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(Updated on 01 01 2024)


1- Introduction


Dear brethren and dear friends, we find it useful to share with you this testimony of a doctor who had cancer, and who, in order to cure herself, fled from the hospital and the drugs which they normally prescribe to patients. Convinced that these drugs are not made to heal the sick, she turned to natural medicine. This text is an excerpt from the transcript of a video of Dr. Lorraine Day entitled "Diseases Don't Just Happen!", in which she gives the testimony of her cure from a cancer that was supposed to kill her more than twenty years ago. Dr. Day is a former physician and lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of California at San Francisco. Please read this testimony, and learn from it all the lessons that can help you either to cure your illnesses or to prevent them. May God bless you!


2- Beginning of the Testimony


You have a medical problem, you go to your doctor, you tell the doctor your symptoms, the doctor would probably examine you and do some laboratories tests, and maybe diagnose something serious like multiple sclerosis, or lupus or even cancer. And you are shocked. You tell the doctor, how did I get this? And the doctor will more than likely respond: we don't know, these things just happen. The diseases don't just happen. Every disease actually has a cause. Even though we are taught in our medical training that virtually 80% of all diseases have no known cause.


Let me give you a simple illustration. If you have a headache, you take an aspirin. Are headaches caused by deficiency of aspirin? Of course not! Headaches are caused by too much tension, and too much stress, and not drinking enough water, eating the wrong food, or some other cause. So why do we take an aspirin? Because we want a quick fix. We don't want to deal with the underline cause of the problem. We just want to take a pill and get on with our life. But if we don't deal with the underline cause, that underline cause can end up causing a worst disease much later on.


I'm Dr. Lorraine Day, I'm a MD, an orthopaedic trauma surgeon. I was on the faculty of the University of California San Francisco Medical School for 15 years as an associate professor and vice chairman of the Department of Orthopaedics Surgery. I was also Chief of Orthopaedic Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital where I trained hundred of young doctors. Doctors are never really taught to address the underline cause of the disease. We're only taught to treat the symptoms by picking out a particular drug. But you see, this never really gets the person well. When we do not understand and address the underline cause of a disease, then we never get a person really well.


But we're going to talk today about all the different categories of diseases and show that there is a cause for every disease. But in order to do that I'm going to have to take off this white coat and get rid of the medical mindset, and we're going to seat down and talk common sense. We're also going to put together a plan, where you can get well from your disease naturally and without drugs.


3- Diseases don't just happen


Our body are made of skin, muscles, bones and organs. The organs are made of tissues. Organs are just the brain, and the liver, and the pancreas, and the spleen, and those tissues are made of cells. So in essence we are just millions of cells, but those cells die out and have to be replaced. So how do we replace them? How do we build new cells? The raw materials come from only one place: what we put in our mouth.


If we put healthy, nutritious food in our mouth, we can make healthy cells. But if we put bad food in our bodies, then we have raw materials that will make inferior cells that will be sick cells, and that can make us sick. ... We rarely think about what is it that we are doing during the day when we are eating. And so we put anything in our mouth to fill our stomachs. Let's take a look at what the average American may eat for meal every day:


First of all, with breakfast. A lot of people in a hurry got start out with a doughnut and a cup of coffee. Of course, neither one of these contains any nutrition. The doughnut is totally empty calorie, it contains fat and refine sugar, and absolutely no vitamins and minerals. The coffee is a stimulant, a false stimulant. It causes your adrenal gland to pour out a lot of hormones that hype you up and it gives you false energy. Well, people say: I don't eat that for breakfast, I eat a good breakfast. And you see here I have egg and beacon and sausage, and hash brown and toast.


Well, let's take a look at that. First of all, yes you have some potatoes here, that’s a vegetable but they all fried in grease. All that does is stick to the arteries of your body, including your coronary arteries, the arteries in your heart, and cause arterial sclerosis. And here we have egg. An egg is really the embryo to form a chicken, it's the amniotic fluid in the placenta of a baby chicken, and that's what you are eating. It's all fat, and it's all protein, and it's extremely high in cholesterol, it's meant to take a little tiny egg into a chicken in just a matter of days, and you are eating it.


Here we have the bacon which is all fat, and it comes from an animal that is a scavenger that will actually eat sewage. And then we have sausage. This is made from anything they choose to put into it. If you go to a farm and watch them make this sausage, you will be sick. And then we have toast. Of course the toast has butter on it, which is pure fat, and contains all the hormone and the pesticides, and the antibiotic that they give to the cow. And white bread has virtually all the nutrition taken out of it and it does nothing but turns into sugar in your stomach. So you said well I don't do that, I eat the cereal. This cereal that you get from your grocery store has all the nutrition taken out of it, and it's cooked which destroyed all the enzymes that are in the original grain.


So also frequently it's covered with sugar. You can put milk on it, and the milk comes from an animal, and contains all the pesticides, the hormones, and the antibiotic that they give to that animal; plus all the diseases that the animal may have will come through either in the meat or in the milk. And here the orange juice, well that's pretty good; except, the orange juice is out of a box or out of a can, and then it has preservatives in it, and it has very little of the nutrition, because the nutrition gets oxidised out of it when it is exposed to the air and when it is processed. Well that's breakfast.


You see, there is nothing that has any enzyme in it. The enzymes are needed for health. Enzymes are only present in raw food. As soon as you process food or you cook it, all the enzymes are gone. You need those to help digest your food. If you have to produce all the enzymes yourself to digest that food, then your body has to cause an enormous workload on it, and drain your energy for the day. In fact, it's being said that the energy required to digest three meals a day, is more than it is required to do an eight hour day of heavy labour.


So we have lunch time now. Here we have a cheese burger, there is a little bit of pickle on here, and some tomatoes, and some lettuce. The bun of course has virtually no nutrition on it. In the meat you have a lot of fat and a lot of protein, and a lot of potential diseases. You can get e-coli or many other diseases from eating this meat. You've got a little bit of smattering of potatoes and lettuce which is not enough to really give you any nutrition. And then of course the cheese.


Cheese is just concentrated milk. A lot of cheeses are made from milk that aren't pasteurised; and the thiamine in cheese actually upsets the balance in your brain because it upsets the neurotransmitter which is the chemical that transmits nerve impulses from on nerve to another. And then you got French fries. You got the potatoes again, but it is absolutely wallowing in grease. And you've got a lot of salt on it. You have virtually no nutrition here, except high fat and high protein.


Or you may go to another fast food place, and get some tacos. Well the tacos again have the same components. You have a little bit of lettuce and little bit of tomato. You got cheese there again; that is the same problem, and then you got the meat. Hamburger, I am told by the meat inspectors, all hamburger is made from 4-D meat, that's meat from animals that are either dead, dying, diseased or disabled. Think about that every time you pick up a hamburger to eat. Well you might say I eat a better lunch than that. I'll have a tomato sandwich with a little ham on it, and maybe some cheese. Here's a ham and cheese sandwich. Well the same thing. You are eating the meat from animal that is a scavenger, that will eat anything whether it's dead or alive. When you eat something that is dead, your body has to get rid of the putrefaction from the dying and dead thing.


If you have a piece of toast from commercial bread, it's again has almost all the nutrition taken out of it. When you use whole grains, it might have 25 nutrients in it, but they strip that out to make it prettier and to make it taste sweeter. So this turns actually almost to sugar in your mouth. So you've got the cheese, we've already talked about that; you've got the ham and then you've got French fries onion rings. Absolutely fill with fat. The onions are of almost no nutrition value to you when they're covered with fat. To go with the hamburger, you can have a nice milkshake.


In this milkshake you have ice-cream, and many of the flavourings in the ice-creams actually come from things, chemical that are used in rubber cement, paint thinners, and various other nocuous substances, not only that the milkshake is full of high protein and high fat. With your tacos you have a soda, a caffeinated beverage. Here we have the caffeine again which is an abnormal stimulant, and you have sugar in it. And you say: "oh well, I don't use sugar, I use NutraSweet or some other chemical substitute." I will show you that those are actually worse.


Then for dinner you have a steak. Notice one thing about the steak. You see the fat around the edges, that fat is solid at room temperature. When you eat that fat, it's solid in your body, at your body temperature, which means it just coats the inside of your blood vessels. And it narrows them down to give you coronary artery disease and high blood pressure. Won't you rather eat vegetables oils, such as olive oil because you know that in the bottle the olive oil is liquid at room temperature. That will remain liquid in your body too, and your body can handle it much better. So you have the steak which can contain e-coli, it can also contain all the diseases that are in the animal.


When the animal is slaughtered, if it has cancer or some other disease, the meat packers will just cut that out in the slaughter house, and then put the rest of the animal through for you to eat. But the blood that goes through that cancerous tumour goes through the rest of the animal as well. So you're going to eat cancerous blood and cancerous other tissues in that animal plus any other disease that animal may have.


