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(Updated on 01 01 2024)


1- Introduction


Dear brothers and dear friends, we find it important to put at your disposal this triple testimony, which is in fact the extract from three small conferences, the first two given by Dr. Ghis and entitled The Medical Mafia: 20 years later, and The prohibited effective treatments, and the third given by Dr. Didier Tarte and entitled Dangers of an authoritarian medicine. These presentations are very clear, and it is rather unfortunate to notice that even with all this information, which is sufficiently clear and absolutely convincing, there are still people who accept to be poisoned, or who consent to the poisoning of their children by this extremely dangerous poison, called vaccine. It's really a pity!


One is always tempted to wonder why governments are still embarking on vaccination campaigns after all this information is known. But for you who have read our article entitled The truth about AIDS, which can be found on the website www.mcreveil.org, you should no longer be surprised. You now know very well who the people who govern us are. They are agents of lucifer who voluntarily and consciously sacrifice millions of people to satan, to accomplish their project of a new world order. They are demons in human forms; monsters whose only mission is to massacre the greatest number of people; vampires who live only on human blood; snakes that are happy only when they see the victims of their bites writhing in pain.


That's why they are slaughtering millions of people without moral qualms. Their extreme wickedness should no longer surprise you. Take note once and for all that you can only expect deadly bites and nothing else from poisonous snakes. Now, you will understand more easily the different abominable, incongruous and stupid decisions that these villains take. Also remember once and for all that these agents of Hell will never take a decision for your good. I mean, NEVER.


So, stop wondering whether the leaders of your countries are really aware of the pernicious and genocidal goal of vaccines. The answer is YES without any unambiguity. These demons have signed a pact with lucifer, to decimate the whole world, to transform men into zombies, into eternal sick persons, and into mere objects devoid of any ability to think. This is why they not only multiply vaccines, but they are even making them compulsory. They have made it an essential condition for the exercise of certain functions, for entry into certain countries, and for the enrolment of children in school.


For example, you cannot practice as a doctor or a nurse in several countries, without taking a number of vaccines. In other words, to work in a hospital as a caregiver, you must agree to be poisoned. To cross the immigration of several countries, especially in Africa, you must show a vaccination booklet. You must therefore accept to be poisoned to enter these countries. In many countries today, you cannot enrol your children in school until they are poisoned. These demons make this extremely destructive poison a real subject of blackmail. They make sure that you are unable to get around it. Do you still consider the world’s decision makers innocent? They are not, and have never been. Just ask yourself why all these doctors who denounce this organised and planned genocide which is the vaccine, are either cold-bloodedly murdered or struck off from the medical order, for the luckiest ones.


2- The medical mafia: 20 years later


I have always said to myself for years: I refuse to talk about vaccination. I wrote the medical mafia. Everything is there. I have nothing else to say. I cannot conceive that a human being with the minimum of intelligence would even ask himself whether or not he should be vaccinated. It's obvious: The vaccine is to transmit sickness to someone who is in good health. Common sense cannot accept such nonsense. Where is our common sense? That's enough already, you may not know all what Didier told us earlier, but that's enough.


Second: Immunisation decisions are made by the government. Do you trust the government? The government is not to be trusted. Why? Because we know that a politician is a liar, they are corrupt to the core. They are the ones who decide on vaccinations, and we go for it! More than that, it's done in environments where children are taken hostage in schools. And we go for it! We do it! It's a secret, what is in the vaccines. And we go there like fools stretching the arm, to get something that is designed by the industry. We are talking about multinationals whose sole purpose is to make profits endorsed by the state that receives its orders from the WHO, which are under the control of bankers with secret products, ... SECRETS! Does that not disturb you?


As far as I’m concerned, one of the three would be enough to make me make a decision. There are three that any fool can see. And we continue to get vaccinated? Not only has nothing changed since 1994, for 20 years, but it's far worse than it ever was. You saw that there were discussions on both sides: There were the for-vaccines and the against-vaccines. Those who are paid by the state were "for", and then others who are "neutral" and then those who want the good of the patients are "against." It's simple. Mark you, we only saw the 'for' and the 'against'. There is no more! There is no more! Why? What happened?


