilation of individual fortunes; the new paper money with invisible magnetic bars, the disappearance of the middle classes and the new international telematics for the control of the world economy. In December 1993, agreements were finalised to achieve such control.


We could also talk about the new electronic car surveillance that is being installed on the motorways and which means that new cars contain electronic detection tracking systems, without the buyers being aware of it. So a military system is slowly being put in place that makes it possible to track vehicles and individuals by matching them with the central file held by the police at headquarters where the computer is located.


The detection systems are so precise that it is even possible to know who was driving a particular car at a particular time and place. At the end of 1993, there were practical implementations on certain highways in California. We are therefore currently setting up one of the most sophisticated detection networks on the entire planet, which will allow an unprecedented surveillance system of all those who have received this new technological implant, but also to distinguish among the populations those who have refused it.


With this new biological microchip of international identification it will be possible to impose a New World Order in which all those who have not received, or have refused this mark of identity, will have no right to buy or sell (Revelation 13:16-17), i.e. no possibility of working, receiving a salary, buying a flat or living as a tenant, selling goods, etc.


Who will agree to trade goods in a regime of fear where all means of exchange will be banned? That is why it was decided to make this kind of information public. Because the plan is so advanced that to remain silent is to be guilty as the politicians who themselves know. Do not forget that these politicians are dependent on the prebends of the multinationals, which are funding the research investment programmes that have led to the creation of this technology of death! Why don't they say anything? Because they no longer have a Christian education and "believe" (I'm being kind!) that this system is for the good of the people.


A translation Micro Chip has been developed. This is an electronic chip that will allow instantaneous and simultaneous translation from one language into any other language. That is, at least sixty-one other languages and dialects which, via satellite, can be broadcast all over the world at the same time. Thus, a world dictator will be able to address all of humanity at the same time through this new product of technology in the service of the New World Order.


For those who remember some texts from long ago, you will find correspondences with the anti-Babel! The antichristic Babel of the New World Order intends to make up for the consequences of the first Babel [and to parody Pentecost or the Holy Spirit (Genesis 11:1-9; Acts 2:1-12)].


There is also another system of population control: laser surveillance. A new laser eavesdropper has been tested and developed as a very special tool by the surveillance-prone departments: the CIA, the FBI, and the US Internal Revenue Service. These new devices can, using a window as a diaphragm (like a TV screen), track and record any conversation from over twenty miles away.


At the biological level, DNA is used as memory for computers and memory implants. This becomes bio-technology. Now the source of this new bio-technology - we are at the point of current developments - comes from the tissue of aborted babies. These tissues and memory proteins are major systems for artificial intelligence in the current computer market.


The Winache World of 26 July 1991 reported the following:


"The government is currently funding experiments on both dead and live babies. Babies aborted in the third trimester, aged between six and nine months, usually survive the abortion process. This is especially important because the tissue used for experiments must come from living babies." Here are some of the means used in these experiments. This can be found in an article by Dr. Bernard Nathasen, published in the November 1991 edition of the New York Garden: "In Sweden, a procedure has been followed whereby a pregnant woman is placed in a sleep state. The located baby is brought to the womb to allow the doctor to drill into the baby's skull alive [this is excruciating!] and suck out brain tissue to be used in the Parkinson's disease system. This same procedure is performed on live babies for their pancreas, their skin to be used for the so-called burn victims. These babies are skinned alive. The baby tissue research industry is a global industry generating revenues of around eight billion dollars." [And our politicians dare to talk about humanism!]


It is also known that since mid-1993, the Sansun Clinic in Santa Barbara, California, has been in the process of importing large quantities of fetal tissue. The skin of aborted [murdered] babies from Russia, where women abort in large numbers when the fetus is seven to nine months old! These foetuses are the ones that today provide the most human tissue... Experts assure us that these tissues are used to treat diabetics.


How do the architects of the World Order intend to establish World Government and ensure the direct control and surveillance of all populations through the implementation of the international biological identification microchip? These architects are the people at the head of International Finance. So they will use the economy to bring about the chaos necessary to recreate another, humanistic, order, bringing nations to accept willingly or by force a World Government by the United Nations.


American journalists in the March 1993 issue of Monetary and Economic magazine revealed a document entitled: "World Government by Assent or Subjugation". The author is a man named Norman and Frence, a former business specialist at the Colorado Office of Economic Development and author of a financial planning manual. He is also a former loan officer, chief operating officer of an investment company, and a notable expert in the field of finance and investment.


Mr. Frence reports that, "The push for World Government has been going on for centuries, but never before have we reached the degree we are in today. UN terms such as rule of law, global laws, collective security, world order and new world order are code names used by the International Establishment in reference to their plan for a one world government." As early as 1945, before the Foreign Relations Subcommittee of the U.S. Senate, the proponent of an initiated world government, J. P. Warburg, stated: "We will have a World Government whether you like it or not. The question is whether the World Government will be achieved by reason or by force. There were those who proposed a step-by-step approach. Henry Morgan, former Secretary Treasurer of the CFR spoke for most insiders when he said: 'We can hardly expect the nation-state to become superfluous of itself. The goal we must rather aim at is the acceptance in the minds of all responsible elected officials, that they are merely the caretakers of a bankrupt international machine which should slowly be transformed into a new one."


