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(Updated on 01 01 2024)




Beloved in the Lord, I thank Christ Jesus our Lord and Master, who has chosen me, because He counted me faithful, appointing me apostle in these end times, entrusting to me the task to revive His people, and to turn the hearts of the true Children of God who were scattered abroad to the heavenly Father, before the sound of the trumpet.


It pleased God, the Father, through His Son Jesus Christ, to reveal to me His word, so that you and I should return to the truth, to the undiluted Gospel, just as our first brethren lived it. I therefore bless the Lord who allowed me not only to bring His people back to the truth, but also to condemn those who felt at ease in the false gospel and pretended to be ignorant; in order to fulfil the prophecy of the Lord in Malachi 3:18 "And then shall you return and discern between the righteous and the wicked, between those who serve God and those who do not serve Him."


Now that you have had sufficient teachings so as to become Children of God grounded in the sound doctrine of our Lord Jesus Christ, I can now without much reserve enlighten your mind about Spiritual Warfare, in which we are all committed.


What is Spiritual Warfare? Spiritual Warfare, is the life that we, Children of God, saved by grace, and covered by the wonderful blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, the only true Lord, are called to live in this foreign world, in the midst of wolves, serpents and scorpions that satan and all his agents represent. Therefore, Spiritual Warfare is not something that a child of God can escape, nor is it a war that we can avoid, by seeking peace with satan for instance. We can never make peace with satan.


Satan is not the God of peace, instead he is the god of war. Satan has missed Heaven, Hell is reserved for him. His unique mission now is to bring everybody or at least a greater number to perish with him in Hell. He has nothing to lose in this warfare, but everything to gain, and that is his only preoccupation, while waiting for the day the Lord will throw him into the lake of fire, which burns forever. Therefore, know that every child of God, whether he likes it or not, is involved in this warfare. This implies that if you fight against satan, he will fight against you. If you do not fight against him, he will still fight against you. Hence, whether or not you fight, you will be fought.


What to do then? Be equipped for warfare and get ready to fight. And I believe that all the previous teachings I gave you, are sufficient enough to equip you for a victorious warfare against satan; because these teachings have awakened your spirit in regard to the apostasy and the seduction of the end times, and brought you back to the doctrine of Christ which is the Truth, that is, the Bible just as it was written and sealed by the Holy-Spirit. For the only safe ground to stand on and successfully wrestle against satan, is the Truth.


In this teaching, I will study with you how to keep yourselves from the attacks of satan and his agents, and how to avoid being victims of their arrows every time; and this level of warfare involves everybody. We shall equally see how to victoriously fight in the camp of the enemy, and that is what I have chosen to call real Spiritual Warfare.


Understand beloved brethren that it is not by chance that this teaching on Spiritual Warfare comes at the end. The reason for which this teaching comes after the others, is that real Spiritual Warfare is neither reserved for pagans, nor for ignorant Christians, nor for those who are at ease in false doctrine, for satan is a more serious opponent than we think.


Satan is a terrible enemy, a sufficiently strong opponent. Before him, our strength is the Truth. Therefore, true Spiritual Warfare must never be taken lightly, and in no case should it be the playground of young converts. True Spiritual Warfare is for those rooted in the Rock, for those who have Jesus Christ, and who really have Him. True Spiritual Warfare is for those who live in the Truth. This explains why the Lord has chosen to begin with all the teachings that would get us out of religion and false doctrine.


For satan to successfully attack us, he often needs to find some weaknesses in our spiritual lives, that is, in our walk with God. He is therefore steadfastly looking for those weaknesses. And when he doesn't find any, he does all he can to create one, by trapping us in all possible ways.


Satan who knows God's word, knows that as long as we do not violate God's law, it will be very difficult for him to get us. For that reason, he assembles all his army to project hundreds of thousand of incantations against us each day, with the aim of causing us to sin, or inducing us into some errors, so that some doors might be opened for them in our lives. These openings that give them access into our lives, are those we generally call open doors.




The elements that can serve as open doors to satan are numerous, and go from sin to persons, including animals, professions, and objects. The list of these elements is long, but I will attempt to enumerate a greater part of them.


I will regroup the open doors into two categories: Doors opened by us, that is, those that depend on us and that we are entirely responsible for, and the other open doors, those over which we hardly have control.


2.1- Doors opened by us


Doors opened by us, are those that are dependent on us and for which we are fully responsible; they are those that we can avoid, they are things over which we have control.


2.1.1- Sin


I prefer not to talk of sins, but of sin, because whatever name sin might take, it gives access to satan over our lives. Even as it is true that the wideness of the door opened depend on the sin committed, we need to understand that even the sins that only give little access to satan must be avoided. For sins that give greater access to satan, we can name the following:


- Witchcraft in all its forms (magic, occultism, sects, homosexuality);

- Murders (including voluntary abortions), suicide attempts, attempted murders (including attempted abortions);

- Sexual sins (adultery, fornication, masturbation, all other forms of impurity and immorality);

- Rape, theft, hatred, grudge, refusal of forgiveness, refusal of restitution, and wickedness.


All these sins open wide doors to demons, and give a very large access to satan over our lives. While some of these sins need only confession, others, in addition to confession, require reparation. This brings us back to the notion of restitution.


Sorcery in all its forms includes active sorcery, passive sorcery, and everything that is related to sorcery. By active sorcery, I mean the practice of witchcraft itself, and all the forms of initiation into sorcery, consultation of the dead, yoga, and all other forms of satanic meditations and relaxations. Passive sorcery itself entails all indirect forms of witchcraft practices such as visitation made to witch doctors, consultation of diviners and other soothsayers, consultation of spiritists to cause the dead to speak, reading of horoscopes, numerology, drawing of cards, martial arts practice, etc. All forms of sorcery, of magic and of occultism, put those who practice them in direct contact with the occult world, and so establish pacts with the world of darkness whether you like it or not.


Immorality and all forms of debauchery embody all other sins and sexual filths not mentioned above. Note that the only sexual intercourse approved by God, that is, which can on no account serve as open doors, is the one practiced within the legal scope of marriage. But do not forget that even in a legalized marriage, sexual intercourse wrongly practiced can constitute open doors, especially when it becomes purely animal practices.


It must be noted that a normal sexual intercourse in the sight of God is a sexual intercourse between two persons of opposite sex. Also, understand that for sexual intercourse between two persons of opposite sex to be called normal, the intercourse must actually be sexual as its name indicates, that is, a contact between two sexes, or more clearly, a contact between two genital organs. Therefore, a contact between a sex and another thing, or between a sex and another part of the body, is not acceptable in the sight of God as sexual intercourse. All these forms of intercourses are abnormal, that is, they are sinful, even when practiced in marriage.


Henceforth, married persons can escape open doors due to sexual sins only if they honour God each time in their sexual relationship, by avoiding all the dishonourable practices, abominable and purely animal practices into which many plunge themselves at times. Marriage is not a green light to madness. Every deviation is a sin before God and constitutes open doors to satan. It was not a mistake on the part of God to make a man and a woman with two different sexes. He did not also make a mistake by choosing to give different names to different parts of the body. The sex would therefore not take the name of another part of the body, and no part of the body would take the name of sex, and should not be mistaken for sex.


2.1.2- Persons


The concept of "persons" as open doors brings us back to the teaching on separation, which we have studied several times in the past. In this teaching, we shall come back again to this subject, for the sake of those who did not follow this teaching in the past, and even for those who had already followed it, so that those who want to obey Christ for their own development understand what the Lord expects from them. Know that all those who are not in the camp of Jesus Christ, are still in the camp of satan, and by so doing, constitute open doors for us. Satan can use them at will to reach us, since they are under his control, and he can easily manipulate them.


2.1.3- Animals


So often, satan and his agents use pets, such as dogs, cats, etc. to reach us. Do not be surprised, therefore, that illnesses such as asthma and other animal transmitted diseases are quite common in the western world, where these animals are worshipped. We need to get rid of such animals.


Even animals that we rear for consumption such as fowls, goats, and other animals kept to be eaten could be exploited by agents of satan to harm us. But since the usefulness of these animals is well established, we should keep them. We just have to make sure that we cover these animals by the blood of Jesus.


2.1.4- Professions


There are professions that constitute large open doors to satan, and all those who exercise them are very much exposed to satanic spirits. Children of God must avoid such professions. Amongst them, we can cite the following: Mortuary keepers, those who wash the dead, those who work on corpses, those practicing psychology, psychiatry, those who take care of handicaps and mentally ill patients, artistic professions, and all those who work in places with heavy satanic concentration such as cemeteries, night clubs, casinos, bars, cinemas, operas, theatres, dancing clubs, beauty salons (hairdressing salons, manicure, chiropodist, physiotherapy, acupuncture, plastic surgery, hair removal, make-ups, tanning, tattooing, piercing, etc.).


Children of God must avoid all jobs, which emanate from wickedness, which involve wickedness, or which lead to wickedness. It is case for instance of those who tow people's cars away, who put parking tickets on cars, etc. You must avoid all the jobs, which cause you to be wicked.


There are also professions which constitute open doors to satan, but which Children of God can exercise, while being careful and conscious of the warfare around them. We can enumerate amongst others: People who work in nursing homes, hospitals, carpenters who fabricate coffins and any profession connected to the dead. Children of God who exercise these professions must pray every time to cancel the incantations they receive.


Let me make some precisions about the fact that working for handicapped and mentally ill patients constitute an open door. Many of the so-called handicapped and mentally ill patients are simply demon sorcerers, who wilfully come in that state, so as to trap those who by lack of discernment take care of them. And this has become one of the biggest tricks of satan nowadays. Satan has sent into the world many of his agents, who are born handicaps, and totally dependent, to distract the world and possess all the ignorant persons who do not have God and are without Divine protection, and who in their naivety believe that these demons are normal human beings who simply need help. Do not therefore fall into the trap of sentiments.


Today there are big hospitals reserved for them, and thousands of doctors, nurses and other health care assistants look after them, with huge budgets at their disposal. With this, satan laughs at the world. It is the same thing for nursing homes. Amongst these old persons that are found in nursing homes, there are many sorcerers, who by their tricks use their state as a trap to harm those who take care of them. It is the same thing for hospitals, which are full of sorcerers. Children of God working in these places, must be very careful, and constantly cover themselves with the blood of Jesus.


2.1.5- Objects


Many objects that we cling on to, which are either gifts or bought by us, constitute large open doors to satan in our lives and our houses. Amongst them we can cite the following: Witchcraft objects


Sects books; books teaching practices of "self-control" or "development of an inner power"; books teaching various forms of meditation; yoga books; sects objects; objects received from sorcerers, from witch doctors; and traditional healers (powders, liquids, gris-gris, calabashes, mirrors, pieces of cloth, tree barks, rings and other jewels of incantations, talismans, cowries, ribbons to wear and all other objects to place in specific places, rosaries, holy water, crosses and other esoteric objects, objects of charms and bewitchment, all the objects that false churches give to their members to keep in their houses for protection purposes, etc.) All these things that pastors and priest give you such as the so-called holy water, anointing oil, pieces of clothes and others, are in fact satanic objects that act as open doors to satan in your houses. Know very well that true protection comes only from Jesus Christ, and from Jesus Christ alone. And the Lord does not need to pass through such objects to protect or defend you.


Mirrors also constitute some of the objects that satanists often use. So do not get into the habit of mirroring yourself just anywhere. And when you happen to mirror yourself in the workshop of a tailor or a seamstress for example, make sure you cover yourself with the blood of Jesus. Also cover every mirror that you buy in the market with the blood of Jesus. Objects of idolatry


Ashes of a dead person, photos or videos of corpses, objects of worship to the dead and ancestors; some objects that belonged to the dead and need to be passed on from one generation to another, candles, incense and other fetishes objects which people become attached to without any tangible reason, constitute great open doors to satan. On the other hand, candles used for lighting when there is no electricity do not constitute open doors. You just have to cover them with the blood of Jesus. There are some satanic sects in which members always eat with lit candles. The use of candles in such cases is purely satanic. Objects of entertainment


Television, Internet (for those who use them to contemplate abominations), worldly films, unhealthy films, unhealthy books, worldly music, Techno, Rock, and Rap even when called Christian's, pornographic magazines and other magazines containing bizarre images, all these weird infant games, dolls, video games, cartoons, and other entertainments for children with human or animal figurines, shows, etc. constitute terrible open doors to satan. The children of God should use the time of distraction to read their Bibles, to intercede, and to sing hymns unto the Lord. Stolen objects


Flee from theft! Even if we can say that it is a sin as the others, the fact remains that it is among the sins, which cause more problems. Know that theft is a double sin: Theft itself, and wickedness. When you steal something from somebody, you deprive this person of his thing; you leave the person in distress, in suffering, and in big problems. And you cause this person to curse you, and since she curses you with a good reason, you do not escape from these curses. In this, theft constitutes a great open door to satan, so are the stolen objects.


There is a serious problem to be resolved with regard to stolen objects. It is about knowing what to do with them. Hence the confusion around the notion of restitution which, when it is wrongly interpreted, creates more problems than it resolves. It is therefore important for us to understand very well what the Bible says about restitution. Given the importance of this topic, I thought it best to treat it completely in a separate teaching, entitled "Restitution", which you will find on the website www.mcreveil.org. I recommend it to you. Items picked up


Beloved; you must understand the management of picked up items, so that you do not get trapped. There are two categories of picked up items; and in order to do a real work of purging, you must be familiar with the difference between these two categories: On the one hand, there are objects that people have lost, and on the other hand, objects that people have thrown away. The management of these two categories is totally different. While the first is a real open door, the second is rather a point of contact, that is to say, a potential open door. I will discuss the first category here, that is, items that people have lost, and the second will be treated under the heading "Points of contact". Items that people have lost


You must be very careful with lost items that you pick up along the road. You are not supposed to appropriate the things that people have lost. Whether money or any other thing. To appropriate something that was picked up on the road is akin to theft. And as you have read above, stolen properties are an open door.


Know that no one is happy to lose something. And when you lose something, your wish is to find it. And very often you start looking for that object. Sometimes you retrace your steps to see if you can still find it. Usually you think of all the places where you might have lost it. Sometimes you go to the police to report the loss of that object, hoping that someone nice and honest has found it, and brought it to the police. And very often you Christians pray that God helps you find your lost item.


If you return to your steps, and find what you have lost, you will naturally be very happy. And if at the police, they tell you that a benefactor has found and deposited your item there, you will be very happy. Yet when all your searches are unsuccessful, you are disappointed, and very often you find yourself cursing the one who picked up the object. You easily understand that to appropriating an object that someone has lost is an act of wickedness. And every act of wickedness is an open door to satan.


The principle of Matthew 7:12 helps you to better understand the seriousness of this act that you believe is safe. "So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the law and the prophets."


Therefore, any lost object you pick up must be dropped at the police. And if you are not ready to go to the police to drop the lost items, do not pick them up. You are not obliged to pick them up. But if you choose to pick them up, you must take them to the police.


Now, what should be done with the items you have in your home or in your possession, and which are lost objects that you had picked up? You must treat them as stolen items, the only difference being that you do not know to whom they belong. Decoration objects


Photos, statutes and statuettes, masks, artificial flowers, pictures and paintings, recollections and knick-knacks, cuddly toys (teddy bear) with which we "decorate" the house; medals, effigies, trophies. Aquariums also constitute open doors. Dresses


Extravagant clothes and all these so-called fashion clothes, clothes in Jeans, leathers wear with satanic insignia, clothes with satanic images and weird images, dresses with people's pictures (the so-called christians who are active in political parties and who wear dresses with large pictures of their favourite candidate, must understand that they are practicing idolatry, which is a terrible sin before God), trousers for women (women can use joggings as sportswear), skirts for men, all dresses that are extroverted, all so-called "sexy" dresses, and all indecent wear like short skirts, tight fits exposing the body's shape, constitute open doors.


Permit me to linger over clothes in Jeans as open door. Jeans is not a normal dress like the others. It is a symbol of rebellion, revolt, and delinquency. Several persons wear it because they consider it to be solid and durable, but satan who has taken hold of jeans, associated it with his evil spirits which follow those who wear it. It is the dress of all gangsters, all rock singers, and hooligans, etc. They often wear it either cut, or mended, or at times mixed with other patches of clothes, and even torn, giving an impression of vandalism about its wearer. Even for unbelievers, jeans are synonymous with irresponsibility.


As for leathers' wear as open door, it should be noted that leather itself is not a problem, but rather its use by satanists. Satanists have turned it into another hooligans' attire, as you see with those leather jackets with diabolic symbols at the back or on the sleeves, which they wear very often. You should therefore feel free to wear leather jackets, without diabolic inscriptions. But stay away from all those trousers and strange leather jackets with diabolic pictures, which satanists who like to ride heavy motorbikes often wear. Cosmetics


Several beauty products such as perfumes, anti-wrinkle creams, skin bleaching body lotions, locks, wigs, sets, hair relaxer, lipsticks, make-up powders, nail varnish, and other make-up products; satan's people are always too attached to these things, you will recognise them. Flee from all these products of seduction! But you need not abandon normal rubbing oil and normal body lotion. You just need to purify them. As for the deodorants that you often use in toilets or other rooms in your houses, cover them with the blood of Jesus.


Women must understand that locks, which they like to use for their plaits, are either the hairs of dead people, or hairs on which agents of satan have made all forms of incantations, to trap and hold captive all those who will use them.


Lipsticks are usually made out of human blood, which satanists collect during accidents, and the various beauty powders used are residues of human powders, which satanists stock for that purpose, and for several other incantations. The bulk of expensive powders and other beauty products or cosmetics found on the markets are made out of human placenta, which satanists obtain either by theft during delivery or by scheming with hospitals. This explains why the Lord tells us to flee from the things of the world, which are there only to satisfy the flesh and the pride of life. Jewellery


Chains (some witches even wear them on their ankles), rings, bracelets, bangles, earrings, necklaces and other jewels: Do not imitate agents of satan who despite the teachings continue to be attached to them.


