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(Updated on 01 01 2024)


A Cameroonian citizen questions Benyamin Netanyahu,

Israeli Prime Minister


Mister Prime Minister, it is the crimes of the Hebrew State in Cameroon that lead me to write to you. Your curriculum vitae tells me that you were Israel's ambassador to the United Nations (UN) between 1984 and 1988. Did you get involved in the crimes that your country committed in Cameroon during this period? That's a question you have to answer.


The explosion of Lake Monoun and the disaster of Lake Nyos


On the night of August 15 to 16, 1984, there was an explosion in Lake Monoun in Njindoun, a village in the Noun Division, in the west of my country. The fumes of the projected substance caused the death of 37 people. So, they died asphyxiated. At that time, I was 11, I lived in Bangangté, the capital of the Ndé Division. The Division of Noun is named after the river that separates it from the Division of Ndé. I would have been struck by the stench if it had spread to my hometown. But the weapon of mass destruction Israel first tested in Njindoun was still perfectible. Since the number of victims of the explosion of Lake Monoun was not high, very few Cameroonians got wind of it. The Biya regime passed over the event in silence.


Initially, the Hebrew State was groping its way; it took a long time to find the right address, a bit like a flea seeking the best place to get into the foot. Yitzhak Shamir, Israeli Prime Minister from October 10, 1983 to September 12, 1984, drew a check of 250,000,000 FCFA (two hundred and fifty million). The manager of Reynolds Construction Company-Cameroon (RCC-C) was responsible for delivering the check. In fact, this Cameroonian subsidiary of the Israeli company SOLEL BONEH obtained the road market on the occasion of the Agro-pastoral show of Bamenda in 1984. After being driven by some persons in high positions at the Ministry of Mines of Cameroon, the director of the RCC-C decided to request an audience from President Biya. The latter jumped on the proposal and gave the green light for testing the weapon of mass destruction in Lake Monoun. As a result, he participated actively in the first crime committed by the Jewish state in Cameroon. As I said above, the mephitic substance released by the explosion of Lake Njindoun sent 37 peaceful villagers to the other world.


Mr. Prime Minister, your country was not entirely satisfied with the result of the first test. So your researchers set out to make the weapon better. After two years they thought it was ready for a second try. Shimon Peres, successor of Yitzhak Shamir, did not need to look for the right address, since the devil Biya had already accepted 250,000,000 FCFA without any hesitation. Nevertheless, Peres declared himself ready to donate twice that amount. The condition he put on his offer was that the dictator of Cameroon should allow the government of his country to test the substance again. Not surprisingly, the greedy and unscrupulous man granted his assent to Jerusalem. This is how the second test was made. As a result, Lake Lwi - commonly known as Lake Nyos - exploded. It was in the night of August 21 to 22, 1986. The stinking emanations of the substance that caused this blast killed nearly 2,000 people, 3,500 head of cattle, many domestic birds, wild animals, and even insects! To this, it must be added that several hundred of survivors were hospitalised. Seven villages were struck by this disaster, namely Nyos, Cha, Subum, Mundabi, Fang, Koshin and Mashi. These localities are in the North-West Region, Cameroon. Given the scale of the disaster, the Biya regime was unable to hide it. It thought it necessary to lie to public opinion and profit from the misery of the victims. Thus, it said that the cause of the disaster was natural, that a new explosion might occur, that the survivors were exposed to the risk of an epidemic, that it was urgent to get them out of the disaster area and install them around the said area. It used this web of lies to justify its appeal for help - a call it made both to the local population and to foreign countries.


