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(Updated on 03 02 2024)


1- Introduction


Dear brothers and friends, we would like to make available to you this very edifying article, which summarises the book by Patrick Jaulent entitled: "Un Monde de Menteurs: La Cyber Surveillance au Service de la Vérité", which in English translates. "A World of Liars: Cyber Surveillance in the Service of Truth". In this book, Patrick Jaulent, Doctor of Electronics and Expert in Strategy and Cyber Security, explains how the so-called Covid-19 pandemic, in addition to being the project of a planetary genocide as several scientists have already demonstrated, is also a very juicy business for the hospitals. This text is a transcript of an interview with the courageous journalist Richard Boutry. We advise you to read it in its entirety, as well as the other very interesting articles that you will find on the website www.mcreveil.org.


2- Start of the Interview


Richard Boutry: Ladies and gentlemen, good morning and welcome to France-Soir's programme, Le Défi de la Vérité, with, as you will see today, a distinguished guest, an extremely courageous man. Patrick Jaulent, good morning.


Patrick Jaulent: Hello Richard.


Richard Boutry: You are a doctor who graduated from one of the most prestigious American universities, and you were director of decryption at one of the biggest American cyber security companies. You are going to talk to us for almost half an hour about this crisis, with, as you will see, and here I am really addressing the public, some enormous revelations at the end. So first of all, why this book?


Patrick Jaulent: Why this book, Richard? I am angry. I'm angry because the active, young people have been sacrificed for old people like me. I'm angry because I'm being forced to get vaccinated, even though I don't want to. I am angry because there is a president, let's be clear, who does not know how to talk to young people. The only thing he proposes is to reimburse a visit to a shrink. I'm angry and I support this, because my generation, a golden generation, which didn't experience the war, it is a generation which retired at 60, which was able to buy property when it was possible, it's a generation which is privileged. And we're going to screw up, let's speak vulgarly, young people and active people, for a generation like me. So at some point, a certain number of things have to be revealed. The truth has to come out.


Richard Boutry: This truth really comes out in your book, which is extremely incriminating, "Un Monde de Menteurs (A World of Liars)", which you have self-edited, and you will understand, the public, why he has not found a publisher. In fact you are in a way the new Snowden, one can say?


Patrick Jaulent: I hope I don't end up like him.


Richard Boutry: In any case, you, who were in cyber security, can say it today, and state it very clearly: 80% of the information circulating on the internet today is fake news, but not in the sense that we understand it today, or at least in the sense that the government understands it today.


Patrick Jaulent: Absolutely, there is faked news, I would say, that is deliberate, we will have the opportunity to talk about it. My role is essentially, in all this fake news, to look at what is true. So everything I'm going to tell, apart from the agency that knows about the programme, that knows about the book, everything I'm going to tell exists on the internet. What is needed is simply to have the time to look for this information and to make sure that it is good. That's my job.


Richard Boutry: So, you have the privilege of knowing and mastering cyber security better than anyone else, and I think we can really say that; you get into the mechanisms of the system, but also you have this ability, of course, being bilingual, to be able to translate official documents that are a bit lost on the Internet and that you really manage to get them stand out.


Patrick Jaulent: Yes, I'll tell you, I'll tell you a secret, I've even taken up Chinese.


Richard Boutry: That you are now speaking at what level?


Patrick Jaulent: At a very average level, but I took up Chinese because at some point, I had to start looking at Chinese sites, and I had to manage and try to sort through all these series of information, the city of Wuhan has a particular site, and there are things that went on from October 2018, 2019 and 2020, on this site of the city of Wuhan, and I absolutely wanted to immerse myself in the Chinese culture to try to look a little bit at what was true and false because indeed these are people who manipulate, I would say, the true and false.


Richard Boutry: So, among all the revelations that you are going to make, and here we are really getting to the heart of the matter, there is a very precise point, a precise date: it is 2003, when this virus, and no one knows this in France, already existed in China, in a slightly different form, but it is almost the same: SARS.


Patrick Jaulent: Indeed, this famous breathing syndrome that causes serious consequences for humans existed in 2003 in China and Hong Kong, but if we want to be completely exhaustive, it affected about ten countries. The number of deaths was small compared to what we know today. Around a thousand deaths. That is nothing. SARS appeared in February 2003, I believe, and everything stopped in July 2003. Without vaccination.


Richard Boutry: Without vaccination. It stopped on its own.


