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(Updated on 01 01 2024)


1- First Urgent Wake-Up Call: 5G is a danger for life and limb!


The established media are highly euphoric in their reporting of the new generation of mobile radio communications 5G. Germany is said to be underdeveloped concerning seamless mobile phone coverage. As an important business location it would need seamless network coverage.


Dead spots are no longer allowed to exist. 5G is said to now allow autonomous driving, to inform us automatically when the milk bottle is empty, and that it would be existentially necessary for our future.


Today, we broadcast a rousing and urgent wake-up call. These are the major dangers of 5G:


1.1- 5G: Danger for our physical integrity


Whoever believes that the step up from 4G to 5G is just a next step, comparable with the step from 3G to 4G, succumbs to a huge error. Because 5G means a gigantic quantum leap and is the most serious intervention mankind has ever made in nature in the entire history of humanity!


In order to install a nationwide 5G network in Germany, about 800,000 new transmitters are needed. 5G means such a massive infrastructural upgrade as has never been seen before. For 5G in urban areas, the providers have to install a strongly radiating mobile communications antenna every 100 meters or so. What an ocean of antennas - what a "radiation tsunami"!


For 5G to have sufficient penetration depth - despite the short wave radiation - it takes up to a 1000-fold increase in transmission power. So 5G has twofold consequences: 1- Microwave antennas present everywhere. 2- Dramatic increase in the radiation intensity.


This exponential increase of forced irradiation of the entire population is an irresponsible experiment on human health!! Already in 2011, the WHO classified mobile communications in category 2B of cancer causing substances, thus as "potentially carcinogenic". Based on recent scientific studies, reputable scientists are demanding its classification in category 1 - namely as "cancer causing".


How dangerous 5G technology can be, became apparent at the end of October 2018 in The Hague/Nederlands. During a 5G test a minimum of 298 healthy birds fell dead from the sky. Eyewitnesses also reported that ducks behaved peculiarly, continuously trying to hold their heads below the water surface. About one week after the first bird die-off, in the Huijgenspark in The Hague, more than a hundred starlings fell dead from the trees, when once again a 5G test was carried out.


Conclusion 1: 5G represents a considerable hazard for the physical integrity of humans and animals!


1.2- 5G is a menace for life and for our freedom


Through this worldwide microwave antenna jungle - and RFID radio-microchips, which are supposed to be implemented into everything - it will be possible for everything to be networked with everything, and everything to communicate with one another. It is called the "Internet of Things".


Tom Wheeler, ex-president of the Federal Communications Commission, or FCC (the US authority which rules the communication channels, radio, satellite and cable), gets to the point: "Hundreds of billions of microchips, attached to products, from pill bottles to lawn sprinklers. We must forget the idea that the 5G future will be only for urban regions. The 5G revolution will affect every corner of our country! What can be connected, will be connected."


Likewise, also the PC, microphone, and computer camera are supposed to be connected. And through this a total surveillance system has gained access to our houses. The 5G network can see through walls and houses leading to a digital control of every person. This surveillance concerns not only one's own home, but 5G will also allow a full surveillance of the entire landscape, because 5G has mobile networking capabilities.


Every moving spot can be observed. Our homes are meant to become "smart homes" and the cities "smart cities". Everything is digitally networked by means of microwaves - this way we are caught in a net of microwaves which paralyze us spiritually, mentally, and physically. In the course of this "digitalization madness" money too has to become digitalized. This means that citizens are to be convinced with threadbare arguments that cash is outdated. When everything is digitalized and the 'Internet of Things' is networked with the real world, then complete control over every single person will be possible.


Conclusion 2: 5G paves the way for a surveillance dictatorship of such an extent that not even George Orwell could have anticipated it.