I am going to tell you; I experienced it personally: The media has been muzzled. What you saw as a movie, as a TV show, was a month before the medical mafia came out. I knew the vaccines at that time. I talked about it in the medical mafia, but nobody knew at that time that the medical mafia would come out. When the mafia came out, it caused a sensation. It went on newspapers! For 3 months, I did not stop granting interviews on the radio, on television, in the newspapers until one day... everything came to a standstill! Not only did people who wanted to interview me say, "No, I cannot do it anymore", but they also withdrew and people started writing articles about me without interviewing me, thus completely demolishing the person. There is a saying that, "If you do not like the message, kill the messenger." I thus became the mad person, the nonentity, to discredit what I said. And since that time, everything ended. Nothing again ever came up on vaccination, and it's been 20 years!


When the medical mafia came out, I became aware at that time of the importance of vaccination. I knew there was something else behind vaccines, and I had written in the medical mafia that vaccines are not just the profit-making means for multinationals. I knew that vaccines were used for experimentation. Especially on the internet recently, Laval University has found it interesting to put nanoparticles in vaccines, and they test this on the population that receives the flu in Quebec this winter. You did not know, but if you have been vaccinated for the flu, you probably have nanoparticles. So it's experimental, I knew it and wrote it in the medical mafia. It is also used for targeted genocides! And that I had read. But in addition, at the time when there were these interviews on the famous meningitis vaccine, some nurses told me they had groups who had taken a special course to vaccinate. They said to themselves: "Wait a minute, we've been vaccinating ever since, we know how to vaccinate!" There was a special vaccine, new, but not everywhere.


We are talking here of nurses who are intelligent women; they were at least in my days, I do not know if they have been vaccinated since ... So they tried to have vaccines analysed. Impossible! The vaccines were under lock and key. You see? At that point, they realised that everyone was not getting the same vaccine. Therefore, some people can choose to administer whatever vaccine they want, they can put in it what they want, nobody knows what's inside. Your doctor does not even know what's inside, yet, he recommends it to you. You really have to be a fool. I do not know if he was a fool, but if I go to the doctor, I'm a fool. That's important to know. Then it's important to become aware of it, to continue to do business with people that are ignorant, foolish, dishonest and I will not continue ... Didier has described it amply. So I realised that it is possible to destroy populations, races, cities, to select people of skin colour. Africa in particular was flooded and they had AIDS. It is said that they are dying of AIDS. They are dying of AIDS because they have been outrageously vaccinated!


So I refused till today to talk about vaccine. That is what happened and I sent documents to Diane to give presentations and all that. It’s only 10 days ago that I got the video of Didier Tarte, the doctor we just saw there. That is so true, I said, "I have nothing more to say. It's all there." So I realised I had to talk about vaccines. I said, "Well, well done." But at the same time that my soul perhaps was pushing me to talk about vaccines against my will, it provided me with an extraordinary tool of an extraordinary man who is Didier Tarte. There are not many, doctors like that. And those who are like that, who want your good, they lose their diplomas, they are written off. Note that when you go to see a medical doctor, you are going to meet someone who is on the payroll of the pharmaceutical industry.


I would like to go a bit beyond. And this conference, the goal is not to give you more information about vaccines. The videos spoke for themselves and everything was in the medical mafia. There are written documents, Didier named them, everything is on the internet, there is no excuse for not knowing what vaccines are today. My goal today is to make you see and share what I experienced when the medical mafia came out, that which I saw at the time because of the reaction of the authorities, that there was more than that again. And it was they who opened my eyes when I saw their reaction. I said that AIDS does not exist, that it was not contagious. That did not bother them. I said that cancer was not a mystery and that there were plenty of effective treatments for it; it did not bother them. It was not that, it was vaccines. Their reaction was so strong in the face of my comments about vaccines, but so violent, and you'll see if you read the legal action they brought against me, the medical mafia trial; it's the vaccines!


And then I realised that there is something else behind vaccines. I realised that I had opened a Pandora’s Box, you have that and it may be a snake inside; well, it is of this kind, but the big snake. And you must be aware; there is a programme of the extermination of humanity. The problem is, we have to understand, putting oneself in the place of the authorities, and we will see how it works, putting yourself in the shoes of the people who govern the world. I'm not talking to you about your little crooked politicians we see on TV, but about those we do not see and who lead the world. People's consciousness is rising, people are starting to be more informed and they ask more questions about who they are. And if they find out who they really are, it's catastrophic, not for those people, but for those who manipulate, dominate, and exploit them. And that must not happen!