Patrick Jaulent: It stopped on its own because there had been a certain number of barrier measures as we are talking about today, which had been announced by the WHO, because the WHO knew about this virus and the barrier measures were classic, we wore masks, we washed our hands, we used the distance, and we cleaned up everywhere we went. So it had nothing to do with the virus we know today, but it was already a first symptom of what could happen one day.


Richard Boutry: That's it, with PCR tests that were also carried out at the time and tests that were useless.


Patrick Jaulent: If you look at the WHO website and click on the date 2003, you will notice a message in French and English, and I say it bluntly: Be careful with PCR tests, they tend to cause false positives or false negatives. This is 2003.


Richard Boutry: This is 2003. Then you have the EcoHealth Alliance, which is an American company that was already working with the Chinese on gain-of-function. I think it's very important for viewers that you explain what exactly gain-of-function are.


Patrick Jaulent: I propose that we take a little trip into the past so that we can understand the evolution of this pandemic. So we're going to go back in time; on 31 December 2019, China informs a WHO agency in Beijing that they have identified a new type of virus, SARS, in the city of Wuhan. Wuhan is a major city, with a population of 9 million inhabitants, 11 million I would say with the suburbs, 5 major hospitals, we will talk about this later, and high-level universities in medicine, agriculture and science. So, China is warning that a new virus has been detected.


Richard Boutry: This is taken up by the WHO a few days later.


Patrick Jaulent: So it's taken up on the 31st. The WHO publishes this information on its website on 2nd or 3rd January 2020, and we know that the WHO declares a global pandemic on 11 March 2020. So what happened, what justified this? When we look at what happened, we see that the Wuhan Institute of Virology had already been working on SARS-type viruses since at least 2015. Why do we know this is since 2015? Because since 2015 there have been research publications and what we discovered in these publications is that there is an American university, called the University of Chapel Hill, which is publishing research together. But you mentioned the EcoHealth Alliance. The big lie is that there has been a partnership with the Wuhan Institute of Virology and an American institute for several years working on the gain-of-function of these famous viruses and this is what they call Eco Alliance.


Richard Boutry: So what are the gain-of-function for the general public?


Patrick Jaulent: We're going to talk again about gain-of-function. This company is a non-profit company, which receives money from the Obama presidency and from the Trump presidency. So what is a gain-of-function? A gain-of-function is giving a pathogenic gene, a pathogenic element the possibility to become more virulent than more virulent, more deadly than more deadly. You take a virus, you manipulate it, and you make it more deadly, and on top of that, you make it a virus that can be spread in the air. You make it gain function. You give it extra functions, extra deadly functions. Can you imagine that?


Richard Boutry: So, what you're saying here, in fact, I'm trying to translate for the viewers, is that, according to you, very clearly, it's a deliberate decision by Man to create this virus to exterminate the planet.


Patrick Jaulent: I don't know if it's to exterminate the planet, we'll see later, but it's part of a deliberate operation by Man, and all the more deliberate because when you scratch the surface, there's the American company Eco Alliance, which has been working for years on these gain-of-function, essentially since 2017. And why 2017? Because it is from 2017 that the Wuhan Virology Institute is labelled P4. Before, it was not labelled P4. P4 means P for pathogen, 4 means you are handling deadly viruses, very deadly for humans. That's P4.


Richard Boutry: And it must be said that this is a laboratory that was visited at the time by François Hollande and a whole French delegation.


Patrick Jaulent: Well, better than that! It's a laboratory that was provided by France to China, that was inaugurated in 2017, by the Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, that was inaugurated by the Minister of Health, Marisol Touraine, that was inaugurated by Yves Levy, the husband of the future Minister of Health, and that was inaugurated by Mr Raoult who is the general manager of the BioMérieux P4 laboratory in Lyon. So France knows what is going on inside. Can you believe it?


Richard Boutry: Today we really have the impression that, at the beginning of the year, so a year and a half ago now, the President of the Republic suddenly discovered the existence of this virus, but everyone had already known about it, as you say, perhaps for months, since October, in any case, probably also for years, since 2015.


Patrick Jaulent: Since 2015, there are communications that are available on the net, that are public, that show very clearly that they are manipulating a certain number of viruses, so initially, SARS number 1, SARS number 2, then links with the bat, and from 2017, 2018, I will give you the explanation of 2018 later, they are increasing the mortality of viruses through gain-of-function. This is what they are doing. They are playing with this, and even more so in 2018, we are sure of 2018 because in 2018 the American embassy in China is sending alarmist messages to the American authorities: Be careful, we don't know what is going on in the Wuhan virology institute, but we are on the verge of a global SARS pandemic. Encrypted messages from the US embassy sent to US authorities, first quarter 2018. Evidence.