The Israeli government allowed the regime to spread false information and the call for solidarity around the world. Four days after the explosion of Lake Nyos, Shimon Peres lands in Yaoundé. Among the people in his suite, there were about ten journalists. It is undeniable that the Israeli Prime Minister had come to Cameroon to thank dictator Biya for his contribution to the success of the WMD tests and to help him at the same time to suggest a public opinion on the issue. But Peres forgot that he had betrayed himself by his coming! Of course, he and Biya hid the real reason for this visit to the public. During a press conference they held, they told journalists that this 48-hour visit was part of the restoration of relations between Israel and Cameroon which were broken thirteen years ago, after the Hebrew State had annexed the Egyptian Sinai. The press conference was only part of the deceptive staging at the Unity Palace. Already at the official luncheon, Biya and Peres each gave an address denoting cunning. Both of them managed to make the public think and act in the senses they had chosen. Journalists, scientists, jurists, poets, philosophers, politicians, diplomats, religious, mages all sang the song of the "natural disaster" composed by the diabolical duo. They were like remote control toys.


The Cameroonian dictator received a large amount of messages of condolence, including that of Richard von Weizsäcker, President of the FRG. The latter wrote to him: "It was with great emotion that I heard the news of the serious natural disaster that took the lives of so many people in the North-West of your country. On this occasion, I convey to you, also on behalf of the German people, my sincere condolences. Rest assured, Mr President, that the Federal Republic of Germany will participate, in the spirit of traditional friendship with the people of Cameroon, in the efforts of the international community to help people so seriously affected by the disaster."


Helmut Kohl, Chancellor of the FRG, sent a similar message to the despot. At first, he spoke to him of the deep emotion that "the news of the serious natural disaster" of Lake Nyos aroused in him, and presented to him the condolences of the government as well as those of the German population. And then, he spoke of the measures taken for the victims: "At the same time", he says, "I offer our help to relieve the distress of the families of the victims as well as other survivors of the disaster. My country's embassy in Yaoundé has been asked to contact Cameroonian authorities for this purpose."


From 1 to 4 September 1986, Paul Biya made an official visit to the FRG. At the end of his stay, he sent a letter of thanks to Richard von Weizsäcker, the penultimate sentence of which is as follows: "Finally, I pray again Your Excellency to accept and transmit to the German people and their Government the expression of our deep gratitude for the marks of sympathy to which the Cameroonian people and their government have been subjected, as well as for the help given during the natural disaster that plunged Cameroon in mourning."


Erich Honecker, President of the State Council of the German Democratic Republic, also believed the information that a "natural disaster" had occurred in Nyos. As a result, he sent a message of condolence to the African Nero. Although he did not address the issue of disaster assistance in the said message, his country donated 16 million FCFA (sixteen million) worth of medicines and dozens of blankets to the Cameroonian authorities.


During the Second World War, the Germans exterminated the Jews of Europe. Two years after the war, the UN created the Jewish State to protect the survivors. Shimon Peres and Paul Biya congratulated themselves for having misled the East and West Germans and the other peoples of the Earth.


Even Bishop Albert Ndongmo was the dupe of the two statesmen, as is evidenced by the following message he telegraphed to Biya from his Canadian exile: "An ecological tragedy of Wum. Sincere sympathies and condolences families of victims. May God protect Cameroon and you." When one considers that Bishop Ndongmo would have been among the hundreds of thousands of Bamilekes massacred by the De Gaulle, Ahidjo and Pompidou regimes, if Pope Paul VI had not prevented him from being executed. In this light, it is astonishing that he is the same that calls the protection of God on Biya. It should not be forgotten that the same Biya was Ahidjo's man of confidence. That explains everything.


As I said earlier, scientists were also instrumentalised by Biya and the Israeli government. I would like to illustrate this with an example: the international scientific conference on the Lake Nyos disaster. It was held from March 16 to 20, 1987 at the Yaoundé Congress Hall. It was Biya himself who summoned it. Nearly 120 experts participated: they were volcanologists, geologists, geomorphologists, limnologists, hydrologists, geophysicists, geographers, chemists, biologists, doctors, veterinarians, agronomists, sociologists, ethnologists, etc. These scientists should have noticed that the Biya regime wanted to use them to achieve its ends. After having trumpeted the news of the "natural disaster", he invited them to tell him what "the causes of the natural disaster" were. It's really absurd! In addition, he expected them to "define ways and means to prevent, if not prevent, at least mitigate the effects of such disasters in the future."


