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(Updated on 01 01 2024)


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Dear friends, we find it important to put at your disposal this testimony of Hell and Heaven received from the Lord Jesus Christ by a young Malagasy named Yves. It is a very edifying testimony, which will not leave you indifferent. Make the effort to share it around you, in order to warn the maximum of people.


[Beginning of Testimony]


A few months before the appearance of Jesus to Yves, God had made a great miracle in his life. Yves was victim of a motorcycle accident towards the end of 2010. His head was hit violently. He was taken to a doctor who scanned his head to see what was in his brain. It had been discovered that a liquid had accumulated there. The doctor recommended to remove this liquid because it could cause Yves’ death after only a few days. The doctor had even seen in this a beginning of cancer and said that it was absolutely necessary for Yves to be operated without which he could die in a short time.


Yves is a young man who trusted God and sincerely believed that Divine Power could influence the course of his life. He steadfastly refused to have an operation done on his head, and told the doctor that he would never accept his skull opened. He demanded that God be allowed to heal his illness because God can do anything. All members of his family opposed this idea, especially his father. His doctor was so discouraged that he ended up saying: "He is really stubborn, this young man!" The following days, his headaches intensified. He had headache attacks every morning at two o'clock and at that time he felt like his skull was going to break. Yves was seriously ill. At one point he had even fainted, and sometimes others had to go with him to the hospital lest he die on the way.


His doctor tried several times to persuade him without success. Days passed, and his father became more and more angry. His friends said he was crazy, but could not convince him. He refused to be operated upon. One Sunday afternoon, there was a hand-laying ceremony in our church. When it was Yves' turn (one passes after the other for the laying on of hands), the servant of God who laid his hand on his head said thus: "In the name of Jesus, let all diseases that are in you, whatever they are, leave you, you are healed." It should be noted here that the servant of God did not know at all that Yves was sick. Yves did not tell him because he knew he would be called to testify if he were healed, since Yves was very shy.


At that moment Yves felt his whole body shudder. He understood that the power of God had healed him. The evening of that Sunday, Yves felt really fine, he was not like before. The headache attacks that occurred every morning at two o'clock had disappeared. The following Monday, he went to his doctor and asked for a CT scan of his head. He did not talk at all about what had happened the day before to the doctor. He just told him "do me a head scan". That day, he should have been given a sedative as usual, but he instead asked for a scan.


The scan was done. When the doctor saw the result, he said, "There is an error in this result, come back tomorrow to do another. I'm going to have a lot of patients today, and we cannot monopolise all my time." Another scan was done the next day. The result came out. The doctor was stunned because no trace of illness was found in Yves' brain. The liquid that had accumulated there was gone. The doctor was totally taken aback. He did not know what to say; however, he spoke to Yves: "You really have faith, Yves, and the God in whom you believe is Mighty". After this great miracle that He accomplished for Yves, God sent a prophetic word for him, on a Sunday morning, in the church. This word told Yves that he was to preach the Gospel of Jesus. It told him that God would send him to do his works. This saying said: "Yves, Madagascar is waiting for you". At the moment, Yves did not worry much. He is also a young man who likes to joke and in addition, he is a little shy. He even made this reflection while laughing "What does it mean "Madagascar is waiting for you? Why not "The whole world is waiting for you?"


Wherever he went, however, this prophetic word kept on obsessing him, so much so that he finally asked himself questions and said to himself, "What does God expect from me by giving me this word? What does all this mean?" That day, Yves could not eat anything, he was unable to focus on what he was doing. Finally, he decided to spend the rest of the day fasting. He did not stop praying all this time. Four pm was striking, but Yves had not received an answer from the Lord on all these questions that haunted him. He decided to talk to his friends and ask them to pray for him about all these things that happened to him. Ten pm, but still no answer. And Yves said to his friends "I think it's better that we all go to bed, good night to all!"


1- Yves’ first encounter with Jesus


Yves continued to pray until 10:30 pm, but until then, he still had not heard the answers he expected. He began to murmur in protest. "Jesus, You know that I'm thirsty to know the meaning of this word "Madagascar is waiting for you", and yet, I cannot get answers so far, so if you do not want to explain to me the meaning of this word, do not wake me up, let me sleep well tonight!" And he went to bed. Around midnight, his brother who was sleeping in the next room shouted "Jesus!" two times. Yves awoke with a start when he heard it; he got up right away and rushed to the foot of his bed to pray. It was in this way that the Lord woke him that night. He did not light anymore and he stayed in the dark to pray. He put his cell phone in silent mode and put it down next to him. He began to pray in tongues, something that had not happened to him for about a year and a half.