Each vaccine destroys a part of the brain. The effect on the brain is huge. It's not for nothing. It is to infantilise us and keep us in an animal state. And the more that is done at a younger age, Didier said it a while ago, the greater the disasters caused. We are asked to be vaccinated, to start at birth: 20 vaccines at the age of one year. They received 20 vaccines. It does not make sense. Why? Ask yourself questions! The goal is to reduce the population considerably to 500 million. It's called eugenics. Go see on the internet; eugenics, population reduction, anything, you will find. And to reduce the population to 500 million! There are not many of us who will stay alive. And vaccines are the tool par excellence to do it. They even have DNA vaccines, vaccines with nanoparticles. There are 300 new vaccines that are in production right now. The industry is dying with laughter, they are doing great business. But it's not just for the money. Why does the state pay so much for vaccines to kill us? So we will see together how this mafia works. [End of the 1st conference].


3- The prohibited effective treatments

Excerpt from the lecture delivered by Dr. Ghis on June 01, 2014


Hello. Is there anyone who still believes that AIDS is contagious? Are there any who still believe that AIDS is due to the HIV retrovirus virus? Do you prefer not to answer?


This is the biggest imposture of the century. In terms of crime against humanity, it comes second after vaccines. I summarise and say it clearly: AIDS is not a disease, it is a syndrome; it’s thus a set of signs and symptoms common to several diseases. AIDS means acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. So a syndrome, I just told you what it is: Signs and symptoms common to many diseases. What do these diseases have in common? They have immunity, an acquired immune deficiency. That means it's not congenital, we did not come into the world with it. So many diseases can appear, can be manifested when the immune system, the defence system is deficient. That's why we can see tuberculosis, for example, if a patient is tested and the test is positive, they say he has AIDS. But if the test is negative, they say it is tuberculosis; tuberculosis is tuberculosis. It's a huge lie!


HIV has nothing to do and it was made clear by the professor who was there, HIV has never been isolated and demonstrated in the blood of people who have got a test that is said to be positive. Therefore, HIV is not the cause of AIDS. You cannot get HIV; therefore, it is not contagious. Do you see the magnitude, the enormity of the lie? People are told that if they are HIV positive, … What’s then HIV positive? It has also been said in the video, it means that they have anti-HIV antibodies. Yes, but that means they are healthy, they have antibodies. That does not mean they are ill. But propaganda, publicity... There is one thing that is contagious, it is the media contagion. People are made to believe things, money completely controls the media and they pass across what they want. And so, people are made to believe, it's a myth, that HIV positive = death, you will die and people die within 2 years. Why do they die?


One, because they think; they are told: you are going to die, it is mortal. If you are HIV-positive, you definitely have AIDS, and if you have AIDS, you will surely die. And so when I think I'm going to die, I die, I make it happen. You know, when we are afraid of something, we make it happen.


The second thing is that they are given treatments of terrible toxicity. AZT, which is a medicine that they brought out of the drawers, which was the proposed treatment of leukaemia they put forward several years ago, which was so toxic that they put aside; but they brought it out again because there was an emergency, there is "an illness", the "new", an epidemic. It's a lie from start to finish. I tell you this because most people still believe it's true.


I was in Amsterdam at the congress, I attended this congress where Gaston Naessens presented the video we saw earlier, which we saw excerpts. It was a very interesting congress which was organised by the sick and not by the industry. So we had the truth! There were patients who said: "I am HIV positive for 15 years and I'm still here!" So it's not true! But what makes people sick and what kills people is the drugs they are given.


In Africa. So it's important to see that AIDS was completely created, completely fabricated, completely propagated (media propaganda), and particularly in Africa. It is a targeted genocide. Africa is still dying of AIDS. There are countries where people die like flies because they are scared, and they are given tests that are false, tests that are completely untrue. It is sufficient in Africa for example, they call it the Bangui test or something like that, that one has three symptoms that are common to all endemic diseases they have, that's enough to say who is HIV positive and who has AIDS. But it's enormous, it's absolutely enormous. So I wanted to point out this enormity.