This was reported in March 1993. In March 1994, these people of the International High Finance have just finished setting in motion the economic machine that will allow the establishment of a new economic order at the level of all countries. They gave a warning one year apart, day for day, hour for hour, to the two financial powers that could hinder them: the United States and Japan. By what means? By an earthquake.


Mr Frence continues: "The ingredient in this formula is to put the international machine into financial bankruptcy." In other words, after having indebted the United States beyond reason, they want to create an extraordinary economic crisis out of thin air that will force the States, in order to get out of paying the interest on their domestic debts to the bankers who run international finance, to make deep cuts in their social programmes in order to hit the people directly. This will force (it is done in 1994) the United States to turn to the International Monetary Fund of the UN and the World Bank, which will impose THIS condition: that the borrowing countries give up their sovereignty step by step in order to hide this scenario from the people and voters! (These are the only reasons for Masstricht, Gatt, free trade, Schengen agreements...). These countries will then be forced to depend on the UN for their survival and thus on the directives that the UN will dictate to them.


What is surprising is that this strategy was put forward by the first secret society bent on world conquest: the Illuminati. Indeed, this programme, taken from a financial magazine, is in line with Article 4 of the Illuminati code: "... so that the masses have no time to think and realise, their minds must be directed to industry and commerce. Thus, all nations will be swallowed up by the lure of gain, and in this race, they will not see their common enemy." Here we have an explanation for the stock market boom of the 1980s to February 1994.


It is a well-known political strategy: to absorb one's attention on one point while preparing something else. As we witness this frantic pursuit of profit in industry and commerce, we do not realise that the states are in a bankrupt financial system that is about to collapse. The common enemy is the central global banking system, i.e. the IMF, which holds all the loans, thus fulfilling what was foreseen by the Illuminati a few hundred years ago. Article 6 of the Illuminati code said: "We, the financial elite, will soon undertake huge monopolies, reservoirs of colossal wealth - stocks, securities, mutual funds, annuities - on which even greater fortunes - those of the masses - will depend, to such an extent that they will fall to the bottom with the credits of the states the day after the political collapse."


So, when a major economic crisis occurs, which will not affect the institutions as it did in the thirties, all the fortunes made by the masses in speculation will evaporate overnight. In this mechanism sought by the architects of the UN - the world's biggest bankers - the objective is that nations and the people within those nations will be ruined overnight, having no financial value. This is the way to impose a new system. To access this new international system, people will have to accept the implementation of a biological microchip of international identification, otherwise they will not be able to buy or sell at the national or international level [it's as simple as that!]


It is important to understand that the objective is not to ruin companies, but to ruin states and people! Planned economic collapse has been used many times on a small scale to take over a country. But now the grand finale [this is the final struggle of the international! ...] is underway. They know from some of the countries that have undergone this chaos therapy what the future reactions of the Western and American populations will be. Today, aided by current technology and computers, they are able to fabricate the plot of a great economic crisis, without the financial institutions, the big corporations as well as the multinationals, collapsing. They will try to make it look like they are collapsing in order to precipitate the stock market crash, but this will not be true.


As the economies of the countries are slowly collapsing because of the debts manufactured and the interests paid back [cf. Charles Gave, "Des lions menés par des ânes", published by Robert Laffont], the elected representatives of these countries will find themselves unable to solve the problem. The conspiracy is conducted in such a way that elected politicians will deduce - before the implosion - that they themselves will be perceived as being responsible for the bankruptcy of the states. Elected officials, losing their power because of the human inability to solve this insoluble problem without rejecting the whole system, will be condemned to turn to the UN [and that's it!], failing to be deposed by the people. The UN will demand their assimilation to the directives drawn up by the World Government Initiates. All this will be OVER in March 1995... These elected officials will multiply and increase the frequency of the crisis by increasing the social cuts. World crises will follow, violence on an international scale.


National elected representatives will have to accept the opening of their borders to immigration, the mobility of the workforce. This will be the outcome of the consequences of free trade at all levels: the disappearance of national borders! The aim is, of course! To increase internal tensions between different ethnicities and religions, so that countries come to lose control of their internal security. The surgical example recently unveiled by the UN in Yugoslavia lends credence to this scenario in any country.


Eventually the people will turn to the UN. They will beg to do something at the international level. In fact, everything has been done in recent years to make people recognise that UN intervention prevents nations from entering into terrible wars themselves. The fabrication of conflicts by increasing social tensions has made people subservient to this kind of approach and blindness to the real intentions of the UN cult's string-pullers. This is part of a dialectical strategy developed by philosophers in the 18th century. This is another step towards freeing the still Christianised states in terms of their internal security.


Indeed, while states are weakened economically, socially and ethnically, geostrategically created conflicts in different parts of the world - but always far from Western countries - have allowed the UN to send multinational forces composed of soldiers from the targeted countries according to the plan outlined above.