Then you have French fries again, which seems to be the staple; even if you have the baked potatoes, that will certainly be better, it wouldn't have all the fat in it. But that's the small amount of nutrition for your total daily needs. Here we have some green beans. This isn't too bad, except they're cooked. When you cook food and you don't eat it in its raw state, you destroy all the enzymes and you also loose a number of vitamins. With that you can have a glass of milk; of course we have the same problem with milk. Cow's milk is meant for baby cows. We are the only animal, human being, that drinks the milk of another animal. And we certainly are the only animal that would drink milk after we’re weaned. So animals really have more sense than we do.


Well you'll say: "I don't eat red meat. I eat chicken." Well, chicken is even worse according to the meat-inspectors. Do you realise that chickens pass by the meat-inspector at a 120 birds per minute. By the time they could see a sick one or a disease one, the chicken will already be in the package. But when the chickens go by the meat inspector so rapidly, they are goaded by an instrument, they take out their intestines, and their inside. When that happens of course, the faeces from inside the intestine get all over the bird and all over the next bird. And so by the time they get to the end of the conveyable they are covered with faeces. So they have to dump them in a very big tank of water to get rid of this contamination.


The people who work in the packing plant call this tank faecal soup, and the government allows the chicken producers to leave the bird in that tank long enough in order to suck up 10% of their body weight without water, so you'll pay more for it when you go to the grocery store. Just think what it's sucking up faecal soup, not only its own faeces, but faeces from all of these other birds. No wonder so many chickens contain salmonella and other very dangerous organisms. In fact, recently, they did a survey, where they went to grocery stores and actually took samples from on top of the chicken, from chickens that were already package, waiting to be sold. And they find something like two third of those chickens actually had salmonella in the package.


Well, we've got the same green beans again cooked; green beans are our specialty today I guess. And we got some potatoes. When you mashed your potatoes, there is nothing wrong with mashed potatoes, but when you mash them, you lose more of the food value because more surface area is allowed to oxidise before you eat it. The most nutrition you will get from baked potatoes, next from boiled potatoes, and then the least from mashed potatoes. And of course it got the gravy on it which is thick with fat. Again, no raw food here. Now we frequently throw in a little salad like this for little raw food. When you use this iceberg lettuce, this lettuce that has virtually no food value in it, it is only water, you get no nutrition; a little spot of onion and a tiny little bit of tomatoes and then of course you got the croutons that have fat all over them. This is all the nutrition that you are getting for the day, except fat and protein.


Well, you say: "I don't eat chicken, and I don't eat steak or red meat, I eat fish." Now here we got the fish. Of course, this has been fried with butter, so it's full of fat. But even if you have fish that is broiled, it's been found that anytime you broil any kind of fresh food, whether it's chicken or red meat, or fish, it will produce carcinogen. Any kind of cooking will produce carcinogen, which means cancer forming chemical in the meat. Not only that, fish are generally caught within 200 miles off shore, and those fish are all contaminated with the sewage and industrial waste that's poured into the water. Here we have again the mashed potatoes, and we've got more thick gravy on top of them, and then we've got a cooked vegetable. So if you're trying to have some nutrition into your body to build some new healthy cells to replace the ones that are automatically dying, whatever you've eaten here today has given you almost no nutrition. In fact, it's put a terrible burden on your body, because your body has to digest all this, make all the enzymes for it and then get rid of the putrefaction waste that you form by using this.


4- The dangers of sugar


Of all the food that we eat sugar is probably one of the most harmful. In fact, people worldwide eat about 31 billion pounds of sugar. Actually, that's the number for Americans. Americans are the biggest eater of sugar in the world; that breaks down to about 125 pounds a year for every man, woman and child. That means that you will eat a pound of sugar every two and a half days. Now what does sugar do? Sugar takes out of your body Vitamins C, Vitamins B complex, which you need to calm down your nerves and Vitamins C helps you resist infection. Sugar will also take out of your body Zinc and Chromium. These two are very necessary for healing; they are also necessary for keeping you from waning to overheat, and they're necessary for the enzymatic reactions that take place in your body.


When you eat too much sugar, particularly refined sugar, it shoots your sugar level up so high that your body has to produce huge amount of insulin rapidly to assimilate that sugar. When your insulin shoots up high it overshoots. It takes care of the sugar that you have, but then it overshoots and you become hypoglycaemic, because now you don’t have enough sugar. So you're on a cycle of yo-yo and back and forth. Now because you're hypoglycaemic, your body wants more sugar, so you consume more sugar. And your insulin goes up again, this wears out the pantry, that helps cause diabetes, and of course that also gives you all of the symptoms of hypoglycaemia which are very very similar to anxiety and hyperactivity: you will get shaky, you will get tremulous, you will want to sometimes hide because you have phobias. All of these things are caused by hypoglycaemia.


For years, people have known that sugar could be very damaging, and of course it’s addictive. It’s actually almost as addictive as cocaine, heroin and some of these other things. So, sugar is in almost everything you eat that is processed. You look at the ingredients on cans and frequently sugar will be the number one or two or third ingredient. You say: "well I eat brown sugar." Brown sugar is nothing more than refined sugar with the molasses fragments put back in, which has been removed for white sugar. It’s still bad for you. And honey, even though it is much more natural, if you take in large quantities, it does have the same effect on your body as sugar does. So, sugar paralyses the immune system, for four hours after you eat sugar your immune system cannot resist disease. So you could see if you eat in the morning, you will eat a donut or some other sweet thing, and then at lunch you might have a milkshake, and then for dinner you might have desert. The whole day, your immune system is completely paralysed.


Sugar is anti-calories, it robs the body of Vitamin C, B complex, Zinc and Chromium; it also upsets the calcium phosphorus level of your body, causes hypoglycaemia. It also leads to diseases such as arthritis and heart disease and it destroys the nervous system because it hypes you up and makes you jittery; and it depletes the enzymes and increases the level of fat in your bloodstream. So we have a lot of things that we already know about that can cause disease. You say: "well, I don’t eat sugar, I eat artificial sweeteners. I don't want that sugar in my body." Well, you have NutraSweet or Sacran. NutraSweet is aspartame. These things are nothing more than chemicals.


In these artificial sweeteners such as NutraSweet, there is a chemical called methanol. Methanol is what was in the wood alcohol that was in the bathtub gin back during prohibition and caused blindness. There have been a number of recorded cases of transia and some permanent blindness with the use of these artificial sweeteners, particularly aspartame which is marketed as NutraSweet. Not only that thousands of cases of grand mal seizure or convulsion or fit have been recorded from the use of this. Aspartame is been put in over sixteen hundred food products that you put into your body. And in one series of over five hundred persons with adverse reactions to these aspartame products, almost 15% suffered from typical generalised grand mal seizures.


When you reprocess food, you also eat a lot of MSG; that is Monosodium glutamate. Glutamate is an amino-acid. You say: "well my body needs glutamate." But not in these strong concentrated dosages. You realize that Americans eat MSG in almost everything that is produced. If you eat in a restaurant or if you eat something from a box or a can, the chances are that it will have MSG in it. Well even if it says no MSG on the label, look for something called natural flavourings or hydrolysed vegetable proteins. Both of those frequently contain MSG. MSG in high doses and in any dose at all, is a toxin.


You say: "well, I don't want to take that into my body. How do I eliminate that?" Well, you eliminate it by eating your food in its natural state. If you go to the produce section of your grocery store, you will be able to buy things that don’t have MSG and aspartame in them. That’s why I am suggesting that you eat as close to nature as possible. When you eat in restaurants, when you eat packaged food, when you eat TV dinners and things like that, the chances are extremely high, almost 99%, that you will have MSG and aspartame in all of those things.


When you drink caffeine, caffeine is also a toxin. It causes hyperactivity of the nervous system, it is an unnatural stimulant, it speeds up body reactions abnormally and increases the heart rate. It increases the secretion of stomach acids which can increase your chances of getting an ulcer. It can cause insomnia. Coffee, caffeine causes anxiety, irritability, withdrawal, headaches, and it will abnormally increase your blood sugar, that’s one reason you get a lift from it. It causes osteoporosis and increasing hip fractures, and there is an increase in benign breast tumours; and if you have an increase in benign breast tumours, there is also an increase in malignant breast tumours, and caffeine has been shown to cause an increase in cancer of the bladder.


If you have a little glass of wine or other alcohol with your meal, you will also cause severe dehydration of your body. You know that if you put alcohol on your hands your hands dry out. The same things happen if you put alcohol in your body, it dries out your body and your body needs water in order for every cell to function. Also alcohol kills liver cells and it kills brain cells.


Milk causes allergies, eczema, and increasing your cholesterol. Milk is one of the main causes of osteoporosis. ... But manly osteoporosis is caused by a lack of activity - people aren’t getting out and exercising regularly - and too much protein in the diet. Protein, particularly animal protein, is very acid; it causes acid in your body. In order for your body to neutralize that acid, it has to take calcium out of your bones. So really, the more milk you drink, the more osteoporotic you become. Milk has been shown to be a major factor in the onset of diabetes type one, that’s called juvenile onset diabetes. In the milk protein, it’s whey that has a protein in it, which is very much like a protein that’s in your cells in your pancreas called islets of Langerhans cells, that form the insulin. So when you take this protein and milk in to your body, your body will produce antibiotics against that formed protein. But since the protein in your pancreas cells is much like that other protein, your body will start destroying those cells, so you can't produce insulin. And that seems to be one of the major causes of juvenile onset diabetes, and this is well documented in the medical literature; the diabetes that is so serious that it requires insulin for all the rest of your life.