Dear viewers, since the mass media have concealed these counter-voices from the people so far, this program is not only a wake-up call, but also an appeal. Already in the spring of 2019 the frequencies are supposed to be sold by auction via the Federal Network Agency. The goal is that by the end of 2022, 98% of the households are to be connected to the 5G network. Therefore, please support our wake-up call by forwarding this program NOW by means of the inserted link to as many of your friends and contacts as possible. Inform yourself about 5G technology in our 5G series. This is how you can take action to help wake up the people around you, in this way encouraging the build-up of a substantial counter-movement.


2- Second Urgent Wake-Up Call: 5G is a danger threat to life and limb


Our wake-up call "5G is a danger for life and limb!" has gone viral in the social media. This second wake-up call shows seven concrete examples with a continuously repeating pattern: Damage by mobile communication radiation is denied categorically by the mobile communication lobby, by politics and media, in spite of indisputable evidence base. Apparently, injuries by mobile communication radiation should not become public knowledge.


Our first program "Urgent Wake-Up Call: 5G is a danger to life and limb!" has gone viral on all social platforms. Several hundred thousand hits on YouTube alone show the exponential distribution of the 5G Wake-Up Call. This shows the burning interest of many people in a critical debate about 5G. Our first Wake-Up Call pointed out among others a mysterious bird die-off in The Hague about which several internet platforms reported. They attributed the death of hundreds of birds to 5G tests that are supposed to have taken place at the same time. Among others to show that this interpretation is not unfounded is the assessment of Prof. Dr. Werner Thiele. He says (quote): "The new mobile communications standard 5G will establish a totally new radiation environment for flora and fauna. The radiation is more intense with shorter waves and therefore harder - in its wave form and impact it resembles a weaponized form of radiation." Prof. Dr. Werner Thiele.


However, also on the internet voices emerged that categorically deny a correlation between 5G or mobile communication radiation and the sudden death of the birds. Yet a seamless scientific proof that the bird die-off is definitely not connected with mobile communication radiation is not brought forward. Today's second Wake-Up Call shows seven concrete examples with a continuously repeating pattern: As soon as someone suggests that mobile communication radiation could be the cause for damages on humans, animals or the environment, there is a massive rise of dissenting voices which deny categorically these connections.


2.1- Example 1: Mysterious bee mortality


In the Federal State of Bavaria an initiative called "Save the Bees" is currently running. The reduction of the bee population by about 80% is alarming! However, the initiative initiated by the ÖDP (Ecological Democratic Party) and the Green Party does not even mention a single word about mobile communication radiation as a possible cause for the dramatic bee mortality.


Numerous scientific studies however, produce undoubted evidence that bees are disturbed in their sense of orientation and their communication by mobile communication radiation. This occurs with values far below the valid thresholds.


It is quite obvious that the reduction of the bee population went along with the expansion of mobile communication. Nevertheless politics continue to claim: "The currently valid thresholds are thresholds that comply with the health of the population and the precautionary principle." Juergen Trittin, former Environment Minister.


2.2- Example 2: Mysterious damages on trees


Trees take up mobile communication radiation like an antenna. If trees could speak, nobody could deny any longer the damages by mobile communication radiation. Our picture documentation however, speaks a clear language without words. Nevertheless the mobile communication providers keep saying almost mantra-like: "We have no indications that would cause us to worry." Dr. Karsten Menzel, Head of the Sectors for Environment, Health and Safety with e-plus.


2.3- Example 3: Mysterious blood count alterations


Under a dark field microscope, the blood of a healthy person looks like this: A short call with a mobile phone leads to a serious alteration of our blood count. The dark field microscope brings the danger through mobile communications relentlessly to light and reveals the clumping of the red blood cells to so called "money rolls". This effect of clumping raises the risk of heart attacks and strokes enormously. Nevertheless, the mobile communications industry maintains: "Mobile communications technique the way we use it is not harmful to health." Georg von Wagner (Press officer of T-Mobile).


2.4- Example 4: Mysterious increase of Alzheimer and dementia


Also in public reporting about the significant increase of Alzheimer and dementia, mobile communications as a possible cause is almost always concealed. However, scientific studies prove beyond doubt that even a relatively low mobile communications radiation can open our blood/brain barrier. This barrier protects the brain from toxic substances. The Swedish scientist Salford demonstrates this with a study on rat brains. Further studies of other researchers have confirmed his findings.