Jewellery, rings, bracelets, chains and many others, are only there for the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life. It is the same thing with wigs and other sets or fineries, which many women are still firmly attached to.


All these external loads that you put on, are simply objects of seduction, and only meant to glorify satan. All these things only help to satisfy the desire of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life. In this, they constitute great open doors to satan. Repent and abandon all those things.


The search for artificial beauty is a terrible danger to human beings, a great trap that satan has set for humanity. And all those who fall into it, suffer terribly. Be very careful. Flee from all these elements that give you some artificial beauty, and praise God for the natural beauty which He has blessed you with. Psalm 139:14 says, "I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvellous are Your works, and that my soul knows very well."


Let me open a bracket here to give you another element of discernment. If you meet so-called children of God, who have fully received the knowledge of the truth, and who are still attached to these seductive products, know that they are of satan. True Children of God are attached to these things when they are still in ignorance. But once the Lord opens their eyes, they repent and abandon these things without hesitation. Whereas the agents of satan will always find justifications to hang on to them.


The Lord said, "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free". We were all in falsehood, that is, in the false gospel. The moment the Lord gave us the truth, we allowed ourselves to be set free by the truth. True Children of God always allow themselves to be set free by the truth, and they are delighted to have been set free at last. Whereas those people of satan, being not of the truth, never allow themselves to be set free by the truth. You will know them in your midst. The things of God always appear to be too difficult for them to put into practice, even simple things. These people always spend their time disputing the teachings, they never stop making up reasons to justify their stubbornness. You, Children of God, do not imitate them.


If you know so-called sisters in your midst who constantly create arguments of the kind "we need not wear coverings at all time", "a bit of make-up can be used so far as it is not exaggerated", "the Bible does not specify that trousers are man's clothing", "Jesus was wearing gowns", do not be surprised. They are the people of satan. The truth seems too complicated to them, and they are always attached to the things of the world like their father the devil.


And as you notice it yourself, these objects are of no use. They are just there for the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life. The Bible clearly asks us to flee from all these things: "Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world - the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life - is not of the Father but is of the world." 1John 2:15-16.


2.1.6- Food and drinks


As on other objects, satan and his agents make a lot of incantations on the food and drinks which we consume, with the aim of possessing us by their unclean spirits, if not to establish a link through which they can reach us. Food


The food that the world consumes thus constitutes great open doors to satan to ruin humanity. Satan's agents put in all their efforts to carry out abominable practices on the food we consume. So we need to be careful with what we eat, and there is a wide range of foods that we need to avoid as much as we can.


It is about all the food or products that are sold already ground (chopped, mixed), or transformed (canned food, ready-made meal), because satan makes sure that real abominations are ground and sold on the markets. Do not be surprised therefore that there are many sicknesses today, including those whose names are unknown. You often hear of food poisoning, arising from normal foods that are supposed to do good to man.


When the Lord led us to carry out some research on the practices of satan on the food we consume, we discovered to what extent the world consumes rubbish, that is, things that cannot be named. Satanists often make sure they mix the food on the market with all the possible dirt. Minced meats and mixed food


A lot of minced or mixed meats are mixed with human flesh, aimed at initiating those who eat them into witchcraft. Many products that you buy already ground or crushed, like corned-beef, cooked ham, pâtés, sausages, and others, are usually mixed with all forms of rottenness. It's the same with mashed and ready to eat babies' meals in small jars. All these abominations full of terrible incantations are aimed at soiling the whole world, and at inflicting diseases or demonic possessions on those who consume them. Canned food


Many types of canned food that you buy on the markets are made of human and animal dead bodies, and foetus. In some Asian countries, many agents of satan have embarked on the business of foetus and other dead bodies. Aborted babies are transformed into canned foods, and flood all the markets of the whole world, and people are crazy about it. Be careful with canned food! A large portion of these aborted babies are served as food in Asian restaurants wherever they are based all over the world. If only people could know what they eat every time!


It is the same thing with some sardines. You find tinned sardines and/or tuna on which it is written "queen of the coast". Do not think that this is just a simple advertisement. Most of these sardines are not sardines at all. Pay attention to what you buy. Be careful! Now that you have been warned, take your precautions. Ready-made meal, sauces and seasonings


Be careful with roasted or fried or well prepared meat that you buy, all ready-to-eat. Some of these meats are far from being what is being presented before you. Be careful with the food they serve you in hotels and restaurants, be careful with foods served in your work place canteens, in school canteens and the foods sold in colleges, high schools, and primary schools. Be careful with all ready-to-eat food.


Other products such as ketchups, jams, aromas, salad dressings, spices, and other seasonings, are most often mixed with human blood, powders of human flesh, and other rottenness. Magi cubes, stock cubes, and many other ground ingredients are subject to the same treatment. All this with the goal of soiling the world, and initiating into witchcraft people not covered with the blood of Jesus, and all those who are negligent. Pollutions by various human excrements


Many traders, in order to be successful in their businesses, sign pacts with satan; and satan often asks them to carry out horrible practices so as to attract customers. Some women often put their menses in the food they sell every time, together with many other incantations, according to the instructions they receive from witch doctors, to attract customers. Other traders pour human faeces and urines into foods, with some other incantations, to attract customers. By the grace of God, many of such satanic networks have been caught and exposed in many countries.


You very often see shopkeepers, generally specialised in the food business like restaurants, coffee shops, cafeterias and other cheap restaurants, with large crowd surrounding them in such a way that you begin to wonder what is so delicious or special in the dishes they prepare so as to attract such a large crowd; it is due to the terrible incantations they make resulting from the numerous pacts they sign with witch doctors. Only God knows what they serve to people.


There are so many examples and testimonies on this subject that if we were to enumerate all of them, this teaching would be very long. Nevertheless, let me give you the most recent example. It is a case of food contamination, which is at present, in the hands of the Illinois police in the United States. An American newspaper reported this disturbing story, which took place at Wheaton North High School in the Illinois on December 6th, 2006. A 17-year-old pupil discreetly ejaculated into a bottle of salad dressing, which was to be served during lunchtime on that day. He admitted his action after being questioned by police; but we are unsure as to how many people consumed that salad dressing.


This case, beloved, is only a drop in the ocean, given the number of thousands of others of the same kind, which are not often caught. But if the Lord allows that such cases reach our ears, it's to help us to believe that satan and his agents are indeed in action, so that we take our precautions. Time is really over and the enemy knows that he has only got but few days left. Be careful and do no longer open doors to him in order to be initiated. Drinks The so-called mineral or spring commercial water


We also got the testimonies of satan's agents who pour their filths (urines, spits, sweat and others) in mineral water, which many confidently buy and consume, thinking that they are dealing with clean and well treated water. If you can buy filters to filter your water, that will be the ideal. If not, it would be preferable to drink non filtered tap water, rather than drinking so-called mineral or pure water, filled with all types of dirt.


In the regions where several people cannot afford a refrigerator and instead find themselves buying either some cold water or ice to cool the water, it is also important to be very careful. These ices often come from the mortuary. As for cold waters, they come sometimes from waste water, or from soiled waters. It's the same for juices sold in small frozen or cool bags, in public places. Juices and other chemical drinks


Also flee from all these sweet coloured chemical drinks whose true composition and the process of production would frighten you if it were revealed to you. All these coca-cola, fanta, sprite, youki, pepsi, top, malta and the other fizzy drinks, are only dirty drinks without any nutritional value. In the long run they only destroy your health.


As for the industrial fruit juices, they have been so sterilized and treated that the natural substances present in fresh fruits, are completely destroyed. All the nutritional elements whose presence and quality are praised by producing companies are only added to those drinks once they are ready. Therefore, do not be deceived; no matter how they call it (hundred percent pure juice, colouring and preservative free, etc.), the fact remains that they are false drinks which are also diluted with all sorts of dirt. If you want to drink fruit juices, for those of you who can afford to have a blender, it is more interesting to buy fruits and make your own fruit juice. If not, it is always better to eat fruits rather than to drink them in juice. You will then escape from many traps of satan. Do not forget that water remains the best drink.


Conclusion: Learn to prepare your own food!


The few elements mentioned above are enough to make you understand the gravity of the wickedness and the cruelty of satan and his agents. Flee from all those public places that prepare ready-made food. Know that you eat abominations in those places, and through these abominations, you are initiated. These dirt that you swallow constitute wide open doors to satan in your life. For those of you who have house servants, you also need to watch. Many domestic servants are great agents of satan, and they cause you to eat these same abominations even in your own house.


You should purify and cover with the blood of Jesus all the food that you buy on the market, and avoid all that you can. If you want to avoid eating abominations, flee from restaurants and all other foods sold or distributed in public places. Eat natural food as much as you can. All that you can prepare yourself, do so. Flee from all ready-made food.


2.1.7- Lending, borrowing, gifts and rendered services


I have chosen to treat lending, borrowing, and gifts as a separate topic, with the aim of drawing your attention. You should take this topic very seriously. Generally, people do not understand why lending, borrowing, and gifts could constitute open doors. Understand beloved that spiritual laws are far above our logic or reasoning.


A normal lending is not actually a problem, a normal borrowing is not a problem, and a normal gift is not a problem. When I talk of "normal" here, I mean every relationship concerning a normal person that has no connection with the satanic world. This means that if you lend something to or borrow from or extend a gift to a child of God or any person who is not an agent of satan, this should in no way constitute an open door.


But all that you lend to agents of satan, all that you borrow from them, any gift which you receive from them, and all that you offer to them, constitute great open doors for their incantations. Agents of satan never miss such opportunities; they always exploit and use them against you. You should never again fall into the trap of lending to agents of satan, or borrowing from them, or receiving gifts from them, or offering things to them.


Let me give you some concrete examples. When you borrow things from agents of satan, those things always bring you misfortune. If you need money for instance, to trade, if you borrow money from an agent of satan, that business will never succeed; on the contrary you will be plunged into trouble. And if you have any project, and happen to receive assistance from the agents of satan to carry it out, you should expect problems. Agents of satan always succeed in these plots because the loan or the help they offer you, open doors to them to torment you and destroy your business or projects. This is the reason why agents of satan are always so prompt to offer you loans or help each time you are in need. This is generally to open a door, and hold you captive. You should not always easily accept these quick gifts that satanists offer to you. (In this regard, we advise you to read the testimony entitled "The Revenant", which you will find on the website www.mcreveil.org). It is the same with the so-called help that Catholic organizations put at people's disposal.


In the same way, when you offer things to them, they will make incantations on them and succeed in getting you. You should therefore be very careful in your dealings with the people of satan that surround you. You should also exercise discernment to detect agents of satan who pretend to be christians and call themselves brothers and sisters. On this, I will share with you this testimony related to the gifts that we receive from agents of satan. This testimony is that of two so-called "sisters in Christ" of a so-called christian assembly, a Baptist church in Montreal in Canada.


One of them was about to get married, and had already got her wedding gown ready. The second, who was a seamstress offered to make her a wedding gown. She refused on the basis that she had already bought one. The "sister" who was a seamstress insisted by asking her whether her wedding gown suited her well. She then told her that her gown was just about right. The seamstress sister offered to adjust her wedding gown free of charge. Touched by the "kindness" of her so-called "sister in Christ", she gave in and handed her the gown. What she ignored, was the fact that her so-called "sister in Christ ", far from being a kind sister who wanted to help her, was a wicked witch who wanted to kill her, and who was only looking for a door to get her.


Once the work was completed, she passed through the workshop to measure her adjusted gown. She put on the gown and to appreciate the work done, the seamstress asked her to mirror herself using the mirror that was set aside for that purpose. Once she was in front of the mirror, she felt a sharp pain on her back, as if she was hit by an arrow. It was exactly the case; it was a satanic arrow, which had just reached her. The pain was so acute, so much so that she left the workshop. Since that day, she never stopped suffering. All her attempts to recover from the pain were vain. She even had to undergo surgical operation without success. Later, she died.


If you look back in the past, you will easily understand some of the things you suffered. For those of you who received helps from the agents of satan in different situations, or who helped them, it is even more obvious. In conclusion, know that lending, borrowing, gifts, and things received or given to sorcerers and other agents of satan, constitute great open doors to satan. Avoid those things now as much as you can.


Students must also be very careful with things they lend to and borrow from their classmates, and the things they exchange with classmates. The agents of satan that are in their midst are very dangerous, and use these things to make incantations against them so that they should not succeed in their exams. Be very vigilant. Your failures at times come from agents of satan who offered you certain school materials like text books, exercise books, pencils, or even money for school fees. So, you should watch carefully your sources of finance and supply: destroy all the possible incantations on your things, and on all the things that you receive, and refuse the things from persons that you know are dangerous.


2.1.8- Behaviours Dirtiness and disorder


Dirtiness and disorder are open doors to satan. This point is also an element of discernment. A high degree of dirtiness and disorder is a sign of witchcraft practices. There is a certain level of dirtiness and disorder that a normal person cannot bear. If you find people who feel at ease with an unbearable degree of dirtiness and disorder, know that they are sorcerers. Satan likes everything that is dirty, ugly, hideous, and odd. If you maintain a certain level of dirtiness and disorder, you will certainly invite him into your life. Make sure you are neat, disciplined, organised, and tidy. The Lord approves all these things. Behavioural deviations


Behavioural deviations constitute open doors to satan. Each time a man opts to become like a woman or a woman opts to become like a man, they are in abomination before God, and through that, they give access to satan in their lives. Amongst these deviations, we have the following:


- Long hairs for men and shaved head for women;

- Lack of modesty in dressing (skin-tight dresses, dresses that expose a greater part of the body);

- A woman taking authority over a man;

- To dress as a woman or a man (women wearing trousers, men wearing earrings, whereas even women are called to abandon these things, men with plaited hairs, etc.);

- Piercing and tattooing. The Bible tells us clearly in Leviticus 19:28 "You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor tattoo any marks on you: I am the Lord." Fashion


There is a wave of clothes (skirts, dresses, etc.), "siren model" for women. Skirts, which are sewn normally from waist to hips, which narrow towards the knees then widen again at the level of the legs. There is also all this range of shoes "siren model" with frightful shapes, shoes with long pointed ends.


When you wear these types of clothing and these types of shoes, you simply get possessed. These clothes and shoes are designed with all possible incantations. And since these things are dedicated to satanic spirits, you cannot use them and escape. And all those who run after fashion fall into these traps. And whosoever talks of "fashion" also talks of vanity, the pride of life, and the lust of the flesh. It is purely satanic. Simple things should be simply understood.


Once again, let all the women who think they are of God watch seriously over the different types of dresses, skirts or shoes that they buy. You have noticed that in the Bible, the Lord insists on women clothing. This is because God knows that a woman is an instrument of seduction in the hands of satan. You should watch carefully in order not to be an open door to satan through your lusts. Men who follow fashion and run after long pointed gangsters shoes and "cowboy" looks do not also escape from demons. All these outfits are purely satanic. Children of God must not wear them.


Dresses that are patched up, stitched together, cut and sewn with multicoloured materials and dresses sewn upside down, constitute the many odds to be avoided. The Lord has permitted that such things should be detestable at first sight. Know that all what attracts the world is an abomination in the sight of God. Since the world is against God, it can only worship that which is detestable before God.


2.1.9- Other doors opened by us


Curses arising from our errors or our acts of wickedness, lust, pacts, unfulfilled commitments, unaccomplished vows, tradition (associations and worldly meetings), constitute great open doors to satan.


Curses that we pronounce against our own selves: At times, you hear people after an error shout: "Oh how idiot I am", "I am worthless", "I am good for nothing", "I am useless", all these curses actually stand with their consequent effects.


The evil words that we allow to slip through our lips: swearwords, gross interjections, in short, "swear-words" in general, constitute large open doors.


Visit of tourist sites like Zoos, Museums, cemeteries, catholic temples, Buddhist temples, and other religious temples, temples of sects, mosques, amusement parks, funfairs, and circuses. Children of God working in these places must cover themselves with the blood of Jesus; and those who visit these places just for sightseeing are exposed to danger.


Swimming pool-going, beaches and aquatic parks.


Negligence, the fact of eating without praying, measuring or wearing dresses without purifying them, communication with sorcerers. Know that even with a simple phone call, sorcerers can easily reach us.


Grumbling: every time you do something for God, or practice the word of God while grumbling, you open doors to satan.


Certain practices such as blood transfusion, aesthetic medicine, incisions and scarification, excisions, professional sports, all constitute open doors.


Regular attendance of false churches constitutes great open doors to satan. For, false doctrine in itself constitutes a terrible open door to satan. All the churches and religious places that have abandoned the truth are simply amusement field to satan, a very fertile ground for all his incantations, and his initiations. Satan always so easily recruits new agents from churches that have abandoned the truth, and are actively swimming in false gospel, in compromising, and in the gospel of prosperity.


The message of the Lord is clear about this: "Come out from their midst and be you separate, says the Lord. Touch not the unclean things, and I will receive you." 2Corinthians 6:17. If it is really God that you claim to serve, come out of all these false churches, and seek to join the few brethren who make every effort to live in sanctification.


"Do not be deceived: evil company corrupts good habits." 1Corinthians 15:33. You now know. You should never again fall into the trap of seduction, thinking that you could stay in these places with the aim of changing the people who are there. Know that you will never win them by remaining there; on the contrary, you will be won by them.


Allowing sorcerers pastors to lay their hands on you, laying hands on people without discernment constitute as much open doors for incantations as possible.


The deliverance sessions in many false churches constitute great open doors to satan. Several sorcerers called pastors organise what they call "deliverance sessions", during which they seize the opportunity to initiate into witchcraft all those who are coming for deliverance. You therefore have to be very careful. Before you go anywhere in search of deliverance, make sure those to whom you are going, are really serving God.