Like docile children, they fulfilled his wish. All were of the opinion that it was carbon dioxide (CO2) that had asphyxiated humans and animals. For some, the gas would have originated from an explosion of the water table under the lake and would have passed through it as a jet. This is the phreatic-magmatic or volcanic thesis. For others, the magmatic CO2 would have slowly emerged from the subsoil and dissolved in the deep waters of the lake. An earthquake or landslide would have reversed the stratification of the lake. Deep water would have released gas bubbles rising to the surface. This is the so-called limnic or overturn thesis of the lake. I reject both theses because they were advanced by manipulated scientists. Even the recommendations they made had nothing to do with what had happened in Lake Monoun in August 1984 and in Lake Nyos two years later. The objectives of the conference set out in advance by the Biya regime gave no opportunity for scientists to discover the true cause of the explosion of the aforementioned lakes. It is not surprising that the conclusions they reached were, to put it mildly, below the truth.


Abdoulaye Babale, the current Director General of Elections Cameroon (ELECAM), was the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research at the time. He delivered the opening speech of the above-mentioned conference. The expectations of the regime were clearly stated. We must not delude ourselves about Babale: he is someone who fishes in troubled waters. Under the leadership of such an individual, ELECAM cannot organize a poll without resorting to fraud.


The Biya regime also duped the UN. Indeed, he asked for its "assistance to organise the international scientific conference on the natural disaster of Lake Nyos". The project of the same title aroused the interest of the international organization which mobilized three of its organs to help its materialisation, namely UNESCO, UNDP and ECA (Economic Commission for Africa). UNDP ranked its contribution in the category "Natural Disaster Prevention", proving once again that the Biya regime had misled the UN. Shimon Peres was still the head of the Israeli government when Yaoundé asked the UN to help it organise the conference, but Yitzhak Shamir replaced him in that position soon after.


Mr. Prime Minister, so far, there have been two crimes committed by your country in Cameroon. I have shown that the Biya regime is accomplice. I also showed how the culprits have made up their crimes into a natural phenomenon. In this way, they have misled the public. And when they realised the level of success, they said to themselves that the deal was done. But they forgot that lies do not go very far. In an open letter addressed to President Félix Faure and published on January 13, 1898, the French naturalist novelist Émile Zola says on this subject: "When the truth is locked up underground, it piles up, it gathers a force as strong as an explosion, so much so that the day it blows up, it takes off everything along with it."


Mr. Prime Minister, I am aware of the fact that I take a risk in writing you these lines. Your country is one of the strongest military powers in the world, it has weapons of mass destruction such as nuclear weapons, the mephitic substance that caused the disaster of Lake Nyos, etc. Maybe it will send a remotely controlled fighter to bomb the area where I live? It is also possible that the despot Biya sends elements of the BIR to riddle me with bullets. This allows me to address the third crime of the State of Israel in Cameroon.


The protection of the dictatorial regime of Biya


The protection of the dictatorial regime of Biya has been provided by the State of Israel for thirty years. I said that Shimon Peres came to Cameroon in August 1986 to thank the man with a sepulchral voice for his contribution to the successful testing of the WMD in Njindoun and Nyos. To show him his gratitude, Peres gave him the assurance that his country will allow him to be President for life. In fact, they signed a treaty about it. There were three officers among Peres' followers, namely Major-General Amram Mitsna (Assistant to the Chief of Operations of the Armed Forces), Brigadier General Azriel Nevo (Chief of the Military Cabinet at the presidency of the Council of ministers) and Colonel Moshe Kafri. It is important to draw attention to the fact that Ehud Shilo, chief executive of SOLEL BONEH, of whom I spoke earlier, was one of the civilians who had accompanied the President of the Council of Ministers of the Hebrew State.


