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(Updated on 01 01 2024)


Dear friends and dear brothers, we find it useful to share with you this excerpt from the testimony of Ébalé Angounou, a former collaborator of Paul Biya, president of Cameroon for nearly 40 years. This testimony entitled "Blood for Blood: The True Face of Paul Biya", will help you first to understand why and how only one man has managed to take hostage 35 million Cameroonians, and reign in absolute despot without worry for four decades. This testimony will then help you to understand how Africa in general, and Cameroon in particular, are managed. It will finally help you to understand the depth of the spiritual yoke in which Africa finds itself, and why it has difficulty in overcoming it.


This testimony, though appalling, disgusting, and revolting, is rich in revelations. It confirms the teachings on "Spiritual Warfare" and on "Discernment" that we made available to you a few years ago. We encourage you to read it and learn from it. We also encourage you to read our teachings on Spiritual Warfare and on Discernment if you have not read them yet. They are very useful. You will find them on the website www.mcreveil.org.


[Beginning of the testimony]


Blood for blood: The true face of Paul Biya


By publishing "Blood for Blood", it goes without saying that I am on the road to Exile. Should I cry or rejoice? Many Cameroonians have experienced life in exile before me, with the first Republic. Some have never returned to the country, either by option or by constraint. The fortunate ones were able to go back home. I am thinking especially of my brother Abel Eyinga. President Ahidjo's totalitarian and extremist methods had led many Cameroonians to leave their country for security reasons because they felt their lives were threatened.


With the arrival of Biya, a man from a completely different culture, many people expected great changes. Lured by his speeches, many political refugees came back. I am thinking here of father Jean-Marc Ela, emblematic figure of ideology in Cameroon, in exile. The flight of intellectuals is a haemorrhage such that the country is emptying more and more of its values. But it is not pleasant to leave. Even when it seems to be a vital necessity, there is always something deep inside us that compels us to stay, that forces us to come back; someone, a memory, a feeling etc. ... Only by instinct of survival we must leave, as in my case.


My name is Ebale Angounou. I am Cameroonian aged 39 on May 27, 2001. I refuse to be treated as an opponent of the regime of Paul Biya because I am not one. I rather oppose the practices he engages in to stay in power. These practices, I say, are my point of concern here; I express them without passion, taking care to dissociate the narration from my soul-searching and my personal feelings. In the ranks of the opposition, I have many friends of whom I am proud, just as I count in the circle of Paul Biya's close friends of whom I was one.


Considered a defector in 1991, I was imprisoned in Kondengui Penitentiary in Yaoundé under false accusations that resulted in me being sentenced to 30 months in prison. I still have the aftermath of this awful exceptional detention. It is by being in these conditions that I published my very first book "Paul Biya, Le Cauchemar De Ma Vie" (Paul Biya, The Nightmare of My Life), published by Le Messager newspaper of Pius Njawé in October 1992. Of course, the sale and circulation of the book were prohibited in the country. It could only be done clandestinely. More than Pilate, who was only Governor, there is Paul Biya, who is head of State, thus endowed with greater powers than a Governor, be it Pontius Pilate. "Who then will condemn me for taking the life of who I want, or for giving life to who I want? Not Jesus Christ anyway, let alone God." (Paul Biya, extract from a particular correspondence).


In my country, I am the target of leaders, who are constantly keeping an eye on me, waiting for the slightest misstep on my part, to have the opportunity to send me back to "Yuma". Everything started from this interview by me granted to the newspaper "Le Messager" in June 1991, even though I had become one of the most publicised characters in the country. I then threatened to unveil all the "little secrets" of the President of the Republic, by a rather innocent statement, but with great consequences: "If I open my mouth, the Head of State will resign."


This is where I open my mouth. I do not expect him to resign but I already predict his reactions. That's why I had to take off before. Since I am presented as a danger to him, I am attentive to everything that happens around my presence in certain circles, my name very often creates sensibilities sometimes difficult to manage, in a country where all institutions are in the pay of a godfather who does not say his name. What then can one expect from a citizen who has trouble with the head of State?


If I am still alive in my country after all that has been done to me, it is by the grace of God. I had sworn never to throw myself again into some kind of literature. But I could not keep my word. I do not regret it, because I think I had to do it. One cannot be an accomplice of this kind of man, of this kind of practices, while keeping silent. It is certain that this book will be banned in Cameroon, and that many people will suffer the fierce assaults of the President’s security services.


Dear readers, free to everyone to have an opinion after reading this book. That does not change my fate, because even in my exile, I expect everything. I knew Jeanne-Irene, that woman whom I almost worshiped. I also knew Roger Motaze, this brilliant officer. All of us were victims of Paul Biya, with the difference that I am still alive to witness and pay tribute to their memory. To my children, to my parents, brothers and sisters, to my friends and to all those who will not understand the reasons for this suicidal act, I express my deepest sympathy.


Ebale Angounou Daniel St Yves


1- The pact between Ahmadou Ahidjo and Paul Biya


He wanted to resign as President of the Republic. But it is not easy to renounce absolute power absolutely, after wielding it for nearly a quarter of a century, in a totalitarian fashion. There is always someone who forces you to come back. Then it occurred to him to provide for himself a guarantee; someone he would leave in his place, and manipulate as he pleases, so that through this person he would continue to exercise power, considering that he will have just physically withdrawn. He must have serious reasons for resigning, because obviously, nothing compels him to do so. However, there seemed to be an urgency. Admittedly, here and there, people evoke reasons of health. But Ahidjo was a man of momentous solemnity and suspense. He enjoyed creating surprises and knew how to brand each with a special mark. It would have been easy for him to position another successor, by appointing a new Prime Minister, and then resigning. According to the mechanisms of the Constitution, it's the new Prime Minister who would succeed to the Head of the State.


There transpired between the President and his successor a very secret deal: a pact. Because, Ahidjo wanted to be sure of Biya's fidelity. Ahidjo was a Freemason. And Biya had been recommended to him by Louis-Paul Ajoulat. This godfather of Biya was himself a Freemason, a powerful brotherhood that works effectively in political circles. On his return from France, where he had studied extensively, the young Paul is not quite imbued with the realities and practices in Africa, which demand that one compromises when one wants to be integrated into the higher spheres of power. The fact is, one cannot do certain things, without doing some other things.


Paul Biya was born on February 13, 1933 in Mvomeka'a village, district of Meyomessala, department of Dja and Lobo, South Cameroon. He graduated in 1956, at the Lycée General Leclerc in Yaoundé. The former seminarian of Akono and Edéa then took off for Paris for further studies at Lycée Louis-Le-Grand, at the University of Paris-Sorbonne, at the Institute of Political Science and at l'Institut des Hautes Etudes d'Outre-Mer. These studies will grant him a degree in public law in 1960, a diploma from the Institute of political science in Paris in 1961, a diploma from l'Institut des Hautes Etudes d'Outre-Mer in 1962, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Law in 1963.


Returning from France in 1962 with Atyam Jeanne-Irène, a midwife from Akonolinga, whom he met and married in Paris in the early 1960s, he began a rich professional career on an uphill slope, recommended to Ahidjo by Ajoulat. In October 1962, he was appointed chargé de missions to the Presidency of the Republic; in January 1964, he is director of the Cabinet of the Minister of National Education, Youth and Culture. In December 1967, he was made director of the Civil Cabinet of the President of the Republic, to become in 1968, the Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic. In June 1970, he was Minister of State, confirmed in the same functions. In 1975, he was appointed Prime Minister of the United Republic of Cameroon.


Ahidjo, to resign from his high office as President of the Republic, submits to this political calculation and precaution which consists in placing as successor, an unconditional, who would obey his whims and caprices. Thus, not only does he protect himself from some inconvenience, but moreover, the influence he exerts on his successor would enable him to direct the course of the life of the country. But who is going to be the man of the President? A member of Freemasonry, Ahidjo belongs to initiatory circles. As a result, he knows on what basis to bind someone. However, his Prime Minister obviously seems the man of the situation: Given his career trajectory, he meets all the necessary criteria, he can validly rise to the presidential office and by his psychology, he would make a good puppet.


Because, Ahidjo believes to have in front of him a coward, a shy, discreet and erased, unable to take his responsibilities strictly speaking. He is the ideal person for manipulation. Through him, Ahidjo intends to be able to intervene in major decisions of the country, although no longer officially in business. But the whole thing does not end there. Paul Biya should be fully aware of what he is and remains an instrument; he would have to know that if he is brought to the helm of power, he should consider it a special favour of President Ahidjo, and be grateful to him for it. Because other people like Ayissi Mvodo, Eboua Samuel, etc. could have made better presidents because of their greater personalities. The President had subjective and not objective criteria, to mark his preference on Paul Biya.


The Constitution, Ahidjo could do and undo it without encountering any opposition. He could have chosen someone else rather than the Prime Minister in matters of succession, and no one would have moved a finger. He could even, despite constitutional provisions, have appointed or designated his successor, which it would have happened without any obstacle. So by leaving things as they are, he puts Paul Biya in a position to succeed him because, that is his will. But this post, the future President must have under a somewhat brackish condition: A pact.


There is then a homosexual relationship between the two men, to seal the pact. If the beneficiary of the measure betrays or violates the conditions of their pact, he will die. And, the terms of the pact are simple: Paul Biya owes obedience and submission to Ahidjo. This act of homosexuality, Paul Biya will not necessarily approve it. But if that is the price to pay to become Head of State, he agrees to pay it. Besides, this is not his first experience of the act. Already, as a catechist's son, he had to rub shoulders with and frequent the old missionary priests to whom his family had been linked. Many of them were not indifferent to the beauty and femininity of the teenager, so he was sometimes a victim of paedophile missionaries. Scandals were stifled several times by his father who did not want to mortgage his career as a catechist to which he owed everything, and which earned him at least the privilege of being close to white missionaries. Many benefits ensued. At the social level, one had an edge on the rest of the populations, at all levels. On the other hand, one had the advantage of seeing their children go to school, sponsored by missionaries.


2- The rift between Ahidjo and Biya


In November 1982, Paul Biya becomes the second president of Cameroon. He is sworn on the Constitution, the country's fundamental law. Ahidjo then enters into history of the country in golden letters. The two men are in perfect harmony, the former President even zealously campaigning for his successor in his native region, North Cameroon, that very badly accepted the situation. He must then explain to his brothers the reasons for his action; he has to reassure them, to guarantee them that in reality power remains in their hands, and that basically everything is unchanged. Meanwhile, Paul Biya is also campaigning on his side. This is how the former and the new Presidents get embarked on a vast campaign that inflamed the whole country.


Biya does not fail then to signify his gratitude to his predecessor, whom he describes as "illustrious" throughout his travels and through his speeches. In the same way, the consultations between the two men are frequent and regular, the President of the Republic marking his obedience and his submission to his "illustrious predecessor", by acceding to all his convocations both in Yaoundé and Garoua. Before any important decision, Paul Biya will refer to the assessment of Ahidjo who must give him advice, express his ideas, his views and guide the positions of the President.


Under Ahidjo, Muslim northerners, in general, enjoyed enormous benefits, both in the administration and the private sector. Traders and other tradesmen from the province of North Cameroon had special and specific favours, which made them privileged over their fellow citizens. After Ahidjo, some ministers decide to put things right. Thus, Engo Pierre Désiré, then Minister in charge of Trade, decides to standardise the regulation in the matter of attribution and treatment of permit granting. Muslim traders soon realise that the favourable conditions that they had acquired have changed. So, they will complain to Ahidjo, and finally ask the head of Engo. Ahidjo will soon convene Paul Biya once again, to talk condescendingly to him in the presence of his brothers from the north, and orders him to dismiss Minister Engo.


Paul Biya, already exacerbated by the malaise caused by day-to-day control and pressure that his "illustrious predecessor" exerts on him, will consider this injunction as the ultimate and fatal last straw that breaks camel’s back. He then tells Ahidjo that this is the last time he receives orders from him. In fact, he has just realised that there is only one President in a country. Everything is based on the observation that Ahidjo uses his status to protect his people and improve their living conditions and wants him Biya to serve him, to the extent of shearing the Beti, his tribal brothers. The break between the two men will then start to be felt and became more pronounced. Engo, sacked from his post of minister is appointed director general of the National Social Insurance Fund. Biya will eternalise him there.


Paul Biya’s first serious disregard for Ahidjo was when the latter requested that he be arranged a car flying the flag, and a motorised escort that will accompany him on all his outings. President's response: "And when the country counts, three, four, five former presidents, and all move in these conditions, will the streets of the capital be large enough for both themselves and the rest of Cameroonians?" From discomfort to discomfort, the relationship between the two men becomes difficult to manage. The former President is then anxious to regain power and settle the "pretentious" Biya accounts. We are under the regime of the single party and the Cameroon National Union (CNU) is the party in power. Ahidjo is its founder and remains the president. At the National Assembly, all parliamentarians are sympathetic to his cause: They are CNU parliamentarians. This is where the former President of the Republic intends to overthrow his successor.


He then secretly passes, with the complicity of his closest friends in parliament, a bill that would make the president of the party, the Head of State, having power to appoint and dismiss the President of the Republic. A few hours before the project is submitted to the adoption of legislators, Paul Biya is kept informed; he received a tip-off from a defecting parliamentarian. The President then rushes to Ngoa Ekelle's House of Assembly to withdraw the bill that would have nailed him. For if this move had worked, it goes without saying that Ahidjo would have caused him every imaginable misery. Already, Ahidjo had hinted that he would first arrest his successor for embezzlement of public funds before any other form of trial. Without further delay, the President is preparing to reward the providential informant. This is how, coincidentally, he is appointed Minister of Information and Culture. This is a certain Sengat Kouoh François.