Richard Boutry: There are also tests being carried out in parallel in the Netherlands. You can tell us about this because it is very important and the public is not aware of it, based in particular on animal faeces and therefore carried by birds. What is that exactly?


Patrick Jaulent: Indeed, this is information that is difficult to find on the net, but it is possible to find the links on the net, and that is that there have been trials, and there are trials, which have been carried out in the Netherlands. The virus, after having had its additional gain-of-function, its additional mortality, they wanted to test what it gave, they infected birds, they released them in a field of cows and all the cows died. The virus was really good. They did a great job. They added some extra gain-of-function to it. So why did they do that?


Richard Boutry: If that's the case, then who benefits from the crime?


Patrick Jaulent: So, let's go back to the different actors in this morbid scene.


Richard Boutry: We're practically in a James Bond movie here.


Patrick Jaulent: Yes, it's 2019, China informs that a new virus has been detected, a global pandemic is triggered, and we realise that an American company, which is closely linked to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which is working together on gain-of-function, is increasing the mortality of the virus. And we realise that it is very dangerous. The American embassy informs the authorities, and we realise that Dr. Antony Fauci, the American health doctor, the doctor who is responsible, who is the director of the Institute of Infection in the United States, NIAID ...


Richard Boutry: Local virology. He is investing at this time.


Patrick Jaulent: The American embassy in China is informed that "Beware, we don't know what's going on in Wuhan at the virology institute, beware there are risks ..." Nevertheless, he validates a contract of 3.1 million dollars to continue the work.


Richard Boutry: So he encourages that.


Patrick Jaulent: And he encourages it all the more because he puts 600,000 dollars of his own money into the Wuhan laboratories. Not only are they informed that it is dangerous... instead of saying stop, they sign a 3.1 million dollar contract and put in additional money. Why have they returned to this level? Why this link? Why did China develop this kind of thing? It's because the US in 2004 said no more gain-of-function. In 2015, they said no more gain-of-function. The gain-of-function that were manipulated in Fort Detrick and so many others, they said it's too dangerous, they said stop. Well, they say stop here, but they are going to make it elsewhere.


Richard Boutry: That's why they made it in China. So in parallel, there is a war, in fact a world war, it was a bit of a race against time, there was a space war for a while, between the Americans and the Russians, and there was also a war with the Islamists. Can you explain why? Because it also fits into this framework. They needed to be the best, the most powerful, and to have a bomb that would be of global reach before anyone else, in a way.


Patrick Jaulent: You are right, Richard. All the intelligence services know that the Islamic state has experimented with animal pathogens. All the intelligence services know this. So much so that Mohamed Abrini, one of those responsible for the 2015 Paris attacks, was caught with a bag containing animal faeces and testicles. And that, the French intelligence services know that. So this is not new to them. They say to themselves that the Islamic State is making some experiments, and that they have to be ahead of the game. I imagine that this is what it's all about, without revealing secrets that are a bit tricky to put on air.


Richard Boutry: Yes, we understand that, and the viewers know it. Because you have written another book, which is off the record for the moment, but which tells us more or less everything you know today, and this is just a teaser, as we say in the business. What is very interesting to see is that on the spot, in Wuhan, Harvard really discovered extremely important information seen by satellite, almost two months before.


Patrick Jaulent: Exactly, that is to say that when we look at it, effectively the virus was discovered in December, a few days before, that's what we see on the internet, that's what is broadcast in the media. Yes, but the problem is that there is the broadcast on the Harvard website, it still exists, just look at the link, the broadcast of satellite photos of the 5 main hospitals in the city of Wuhan, which were totally saturated. That is, when you compare what happened, and this is mid-October 2019, when you compare what happened a week before, and when you compare what happened a year before, and Harvard counted the number of vehicles, ...


Richard Boutry: The ratio of 200 to 600...


Patrick Jaulent: That's it, from 200 to 600, over the 5 hospitals.


Richard Boutry: So there is a human tide that went for treatment at that time.