Milk has shown to be a factor in an increase in breast cancer; certainly, it is a factor in heart disease because it contains mainly fat and proteins. There’s an increase incidence on Leukaemia in milk drinkers and that’s probably because something like 80% of the dairy herds in America are infected with the bovine Leukaemia virus. Did you know that? So when you drink the milk, the Leukaemia from the cow may be transmitted to the human. There is a connection of milk with multiples sclerosis, with Lou Gehrig's Disease which is Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, with Crohn's Disease of the colon, this is a Colitis type disease, and of course it causes Mad Cow Disease which in human beings is called Creutzfeldt-Jacob Disease and it’s virtually the same thing as Alzheimer’s. Milk is associated with all sorts of colitis and female infertility as well as learning difficulties.


You got sodas; they’ve all got caffeine in them. Then you have white bread where they take all the nutrition out of the wheat bread, and then they put in a few vitamins and minerals and then they call it enriched. Well, this does not build healthy cells. They do the same thing with rice; they take organic brown rice, take all of the outer coating off of the rice and you have white rice instead. The MSG and the aspartame are called excitotoxins. In fact there is a book out called Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills, written by Dr. Russell Blaylock, you can actually get it at your bookstore. These excitotoxins cause headaches, grand mal seizures, brain tumours, Alzheimer’s; they contribute to Lou Gehrig’s disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Parkinson Disease, Huntington Disease and they actually have an effect on the endocrine system. So, if you have hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism you have to actually consider whether these things are part of that problem. Also these excitotoxins, MSG and aspartame, which is the NutraSweet brand cause difficulties in embryological and neurological developments. So if you’re pregnant you better start eating natural.


You may say, it is not bad enough that we have all of these problems with our food, we take medications. And medications of course, all have side effects. The antihypertensive drugs such as Reserpine, Aldomet, and Catapres would cause depression and delirium. Anticonvulsants like Dilantin and Tegretol and Chloroquine cause depression, disorientation, delirium, hallucination, plus many other problems as well. Anti-inflammatory drugs like Indoxen and Naproxen can cause depression and confusion, paranoia, delirium, hallucinations. And many of these have liver toxic effects; some of them are toxic to the kidneys. And the steroids of course like Prednisone; they cause depression, anxiety, osteoporosis and many other symptoms as well.


Even antibiotics have lots of side effects, and antibiotics don’t really cure disease, because when we use antibiotics, antibiotics only kill, they will kill some bacteria. Antibiotics are not really effective. If you take antibiotics, they would be wiping out the good bacteria in your colon and so then you’re susceptible to things like Candida, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and things like that because you need those good bacteria in your colon to help digest and assimilate your food. So when we take medications they all have side effects, they all are harmful in some way. So when you take a drug, you may relieve the symptoms of the disease that you’re attacking; but drugs never cure disease, they only change the form or location of the disease. In fact, even with antibiotics, every doctor or nurse has seen patients die who have been given doses of the appropriate antibiotic.


When you get well it is not the antibiotic or any other drug that gets you well; there’s only one system in your body that can get you well and keep you well from every disease, and that is your immune system. When you take drugs into your body, every single drug has an adverse effect on your immune system. What we really need to do is get rid of our bad habit, eat right and get rid of medications in our lives so our bodies can learn to heal itself. Now, if you're on medications, don't stop them abruptly. When you get off your medication, you want to do it slowly, and under the care of a knowledgeable healthcare practitioner. But indeed you do want to get out of your drugs, and after reading this message, you would see that you can be well without drugs.


5- Hidden danger


There are a number of other things we do every day without even thinking about it; things that are so routine and never even cross our mind. If we drink water out of the tap, it contains Chlorine. Chlorine is a poisonous gas. The government tells us we have to have Chlorine in the water for our safety; however many cities around the world are actually purifying the water with Ozone treatment which is a harmless substance, it’s a form of Oxygen, and yet they add Chlorine to it after the Oxygen has done its work. Fluoride is also in the water. The government is mass-medicating the public. We’re told that it’s necessary for preventing tooth decay but there’s a big controversy about whether Fluoride actually does prevent tooth decay.


In fact, Fluoride is a poison; it is a by-product of aluminium production and it’s used in rat poison. It also causes riddle bones, it causes premature ageing of the skin, and again, it is very controversial as to whether it really prevents tooth decay. Not only that, Congress has recently made a law that they have to have a warning on toothpaste that contains Fluoride, because some young children have actually died because they swallowed the toothpaste after watching their teeth, and some have died or gotten very sick in dental offices after they swallowed the Fluoride that was put in their mouth in a special treatment there. It also has an impact on the brain. In fact, there is an article in the journal "Brain Research" (1998), that shows that one part per million of Fluoride can cause Alzheimer’s disease, and that is the amount that is generally in our water supply.


There are things that are good for our health that we don't do regularly: we don't exercise; we don't get enough oxygen out of the fresh air; we don't go out in the sun daily - Doctors are telling us to stay out of the sun, but sun is beneficial for your health if you do it in the right way -; we don't sleep enough, at the right time; we don't drink enough water; and we're totally stressed up and therefore, our elimination of waste is not good.


Exercise has a number of benefits; it increases circulation; it increases oxygen to the total body; it improves your intestinal peristalsis so it helps you eliminate waste; it increases your body muscles, so your muscles can burn fat; it increases the body's ability to withstand stress, it helps eliminate toxins, it lowers your cholesterol, it decreases your weight, it lowers your blood pressure, it decreases your resting heart rate and the list goes on and on. And yet people are couch-potatoes, they sit in front of their television day after day instead of getting out in the fresh air and exercising.


Water is another component. Everybody is drinking caffeinated beverages; it's either the coffee or soda. And water is the second nutrient in the body after Oxygen. We can only live a few minutes without Oxygen and we can only live a few days without water. Water decreases blood pressure, decreases anxiety, it decreases allergies and asthma, and we'd discuss exactly how it does that. It decreases arthritic pain by re-hydrating the cartilage in the joint. It decreases back and neck pain by re-hydrating the little disc that's in between your vertebra. It can cure ulcers, yes water can actually cure ulcers; because if you have enough water in your body, you can produce enough mucus to protect the linings of your stomach so the acid, the hydrochloric acid in your stomach will not work through that mucus into the lining of your stomach. Water can decrease cholesterol and water decreases headaches and other pains including migraine headaches.


Sunlight is extremely important. Sunlight lowers your blood pressure; it can lower the cholesterol because it turns your cholesterol into vitamin D when the sun hits it in your skin. Sunlight enhances the immune system, it kills bacteria, it calms down the nervous system, you know you fall asleep in the sun when you lay out there, it lowers blood sugar by enhancing the body’s ability to put the glucose into the cell and absorb it; it's actually like a natural insulin. And sunlight increases the oxygen in the blood and it’s used by the tissues of the body, it decreases resting heart rate, and increases tolerance to stress.


Oxygen is so terribly important because cancer cannot thrive in a higher oxygen environment. And when you take more oxygen into your body, you displace the carbon dioxide which is a waste product that you want to get rid of. And of course oxygen kills bacteria and viruses. So fresh air plus sunlight are very important, together they help decrease the growth rate of cancer; together they also lower blood pressure as we mentioned. All of these things, people are not doing including sleeping. They sleep sometimes in the day time instead of sleeping in the night. We were actually designed to go to sleep shortly after the sun goes down and to wake up when the sun comes up. The only time the body can heal is when you're sleeping; because when you’re up and around you’re spending energy, so when you're sleeping the healing hormones are produced by your body and your body can repair and regenerate itself.


Both the body and the mind become sick without adequate sleep: In fact, it’s been shown that if you sleep before midnight, the hours that you sleep before midnight are twice as important and is effective as the hours after midnight. So if you stay up till 12 or 1 o'clock in the morning, you have lost double that time of sleep. The closer you can go to bed to the sun going down the better off you’re because then your rhythm of your body, your biorhythms of the body are in sync with nature, and you want to stand at a regular schedule; you want to go to bed at the same time and you want to get up at the same time, you want to eat your meals at the same time…because that sort of regular schedule will enhance your body’s ability to heal. Your hormones that come down that help you digest your food that help in all of the reactions in the body would come down at regular times if you're on a regular schedule. Otherwise, it's all helter-skelter and your body gets so confused that you do end up with a chemical imbalance; and then the doctor would give you drugs to try to straighten that chemical imbalance, but drugs are just more chemicals going into your body and gets you further out of balance.