There are practices known as pre-delivery exercise and physiotherapy after delivery, offered freely by the medical services. It consists of what they call pre-delivery exercise to help pregnant women to be able to control themselves and bear the birth pains during delivery and to quickly regain the smooth functioning of their body systems after delivery. It is usually another hidden form of yoga, which they never make known to you.


All these different forms of sports, which you are subjected to constitute other forms of satanic initiations that bind you and the child you bear to demons. By accepting such exercises, you expose yourself since you voluntarily sign pacts with satan. Demons always pretend to help you by possessing you the more. How many women in France and in other countries around the world are in the chains of satan because of these abominable practices!


We plead with those of you who understand the significance of these open doors to share this teaching with as many people as possible who are already victims of satanic incantations, so that they and their children can escape from the attacks of satan.


Beloved, I have just given you a list of things that can act as open doors to satan. I must tell you that this list is not exhaustive. This implies that there are several other things that do not feature here. I will not have time to explain why and how each of these things act as open doors, if not this teaching will be four times longer than what we have now. I shall however show you how you can always determine if something constitutes an open door or not.


Always walk by this principle whereby: "Everything is permitted, but not everything is useful; everything is permitted but not everything edifies." 1Corinthians 10:23. Each time you have doubt about an object or any other thing, just know that you have only one equation to solve: that of knowing either the usefulness of that object or the way in which that particular object edifies. A true child of God will seek only after that which edifies him. Anything that is of no use to you, and anything that does not edify you, is a potential open door to satan. If because of lust, you prefer to keep objects or things despite their uselessness, be ready to suffer the consequences.


2.2- Doors not opened by us


There are other open doors that do not depend on us, and over which we have no major responsibility; we have almost no control over them, but we suffer their consequences. These open doors consist of links and other pacts made on our behalf, without our knowledge, (either by our parents, or by our ancestors or even by people we do not know). They include amongst others the names that we bear, heredity links, being a member of certain families or villages, succession, heritage, tradition, initiations, incisions and excisions, rejection, curses, suicides and hanging in the lineage, miscarriages, the witchcraft of parents and grandparents, abortion attempts (if your mother attempted to abort you, you are automatically possessed).


There are other events of life not emanating directly from our will. This is the case of our parents' divorce (divorce constitutes open doors in the life of the concerned and their children); broken relations such as broken engagement against our will; rapes (if you have been a victim of rape, you are automatically possessed, and if you were born following a rape, it is the same thing); dowry in certain cases is included in this group.


I would like to give more details of some of the points mentioned here as open doors that do not depend on us:


2.2.1- Names


Surnames and first names constitute so very often open doors. The misfortune of certain people arises from the names that they bear. From their origin and/or their meaning, these names are sometimes real open doors in their lives.


Certain surnames or first names given to children are those of demons. In certain regions of the world, parents in their ignorance give to their children the names of idols, believing to honour those idols, or believing to owe them some gratitude. Ignoring that these idols are nothing but demons, they consider them as "guardian idols" of their house or their village. By giving such names to children, what they ignore is the fact that they are signing pacts between their children and the world of darkness; for it is really to demons that they dedicate and entrust their children. And these children will suffer all their life in the bondages of satan without understanding what is happening to them. And even when such people accept Jesus Christ, these bondages are not broken automatically. It is necessary to cancel the pacts, which had been signed, and in certain cases, names must have to be changed.


Others are animals' names or names referring to some unfortunate events or painful circumstances of life. There is also the case of certain men who give to their daughters the names of the women that they had loved and/or wished to marry without having been able to do so.


Male first names given to girls or feminine first names given to boys are all open doors.


2.2.2- Membership of a particular family or village


There are facts or histories whose consequences influence and link up each member of certain families, or of certain villages. The simple fact of belonging to such families or villages, entails inheriting a curse that needs to be broken. It might be long lasting issues that led to satanic practices, which became a tradition passing from one generation to the other in the family or village. It could also be some occult ceremonies practiced during moments such as childbirth, marriages, death (especially tragic death), widowhood ceremony, loss of an object, etc.


2.2.3- Dowry


Because of the various pacts signed during dowry, it can constitute an open door. And depending on the nature of the links established, sometimes the consequences of these pacts can go from generation to generation, until the day when by the grace of God they are broken.


2.2.4- Rejection


Children that have been rejected in one way or the other found themselves in this category. If your parents had the least intention to abort you, this intention opens the door for the spirits of rejection which have the right to enter and settle in you and destroy your life. The same is true for unwanted children. These cases are very common: when parents are not expecting a child, and the child comes against their expectations and wishes, the child is usually poorly welcomed, and this rejection opens the door to satan in his life. It is the same thing when parents expect or want a baby boy but have a baby girl instead, and vice versa. This is the same case with orphans who had been rejected or mistreated by those who brought them up. All these forms of rejection constitute terrible open doors to demons.


2.2.5- Broken relationships


When you build some hope on a relationship and for one reason or the other it is broken, it leads to an emotional shock in you. This shock needs to be properly managed if not it will leave in you scars that will later on become an open door. For all shocks (whether physical or emotional) constitute open doors because satan usually exploits them in one way or the other to cause harm. This is the reason why accidents also constitute open doors.


Setting aside the shock caused, any relationship entails lived experiences, exchanges, promises, bonds established, and common actions undertaken together. This is the reason why relationships however become pacts signed directly or indirectly and finally open doors when they are violated. This explains why when a relationship is broken, all necessary measures must be taken to close the doors that have been opened.


On the other hand, relations or engagement that you break voluntarily do not fall within this category. This is usually the case when during engagement you discover aspects of your partner's life, which constitute a real danger to you. This type actually consists of separation, which is part of our sanctification. The Lord really expects us to come out of any relationship that is not helpful to us and which does not glorify Him.




The attacks of satan against men in general, and against the people of God in particular, are manifold. Each of the cases or examples of attacks will not be cited, but I will give you some elements that will sufficiently enlighten and equip you for warfare, and keep you from being a constant victim of satanic domination. Amongst these attacks we can cite the following: Night attacks, physical attacks, incantations, curses, accidents, sicknesses, etc.


3.1- Night attacks


Know that our moments of slumber are the most favourable for satanic attacks. It is only when we are sleeping, that all the satanic attacks against us can succeed. Did the Lord not tell us to watch and pray, so that we do not fall into temptation? Matthew 26:41. It is therefore during our dreams that we encounter the majority of the attacks from satan and his agents.


There are several types of dreams, which I find better to group into three categories: Dreams that we receive from God, dreams that come from us, and those that come from satan. In this teaching, we are concerned only with the third category.


All the bad dreams that you often have and that you call nightmares or believe to be nightmares are attacks from satan. Because of ignorance, brethren neglect these attacks and suffer the consequences in the physical. Amongst these dreams, there are some that you see people who are already dead, dreams in which you are oppressed, dreams in which you find yourself eating or drinking, dreams in which you find yourself being attacked by animals, dreams in which you are being bitten by a dog or by a snake, dreams in which you find yourself writing past exams, dreams in which you find yourself sitting on school benches in a class that you had already completed, dreams in which you find yourself being chased, dreams in which you are pregnant, or delivering or breastfeeding children (for women), dreams in which you find yourself having sexual intercourse, dreams in which you find yourself getting married, dreams in which you find yourself climbing a very steep hill, dreams in which you find yourself fighting, dreams in which you find yourself in the forest, or swimming, or being a victim of a road traffic accident, or being in free fall, or being chased without a way of escape, dreams in which you find yourself in a burial ground or in a meeting, etc. The list is so long. We are not going to treat each case separately; otherwise, the teaching would be too long.


Understand that each time you have had such attacks, you have actually received the arrows of satan. Even when this might appear to be just a simple dream, it is actually a successful operation of satan against your life. You have to act immediately. And when in your ignorance or negligence you do not react, you physically suffer the effects of these attacks. Let me give you some examples:


At times Children of God may find themselves committing adultery or fornication or other sexual sins in a dream. They tremble in the dream because they consider the sin horrible. As soon as they wake up, they praise God and say, "Thank God, it was only a nightmare". In their ignorance, they do nothing; they do not understand that they have received a terrible arrow of satan. Few weeks or months later, they find themselves actually committing this sin in the physical, and they begin to wonder what is happening to them. What is actually happening is that, the arrows they received were real, but they took it to be a simple nightmare. If you examine the cases of children of God who committed adulteries or fornications, you will realise that the majority consist of night attacks that were neglected, which later on became real.


At times Children of God also find themselves eating or drinking in a dream, either in ceremonies, or in various occasions. As soon as they wake up, they do nothing about it. For them, it was just something normal. There are some who are even happy to say that they attended a feast and ate so well. They do not understand that they have been poisoned by the agents of satan. Sometime later, they find themselves suffering from all sorts of ailments, and begin to wonder what is happening to them. The poison they had happily swallowed and had not cancelled by prayers, mistaking it for sound food or drink, was a serious poison. Many of those who have sicknesses that cannot be explained and that persist, constitute this type of cases.


At times again, Children of God receive attacks in a dream in such a way that they actually feel physical pains as soon as they get up. These cases are also terrible, and if the warfare is not done rightly, the consequences can be very serious. It could be oppressions, fighting, snake bites or dog bites or of other animals, arrows and bullets received in the dream, etc. These cases must be taken very seriously.


Women that find themselves pregnant, or delivering or breastfeeding children in dreams, must understand that most of what they saw themselves doing are usually real in the world of darkness. That is why there are many women in this physical world who have children in the world of darkness. In like manner, when you find yourself getting married in dreams, at times it is usually true marriages in the spiritual world. Several people on the earth have partners in the world of darkness: this explains why many people experience sexual abuses in their dreams.


There are many other examples; and we cannot cite all of them. What you need to understand is that what you usually call simple dreams or nightmares, are most often successful attacks of the agents of satan against you.


Are the faces that we see in those attacks the real faces of those who attacked us? The answer is yes and no. Most often, the Lord reveals to us the faces of the agents of satan who attack us. But at times satan also succeeds in using the faces of innocent people who are not involved in these attacks, just to muddle us up and cause confusion in our spirit. We need to be very vigilant, and not hastily draw conclusions without discernment. That is the reason why one of the aspects of warfare that children of God must engage in should be to always cover their images with the blood of Jesus, so as to prevent satan and his agents from using them.


To conclude, understand that each time you are attacked in a dream, the moment you get up, you need to fight back without delay. Do not neglect anything and do not postpone prayer. Pray immediately and cancel all the effects of the attacks on you, and cover yourself with the precious blood of Jesus Christ. After that, you should send the fire of God to consume all those demons that attacked you in the dream. If you take this warfare seriously, by striking these demons each time they come to attack you, the next contingent that satan will send against you will think twice before getting close to you. You must fight in such a way that demons know they cannot attack you and escape.


3.2- Physical attacks


Aggressions, destructions and thefts of our property, insults, stings and animals bites, thrown objects at us such as eggs, stones, etc., constitute the physical attacks of satan against us. We must take each type of attack seriously, and fight without pity. These attacks are usually spiritual before being physical. For that reason, never try to response physically.


"Repay no one evil for evil. Have regard for good things in the sight of all men. If it is possible, as much as depends on you, live peaceably with all men. Beloved, do not avenge yourselves, but rather give place to wrath; for it is written, 'Vengeance is Mine, I will repay,' says the Lord." Romans 12:17-19.


If you have been a victim of theft, cover all the objects that were stolen with the blood of Jesus Christ. Agents of satan can also use such things to get you.


There is all the same an aspect of these physical attacks on which I would like to insist, it consists of these tricks of satanists who watch out for people in crowded places, so as to rub themselves on them and carry out their incantations. Most often when you go to the markets, or other crowded places, there are many satanists who take advantage of this swarming of people, to rub themselves against you. Watch and be careful, such actions are not innocent at all. Those agents of satan are carrying out satanic practices on you. Once you notice such abnormal gestures, quickly consume by the fire of God every incantation that was made against you, and cover yourself with the blood of Jesus. Satanists exploit places like markets, buses, undergrounds, trains, and places of performances, for such practices.


3.3- Attacks in our minds


Our thoughts constitute the centres of great satanic attacks. Satan and his agents constantly inject incantations into our thoughts, so as to defile them continuously. We should watch over our thoughts and fight to always keep them pure. Do not forget that you have power over your thoughts. It is left to you to submit your thoughts to the Holy Spirit, by resisting evil thoughts and rejecting them in the name of Jesus Christ.


"Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy - meditate on these things." Philippians 4:8.


You should also know that all the evil thoughts and unhealthy thinking that you receive each time, are actually dialogues and conversations that you entertain with demons. When you are being harassed in your thoughts, just know that demons are there, just by your sides, injecting incantations into your thoughts. They are actually there, near you just as people with whom you discuss regularly, the only difference being that you do not see them. They speak to you, cause you to think, and the suggestions that you have in your mind are actually responses to their questions. And when you do not know how to take authority over those evil thoughts, they end up defeating you. You should fight without wasting time, by striking these demons with the fire of God in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ; after which you cover your mind by the blood of the Lord. This is how you should fight: You demons that are soiling my mind, I destroy you by the fire of God in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I liberate my mind, and cover it by the precious blood of Jesus Christ.


3.4- Incantations


The appearance of animals or insects in our homes such as bees, wasps, cockroaches, mosquitoes, lice, flies, millipedes, mice, tortoise, snails, spiders and others, is another way used by satan and his agents to get us. You must fight these things through prayer, by striking these satanic animals with God's fire in the name of Jesus Christ, and by closing the doors they have exploited. Kill them physically and burn them if possible.


Fetishes on the roads, crossing animals on our way, people that urinate without discretion in open places, are as many incantations of satan that we need not minimize. You must therefore cancel them all.


3.5- Curses


Beloved, watch out against bad words and/or curses pronounced against you by people other than yourselves. At times after some arguments, people throw words at you such as, "You will see!" or "This thing will happen to you!" or again "I will get you!", etc. and at times these words come out from parent who in anger tell their children "You will never succeed!" "You will never become anything in life!" etc. Know that all these words are terrible incantations, which you must cancel immediately before leaving the argument spot.


I wish to make it clear that you must cancel them on the spot, in the name of Jesus Christ. But if you forget to cancel them on the spot, do so as soon as you remember it. If you neglect and forget to cancel them, you will indeed physically suffer from it. Each time I give this teaching, many testimonies flock in to confirm its certainty. I will share with you one of these testimonies. It concerns a woman that was cursed by her father, because of her disobedience. Her father commissioned her and she refused. This wicked man then said this to her: "You will never carry children on your lap".


This woman, who never knew the Lord, never understood that such a curse needed to be broken. And even if she knew that that incantation needed to be cancelled, it would have been impossible for her to do it, since it could only be done in the name of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, she did not have Jesus. She was in her youth, she grew, and got married. She had seven to eight pregnancies that all ended up in miscarriages. She then stayed childless after about eight real pregnancies. This shows the wickedness of man. This animal was nevertheless her father. You should understand here again that carnal family is not a family at all. This curse could only stop if in the meantime this lady had met the Lord. Brethren would have learnt of it and prayed to break the curse in the name of Jesus. Unfortunately, she never met Christ.


You must avoid disputes as long as it depends on you. Agents of satan always exploit such moments to create open doors and get us. That is why they often provoke us. Once carried away by anger we give in and insult them, a door opens, and they can strike. Therefore, you must avoid getting entangled in quarrels; and if this happens, make sure you cancel all the evil words addressed to you, and close the open doors. At the end of this teaching, you will learn how to close the doors.


There are also some gestures, which constitute great curses and incantations, which you must take very seriously. It is the case of those women who strip partially or completely in front of people to curse them. Know that all the women who devote themselves to such practices are true witches. Do not underestimate their incantations, otherwise you will regret it. Cancel all their incantations and all their curses on the spot, in the name of Jesus Christ.


3.6- Words


Words of seduction such as: my darling, my wife, my dear, my husband, (whereas it is not your true wife or husband).


Words of flattery: big brother, chief, big sister, (whereas it is addressed to a much younger person than oneself).


Certain compliments: you are very beautiful, you are charming, you are handsome, you are attractive, …


Nicknames like: baby (which remains till adulthood), old man (while in fact speaking to a child or a younger person), my mother (whereas it entails a woman addressing a little girl), marriage mate (whereas the concerned are not in any case marriage mates), names of animals, (nicknames amongst young boys given to indicate their strength or a particular aspect of their personality) ...


Discrediting words: you are good for nothing, and other forms of mockery.


I would on this matter like to give you a testimony. It concerns a sister who was a constant victim of night attacks in the form of sexual abuses. She was praying and waging a fight against satan while asking the Lord to reveal to her the cause of such satanic attacks in her life. One night, during one of the sexual abuses, she clearly recognised the face of an old man who was living in her neighbourhood. In fact, this old man had the habit of spending time sitting in front of his door and watching the going in-and-out of passers-by. This sister each time she was passing by, greeted him and in return, he too greeted the sister. This old man had the habit of telling her: "How are you my darling?" and she will politely say "fine". When she discovered by the grace of God that this old man was the one behind the night attacks she usually received, she sought to know the implication of the man; and she took a moment of fasting. It is then that the Lord revealed to her that this man was a sorcerer. So, the name "my darling" that he always used was not simple.


Another time just as she was passing by, as usual this sorcerer asked her "how are you my darling?" She severely rebuked this sorcerer, warned him, and told him that it was the very last time he addressed her in that manner. Since then, her night attacks ceased definitively.


Understand beloved, some of these words that appear harmless or actually harmless are real incantations depending on the person who pronounces them. When such words come from normal persons, there could be really no danger. Whereas they are great traps when used by satanists. You should be extremely careful with all these words of seduction, flattery and others. You should be very attentive in order not to affirm them without thinking.