The then Colonel Ze Meka, director of the presidential security, will be sacked; the President finds that he has skin-deep alarmism and catastrophism. Of course, one has to be on the alert with Ahidjo. But to suspect army officers and arrest them simply because they invited colleagues for a drink in a discreet environment, is pure phantasmagoria. Paul Biya was in disagreement because the colonel's suspects were from the north. But between the two ex-accomplices, the situation will seriously deteriorate to the point that they come to a war of communiqués, Biya using the local media to denounce conspiracy to undermine state security, real conspiracies or supposed, and does not fail to warn some countries friends of Cameroon, associating themselves with the destabilising manoeuvres of these men who, although they are great, nevertheless belong to the historical past of the country. Allusion made to Morocco.


Ahidjo meanwhile, sober in his reactions, just says that "Paul Biya has the phobia of coups". It turns out that the new President was sworn in while the mandate of the resigning President was still in progress. Which means otherwise that he is the interim. So, as a strategist, he decides to end the mandate of Ahidjo, anticipating the presidential elections, to which he is the only candidate. On January 14, 1984, he was elected President of the Republic. For Ahidjo in exile, everything seems well finished. But he has not yet said his last word.


3- Putsch


But what! Are not they bound by a pact? Does not Paul Biya know that the terms of their pact have been violated by him, and that, consequently, he must die? Therefore, he must expect everything, both physically and metaphysically. The answer will not delay, since on April 6, 1984, elements of the army remained faithful to Ahidjo are organised around the movement "J'OSE" (I DARE) to overthrow Paul Biya. Failing to do so, they nevertheless managed to create panic in Yaoundé and in the rest of the country. Very reserved, Ahidjo, from Paris, will declare: "If they are my supporters, they will win". An assurance to which Henri Bandolo, director of the government daily Cameroon Tribune will attack passionately, he who had relations of choice with Ahidjo. But the attempted coup will allow the security and intelligence services of Cameroon to test their effectiveness. For if the mutineers had been more intelligent and better inspired, they would have succeeded, with the advantage of a surprise. This is a faction of the army that mobilises behind a colonel (Salé Ibrahim) successfully, without any obstacle stopping it. Where were the intelligence services so that these people had time to organise?


When the army headquarters came under attack, the commander of this strategic unit, the then colonel Asso'o Emane Benoit, resolves to flee, abandoning his wife, whom the others will have the pleasure of raping profusely. They will compel General Pierre Semengue, the highest ranking officer of the time in the national army, chief of staff of the armies, to leave through the hole of the air conditioner, to then hide in a vehicle trunk to be whisked off by his driver, who held therefore the military destiny in his hands. Indeed to cross the checkpoint erected by the mutineers, he had to make them believe that Semengue was stuck in his residence. Whereas he is given powers of metamorph and invisibility which he could have used, to escape more elegantly and with more nobility from his pursuers.


The mutineers arrested the delegate-general for National security, Mbarga Mguele Martin in his residence as he was conversing on phone with someone in Paris who was keeping him informed of the coup. One of the delegate’s nephews who deemed himself fit to save his uncle from arrest paid for this act of bravery with his life. They will put to flight the minister of the Armed Forces, Andze Tsoungui Gilbert. They will also make a number of hostages among which Colonel Doualla Massango, Mbarga Nguélé, etc. ... The naivety and amateurism of the mutineers helped loyalist forces to reorganise themselves and prepare a riposte that saved Paul Biya's chair, and spared the country from a spiral of violence and settling of scores. The mutineers are executed near Mbalmayo, and life resumes its normal course.


But since then, many things will change both in Biya and Ahidjo. The first has never known such moments; he thought his day had ended. He would now have to use all possible ways to ensure his protection. Because he realised that Ahidjo is ready for anything to regain power. And he got scared. Suddenly his eyes opened: What is there to be burdened with these sacrosanct principles of seminarian? If he really wants to remain President, he will have to fling himself into water and get wet. To make an omelette, you have to break eggs! Power cannot be exercised with clean hands. The second realised that he is absolutely losing power. He thought they could share it both. Indeed, power is not shared; he was thus experiencing this sad truth. That means he was overtaken by Paul Biya whom he thought he could manipulate. Biya showed him that he has freed himself from him and can act alone. So, all he had left was to draw the consequences of this painful situation? Could he have another recourse? He had tried the extreme solution, with his "partisans". But they failed miserably and found themselves tracked throughout the territory, then coldly executed after a trial whose outcome was beyond doubt.


Paul Biya will draw the consequences of this failed coup. In the following movement, the Minister of Armed Forces is sacked, the Minister of Territorial Administration, Fouman Akame Jean knows a similar fate and Fochive Jean, Director General of National Centre for Studies and Research (Cener), Cameroon’s specialised secret service. The chief of police meanwhile will follow later with a relatively happier fate, since he will be made head of diplomatic mission.


4- The metamorphs


Desperate diseases need desperate remedies. Paul Biya finally understands that one cannot, in certain contexts, be head of state, without dipping into certain practices. He must then rely on someone to be introduced in certain circles. To be President of Cameroon, he would have to be invested with the traditional powers of the wise men of Cameroon. He has to go step by step. To avoid suffering a counter-effect that could rather be detrimental to him, like the case of a balloon that would explode to have been inflated more than necessary. But Colonel Asso'o Emane Benoît, on whom he relies with particular devotion, will offer him better: As the senior superintendent Minlo'o Medjo Pierre, director of presidential security, the man is from Djoum, a district of Dja and Lobo, the native province of the head of State. In this part of the country live Pygmies, human beings evolving in nearly wild conditions, halfway between animal and human dimensions.


Living in the bushes of Djoum in their pygmy camps that they must change and renew overnight in mysterious migratory movements, they hold knowledge and secrets that are not within the reach of modern men. This is due to the proximity of the animal condition that they live while remaining rather paradoxically, men. Certainly wild, but men all the same. In their mastery of animal alchemy, these men are endowed with extraordinary powers. The perfect knowledge of the secrets of the forest and the bush means that they can be metamorphosed, by rites and specific techniques, into animals or plants of their choice. It is thanks to these practices that they manage to live in forests, among animals, and to master the laws and rules of the environment, to adapt and impose themselves. They can then live quietly by fishing, hunting and gathering.


Colonel Asso'o is well known in some camps. Besides, he is not the only one who goes there; many Cameroonians go to the pygmies, aware of the powers that these possess. They then seek benefits of all kinds, recipes and other philtres. All they have to do is find real pygmies to see their dreams become a reality. Asso'o, commander of the army headquarters, had the reputation of keeping a lion in his residence. This lion, in general, would manifest only in the night, when the house had plunged into total silence. Then the elements on duty at the colonel's residence heard repeated roars that purposely seemed to prepare them for what they were going to see.


Then it appeared, the lion, majestic, supple, seigneurial, but prudent; it kept a good distance, walked slowly, as though going around its house, then disappeared into the darkness of the residence. No one knew where it was going to rest. Some claimed that it had a room in the house, since there was a lion cage nowhere. Not the least clue as to the existence of a lion in the compound nor special food provisions. The only thing there was repeated and stern orders to sentries not to get frightened at the sight of a lion within the vicinity; they were warned not to be frightened if a lion appeared in the residence, not to frighten or provoke it in any way. If they should do anything, just look at it: it was part of the family and could not harm anyone. In reality, it is the colonel who metamorphosed into a lion, because he is a metamorph. And in this he is one of those who call themselves lion-men.


A lion-man, Paul Biya had become one too, not only entering into the great family of the metamorphs, but especially in the more particular of the "felines", clan of the lion-men. To get there, he was sponsored by the pygmies of Djoum by Asso'o Emane Benoit. But there are not only lion-men around the head of State. Many metamorphs are with him, belonging to various animal families, to various species, to various clans. In the context of certain specific encounters, they put on all their animal forms. This technique is not only dispensable by the pygmies of Djoum. Even in pure witchcraft practices, many people take the animal form of their choice. This is a well-known phenomenon in hunting circles in Africa. Many hunters thinking they have shot an animal have been sentenced in courts after the corpses of well-known human beings have been seen at the site of the shooting. So nowadays, hunters have to use certain formulae to prove their case.


In some tribes, the phenomenon of totems is so common that it is no longer a mystery, to the extent that when an animal is killed in particular circumstances, the announcement of the death of a human being corresponding to that animal is awaited. The principle is valid for metamorphs. When someone transforms himself into an animal, a bird, etc. …, he will undergo in his human condition the physical trauma that he has undergone in his metamorphosis condition. In other words, if one kills a person turned into an animal, that one will be found dead instead of the said animal. This is something that had almost happened once in the Mvomeka'a Palace. A presidential guard had just left duty and was heading home when, suddenly, a lion appeared a little way off. He takes fright and panics, arms his gun and is about to shoot. He was, however, gunned down by the smarter elements of the presidential security service assigned to follow the lion and ensure its safety to protect the lion.


But is a lion worth a human life, even if it were the lion of the President, as executors thought? In fact, it was the President himself. The element of the presidential guard did not know that he was going to shoot down his President turned into a lion. Those of the presidential security did not know that they were protecting not the lion of the President, but himself. Because, Paul Biya is a lion-man. When, in his political campaigns, he declares himself such, it is hardly a play on words; there is nothing so true. But then, why does he turn into a lion? Metamorphs choose an animal form on purpose. It is the animal of which they would like to have character traits. The one who chooses the lion marries and puts on its characters: Courage, strength, authority, power, domination. ... By being found in the shape of the animal, that one performs a kind of resourcing, to reinvigorate and crystallise in itself the predominant characters in the said animal.


5- The haunted palace


For Ahidjo, all is perhaps not lost yet; is there not one last card, the joker to shoot? Paul Biya is only a villain, a renegade who betrayed Ahidjo, the man who created him, built, hoisted to the firmament of glory, to so great a height that he himself cannot believe it. Because in reality, nothing predestined him for such a great destiny. Is this how one should thank someone who has carried him so high? Ahidjo is bursting with rage. He swears to have his revenge. He has lost a battle, two or three even, but it is a war. And, that's a different kettle of fish. He can still win. Power is absurd. Its quest drives one crazy. Ahidjo would no longer hear the voice of reason, and cannot accept reality. He has nothing left; there is no longer any army, just scattered sympathisers here and there, unable to publicly confess their sympathy to the one who was "the father of the nation" for fear of subsequent reprisals.


The people he could count on had been removed from State affairs, like Ngwa Samuel, his last delegate general to the National Security. Fired by Paul Biya after twenty-seven years at the head of the police, he is replaced by the then director of general intelligence of National Security, Mbarga Nguélé Martin who, in less than two hours will leave the rank of chief superintendent to that of divisional superintendent, reason of being at the same level as the other divisional superintendents, since in the same time slot, he was going to be appointed, then installed to the post of general delegate for National Security, replacing Ngwa Samuel, suspected of intelligence with Ahidjo. Behind the scenes of the palace, it was said that the former delegate had just received from Ahidjo a motivation of three hundred million CFA francs not devalued (we are in 1983), to smuggle arms into the country to be used to overthrow the President. True or false information? The same sources did say, in any case, that the head of State, having summoned the delegate only a few hours before his dismissal, ordered him to transfer this sum into the public treasury. What the former purportedly did.


But the former delegate to the National Security, denied knowing anything of which he was being accused. One day after his dismissal, he was visited by one of his former collaborators, Kwende Alfred, a senior officer of the Cameroonian police, then deputy director of the National Advanced School of Police of Yaoundé. He was received by the former head of the police in what was the official residence, in the presence of the author of this book, already "son" of the former as the new delegate general. Ngwa Samuel, hand on heart, re-iterated his innocence to his interlocutor and former collaborator, who called to express his sympathy.


Ahidjo has no one left in the State apparatus to give him a serious hand. Paul Biya has placed his pawns at all levels, and restructured the political and administrative data: The provinces of central-south and North will experience a split, becoming the Centre and the South, two new and separate provinces and Adamaoua, North and the Far North, three new provinces. Similarly, the single party, the CNU will, in favour of the Bamenda Congress, become the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM), a foundation of Paul Biya. By this, the last label of Ahmadou Ahidjo will have collapsed.


All these events are not to comfort him. He will then use a technique specific to initiates to directly attack Paul Biya: Duplication. It is about this faculty that certain people have developed and acquired, those who are experienced in hermetic sciences, to be present physically in several places at the same time. With Ahidjo appearing unexpectedly and at untimely moments, peace and serenity drained out of the Unity Palace. He is found in corridors, walkways and other personal chambers. He appears in bedrooms and kitchens, putting their occupants to flight. He appears in living rooms, the library, private offices, creating each time a stir, gun in hand, in search of Paul Biya to bring him down certainly.


Fully aware of the gravity of the situation, the President who, more than once, escaped his predator, finally gives instructions to his security services: You must shoot at sight of Ahidjo. But the situation is not pleasant because Paul Biya must be guarded even in the most intimate places, for fear of being surprised in some isolated place by his hunter who would not miss the duck. Duplication in esoteric societies is practised by all who have reached a respectable level in their course. Among sorcerers, it is all that is elementary, a preliminary stage. Many people practice duplication with perfect mastery of this exercise. Of course, Ahidjo takes risks and he is very aware of the fact. This is why he makes sure not to stay long wherever he appears. A bullet, a violent physical shock, would send him to his grave.