Stress is a great factor in causing depression of the immune system: When you’re stressed your body puts out all sorts of hormones, they call them fight or flight hormones. It’s the kind of reaction you have when you’ve been chased by a lion or chased by a bear. You have this great rush of energy where you can run from whoever is after you. But when you’re in the office or at home you have this great outpouring of these same hormones, and yet you’re just sitting. So it has a tremendously destructive effect on your body; you’re not working them off by going out doing hard labour outside or exercising; and so you constantly have this chronic stress reaction in your body. This stops the peristalsis in your intestine so you can't eliminate your wastes, it causes your stomach to secrete more acid leading to a higher chance of ulcer, and it dehydrates the body; stress is very dehydrating. And of course, dehydration, not drinking enough water is stressful to the body as well. So, you get into this circle of dehydration and more stress and more stress and dehydration.


One of the things that you can do, which not many people do too regularly when they become an adult is laugh. Children laugh 400 times a day. Adults only laugh on the average 25 times a day. What happens to those other 375 laughs? Laughter decreases the blood pressure, it boosts the immune system, it calms the nervous system, it relaxes the stomach and intestine, and in fact, it is one of the greatest builders of your immune system. The Bible even says, "A merry heart does good like a medicine." Proverbs 17:22. One of the most important things that’s going on in your body that you don’t even think about is the elimination of waste. Most disease, in fact, virtually all disease is caused by a combination of 3 factors: Malnutrition, dehydration and stress.


Malnutrition: it’s not caused by the fact that you’re not eating enough calories, but by the fact that you’re not eating enough vitamins and minerals and enzymes. Fat, protein, and sugar are about all you eat. When you eat cooked food, a lot of fat, a lot of protein, your intestines get all caked with this processed material. So you have inadequate elimination. A baby when his is born, has an excellent working elimination system. The baby would have bowel movement within 30 minutes of each meal. That's the way we’re supposed to be even when we are grown up. But we denied the call of nature, we don’t drink enough water, we eat all the wrong foods and so our intestinal tract becomes very sluggish. So, we’re suffering from malnutrition because we’re eating the wrong foods and an excess of those wrong foods, and not eating the right foods.


Dehydration: we’re not drinking enough water, we’re drinking caffeine. Caffeine is a diuretic; it takes more water out of your body than comes in with the drink. So the more caffeinated beverages you're drinking, the more dehydrated you’re becoming. When you're dehydrated, your waste products cannot move well through your long 30 foot-coiled intestines to get out of your body, and that is one of the things that causes constipation.


Stress: everybody is stressed, going to work coming back from work… while there're at work, at home… everybody is pushing too hard! When that happens, your stomach is in a knot, your intestines are contracted, and the peristalsis just stops, and all of these stress hormones are produced in your body - all of these things suppress the immune system and your elimination suffers terribly. When you're constipated then your waste materials cannot get out of your body and you reabsorb those toxins. You say: "Why doesn’t my doctor tell me this?" An article in a journal called "The British Medical Journal" in 1991 is entitled "Where is the wisdom?" This article shows that only 15% of all the treatments and interventions doctors apply to patients are backed by good scientific studies; 85% is just "well, I'll do this ... or my professor told me this or the books say this…". We were taught to just diagnose a set of symptoms and give a drug to cover-up those symptoms; you could see how you would really never get well by that approach.


6- Heart disease


According to the American medical association and the government, cardiac disease is the number one cause of death. Including in cardiac disease or heart disease are: angina which is just heart pain; heart attack of course which is referred to as the myocardial infection; coronary artery disease which just means that your coronary arteries, the arteries of your heart, are filled up with fat and proteins stored as fat. Arteriosclerosis just means the same thing, only it applies to the arteries all over your body. And then transient ischemic attacks are like many strokes where you can have the blood cut off to one of the vessels to your brain, and so that frequently is the precursor of a real stroke, and then of course hypertension, that is, high blood pressure. What is it that all these have in common? Well they are all due to a narrowing of the arteries. You go to your doctor, and sometimes they give you a drug to try to open your arteries so you won't have the pain of angina, which just means your heart is not giving enough blood. If you have a heart attack, sometime they would give you drugs to try to increase the output of your heart. And if you have a coronary artery disease, frequently they would suggest the coronary artery bypass. Well let's just think about that. Is angina caused by a deficiency of say Nitroglycerin? Of course not! Nitroglycerin has side effects. All these drugs have side effects.


Is coronary artery disease caused by a deficiency of a coronary artery bypass? Of course not! And if you have a coronary artery bypass, where they take the veins out of your leg or they may take a vessel in your chest, and bypass those arteries that are stopped up in your heart, what’s the say that you’re not going to just get it again. In fact, some people have one bypass after another, at an expense of about 40 to 60 thousand dollars. If you have a stroke; strokes are not caused by a deficiency of medication. Strokes are caused because you are not getting enough blood to your brain because the vessels are too narrow. High blood pressure is not caused by a deficiency of high blood pressure medication.


Let’s talk about what all these have in common. Well, when you eat fat and sugar which is stored as fat and too much protein in the diet; by the way, the average American eats 125g of protein a day. All any adult really needs, average size adult, is about 40g of protein. When you eat all that excess protein, it's stored as fat. So you got all these fat going around in your blood. And the fat in your blood makes your blood thicker. You’re also not drinking enough water. So that makes your blood thicker too. And this fat collects on the walls of your arteries making the walls thicker and the opening in your blood vessels smaller. So your heart has to push harder to get this thicker fatty blood through a smaller opening. What do you think that causes? It increases the pressure in your arteries, causing high blood pressure. Also, it causes a decrease in the amount of blood and therefore the amount of oxygen getting into your heart’s muscles, which can give you a heart attack. It also can cause slowing of the blood and a clot to your brain which will give you a stroke.


So you see, it's not very difficult to figure out what it is that’s causing these problems. And in fact, it is well known by all doctors that a change in diet and lifestyle will prevent or reverse heart diseases. There are at major universities medical schools major programs to reverse these kinds of diseases. They put you on an exercise program, they put you on a better diet, they decrease your sugar, they decrease the amount of flesh food that you’re eating, and in fact many people get better. But they say it doesn't work for any other disease. Well we will find out today that it does in fact work for many many other diseases. I want to show you a letter I just recently got, which says, urgent product withdrawal. There is a notice on a drug called Pazacur which is an anti-hypertensive and an anti-angina drug. And they've taken it off the market because its side effects are so damaging. There are many other drugs on the market that people are taking right and left which have lots and lots of side effects.


Here is an article from the university of California San Francisco medical school showing that there are programs without drugs, with just exercise and a changing diet and general lifestyle will improve heart disease. Here is another news letter from a doctor in this country which shows that anger causes a rise in blood pressure and heart disease. Anger causes constriction of the arteries, so you have less blood given to your brain and to your heart. Anger causes the production of a lot of hormones that damage your immune system. And in fact, the American medical association has said in articles as recently as 1995 and 1998 that the plan of change in diet-lifestyle will actually prevent all of these diseases.


I have a previous video called "you can't improve on God" where I interviewed my 85 year old mother. She had a severe autoimmune disease called Polymyalgia Rheumatica. I put her on the same plan that I used to get well from cancer, and she was able to get off all four high blood pressure medication she had been on for as long as 35 years. She got off of them in three weeks by following this plan of a major change in diet and lifestyle: Getting the fat off, getting the excess protein out, getting the sugar out of her body, drinking lots of water, eating good food with a lot of raw food, getting plenty of rest, exercise, fresh air and sunshine. These things all seem too simple.


Doctors say we need drugs, but drugs don’t cure diseases; in fact, all drugs have side effects. If we look in the Physicians' Desk Reference, which is a huge book; it is this big and is very fine print, and all of the side effects of the drugs are found in this huge book. It is put up by the pharmaceutical companies. You will find that there is not one single drug in that entire book that does not have side effects. Some of them are so serious that they cause death. Now why will you want to die from a drug you’re taking which is probably a faraway side effect than the disease can cause in your body?


Coronary heart disease is not caused by a deficiency of bypass surgery; it is caused by too much fat and cholesterol, and cholesterol is found in animal products. Cholesterol is not found in vegetable products. You will only get it by eating animal products. Cardiac disease is caused by too much protein; that's in meat, poultry, fish, dairy products and eggs, because this excess protein is stored as fat. It increases the level of your triglyceride which is the measure of the fat in your blood.


Sugar is stored as fat and has the same problems. Aspartame which is NutraSweet causes abnormal heart rhythm, shortness of breath, chest pain and high blood pressure. Caffeine can cause Arrhythmia or irregular heart rate. Lack of exercise of course contributes to heart disease because you don’t work off the fat; you don’t get the oxygen going around to your muscles including the muscle of your heart. Fluoride causes calcification of arteries and dehydration causes thicker blood. And then when you don't eat enough nutrition, enough good, raw, fresh fruits and vegetables, you don’t get enough anti-oxidants into your body which help go around your body and destroy the toxins, and the waste materials that are produced by the everyday reactions in your body. Again, it’s not a mystery; you can get rid of your heart disease. You don't have to undergo coronary artery bypass. ... The only way you can really have a long term solution is to change the way you eat and the way you live, and get the stress out of your life.