Therefore, by opening the blood/brain barrier, harmful substances enter our brain which can cause Alzheimer and dementia. But politics pretend: "There is no evidence, that the radiation of mobile phones, WLAN devices (…) are potentially harmful to humans." (Federal Government, quoted in "Ärzteblatt" on 13/12/2018).


2.5- Example 5: Mysterious increase of electrosensitivity


The amount of electrosensitive persons whose reactions on mobile communication radiation compares to some kind of allergy, has increased strongly. As per surveys 9% of the population are concerned.


Studies and experiments have proven metrologically that the heart function of electrosensitive persons are clearly altered. This means that electrosensitive persons are a living, conclusive documentation of damages by mobile communication.


Still politicians pretend: "The currently used communication technique poses no threat. At best, those concerned suffer from a mental problem." Dr. med. Monika Stolz, former German minister for Labor and Social Affairs of Baden-Wuerttemberg.


2.6- Example 6: Mysterious discrediting of scientific studies


In his scientific reflex study, Professor Franz Adlkofer demonstrated in a double-blind experiment that radiation of mobile communication causes DNA strand breaks - a precursor of cancer. An unprecedented slander campaign against Adlkofer and his team began. However, Adlkofer was able to win all court cases against his slanderers.


Here are some more researchers having experienced similar things. Professor Peter Semm, who did research for Telekom, was never allowed to publish his alarming results. Dr. George Carlo did research for the U.S. Mobile lobby. When he published his studies he was fired. His house mysteriously burned down by arson. Thus, the mobile phone lobby knows from their own investigations about the danger of mobile communication radiation - but publicly claims the opposite! "They ruin people's health by fear more than mobile phones could ever do." (Thomas Barmüller, FMK, Mobile Communication Forum).


2.7- Example 7: Mysterious behaviour of animals


Numerous farmers report severe animal diseases after mobile communication antennas have been put into operation. Friedrich Stengel from Oettingen/Bavaria reported on 25 dead cows, a total of 75 early stillbirths in the 3rd or 4th month.


The Bavarian Ministry of the Environment was not willing to deal with the case and denied any connection with the mobile communication radiation. At this point, we recommend the documentary "Mobile communication - the hidden danger" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPfz3mxRpQ4), which documents the ignorance of the authorities in detail. Here is a short excerpt:


"But ignorance goes even further. In 2006, a delegation of physicians presented a 700-page documentation of radiation-related cases of illness to the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS). To date, by using transparent protective claims this is not being investigated."


Telecom spokesman Dr. Volker Böckelmann: "A business enterprise cannot have morals."


The listed seven examples are only the tip of the iceberg of a gigantic concealment of damages by mobile communications. There is no getting around the conclusion that all legitimate and unlawful means are used to prevent the damage caused by mobile communications from reaching the light of day. The line of argument that there is no scientific evidence of such damages must be exposed as fraudulent deception and criminal irresponsibility.


Dr. med. Gerd Oberfeld, Health and Environmental Medicine Officer of the Salzburg State Government, puts it in a nutshell with an apt comparison to cholera: 150 years ago it was discovered in London that severe diarrhoea illnesses with fatal consequences accumulated near certain wells. As a result, the wells were closed immediately and the number of infections actually went down. Oberfeld sees an immediate need for action because he estimates that already today more people are harmed or even killed by mobile communication than by traffic accidents or air pollutants.


Dear viewers, since the media monopoly conceals these vital connections from people, this wake-up call is again a call for spreading it further, so please forward this program now via the inserted link to as many friends and acquaintances as possible and thus send an active signal against this obvious censorship! If you want to be informed about mobile communications and 5G in the future, please contact us at www.kla.tv/5G. We will then contact you. Thank you very much.


Grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love!




Dear brothers and sisters,


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The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you!


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