This situation must quickly come to an end. The atmosphere of the Palace becomes unbearable, with the threat of Ahidjo that rages dangerously there. Paul Biya then appealed to the Archbishop of Yaoundé who, at the time of Nicodemus, will perform rites at the Unity Palace. These efforts yielded no dividends, because Ahidjo will continue to manifest, always more threatening. The President will then appeal to his spiritual master Dayas Ekwe, eminent Rosicrucian. "A pact must not be violated," he will answer. This reaction will lead Paul Biya to tarnish his relationship with his master. Having had no success in the country while the threat of Ahidjo weighs heavily on him, Paul Biya will then resort to the diaspora by appealing to a great Western master who will soon be present. Thanks to his action, the evil presence of Ahidjo will be curbed: The ex-president no longer appears in Biya’s Palace; his powers cannot go beyond Etoudi's doors. The grand master of the Amorc will have deserved the 07 billion FCFA that Biya offered him after his rituals.


Ahidjo has just lost Etoudi for good and no longer has any hope of getting the better of Paul Biya. So, he cracks up and breaks down. In his residence in the suburbs of Paris, the deposed President spends most of his time screaming, cursing, expressing his anger, abusing Biya, cursing Cameroon and Cameroonians. He then develops a violent nerve attack, and refuses any form of consolation: Biya betrayed him and lied to him; this is the quintessence of his message.


6- Homosexuals


"What knowledge do you have of the Secret Houses of the Rosicrucian Order and of their related initiations?" This is the question the Amorc grand master asked Biya after he had performed spiritual rites in the palace. It would have been absurd if this grand master of the Rosicrucian Order was not particularly interested in his host as part of what they had in common, that is to say, the brotherhood. And in the case in point, it is about relations between master and disciple. Biya has not yet undergone any previous initiation, related to the question asked by his master. He will then submit him to specific initiations. A meeting with a great master has something special, in that it always leaves indelible marks. They have gestures, words, which are not ordinary. The prominent Rosicrucian, after "washing" Paul Biya, engages him into a homosexual relationship. Those who are members of the initiatory societies lend themselves to it according to a technique peculiar to the initiations that they receive. In these circles, it is claimed that Jesus himself went through it, because he was a man, and as such, he went through the schools of men. They claim that Jesus himself was initiated into sexual magic in an Egyptian temple by a priestess of the temple. And even, they argue that Jesus was a homosexual.


Paul Biya, developing this idea one day in front of attentive auditors among whom the author of the present work, as part of his "educational talks", did not fail to rely on the Holy Scriptures to support his arguments. He then draws his listeners into the Gospel of John. It's the Lord's Supper. Jesus is with the 12 Apostles. Among the 12, there is one who likes to refer to himself in very equivocal terms: "The disciple whom Jesus loved". It is precisely the author of the fourth Gospel, Saint John. Of all the disciples and Apostles, he is the youngest. This may be the reason why Christ seems to have a special affection for him, because he is still only a child. But there is still something curious in this way of saying: "The disciple whom Jesus loved". Does this mean that he did not like the other disciples? Don’t they say that he loves everyone?


The question will be complicated in verse 23 of chapter 13, fourth gospel: "One of the disciples, the one whom Jesus loved, was lying on the bosom of Jesus". And that sounds both curious and out of place. Therefore, the term "loved" has a rather suspicious meaning. It is obvious that these people are not at table, but are rather lying. And this meal is taken according to the formula of the time, not around a table but on divans, with the nuance that the one that Jesus loved was lying beside him, on the couch, curiously behaving as a female since he was sometimes lying on the breast of the Lord, and sometimes leaning over his chest, strictly feminine attitudes (verse 25), whose evidence will be marked by verse 24: Jesus and the one he loved were apart from the group. Simon Peter would not have had to wave to the other; he could have personally asked the question to Jesus. But obviously embarrassed by the gap that separated them, he preferred to signal to the one who was lying on the breast of the master. "And this disciple, leaning back on Jesus' breast, said to Him, Lord, who is it?" (John 13:25).


After the Last Supper, Jesus and his group went to the Garden of Gethsemane, according to Mark. John is content to quote vaguely "a garden" where was to continue what had begun with the Lord's Supper. Jesus is finally arrested. Marc says a young man was following him. By making sure to avoid his identity. John, on the other hand, does not even mention it. But we know that there was no young man in the group except John, a teenager. But this detail, in the context of identity, is hardly important in the idea of the evangelist. Only, the gesture of this young man who follows Jesus while all the others have fled, reflects his fidelity and his attachment to the Lord. Nevertheless, there is to be considered that the young man in question and the disciple whom Jesus loved are one and the same person, that is, John.


And suddenly, a dramatic change in Mark 14 in verse 51, it is said that a young man followed him, having only a linen cloth on his body. The aggressors of his master seize him. But he, in verse 52, leaves his linen cloth and flees naked. The situation challenges the reader: After these tendencies of tenderness at the Last Supper, where the disciple whom Jesus loved was sometimes lying on his bosom and sometimes leaning over his breast, what was he doing this time naked in the Garden of Gethsemane? It is true that the author of the fourth gospel did not think about it, but was it not first necessary for the reader to know whether he was already naked, wearing only a linen garment at the supper, when he was going to lean or bend over Jesus? But the young man fled naked. Because he knows that he would be proof of this homosexual practice that the Jewish law calls abomination. This kind of fault is punished by stoning. Then the young man has every interest in saving himself not to compromise Jesus Christ and him. Because, they were considered as a dangerous band engaging in all kinds of practices reprobated by the Torah, the Jewish law.


For example, the invocations, forbidden by the law, Jesus practised them: He takes his Apostles on the mountain to invoke Elijah and Moses. But he takes precautions by going far from the village and then ordering his friends not to reveal what they saw. Because it could also have been sanctioned by stoning. And this disciple whom Jesus loved, who found himself naked at his side since the last supper, or only in the garden, which would be even more suspicious: Who castrated him? Historically, we know of John that he had only one testicle and that he died very old without ever having to use his sex in the context of sexual intercourse. He had neither wife nor offspring. He was not even circumcised. Why all this?


(Attention, the author has only presented the ideas, the arguments, and the remarks of Biya with fidelity. The developments and comments above are realised in the respect of the logic of Paul Biya, and not of the author who is in no way committed to this, but contributes to the understanding of the idea of Paul Biya on the issue).


After his initiations to the practice of homosexuality, Paul Biya who has become aware of its benefits, plunges in it with an incredible pace. In his entourage, everyone must be involved. Even the most respected. Moreover, the more one has social influence, the more he wins in this homosexual bond. He indulges so much into it that he ends up abandoning his wife Jeanne-Irene already seriously but unjustly marked by the seal of a curse she does not carry. In reality, Jeanne-Irene is not sterile; it is him, Biya who has problems of procreation. But when a couple has this kind of problem, the wife is immediately indexed, whereas the handicap may well come from the other.


In Paris, after their marriage, Jeanne-Irene had a miscarriage. She had a second in Yaoundé in 1962 and was hospitalised at the former Tarnier Ward of the Central Hospital. In fact, her husband was sexually deficient. This deficiency did not prevent him from impregnating a woman, it made the conception hard to be constituted, thereby doomed to break loose. In this specific case it was said he was suffering from azoospermia. This means that his first official son is only a supposed son. Indeed, Franck Biya is not the fruit of the works of his father, because he was born at a time when he was not practically able to reproduce. The children born of his second marriage are his own because he has had enough time and means to carry out a treatment. People have created around Franck, a pathetic love story between a man and the niece of his wife. A story rather far-fetched.


Franck's mother is Jeanne-Irene's niece. Like her cousin Motaze Roger, she put herself under the tutelage of her aunt and her husband, to benefit from a choice of mentors as a means to continue her studies. She is then a student at Yaoundé Technical High School. Rumour has it that Paul Biya engaged in a relationship with his wife's niece, which will have resulted in the birth of Franck Biya. He is a purebred Christian, the son of a catechist, who is not yet corrupted by the mores of political circles, nor perverted by the pettiness of power. He is still a senior State official, imbued with his ethics of former seminarian, correct in morality, honest in his soul and conscience, who only wants to serve his country, while firmly believing in God. We know that he is sober, temperate, and discreet. He is neither reveller nor sensualist. At the beginning, it is a well-behaved man who has the sense of the family. Of course, he also has flaws and imperfections. But not to the point of succumbing to the charm of a child growing up in his house and placed under his tutelage. He who, weaned of the presence of offspring, wanted to transfer his paternalistic feelings to the children he had in the house.


In fact, the niece finds that she is pregnant. She panics and wants to engage in suicidal behaviour. Her aunt is informed. A consultation with the husband, and the resolution is quickly adopted: They will take this child to avoid him being a "bastard". But they should also avoid him being an adopted son, which would have changed nothing then in the first case. Basically, there is no problem that he remains the child of his mother because, he could never be considered biological son of Jeanne-Irene whom no one had seen pregnant. On the other hand, he absolutely needs a father, so as not to be a natural son. Paul Biya who has a strong and desperate desire for a child agrees to give his name to the one who will be born, and to recognise him. It is thus that the son of the niece of Jeanne-Irène Biya, an untimely fruit of a sexual relation like so many others, will have the good fortune to be recognised by the husband of the aunt of her mother, to become then the one who is today the no less famous Franck Biya.


The entourage of the President having become essentially homosexual, Jeanne-Irene begins to feel a gap widen and gradually widening between her and him. The head of State does not bother anymore about her, because he can come and go with men at the Palace as he sees fit. These partners are counted in his immediate surroundings, and among his collaborators and other high State officials. By this practice, he is convinced that he can develop his psychic energy, and his magnetic field. For a head of State, he thinks, it matters a lot. And for this to pay more, it must be done very often, too often. Even it means making his wife uncomfortable.


7- Zoophile


African heads of State, in order to perpetuate themselves in power, are quick to throw themselves into the most abject and unreasonable occult practices. As long as this can give them the supernatural powers, they need to comfort themselves in their illusions. This is at least peculiar to a certain generation of heads of State. What matters to them is not the future of their countries, but their own. The development of the nation is not their deepest concern; they are more worried about their personal fortune. They do not care what posterity will say about them. It is the management of their immediate interests that seems to them more important. Any project that aims to keep them in power for a long time is a boon to them, and they are enthusiastically excited. This is how Asso'o Emane, who has become practically the main henchman of the President, goes fishing for a rare pearl in the Sanaga waterside. He is a man who, it is said, has lived in the river for decades if he is not a citizen. The man is particularly impressive with his bare skull, his beardless face. He wears a red T-shirt and a black loincloth, walks barefoot and appears rugged. Despite his sinister pace, he is very clean. Certainly broken with the austere life of ascetics, he looks uncouth, wild, and violent. He does not speak much; rather observes and listens. This man will become a privileged interlocutor of Paul Biya who, after the first meeting, will get in the habit of receiving him in priority.


The President and his visitor then lock themselves in his sanctuary of the Palace, where the latter will submit the former to all kinds of magic shielding and initiation to traditional and modern witchcraft. Paul Biya then discovered the magical usefulness of plants, barks and roots which he would and should use in various situations. These could serve for premonition and health portions as well as provide protection against visible and invisible enemies. The powers of clairvoyance, clear-audibility, teleportation, the President can acquire them too, very easily. The prerequisite will be to have sex with an animal specially prepared by the wizard for this purpose. Therefore, the rite that will follow will allow the head of State to hear everything he wants to hear, see whatever he wants to see, be where he would like to be without having to move or use any accessory whatever. The sorcerer will come to the Palace a few weeks later with a young bitch, still pure of all sexual relations. The beast will first have been subjected to a magical preparation. Paul Biya, for three weeks will personally take care of it and ensure that no one comes into contact with it. For 21 days, day to day, he will have to have sex with the animal.


The secret did not go unnoticed to Jeanne-Irene who was no longer sharing bedrooms with the President. Biya's homosexual activity had made him set up lodgings in other apartments of the palace. In the same way, the bitch brought to him was lodged with all honours in a magnificent room of the palace. Biya found the time to visit it every day and remained in the room for hours practicing the techniques the sorcerer had taught him about zoophilia. Before going onto this beast, Paul Biya must take a purification bath, then anoint himself with certain aromatics, and dress himself only with a sheet of white linen. He must go barefoot. The animal will be under the influence of drugs due to the effect of a plant that it had been made to consume earlier. It is then that the man will proceed by fondling and making other sensual touches to put the beast on heat, and the two will merge in one flesh, to assimilate their vibrations. So that at the end of this union, which will have been more mystical than physical, Biya will have made the best of the beast, emptying it each time of its energetic potential, to get ready for powers of clairvoyance, clear audibility and teleportation. After the last sexual intercourse with the beast, it was buried alive in Mvomeka'a.


Feeling humiliated and savagely insulted by such a situation, Jeanne-Irene, the wife of the President, decides to react. "The Bible forbids homosexual intercourse," she reminds him. He just smirks. Another fix. But would a man who sleeps with a beast go to bed with her again? The possibility of this eventuality was difficult to admit. Was that the ransom for power? And Ahidjo, was he also versed in such practices? Had he also been making his wife unhappy to that point? Paul Biya will answer her that no head of State is perfect, and that one cannot do certain things without doing some other things. But Jeanne-Irene does not agree with this philosophy. The man who sleeps with her, her husband, will he sleep with a beast? It would be better to have a woman for co-wife. But a bitch...!