Stress alone is one of the major causes of death in America. And if you're holding grudges or if you have anger or if you're under tremendous stress at your work or in your home or whatever you're doing, this all causes an increase in the fat content of the blood; it causes constriction of the arteries and it helps increase your possibility of heart disease. You really can't get well from heart disease unless you change your lifestyle. You can have one bypass after another but it's not going to do the job; only if you change your diet lifestyle can you actually get well.


7- Cancer


There are lots of different types of cancer; at least we in the medical profession break them down into various grades and various types. Cancer includes Hodgkin’s Disease and Leukaemia, which is nothing more than cancer of the blood, just on a different organ; Multiple Myeloma affects the bones and other tissues throughout the body; Malignant Melanoma (it is a cancer that appears to start in the skin but really can be a disease that can kill you. It’s different from regular skin cancer), and then of course we have cancer of the brain, breast, prostate, stomach, colon, liver, pancreas, many different organs and even AIDS is a form of cancer. However, cancer is cancer - we have all these different designations but all cancer is caused by suppression of the immune system. Cancer is really a deficiency disease.


You know, years ago back in the 1500s when sailors went out on ships during the crusades and other endeavours, many of them died. In fact, they caught a terribly disease that swept in the country and they were giving them the drugs that they had at that time, but these sailors died in large numbers. Finally, someone decided to put limes on the ship. And the sailors ate the limes because they were really suffering from a deficiency disease which was a vitamin C deficiency, scurvy. When the sailors ate the limes they did not die, they remained healthy. And that’s why English Sailors got the name Limeys. Well, it took about 200 or 250 years for the rest of the medical profession to pick up on this and realise that this was nothing more than a deficiency disease. Cancer is caused by the same three things we talked about before: it’s caused by malnutrition because you’re not getting enough good nutrition into your body and you’re getting an excess of bad nutrition; it’s caused by dehydration, because the body runs on water. We’re not getting enough water into our body and then stress. If you put these 3 things together, you would see that these are the real main causes not only of cancer but of all disease.


I became very interested in cancer myself because I developed cancer. Cancer is probably the most dreaded disease known to man and in fact it’s probably the most dreaded word in the English language. I developed severe advanced cancer. First, I developed a lump that was small. I had a biopsy and it was ductal adenocarcinoma the invasive type, Carcinoma of the breast. This was biopsy at one of Major Medical University, a hospital as well as another hospital that has a very large cancer unit. This was documented by the pathologists to be invasive ductal adenocarcinoma of the breast. The lump was very high up on my chest here. So, after I had the lump removed, they found that they couldn’t get clear margins during the procedure, in other words, the cancer had already spread into my chest wall muscle; it wasn’t yet in the knob under my arm. So I had another surgical procedure where they tried to go into a smaller incision and get the cancer all out, but they couldn’t do it, it had spread too far.


I changed my diet dramatically but I hadn't addressed the other factors in my life including stress, and I didn’t know about the importance of a lot of water drinking. But I changed my diet to fruits, grains and vegetables, got all the sugar out, the caffeine out and all the other bad things out of my diet. But my tumour returned... I had the first removal, but the tumour grew back. It was about the size of a marble. It stayed that size for several months while I was trying to do a number of things to make it go away; because I knew at that point that I was not going to have chemotherapy and radiation, because chemotherapy and radiation destroy your immune system, the exact system you need to get well. Suddenly, within a period of about 3 weeks, this tumour grew to the size of a large grape fruit, and was almost getting ready to burst on my chest. It was huge! And it became very painful. And I didn’t know what I was going to do because I knew I won't have chemotherapy and radiation.


Finally, I was able to find a surgeon who would take out a portion of this tumour, because it was getting ready to burst onto my chest and I didn’t want to have an open wound on my chest. By this time I had involvement of the nodes under my arm and nodes above my clavicle. The node under my arm somewhere was big as the size of a walnut, and I was in a lot of pain. Any pain medicine that I took would not relieve the pain. So I found a surgeon who thought that he would just do me a favour, palliative surgery, by taking out a portion of the tumour, and he did that and then sent me home to die. At that time I still had a lot of tumours in the central area, tumour in my chest wall muscle and the tumour in the lymph node. I refused to have any lymph nodes taken out because, you see, lymph nodes are part of your immune system.


So I went home and I got on a total plan. ... I started drinking lots of water as well as the carrot juice and the green leafy vegetable juice, and all natural food; in fact, 75% of my food raw, and I learned to get the stress out of my life. It's very important to be able to give my problems over to God I tried meditation and I tried visualisation early on, and I had some very bad experience with those. And I realised that only the Lord Jesus Christ can take away the stress in our lives. So I started spending a lot of time in Bible study and prayer, getting the stress relieved from my life.


When I did this, within 8 months the cancer was completely gone. Now, I had a lot of tough times during this period of time ... I had some severe ups and downs. Lots of anxiety, lots of depression, I had all sorts of symptoms ... And I got so bad that at one point I was not expected to live through the night; I was not able to eat or drink. So, I can tell you that this plan works; I was so close to death that I was not expected to live and yet here I am alive and healthy and cancer-free. As I said, it took me 8 months to get rid of the complete cancer without chemotherapy, without radiation, without mastectomy.


Cancer is not an incurable disease... Remember we talked about headaches not being caused by deficiency of aspirin. Well let’s carry that a step further; cancer is not caused by a deficiency of chemotherapy, cancer is not caused by a deficiency of radiation and in fact, both chemotherapy and radiation destroy the immune system, the system you need to get well. Not only that, both chemotherapy and radiation actually cause cancer. Now, we're told that the cause of cancer is unknown, but that's not true. The American medical association has published an article in the journal of the America medical association where they have said that 65% of all cancers could be prevented by a change in diet lifestyle. Now I say it is 99%.


But they at least admit 65%. Now let's see; if 65% of cancer can be prevented by a change in diet lifestyle, then what is the cause of cancer? It's the wrong diet lifestyle. Well, they'll sort of admit that, except they say when you do get cancer, there is nothing you can do to treat it then except by chemotherapy and radiation and have your organs out. Well, let me tell you this; cancer is not caused by an excess of organs. So why do we keep having organs out? What we really need to do is realise that cancer can be prevented and even when you have it, it can be cured. You don’t want to destroy the only system you have and that you need to get well.


Cancer cannot form in your body unless your immune system is already severely suppressed. You see, all of us get cancer cells in our body every day; it’s just that when our immune system is working properly, it would destroy the cancer cells. But when the immune system is not working properly because we're eating too much sugar, we’re eating too much fat, we’re eating too much protein and too much chemicals and all the other things, then it cannot destroy the cancer cells. So the cancer cells are allowed to build up and they form a tumour. Then the doctor can make a diagnosis. But then, they tell you, you have to have something for treatment that actually causes cancer. When women go down to get a mammogram, mammograms are radiations. Your doctors and dentist will both tell you: "Don’t take too many X-Rays, X-Rays cause cancer." But then they say: "you need to have X-Rays to see if you have cancer. And then if you have cancer, we have to give you huge doses of what we tell you to avoid because it causes cancer." It doesn't make any sense. We have been brain-washed to think that so often. Let's take a look at some of the drugs that are used to treat cancer.


8- Chemotherapy & Radiation


8.1- Chemotherapy


Chemotherapy just means that it's the chemical used for treatment. Chemical "chemo", therapy "treatment". These are some of the common chemicals used to treat cancer, the chemotherapeutic drugs. A lot of people don’t realise that anti-estrogens such as Arimidex and Tamoxifen are also chemotherapy. They think that they’re in a different group. But all of them have side effects. In fact, this book which is called The Physicians' Desk Reference is in every doctor's office. It contains lots and lots of side effects of the medicine. It's a very small print and every doctor has this, but frequently they don't tell you all the side effects of these drugs. Let me just go through a few.


Cytoxan: is one of the oldest ones. It was from nitrogen mustard, one of the first chemotherapy drugs. Nitrogen mustard was actually used in World War II to kill our enemies. When World War II was over, they said: what do we do with it? They said let's give it to cancer patients, maybe we can kill the cancer without killing the patient. But it does its job very well; it kills a lot of people. Cytoxan causes many types of cancer itself. Chemotherapy causes cancer. It causes hemorrhagic myocarditis, that's bleeding around the heart. It causes hemorrhagic colitis, bleeding in the colon and bleeding in the uterus of the urinary system. And it causes pulmonary fibrosis; it makes sure the lungs scald down. And it also of course causes nausea and vomiting and hair loss.


Methotrexate: has a big black box warning in the PDR (Physicians' Desk Reference) saying that toxic reactions can be fatal. Deaths have occurred during treatment from malignancy, and of course it is also used for psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis; and yet it is a deadly drug. It causes cancer in animals, it causes ulceration of the mouth, the oesophagus and the stomach, it can actually cause paralysis on one side of the body, convulsion and renal failure.