You have been Prime Minister of Israel since April 1, 2009, but you had already held this office from June 18, 1996 to July 5, 1999. At that time, you had taken over from Shimon Peres, who returned to power on 4 November 1995. Both of you protected the Biya regime. Yitzhak Shamir, Yitzhak Rabin, Ehud Barak, Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert had also done so. Today, you continue this execrable policy. Paul Biya, 83, and President of the Republic for 34 years, strongly believes that Cameroon will become an emerging country by 2035, and that this metamorphosis will take place under his presidency! It is above all, the protection that Israel has brought to him for years that leads him to feed his mind of fantasies and to throw unpleasant words to foreigners who make remarks about his advanced age and the time he has already spent as the head of the state. A current example is the word he released last year during a radio and television press conference that he and President François Hollande held at the Unity Palace. When a journalist from France 2 commented on the above-mentioned points, he replied: "Does not stay in power who wants, but who can." A blow to democracy.


Mr. Prime Minister, it is a crime to protect the dictatorial regime of Biya. As you know, it is your compatriots who have been in charge of the presidential guard since 1986.


Since then, the men who have succeeded as presidential advisers on security are also Israelis. And that's not all! At the instigation of your country, the Biya regime created the BIR in 2008. BIR stands for Rapid Intervention Battalion. It is also supervised by Israel. In truth, this instrument of the regime is reminiscent of the SA and the SS. Its elements are reputed to be brutal. The existence of this unity is proof that the Biya regime is a regime of terror. I cannot list the atrocities and abuses it has already committed, because they are numerous like the grains of sand that are in the Negev desert.


Mr. Prime Minister, this letter is long, I am coming to its conclusion. Be aware that Black Africa is neither a place for testing weapons of mass destruction nor a landfill for toxic waste. It is not surprising that your country protects the Biya regime. Besides the fact that the craftsman of the regime likes to shed human blood, he is a corruptible man. He plays the game of the State of Israel. He had acted in its direction by allowing it twice to test a dangerous substance in Cameroon. This substance blew up Lake Monoun, then Lake Nyos, but the truth was veiled. The culprits had led the international community to believe that nature was responsible for these explosions. They had insisted that it be taken for gospel truth.


Father Fred Ten Horn, who had visited the disaster area two days after the Lake Nyos explosion, speculated on the criminal origin of the tragedy. He told Agence France Presse: "It was as if a neutron bomb had exploded, destroying nothing, but killing all life." Scientists refuted this statement by the Dutch missionary, pointing out that such a bomb would also have destroyed the vegetation, and that ionizing radiation would have killed him too. What matters to me is that the clergy had not immediately thought of a natural disaster, but of a catastrophe provoked by a human technique. So the exact name of the weapon does not matter. I do not know the name of this substance, it is your country and the Biya regime that know it. But Ten Horn with whom I had an interview at his home here in Bamenda on October 19, 2013 has meanwhile rallied to the scientists' view. He told me there is methane in Lake Nyos. Then, he added the following comment: "The smell of methane that one feels today visiting the lake is different from that of the carbon dioxide that had exploded." The priest of Wum had fulminated a certain time against the scientists who rejected his testimony and some of the information he had gathered from the victims. To appease his anger, the regime made him a Knight of the Order of Value. Maybe it gave him money also. A few years later, the Catholic priest resigned and got married. At the end of the aforementioned interview, he advised me to be cautious. I realized that his hands are tied.


As for me, I do not need to be careful. Ten Horn should have kept his advice for himself. I hate such warnings. I do not live for my safety, but for justice and truth. I have the right to force decisions. Israel must admit to having caused the disaster of Lake Nyos and the explosion of Lake Monoun.


Know that Cameroon is not a monarchy. The Cameroonian people aspire to ease and freedom. The Jewish state must immediately stop protecting the Biya regime, a regime that oppresses the people and prevents my country from taking off. Enough is enough!


Bamenda, 11th April 2016


Hilaire Mbakop, writer.




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