The First Lady then resolves to put an end to this scandalous relationship. Armed with a gun, she broke into the room and raised her arm to shoot the bitch but hesitated in the face of the frightened reactions of the beast which seemed to have sensed the danger. Then the unhappy wife redefines the situation: "And if it were rather a human being transformed into an animal by the action of a wicked spell? In these circles of witchcraft, is not everything possible?" And then she takes pity on this poor creature bewitched and subjected to the effect of an evil spell. Burst into tears over this miserable wretched and sacrificed wife who she now is. She lowers her arm and turns to leave the room. She opens the door abruptly and bumps into Paul Biya standing at the doorway, motionless, strangely serene.


- What did you go in this room to do? He does not give her time to answer. Two violent blows of a wooden club sent the unfortunate woman sprawling on the floor.


- Do not ever interfere with my business ... Don’t poke your nose into my business...


She was armed. Does he know that she would want to shoot him? She itched to kill him but lacked the courage to do so cold-bloodedly. Then she just burst into tears. Tears more often remain the sole and exclusive recourse of women, faced with the ignoble behaviour of their husbands. These tears intervene to express indifferently a statement of failure, a revolt, a disappointment, and even more of love, sometimes of powerlessness in the face of a given situation.


8- Jeanne-Irène and Paul


A model couple? Initially, yes. When they got married, they believed in love. They still believed when they returned home, sure to love each other, and to live together according to the usual formula, "for better and for worse". Things changed when he had to become head of State. Yes, it was beautiful at first. Then, she began to feel like a laxness; he was no longer hers, he no longer belonged to her. The passing of time gradually detached them. She felt that he was no longer interested in her, as in the old days. And that worried her. Until the day when things finally became clear, after the failed coup. Magical practices and witchcraft further removed them from each other, physically and morally. To the point of not even being able to talk to each other for days, and to make efforts to avoid meeting. Considering this atmosphere, she repeatedly asked him to have a serious talk, but he could always find a way out, evoking "his heavy responsibilities", which did not allow him. So much so that she had come to consider running away; for it is not easy for a woman to accept being betrayed by her husband, and what is more, with men, as if he had found in them better than what she brought him. More seriously, when under her nose, the guy pushes the cork up to zoophilia. This means he does not really need her anymore, to the point of preferring animals.


The unfortunate wife will then ally with a junior officer of the marine force, serving in the presidential security, to seek his help, and consider a runaway together. This handsome sailor, although younger than she, might well be her companion, once arrived under other havens. Certainly, if his nephew, Motaze Roger, the aide-de-camp of the head of State, had agreed to help her flee, things could have been viewed with more optimism. But the captain says he swore "honour and loyalty" to his President, and could not betray him in any way. Preparations for the elopement were already under way but Jeanne Irene had not reckoned on the efficiency of the specialised services of the Palace. The young marine officer was suddenly detached from the presidential security service, sent to his army service of origin and later dispatched to the warfront along the border where military manoeuvres opposed Cameroon to one of its neighbours. Jeanne-Irene will learn very quickly, the days that will follow, that he fell on the battlefield, a bullet in the back.


The unfortunate woman will then despair more and resort, once again, to Capitan Motaze, his nephew. But he is not willing to do anything for her. She seems to lose sight of the fact that in the event of a runaway on her part and if Roger's responsibility were to be established, he will have to answer it in front of the head of State. She ended up resolving to put the problem clearly to Paul: They must separate. Their marriage is nothing than a facade, an empty carapace, a hollow shell. All between them is based only on parody. When she makes a public outing, it is everyone who gives her an ovation. But do they only know how unhappy she is? Already, she no longer goes out without smoked glasses, to hide the pockets and dark circles under her eyes, consequent to her long nights of insomnia. When he married her, wasn't he anxious to see her happy? What has happened in him, so that already he will rejoice to see her suffer, and enjoy making her unhappy? Would it not be best that in these conditions they separate, so that each one leads the life he would like to lead and be so happy, without being a cross for the other?


The logic of the President is simple and understandable: He wants to stay in power as long as possible. And to do this, the life he leads strengthens him in his option. It does not matter to him that this traumatises her because it is also that, the price to pay, to be the wife of a head of State. Each medal has two sides. He is sorry they are there, but cannot help it. Only while he enjoys this life, she is tortured, she pleads. But Paul is inflexible.


- So, I beg you to let me try to redo my life elsewhere. This is still possible for me. It would be a risk for him; many things could be exposed, such as this question about the "sterility" of Jeanne-Irène. If she were to conceive elsewhere, people will realise that it is he who has problems of procreation. More seriously, these occult and magical practices are likely to be known to the general public. It is better to keep her hostage.


Jeanne-Irène then decides to free herself all alone since she cannot count on her nephew or anyone. Moreover, security measures were tightened round her; her visits and movements were checked and her communication bugged. The only way out to get rid of her husband is a most subtle way: She happened to be administering a special injection to him each week. It will therefore suffice to inoculate "something" that will not spare him, something whose slow but irremediable effect will take him to his grave. But she will wait in vain. She discovers several weeks later that the President was already having himself injected by someone else. He will not fail to signify that he had anticipated her intentions. He then threatens her: "It's me who will finally get you". Terms that will frighten her, and cause her once more revert to her nephew to help her leave the country.


- I tell you that I am threatened; my life is in danger, and it does not tell you anything?

- Mother! I am a soldier in the service of my President; I must protect him, not conspire against him...

- In saving my life, what conspiracy do you do against your President?


In May 1989, Paul and Jeanne-Irène spent two weeks in the land of King Baudoin and Queen Fabiola. On her return, Jeanne-Irène says she was never beaten in her life as she was in Brussels. It's just if Paul, having regained the strength of his 18 years, did not kill her by strangulation. Simply because she decided not to return home. When they came back, she had her eyes hidden under her smoked glasses, in order to hide her dismay. And then, the new signet ring of the President, acquired in Brussels where it was brought to him by a magic magnetiser who had worked on it for three years, is a terrible magic weapon that cost him the sum of 12 million FCFA. He terrorised Jeanne-Irène with the powers of this precious jewel, so that she understood that she had no interest in forcing a runaway. He could for example make her crazy by the virtues of his signet ring, wherever she has to flee, to take refuge. He could as well blast her up with lighting. To demonstrate this, he used the ring to produce lightning and caused it to shatter objects round her.


When she tries to commit suicide, she hopes at least to arouse emotions of yesteryear from her husband. The inner circle unfurled around her, comforting her. But she was waiting for only one person, her husband the President, who obstinately stayed away. He ventured as far as the doorway, threw a furtive glance at her and disappeared after a few seconds. She will be evacuated to Europe for a check. Few people knew that this was a suicide attempt.


9- The sanctuary


He has a sanctuary at the palace, and a sanctum. The sanctum is very personal to him. No one else accesses it. But it is known that lives there a very old man, ageless. Certainly, less old than God, but of an age that cannot be defined in time. This man, dressed all in white, has himself white skin. He does not speak to anyone, perhaps only to Paul Biya, eats nothing, drinks nothing, does not even wash himself. But when he comes out of the President's sanctum, he is always fresh, neat and shining. He moves slowly, broken by the weight of age, with very long hair, strongly bleached by time. He looks soft, weak and fragile. His gaze is only on what he wants to look at. And in fact, he often looks only at Paul Biya who speaks very affectionately of him, saying he is his good genius. He has the particularity to be seen only by whom he wants to be seen. He is an extraordinary character whose role to Paul Biya no one knows. The sanctuary of the President is another place of spiritual activity. He performs worship, rituals and other priestly duties to which he may invite other people. All types of mass, including human sacrifice, take place in this place. For illustrative purposes, human skulls are found there, and some of them are split as if to be used as calabashes. During blood drinking ceremonies, Paul Biya and the other communicants use these calabashes to collect the blood to be drunk. They drink human blood and that of cocks as well as that of cats.


At the death of President Ahidjo in Dakar, the head of State, to escape a curse because of the pact that binds them and that he had violated, asked that he be served urgently fresh blood and organs of a girl. The services were then deployed on the campus of Ngoa Ekelle, where they made a victim: A student succumbed to the charms of a sumptuous Mercedes, and let herself be taken by the handsome man who, at the wheel of the glitzy machine, seemed to put himself completely at her disposal. He had everything needed to seduce a young girl. The girl will be more curious and seduced when her companion will offer to take her to the presidency where he lives and works. This is a rather mythical place she had never dreamed of approaching, and she was just watching on TV. For once the opportunity was offered her to tread "the soil of Paul Biya", why would she hesitate?


But the dream will quickly turn into a nightmare; the happiness of the discovery of the presidential palace is transformed into the worst of horrors when the reality will become precision in her mind: She was kindly led into a sanctuary to serve as a holocaust. And in place of the practically volatile Don Juan, she finds herself in front of three men dressed like priests, moreover, with hoods covering their heads. It will not be a rape as she must have hoped; more than a rape it will be a sacrificial murder. Her heart, her liver, her blood will be found on the table of Paul Biya, her President, the lion-man. On May 26, 1990, a political party is declared in Bamenda: The Social Democratic Front (SDF). The army intervenes to repress. Official report 6 dead. Paul Biya panics. Can Cameroonians rise up against him? Admittedly, the phenomenon is general in Africa since the wind of change has risen in the East, taking away in the USSR, President Gorbachev. What happens to others must it necessarily happen to him? Quickly, he summons his collaborators and very soon, an order is given.


10- The Mvolye mass


Late at night, a sinister procession takes place at the Catholic cemetery of Mvolye. This is the seat of the Catholic church. A hill which, from base to peak, is catholic installations conquered territory. The three statues, the home of the sisters of Saint Paul, the Sacred Heart, the Saint Paul printing house, the general secretariat of the Episcopal Conference, the Catholic school, the Mvolye cemetery, the John XXIII centre, the Marian cave, the residence of the Archbishop of Yaoundé etc. ... entitle us to believe that the place is heavily blessed. What a deception!


Despite all these infrastructures, the neighbourhood is plunged into an infernal darkness, favourable to all kinds of practices. That night of May 26, 1990, the bigwigs of the Republic and other members of the circle of Paul Biya, are gathered at the cemetery, for a black mass, officiated by the celebrant of esoteric traditions. Because it is absolutely necessary to establish the authority of Paul Biya on all Cameroonians, so that they find themselves powerless against him regardless of their inclinations, this mass was summoned. That evening, a Cameroonian had been butchered somewhere, for the sake of the cause, there was need for blood and human organs, which would be presented according to the rites of transubstantiation. When the priest, during the mass, proceeds to the offertory, the bread and the wine really become the body and the blood of Christ. The principle of transubstantiation is a magical theorem.


The Ashanti doll among Creoles in the Pacific Islands provides an illustration of the principle of transubstantiation. When the needle hits the doll on the head, the one it represents at the moment of the operation has violent headaches. If the operator strikes at the heart, the target person experiences pain in this area. So that by this means one can put an end to the life of an individual without having had a direct link with the person; simply by having used a doll representing the person. Similarly, as in Mvolye, the celebrant will determine that the flesh and blood that will be consumed are the flesh and blood of all Cameroonians, it will be so. From then on, those who consume them have eaten all Cameroonians. In form and substance indeed, the approach of the celebrant is absolute: "Here are Cameroonians, all Cameroonians in this body and in this blood. When you will eat and drink with faith, it is all Cameroonians that you will have eaten."


We all witnessed what became of ghost towns and other manifestations; we witnessed how salary cuts in the civil service were implemented. Everyone is still wondering how order came to be restored after the turmoil Cameroonians witnessed during the years of turbulence resulting from the vicissitudes of nascent democracy. This ceremony closely matches that of Maroua in the Far North of Cameroon. In 1991-1992, the time when political unrest had reached its peak, all madmen in the city were found headless. They were found dead one day, and mutilated of some vital organs. In reality, fearing a civil war, the country's leaders, well informed about witchcraft practices, concocted a mixture with all these organs of sacrificed human beings. A magical practice which certainly had a desired effect, since the threat of civil war which weighed on the country, dissipated on its own.


11- Judas’ kiss


Reigning over the headquarters of the army, the now General Asso'o Emane Benedict ordered one of his elements to follow him to his office. The soldier, better known by the pseudonym "Commando" follows. But he is surprised to hear his boss tell him that he needs him for an "ultra-secret" mission on behalf of the head of State. The soldier would have expected everything except something like that. Honoured by this choice, among thousands of elements in the headquarters, the soldier will wait patiently in the office of the general until a black Peugeot 505 brand vehicle arrives, on which he is driven to an unknown destination. He will finally find himself at the Unity Palace where special arrangements await him: Lodgings in the house of the head of State, a service staff prompt to obey his every whim, a leisure and entertainment equipment within reach of hand, etc. "Why all this respect?" he wonders, albeit moved by it. All of a sudden, he has a deep feeling of gratitude for Asso’o for having honoured him by making him live the most exciting phase of his life. Would he ever have thought that he would establish his quarters at the Unity Palace one day?


At noon, he is led to the table of the head of State who, without preliminary remarks will briefly wish those present to share his lunch a bon appétit. And, beckoning to someone who gets closer to him, he will engage in a sneaky dialogue with his interlocutor. "Commando" then feels the President's gaze fly over him without ever actually landing on him, in order probably not to give themselves away, they are talking about him. He would not want the latter to realise it. Then he feels more honoured: The President speaks of him; he knows him. It does not matter if he leaves the table without having approached the head of State more closely, but he is proud that the President counts him among his acquaintances.