Anti-estrogens: Now the anti-estrogens drugs which doctors generally don't classify in the chemotherapy are Arimidex which causes high blood pressure, it causes convulsion, anxiety, blood clot, it causes vaginal hemorrhage, paresthesia where you have numbness in your fingertips, chest pain, shortness of breath and vomiting. And of course a very common one, Tamoxifen, also the brand name is Novadex. Well, doctors are sometimes putting people on Tamoxifen who don't even have breast cancer, just because they have a family history of it. Well, Tamoxifen causes uterine cancer, liver cancer, increase bone and tumour pain, depression, ovarian cyst, blood clot in the lungs, cataracts and retinopathy problems with the retina of your eye.


8.2- Radiation


Radiation burns everything in its pathway. When the immune system is so severely damaged, it has a very difficult time getting well; although, if people have had this treatment, sometimes they can change their diet lifestyle dramatically and get well. But you actually have to try to pull yourself out of a hole once you’ve had these treatments. So, you say, "Well how about cutting out the cancer, doesn’t that just get rid of it?" Let me ask you this question, if your child has chickenpox and they’re very sick, will you go to the store and get medicine to try to burn out all those chickenpox, or you will go to a surgeon and ask him to cut off all those chickenpox marks out of your child’s skin so then the child will be rid of the chickenpox? Of course not! You can cut those out but the child still has chickenpox, because the pox marks on the skin are only a local manifestation of a systemic disease. That’s what cancer is. Cancer is just a local manifestation of a systemic disease. Your whole body is very sick because your immune system is not working properly. So, when you just cut off the cancer, you have to realise that all the factors that allow cancer to develop in the first place are still in your body. Unless you change all of those factors, your cancer can either return in the same place or in a different place, or you will get some other serious disease.


Well, how about removing the lymph nodes? Doctors say well, you've got cancer in your lymph nodes, you got to take them out. If you had an infection in your foot and you develop swollen glands in your groin, would you go to the surgeon and say take out these glands because they are involved with the infection? Of course not! Because those glands, those lymph nodes in your groin are helping to keep the infection from spreading. Well that's the same thing your lymph nodes do when they’re involved with cancer. Your lymph nodes are part of your immune system. When the lymph nodes have cancer in them, it's because they’re doing their job. They're keeping the cancer from spreading other places. So, if you go to the surgeon and have those lymph nodes removed, you're taking down the little police men that are at the gate trying to keep the cancer from spreading. Then you get chemotherapy or radiation, which both destroy your immune system and then after that, the cancer has no barriers at all, it can spread everywhere. So you see, this is not the way to conquer cancer. You need to feed your body with the nutrition that it needs.


9- Causes of Cancer


People say, "Well, I have cancer because I inherited it. My mother had cancer, maybe breast cancer, her mother had breast cancer." Let me ask you this, if you see a very large woman walking down the street, she's got way too much weight on her, and she has a child on either side holding their hand and there are also very large. Do you think those children developed their increased weight because of a genetic problem? Unlikely; mother feeds herself and mother feeds her children. We can certainly inherit these patterns in our lives, but there is a very small amount of cancer that is actually inherited. The way we get it from our parents is the way we learn how to eat and how to handle stress. Our parents by their actions show us how to handle stress, and it may not be in the right way. So, when your mother has breast cancer or your mother has any kind of cancer, or there is a cancer in your family history, you will learn from your mother and your grandmother how to eat, and usually all of it is not good. We all give ourselves disease. We do it because we're ignorant, we don't understand that everything we’re putting in our mouths either makes us well or sick.


Everything we do, whether we exercise or not, whether we get out in the sunlight or fresh air, these things have a major impact on our health. So when we get these diseases, we have to take responsibility for them. We have to learn how to get rid of the disease and how to prevent other diseases from happening. So these things are rarely inherited. We do it to ourselves... We go to the grocery stores and we put the cancer-causing things in our shopping basket and we take it home, and we eat ourselves in the cancer. We also stress ourselves in the cancer, and the very things that we do routinely every day give us cancer. As I said, you cannot get cancer unless you have an immune system that is severely suppressed. So, what you want to do is to learn how to build your immune system naturally.


Now let us take a look at the things that cause cancer:


Medication that you're taking can cause cancer. If you look in this big red book that I just showed you, you would see that many anti-hypertensives and even some medicines given for anxiety and depression actually can cause cancer. Some high blood pressure drugs also cause cancer. Estrogen therapy, estrogen replacement therapy can cause cancer; it can cause an increase in breast cancer, it can cause uterine cancer, it can cause all of these sorts of different cancers in your body.


Fluoride: there seems to be a link between fluoride and cancer according to some experts, including Dr. John Yiamouyiannis who has written a book called "Fluoride, the Aging Factor."


Aspartame: NutraSweet is associated with tumours particularly brains tumours, cancers tumours.


Meats: animals have diseases which we can potentially get from them when we eat the meat. Anytime we cook or boil poultry, meat, or fish, they produce carcinogens. Dairy herds are infected with bovine leukemia virus and the bovine AIDS virus.


Milk: is infected with the bovine leukemia virus, and in fact a 1980 study showed that there was an increase in human leukemia in areas with high level of bovine leukemia in the dairy herds.


Sugar: it immobilises the immune system for 4 hours after you eat it; your white blood cells cannot resist disease.


Caffeine and alcohol: are both dehydrating agents and they have a relationship to breast cancer.


Preservatives: are in all packaged food, in cans and boxes; and some of these actually cause cancer.


Food dyes: are known to be carcinogenic. This new fake fat, the olestra, would take the fat-soluble vitamins out of your body - you need those vitamins in order to have a healthy body and prevent cancer.


Processed food: white rice, white bread, all the chemicals and the lack of nutrients in processed food, all of these things contribute to a sick body.


Silicone gel: evidence has shown that silicone gel implants in the breast suppress the immune system. I would strongly suggest that if you have silicone gel implants in your breasts to have them removed. There’re all sorts of cases of women who have had severe autoimmune diseases, it looks like because they had this silicone gel implants in their body.


Smoking: produces scars, you know that there's an association between smoking and lung cancer, there's also an association between smoking and uterine cancer, and cancer of the mouth, oesophagus, bladder, kidney and pancreas.


Lack of sunlight: Sunlight actually decreases the size of internal cancerous tumours.


Lack of fresh air and exercise: Cancer thrives in a low oxygen environment.


Cancer chemotherapeutic agents: cause cancer too. And then if those don’t work, they will want to do a bone marrow transplant on you. In order to do a bone marrow transplant they have to destroy all of your immune system. Imagine what that can possibly do to your immune system, system that you need to get you well. Not only that, if you have a transplant of an organ such as a kidney or a liver, they will give you the same chemotherapeutic agents to wipe out your immune system so you would not reject the transplant.


As you can see, what you really need to do to get well and to prevent cancer is to feed your body well, hydrate your body well by drinking a lot of water because it has been shown clearly that dehydration is one of the major factors in causing cancer; and in fact, I could not get well until I started drinking large amounts of water. I’m talking about the average person needs a minimum of 10 glasses a day just to replace their water losses for every day. I had not been a water drinker all of my life; in fact, I was drinking coffee and caffeinated soda. So I found out that I was about 18 years behind in my water drinking.


10- Autoimmune diseases


The next category is autoimmune diseases. We’ll start the way we categorise them in medicine: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, Scleroderma, Polymyositis, Dermatomyositis, and then Polymyalgia Rheumatica. All of these are really related to joint and tissue problems. And so the doctor may tell you that your immune system is too strong, but it's impossible for the immune system to be too strong, that’s like being too healthy. When you're too healthy, you're just as healthy as you can be. And when your immune system is working properly, it's not going to make you sick; if you have one of these diseases it means that your immune system is not working properly and it’s suppressed because of some of these things we've been talking about. ... These diseases are actually from nutritional deficiencies: Not getting enough of the food you need; eating too much of the food you don't need; having improper elimination; not drinking enough water. I know many patients who have gotten well from Rheumatoid Arthritis. In fact, many of them who have been in wheel chairs have been able to get up from their wheel chairs and get well. Now, if you have severe permanent disruption of joints, I'm not telling you that you’re going to be out dancing, but I can tell you that you can stop the progression of the disease and reverse the changes that are not permanent.


My mother, as I told you before, at the age of 85 had this severe autoimmune disease called Polymyalgia Rheumatica and she got well within 6 months with no drugs whatsoever; just on the plan that we will discuss later on how you can get well from virtually every disease. I interviewed her on this tape, "You Can’t Improve on God!", and you will see that at the beginning she wasn’t too happy about changing her diet lifestyle. But now she got well from Polymyalgia Rheumatica. She was terribly sick, she was unable to eat and dress herself, and she had severe pain. But her triglyceride which is the measure of the fat in your blood dropped 400 points in 4 months. Her cholesterol dropped from 280 to 120. So we go back to the very same thing and see that these autoimmune diseases are really caused from malnutrition, dehydration and stress. We will also see that sugar suppresses the immune system and can cause joint pain; water, the lack of water - dehydration from caffeine and alcohol can also cause joint pain.