Patrick Jaulent: So we suppose that there was a human tide that took place during the first 15 days of October. And this is all the more true because when we do research, we see that at that same period, there was a search on the internet for key words such as influenza, such as temperature, etc. This shows that for a while, they didn't know what was going on. But you can't say that the virus was discovered in December, or even a few months before.


Richard Boutry: So basically, what you're saying, I'm caricaturing a bit, is that Wuhan was having fun, in a way, manoeuvring with these viruses, and that one day or another we knew that it would come out.


Patrick Jaulent: We knew it would come out. If you play with matches, you end up setting things on fire. And during that period, what happened with France? It's interesting. France chartered a military plane that left from the east of France on 31 December 2019, which is the same time as the WHO announcement... And from a time difference point of view, it doesn't work because they sent the plane before. So they sent a military plane to pick up French personnel who were in Wuhan before the WHO officially announced that. And they sent two other planes, I would say "civilian", which left from Istres.


Richard Boutry: And among the passengers on the return journey, one died.


Patrick Jaulent: So wait. Indeed, it came to the Craie base, the military base, it was confined. When the military plane arrived, it was confined. There were 10 people who were confined. It is important to know that the first person to die in France was a Chinese man in his early eighties, and that the first French person to die was in the Oise region, not far from the base.


Richard Boutry: OK, so that's the first of the big scandals you denounce in this book "A World of Liars". Now, let's talk about the figures, because it's extremely interesting, before talking about funding and Bill Gates. In the USA, you were able to delve into the figures on what a Covid patient could bring in to the hospitals. Do you have any information to give us publicly on this France-Soir programme "Le défi de la vérité", on that level? How much the hospital earn for a Covid diagnostic? How much the hospital earn for a Covid patient? How much the hospital earn for a Covid dead person?


Patrick Jaulent: So this element is public; an investigation was carried out by investigative journalists from USA Today. So I went to retrieve the information, I contacted that journalist to make sure that the information was true. It's different from one state to another. The pattern is as follows: You're identified as a "Covid Contact Case", you go into the hospital, the hospital gets $50 in this state, in the other state they get $100. You use a ventilator, the hospital gets $300. Unfortunately, you die in this hospital, the hospital gets 4,000 dollars.


Richard Boutry: Conclusion for you, there has been euthanasia, can we use the word?


Patrick Jaulent: I don't know if there was euthanasia, but in any case what has been proven, and what I know, is that there was a bid to turn the hospital into a cash machine.


Richard Boutry: Which means everything... And, forgive me for asking this question, but the public is asking it, you are talking about the United States, but in France?


Patrick Jaulent: I'm very embarrassed Richard to answer that.


Richard Boutry: I understand, because you have to know that the gentleman I have in front of me receives threats all the time and it is an extremely courageous act, believe me, to come here, on the set, to reveal all these things today, so I won't ask you for more, even if through your answer we manage to detect a certain number of things... that's the least we can say. So, another revelation that you make in the book is about vaccines.


Patrick Jaulent: Excuse me Richard, I would like to come back to the figures, because the figures speak for themselves. We hear "There are 3,000 deaths", "4,000 hospitalizations", things like that and so on. How does it work in practice? It's incredible that before Covid, a death certificate had only one line: The cause of death. "I died of an overdose", "I died of cancer" with the definition of the type of cancer, "I died of a firearm", ... that was before Covid.


Richard Boutry: They changed the wording.


Patrick Jaulent: After Covid, with the WHO guidelines, a line was added. They said: "You died of an overdose and you had Covid." You died "with", but you died of an overdose. And the totality of these figures, whether you died of an overdose "with" Covid or not, is totalled in the number of deaths.


Richard Boutry: That's right. So they inflated the numbers completely arbitrarily.


Patrick Jaulent: So the figures have been inflated, and I will go even further than that, because there is evidence that I have been able to verify myself by visiting certain hospitals. If a person dies on the floor where Covid is treated, his death certificate will say "died of Covid", whereas he came in and died of cancer, but he was on a floor where Covid was treated, tests were being carried out and things like that.


Richard Boutry: We'll talk about that in a few moments when we talk about communication in this area. The other revelation, as I said earlier, is about vaccines. Indeed, we talk about vaccination, the success rate of all these vaccines that are coming out and that you all know, the three or four main ones that are on the market at the moment in France, we talk about a success rate in the press of 94 to 95%, it works very well. So you have information to give us, because in fact the figures that are put forward are not available today. They are not public, it takes someone like you who knows cyber security by heart and at an incredible level to be able to find them. What are these real figures?