When Gaston Naessens made his presentation in Amsterdam at the AIDS Congress, he demonstrated, and it is important, by his Somatidian Theory, he clearly demonstrated that we could see microorganisms in the blood. You know, when it is said that it does not only make the first three, but after that one can see all other bacterial, bacterial and other forms, yeasts and other forms; it's somatid in the blood, which has never been seen by a doctor, there is never a doctor who has seen such a thing. But there are others, and you saw the enumeration afterwards. But ah, no no, it's artefacts, it's not true, it does not exist. And it's been since 1850, in the 50s that Béchamp had already seen that, he is a contemporary of Pasteur. We come back to our friend Pasteur. And Béchamp a contemporary of Pasteur, we know Pasteur but you have never heard of Béchamp! But no! Note that one does not become famous by rendering service to humanity! Fame comes in serving the industry, not humanity! It is important.


Gaston Naessens whom I know, who lives half an hour from here, who is a remarkable man. It has been said of him that he is a genius and a saint, a being truly of exceptional quality. He invented a microscope where one can see particles of blood in motion. Yes but what? Know that no electronic microscope sees live blood, it sees only dead blood. Medicine studies only death. So obviously they could never see somatids.


Somatids, what is a somatid? You know that little particle that could move. A somatid is the smallest particle of living matter. It is a condenser of energy for the substance which creates the link between the mind and the substance. It's immortal. A somatid is indestructible. Wait a minute, this is the most important thing in our body and it's impossible to see because we don't have the right to see live blood!


There were microscopes that could show live blood and there were reports, studies done in magazines. But you know, after a year, all the magazines of the year are collected and put together in a big volume, a huge thing, and bound. There was a gentleman who was interested in microscopes that could show live blood and he started going to bookstores in search, in the libraries to get document related to his topic and all the articles that talked about microscopes that were studying live blood had been removed. That had been removed, taken away altogether. What becomes of researchers?


I know a person who got excited one day, who bought himself a microscope for live blood. The person went through the College. They penalised him, they suspended him, they gave him a huge fine. But it's like that!


So it's important that you first know that AIDS, there is nothing true about what you've learned about AIDS. You can sleep easy in your bed. Above all, never go for an AIDS test! Never. Never take a test to find out if you are HIV-positive or HIV-negative, that's not true. And there are plenty of false positives. If you have had a vaccine, for example, you are going to have a test that is very likely to be HIV positive. If you have any other illness or have had it, your test will come out HIV positive. But no, it does not mean anything! It's not AIDS. So I wanted to draw your attention to that.


More than that, Gaston Naessens discovered a cure that restores the immune system, which revives the immune system. It's called the 714X. It is forbidden. Forbidden in Canada. I tell you that, I saw the effect of this cure which is absolutely extraordinary, that has no side effects, which is easy, that people can inject themselves with. They can see their blood. It can be monitored under the Somatidian microscope. Cancer can be detected up to 2 years in advance. One could see live human blood and one could see, you know the forms, the polymorphism, the forms after the 3, one could see that the person is sick. But it's extraordinary, it's fabulous! It's all forbidden! Anyone, doctors could be trained to learn it easily. It's just a blood test, a drop of blood on the tip of the finger which is put under the microscope. He even invented a condenser that one could adapt to an ordinary microscope and the person could see somatids. Everything is there.


Gaston Naessens, his concern was to make it possible for everyone. Yes, but the medical authorities forbid it. He faced trials, he was tried, he was prosecuted. In France he fled in speed because I think he would not have been alive long ago, that's how it works!


You need to know that all those who have treatments, interesting inventions, are all cut out, are all banned, both their treatments and the persons! They are chased, dragged to court, their documents stolen, and that's when they are not killed!


I think it was in 2002, within 6 months, there were 14 microbiologists who died. They died in 6 months. You know, it’s a hard game. We are talking about huge financial interests and it is beyond that: it is the control of the population. They want to control the health of the population in order to make of us what they want: mere sheep. This is not trivial.