In the evening, a procession of vehicles is preparing to leave the Palace. The President is in one of them. The soldier also has a car. He has even been assigned a driver. And he does not hesitate to sit at the right angle at the back of the vehicle. Has he not joined the big league? Why then wouldn't he become great too? Does not his boss, General Asso'o, sit in his cars like that? And are not all these great men who are going on an outing seated this way? Since he has been awarded a Renault 25 and a driver, he has by necessity become big. Is it a coincidence that in the order of things he occupies the second place after the head of State, while even the General is far behind? It is still a procession of nearly a dozen cars, and the order of precedence is certainly in his eyes a scale of values ... Ministers, Generals, Colonels and other dignitaries of the regime, in a procession in which he has a place. No doubt, he has miraculously entered the circle of decision makers in this country. The procession moves west, but stops in the Mbam department. And down to the ground; they must go through the bush to reach the Sanaga River. As best they can, they succeed. After they had made it, people separate into groups on the basis of affinity. The soldier finds himself alone, while the wait is becoming longer and heavier.


Obviously, they are waiting for something or someone whose arrival was imminent. The night is dark on the banks of the Sanaga, and the sky is covered with stars. The breeze is steady. Suddenly, a light appears in the distance. It evolves slowly, becomes more specified by highlighting its full shape: It is a kerosene lamp. Its holder is standing in a canoe coming to dock. But the newcomer does not come down from the canoe. This is the wizard of the water of the Sanaga. Asso'o goes to him. They talk for a few seconds, then the General joins the President and explains the situation. So, he goes to the wizard with whom they exchange a few words. Back from this conversation, he will join the group and, this time, will go to the lonely soldier, the time to tell him: "Thank you soldier". At that moment, he receded a few steps and bowed low, then stepped forward and kissed the soldier.


Supreme honour for a troop man. The President of the Republic, supreme chief of the Arm Forces, embraced him. "Commando" makes an impeccable military salute in recognition and responds: "I am at your disposal and at your orders, Mr. President". And Paul Biya bowing once more as a thank you and tribute before returning to the wizard. Meanwhile, Asso'o succeeds him to the soldier, and extends his hand. "Good luck soldier," he said. The young soldier then goes to the sorcerer. He will also embark on the boat that will slowly move away. Suddenly, as they still watch the boat taking a distance on the river, shouts of a man are heard, mixed with barking and screaming dogs. "Commando" calls for help in clear terms: "General, save me ... General, save me ...!" When silence returned on the river, it was only of short duration. Drumbeats intervene, creating panic on the banks of the Sanaga. And, again, the screams of a human being terribly tortured, tormented. Let's get out of here right now! Orders the President.


"Commando" is then abandoned to his sad fate. Nobody ever saw him again. Initially, he was made to cherish the hope of fulfilling a mission "ultra secret" on behalf of the President. Only, on purpose, it has been hidden from him what this mission would consist of. But no one had told him that he would end up in the waters of the Sanaga, sacrificed as he was to the gods of the river, in the interest of the head of State. And against an act as extreme as he paid with his life, his only laurels were the homage of the President of the Republic, kissing him to say "thank you soldier". His parents in Bamenda never saw him again. They will never see him again.


12- Empowered sorcerers


Many people, close to the President, engage in magic and witchcraft practices, without rational justification. Each one exploits the forms of practices that would enable him to assert himself in his options. The case of Gervais Mendo Ze who has the sad and unfortunate reputation of looking for virgin girls. In the context of Cameroon where girls scandalously mature very early, it is necessary to go for the under-14 to hope to meet virgins. This does not disturb the "mariologist". For it turns out that with them he draws something special from the point of view of meta physiology, which he exploits favourably for his personal fulfilment.


He is a resource person of Paul Biya, because he managed to set up mystico-religious structures whose goal is to work for the perpetuity of the President in power. He then creates "Peuple du Rosaire" (People of the Rosary), a secret society whose action consists essentially of reciting the rosary the whole day to the benefit of the President. Its members are highly paid and live fully from this activity. This metamorph who turns into a boa snake is nevertheless full of generosity and altruism. The poor and marginalised are sure to find a sympathetic ear to their complaints to him. But this man, who has the President's blessing on the CRTV's finances that support his mystico-religious activities, is bound in scandals for his notorious sexual sprees with adolescents.


But he is not more blameworthy than Andze Tsoungui, another snake-man, who has the reputation of having an unquenchable thirst for girls’ menses. He does not drink it like Mbella Mbappe and others do. He just smells them, get drunk with their scent as one would drug with perfume. He harbours relationship with many girls without caring to have sexual gratification. What matters to him is that each of the girls should come to him when she is menstruating. They are at least guaranteed to pocket 400,000 F CFA at each meeting. This is the rate he offers them to reinvigorate himself with their spiritual energies through their menses.


The entourage of Biya is rich in such practices, that it becomes almost inhuman and suspicious. It is akin to an extra-terrestrial circle operating according to a set of irrational laws and regulations. There are people who lend and share their wives as one would do with shirts. More seriously, some have children with each other's wives without them becoming uncomfortable, since they do not hesitate to recognise them legally. There is even the case of some people close to the head of State who sleep with their own daughters, to the point of having children, even if they are recognised in paternity by other people. What can then be said about this collaborator of the President who almost forces his daughters to gather their menses so that he drinks them? The same person has a homosexual relationship with his sons.


As for Biya, he sleeps quietly on his laurels, as mystical organisations and other sects have been created around the world to support his stay in power for at least 25 years. The present arrangement is that he will only be replaced by someone of his choice. He commits huge sums to finance these sects. Many of his representatives are involved in this mesh. Michel Meva'a M'Eboutou, another metamorph, raptor-man, is one of them. Welcome to Famé Ndongo and Edgard Alain Mebe Ngo'o in the circle of the metamorphs.


A very senior officer of the army, close to the President, has the obligation by his practice not to defecate elsewhere than in his village where, in a specific place, his waste must be deposited. This means that wherever he is, he relieves himself in paper and other packaging. His droppings will then be kept to be transported in the trunk of his car, for his village, where is the only place prepared to receive these precious parcels. Even when he is on a mission abroad, this eminent soldier has to return his dung to the country for safe deposit in his village.


Cavaye Yegue Djibril, President of the National Assembly, owes his life one night to the gendarmes of Awae, a suburb of Yaoundé. Indeed, this CPDM member was, one evening, caught by the locals in an unusual place, where he had dug a pit, and threw a poor tied up animal that he tried to bury alive, thus traumatising an innocent domestic animal whose species for centuries lives under the protection of men. Many similar cases take place in Cameroon and even Paul Biya is not excluded from the list: Did he not in 1989, give the testis of a 15-year-old boy to a black dog to eat, then, have this dog buried at midnight, in Mvomeka'a?


13- Bloody perspectives


Jeanne-Irène cannot take it anymore; she feels that she, too, has the right to happiness. Will she live eternally as a hostage tortured by her executioner? She still hoped that he would eventually make amends. But at the pace where things go, nothing is now certain. This man has poured himself into practices that she cannot bear. But he is quite comfortable with it. Therefore, there is no need to prolong this cohabitation. Perhaps could he finally listen to her, understand her, and give her back her freedom? But Paul Biya is firm: Zero divorce. Power has its constraints, its requirements, its benefits, which are indeed very numerous, but it is very demanding. Especially when one wants to exercise in a certain context. Jeanne-Irène does not want to hear anything like that. She is the one who suffers and not him. He leads his life as he sees fit, while she is a captive.


Her last hope is then that he will give up contesting in the next presidential election. Because, all he does there is to hold power firmly. If he renounced it, his life would change; he would surely become a man like everyone else. But Biya will let her know that he does not intend to resign when he has just "given" democracy to Cameroonians; he will go to the end by refining the democratic process. He plans to run for another term. Moreover, he is going to anticipate the presidential elections which he will soon make the date public. This meant Jeanne-Irene’s troubles were far from over, because the magical and witchcraft manoeuvres of the President will continue. She will continue to be humiliated in her home and the iron curtain that has risen between them will intensify and will not give way soon.


But there is something more revolting to her: For a very long time she bore the reproach of a sterile woman, even though she is not one. During all these years he had been receiving treatment so as to be capable of procreating. Clinically, he has just been declared able to finally give life to children. A trip to Europe gave him confirmation. Only, Paul Biya thinks he is going to remarry; to marry a young girl who will be able to bear him many children, instead of looking for them with an old woman who, if she is not already going through the menopause, no longer has the physical resources necessary to support deliveries at her age.


The worst thing about all this is that he does not intend to release her. Rather, he counts, in defiance of the law, to go into polygamy. The legal approach in their case would be to divorce, to remarry under a polygamous regime, in order to take a second wife. He finds this procedure compelling. So he thinks he will abbreviate by transcending the law. Is he not the head of State, President of the Republic and Supreme Magistrate? Who could lift a finger to accuse him of breaking the law? The law is made for others and not for him. For if he wasn’t above the Law, he was the Law, and the law is meant to protect him and not to complicate matters for him.


If his colleague from Gabon, Omar Bongo, married a girl, even a daughter of President, why would he not? Why should he bother about an old woman whereas the prevailing tendency was to go for young girls? They are beautiful, exciting, enliven. All this he expressed to Jeanne-Irene in the coldest possible way. She perceived these remarks as a painful insult, and a great deal of ingratitude, after all the sacrifices she had made for him out of love. So, is that how he will thank her...?


Biya tells her that she has no choice, things can only go as he wants to guide them. So overcome by so much egoism, cynicism, and sadism, Jeanne-Irene tells her husband that, "In this case, be sure that I’ll campaign against you in the next elections; I’ll explain to all the women of Cameroon, their daughters, their sons and their husbands the miseries I’ve endured since you became head of State, and this act of ingratitude that you showcase now that you can procreate, while I’ve borne all my life the stigma; people think it was I, the problem in our home, because I hoped that you’d heal from your illness and that from then on we would have offspring."


- "I swear I'll do it, Paul." She threatened. She does not have to swear to him. He knows that she will do it and measure its severity. Jeanne-Irene, Cameroonians love her very much, and they are deeply bound to her by an intense sympathy. They will act in solidarity with her and will sympathise. Even his allies and accomplices of the CPDM will surely abandon him. In any case, she should not be given the time to put her threats into effect. She has a very strong personality, and character. "Unfortunately, you will not do it." The hard, evil and sneering look made Jeanne Irene shiver. No reason to play the ostrich, she has to face the reality when the evidence is there: He's going to kill her. She knows he's not playful; when it comes to his power, his seat to preserve, he is ready for anything. Does he not always say that in each case there is a solution? In panic, she summons her nephew, the aide-de-camp of the President, to present the situation to him and to beg him to help her flee. But the other tries to reassure her. "Since I tell you that he has threatened to kill me, Roger ... He will kill me!"


It is true that he could do it without qualms. But Roger is neither alarmist nor pessimist: - Calm down my mother, he can do it to everyone, not to you. Sometime later, she learns that her husband will go to Dakar for a summit of heads of State. This worried her because she knew him to be a great boycotter of heads-of-State summits. Even at the level of Francophonie, he is very ill disposed. How come he should suddenly decide to attend a mean summit with no stakes? She wondered. The question will arise in the mind of the first Lady with more pressure when she learns that her husband has summoned the head of his security, the Chief Superintendent Minlo'o Medjo Pierre, an unscrupulous butcher despite his engaged Christian facade. Normally, the meeting between the two men would not have worried Jeanne-Irene. But in their context, and knowing her husband, she asks herself a thousand questions. And in fact, the words of Paul Biya after his meeting with his collaborator are known:  "When I return, I do not want to see her alive."


Minlo'o certainly has sympathy for the wife, but he is at the service of the husband. So he must kill Jeanne-Irene, it's an order. She knows it's departure time. Paul avoids her. He did not tell her he was traveling. That is to say that it is not easy to simulate at this point, in front of someone that one decided to kill. It is rather Roger Motaze who comes to her, all broken with sorrow, melancholy and bitterness. "Mother, we're leaving." And he burst into tears. She has been a mother to him since childhood. He grew up in her hands, son of her sister. "I asked you to help me escape, you did not do it. Why are you crying now?" "My mother, I can betray my uncle, but I cannot betray my President. He trusts me." She too trusted him ... "And I pledged honour and loyalty to him." Not to her.


Going out of the Unity Palace that day, Motaze knew he would never again see his aunt alive. Power is really absurd. Heads of state were in conclave in Dakar when Paul Biya stood up to tell his peers the sad news. What happened? The commentary of Charles Ndongo, journalist who accompanied the head of State, will instruct us. The former journalist of the President, in his report on the subject, said that Paul Biya, knowing that he had left his wife very ill in the country, expected the worst. But duty called him in Dakar. So he was waiting for news at any moment.


The President was overly worried during the summit. At some point, his bodyguard approached him and broke the news to him. Paul Biya then stood up and, in a solemn tone, said; "I’ve just received terrible news: My wife is dead." This happens in August 1992. Looking at it critically, Charles Ndongo, brilliant journalist, is not a naive. And between the lines one can detect his message. Because a husband who loves his wife cannot move when he knows that she may die after his departure. Paul Biya showed impatience to the point of consulting his watch. He had the details of his wife's execution. He knew that once the operation was completed, it would be announced to him. He even knew at what time the blow would take place. The slightest delay exasperated him because he was afraid of failure: This kind of blow must absolutely succeed.