3.7- Accidents


All the accidents that you see and hear about, be it planes crash, cars crash, or trains crash or any accident, whether they are directed against Children of God or against the people of this world, are the works of satan and his agents. These are all warfare's topics.


3.8- Sicknesses


Whenever satan and his agents can, they strike us with all kinds of sicknesses. We therefore need to know how to resist them by faith and by prayer, and intercede without ceasing for our health, and the health of all other children of God and servants of God. You should not fall into the trap of abandoning the faith to hurry every time to hospitals. More and more, Children of God are abandoning the faith, and are eager to resort every time to hospitals with the least sickness. That is still a great trick of satan. Do not forget that hospitals remain great open doors to satan, with many abominable practices being done there. When your faith is not sufficient to heal you, call other brethren, so that together you can cry out to the Lord.




In this part of the teaching, I will see with you what warfare means, and particularly how to fight and be victorious, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.


4.1- What does it mean to fight?


Firstly, fighting on the one hand consists of watching out in order not to open to satan the various doors that we have enumerated above, and on the other hand, to close all those doors in case they were already opened: This is what I refer to as the first level of warfare. This level of warfare must be fought by all Children of God, without exception; since our spiritual freedom and survival depend on them. "Cursed is he who keeps back his sword from blood." Jeremiah 48:10.


Secondly, warfare consists of opposing satan and his agents for all their criminal actions in this world, stopping them, if not slowing them in their destructive projects. This is what I refer to as the second level of warfare. Every child of God that commits himself to living a life of sanctification must be able to fight this warfare.


And thirdly, warfare would consist of rising against the authority of satan in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, with the aim of setting the captives free, and liberating all those who are still under various satanic chains and yokes. This level of warfare must be fought only by men, and as a matter of fact, only men who are firmly established in the Lord. It is this last aspect of warfare that I do not often teach to all Christians, in order not to expose the weak to the destruction of satan. For the same reason, I will not develop this aspect of Spiritual Warfare in this teaching.


This clearly means that, in this teaching, I will only limit myself to the type of warfare that every true child of God can fight. In other words, warfare, as taught in this teaching can be fought by every committed true child of God, both men and women.


4.2- Watch out for deceivers


Some agents of satan in their craftiness will tell you that the Lord Jesus Christ had already done everything, that He had accomplished everything on the cross, that He had already released all the captives, and set free all those who were chained, and they will remind you that you do not have any thing else to do. I use this opportunity to give you another element of discernment. You will know these agents of satan in your midst through this type of seductive language, seasoned with cunnings, and giving an impression of innocence and naivety.


You should not fall into the traps of these demons. They know what they are doing. They are not as naive as you think. Their words are true venoms, and terrible incantations. Each time that Spiritual Warfare is taught, they do everything possible to undervalue the teaching, to soil the minds of the weak by giving the impression that fighting would be just useless suffering since Jesus would have already done everything.


When we talk about night attacks, they tell you it is abnormal to say that Children of God can still be attacked by satan, whereas we are covered by the blood of Jesus. Thus, they soil the minds of the weak by giving the impression that the fact of being covered by the blood of Jesus shelters Children of God from all the attacks.


When you are encouraged to escape the use of perfumes, those same deceivers ask why we "forbid" perfumes, whereas Jesus Himself told us to anoint our head when we fast. (Some French versions of the Bible in place of the verb "to anoint" use the verb "to perfume" thus giving these deceivers another pretext to deceive themselves while deceiving others). We do not forbid people from using perfumes; instead, we encourage Children of God who want to sanctify themselves to flee from all worldly lusts. Those who are stubborn are free to continue in their stubbornness. If God Himself gives people the right to obey or not to obey, we shall not be the ones to do the contrary. Let the true Children of God understand that they need to flee from perfumes.


It is quite surprising, the way these people always find reasons to distract and mislead the Children of God. Matthew 6:17 says, "But you, when you fast, anoint your head and wash your face." Some French versions read this: "But you, when you fast, perfume your head and wash your face." As you can realise, the context in which the Lord speaks here has nothing to do with the use of perfume. Even the most ignorant person cannot find any problem with this passage, especially when we read the whole message of the Lord. And you know very well that since we have been fasting, we have never perfumed or anointed our heads in the carnal sense of the word.


Be careful then! People with ill-disposed hearts, who are not ready to put the word of God into practice, never lack arguments to deceive themselves and deceive others. If you want to advance with the Lord, flee from all such deceivers. When Children of God are told to separate themselves from sorcerers and avoid any link with them, agents of satan say it is surprising to see Children of God running away from sorcerers, whereas the Lord Jesus Christ ought to have given them the power to deliver all the sorcerers.


They demonstrate to you that "the Almighty God, He who created the heavens and the earth, He who is the master of all, cannot lose anything that belongs to Him, and that He holds onto." They tell you that "you can sleep on the same bed with satan himself, and can go with a woman even if she is the direct right hand of satan, as long as you are faithful to your God; because God will never allow a single hair of yours to fall!"


These words of seduction, full of pride and false assurance, are virtually meaningless for those who have discernment; because those who are actually faithful to their God, will never take the risk "of sleeping on the same bed with satan in person", and will never tempt their God by approaching a woman knowing that she is "the direct right hand of satan". It is as simple as that. God in his love always exposes the folly of such persons. They always believe they know as much as we do, but they never understand what they say or what they affirm.


Let me remind those demons that "God, the Almighty, He that made the heavens and the earth, He who is the master of all", "lost" Solomon that He Himself chose, and who was somebody on whom God counted dearly, and this was manifested by the heavy investment God made on him, placing him above all in wisdom and riches. He went after women sorcerers who ended up swallowing him up. He thought just as these demons say, that one can take the risk of "sleeping with satan in person on the same bed", and go with impunity with "a woman who is the direct right hand of satan", under the pretext that one is faithful to his God.


They also tell you to "ignore satan", and that "fighting against satan would be synonymous with uplifting him than what he actually is". I insist once more, never fall into the traps of these demons. They know very well what they are doing. Their mission is to deceive Children of God and cause them to fall into the sin of pride, and into other traps of satan. They are doing exactly the work of their father the devil: "Then the devil took Him up into the holy city, set Him on the pinnacle of the temple, and said to Him, "If You are the Son of God, throw Yourself down. For it is written: 'He shall give His angels charge over you,' and, 'In their hands they shall bear you up, Lest you dash your foot against a stone.'" Matthew 4:5-6.


It is the same language that these sorcerers hold, to deceive the Children of God: if you are true Children of God, why are you afraid of sorcerers? Has Jesus not given you the power over sorcerers? Do not think that those people are fools; it will be a terrible mistake. They are not stupid; they are just skilful deceivers. Their tongues are full of venoms, and their apparent assurance is simply well sharpened arrows. Stay away from those sons of the evil one. Their condemnation was written about long ago.




Satanists usually need to have some points of contact with us, in order to get us. These points of contact could be through: Visits in our homes; phone calls; information concerning us; persons who have contacts with us; things that we buy, receive, or offer; things picked up; things belonging to us; etc. You must make sure you cancel and nullify all these points of contact. This is what Spiritual Warfare entails at this level.


5.1- Visits in our homes


You must always pray, and cover everything with the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. You should avoid receiving the people of satan in your houses, and if you find yourself obliged to let them in, you need to be extremely careful and vigilant. You need to pray and cover the entire house with the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, and bring to naught all their powers and all their incantations, before they arrive. And after their departure, you do the same work. Do not allow them into your bedrooms, and watch over their movements in the house. Do not forget that the toilets are the most favourable sites of satanists, to carry out their incantations. Cover the toilets with the blood of Jesus and cancel all the incantations that were done inside. In short, do not let outsiders get into the rooms in your house in disorder. You need to be very disciplined, strict, and rigorous.


Here is a rule of prudence to adopt: since it is always difficult to know whether those coming into our houses, or the people who are with us, are satanists or not, as a precaution, we need to adopt the same rules, that is, always purify everything, sanctify everything, and cover everything with the Blood of Jesus.


5.2- Phone calls and correspondences


You should avoid receiving phone calls from the people of satan, unless it is absolutely necessary. And in this case, you should pray and cover your communications with the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, and cancel all their incantations. Agents of satan know how to get us through phone calls. You should never underestimate them. You should also pray and cover all the letters that you receive from the agents of satan before you even open them and before you read them. As a precaution, cover all the letters before reading.


Let me give you this small testimony that the Lord has granted me the grace to witness. One day I received a group of technicians who had come for the renovation of the house. While we were discussing the details of the work, their manager's phone rang. He took the phone out of his pocket, brought it closer to his mouth, and said, "Call transferred to lucifer". After that he accepted the call, and started talking to whoever called him. I do not know if the other people who were there had even understood the meaning of what had just happened. The Lord wanted to give me further proof that the teaching we have received concerning satan's camp is true, and that Spiritual Warfare is far more real than we think.


This satanist himself did not understand how he could betray himself in this way, forgetting that he was not alone. He had weird tattoos on him, but I could not imagine that I was dealing with a powerful luciferian. The fact that I knew it made me neutralize his satanic power, and until the end of the work, he found it difficult to enter my home to supervise the work. This is beloved, how many of the phone calls you make, are directly transferred to lucifer, and you end up unwittingly and unknowingly talking with satan in person. If you do not want to find yourself talking to lucifer himself, make sure you cover all your incoming and outgoing calls with the precious blood of Jesus Christ.


5.3- Information concerning you


With regard to the information concerning you, you need to: First of all, as much as you can, avoid giving information concerning you to satanists, and to suspicious and doubtful people as a whole. Secondly, since it is impossible to control and protect your information, you must constantly pray and cover all the information that satanists hold concerning you, by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, and cancel all the incantations that they might have already done with it against you. It is the same when you are obliged to give your name or identity to people in public places (schools, university, work place, etc.) or to people that request it.


5.4- People who frequent us


When agents of satan cannot get us, they pass through people who frequent us, to catch us up. For that reason, Children of God must separate themselves from all those who pretend to be with them, but are also having contacts with the agents of satan. You must expel all the traitors from among you, and you must separate yourselves from all those who are double dealing. They constitute terrible open doors in your midst. It is inadmissible that somebody pretends to be fully with you, while being also fully with your enemies.


There are also cases of housekeepers, maidservants and other domestic servants who work in your houses and who are in contact with your children. Among them, there are agents of satan, true satanists. It is very easy for those who are satanists, to initiate your children, without your knowledge, and turn them into terrible sorcerers. For this reason, you should be very careful when you have to find a childminder or a domestic servant to look after your children.


It is the same for people to whom you entrust your children for some hours a day, either in a day nursery or at their home, because you are obliged to go to work. Here also the battle must be tough and without ceasing, if you do not want to see your lives destroyed by your own children who would have been completely initiated. Do not entrust your children to people whose spiritual nature you know nothing about. It is very risky. You must thoroughly inquire about strangers to whom you want to entrust the care of your children. Know that it is easier to initiate children than grown-ups.


5.5- Things bought, received or offered


You must purify and always sanctify everything with the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. All that you buy at the markets, whether eatable things or other objects, and all the things that you freely receive. You must also cover all the things that you offer to people with the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. There are two reasons for this:


Even things offered to satanists act as points of contact for them to get those who offered them these things.


In order to destroy your relationship, sorcerers can make incantations on the things that you offer to people with the aim of causing those people to suspect you. By covering with the blood of Jesus Christ what you offer to people, you cancel such incantations.


5.6- Things picked up, that people have thrown away


You should manage the case of objects that people throw away and that you pick up, as the case of things purchased, received, or offered. These objects may constitute open doors. For this reason, you should purify them all prior to use. Do not forget that some of these things are traps set by the world of darkness. Since in this case it is not theft, you can cancel all the incantations made on them, and use them without danger.


5.7- Things belonging to you


You should always pray and cover with the blood of Jesus all the objects which belong to you. Amongst the things that the agents of satan collect very often, we have: blood, men's semen, photos, hairs, nails, dresses, underwear, shoes, socks, etc. But when they are able to get hold of anything belonging to us, those things serve as points of contact for them to make incantations against us. So when you pray, do not limit yourself just to what I have listed above. Cover with the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ all your objects held in the satanic world, on which they make incantations against you. Destroy these objects by the fire of God, and cancel all the incantations that they have already managed to make against you.


Let me come back to some of the elements cited, such as blood, man's sperm, nails, and hairs.


Watch out that you do not allow your blood to drop anywhere, and every time you sustain an injury, if your blood drops down, cover it with the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. Women must be particularly careful each time they have their menstruations, because satanists go after all the waste that they often throw away. There are many satanists that search dustbins to find out if women have not thrown away cotton wastes, or sanitary towels that they use during their periods. And when they manage to have these things, they make terrible incantations against the women who threw them away. That is why there are many women who have severe stomach pains, severe abdominal pains, acute menstrual pains, sterility, etc.


As from now, make sure you do not throw away these wastes anyhow and anywhere. And even when you have to throw them away, cover them all with the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, so that satanists will not be able to exploit them even if they lay hands on them. And if in the past you were negligent and you find yourself suffering one of the consequences that I have just cited, repent and ask for forgiveness from the Lord for your ignorance and for your negligence; then you must pray and cancel all the incantations that were made against you through your blood or through these objects. Cancel them in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Men must also be very careful with all what satanists can attempt to get from them. For men who have once had sexual relations with witches, they need to examine their lives, and act if it seems necessary. Very often, when you are unfortunate to have sexual relationship with satanists, they do everything possible to collect your semen with the aim of making incantations against you and holding you captive forever.


Men, who use condoms, are also exposed to such risks. Each time those condoms are thrown away, demons collect them and make terrible incantations against the lives of those who used them. That is the reason why many men suffer without knowing what is happening to them, without even knowing the origin of their sufferings.


If you find yourself in such cases, act quickly. Ask the Lord for forgiveness for your fault, and pray to cancel all the incantations that were made against you through your semen. Also know that satanists always do everything possible to steal small things belonging to you, like a vest, or an underwear, or other small objects belonging to you, which they use to make incantations against you.


5.8- Case of men who have witches as wives


The case of men who got married to women witches is worst. These witches have all the time to carry out incantations on their husbands, and they have all the liberty to collect all what they need in order to succeed in every incantation they want to carry out. That is why it is usually very very difficult to save those men. Even for those who are Christians, the warfare to get them back to Christ is usually very difficult.


For Christian men who have witches as wives, their cases are usually so terrible to an extent that they do not usually realise the gravity of the danger that surrounds them. Their witches wives have so much bound them by their incantations that even when you demonstrate to them that their wives are witches, they instead take but their defence. At times, everybody around them see and deplore the abominable works of their wives, and they are the only ones that see nothing, because they are completely bound and attached. Generally, when you attempt to help such brethren by telling them that their wives are real witches, you instead become their enemies; yet the works of their wives are visible to all.


It is a great warfare that Children of God should fight: fast and pray for true Children of God who have witches as wives. You should pray to break the chains and the links that hold these brothers captives. You should destroy the cages in which they are locked up, (because many among them are simply well locked up in satanic cages). Therefore, do not be surprised beloved to see the level of stubbornness and blindness of brethren that have witches as wives. They are bound and totally blind. When they defend their witches wives, they do not even know what they do. It is only when they are delivered, and when their eyes open, that they discover that they were bound and completely chained up.


The warfare at this level, therefore, consists in destroying the works of these women witches, by fighting as the Lord has just taught us, by consuming all their satanic powers by the fire of God, and by freeing the brethren that are captives. You should denounce these witches, and expose their works. This is another very important aspect of Spiritual Warfare. Once sorcerers are revealed, God destroys their plans. Nehemiap:15.


If I have insisted on the case of women witches, it is because they are in great majority than men sorcerers. Thus, you should not neglect sisters who have men sorcerers as husbands. There are so many sisters that were swallowed up in the sorcery of their husbands and ended up abandoning God. The warfare that you fight to liberate brothers who are in the bondage of witches, is the same you need to fight for sisters whose husbands are sorcerers.


With all this, you can then understand why the Lord recommends that men whose wives are witches should not be appointed elders in the Church. It is because these brothers, in spite of all their willingness and their desire to serve God faithfully, will not be able to make it. The Jezebels that they have will always set them against God. Since these Jezebels never submit themselves to the word of God and never put the word of God into practice, by their seductions and incantations, they always incite their husbands to preach only the type of gospel they prefer. And you meet pastors who are zealous and sincerely committed, who know the word of God very well, but who cannot preach the truth. Each time they want to teach, their teachings are always diluted, because of their Jezebels who command everything. The warfare is real beloved! That is the main reason why there are very few qualified pastors today. Out of a thousand elders (that is, apostles, prophets, teachers, evangelists, pastors and others) that exist today, you find at most three who are qualified. That is the reason why satan has taken control of the churches. You now know the time in which we are living. The Lord be praised!


Let me give you another element of discernment. If you want to know the Jezebels that are in your midst, you should preach that lipsticks are permitted, that women need not cover their hairs at all times, that women can use all possible products to transform their hairs, that make-ups must be tolerated, etc. and you will hear them shout a big Amen, or stand up to cheer. This consists amongst others the number of things that permit us to know the agents of satan that are in our midst. The moment you tell them that all follies are tolerated, their reactions are instantaneous, they shout out for joy. They approve of you and say to themselves: this is the type of pastor we want. They are so agitated and are always up clapping and making loud noises and big signs when their type of gospel is preached. You will recognize them from now on. They cannot hide themselves.


5.9- Women and childbirth


Women who go to hospital to give birth must always pay attention to cover their blood with the blood of Jesus Christ. And for you all who have responded to the call for blood donations, and who have effectively given out your blood, know that the majority of people who collect these bloods are satanists, who rather use them for their satanic operations. And almost all the blood collected and kept in the hospitals is stolen by satanists in order to supply their blood banks. And when they steal it, they replace it with fake blood, just a well defiled red liquid, ready to contaminate those into whom it will be transfused. You now know what to do in every case: Repentance, Prayer and Warfare.