Patrick Jaulent: So if you look, it's true that there are advertising messages from the main vaccine manufacturers, not to mention Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, Moderna, AstraZeneca. Moderna assures 95% success of its vaccine, a few days later it assures 100%. Johnson has a 90% success rate. I want to. The question I ask myself is: Where do these figures come from? Where does this 90% come from and based on what? "Oh no, we can't do that, it's confidential." Well, is it confidential? But why is it confidential? How did you come up with the 95%? So I did a bit of scratching. I stumbled upon papers that show that in reality, the efficiency is much lower, without announcing figures, than what is announced.


Richard Boutry: And what you also denounce in the book, which is very interesting because you talk about vaccines, is first of all the rather opaque financing behind it, because there are indeed quite a few leading politicians who have invested in these vaccines.


Patrick Jaulent: In all the companies that make vaccines, except the Russian Sputnik vaccine, I would say that Bill Gates has put money.


Richard Boutry: Including in Chinese companies.


Patrick Jaulent: Including in Acino Pharma.


Richard Boutry: Because there are three Chinese vaccines.


Patrick Jaulent: There are three Chinese vaccines; including in the three Chinese manufactures. I would say that to be very clear, in the Moderna company, Bill Gates has put 10 million dollars.


Richard Boutry: What we can say is that Bill Gates has taken a stake in all these vaccines, except the Russian one.


Patrick Jaulent: Except for Russian. To my knowledge, I have no information about the Russians. He put money into Moderna, he put money into Johnson and Johnson, he put money into AstraZeneca, he put money into at least one Chinese company.


Richard Boutry: All these companies had pots and pans before, the ones you were talking about.


Patrick Jaulent: Except for Moderna. We will talk about Moderna in particular. All these companies have a lot of baggage. If you ask me, Richard, "Why don't you get a vaccine Patrick?" First of all, these are the only companies that make products that they're not responsible for. I get the vaccine, I have a problem, who do I go to? Well, they do! They are not responsible. I go to the European Community, which will reimburse me. Why don't I get vaccinated? When I look at all the mess they are in, ...


Richard Boutry: There are also insurance companies. Do insurance companies not reimburse?


Patrick Jaulent: The insurance companies will say to you: "Listen, we're having trouble reimbursing you for a vaccine that is being tested." We'll talk about it. The vaccines are being tested.


Richard Boutry: Phase 2, not phase 3.


Patrick Jaulent: Phase 2, part of phase 2. Phase 2 on Pfizer ends in July 2021. We are not yet in July 2021, which is the end of phase 2. But this is on the company's website, I'm not making it up.


Richard Boutry: And you were talking about Moderna.


Patrick Jaulent: As far as Moderna is concerned, it is a very fine company.


Richard Boutry: Run by a Frenchman.


Patrick Jaulent: Who attended the Ecole Centrale de Paris, who is on the list of billionaires. So the Moderna company, by the way the name Moderna comes from what? Modernise the RNA, means "Modernise the RNA" - "I want to modernise the RNA". That's where the name comes from. It's always important to look at the etymology of names. Moderna was created in 2010.


Richard Boutry: He had no previous experience in this field.


Patrick Jaulent: No history, no background in this business. In 2018, they submitted an application to join the New York Stock Exchange. When you join the New York Stock Exchange, the New York Stock Exchange's regulator, the SEC, comes to analyse the file.


Richard Boutry: It was refused.


Patrick Jaulent: He analyses the dossier, and the report, which is also available on the internet, says: "Look, the level of risk at product level is very important. You haven't even done animal testing. We don't know what RNA means, review your copy." So first it's rejected. We come back, then it's accepted. I took the file, which is 267 pages long in English, and in the evenings, I read the pages to look at them. And I came across a page where Moderna in 2018 has privileged partnerships with a company called AstraZeneca. So I say, "But what do you mean, they work together?" But they have been working together for years Mr. Jaulent. Oh, really! But it is even noted in the official document of the stock exchange. Has partnerships with DARPA, the American military research centre, and has partnerships with the Bill Gates and Melinda Gates Foundation.


So I say, but it's an interesting thing. When I get the vaccine from Moderna, is it AstraZeneca or something else? What are the partnerships? It's 2018, it's not 2019. But the partnership still exists. Let's go a little further on Moderna, and since you asked me about the vaccines. It's early 2020. On 11 January, and this is marked on the company's website, on the development cycle of Moderna's vaccine, there is a small box that says: "The Chinese provided us with the genome, the genomic sequence of Covid. And thanks to the Chinese, we were able, three days later, to create our own genome, and three months later, to release phase 1 of the vaccines." Ah, the Chinese are really nice. They are very nice.