Fluoride decreases the immune system's ability to keep you free from disease; silicone implants seem to be associated with autoimmune disease and immune suppression. Arthritis has been shown in medical literature to be caused from a diet low in nutrients. Alcohol, Aspirin and saturated fats which are found in meat and dairy products produce prostaglandin E2 which suppresses the immune system. Carbonated drinks are high in Phosphates, which change the mineral balance of the body. And a lack of exercise also can cause you to have stiffness in your joints and not give enough oxygen to your entire body. It's not a mystery why people get sick!  It's the same thing with autoimmune diseases, as it is with cancer and heart disease. We give these diseases to ourselves. Drugs never cure disease; they only change the former location of the disease by causing side effects.


11- Neurologic diseases


These are diseases of the neurological system: Parkinson's, (you can develop what we call a thoracic tremor, tremor and headache, ...). Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease is very similar to that. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, also call Lou Gehrig's disease, where you have involvement of your nervous system starting at the lower portion of your body, and eventually it gets up to your lungs, in your throat, and you can chock to death. And it's considered to be a hundred percent fatal. Multiple Sclerosis is a disease of the muscles. Just think about this; all of these diseases have this strange names, "multiple" just means many and "sclerosis" means hard parts; you just got many hard parts in the muscles. It doesn't really tell you what causes the disease. Alzheimer's is of course dementia, but it's just named after the person that first described this kind of dementia. And again, these titles only are Latin terms for describing the symptoms. And then Seizures are also a part of these neurological abnormalities. ... All the medications they use to treat these diseases have side effects that are very destructive. There is a drug where one of the adverse reactions is attempted suicide. These drugs do not cure these diseases; in fact, they make them worse. You have a short term gain because some of your symptoms are decreased, for a long term disaster.


12- Women’s problems


These are problems that many women have:


Fibrocystic Breast Disease: is accentuated by having caffeine in the diet. That’s not only from coffee and caffeinated soda but there is a caffeine-like compound in tea and in chocolate. So, all of these things must be eliminated. Also fibrocystic breast disease is increased by a high-fat diet. Any tumours, whether benign or malignant, are abnormal. By getting your body back in balance by eating right, by living right your body can get rid of those tumours.


Menopausal hot flashes: I had terrible hot flashes. I tried to get off my estrogen replacement therapy many times, but I would have such hot flashes that I couldn’t stand them. But when I found out that I had breast cancer, I knew I had to stop those estrogens immediately. And I was dreading what will happen to me when I stop the estrogens; but as soon as I changed my diet to a totally vegan diet: no meat, no dairy products, no eggs, no poultry and no fish, I never had another hot flash. And of course you want to drink a lot of water as well. But you say: "I don’t want to get osteoporosis and my doctor tells me I’ve got to be on estrogens." Osteoporosis is not caused by a deficiency of estrogen. In fact, as we discussed before, osteoporosis is caused mainly by lack of activity and too much protein in the diet, particularly too much animal protein.


So if you would get your diet down to eating less than 40 grams of protein a day, then you won’t get osteoporosis. You want to also eliminate the medications like Cortisone that causes osteoporosis, and of course smoking causes osteoporosis, and caffeine contributes to it. So you want to rectify those factors but you need to get exercise, and you need to get the proper amount of protein in the diet. You don't want to keep taking calcium because osteoporosis is not a calcium deficiency per se. What happens as I said is that when you eat too much protein and you drink too much milk, the body becomes very acidic and it has to take the calcium out of your bones to neutralise the acid. Osteoporosis is due to a deficiency of the proper nutrients and you want to get rid of the excess bad food in your diet.


Infertility: can be rectified by the total plan that we're going to talk about. Male and female mice exposed to MSG early in life actually suffer from infertility in laboratory experiment. There is some evidence that fluoride, particularly fluoride in the water and in toothpaste contributes to the infertility problem, and also a lack of antioxidants. The antioxidants should be in the food that you eat; not necessarily in supplements because those aren’t natural.


The nausea of pregnancy: is in large part caused by dehydration. When a woman gets pregnant, her body has to take huge amounts of water from her cells to form all the amniotic fluid for the baby. When you get dehydrated, you can get nauseated. If you’re contemplating becoming pregnant make sure that you’re drinking lots of water, your body is well hydrated and that you are eating proper nutrition. And then pre-menstrual syndrome. Actually, this is also truly cured by getting your body back in balance - by getting the stress out of your life, by drinking lots of water, exercising and eating an all-natural diet. ... These diseases are never solved by drugs.


13- Arthritis


It seems like everybody is suffering from some kind of joint pain or back pain or neck pain. Osteoarthritis is somewhat different from Rheumatoid arthritis. At least we doctors categorise it differently, but all of these really play under the same factors that cause them. Osteoarthritis and back pain and neck pain are basically due to inactivity, the wrong diet and not enough water. Water is necessary to make synovial fluid, that is, a special kind of fluid that the body makes to nourish the joint surfaces. When the joint surfaces get too dry, they wear out and they can cause back pain and neck pain. But you can rehydrate those joint surfaces if they’re not too bad. Sciatica is pain down the back of the buttock and down the leg, and it’s caused generally from a herniated disc or slipped disc. That’s because the discs are dehydrated; because people are not drinking enough water and the discs are not being nourished enough by proper exercise. I had severe discs problems before I understood my need for water.


I actually had them operated on a number of years ago and then the pain came back. And when I moved to a hotter climate, and I wasn’t drinking enough water, my pain got severe. But as soon as I started drinking large amounts of water, over a number of months, I was able to re-hydrate the discs. And actually the discs plump up and they stopped pressing against the nervure. As women particularly get older, they get shorter. It's because their discs collapse in between their vertebrae. But you can rehydrate those discs and increase their size and increase your ability not only to move about and have freedom from pain. But you can move that disc out of the way by its re-hydration and plumping up, so it’s not pressing against the nervure.


Sugar also causes joint pain; it suppresses the immune system; it is very dehydrating and you need the water for your nourishment of your joint surfaces. Caffeine is dehydrating, alcohol is dehydrating and of course the lack of exercise; your joint gets stiff if you don't move them. Lack of nutrients also can cause these diseases. You have to eat right. And sunlight gives you vitamin D to give you strong bones. Cortisone and the anti-inflammatory drugs will always make these things eventually worse because even though they cover up the symptoms to begin with, they cause worse problems down the line. So what you want to do is the same old song; eat right, exercise and get rid of the stress in your life. And we will show you how to get that total plan in just a minute.


14- Diabetes & Hypoglycemia


There is an increase in body of evidence to confirm that the onset of diabetes type I, that's juvenile onset diabetes, is associated with the use of cow's milk and other dairy products in very young children. Even if you use insulin throughout life, that will not stop the progression of the disease. The disease is a disease of blood vessels; these people can become blind, they can have terrible ulcers of their feet and actually lose their feet or lose their legs. What we need to do is, eliminate all sugar because sugar also intensifies the diabetes. We should remove all excitotoxins; the MSG and aspartame, and all chemicals from the processed food. Smoking makes diabetes of any type much worse. We must institute a diet rich in vitamins, mineral and enzymes. ... But the most important thing is to try to prevent the onset of juvenile diabetes which is by eating healthy and eliminating cow's milk from all diets.


Now diabetes type II is easily removed by eating a healthy diet. Even your doctor will tell you that if you eat fruits, grains and vegetables and if you eat a low fat diet and eliminate the sugar, and exercise of course, that you can eliminate diabetes type II. That's very important because the drugs they put you on to treat diabetes type II or adult-onset diabetes, one of them is Glucotrol also called Glipizide which comes with a special warning on it. It says there is an increase of cardiovascular mortality, which means heart attack. It can kill you, plus, it causes nausea, diarrhea, jaundice, anaemia, low white blood cell count and low platelets which are associated with clotting, dizziness, headache and drowsiness. Another drug that's commonly used is called Glucophage which has almost the same side effects including this, increased risk of cardiovascular mortality which is death. So, what you want to do is get on your proper diet; the same song.


Hypoglycaemia is caused mainly by eating too much refined sugar. When you bring that sugar into your body, it’s a big jog like you’ve taken a hit of cocaine or something and your insulin shoots up. When your insulin eats up all that sugar, you become hypoglycemic; and you become shaky and nervous and irritable and all of that. ... So, if we exercise, if we eat right, if we eat fruits, grains and vegetables and get the fat, the high protein and the sugar out of our diet, plus drink lots of water, we can certainly get rid of diabetes type II and we can prevent diabetes type I and hypoglycaemia.


15- Headache, chronic fatigue syndrome, flu and colds


15.1- Headache


Headaches are not caused by deficiency of aspirin. Migraine headaches are not caused by deficiency of drugs. Headaches are caused by the excitotoxins, MSG and aspartame, milk -producing allergies, poor elimination due to dehydration from caffeine and alcohol and not eating enough raw food, dehydration from not drinking enough water. Stress, of course leads into this as well, and stress is very dehydrating. ... So, if you eat your balanced diet, if you eat fruits, grains and vegetables, you can eliminate these problems.