I would like to reveal to you other satanic practices, which often take place in hospitals during deliveries. Satanist midwives are in the habit of either replacing your babies after delivery with demons babies when they have the opportunity, or to initiate your babies into witchcraft from birth. They do it while the mother is still under the influence of delivery.


Generally after delivery, these sorcerers take the newborn into another room under the pretext of cleaning and/or weighing the baby, and take advantage without your knowledge, either to replace him with a demon baby intended to ruin all your life, or to initiate him into witchcraft. The latter is very frequent. And so, several women leave the hospital with a child different from the one that they have delivered, without knowing it.


When they succeed in exchanging your baby, they replace him with a demon baby well prepared in advance, and who will ruin all your life. And in that case the true child is generally taken over by these sorcerers for human sacrifices which they often perform. And when they cannot replace your baby, they make incantations on the child, and initiate him into witchcraft. You find yourselves with a child sorcerer, who will turn your life bitter.


You should therefore get organized during deliveries, to increase your vigilance and to keep watch on your baby. You should make sure that a relative (the father or a family member) is present during delivery, to follow your child from the time of birth till the time he is discharged from the hospital.


5.10- Hair and nails


Men who go to barbers for haircut must make sure that they cover all their hairs with the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. And even women who braid their hair amongst themselves, need to take the same precautions. Prudence must remain the main key. You never can tell where some of your hairs might end up. I always advise brothers to learn how to do their haircut amongst themselves. This saves them from finding themselves in the abominable barbing saloons that are breeding grounds for satan for his incantations. You should adopt the same rule of prudence for your nails. You should never throw them away without covering them with the blood of Jesus. We no longer need to remind women that hairdressing, manicure and pedicure salons are satanic places they must flee.


5.11- Disposable handkerchiefs


Also be careful with all the disposable handkerchiefs that you use either to blow your nose, or when you perspire. Sorcerers always watch out for all those things to carry out their incantations; and by the grace of God some of these sorcerers were caught, and had to confess their abominable practices and their wicked plans. Therefore, you should not take lightly the threats of satan and his agents. Make sure you cover with the blood of Jesus even your dustbins. Watch over all that you throw away, including what I have not mentioned. May the Lord open your eyes on the works of satan, so that you should be extremely vigilant!


5.12- Photos


Also be careful with your photos. Some of them might certainly be circulating amongst sorcerers and witchdoctors. All you can do now is to cover whatsoever the sorcerers and satanic world hold against you with the blood of Jesus Christ, and cancel all the incantations they have already made on those things against you. It becomes therefore easy for you to understand why the Lord asks us to flee from the things of the world. They constitute terrible traps for us. Apart from some pictures used for identification purposes, all other forms of pictures are there just to satisfy the lust of the eyes and the pride of life.


5.13- Dentists


For those of you who have already been to the dentists to have their teeth out, know that some of these dentists are renowned satanists; once they remove your teeth, they carefully hide them somewhere, because they need them in the spiritual world, so as to carry out incantations against you. If you happen to go to a dentist to have one of your teeth out, make sure you take your teeth back with you. You must do the same for all the other things that I could not cite


5.14- Sexual intercourse with satanists


For those among you, whether men or women, who had sex with satanists in the past, do not be surprised that they took something belonging to you, which they still keep in the spiritual world, and this they use against you. If you are still suffering from something that you do not understand, this is one of the paths you need to look at.


5.15- The danger of lodging the agents of satan


I have just talked about the case of sexual intercourse, but it is not only that. This warning concerns everybody, even those who by the grace of God have never had sexual intercourse with satanists. Even though sexual sins present a good opportunity for satanists to collect what they want so as to cause people to suffer, these monsters never hesitate to follow other paths, when the path of sexual intercourse has been closed to them.


If you have ever lodged satanists, you would probably be in the same case. It is something terrible to lodge the people of satan. Being of the house, they have both the time, and the freedom to find their way through the house. They seize this golden opportunity to soil your dresses, your underwear, so as to push you into sexual sins. They also have the time to remove some of your objects that will be useful to them in their satanic world to carry out incantations against you. That is why certain things happen to Children of God that they can neither understand, nor explain. When you live with these agents of satan, you will often notice the disappearance of some of your underwear if you are vigilant. When they do not have access to your underwear, they take other things. But what they generally seek is underwear. And when they manage to steal some, they succeed in dragging you into sexual sins through their incantations.


Never lodge people in your house except you are quite sure that they are of God, and will not at all constitute an open door in your house. You must pray and verify, and if possible seek for advice before accepting people under your roof. When you lodge agents of satan, you and your household are in danger. In addition to the incantations these agents of satan carry out on your dresses and your objects, they also carry out a lot of incantations on the food that you eat. And when they have access to the kitchen and have the opportunity to cook for you, your case become more serious. They mix your foods with all the filths possible, so as to initiate you. And when these people are in your houses, they really love to prepare food, as if to help you, whereas they are simply looking for strategic places to harm you.


Know very well that if you lodge satanists, you will be doing that for your own destruction; if you lodge them, it is at your own risk. If you value your life and your salvation, never lodge satanists, and never fall into the trap of having mercy on satanists. It is a terrible trap for you. Amongst these agents of satan, some prove to be so kind so as to influence their lodging, others know how to attract pity on them, all aimed at influencing you to lodge them. Be careful! Be careful! Be careful! Exercising hospitality without discernment is a terrible trap; exercising liberality without discernment is also a terrible trap. If you have to carry out hospitality or liberality, or charity, make sure that you assemble all the elements of discernment before acting. I have already taught Children of God never to lodge people without consulting their leaders, or their elders, who are supposed to have more discernment than them. Those who obey these instructions escape from dangers, and those who disobey reap the fruits.


I have equally told servants of God to be very vigilant, and very strict with people whom despite all the instructions, sneak into different houses, and try to convince the ignorant brethren to lodge them, or to lodge their children without the agreement of the leaders and the elders. When you meet people who choose to violate all the measures of prudence that we have taught, and do whatever pleases them, just know that they are nothing but agents of satan. Such people will never follow the instructions that we give, since these instructions are there to prevent them from operating. And since they need to operate, they always find reasons to violate the instructions. And when they are caught, they either justify by the fact that they never knew, or that they had not well understood the instructions, or that they thought the measures were intended for outsiders. Whatever the case, they always find reason to push you to slumber. Do not forget that satan is the father of lies, and his agents excel in the art of lying. And they give such convincing arguments that push you into confusion and doubt about yourself. Do not hesitate to send such people out of the Church.


5.16- Demon animals


So often, satanists use animals to attack us. They do this generally by sending serpents in people's toilets or houses, mosquitoes to suck blood, mice in houses, flies to poison people's food, bees, birds, millipedes, cockroaches, and other insects in the house. These animals are not normal animals, but demons. When you use chemical products to kill these animals, or even when you set normal traps against them, you never succeed in killing them, because they are not normal animals.


It is only by the power of God, in the name of Jesus Christ, that these demons can be conquered. At times, a whole quarter or a great region is invaded either by rats or by cockroaches or by mosquitoes, and all attempts to eliminate them is only to no avail. Only by Spiritual Warfare can you overcome them.


As soon as you notice the appearance of these suspected animals in your house, do not neglect them, if not you will regret it. You need to fight them on time, and with seriousness. Pray and consume all these animals by the fire of God, and purify your home. Know that you can at times use oil to pray and anoint your houses.


Satanists often send these smaller demons in the houses for several reasons: suck blood, defile places, poison food, create sicknesses, and steal things; (that is the reason why many people usually notice the disappearance of things in their homes, and begin to suspect people anyhow).


They also send these demons animals to spy on us, lie in wait for us, and listen to our conversations. Many satanists themselves have the capability to transform themselves into different animal forms, to enter into our houses. The main objective being what we have cited above. The presence of owls, bats and other bizarre animals around your concessions, explain this. Be vigilant!


Therefore, you need to be awakened in relation to Spiritual Warfare, and no longer allow satan and his agents to exploit your naivety in the domain. Pray and destroy all these animals by the fire of God, in the Name of Jesus, and constantly purify and cover your homes with the blood of Jesus. Do not also forget to always cover your communications and all your conversations with the blood of Jesus.




There are other seductions to avoid. Many sorcerers in Nigeria have plunged themselves in the production of what they seductively call religious films. They pretend to uncover the works of satan in these films. Do not fall into their traps; many of these films are witchcraft films, not made to denounce witchcraft but well-conceived so as to defile and initiate those who watch them. They are real initiations into witchcraft. You should therefore be very careful with these satanic films played under the name of religious films. And these films have flooded the markets today.


It goes the same with the books written by so-called former satanists. Almost all these men that you call "former" satanists are nothing but active satanists. You consider them former because they pretend to have repented, and are converted. Do not be deceived at all. They are in majority disguised wolves. They frame pompous and ludicrous testimonies, to successfully deceive the majority. Many amongst them have never even pretended to repent. It is just a well-developed plan of satan, and a terrible trap set against the Children of God.


Even when you read the testimonies of some of them, with some discernment, you understand at once that they are real demons. And to believe that a demon has repented, is being naive. You should not allow yourself to be deceived again, and you should never again fall into the traps of these monsters. When you read their testimonies, just draw what can be useful to you inside, but never fall into the trap of following them.




7.1- Obedience


The only true secret of victory in Spiritual Warfare is obedience to the word of God. Everything that I will explain further on this subject will be summed up in one word: Obedience. Children of God who choose to obey the word of God, and who walk according to the word of God, are constantly victorious in the warfare that they carry out. The Lord has told us everything in His word, but we do not often pay attention. At times we do not really understand what the Lord expects from us, at times we are not ready to submit ourselves to Him, at times we do not want to deny ourselves, at times we are stubborn, at times we allow ourselves to be deceived by vain reasoning. This is why Spiritual Warfare is very complicated for us, and that is the reason why at times satan is even victorious over us.


7.2- Prayer


To live as a conqueror, every child of God needs a true prayer life. When your prayer life is not moving well, you feel it. You do not even need to be told. It is only in prayer that each child of God exercises his warfare, and a real prayer life, is also a real life of warfare. And this warfare is that which every child of God is called to wage. You must live a true prayer life, and watch that your children and all those under your authority live a true life of prayer. You must always pray, pray everywhere, pray for everything, and pray without ceasing just as the Lord commanded us.


7.3- Intercession


Every child of God must develop a constant life of intercession. Interceding only when we are happy, and abandoning intercession when things are not moving the way we want, is dangerous. When we do not intercede, we are in a weak position before satan.


We must know how to make use of the gift of speaking in tongues that the Lord has granted us. Spiritual Warfare should be done in intelligence, but also in tongues. You should therefore pray in intelligence but also very much in tongues.


7.4- Fasting


The true child of God must take pleasure in fasting, and fast freely at all times, and this, with joy. Fasting is an integral part of our spiritual life, and we cannot do without it. A Christian life without fasting is senseless. Know that agents of satan in order to have victory over us, spend a lot of time in fasting, and on the whole, satanists spend more time in fasting than Christians.


I will at this level give you some other elements of discernment. With this sign, you will recognize other wolves in sheep clothing; you meet several so-called servants of God, who through satanic teachings, encourage Children of God not to fast. I have met two groups:


The first group twists the message of Isaiah 58, and teaches Children of God that fasting in the eyes of God does not mean abstaining from food, but rather means doing good, and avoiding sin. They add that if you spend a day without lying for instance, it means you have fasted lies on that day, and that if you spend a day without stealing, you will have fasted stealing on that day, and so on. And while these sorcerers trot out all these rubbish, you surprise them every time fasting. They fast to increase their power and have victory over the people of God, while lying to Children of God that fasting is no longer necessary.


The second group twists the word of God, and combines to their advantage, the passage of Matthew 9:15 with Matthew 28:20.


Matthew 9:15 "And Jesus said to them, Can the friends of the bridegroom mourn as long as the bridegroom is with them? But the days will come when the bridegroom will be taken away from them, and then they will fast."


Matthew 28:20 "... And lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age. Amen."


On the one hand, they say that Jesus said that when the bridegroom is there, the friends of the bridegroom do not need to fast. And on the other hand they say that Jesus said that He is with us always. Conclusion, we do not have to fast.


This is how you recognise agents of satan. By their cunning ways, they cause Children of God to disobey God as their father the devil caused Adam to disobey God. And when you disobey, you are of course the looser.


You have understood beloved, you should never again fall into the traps of these sons of perdition, and do no longer allow gluttony to prevent you from having great victories for the Lord. You need to fast and this, regularly, and you need to take pleasure in fasting. You need to be capable of fasting for several days, to the glory of the Lord.


7.5- Self-denial


"Then Jesus said to His disciples, "If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me." Matthew 16:24.


One of the keys to spiritual victory is self-denial. As long as you do not deny yourselves, as long as you want to live for yourselves, and as long as you want to live according to your own will, the victory in Spiritual Warfare is almost without hope for you. There is a price to pay for everything that is important. Every victory has a price, be ready to pay it. When a child of God denies himself, warfare becomes very easy for him, because the Lord will always grant him victory.


7.6- Faith


Faith is a key element in Spiritual Warfare. Spiritual Warfare is a war that opposes us to a world that we do not see, and to enemies most of whom are invisible to us. It is therefore only by faith that we can carry out Spiritual Warfare. And to expect victory in this warfare, there are two important dangers to avoid: Pride and fear.


We should avoid falling into the pride of believing that satan is worthless, and that we trample on him at will. Do not be deceived, satan is not weak at all. He is strong, much stronger than you can imagine. False teachings gave you the impression that satan was already dead, or that he is lying down, waiting that every person who pronounces the name of Jesus, should trample on him. This is wrong. If you intend to have victory over satan in warfare, you first of all need to understand that satan is much stronger than us.


Why do we then have victory over satan if he is stronger than us? It is because Jesus Christ in us is stronger than satan. So, always keep in mind that we are not stronger than satan, but Jesus Christ in us is stronger than him. It is our Master and Lord Jesus Christ who is stronger than satan, and it is Him who grants us victory over satan. It is not us as individuals who are stronger than satan. Never forget this when you fight, if not pride will cause your ruin.


"You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world." 1John 4:4.


I have gone through some pentecostal sects where the pastors of satan lead Children of God to joke with satan every day, by causing them to sing rubbish all the time while jumping. You hear them in large numbers shouting, "We kill satan boom boom..." And while they are yelling, they make big movements of the hand as people holding guns. And they are so happy to kill satan boom boom... And when you question those who kill satan boom boom, you discover that they are not even baptised in water. This means that these pastors agents of satan cause unbelievers to kill satan boom boom... So just understand that it is a real drama that these sorcerers play with satan, by exposing the lives of the few Children of God who are still in their midst.


Even we Children of God are not capable of killing satan, but for these sons of rebellion, it is unbelievers who are capable of killing satan, and even killing him so easily, just by a movement of the mouth and the hands. What is funny is that every day these fools kill satan, yet every day satan is always there. I always tell them that they are rather fortunate that satan himself knows that they are just clowning with him. If he took them seriously for a moment, he would destroy them.


I also met other zealous people, who instead of killing satan boom boom, rather spend time stamping on satan, trampling on satan, by pressing hard their heels on the ground. They have been taught that satan is under their heels, and they trample on him. Beloved, ignorance kills.


In the same way that we must avoid falling into pride when we are fighting against satan, in like manner, we must avoid falling into the trap of fear. If you want to be victorious in warfare, you must understand that satan is powerless in the name of Jesus.


To say that satan is stronger than us does not make of him another God. Satan is nothing but vanity before our God and Saviour Jesus Christ. Though strong with regard to man, satan is a simple creature in the eyes of God. And when we count on God to fight satan, by putting our faith in God, in the name of Jesus Christ His Son, we trample on satan and over all his power.


So, beloved, never fall into the trap, of trembling before satan, and you should never also take the risk of confronting satan without being sure that the Lord is with you. When we put our faith in Jesus during warfare, victory is assured. So then, when we are fighting, we must always have the faith that if our Master and Lord Jesus Christ is much stronger and greater than satan, then in His name, we are more than conquerors. You must be conscious of the power of the name of Jesus Christ, and the blood of Jesus Christ.


7.7- Purification


To expect any victory in warfare, you must fear God and pursue sanctification. And to completely escape from the attacks of satan and his army, you must live a life without reproach. For that reason, you must on the one hand purify your lives by fleeing sin, and by confessing your sins as you commit them, and on the other hand, purify your homes, by removing from your homes everything that acts as open doors to satan. The list of many of these things has been given above.


Do not let unbelievers do things anyhow in your home, under the pretext that you only put them up for a while. All those who enter your house must submit themselves to the laws of your house. For example, you should not allow unbelievers to watch TV in your house knowing that it is an abomination. You should neither allow workers (plumbers, electricians, etc.) to smoke in your house. In the same way that you avoid soiling your house, you should not allow those who come into your house to soil it. Maintain your house pure and exempt from all blemishes.


Do not forget that in the old covenant, the Lord was always angry with his people because of things that were doomed to destruction.


"Nor shall you bring an abomination into your house, lest you be doomed to destruction like it. You shall utterly detest it and utterly abhor it, for it is an accursed thing." Deuteronomy 7:26.


At times, we wonder how to know whether one object or another in our houses can serve as open doors. The answer is simple: remove from the house every object that does not serve you in any way, that is, everything that does not add anything to your spiritual or physical life. If you hang on to things just to satisfy the lusts of the eyes, or the pride of life, you will fall into the trap of satan. The Bible teaches us that: "All things are lawful for me, but not all things are helpful; all things are lawful for me, but not all things edify." 1Corinthians 10:23.