Richard Boutry: They gave it to them as a welcome gift.


Patrick Jaulent: That's right. Especially since they manufacture vaccines themselves.


Richard Boutry: So they are competitors after all, and so they would deliver the quintessence of their knowledge to the competition.


Patrick Jaulent: It's marked on their site, and it's always marked on their site. Then, on 11 January, I look on the WHO website, and it's confirmed on 11 January. But I look, who donates the most to the WHO? It's Bill Gates.


Richard Boutry: 70% of the WHO's budget is Bill Gates.


Patrick Jaulent: Who put the most money into Moderna? It was Bill Gates. So the date of the 11th, I don't believe it. I go to the White House, and I come across communications from Mike Pompeo, the Secretary of State, who says: "It's April 22, 2020, the Chinese aren't playing ball, they still haven't provided us with the virus genome, we don't know how to do anything." So who to believe? There are those who say "we have the genome, we can make it, we are the 11." And there's the Secretary of State, who says "Look, on April 22, I didn't receive anything, and in July, I still haven't received anything."


Richard Boutry: So who is lying in the case?


Patrick Jaulent: In any case, I am a population. So all the tinkering, I was going to say the internal scheming, I don't want to hear about it. What I want to do is to know whether I should trust this type of vaccine.


Richard Boutry: That's it, and that's why you wrote this book: "A World of Liars: Cyber Surveillance at the service of the Truth". We are basically being lied to. We are lied to about everything. 80% of the information today, which circulates on the internet, the so-called "official" information, is, according to you, false. So, let's go back to Bill Gates for a moment, because Bill Gates has invested in these companies, and for his own interests, and at the same time, he invests enormously; and that's what's very interesting; in communication. Because he also had to master communication completely. We know that he invested in Le Monde, but not only in Le Monde. Le Monde in France is worth 2 million euros, in any case between 1 million 4 and 2 million, but more like 2 million visibly, and for the rest, can you give us the list of newspapers in which he invested?


Patrick Jaulent: So, I'll be doing a book on Bill Gates. It is planned. I'm trying to decide whether to tell the whole story. Bill Gates has invested in all the laboratories, whether it's Merck, whether it's Novartis, whether it's AstraZeneca, whether it's Johnson and Johnson, whether it's Moderna and others. He invests hundreds of millions of dollars. Bill Gates, for a number of reasons, has controlled the press and the media. He has donated to Le Monde, to Al Jazeera as a newspaper, to the BBC, to The Guardian, to the European School of Journalism. Why did he do this?


Richard Boutry: Training the journalists of tomorrow.


Patrick Jaulent: Why? As I have a slightly misplaced mind, it depends on how I get up, I said to myself, with this, the newspaper Le Monde is not going to do a bad article on Bill Gates.


Richard Boutry: And then he also invested in quite a few Eastern European newspapers. I think that, as my grandmother used to say, the cup is full after all the important information you have just given us. We're not going to say any more because we have to keep the suspense going so that the viewers can read your book. In any case, we spent more than half an hour in your company, which is already enormous. I thank you very much for having come very bravely, and I say it loud and clear, because there are not many people like you who dare to say all that on the air in our country, and in live conditions. It's not just Covid, perhaps we'll have the opportunity to come back on this channel or another to talk about it. Thank you very much for coming, Patrick Jaulent. Thank you, viewers, for having followed us.


[End of the interview]


3- Conclusion


Dear friends, you understand more and more that the world is ruled by the sons of the devil, who have as their working tools lies and wickedness. In the various teachings we have already made available to you, we have clearly laid bare the true nature of the demons who rule this world, and all the satanic projects they have for mission to accomplish. It is up to you not to fall into their traps. If instead of submitting to God the Creator of the world, you submit to the demons who destroy the world, you will regret it.


Know that after this life on earth, there is eternal life. This is why the agents of satan are so agitated. Their mission is to turn all men away from the true God, in order to lead them to Hell. The various revelations explaining this subject in detail are available free of charge on the website www.mcreveil.org. Make the effort to read them, for your salvation and even for your general knowledge.


Grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love!




Dear brothers and sisters,


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The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you!


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