Biya's African peers were not fooled because, they smelled the rat. They know each other well. This explains why heads of States did not attend the funeral ceremonies. Only messages of condolence poured in a situation where there would have been a massive presence of presidents to pay their last respects to the woman who had once been Mrs. Biya. Even their wives, among whom the deceased had many friends, did not take the trouble to move. It was a boycott, because everyone was unhappy with Paul Biya and they were disassociating themselves. Mobutu comes to assist Paul Biya because both men indulge in the same practices. Dakar was only an alibi for Paul Biya who, having decided on the death of his wife, had seized the opportunity to be away when the assassination of the latter would be carried out.


Having learned of the death of Jeanne-Irene, Biya returns immediately to the country. He realises then that the deceased received nuns a few hours ago. He panics. These are the friends and confidants of his ex-wife. Would she not have given them secrets that could compromise him as she promised to do? Acting in accordance with the concerns of the President of the Republic, Minlo'o Medjo will dispatch an emergency hit-squad to Djoum. An intrusion is made in the premises of the sisters. They will be brutalised, tortured, mistreated, and finally killed after they confess. One of the two tapes in which the deceased had recorded revelations about her life with her husband is recovered. The other was transmitted to Father Amougou of the diocese of Sangmelima, by the nuns. After celebrating mass during Jeanne-Irene’s funeral, the priest will be found dead in a very curious and inexplicable way.


Secret should absolutely surround the circumstances and conditions of Jeanne-Irene's death. Anyone who could say anything about it had to disappear. Starting with those who executed her, elements of a special squad of the presidential security service, shot by their colleagues. After shooting down Jeanne-Irène and the nuns of Djoum, they too got bumped off. The forensic doctor who issued the death certificate was executed, as were women of the Catholic Church who had taken upon themselves to wash Jeanne-Irene’s remains. This body was retracted to Cameroonians because they would have had in their presence, a body mutilated by three bullets of an automatic pistol.


Although it was intended to make people believe that she died of illness, the hoax did not give any thought to her programme. She was scheduled to go on an outing the following day, precisely to Obala with Yaou Aïssatou, then Minister of Women’s Affairs, and inspect a mushroom project realised by a local association of rural women. Had her health been an impeding factor the outing would have been cancelled. Yet, it is said Jeanne-Irene received Yaou Aïssatou the day before the outing, that is, the day she died, and both of them studied the draft of the following day’s programme, which was maintained. That is to say that she was in perfect health and Paul Biya while going to Dakar, did not leave behind a wife physically in bad shape, as official versions wanted people to believe, trying to justify the sudden death of the first lady.


14- The master’s lesson


Since their return from Dakar, Motaze Roger does not have a clear conscience. His aunt died because he did not know how to protect her. Whereas he should have. He now feels her absence. Pressure mounted on him from all angles within his family. Palace life is already inconvenient to him. He would like to leave, to continue his military career elsewhere. The ideal would be even to leave a moment from the country, this for the sake of changing atmosphere and raising his morale. Biya quickly realised the state of mind of his aide since his aunt passed away. And that makes him uncomfortable. Anyway, Roger knows too much, and this is not good, it is not reassuring. If he eliminated Jeanne-Irene for certain reasons, why wouldn't he eliminate Roger for the same reasons? Indeed, in this state of mind, Roger could break up and let out the piece. Biya then invites his body guard to an intimate dinner. The occasion is favourable for him to take stock of the situation. Roger had entered his service six (06) months after he became President. Since then he has served him both as a son that he has always been and a soldier he has become. It is in a particular room that Biya installs his aide-de-camp. The table is set. There are faint candles of various colours, and a smell of magic perfume: Amber no doubt, or benzoin. These are the two magical perfumes of Biya. There is also a sweet religious instrumental music floating in the air.


Paul Biya serves a drink to Roger Motaze in a cup. Then he takes bread with his hand, which he gives him. He does the same with fish. Roger eats and drinks in the presence of the President. Not a single word has been exchanged yet. The music stops. The President gets up. Walks to the door. Stops. Lastly, Roger is to go the next day on a mission to Mvomeka'a, the village of Paul Biya. He goes there very often. Back home, the officer is disturbed: This dinner seemed suspicious. He will then prepare an audio document in which he reports his dinner with Paul Biya, expressing his apprehensions. Because he knows that the President has become a master in the art of sorcery. The next day, accompanied by a certain army officer, he goes to Mvomeka'a. It was at a badly negotiated bend that the vehicle skidded to cause his death. His travel companion comes out unscathed. He knew perfectly well the road, which is also the best in Cameroon. It was because he had forgotten a tiny detail: When you dine with the devil, you have to sit at a good distance, and use a long spoon. The mayor of Sangmélima, Mr. N'na Ze Bavard, declares that the officer, passing in front of the council that day, saw him and said to him, "I'm going to the village, I'm coming". He never came back ... it was a journey for eternity.


15- Appendix


In 1984, a financial scandal erupted within the mystic order, Amorc. This scandal demystified a secret society hitherto liable to create shivers in people: Sessou Henri, the Grand General Treasurer of Amorc had resigned, and the organisation sued him for embezzlement. This matter caused surprise and gave the public an unexpected opportunity to know a considerable deal on a society which had had the reputation of being inviolable: Sessou Henri, of Beninese nationality, was then the only and first Negro to have crossed all the levels of initiation of the Rosicrucian Order, and to have reached the highest spheres of the graduation of the degrees of the Order. He enjoyed all the distinctions and honours of the Order. In his capacity as Grand Master, he assumed the function of Grand General Treasurer within the Order. Only, he was ruminating and harbouring some recriminations against this society of mystics, which led him, after having been a member for several decades, to resign, and to express his frustrations.


The former Grand Master declared that the Rosicrucian Order (Amorc) is a so-called mystico-philosophical organisation, where racism takes the lion's share. The monographs used by neophytes are going to be a proof because, according to Sessou Henri, the disciples of the same level nevertheless, do not receive the same courses according to whether they are Western or Third-world nationals. Moreover, the confidentiality of monographs makes it difficult for neophytes to be aware of this measure. However, the Third World alone provides the Order with half of its members, which constitutes a very important financial contribution in the funds of the organisation. But very few Africans hold important responsibilities in the central organisation. This reflects the exploitation they suffer from a system considered spiritual and philanthropic but whose real motivations are of a material and political nature.


The Grand Master, Grand Treasurer General, was in charge of the financial and therefore the salary issues of the organisation. He stated that certain Rosicrucians, who were far less well-qualified, and assuming responsibilities far inferior to his own, received a salary and allowances far in excess of his own for mere racial consideration. Despite his efforts to bring this kind of measure within the circle to an end, nothing worked. Then he decided to resign by returning his apron, because he had evolved in an organisation whose morals and ethics are in conflict with each other. And he recorded in cassettes the secret doctrines of the Rosicrucians, the practices and other teachings, which were selling like hot cakes. Most of the practices described in this book find in the audio documents of the former Grand Master, a definition and an explanation that would lead the reader to understand why human beings could submit themselves to such practices.


In the objective world, the truth is relative. As much as rational beings consider those who practice such things as insane and perverted, so too do the other side carry a pessimistic and negative idea about them. Where is the truth? What is the truth? Sessou Henri took refuge in Jesus Christ in the Christian Church, and embarked on Charismatic Renewal, after being sued by Amorc for embezzlement. Many today are those who, having firmly campaigned in these hermetic societies, have realised that it is simpler to confide in Jesus Christ; He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. When those who lead our African countries will firmly and resolutely turn to Jesus Christ, then a new dawn will rise for the peoples of Africa. This message is particularly addressed to those who govern Cameroon. [End of Testimony].


16- Lessons to Learn


We gasp after reading this testimony. If vampires like these are those who run your countries, what can you really expect from them? Are you still surprised by the result of 40 years of reign? Are you surprised at their stubbornness to cling to power despite the display on the public square of all their failures, their notorious incompetence and their baseness?


16.1- Message to the new President-elect of Cameroon


It is important that the newly elected President of Cameroon understands that the presidential palace in its current state is not liveable for normal people. The Etoudi Palace has become a stronghold for satan. With all the rituals and other human sacrifices that have been done there, considering all the satanic pacts signed in this palace, coupled with the various abominations that are practiced there, the palace is not only haunted, it was rather dedicated to satan by his faithful servant Paul Biya, and is under the complete control of satan. This palace therefore needs to be liberated from all the satanic powers that hold it, and from all the deities that control it.


The new President should not take the risk of settling there until this work is done. He must call on a true Servant of God to destroy all the covenants signed in this palace, all the altars therein, and to dislodge all the principalities and deities who have taken up residence in the palace, and who believe that they legally own the place. This job is a very serious one, and should not be taken lightly. Biya through the many pacts signed with satan and the many initiations he has gone through for nearly 40 years, has become one of the most powerful satanists in the world; and to definitively remove him from the palace with his master lucifer will not be a small affair.


It is also important to remember that all the curses related to all the murders committed in this palace, are still active. This palace is therefore unusable in its current state. The mistake not to commit is to entrust this work to one of those agents of satan who pretend to be Servants of God, or even to those whom you ignorantly call Catholic servants of God. Know that there are no Catholic servants of God. Catholicism is a satanic sect, we will never tire of telling you. Catholic priests all work with satan, and cannot fight satan. Another trap into which one should not fall is to resort to witchcraft to try to destroy witchcraft. Satan cannot destroy satan. Traditional leaders (chiefs) should not be used for this type of work. They cannot. Biya alone is more powerful than they all. Know that the power of traditional leaders comes from satan and not from God. It is witchcraft. No form of witchcraft can defeat satan. Know it!


Only the power of the living God is able to destroy that of Biya and his master lucifer. And this living God is called Jesus Christ. Some may be tempted to say that when Biya was confronted with Ahidjo's sorcery, he called on a great satanist in the person of the great master of the Rosicrucian Order, who after taking 7 billion, that is to say 14 billion current CFA francs today, had managed to chase Ahidjo. They must understand that to drive out Ahidjo, this satanist had pushed Biya deeper into satanism, as you have read. He sodomised him, he was thus initiating him to other powers of satan, in short he had driven Biya into new depths of satan. All this shows you that satan cannot chase satan. When you try to solve the problem of witchcraft through witchcraft, you get drowned.


For all Catholics who will read this text, know that we have no intention to insult you or insult your religion, as some like to say. We are not here in a war of religions. We are rather faced with a serious problem, too serious to be treated with complacency or compromise. If you are not convinced that Catholicism is a satanic sect, we invite you to read the teaching on "Water Baptism" which you will find on the website www.mcreveil.org. This teaching takes you back to the Bible, and helps you to understand the difference between Catholicism and Christianity. These are two totally opposite religions. Know dear brothers, that we are friends, not enemies. To tell you the truth should not be interpreted as an offense. It is for your good that we take the risk of telling you the truth in the clearest possible way. It's a proof of love. If you value your salvation, take this message seriously!


16.2- Message to other African Presidents


Presidents, reading this testimony of your colleague Paul Biya, you thought you were reading your own story, as the practices in which you are, are all the same, or almost. You have gone too far in the abomination, in the execrable pacts with satan, and in villainous crimes against your people. Your crimes against God and against men are so numerous that it will be very difficult for you to believe in any forgiveness. Even if God promises you forgiveness now, you will not believe it, so many are your crimes against Him. Even if your citizens promise you forgiveness now, you will not believe it, so many are your crimes against them. You have massacred hundreds of thousands, you have tortured hundreds of thousands, and you have ruined the lives of millions during your endless reign.


Despite this, we still want to reach out to you. The bruised people are still ready to forgive you, God Himself is still ready to forgive you, provided you opt for repentance, the true one. We can feel your reluctance and doubtfulness, and that's understandable. If you have been unable to forgive those who have done nothing to you, you understand what you would do if you were asked to forgive those who really hurt you. You are right to believe that no one can forgive you, you whose crimes cannot be counted. Lucifer your master does not know the language of forgiveness, you either. But those at the other end, that is, your eternal victims, those people you have spent decades torturing, are not, fortunately, as wicked like you. They do not feed on blood and human flesh. They still have a bit of sensitivity in their hearts, and as such, they can still listen to the language of forgiveness. If you opt for honest and sincere repentance, your millions of victims, despite the pain they feel, will forgive you. It is the same with God.


This is not the first time we are calling you to repentance. A few years ago, we sent you a call to repent after Jonah Lunkutu's testimony, which you can still find on the website www.mcreveil.org. You did not do anything. One last opportunity for repentance is offered to you, take hold of it. Free all political prisoners, ask forgiveness from your people and give up power. Confess all your crimes and implore the compassion of your victims. Do it now before it's too late for you.


16.3- Homosexuality


Know very well that homosexuality is not a sexual act. Homosexuality is an act of power. Those who engage in these abominable practices, do not do it to enjoy any sexual pleasure. They do it to obtain satanic power. Homosexuality is therefore witchcraft. In homosexuality, the sodomiser sucks out power and energy from the sodomised. So be surprised no more to see men whom you consider great, respectable and influential in society, to engage in these acts worthy of real mental patients. They are looking for power, because they know that to be great and influential in this world, one has to be powerful. They are therefore ready to behave less than animals, in order to gain power. What animals themselves are not ready to do, some men do. It's sad, and really shameful. There is nothing viler and more degrading.


Paul Biya has turned all of Cameroon into a much worse Sodom than the first Sodom that God had destroyed. Almost all those who are enrolled in ENAM (National Advance School of Administration and Magistracy) currently, are sodomised. To be appointed to a ministerial position or any other important position in the administration, one must go into the act. To be promoted in the army, one must go into it. When you hear appointments being read on National Radio, do not be happy that your relative has been appointed; rather, cry that your loved one has sold himself/herself to satan. Go ask all those who hold the positions of General Managers/Directors of your large enterprises; ask them how they got their nomination. If they are honest, they will tell you by what obscure humiliation they went through.