You should keep in your houses only things that are useful, and things that edify. From then on, before keeping an object, you need to be able to justify its usefulness. For instance, if somebody were to ask you the use of a wrist watch, you will be able to tell him, whereas, if you are asked the use of a ring, or a chain, or any other jewellery, you will have no other justification to give than the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, because these things are absolutely of no use to you.


There are many Christians who wear rings that they have chosen to call "wedding ring". In French the word "wedding ring" is translated "alliance" which means "covenant" or "bague d'alliance" which means "covenant's ring". When asked: Where does that covenant ring come from? Covenant's ring in relation to what? And who prescribed that "covenant's ring"? They are unable to answer. This shows the extent to which children of God have lost their mind. Instead of being the light of the world as the Lord said, they rather choose to make of the world their light. They copy the world without even thinking, and without asking the least question. Each time Christians want to get married, they copy the world as if they were copying the Bible. Each time they want to do something, they conform to the worldly standard. The world has become their best example to follow. For them, the Bible is something of the past, it is obsolete. "Thus says the Lord: Do not learn the way of the Gentiles; … For the customs of the peoples are futile…" Jeremiah 10:2-3.


You meet several Christians today with statutes and statuettes in their house. When they are asked the use of those things, they say they are just there to decorate the house, as if demons have become objects of decorations. And when you attempt to tell them that they are keeping demons in the house, some say that we see demons everywhere. If you want to decorate your houses, as Children of God, you need neither statutes, nor artificial flowers, nor paintings and other worldly carvings; you need only the word of God. If you want to live as a conqueror, you should not live any object in your house that can serve as an open door to satan.


"Therefore you shall lay up these words of mine in your heart and in your soul, and bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes. You shall teach them to your children, speaking of them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down, and when you rise up. And you shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates." Deuteronomy 11:18-20.


There are also many who keep the photos of dead people in their house, and even photos of corpses and coffins; at times the videos of death ceremony, with the images of corpses. When they are asked why they keep these objects, they say that they are recollections. With this, they are not different from catholics, or other pagans, who from time to time go to the cemeteries to cry, or to "meditate", as they say.


To live victoriously, you must understand the notion of vanity of the world and the things of the world. Know that the world is passing away, with all its vanity. I invite you to read and study with me the book of Ecclesiastics.


When you rent or buy a house, pray and cover every room of the house with the blood of Jesus. Satanists make terrible incantations on walls or on the ground or on any other place of the houses where they had lived. If you come after them, and get in and occupy the houses without destroying the incantations which were made there, you will certainly suffer from them. It is the same thing if you buy a car or any other furniture or property.


In this regard, I will give you two small testimonies that the Lord has granted us the grace to witness. The first is the case of a Christian family who had a new home. This family had moved from the old house to the new one with great joy, because the new house was bigger than the old one, and also cleaner. Once in the new home, this family had a lot of unusual difficulties and problems she could not explain. The family did not get along anymore; the woman and the husband were arguing, the behaviour of the children became irritating. They tried to pray and fight as much as they could, but with too little success. They lived this hell for many years.


One day, without knowing why, they had the idea to redecorate the house. The walls were covered with wallpaper. Instead of putting the paint back on the wallpaper as is often done, they preferred to remove the wallpaper from the wall. It was there that they discovered the unexpected. The walls of the house were engraved with great incantations, graffiti and other satanic images. They were all stupefied. Since they knew that in my teachings I put the emphasis on Spiritual Warfare, they called me and said, "Come and see the evidence of the teaching you give to God's people each time." I went there, and what I saw shocked me. Although I spent my time teaching Spiritual Warfare, I never imagined myself seeing what I saw that day.


Satanists who occupied this house had taken care before moving to make incantations on the walls, and to carefully cover the walls with a good wallpaper. Then they put paint on the wallpaper, making the house a well decorated house, and very presentable. The house was so presentable that no one could ever want to repaint it. And even if one chose to repaint this house by simple desire to change the colour of paint, nothing could push someone to remove the beautiful wallpaper from the wall. So it was a trap that was supposed to stay until the destruction of this house.


It is therefore by the grace of God that this satanic montage has been discovered. We then fought a serious Spiritual Warfare in this place; we destroyed all the incantations, and all the pacts which bound this house to the world of darkness. Then we prayed for this family. They repainted the house to remove all traces of these incantations, and they totally redecorated the house. After that they found peace and normal life, after several years of an undeserved ordeal. This allows you to understand that the sources of some of the problems you have are so hidden that it only takes the grace of God to discover them.


The second testimony concerns the case of a witch that we knew in the past. This witch had come to us supposedly to give her life to Christ. She was accommodated by a sister of the Assembly. The Lord revealed to us that she was a satanist on mission in the Church, and that she had no intention of making a true repentance, and we chased her away. She went and found shelter in a hostel where the government temporarily housed homeless women. One of the managers of this hostel happened to be a sister in Christ who knew us. When this witch came to this hostel, the sister informed me, and I warned her against the trap that this witch constituted. She had then arranged for this witch to be watched, and also for her not to stay long in that hostel.


A few days later, the hostel sent this witch away, and the room was given to another woman. The new woman moved into this room, and the next day she was found dead. She had committed suicide. The witch before leaving, had made incantations in the room, and left her demons in the room to kill the next person who would occupy the room. Unfortunately, this new woman who did not have Jesus Christ, and who did not know the Spiritual Warfare, was the victim of all the incantations that the witch had made in the room before leaving.


The main lesson from these testimonies is that when you move into a new home, whether permanently or temporarily, such as a hotel or inn, or a hostel, wage Spiritual Warfare seriously, and make sure you destroy all the incantations made in this place, and all the evil spirits that are there, before you settle down. Never settle in a new place without first having engaged in a serious Spiritual Warfare.


7.8- Separation


If you want to blossom in your spiritual life, it is essential that you separate yourself from all those who stand as an obstacle to you, and from all those who constitute a stumbling block to you. "He who is not with Me is against Me, and he who does not gather with Me scatters." Luke 11:23.


The teaching on separation that we always find very difficult to accept is one of the keys to success in the warfare that satan launches against us daily. To be separated from uncircumcised, from rebels to the word of God, from those who fight the truth, from deceivers, and other enemies of God, is simply obedience to God.


As Children of God, we have the duty to love the things that God Himself loves, and to detest all that God detests. We have the obligation to see things the way God Himself sees them, and to appreciate things the way God appreciates them. We must accept what God says even if we are not happy. We need to understand things according to God, and our words must be defined according to the dictionary of God, and not according to that of the world. Understand therefore that love according to God has nothing to do with love according to the world; that family according to God is different from family according to the world; and friendship according to God is far from friendship according to the world.


"Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth. I did not come to bring peace but a sword. For I have come to 'set a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law'; and 'a man's enemies will be those of his own household.' He who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me. And he who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me. And he who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me. He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for My sake will find it." Matthew 10:34-39.


Understand very well that we must never talk of love outside God, that is, apart from Jesus Christ. The friends of God are our friends, and the enemies of God are our enemies.


"I am a companion of all who fear You, And of those who keep Your precepts." Psalm 119:63.


"Do I not hate them, O Lord, who hate You? And do I not loathe those who rise up against You? I hate them with perfect hatred; I count them my enemies." Psalm 139:21-22.


"But He answered and said to them, "My mother and My brothers are these who hear the word of God and do it." Luke 8:21.


Our family therefore consists of all those who love the Lord Jesus Christ with a steadfast love, and our friends are all those who have chosen the truth, who love the truth, and who live in the truth. Know that all those who are not in the camp of Jesus Christ constitute an open door for us, and satan can use them at any time to reach us. Of this number, you have the unbelievers, the sorcerers, the traitors, the hypocritical christians, all those who refuse the truth, those who reject the Lord, and those who fight against the truth.


"If anyone comes to Me and does not hate his father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, yes, and his own life also, he cannot be My disciple. And whoever does not bear his cross and come after Me cannot be My disciple." Luke 14:26-27.


We must separate ourselves from all these categories of persons, and our relationship with these people must be limited to normal relations, that is, relationship binding someone living with people in the same world. Do not forget that you are in the world but you are not of the world. Each time this teaching is given, there are hard-hearted people who say they are with pagans or in worldly meetings every day because they want to evangelise the pagans. This is nothing but pure seduction beloved. You do not need many years to evangelise the same person or the same people.


You could at times assist unbelievers, or participate in some of their activities as long as those things do not push you to compromise yourself before God. It can involve schoolmates, colleagues, or neighbours.


"But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves." James 1:22.


Avoid communication with sorcerers or people who voluntarily rebel against God. When people voluntarily rebel against God, they become very powerful instruments in the hands of satan. Know therefore that those who fight the truth are extremely dangerous.


Those amongst the Children of God who lodge unbelievers and agents of satan, must understand that these people are great open doors to satan in their houses. Those who despite everything continue to be stubborn by opening such doors must be ready to suffer the consequences.


Let us come back to the notion of authority, to see how this authority is perceived in the spiritual world. God knows spiritual laws, and satan also knows them. God knows when one is responsible, and satan knows that as well. Each time you have the authority to act in a given situation, God holds you responsible if you do not act. And satan knows that. In the Garden of Eden, it was Eve that sinned, yet Adam did not go free. Why? Because Adam was in the position of authority, and had the obligation to watch over Eve.


In a house, the man is in a position of authority, and he has the responsibility to keep the house in order so as to close all the doors to satan. When this is not done, God holds him responsible. This means that, whenever there are doors opened to satan in a house, it is the person who has authority that God holds responsible. A married woman is therefore not responsible before God when the husband refuses to purify the house, unless she has the rights to do so without reprisals from the husband.


It is the same for minor children, and those who are still living under the roof of their parents. They are not held responsible before God when their parents refuse to purify the house, unless they have the authority to do this without reprisals from their parents. A woman, who is not under the cover of a man, is responsible for her house, and children who are no longer under the cover of the parents, become responsible for all the open doors in their house.


7.9- Discretion


Discretion is a very important element in Spiritual Warfare. Know that the more satan and his agents have information about us, the much easier it is for them to fight us. The more they know our plans, the less efficient we become against them. Let us read these examples concerning the soldiers of the Lord who understood the importance of discretion in warfare. You can also meditate the following passages: Joshua 2:1, 14, Joshua 8:3-4, and 1Samuel 14:1, 11, 22.


"So Gideon took ten men from among his servants and did as the Lord had said to him. But because he feared his father's household and the men of the city too much to do it by day, he did it by night." Judges 6:27.


"So I came to Jerusalem and was there three days. Then I arose in the night, I and a few men with me; I told no one what my God had put in my heart to do at Jerusalem. … And the officials did not know where I had gone or what I had done; I had not yet told the Jews, the priests, the nobles, the officials, or the others who did the work." Nehemiah 2:11-16.


To succeed in certain types of incantations against us, agents of satan absolutely need some information concerning us. That is why the search for information is paramount for them. I seize the opportunity at this level to give you another element of discernment. You will recognise agents of satan in your midst by the spirit of excess curiosity they have. Once you meet so-called brothers or sisters with curiosity above normal, understand that they are agents of satan. True Children of God only seek after information that can be useful to them, and they avoid intruding into things, which do not concern them.


So you should not be surprised that agents of satan spend time spying on us. They strongly need information concerning us, to succeed in some of their incantations. You should watch as from now not to yield to the seduction and tricks of these instruments of satan who are still in your midst, and who exploit every situation to get information concerning you, even information that normally will never benefit them anything.


Also, know very well that you are not obliged to answer all the questions that people ask you, except you are in front of people who ask you reasonable questions, with the aim of helping you. We see here the example of Jesus in front of the Sadducees: "Now when He came into the temple, the chief priests and the elders of the people confronted Him as He was teaching, and said, 'By what authority are You doing these things? And who gave You this authority?'... And He said to them, 'Neither will I tell you by what authority I do these things.'" Matthew 21:23-27.


Learn to say no whenever it is necessary, and learn to resist the tricks of sorcerers, who through subtle way of seduction and deceitful words influence you to give them all the information they want about you, so as to harm you. And these agents of satan always want to be at the centre of every information, and through their seduction, they know how to deceive people to confide in them. They give you the impression that they want to help you, they even leave your leaders aside, and pretend as if they pay more attention to your problems than those leading you. They want to know everything about you so as to better succeed in their incantations. Be more vigilant now, and you will catch them.


7.10- Vigilance


We must be vigilant, by being careful with everything, according to the counsel of the Lord. Like Job, we must watch over our own selves, over our children, over our house, and over everything that is under our control. "There was a man in the land of Uz, whose name was Job; and that man was blameless and upright, and one who feared God and shunned evil. … And his sons would go and feast in their houses, each on his appointed day, and would send and invite their three sisters to eat and drink with them. So it was, when the days of feasting had run their course, that Job would send and sanctify them, and he would rise early in the morning and offer burnt offerings according to the number of them all. For Job said, "It may be that my sons have sinned and cursed God in their hearts." Thus Job did regularly." Job 1:1, 4-5.


With regard to children, teach them according to the Lord, and not according to the world. Be very careful not to fall into satanic laws that forbid parents from correcting their children. You must correct the children whenever necessary, to bring them to their senses, and save their souls from Hades. "Do not withhold correction from a child, for if you beat him with a rod, he will not die. You shall beat him with a rod, and deliver his soul from Hell." Proverbs 23:13-14. "He who spares his rod hates his son, but he who loves him disciplines him promptly." Proverbs 13:24.


You must shelter them from all the distractions and abominations of this world, also keep them from television and video games, which constitute powerful instruments in the hands of satan today to initiate children. I will never be weary of telling you that television is purely satanic, and is destructive both to you and to your children.


Your children must understand that they must not take things from people and put them in their mouths. They must understand that they must always sanctify everything before eating. As well as you, they should understand very well the teachings on the tricks and works of satan, so as to help you in the warfare.


You need to discipline children so that they learn to eat at the right time, not to eat in disorder, and not to eat outside. Get them to flee from all the little delicacies that agents of satan use to initiate children, such as sweets, biscuits, small cakes, chocolates, etc. Accustom them to flee from those things completely.


Commend children not to take anything from people, either on the street, or at school. See to it that your children have all their classroom tools such as pencils, pen, etc. in order not to find themselves asking their classmates for these things. Schools are filled with small wizards unfortunately, who exploit every small opportunity to initiate other children. Be very careful.


When you want to buy something, watch over the label, motives, images, drawings, writings, or the symbols that are put on them. Many of the products that you buy announce in advance their own curses, and you should not buy them under the pretext that you will purify them. It is the same thing with things that are offered to you.


For instance, you may find dresses, or products, or perfumes, or deodorants with the following labels: possession, seduction, obsession, rebellion, revolt, boa, I am available, jealousy, vengeance, sexy, etc. the list is long. They choose to announce to you the type of curses that you are buying, and the type of demon that will possess you. You only need to be foolish to buy those things under the pretext that you will purify them.


Many women, including young girls have become prostitutes unintentionally, simply due to the incantations caught on the different underwear that they buy or receive as gifts. So when you see these women who are prostitute, do not condemn them without seeking to know what is happening to them. Very often they are under serious incantations. Many satanic sects like the Amorc (Rosicrucians) offer to their followers the powers to make incantations on women so as to have them at will.


Women are not the only victims of such incantations, but the whole world is exposed to that. That is why the Bible tells us in 1John 5:19 "that the whole world lies under the sway of the wicked one." You now understand that the warfare is really tough. Not only shall we fight for ourselves, we also need to fight and liberate these innocents who are every day the prey of satan and of his agents. You must add to vigilance firmness, rigour and discipline. A single grain of compromise cost you dearly, very dearly.


7.11- Prudence


"Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves." Matthew 10:16.


Prudence is part of the recommendations that the Lord has given us. The more you understand Spiritual Warfare, the more you will understand that there is no recommendation that God has given for nothing. The spiritual world is a peculiar one and spiritual laws are so complex. The only true secret for us, to be sheltered from all, so as to feel secured, is obedience to God. By observing the word of God just as He has given us, we escape from all the traps of the enemy.




To fight as a conqueror, you must observe all the principles of warfare just as we have studied, by making the pursuit of holiness, your life. The warfare that every true child of God must wage consists in neutralizing the different demons that are in operation in the world, so as to escape from their attacks, and also to protect all those who like us, are the targets of satan's army.


8.1- Destroy the sources of strength and power of satan's agents


In order to be strong and powerful, satanists need to eat human flesh and drink human blood, or failing that, those of animals. That is why they make a lot of incantations so as to cause numerous accidents, and numerous crimes, with the goal of collecting flesh and blood. And the more they eat flesh and drink blood, the more they gain spiritual strength. For this reason, they have in their world, large stocks of human flesh and blood banks, which they supply each time.


In order to weaken these satanists, we need to attack their sources of strength and power, and then constantly strike them with the fire of God wherever we can, and as often as we can. We need to destroy the reserve of blood that they have in their blood banks, the human flesh and the human powder in stock, and all other reserves that they may have.


For satanists to fight us, they use several instruments such as screens, cameras, satellites, radars, satanic mirrors, antennas, and other communication devices. Every time you have to destroy this arsenal of war. Know that when you destroy them, they rebuild them. So do not think that when you destroy them once it is all over. As long as satan exists, he will always equip himself to fight the people of God. So do not be tired in the warfare. It is a warfare that will last for as long as the people of God are on earth, and as long as satan is free.


8.2- Disperse the meetings of the agents of satan


Another element of warfare for us would be to disperse their meetings each time, because it is during these various meetings that they get organized to attack us. We need to send the fire of God to their various meeting places, which include amongst others: cemeteries, seas, oceans, streams, rivers, and the different waterways, forests, air, parks, mountains, valleys, night clubs, hospitals, trees, abandoned houses, catholic temples, Buddhist temples, other religious temples, temples of sects, public gardens, roads, rails, attraction parks, museums, pubs, supermarkets, mosques, stadiums, schools, tunnels and bridges, attraction sites, etc.