Africa, why is Africa dying? It is dying because it has been done on a very large scale: AIDS. I have a reproduction that adopted 2 children, 2 Ethiopians whose parents died of AIDS. They did not die of AIDS, it is not true! They died of fear and AIDS treatments. Nobody dies of AIDS, it is not true. It's a syndrome. There are no diseases called AIDS. These are only diseases where the immune system is deficient. But yes, but the immune system can recover! And you saw the whole list that we saw a while ago. And then, there are 4 volumes of names of people who were cured of cancer, brought back very sick people, etc., and all these have been banned!


The treatment of Gaston Naessens, I saw it, I know how it works. I saw patients. It's extraordinary. They begin to feel better, to regain their energy, to regain their strength and then they can heal by themselves because we are born in perfect health. The essence is to get back to that state of perfect health. But this 714X cure is absolutely fabulous, but forbidden!


In Boston, there was one person who had a study done without saying what it was. And there, researchers in Boston in a big big ... because often it is another thing that it said: Ah, they do not carry out studies to prove the effectiveness. But no, they do not want to! There is not a laboratory, they all support each other. There is not a laboratory that wants to accept it. And it had been accepted once, I think it was in Boston, a large laboratory whose name I've forgotten. The researchers were all excited: Wow, wow, that's what we've been looking for for years! When the lab knew it was 714X, they stopped everything and they refused. They said to Gaston Naessens: We pay you back and we do not give you the results. Because they did not want him to come up with official results. So he was forced to go to court to get the results. He had them on condition that he would not publish them. Do you see how it works? I'm giving you just this little detail, but that's how it works. So what is good for the sick is forbidden.


Now, let's do a little overview of health. (She shows a book) This book, yes this too; Christopher Bird who wrote a book about Gaston Naessens, 'The Galileo of the Microscope'. And when this book came out, oh it was not available! That's how all information is blocked. It has been blocked, it still is, I suppose, but it is not available. It was forbidden, not forbidden but the libraries did not have it. The publisher said: Oh no, it is finished, we do not have any. [End of 2nd conference.]


4- Dangers of an authoritarian medicine

Organised by Citizen Initiative: Speaker: Dr. Didier Tarte. Co-organized with the IPNH (Institute for the Protection of Natural Health). Friday, November 29, 2013 at the Namur Palais des Congrès.


Witnesses of our destiny: We are ourselves, everyone is responsible for his health and must take it in his own hands. Anyway, as for me, as a doctor, I gradually evolved. I was trained like all my colleagues on the model of the unique thought, I did not know anything about it. Subsequently, gradually I met people who woke me up, especially patients; and I was fortunate in my career to meet the League of Freedom of Information in 1987, which gave me the means to understand what was happening. I worked with them as a documentalist. And at that time, the League for Freedom of Information was connected to a central unit that sent them all documents, articles and publications referring to the word vaccine. So we had all the classic official documents about vaccines. And we did at that time a piece of work to understand what was happening globally. And there I had evidence that there were a lot of problems around vaccines, a lot of publications that showed the side effects that did not appear later in the official press; which were sent to the doctors through the laboratories because you know very well that the laboratories completely hold all the medical and scientific press. We had some demonstrations with my two predecessors.


Then, in 1994 I participated in LIHA (Liberty Information Health Association) and I worked with them since then. I was an occupational physician for the last 13 years of my activity, which I completed in 2011, and there I was able to see how the system worked. I have been threatened several times by the Medical Council; that implied that at the end I risked being sanctioned and being cut out from the Medical Council. Moreover, at the end of my activity they tried to hit me anyway, and they asked me to appear before their assembly, because of course, I had mentioned very often in my activity of the problems posed by the vaccines, since I was horrified, I will tell you a little later about what I saw in my practice as an occupational physician. And I refrained from going to see them because they are people who have no respect and no attention to others and so I resigned.