15.2- Chronic fatigue syndrome


I think everybody seems to be suffering from that. This is caused by sleep disturbances. And sleep disturbances are caused by stress, and not drinking enough water and eating the wrong food over a long period of time. Sugar causes the ability for Candida to grow in your intestine. And this contributes to chronic fatigue syndrome. This is a fungus that can grow in your intestine and it can get into your blood stream. This Candida is increased by the use of birth control pills or any estrogens and also the use of steroids, cortisone and antibiotics because antibiotics will wipe out the good bacteria in your colon. So the Candida can over grow, possibly get into your blood stream and contribute to chronic fatigues syndrome. Also it’s contributed too by poor elimination, by dehydration, by lack of exercise and by a lack of nutrients. Not getting enough vitamins and minerals into your body and in fact eating too much fat and protein and also sleep disturbances as I said before has been shown to cause chronic fatigue syndrome. ... It has been shown that you can take a healthy person and by purposely disturbing their sleep over a period of three nights, you can have induced symptoms of fibromyalgia which is pain and discomfort in the muscles and sometimes in the joints as well, and a feeling of fatigue and weakness.


15.3- Flu and colds


Flu and colds: we can include in this group too because all is the result of the suppression of the immune system. If your immune system is working properly, you're not going to get flu and colds. They did a study once when they took a number of volunteers and they took pure cold virus and put it right up onto their nose, and they put their feet in cold water and blew cold dress on them. And only something like 15% of the people got the cold; because it had to do with how well their immune system was operating at the time they were exposed. Sometimes you can be around the person who has the cold and you will get it and sometimes you won’t. All we have to do is keep our immune systems working properly by feeding them right, by doing all the right natural things that we’ve talked about and we can eliminate all of these problems.


16- Allergies, asthma and bronchitis


When the body is dehydrated, a water-regulatory mechanism is triggered. The body produces histamine, which is the number one water-regulator, then makes sure the brain and the vital organs get enough water. But you see, when histamine is produced in your body then you want to have antihistamines and you go to the drugstore or you go to the doctor and you get antihistamines. But what you really need is water, because the body produces histamine because it doesn’t have enough water in it. You need lots of water.


There are also some common causes of allergies which include dairy products: milk cheese, butter, egg, cattle cheese, yogurt and sugar. All of these things cause allergies. Also there is an association with Asthma, Allergies and Bronchitis, not only with dehydration lack of water but with fluoride, with MSG, aspartame, medication - many medications caused constriction of the bronchi, they can cause other allergies, and they can cause Asthma. Fats and fried foods decrease the immune function and animal products cause an increase in mucus formation which can make these problems worse.


Sugar is irritating to the mucus membrane and leaches the body's calcium reserves - generally lowering your resistance. Smoking of course is bad for all of these things and the drugs that the doctor may give you have Cortisone in them and this suppresses your immune system even more. So you see, what you really need to do if you have these three problems or anyone of the three is that you have to increase your water so that you can turn-off the histamine system in your body. Your body knows it needs water so it produces histamine. Don’t use antihistamines. Drink water and get the dairy products out of your body.


17- Intestinal diseases


All of these gastrointestinal diseases have basically the same cause which may be the exception of Gall Stones. Gall stones are really caused from too much fat in the diet primarily. But constipation and haemorrhoids, diverticulosis and crown's disease of the colon, are due to not enough water, too much fat in the diet, too much high proteins, which goes through and is stored as fat. These kinds of things all cause problems with your intestinal elimination. When you are constipated, this can cause haemorrhoids. If you have ulcerative colitis, these are frequently exacerbated by stress. Diverticulosis is when food gets caught in little pockets in your intestine and these pockets are caused because your intestinal contents are not moving out of your body fast enough.


Irritable Bowel Syndrome is caused by an increased in stress, not eating the right food, not drinking enough water. So what do you want to do with each of these! Instead of taking steroids, Cortisone, for any of these diseases, you want to change the way you’re eating, change the way you're living, get exercise, drink water, eat a proper diet, without too much fat, without all the sugar that you’ve been eating, and of course Gastric or Duodenal Ulcers can actually be cured by drinking water. Your doctor may say that you need a bland diet. But it is the water that is necessary to produce the mucus to align your stomach so that the acid in your stomach does not eat through into the lining. When you do that, in fact you can cure ulcers. 2000 cases of ulcer have actually been cured by nothing more than water. This has been reported in 1983 in the journal of Clinical Gastroenterology. Even though these things can be serious problems, if you get on the right diet, if you drink a lot of water and if you get the stress out of your life, these can miraculously go away.


18- How to get well!


You now have a good idea of what you need to do to get well or to stay healthy:


Nutrition: We eat fruits, grains and vegetables, in the most natural forms. We want to eliminate the dairy products, that is, the meat, the poultry, the eggs, the fish, all of these animal products, because they all contain disease; they all contains hormones and antibiotics and pesticides and things like that, which make you sick. One excellent book is called: Moooove Over Milk and it shows you how there is a relationship between diabetes, osteoporosis and these neurologic diseases we talked about - it is excellent. It gives you all the documentation in the medical literature for why milk is very harmful for you.


There is another book on Nutrasweet, aspartame, written also by a medical doctor, Dr. H.J Roberts, showing all the problems with aspartame. The FDA approves this knowing that it contained this product called Methanol which can cause blindness and can cause convulsion. And then there is a book Excitotoxins. The book was written by Dr. Russell Blaylock who is a neuro surgeon. This book will tell you how MSG and Aspartame including hydrolysed vegetable, protein and natural flavours which frequently contain MSG, can make you sick. They can cause brain tumours, they can cause seizures, they contribute to Parkinson disease and Lou Gehrig disease.


So what do you eat? ... We can change over from these animal flesh-based diet to a vegan diet or to fruits, grains and vegetables. When you cook food, you destroy all the enzymes. Anything that is heated above 107 or 110 degrees, will destroy all the enzymes. It has been found that if they feed cats with food that is cooked within about four generations, they can no longer produce and the breed will die out... You can start changing your diet if you're just looking for a better lifestyle. But if you have a serious disease, as I had with my cancer, you’d better changed over all at once. Your healing depends on it.


Exercising: Exercising is the second law of health. If you have back problems, you want to really start exercising as much as you can right off the back. Now, if you have too much pain, you better start drinking a whole lot of water. But exercise will help you eliminate your back and joint pain.


Water: If you don't drink enough water, your body can't function. If your children go out and play in the mud and they come in and they have filthy clothes and you put their clothes in the washing machine and you pour in two cups of water and turn on the machine, how clean will the cloths get? Well, that’s the way with your body. Your body produces wastes products in the cells. If you don’t drink enough water, it can’t get those waste products out of the cells and the cells become sick and cause you problems.


Sunlight: Sunlight is important for curing and improving every disease known to man. Once you start nourishing your body properly by eating right and drinking enough water, you will not be vulnerable to the harmful rays of the sun. I'm not saying that you should get out there and get fried and get out there at the hottest time of the day, you have to use some common sense.


Temperance: Temperance is moderation in everything we consume. We have to get rid of the sugar, get rid of the alcohol, and the tobacco and all the things that are harmful to our bodies.


Fresh air: It's absolutely essential for the body. Without it, your body cannot function properly.


Rest: Rest at the proper time of night. You cannot force your body to work past its capacity and expect to be well. The only time the body can repair itself and regenerate itself is when you are sleeping. If you have a serious disease you should be in bed by 9:00 o'clock. Try to go to bed soon after the sun goes down and get up when the sun comes up. However, if you are sick with a serious disease, you need to rest a great deal. In fact, those of you who have cancer or other serious diseases, when you exercise, of course, walking is the very best exercise. Do not exercise to the point of fatigue. You have to conserve your energy and you are breaking down your body if you actually exercise your body too much.


Get rid of stress: So, we have now nutrition, exercise, water, sunlight, temperance, fresh air, proper rest, and then of course, the most important of all, the way to get rid of stress, by putting your trust in God. The Holy Bible is the User's and Owner’s manual for your body. Your body was created by God, He also created the food that you eat. So let's eat the Designer's food, that is, the food that is designed by the same Being that designed our body. And the food is given to us with all the right nutrients, with all the right enzymes we need. Consume raw as much as you can, because when you cook food, you destroy the enzymes and the nutrients.


If we follow the Holy Bible, we will learn to get rid of anger, grudges, and learn to forgive. When we are stressed, when we are angry, when we are holding grudges, our bodies cannot assimilate the food even if we put good food into it; because our intestines don’t work right and our peristalsis stops and our stomachs are contracted and our brain cannot function properly when we are all tied up with these wrong emotions.


People who do not spend time with the Lord are unable to get rid of the stress in their lives. Stress is killing us; it is one of the biggest killers and in fact, two Americans psychiatrists have said that the number one cause of deaths in America is suppressed anger. We have to get rid of it, we have to let it go, we have to learn how to live with other people, we have to learn how not to be angry. All the stress that is happening around us and it is making us sick - we were not made to live like this. [End of testimony]


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