Homosexuality is also an act of domination, to subjugate people. In homosexuality, the sodomiser dominates the sodomised, and submits them to his authority. In other words, those who are sodomised, are spiritually subjected to their sodomisers, who become their real masters. As you know that the slave cannot rebel against their master, so you understand why a satanic regime like that of Biya’s can last for an eternity. Not only is Biya seated on all Cameroonians by the great satanic pacts he has signed, but he keeps hold on all his subordinates by the power of homosexuality. None of them can bat an eyelid before him, be it military or civilian. His power is great enough to hold 35 million Cameroonians captive for 40 years, or until his death, and even beyond. We specify "and even beyond" because if nothing is done, the creatures of the tyrant creator Biya that he has trained and will impose on you, will continue to renew human sacrifices, rituals and different pacts that the creator Biya had signed with the devil.


It is important that all those who have been victims of homosexuality understand very well that they have signed pacts with the devil through these abominable acts, and are, even unwittingly, under the control of satan. They are all spiritual slaves of the demons who sodomised them. It is imperative that they break free from this enslavement before it is too late for them. To be free, they must accept Jesus Christ and make Him their new Master. Jesus Christ alone has the power to free them from the bonds of satan, the pacts they have signed, and the curses that hang over them. If they choose to be free, let them call on a true Servant of God.


The demon Biya, to justify homosexuality, presents Jesus Christ, the living God, as a homosexual, and develops the kind of blasphemous speech you have read in the testimony. And you have people who take this deceiver for an ignorant. Many believed that this demon did not know the word of God. You understand now that he knows the Bible very well, and uses it whenever it suits him. He removes from it his kind of teaching, to divert people from the true God, and to lead them into his abominations. You have some corrupt people who, because they are already bought and can no longer tell the truth, spend the time saying that Paul Biya is good, and that his entourage is bad. We would like that these greedy explain to us how the entourage of Paul Biya prohibited him from applying article 66 of the Cameroonian Constitution. They should explain to us the influence of Biya's entourage in all the different ritual crimes that he committed to become powerful and to stay in power for life.


16.4- Message to so-called Christians who support satanism


One even sees so-called Christians who support this uncovered satanism set up as norm in Cameroon. It's the world upside down. Among the mentally ill who support the bloodthirsty tyrant and satanist Paul Biya, one even has so-called born-again Christians. The crimes of Paul Biya are not hidden from anyone's eyes. Even before this testimony was made available to the public, the abominable works of Paul Biya were neither hidden nor rare. His crimes are so numerous that no one can hide them, and nothing can hide them. You have just read some of the works of this bloodthirsty Biya, who kills everything on his way, including his own wife, and who is willing to kill millions, to stay in power. We invite you to read some other works of this devil in the article entitled "The Truth about Aids", which you will find on the website www.mcreveil.org, in the Health section.


In the meantime, let us give you a small non-exhaustive list of the villainous crimes of this unrivalled bloodthirsty. Paul Biya is a cannibal, a vampire, a genocidaire, and a multi-dimensional criminal. Not only did he and his gang of scoundrels eat all Cameroonians through satanic rituals in cemeteries, as you have read in the following statement: "Here are Cameroonians, all Cameroonians in this body and blood. When you would have eaten and drunk with faith, it is all the Cameroonians that you must have consumed.", more than that, he eats Cameroonians even physically as you have read in the testimony. This leads you to understand why he can send the army unscrupulously shoot at hundreds of young people who came out peacefully to decry the high cost of living in February 2008. This leads one to understand why he can send the army to kill more than 30 thousand people in the two English-speaking regions of the country, without any remorse, and does not want to do anything to stop the massacre despite national and international calls in this regard. Cameroonians have never represented anything in the eyes of this demon. Is this the kind of monster that so-called Christians support? Create no more confusion from now on, please. Know that all these so-called Christians who support this degree of satanism and these innumerable crimes, are sorcerers. They are all agents of satan. Do not confuse them again with Christians. True Christians are for justice.


16.5- Crimes of the bloodthirsty Biya


Let's list some of the many human crimes of the monster Biya, one of the greatest ethnic cleanser in the history of humanity. We will not deal with economic crimes in this article, otherwise it will be too long.


16.5.1- Direct crimes


- The 1984 coup making thousands of deaths with several mass graves hidden in the Central and Southern Regions. A true genocide of the North Cameroonians.


- The bombs tested in the Western and North-western Regions of Cameroon in 1984 and 1986 respectively, killing thousands. Another genocide, this time of the citizens of the West and North-West of Cameroon.


- The massacres of the 90s linked to the advent of multiparty politics.


- Crimes in the English-speaking Regions during the various secessionist demonstrations for years. Remember that the massacre of secessionists did not start in 2016. It is rather the generalised war that began in 2016. Many secessionists died in prison, and others killed every time they claimed the secession of Cameroon.


- The hit squad of the 2000s made a number of deaths that only God knows.


- The massacre of hundreds of young people during the march against the high cost of living of February 2008.


- Targeted killings, like the case of Jacques Tiwa, Dr. Guérandi Mbara, etc.


- The massacres in the Far North by his militia who took advantage of the war against Boko Haram to massacre innocent civilians, including women with children on the back. Remember that what you saw was just the tip of the iceberg.


- The wars in the North-West and the South-West, which are in progress; etc.


16.5.2- Indirect crimes


- Millions of people killed in accidents on the pitiful alleys of Cameroon because of the lack of roads. Money that could build roads is squandered by the rascal to live like a god in luxury hotels in the West; his children and his wife spend billions; all the other idiots he nominates squander thousands of billions. You have seen some burn thousands of billions to prevent the police from putting hands on them. All have billions buried in basements, and in foreign banks.


- Hundreds of thousands who die of diseases and lack of care.


- Hundreds of thousands who die of malnutrition because of the irresponsibility of the tyrant, etc.


16.5.3- Ritual crimes


As for ritual crimes, one will never know the exact number. Certainly hundreds of thousands since his soon 40 years of reign in absolute monarch. Here is a demon who not only thinks he is a god, but who convinces himself to be the all-powerful god, to the point of making the following statement, which you have read in the testimony: "Who will then condemn me for taking the life of who I want, or give life to who I want? Not Jesus Christ anyway, much less God." This is the kind of blasphemer that so-called Christians support? If you see so-called born-again Christians supporting a satanist of Biya Bi Mvondo's caliber, with all the works you have just read, know that these are the people who work with him in occultism. They are therefore sorcerers, not Christians. They are demons.


No true Christian, none, can support this kind of monster, this kind of cannibal, this kind of assassin, this kind of blasphemer, for nothing in the world. So do not confuse these demons who hide under the cloak of Christians, with true Christians. True Christians do not allow themselves to be bribed, they never approve of injustice, and they never go into any kind of pacts with criminals, they never mix with vampires. True Christians know the value of human blood; they know what each human being represents in the eyes of Jesus Christ the Creator God of the Heavens and Earth. They will never take the side of a genocidal criminal who defies God and feeds on blood and human flesh.


The demon Biya spends thousands of billions to finance the greatest satanists on the planet to reinforce his witchcraft, whereas, in Cameroon, including in the capital, people lack drinking water. This monster should fit in the Guinness Book of Records as the craziest man on the planet. He must be registered in the UNESCO World Heritage as a rare species, a species to protect. Remember, however, that it is not in Cameroon that this nauseating species must be protected.


16.6- Message to soldiers: The Roger Motaze case


Here is a soldier who was unable to help his mother because he swore "honour and loyalty" to a demon. The result, you know it. It's really sad this story. After reading this case, one says to oneself: "If life could be restarted!" Oh yes, dear friends, it's regrettable that this is not the case! For if life could be relived, Roger Motaze would have understood that it is an extremely dangerous thing to swear "honour and loyalty" to the devil. He would have understood the importance of the life of an innocent mother who suffers martyrdom in the hands of a monster ready to kill everything in his way for his power. If life could be started again, Roger Motaze would have understood that between his tender and innocent mother and the devil, it is indeed his tender mother who deserves attention and protection. If life could be redone, Roger Motaze would protect his mother, and protect his own life, even if it meant destroying his vampire of President. Alas, life cannot be restarted! We only understand life when it is too late. It is understood only in the afterlife. Roger Motaze has now understood, but at a time when he cannot do anything.


The only consolation, dear soldier friends who are still alive, is that you can learn from a case like this, and correct yourself. You now know that satan has no wife, no son-in-law, no aide-de-camp, no friend. You also know now that you must totally be out of your mind to swear "honour and loyalty" to a snake. So learn the lessons, while there is still time. You who remain passive and let the people be slain under the pretext that you have sworn "honour and loyalty" to the devil, you have now understood. You who agree to go and slaughter innocent civilians under the pretext of respecting the orders of a vampire for whom human life means nothing, you have now understood. You who refuse to help people in danger because you want to protect your position, you have now understood. Roger Motaze, who refused to rescue his mother and thought he was protecting his job, is talking to you. Do not wait too to arrive in the afterlife before understanding life. May the case of Roger Motaze serve you as a lesson. When you swear honour and loyalty to a snake, it turns against you, and bites you.


16.7- Message to girls who run after money


You young women who run after money and easy life, you have read in this testimony the fate of one of your sisters who had gone in this Mercedes in the direction of the palace of the vampire Biya, and never returned. And this case is not an isolated one. There are thousands of other cases like this that have happened, and are still happening in your country. So be very careful! Flee prostitution! Easy life leads you straight to Hell. You are warned!


16.8- Message to those who do not like to hear about God


You, dear brothers and dear friends, who never love to hear anything about God, you who are already convinced that Christianity is another form of colonisation, and that Jesus Christ would be the God of Westerners, you who think Jesus Christ the Creator God of the Heavens and the Earth should not be invoked because the different African gods can help you, show us how effective these African gods have been so far. Show us the real power of these African gods. Tell us why these gods that you invoke every time by making many sacrifices in your different villages, could not do anything to the tyrant Biya and his clique of demons, vampires, drinkers of human blood, who have transformed your beautiful and rich country in a poor and lamentable country. Isn't it time that you confronted reality? Biya and his gang of sorcerers have eaten you all at the Mvolye cemetery through highly sophisticated satanic rites, and for almost 40 years you have not been progressing, and the country is not progressing either.


Where are those gods of your traditions that are supposed to replace the true God Jesus Christ that you reject? If nothing you do is working, it is because the pacts signed by Biya and lucifer against you and against your country are still in force, and will remain in force until they are destroyed. And none of the gods of your traditions can do anything against this fortress. We must recognize the facts, and seek the true solution. May those who do not like to hear anything about God, tell us how they intend to have victory over all those satanic powers that have held Cameroon captive for decades. Let them tell us why in 40 years they have not been able to free themselves from the pacts signed by this demon and his acolytes. Dear friends, whether you accept it or not, we are in a confrontation of power. The demon Biya and his creatures have, through many rituals and human sacrifices, spiritually confiscated Cameroon, and it takes more power than theirs, to fully liberate Cameroon. And the only power that surpasses Biya's is that of Jesus Christ.


16.9- Message to Cameroonian fighters


All you Cameroonian Patriots and Fighters, you who work day and night without rest for the advent of a free, united, and independent Cameroon, you must understand the importance of the spiritual aspect in this fight. Of the committed and determined young fighters who you are, there are some who do not want to hear about God. This is a serious mistake. If you choose not to understand it today, you will understand it tomorrow at your expense. Because of the false pastors whose works and deeds severely slander the Gospel, you have become disgusted with the Gospel, and many of you equate Jesus Christ with a simple god, or even a non-existent god. This is a serious mistake. Jesus Christ is indeed the only true God, and His power is indeed the only true power, the only one capable of annihilating the power of all sorcerers and all so-called great satanists.


Remember dear fighter friends, that the world is ruled by powers. Whatever you do, you are under a power, and you cannot do without power. Whether you seek power or do not seek it, it acts on you. Whether you have power or you do not have it, you act under its grip. Power is unavoidable, and what everyone has to do is to choose under what power he wants to be, and to what power he wants to submit. That said, dear friends and dear brothers, if you do not want the power of Jesus Christ, you are obliged to seek another power, since power is unavoidable. Once you are convinced that power is unavoidable, what you have to do is know what power to choose, or on what basis to choose a power. It is a matter of common sense. You would agree with me that one must be foolish to leave the greatest power, and resort to the smallest, with the hope of conquering.


16.10- Sources or origins of power


There are two sources or two origins of power: that of God exercised by true Servants of God and true Children of God, and that of satan exercised by all others. Whenever you see someone manifesting supernatural power, know that this power is either God's or satan's. There is no other origin or source. There are only two origins of power, and there are only two sources of power: God and satan. Sorcerers, marabouts, traditional chiefs, Catholic priests, various esoteric sects and lodges, and all those who do not serve or are not subjected to Jesus Christ, are under the power of satan. And all who believe in Jesus Christ, who rely on Jesus Christ, and who have given up the power of satan, are under the power of God. Here's what must be remembered.