So what I found as an occupational physician, I was simply devastated by the health situation of people. The number of disorders called musculoskeletal, the overall osteoarticular system, the muscular pain that people experience is terrible. So I started digging deep, from what people could bring me, they did not all have a document, it was their health record that is supposed to show the events. Well, what is often found on the health record is the dates of the vaccines. So I saw a proliferation of aberrant vaccines. People were over-vaccinated every five years for tetanus, according to the law it was supposed to be administered every ten years, but it was no problem for doctors to multiply vaccines. And when the hepatitis B vaccine arrived in 1994 in a widespread way, and it mostly covered the adolescent population, because in the strategy of the laboratories, they had already created a consortium with the WHO to prepare the ground and to raise the awareness of the WHO about the problem of hepatitis, because they had in their vans behind them, the development of the vaccine which was to arrive.


And so they thought about the strategy to put in place and they knew that there was a part of the population that was resistant to a health action. Who was that population? It was the teenagers. So they elaborated a strategy in the following way: If we get to have the teenagers, we will have the population. So everything was based on getting teens to fall into the trap through the kiss that was supposed to transmit the hepatitis virus, of course, and a tremendous propaganda with the press and the media of all sizes. And with that, the vaccination against hepatitis B was generalised to the point that, having had adolescents, half of the French were vaccinated against hepatitis B, even elderly people, old people. Well, you know that story.


Well, so in the context of my practice I saw a lot of cases of osteoarticular health problems, a lot of work stoppages as a result of vaccinations. To validate my activity as an occupational physician at some point, I was asked to write a dissertation during my training. I wrote a memoir where I wondered, simply wondering, because I followed 57 dustmen and rippers in a community of communes and, which I supported in 2001. And so in 2003, I already had a memoir in the following direction: I had noticed that these people had a very bad health. Many accidents at work, many work stoppages, many, some almost a year. And so I wanted to do a study to show the situation that deeply concerned me.


In the following way, I made an exhaustive list of all the vaccines received by each person, so I spotted the 10 out of the 57 who had the most vaccinations in the last years, and the 10 who had the least. I showed the number of work stoppages, the number of illnesses, of care they had received and the type of illness they had, sometimes very serious and very disabling, some had been operated upon, etc. I showed that those who were the most vaccinated had three times more work stoppages and various interventions on their health, than those who had been the least vaccinated, the ten least vaccinated. When I submitted my thesis, at that time my thesis director, to whom I had sent all my documents, was no longer there. They made me appear last, and at that time they almost verbally abused me, saying that it was a deplorable memoir, which was very badly done and did not carry any evidence. So basically, they threatened that I would not be given my degree. I still had 5 years of activity and it was necessary that I completely start the work all over. So it's to tell you that the system is rotten from start to finish.


What needs to be understood through the problems of immunisation is that the present medical community knows nothing about immunity. The vaccines were set up by Jenner two centuries ago. At the time of Hanman it began, it was taken over in a very peremptory and violent way by Pasteur who imposed the scenario. But what you have to know is that those people had no idea of the problems of immunity. It was only really at the time of AIDS, so in the 1980s, that we began to discover the extent and complexity with cytokines, with all these complex molecules and the games between antibodies, macrophages, polynuclears etc., that we started to open the world of immunity, how it worked. But still, it's only a small piece! What came to light soon after, through the work on stress, is that immunity is a very complex axis with several levels of mutual interaction. The work on stress has shown that immunity is an axis with a psychic, neurological, hormonal and biological dimension. Well, we cannot intervene on the immunity without there being repercussions on one of the others. And as the vaccinalist group has no notion of these data of immunity, because they have only one criterion.


And do you know what this criterion is? It is very simple, it is the presence of antibodies or not. If there is no antibody it is not a good vaccine, but if there are antibodies, well, everything is fine. No one worries about side effects. Generally, they study the tolerance of the vaccine. What does the word "tolerance" mean? This word tolerance means that they observe what happens in the next few days, during tests, what happens around the vaccine, if there are accidents, if there are effects. So, they focus on molecules, proteins that are supposed to have an action over a length of time of several years, 5 years, 10 years, they do it for 4 days at most, at best a month! And the rest, it goes into the unknown! It disappears completely! Is it honest? Is there a sense? What science is in there? There is nothing. And when I think that we are all trained on this model, and that we are made to believe that everything is perfect, and that it is the vaccines that have made the diseases disappear, really there is enough to cry thinking that such is a science.