There are certain places that have remained unsuspected for a long time, giving the appearance of places of peace and security. These are the temples and buildings of some Pentecostal sects called living churches. With all the different testimonies you have received, you now know that those great sorcerers you ignorantly call great men of God, sign pacts with the satanic world to be popular, and to become great in the eyes of the world. Satan then gives them many incantations to bury in the church hall, or even where the building will be built, to possess the faithful. The places where these great buildings of the so-called living churches are built are subjected to as many satanic incantations and pacts as the catholic temples. These places are therefore as abominable and as dangerous as the other satanic places that we have cited as places not to frequent. You must also constantly strike these places with the fire of God, destroy all the power of darkness that is buried there, and free all the ignorant faithful who are victims of the pacts signed by their sorcerer pastors with satan.


8.3- Different actions to take


- Cause confusion in the midst of the troops of satan;

- Pray every time to cause confusion in their camps and in their armies;

- Pray that the wicked should fall into the traps that they have set for us;

- Return against the agents of satan all the arrows that they have sent against us;

- Send the fire of God against all the demons sent against us;

- Send the fire of God to the laboratories and the temples of satan;

- Destroy the airports of satan and his roads under the sea.


- Dry all the blood that they have in their blood banks;

- Destroy all the human flesh and powders of human flesh they have in stock;

- Send the fire of God to strike the demons of accidents, and destroy their incantations on the roads;

- Send the fire of God against the agents of satan who are constantly fasting and praying for men of God to fall.


- Send the fire of God to destroy the installations and equipment of satan that we have cited;

- Strike by the fire of God the different demons controlling the different nations;

- Strike by the fire of God all the agents of satan who are fasting and praying against Christians;

- Destroy all their plans against us.


Besides the big laboratories of satan, every satanist has a personal laboratory in which he carries out his practices. And in these laboratories, they always have stock of human flesh and blood.


- Destroy all these laboratories, with their contents;

- Constantly send the fire of God against sorcerers and witch doctors of the places where you live, and of other places, as you are led by the Holy Spirit;

- For those that transform themselves into animals and objects, destroy their powers of transformation, and strike them by the fire of God. Destroy the new forms that they take.


- For those that go out of their bodies, crush them and strike them with the fire of God. Destroy the bodies that they take on in order to carry out their operations;

- Strike the demons that hold different places captive, and destroy their empires over those places;

- Each time you have an attack, always destroy the demons that are behind those attacks;

- Always destroy information concerning us that satan and his agents hold in their world.


- Satan and his demons usually make efforts to block our blessings, and the fulfilment of our prayers. You should release those blessings in the name of Jesus Christ, and send the fire of God to consume the hands holding those blessings;

- Liberate the answers to our prayers that they hold, in the name of Jesus Christ, and send the fire of God to strike the demons that hold them;

- Send the fire of God to destroy all their projects, and the projects that they are still planning.


- You need to purify public toilets and public phones before using them, public seats before sitting down; in short, pray without ceasing, purify everything, and cover everything by the blood of Jesus.


For students who often share rooms and have shared showers and toilets, you need to be very careful. Be careful with all shared facilities. Never use them without purifying them. These are the places satanists exploit each time so as to carry out incantations against you. Know that amongst students and pupils there are many great sorcerers that you do not know.


Whenever you buy something, and are given the change, you should cover that money with the blood of Jesus, and even the money you withdraw from the bank must be covered. Cover all your transactions with the blood of Jesus Christ.


Pray constantly to cover all the foods that are in the various markets with the blood of Jesus Christ. And when you go into a shop, a supermarket, or a market, you should cover all the food that are there with the blood of Jesus, and break all the incantations that were made on them. By doing this, you save thousands of innocent people that could have consumed these incantations and be affected by them.


You need to cover all your journeys, all your things and all your activities with the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. When you want to travel by car, or by any other means of transportation, send the fire of God to strike all the demons that are waiting for you on the way. Always send the fire of God on all the roads that you will take, and cover all these roads by the blood of Jesus. Avoid hitchhiking, especially when you are alone.


You often see the images of the eye everywhere today, either on posters, or on advertisements on the roads, or on dresses, etc. These eyes are not just images as you think. They are true eyes, true spiritual eyes that are watching you. You should not buy products with such images on them. And for these eyes that you see on posters and adverts, you should strike them with the fire of God. It is the same thing with ears images, and other satanic images pasted everywhere, and pornographic posters and other abominable posters that you find everywhere. You need to cancel all the incantations behind these things.


Constantly strike with the fire of God the satanic eyes that are focused on you, and the satanic ears that listen to your conversations. Consume them by the fire of God. Also send every time the fire of God to destroy the satanic cameras that are focussed on us, and the screens with which they monitor our lives.


The numerous graffiti and tags that you see everywhere now are equally great incantations of satan that you need to totally destroy with the fire of God.


Beloved, become warriors. Constantly cover your roads with the blood of Jesus. Know that you have the power to put an end to this satanic campaign of blood collection on roads recognized as major killer roads around you and elsewhere. You just need to constantly strike the demons of accidents sent on these roads.


In the same way you can halt accidents on the roads, you can also free many innocents from other sufferings, by striking the different demons that are in charge of these plagues. There are plagues such as witchcraft, prostitution, divorce, suicide, adultery, debauchery, theft, rape, murder, corruption, homosexuality, etc. Constantly send the fire of God to destroy the demons in charge of these plagues.


There are also sects like the Freemason, Amorc (Rosicrucian), Eckankar, and other satanic sects that hold captive the governments of nations. Constantly send the fire of God to destroy the demons responsible for these sects, and destroy their strongholds over your governments.


8.4- How to pray?


When you want to give orders that the spiritual world has to obey, it is in intelligence that you should pray, since you need to understand what you are asking for. For this reason, part of the warfare must be done in intelligence.


When you really want to fight, avoid praying while seated, and avoid praying on your knees. Satan rapidly pushes you into the trap of sleep when you are praying seated or on your knees. You should fight while standing. Praise and prayer night vigil are very appropriate warfare tools.


Each time brethren ask me to tell them how to make such or such type of prayer. I am always embarrassed when it comes to the answer to give, because I find it better to encourage Children of God to often formulate their own prayers, instead of giving them ready made prayers to recite. The disadvantage with repeating a prayer is that when a word is forgotten, one does no longer know what to say. I will however formulate some prayers just for illustration, which can give you a sense of direction on how to pray. But you should not just limit yourselves to these prayers or words that I have used. These guidelines will only help you to formulate your own prayers according to the different situations in which you find yourself.


8.5- Some examples of prayers for warfare


You demons of accidents sent on the roads, I strike you by the fire of God in the name of Jesus Christ, and I destroy all the incantations that you have made on the roads by the fire of God in the name of Jesus Christ.


All the arrows and incantations that you have sent against us, I turn them against you in the name of Jesus. I command that your own arrows pierce and destroy you in the name of Jesus...


You demons and other agents of satan, I cancel all your words and incantations against us in the name of Jesus Christ. I destroy all your projects against me by the fire of God in the name of Jesus.


I dry up all the blood that you have in your blood banks by the blood of Jesus Christ; I destroy by the fire of God all the human flesh and human powders that you have in stock, in the name of Jesus.


I destroy all your screens and all your satellites, as well as all the satanic mirrors that you use by the fire of God in the name of Jesus Christ.


You demons holding my blessings, I strike you by the fire of God in the name of Jesus Christ, and I release all my blessings in the name of Jesus Christ.


You demons blocking the answers to my prayers, I send the fire of God to paralyse you in the name of Jesus Christ, and I release the answers to my prayers in the name of Jesus Christ.


You demons of the freemasonry, I strike you by the fire of God in the name of Jesus Christ.


All of you agents of satan fasting against us, I strike you by the fire of God in the name of Jesus.


I destroy all my information that you are holding in your world of darkness by the fire of God in the name of Jesus Christ, and I cancel all the incantations that you have made against me through this information in the name of Jesus Christ.


All my objects, hairs, nails, clothes, and others that you are holding…


I send the fire of God to all the cemeteries to strike all the demons operating there, and I destroy all the activities done there, in the name of Jesus Christ.


All you sorcerers operating in this quarter, I destroy all your powers by the fire of God in the name of Jesus Christ, and I destroy all your laboratories and works in the name of Jesus Christ. I free all the persons that you hold captives in the name of Jesus Christ.


I send the fire of God to disperse your meetings in the name of Jesus Christ, and cause confusion in your midst in the name of Jesus Christ. Let all the demons sent against us turn against one another and destroy each other in the name of Jesus Christ.


Causing confusion in the camp of satan is a very powerful weapon for us. When the Lord causes confusion in their midst, they destroy one another while we are at rest. Here are some examples in the Bible: Judges 7:22; 1Samuel 14:20; 2Chronicles 20:23.


"When the three hundred blew the trumpets, the Lord set every man's sword against his companion throughout the whole camp." Judges 7:22.


"Then Saul and all the people who were with him assembled, and they went to the battle; and indeed every man's sword was against his neighbour, and there was very great confusion." 1Samuel 14:20.


"For the people of Ammon and Moab stood up against the inhabitants of Mount Seir to utterly kill and destroy them. And when they had made an end of the inhabitants of Seir, they helped to destroy one another." 2Chronicles 20:23.


8.6- Before going to sleep


- Send the fire of God into all waterways, seas, trees, air, forests, hospitals, cemeteries, parks, stadiums, nightclubs, bars, and all other places where these demons meet during the night to plan their attacks against us;

- Destroy the transformative power of those who come out of their bodies to operate;

- Surround your house with the blood of Jesus Christ or the fire of God, and ban every demon from approaching;

- Decree that any demon that will attempt to violate the barrier that you have placed, be consumed by the fire of God;

- Command a peaceful sleep.


8.7- Warnings


As I have explained before, the first element needed for Spiritual Warfare is the Truth. Do not engage in warfare if you do not want to live in the truth. It would be very risky for you.


Know that the more you fight, the more satan fights you. Therefore, if you want to commit yourself to Spiritual Warfare, be ready to live a life of sanctification, by watching carefully in order not to open doors to satan. And every time you open a door, close it without wasting time.


Also bear in mind that satan will spend all his time lying in wait for you, so as to revenge himself, and if he finds the least opening, he will exploit it. It is a good thing for us to be aware of the fact that satan is lying in wait for us. This gives us more commitment in the search for sanctification.




All the doors open to satan can only be closed by repentance and prayer. If it is sin, confess, and abandon it. After that, you pray and take authority over all the demons that exploited these doors, which were opened. You cast out all those who may have taken up residence in you; you strike with the fire of God all those who may have had control over your life; and you close all those doors which you had opened by the blood of Jesus Christ. To do this job well, refer to the teaching entitled "Personal Deliverance", which you will find on the website www.mcreveil.org.


If it concerns people or animals, you separate yourself from them as quickly as possible.


If it concerns objects, you get rid of them as soon as possible. If they are your own objects, you should throw them away. If it concerns borrowed objects, you should return them. If they are stolen objects, refer to the teaching entitled "Restitution", which you will find on the website www.mcreveil.org.


If it concerns things that you gave to people, either you get them back if possible, or you pray and break those links if you can no longer get them back. If it concerns words or curses, you cancel them in the name of Jesus Christ. If it concerns your objects that satanists are holding in their dark world, you pray and cover all those things with the blood of Jesus Christ, and you consume them by the fire of God.


If it concerns debts that you owe, ask for forgiveness from the Lord and repay them if possible, and cancel every links that resulted from that. Whatever be the case, the moment you finish, you need to pray and take authority over those demons that exploited the open doors to ruin you. You strike them with the fire of God and close the doors once and for all with the blood of Jesus Christ.


There is a very big advantage in closing all the doors that are open to satan in our lives. When we have managed to close all the doors, and when we make every effort to live without open doors, not only do we approach salvation with assurance, we also live without fear whenever an evil come upon us. We totally escape from the sin of guilt; as our brother Job, we do not panic in times of evil.


9.1-Watch out for counter attacks


When you fight, do not think that satan will congratulate you, for having destroyed his works and his installations. He prepares to launch a counter attack without wasting any time. We should therefore watch to thwart or stop his counter-attacks even before he sends them. For that reason, when you engage in a warfare, as you already know that satan will send his arrows and his demons against you in return, you need to engage in another warfare straight away to strike by the fire of God all the demons that will be sent against you, and you return immediately all the arrows that will be sent against you. You turn them against those who are going to send them, by commanding that they be destroyed by their own arrows, and that they should fall into the traps that they have set against us.


9.2- Discouragement


Do not forget that another renowned weapon of the devil against us is discouragement. You should constantly strike the demons of discouragement, and you should not allow yourself to be caught in the trap of discouragement. No matter the situation that you are passing through, no matter the difficulties that you are enduring, you should never give in to discouragement. Understand that it is the Lord our God who has the final word.


Even if it happens that you sin against God, you should not allow yourself to be carried away by discouragement. The Lord is the only one who justifies. "Who shall bring a charge against God's elect? It is God who justifies. Who is he who condemns? It is Christ who died, and furthermore is also risen, who is even at the right hand of God, who also makes intercession for us." Romans 8:33-34.


Cry before God, confess your sins, and get back to warfare. Satan always does all he can to push us to the end of our strength, keep this firmly in your mind. But, "Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword?" Romans 8:35. The Bible tells us: "You have not yet resisted to bloodshed, striving against sin." Hebrews 12:4.




Do not fall into the trap when you are engaged in Spiritual Warfare, of misinterpreting the words of the Lord which say: "But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you … " Matthew 5:44. "Therefore, if your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him a drink; for in so doing you will heap coals of fire on his head." Romans 12:20.


When the Lord talks about enemies here, He is not talking about satan and his wicked spirits, He is talking about normal human beings who very often are our enemies. The Lord will never ask you to go and bless satan and his demons, nor to do them good. He will neither ask you to give food to satan and his demons. You should therefore know how to understand the meaning of God's word.


"For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places." Ephesians 6:12.


Those that the Lord considers as our enemies, whom we are supposed to bless, are flesh and blood as mentioned above. On the contrary, we must fight against all the other enemies we have enumerated, hence the need for Spiritual Warfare.




As for the passages of the word of God concerning warfare's prayers, you have enough in the Bible, especially in Psalms. Here are some that we have selected for you:


Psalm 5:10 "Destroy them, O God! Let them fall by their own counsels. Cast them out in the multitude of their transgressions, for they have rebelled against You."


Psalm 7:6 "Arise, O Lord, in Your anger; lift Yourself up because of the rage of my enemies; rise up for me to the judgment You have commanded!"


Psalm 28:4 "Repay them for their deeds and for their evil work; repay them for what their hands have done and bring back on them what they deserve."


Psalm 40:14-15 "Let them be ashamed and brought to mutual confusion who seek to destroy my life; let them be driven backward and brought to dishonour who wish me evil. Let them be confounded because of their shame, who say to me, 'Aha, aha!'"


Psalm 58:6-8 "Break the teeth in their mouths, O God; Lord, tear out the fangs of those lions! Let them vanish like water that flows away; when they draw the bow, let their arrows fall short. May they be like a slug that melts away as it moves along, ..."


Psalm 59:13 "Consume them in your wrath, consume them till they are no more. Then it will be known to the ends of the earth that God rules over Jacob."


Psalm 71:13 "May my accusers perish in shame; may those who want to harm me be covered with scorn and disgrace."


Psalm 83:13-18 "Make them like tumbleweed, my God, like chaff before the wind. As fire consumes the forest or a flame sets the mountains ablaze, so pursue them with your tempest and terrify them with your storm. Cover their faces with shame, Lord, so that they will seek your name. May they ever be ashamed and dismayed; may they perish in disgrace. Let them know that you, whose name is the Lord that you alone are the Most High over all the earth."


Psalm 86:17 "Give me a sign of your goodness, that my enemies may see it and be put to shame, for you, Lord, have helped me and comforted me."


Psalm 119:78 "May the arrogant be put to shame for wronging me without cause; but I will meditate on your precepts."


Psalm 140:8-10 "Do not grant the wicked their desires, Lord; do not let their plans succeed. Those who surround me proudly rear their heads; may the mischief of their lips engulf them. May burning coals fall on them; may they be thrown into the fire, into miry pits, never to rise."


Psalm 141:10 "Let the wicked fall into their own nets, while I escape safely."


Psalm 144:6 "Send forth lightning and scatter the enemy; shoot your arrows and rout them."


Lamentations 3:64-66 "Pay them back what they deserve, Lord, for what their hands have done. Put a veil over their hearts, and may your curse be on them! Pursue them in anger and destroy them from under the heavens of the Lord."




All sorts of follies are practiced nowadays in the name of Spiritual Warfare, and I find it wise not to close this teaching without dwelling on this point. More and more, many sorcerers are made to be called pastors, evangelists, prophets, apostles and others. They take advantage of the misery of the population so as to subject them to all possible tortures, under the pretext of delivering them, or leading them to Spiritual Warfare. Satan once again passes through these demons in flesh to cause confusion in the work of God.


There is so much confusion nowadays that many of those seeking God do no longer know where to go, nor who is a pastor and who is not. In these end times, satan has asked his demons to disguise themselves as pastors and multiply themselves in great numbers, to operate quickly, because their time is over. And with a lot of seductions and incantations, these sons of perdition have succeeded in blinding millions of people, who foolishly follow them into their abominable practices without thinking.


There is even a big Pentecostal sect that went as far as calling their denomination "Spiritual Warfare". This sect with a Jezabel as leader has become another powerful instrument in the hands of satan for the recruitments of new agents, and for the initiation of several women into witchcraft. If it is really God that you are seeking, come out of all those satanic clubs that spend time boasting of power. If you run after power, you will find yourself in the world of darkness.