All those who speak of revolution must understand that a revolution must first be spiritual. It is by the satanic power that the occultist Biya has held Cameroon captive for 40 years, and it is by a greater power than that of Biya that Cameroon can be released from all the pacts signed by Biya with lucifer. The only power capable of overcoming Biya's is only the power of the living God Jesus Christ. Whether you are spiritual or not, you must understand it. It is a fact. If not, tell us how a single demon can take hostage 35 million brave and intelligent people that you have been for 40 years. Do not think that people have not fought the fight before you. They did it, with great enthusiasm and determination like you, but failed. Why? Simply because they did not have what they needed to win; that is to say, a power superior to that of the luciferian Biya.


For several months now, France and this genocidal regime multiply assassination attempts against the elected President, Professor Maurice Kamto. Do not think that it would be the many marches and demonstrations that you do, recognised as very effective though, that will prevent these luciferians from poisoning the President-elect Maurice Kamto. It is rather the power of God through the prayers of true Children of God that will be able to save Cameroon from the genocide that France is preparing through the assassination of the elected President. Make the effort to understand this, dear fighters.


Dear brothers and dear friends, tell us: How can a demonstration, be it in front of the French Presidency (Elisée) or in front of the White House, cause the elected President to swallow a poison without dying? How can summonses and other injunctions from the European Union, the Commonwealth, and the United States cause the elected President to inhale a toxic gas without dying?


Let us give you a simple example. When the famous and worthy fighter Lapiro de Mbanga was incarcerated by the genocidal regime of the demon Biya, there were a great deal of demonstrations around the world. These demonstrations were very effective because they forced the bloody regime to release Lapiro. But despite their effectiveness, they did not prevent these luciferians to poison Lapiro who died later. This is the sad reality, fellow Fighters. And this allows you to understand the difference between the power of the marches and the demonstrations you make, and the spiritual power that many of you are challenging for the moment.


All the actions you lead are very effective, but not enough for this kind of warfare. If the objective sought was only the release of the elected President, the demonstrations and other marches would be largely sufficient. Because, no longer able to stand under the pressure of these demonstrations, the bloody regime would be forced to release him. But to get there, these bloodthirsty will first poison him, before releasing him. And once at liberty, the elected President will die later. The demonstrations will have won the victory they can win, that is to say, to release the elected President from prison, but no more. We hope you understand now.


Another element you do not know: While the French secret services are organising the assassination of the President-elect by scientific methods (chemical poisons, poisonous gases and others), as you have certainly learned through social networks, the hawks of the luciferian regime of Biya bi Mvondo are busy planning the assassination of the President-elected by mystical methods. If you did not know it, a rich Bamileke buffoon who in his retrograde brains is convinced that no Bamileke is competent enough to be President in Cameroon, is presently using his great fortune to mobilise powerful sorcerers of Western Cameroon, to kill the President-elect Maurice Kamto mystically. Tell us, dear Fighters, how will your multiple protests in the International spheres prevent this kind of sinister project? You can understand now, that the fight you lead is noble, it is effective, but its effectiveness is limited, and very insufficient to win the ultimate victory.


To this noble fight that you lead, must be associated spiritual warfare, resorting to the greatest "mystical" power that exists: The power of the living God, the power of Jesus Christ. This power that can cancel at the same time the chemical poisons of France and the genocidal regime of Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, and the mystical poisons of the little demons who gather every night both in the West and in other regions of Cameroon. Recognise, therefore, dear brothers and dear fellow Combatants, that the true victory of this fight will come to us only from the living God.


You have recently seen the doll of the tyrant, Chantal Vigouroux Biya, invite with billions, one of the most powerful satanists in the world, the powerful demon Koffi Olomide, to come and strengthen their power. You did not understand what was happening. We will explain it later. In the meantime, know that Koffi Olomide is one of the most powerful demons on the planet. The African tyrants are inviting him in turn. We will explain why later.


No traditional leader in Cameroon can stand before Paul Biya. No sorcerer in Cameroon can stand in front of Paul Biya. No Catholic priest in Cameroon can stand before Paul Biya. Not only had all of them reunited their powers to hand them to him, but he has emptied the coffers of Cameroon to acquire powers greater than those he had had from Cameroon. Biya has invested thousands of billions since he came to power, to acquire the powers of all the regions of the world. The parades of the greatest and most formidable satanists of the world in the palaces of Paul Biya in Etoudi and Mvomeka'a are innumerable. So there is no one from the camp of satan’s realm who can stand before Paul Biya. The only power that can annihilate Paul Biya is that of Jesus Christ. Know that Paul Biya even dead, will still reside in the presidential palace, until he is driven out of there.


It is time that all those who believed that Africans could free themselves through witchcraft understand that this is absolutely impossible. To avoid this article being too long, we will develop this theme in a future article later. We will take the time to demonstrate to you, with evidence, the limits of African witchcraft.


16.11- Message to Cameroonian Christians


You Cameroonian Christians, it is time for you to take the life of your nation seriously. If it is in your ignorance that you have been fasting and praying for this bloodthirsty who has lived only on the blood of Cameroonians for 40 years, you must repent now, and lead a real warfare, that of delivering your country from all pacts that the satanist and blasphemer Biya signed with the devil. In the spiritual warfare you lead, you must fast and pray for all Fighters who are involved in the physical fight. You must intercede seriously to reverse the destabilisation project of your country by France and the vampire regime that have tortured you for 40 years, and have made your rich and beautiful country, one of the poorest on the planet. You must also not forget to cancel all the curses and imprecations that the demon Ahidjo in his despair was uttering against you and your country.


16.12- Message to African Christians


What is happening in Cameroon is not typically Cameroonian. Every African country is held by the same satanic powers, though Biya's case is more pathetic. Whether you are in Gabon, Togo, Chad, Congo Brazza, Equatorial Guinea or elsewhere, it is the same type of satanic rule that prevails. All Africa needs deliverance, and true deliverance will come only from God. You must therefore mobilise and beseech God so that He remembers Africa and fulfils the promised deliverance. Fast and pray to destroy all destabilising projects of Africa organised by France, this parasitic country that lives only on the blood of Africans. France is a leech country that will never liberate Africa voluntarily. You must pray a lot to protect all those Fighters who are fighting the physical fight.


16.13- Message to other Africans


Dear Africans, it's up to you to use all the means you have available to get rid of this cancer that is France. You have only two possible solutions: The human solution and the divine solution. The human solution consists in the total boycott of all that is French, to force these parasites to leave Africa, and the divine solution is to accept Jesus Christ as God, to submit to Him so that He fights for you as He does for all who submit to Him. There is an excellent article that deals with this subject. You can go through it. It is entitled: "The France-Africa War: The Solution".


16.14- The African paradox


With all this truth that you have just read, one would have expected all Cameroonians without exception, to line up behind the President-Elect, Professor Maurice Kamto, who has a magnificent programme for the brilliant future of Cameroon, to finally get rid of the poison that is the ogre Biya and its regime of ghouls. But strangely, you have Cameroonians, among whom are those who showcase in the eyes of the world as first class pan-Africanists, who are bribed by the regime of this cannibal, to support the unsustainable, and defend the indefensible. This is the African paradox.


This is a demon who violates the constitution every time with impunity without anyone batting an eyelid. Article 66 of the constitution, he has never applied it, and no one can tell him anything. You have some mentally ill people ready to show you that the bloodthirsty despot Biya is a democrat, a great man, a pan-Africanist, and that President-Elect Maurice Kamto, is trying to destabilise Cameroon. These scoundrels use the infamous so-called Pan-Africanist television channel, the paltry and corrupt Africa Media channel, to distil this kind of venom all over the world. And all those who do not know Cameroon and who drink only from the corrupt television channel Afrique Media, end up believing in lies, and confusing the executioner with the victim. It is time for the truth to be restored.


Afrique Media is a corrupt broadcasting station in the service African despots. Afrique Media has become the nest of all the hungry and execrable opportunists of all stripes, who know that by clinging to the bloodthirsty despots of Africa and singing their praises all day long, they will receive large sums of money. Among these shamelessly greedy you have the Belgian fascist Luc Michel, the parasite whose life and survival depend on the fruits of corruption from African dictators. It is these despicable dishonest people who spend their time presenting to the world the President Elect of Cameroon Maurice Kamto as an agent of destabilization.


The pan-Africanist par excellence Kemi Seba was appointed Managing Director of Afrique Media in Chad, and resigned only a few weeks after taking office, because he could not stand the degree of corruption that was happening around him, and in which he was supposed to be involved. Do you think that a pan-Africanist par excellence, Kemi Seba, can resign from a truly pan-African television channel? You have understood everything!


The President elect Maurice Kamto thwarted a few months ago a coup that was supposed to overthrow the tyrant Biya. He vowed to take power only through the ballot box, and not by a coup d’état. This is the man whom some hungry people present as the one who wants to destabilise Cameroon. This is at least a proof that President KAMTO is not there for destabilisation. It is indeed the regime of the tyrant Biya and France who are planning the destabilisation of Cameroon, with the help and complicity of some rascals who pretend to be pan-Africanists. You have a group of mentally ill people headed by the infamous and gloomy character Banda Kani, and his sidekick Bertrand Tatsinda, who are trying to demonstrate to the world that Biya and France are friends of Cameroon and Africa, and that the President-elect of Cameroon Professor Maurice Kamto and other brave Cameroonian fighters of the diaspora, are destabilisers. The time when this kind of gross lie could pass, is over. Africans, use common sense.


16.15- Paul Biya, worst enemy of the Cameroonian people


Biya bi Mvondo is the worst enemy of the Cameroonian people. As soon as he was appointed governor of Cameroon by France in 1982, he committed to destroying everything that Cameroon had as beautiful, worthy, and precious. All the companies that made the pride of Cameroon, he gave them free of charge to the French, and the people are dying.


Biya bi Mvondo is the worst enemy of students. Before this demon was appointed head of the country, Cameroonian students had scholarships from the government, which allowed them to live decently during their studies, without being a burden to their parents. The lazy king cancelled these scholarships. And as if that were not enough, he forced students to pay the University. To speak down to earth, students who were paid by the university so that they concentrate on their studies, found themselves overnight, paying the University. Consequences: Prostitution got established, mediocrity gained grounds, depravity of mores took over, corruption swallowed the student community, abominable sects multiplied their recruitment among young people, and so on.


Meanwhile, this demon financed billions of esoteric sects, luxury hotels in the West, and so on. In 2009 the dunce Biya was decorated in France for having been the most spendthrift visitor, spending on each of his visit several million euros in hotel expenses and related costs. Yes, he was honoured with the medal of the city of La Baule by the UMP Mayor of La Baule himself. Yves Metaireau decorated his presidential tourist with the medal of honour of the city as "new secondary resident". And the world’s top idiot Biya had told the journalists who had come out for this occasion that their city was very comfortable, and that he would definitely come back. This is idiocy at its peak. This rascal cannot transform any city in his country into a "very comfortable city" to spend his holidays. This narrow-minded offender does not know that the millions of euros he spends on each of his visits to these cities and their hotels, can make his country a more beautiful place than those places that absorb the entire budget of the State of Cameroon. And one sees some mental patients who call this scum a great statesman. It's pitiful. Did you talk about the African Paradox?


Biya bi Mvondo is the worst enemy of the sick. In 40 years of absolute despot rule, no hospital capable of treating the sick. The rascal and his clique are treated instead in luxury clinics in Switzerland, and each stay in these clinics of each of them, costs billions to the Cameroonian people.


Biya bi Mvondo is the worst enemy of children. When the idiot starves children and they can no longer endure they take to the streets to demonstrate, he sends his mercenaries to slaughter them by the hundreds, and after he calls these children novice sorcerers. And in the case of children who have not yet reached the age of demonstrating, the vampire Biya sends his mercenary barbarians to shoot them on the backs of their mothers, or to blow off their heads on their mothers' bed.


Biya bi Mvondo is the worst enemy of adults, old people, entrepreneurs, civil servants, in short, all Cameroonians. Who in this country can be said to be Biya's friend, if not this little gang of scoundrels who have agreed to enter the popular circle of homosexual mental patients, those scoundrels who revel in women's menses and other filth that cause nausea just by hearing about it? The wicked works of the despot Biya vis-à-vis the Cameroonian people are very numerous. We cannot name them all here. We entrust this work to Cameroonian historians. They will take care of it. The scum Biya bi Mvondo is simply the worst enemy of the Cameroonian people, the curse of the Cameroonian people.


16.16- Conclusion


Despite all that has been said about the vampire despot Paul Biya, remember that it is France that is behind all the misfortune of Cameroon and Africa. The shabby Biya, despite all his power and his many satanic pacts, cannot stand without France. The same is true of all the tyrants of French-speaking Africa. Combatants must therefore understand that the real fight for the freedom of Cameroon and Africa must not only be against Paul Biya and the other African despots, but against France. Much has been said on this subject. We recommend a very interesting article entitled "The Gbagbo Case: Springboard for African Revival". There are only two solutions to free Cameroon and all Africa from French slavery: One is temporary, the other definitive. In this regard, we recommend another excellent article entitled: "The France-Africa War: The Solution". You will find all these articles on the website www.mcreveil.org.


Grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love!




Dear brothers and sisters,


If you have run away from fake churches and would like to know what to do, here are the two options available to you:


1- See if around you there are some other children of God who fear God and desire to live according to the Sound Doctrine. If you find any, feel free to join them.


2- If you do not find one and wish to join us, our doors are open to you. The only thing we will ask you to do is to first read all the Teachings that the Lord has given us, and which are on our website www.mcreveil.org, to reassure yourself that they are in conformity with the Bible. If you find them in accordance with the Bible, and are ready to submit to Jesus Christ, and live by the demands of His word, we will gladly welcome you.


The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you!


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E-mail: mail@mcreveil.org

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