It must be known that there is a formidable manipulation from the disappearance of smallpox. I think most of you here know that, not so? WHO issued a document in 1980 when it decreed that smallpox had disappeared, wherein it said that mass vaccination had worked in a large number of countries, but that in some numbers it had not succeeded at all, and that after that it had to change its strategy completely, in the following way. It's simply a form of quarantine, the strategy that has changed the game and that has managed to eradicate smallpox, even in difficult areas. For example, what happened in 1962, which led WHO to change its strategy, was that they administered mass vaccination in India. And at that time in the years that followed, the about three to four years that followed this mass vaccination, smallpox exploded. It was a total impasse! So, they had to do away with the scenario and change strategy.


They knew that smallpox became a contaminant only after a two-day fever outbreak. When the rashes appear, at that time there is a significant risk of transmission. It is not terrible, but it is important. So it was enough to identify people who had temperature, to isolate them, certainly with teams of people who had smallpox, or people vaccinated and possibly search for the people with whom they had been in contact. It is this so-called surveillance-containment strategy, these are WHO’s terms, which has succeeded in curbing and eliminating smallpox. And with this, it was the myth that was forged, which was taken up by laboratories and the entire medical community, including WHO, to make us believe that smallpox disappeared thanks to vaccinations. This is the historical sleight of hand.


But the whole history of vaccines carries with it a typical lie. I'm not going to expatiate, it appears everywhere in the books of Michel Georget, of Sylvie Simon and the work that Initiative Citoyenne (Citizen Initiative) does, constantly informs you of deliberate lies, that characterises the current medical environment. So, it is a choice in which we must commit ourselves to liberate our health, we must engage in it so that our destiny belongs to us. We must become an actor of our health. And now you have all the information to make the useful and necessary choices for you, for your children. We are in a situation now where the entire planet is threatened.


Think about this: No philosophy, no religion has managed to get the agreement of all humans. And yet, vaccines, all humanity has been vaccinated, without hindrance. How is that possible? There is truly a bottomless pit, isn’t it? Considering it, it’s a planetary Milgram experience.


That's what I had to say to you. The rest you know, if you want information there are enough books, and really internet is great and thanks to Initiative Citoyenne. But I would like to conclude my exchange with you first of all by the questions that you will bring, but I would like us to have a minute of silence for all those victims of which we have become aware tonight. I would add that the worst victim of this system is the children. When one thinks that from the first months of life, during the first year of life the vaccination schedule provides for 18 injections. Actually, there are not really 18 injections because it is grouped, is it not? The latest is the Infanrix hexa, that is to say 6 diseases at the same time. Absolute delirium! Absolute! It's indefensible. When one thinks that the child's immune system needs to mature in 6 or 7 years, and the fundamental stage in the maturation of children's immune systems, it is childhood diseases. The emergence of childhood diseases is important because it is the time when children permanently expel, and their immune system is freed from the shackles of any past. And at that moment, it reaches the beginning of its maturity and opens at that moment all the psychic, neurological, hormonal and biological space. At that moment, it will be able to unfold in all its potentialities without obstacle. So, I'm thinking particularly about the health of children, and I ask that we all take one minute of silence in honour of all these sufferings, for the sake of respect and for our strength. Then, to go forward, to respect the health of all. Thank you. [End 3rd conference].


5- Conclusion


Dear friends, know that all these doctors who denounce this genocide risk their lives and choose to lose their jobs, just to save your lives and those of your children. But, if despite everything you opt for suicide, get vaccinated. And if you want to participate in the murder of your children, have them vaccinated. The choice is yours. In the meantime, you have been told the truth. And this truth is: The vaccine is an extremely dangerous poison, the vaccine remains the greatest genocide of all time.


Grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love!




Dear brothers and sisters,


If you have run away from fake churches and would like to know what to do, here are the two options available to you:


1- See if around you there are some other children of God who fear God and desire to live according to the Sound Doctrine. If you find any, feel free to join them.


2- If you do not find one and wish to join us, our doors are open to you. The only thing we will ask you to do is to first read all the Teachings that the Lord has given us, and which are on our website www.mcreveil.org, to reassure yourself that they are in conformity with the Bible. If you find them in accordance with the Bible, and are ready to submit to Jesus Christ, and live by the demands of His word, we will gladly welcome you.


The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you!


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