The progress of the plan is made in parallel with the multiplication of conflicts requiring the sending of multinational troops. You will notice that the social situation is disintegrating in France while our elite troops are sent to Somalia, Rwanda, Yugoslavia... Referring to Somalia, it should be noted that the situation has been made explosive now thanks to the complicity of supranational organisations, such as the WHO. Since the Gulf War, one conflict after another has broken out, requiring the presence of ever more troops, while the plan is being implemented and the Western countries are being drained of their military forces... This is why I used the expression "Spark" in my first book.


It is also worth noting that US forces are scattered all over the world, as part of the new global police force under the control of the UN. The outline of this transfer of US and European military forces can be found in the "Freedom from War" programme, which demonstrates what is happening.


The US programme for complete and general disarmament in a peaceful world established by President Kennedy - State Department publication 72/77, which was to be carried out in three phases - proposes in phase two: "The UN peace force shall be established and progressively strengthened from US military equipment".


This phase two is precisely where we were in 1994. That is, without anyone noticing, most of the US military forces and military installations are slowly coming under the control of the United Nations at the international level - as military bases - and not as before to the benefit of a single nation, which was the United States. Rest assured that the controlled progressive military disarmament will continue to the point where no state - including the United States - will possess the military strength to oppose and challenge the progressively strengthened authority of the UN. At the present rate, it is a fact that the military forces under the control of the UN - even the United States as a nation - will have no military strength of their own to oppose the UN. The result is that every country will suffer and carry out UN ukases for fear of multinational forces. The planned dispersal of US forces around the world and cuts in the defence budget make this plan almost complete.


At the same time as the economic collapse is being organised internationally, a new national police force is being formed across America and a new international military police force.


4- The Microchip and the "Mark of the Beast"

By Dr. Carl W. Sanders


The following are excerpts from an article published in the June-July 1994 issue of NEXUS magazine (P.O. Box, Mapleton, Queensland, 4560, Australia). This is the testimony of Dr. Carl W. Sanders, who was responsible for designing the microchip. Dr. Sanders is an electronic engineer, inventor and expert advisor to many government organisations and companies such as IBM, General Electric, Honeywell and Teledyn.


I spent thirty-two years of my life in electronic design, designing microchips in the bio-medical field. In 1968 I became involved, almost by accident, in a research and development project concerning a spinal bypass for a lady with a broken spine. We were looking at how we could connect the motor nerves, etc. It was a project we were all excited about. There were a hundred people involved, and I was the lead engineer on the project. The project resulted in the microchip we are talking about now - a microchip that I believe is the "Mark of the Beast".


This microchip is recharged by changes in body temperature. Obviously, you cannot go inside your body and change your batteries every now and then, so the microchip has a recharging circuit that works according to changes in body temperature. More than a million and a half dollars were spent to find the two places on the human body where the temperature changes most rapidly: the forehead (first choice), just below the hairline, and the back of the hand (alternative position).


Working on this microchip, we had no idea that it would become a way of identifying people. We saw this project as a very humanitarian thing. Our team was made up of people from the University of San Jose, Motorola, General Electric, Boston Medical Center; in fact, it was a whole group of expertise...


As the microchip project began to evolve, there came a time when we were told that spinal bypass surgery was not financially worthwhile and that we should consider other uses for the chip. We noticed that the frequency of the microchip had a big effect on human behaviour, so we focused our research on the possibility of modifying human behaviour with the microchip. The project almost turned into electronic acupuncture, because it resulted in installing a microchip that emitted a signal that affected certain parts of the brain. It was demonstrated that behavioural changes could be brought about with this microchip.


One of these behavioural projects was called the "Phoenix Project", involving Vietnam War veterans. We had a microchip that we called the "Rambo microchip". This microchip could cause an extra flow of adrenaline...


There are 250,000 parts in the microchip, including a small lithium battery. I fought against the use of lithium as a power source for these batteries in the human body, but NASA was using lithium a lot at that time; it was the hot thing. I asked a doctor at the Medical Centre what effect this concentration of lithium in the human body might have if the microchip broke. He told me that it would produce a serious, painful, pus-filled wound. I was at a meeting where the question was asked, "How can you control a people if you can't identify them?" People like Henry Kissinger and people from the CIA were at these meetings.


As we were developing the microchip, and the main issue was to use the microchip as an "identity card", or means of establishing people's identities, we were asked to do several things. We wanted the microchip to include the person's name and face, social security number (including international codes), fingerprints, physical description, family genealogy, address, occupation, tax information, and criminal record.


I have attended seventeen meetings around the world, in Brussels, Luxembourg, etc., where these issues were discussed, in the spirit of a world government, and a world currency. There are currently bills before the US Congress that will allow the microchip to be injected into your child at birth for identification purposes.


The President of the United States, according to Section 100 of the Emigration Control Act of 1986, has the power to decide on any form of identification he deems necessary - whether it's an invisible tattoo mark, or a microchip inserted under the skin. So I think you need to face the facts, folks: this microchip or "Mark of the Beast" is not something that just appeared all of a sudden. It's been in the works for years! So we are not far from the smart health card.


Grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love!




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