When you go round the cities today, you are overwhelmed by the types of teachings and practices in churches. The pastors of satan have turned churches into centres of recruitment for satan. They teach rubbish to those listening to them, and push them into follies in order to open large doors to satan. They lead the faithful, many of whom are not even baptised into water, into what they call "Spiritual Warfare". And during these so-called warfare, you hear them shouting: "Satan I cut you, cut", by making big gestures as to cut him.


In other places, they strike sandals against the ground, under the pretext of striking the enemies. Still in other places, they clap hands, as a sign of slapping the enemies. In other places you hear words of follies such as: "Satan I oblige you to drink the blood of Jesus, I throw you into the sea, I send you into the depths of the earth, I purge you with the blood of Jesus, I purge you with very hot red pepper", etc.


We also meet fools who tell satan: "Satan your teeth are yellow", "Satan your mouth has a bad odour", etc. These are the things sorcerers do in churches today, and call such madness Spiritual Warfare.


There are also places where sorcerers hide behind what they call deliverance to initiate thousands of people into witchcraft. During deliverance sessions, they ask people to take a deep breath with all their strength until they urinate or defecate on themselves, or vomit, or fall, etc. After this stage, sorcerers come and cause them to spin round with their eyes closed, while striking them both on their chests and simultaneously on their back, and do everything possible to make them fall, because it is a sign, which according to them proves that these people have been delivered.


Other sorcerers, in order to pray for the sick, tell them that if they have faith that God can heal them, they should go round the yard seven times while running. It is quite pitiful when you see old people without strength running outside the yard.


Another sorcerer who calls himself a prophet sends round chewing gums from Ghana, which he calls "chewing gum missile" while promising to the ignorant who receive them that if they chew one of these "chewing gum missiles", it will be a missile that they will be sending in the camp of their enemies.


There are other sorcerers who use fans to deliver people. They deceive the ignorant by telling them that the air released by the fans will chase out their demons. These poor and simple are therefore called to fall the moment the air from the fan blows on them.


Others also draw a line on the ground with a piece of chalk and order the sick to cross the line drawn so as to obtain their healing.


In the big sect called "universal church", sorcerers sell oil they claim to have come from Israel, and they use brooms (to chase out evil spirits from the house), photos (to pray for somebody afar or who is unable to get to them), salt (for your husband to love you), etc. In front of their temples it is written "stop suffering, come, a better life awaits you".


Other sorcerers in order to demonstrate their powers create a scene somewhat similar to that of the woman with the issue of blood in the Bible, and who made efforts to defy the crowd to touch Jesus. These sorcerers create similar situations, surround themselves with a large crowd of youths who stand as obstacles, and ask the sick who want healing to do everything they can to sneak in with these obstacles and touch them.


We also followed another teaching where people were recommended to eat a lot of meat in other to be strong in Spiritual Warfare. If this teaching were true, what would become of people who cannot afford to buy meat? Do not forget that meat is still a luxury for millions of people. It is not by eating a lot of meat that we become strong in Spiritual Warfare, it is by fasting and praying.


Many other sects such as the Catholics and the so-called "evangelical" churches ask their faithful to bring gallons of water, so that they pray over it and transform it into what they call holy water. And you see faithful who carry along flasks and gallons of waters to be blessed, and this water will be carefully preserved in their houses for several practices according to the recommendations given to them. Other sects abusively use oil for witchcraft practices.


You even find sorcerers pastors who sell Chinese drugs in their assemblies, under the pretext of helping those who are suffering. All methods are good for satan's agents today, to initiate people into witchcraft. These demons lie to their faithful by telling them that those drugs cure all types of diseases. In this way, they enrich themselves at the expense of these poor and miserable faithful. They have created a whole network of marketing to commercialise these products, promising the sellers great fortunes going from big Mercedes to boats, without forgetting houses.


Other demon pastors actually engage into investing money by promising their faithful high interest rates that no bank in the world could offer. At times, they even offer interest rates of up to two hundred percent in just few months. They even run after unbelievers in order to propose their "enticing business". The gospel of satan called the gospel of prosperity that sorcerers preach today, is a powerful weapon that satan has used to capture the greedy and all those whose hearts are attached to the things of the world.




13.1- Pastors who sign pacts with satan to become famous


During one of our visits to West Africa, some pastors shared with us this sad testimony that I would like to share with you. It concerns what happened in Ivory Coast not too long ago. More than fifty pastors who were recognised as "great men of God", with churches of thousands of faithful, were exposed by some great voodoo priests. It was in fact at the homes of those great voodoo priests that these so-called great pastors, founders, powerful and renowned sought for sorcery in order to attract people into churches. To succeed in their evil projects, some of these sorcerers buried the humps of people with humpbacks beneath their altars as recommended to them by the priests of satan, in order to have absolute control over each and every member of the church; others buried a white horse beneath their altars before construction so as to have absolute power of seduction and control over all the faithful, etc.


This explains why today, many people recognise the truth when it is preached to them, but they find it difficult to leave the false assemblies full of all rotten practices in which they find themselves, whereas these abominable practices are visible to all. It is because they are bound by the incantations that were done in those satanic places, by these satanists that are mistakenly called pastors.


When I asked these pastors who explained the testimonies to us, how these sorcerers obtained the humps of people with humpbacks, they explained to us that they are generally offered to them by these voodoo priests themselves. Voodoo priests generally go to the graveyards of people who in their live time were recognised as humpbacked so as to dig their remains.


These sorcerers had received the power to "inflict" women with sicknesses such as sterility, fibroids and other sicknesses common to women. After these women were confirmed as being sick, they were again capable of healing them through witchcraft, and all these were registered as miracles and miraculous healings.


Imagine the extent of the abominations of sorcerer pastors, all with the aim of attracting large crowd. Remember once again that all the so-called mega churches are churches of satan based on witchcraft and other practices that cannot be named. And this example is not peculiar to West Africa; it is the same practice worldwide. You now understand that the Spiritual Warfare is really tough and Children of God must plunge themselves into warfare so as to liberate those that are under the chains of satan.


Many pastors servants of satan, to win the crowd today, conspire with unbelievers and other agents of satan, and give them huge sums of money, asking them to come into their churches and pretend to be either lame, or blind or people with serious illnesses. These hypochondriacs will give the impression after the so-called prayer that will be made that they are healed or delivered, or that there has been a miracle. These sorcerers cause so much confusion in the work of Evangelism in such a way that people have become sceptical even when true miracles or healings take place. We are in the last days, do not be surprised. You should instead equip yourself for Spiritual Warfare.


13.2- Artificial flowers


A brother found himself one day in the "universal church" where artificial flowers were being distributed to each and every member. According to the explanations given by their leaders, these flowers were to help suck all the evil spirits, impurities, forces, spells etc, in their houses. Every faithful, at a given period, and according to the instructions received, return the flowers to them so that they could drive out the evil spirits that were captured.


13.3- Let everything that has breath praise the Lord


Other leaders of so-called prayer camps ask all the participants to pray while shaking every part of their bodies, on the pretext that these parts breathe and so must take part in prayer. You find them praying and violently shaking their heads, moving their arms, legs, etc.


13.4- Deliverance techniques


With regard to deliverance, other leaders use what they call spiritual nails, which they send deep with a spiritual hammer into the heads of the person for whom they are praying so as to torment and flush out a stubborn demon. And you hear the so-called demon that they want to drive out shouting: "Do not nail me, I will come out!" What a comedy!


Other leaders explain how to put spiritual tourniquets when you want a demon to come out through a precise part of the body. As for the "mysterious demon" that moves all over the body, many tourniquets need to be put. These sorcerers say to the presumed demon: "Go up to the stomach! I place a tourniquet at the level of the lower abdomen so that you will not descend any more" ... and so on and so forth until according to them, the supposed demon comes out either through the mouth or through the fingers.


Others still, in order to fight well, say this: "Satan I arrest you, I place you in front of me, I box you in the name of Jesus. I strike you in the name of Jesus, I break your leg, I paralyse you, I beat you on the stomach..." As for them, it is a real fight "with satan" that they fight in the name of Jesus.


13.5- Physico-spiritual weapons


In some assemblies, so-called Christians fight while saying this: I take up my gun now, my rocket launcher, etc. And, while imitating soldiers in the war front, they release so much noise according to the respective sounds of warfare instruments. Just imagine the disorder. The noise often appears as that of speaking in tongues, but when you listen carefully, you realise that they are carnally fighting with demons. They assume having their weapons in their hand while imitating the noise produced by bullets with their mouths. When looking at the scene, you just think they have weapons in their hands considering even the position they maintain.


13.6- Prophetic action


There are other assemblies in which so-called servants of God ask their faithful to bring sand. They pray over this sand, so as to make the sand an instrument of destruction of all their enemies. They say that if these enemies move like them on the earth (if they are physical persons), they will die. If not, they will escape. By so doing, they kill physical persons while protecting their demon brothers.


Others instead tell their faithful during night vigil, to line up at midnight and go round the quarter so as to win souls. According to them, it is a prophetic way by which the Lord will deliver the quarter and so draws the dwellers' hearts of the quarter to the church. Each step corresponds to a soul that will be attracted to their church.


Other sorcerers go further by asking their faithful to bring handkerchiefs on which some spiritual enchantments will be made so that they can deposit in various places: For business people they will deposit theirs at their business sites, for students, they will deposit in their school bags, and for workers, they will deposit in their offices at specific locations. These spiritual enchantments according to these pastors will enable their followers to get innumerable successes that could not be obtained otherwise.


Others base their ideas on the story of Jericho and ask their faithful to count up to seven times, followed by a loud shout of joy, of deliverance and of victory. And according to these sorcerers, if they act with faith, they will obtain their long waiting deliverance. With this, you hear them screaming with all their strength, some of them carrying chairs on their heads while shouting. The musical group amplifies the noise with their instruments; children also engage in uncontrollable disorder.


This practice varies according to the churches: instead of shouting, faithful are told to dance for long so as to obtain similar deliverance as with Jericho, or to welcome the presence of Jesus Christ with a great shout. By so doing, curses, poverty and other chains would fall off according to their faith. Even when they are out of breath they must continue until they receive a signal from the person leading to stop.


13.7- Demonology


Other sorcerers venture into the study of demons: Their names, their position in the government of satan, their location, their manifestations when they possess a human body and the different doors through which they can come out. They put all this into writing on a piece of paper that they give to each person who is to undergo deliverance through "soul cleansing". They sell this piece of paper to people at various prices, and the cost of deliverance varies according to the level of possession. They teach them that deliverance through "soul cleansing" is indispensable and renewable every three months. Even pastors have to undergo this process. They go either to those that have consecrated them or to the prayer camps (most often in Ghana, etc.).




"For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds." 2Corinthians 10:4.


14.1- Holy hands lifted up


The Bible tells us in 1Timothy 2:8 "I want men everywhere to lift up holy hands in prayer, without anger or disputing." Therefore, holy hands lifted up are powerful weapons of warfare. When true Children of God lift up holy hands in prayers, the effects are felt in the spiritual world.


14.2- Oil


The Lord has put oil at our disposal, and we can use it for several purposes. The use of oil is not restricted in the Bible; this implies that every child of God can freely use oil to anoint themselves and pray if they are ill, or to anoint their house or their properties, etc.


But today, agents of satan have introduced other satanic practices in which they instead use oil to initiate people. There are sects that prescribe special oil to their followers, others ask them to bring oil so that they can purify it, and define what they have to do with the said purified oil; others still ask their faithful to drink the oil at specific time, while reciting certain verses of the book of psalms, etc. Flee from all these satanic practices and come out of all these satanic sects.


Know that you can use any oil of your choice, particularly that which you have at your disposal, instead of indebting yourself to buy specific oil prescribed by these sorcerers. Greedy sorcerers use this to make great profits today. They sell satanic oils to people while deceiving them that these oils come from Israel.


14.3- The blood of Jesus, the name of Jesus, and the fire of God


The Blood of Jesus, the Name of Jesus, and the Fire of God, are all weapons that the child of God has at his disposal for the daily warfare. Satan's agents often make the effort to create confusion in the minds of ignorant Children of God, about the use of God's Fire in warfare. To put an end to the seduction of these demons, I thought it best to treat this subject completely in a separate teaching, entitled "The Fire of God", which you will find on the website www.mcreveil.org. I recommend it to you.


14.4- Praise and worship


Praise is also a very powerful weapon for Spiritual Warfare. Know that every time you praise God, you are fighting a great warfare, especially if you do it with a pure heart. You should therefore commit yourselves to praise and worship (by singing spiritual hymns to the Lord). Organise your Christian life in such a way as to spend a lot of time in praises. You do not need to praise the Lord only when you are in the Assembly. Apart from the time spent in the Assembly, every child of God must have his own moment of praises. And generally when you praise God before going to bed, you have a good sleep, free from demonic attacks.


14.5- The word of God


Quoting the Bible while waging warfare or while praying is a very powerful weapon. Satan seriously dreads the word of God. Make sure you quote the verses from the Bible corresponding to the warfare you are fighting.


14.6- Beware of carnal weapons


As we have pointed out in the chapter on Deviations, while some satanic sects prescribe objects of different kinds to their followers for Spiritual Warfare, there are some ignorant pastors who ask their faithful to eat lots of meat in order to be strong in Spiritual Warfare. Watch out for all these lies. Remember that Spiritual Warfare is indeed spiritual, and no carnal object whatsoever can be of any use to you. Likewise, no type of food or meat is useful to you in Spiritual Warfare. It is the opposite of this prescription, which is true. It is in fasting and prayer that true Spiritual Warfare takes place. Flee from all those who prescribe this kind of madness.




Dear brethren, Spiritual Warfare must not be considered as a separate topic, but instead as part of our pilgrim life. You should therefore not neglect Spiritual Warfare. But watch out that it does not become a subject of pride to you, and it should not also be an element of seduction. Driving out demons or having some victories in warfare is not proof that you fear God, or that your life is in order before God, or even that Heaven is open before you.


Warfare as we have just studied is something difficult and delicate, and to be victorious, Children of God must make every effort to deny themselves and cling to the truth. I have endeavoured in this teaching to give you the maximum elements in Spiritual Warfare. However, there are some elements of warfare that I have chosen not to develop, for fear of exposing Children of God, who despite all the warnings that I have given, might still venture into the camp of satan and be destroyed.


The fact of not developing these points on warfare is not in any way holding the truth captive, but instead the desire to preserve or protect those who still do not know how to make the difference between their zeal, very often not channelled, and the knowledge of the things of God. Nevertheless, I firmly believe that the Holy Spirit will reveal it to you if He judges you worthy of being able to victoriously fight that type of warfare.


Several times, brethren after listening to the teachings were touched by the doctrine of the Lord Jesus Christ, and asked me who I was, and why this truth had remained hidden until now. Some do not hesitate to say that I am like the Lord Jesus. To this, I would like to bring some precision: You should understand beloved that a simple instrument cannot be like the one who made it. Jesus Christ is the only Master, and I am only an instrument amongst the many that He chooses to use. I therefore find it pretentious to be considered like the Master. I know that the word of God tells us in Luke 6:40 that "The disciple is not above his master: but an accomplished disciple shall be as his master". But even if the Lord were to consider me as an accomplished disciple, I would always keep myself from thinking that I am like Him.


For those of you who also want to know who I am, my answer has always been this: I am simply your brother, a child of God like others. I am just a poor mortal. I am not anything special, just somebody that God in His great love and mercy has chosen to consider amongst His numerous servants. In these end times, I had the privilege to have been chosen by God to be as our brother John the Baptist used to say: The voice of one crying in the wilderness.


The battle has not been easy, but Jesus Christ my Shield has always come to my assistance. The more the enemy multiplied his attacks, the more the Lord reinforced His security around me. "I lead all the circumstances of your life." This word the Lord gave me at the beginning of my ministry has always been the precious instrument which, in all the difficult moments I endured, gave me the courage I needed in order to move forward, and the necessary strength to remain steadfast.


As for testimonies, the Lord has given me sufficiently, enough to make several books, if I were to write them. Tribulations have been as numerous as possible; and trials have also been my share... I was not spared the attacks; they have been many. Several times satan sent his agents to set traps for me. Some agents of satan moved from one continent to another, to attack me. Others travelled across several countries, just to accomplish the mission of satan. There are even bold and determined agents of satan who have moved from their country to settle in mine, and precisely in the city where I live, to fight me more closely. This allows us to understand with what seriousness satan fights those Jesus Christ has chosen for Himself. With this, we see with what commitment the camp of satan mobilises itself each time there is a grain of light in the world, so as to quench it.


Satanists can claim to have some victories over us, but always know that their victories over us are temporal whereas ours over them are eternal. The Lord Jesus Christ our Master and our God is the strongest, and the fire of Hell awaits satan and his agents for ever. Alleluia! Like my brother Paul, I can by faith declare: "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that Day, and not only to me, but also to all who have longed for his appearing." 2Timothy 4:7-8.


With all my heart I give thanks to Jesus Christ my confidant, who supported and kept me in this difficult battle, and who granted me the grace to finish the work which He entrusted to me. I can now without reserve, shout: Amen! Come, Lord Jesus! While singing this chorus:


I shall soon say, "Goodbye mortal things!

Away from you I will take up wings,

Gladly towards eternal dwellings,

To Jesus Christ."


Grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love!




Dear brothers and sisters,


If you have run away from fake churches and would like to know what to do, here are the two options available to you:


1- See if around you there are some other children of God who fear God and desire to live according to the Sound Doctrine. If you find any, feel free to join them.


2- If you do not find one and wish to join us, our doors are open to you. The only thing we will ask you to do is to first read all the Teachings that the Lord has given us, and which are on our website www.mcreveil.org, to reassure yourself that they are in conformity with the Bible. If you find them in accordance with the Bible, and are ready to submit to Jesus Christ, and live by the demands of His word, we will gladly welcome you.


The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you!


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