Suddenly (he still had his eyes closed), there was a great light. And he said to himself, "Who can call in the middle of the night, I'm not going to answer, you have to be really "disturbed" to call in the middle of the night (he kept his eyes closed). He thought that it was his cell that he had put in silent mode and placed near him, that had emitted this light. He heard a voice calling him by his name "Yves!" It was a very soft voice. He wondered who could call him that way. The voice called a second time and this time it was stronger, "Yves!" When he raised his head and opened his eyes, he saw a man standing in front of him. He only saw his body and his feet. It was impossible to see his face as he was shining intensely. That man spoke and said: "I am Emmanuel! You sought me with all your heart and with all your soul! I know, Yves, that you are very thirsty to know the meaning of this word "Madagascar is waiting for you". If you agree to come with Me and if you trust Me, I will give you the meaning of that prophetic word that you had after the visit that we are going to make together.


Yves hesitated, then spoke to Him saying, "How can I know that you are Jesus, show me your face!" The man laughed and said, "You will not see my face, but you will know later what the reasons for all this are." After that, the Man grabbed Yves' hands. Those hands were really unparalleled! I have never seen hands as beautiful as those, they were so soft that they looked like baby hands ... Very beautiful, so wonderful ... I immediately felt a great peace in me and the anxiety that led me to wonder if it were really Jesus who was speaking with me was gone, and the conviction that Jesus was actually in front of me immediately took place in my heart."


"I agree to come with you Jesus," said Yves, "but where are we going?" Jesus said to him, "I am going to take you to Hell, then we will go to Heaven." And Yves answered Him: "So ok, Jesus". Yves thought he must be dreaming, but just then Jesus said to him, "Yves, you are not dreaming at all, you are really with Me right now!" From that moment, Yves was convinced that he was really with Jesus and that he was not dreaming at all. They left together the room where he was. He saw with his own eyes his spirit leaving his body. His body in pyjamas, which was praying on his knees at the foot of his bed, was shrinking, and then he did not see it anymore.


2- Visit of Hell


Suddenly, we found ourselves in front of a large rusty iron gate. I was at the right hand of Jesus. He opened the big iron gate. We walked in a really nauseating and very dark corridor. I will not know how to describe the stench of this tunnel through which we passed, but it stank really too much. Mix the stench of a dead rat with a smell of cheese, add the smell of a pile of rotten garbage ... multiply that by a thousand! Maybe that's how I can describe this stench! Then Jesus spoke to me: "I am going to take you to see seven different people because I want to show you something and I also have things to say to you." "Ok, Jesus", replied Yves. I felt an intense and burning heat in the place where we were. It was filled with people screaming and calling for help, and I realised they were in terrible pain. "Come", Jesus says, "Let's go to this father who is there. I want you to hear something." During all that time, I was really afraid when I saw the horrible suffering endured by all the people in front of us. Let’s first note that all those we went to see in Hell could not see me when we were in front of them, they only saw Jesus.


We arrived in front of the father of a family. - Jesus: "Have you been here a long time?" - The man: "For a long time, Lord". - Jesus: "Have you ever heard sermons or revelations about Me?" - Man: "Yes, Lord, I've heard, mine (my wife and children) have all already received God, but I am the only one not to have given importance and so have not received Him." This father suffered horrible torture. The fire passed over his whole body and then all his flesh melted and then recovered. The fire was still passing over him. Worms and snakes were coming out of his ears. The worms crawled all over his body. He tried to remove them, but they did not want to leave him. And the fire began to pass over him again. This was how the torture inflicted on this man took place.


And Jesus said to Yves: "You see, Yves, the Father has already said this: I put life and death before you, choose life!" "But you see, this man has chosen death and there is nothing more to do for him." We left the father of a family, and we went into another room. "We are going to talk with this man," Jesus told him. From there, Yves felt that his heart was breaking at the sight of the people they were approaching. "My tears flowed, I had a lot of grief, I did not know what to do, I wanted to save them and bring them out of that great fire!" Jesus, but I know this man!" "Yes", said Jesus, "I know you know him. But come, I want you to hear what he has to say." My tears flowed; the sight of this man that the fire burned was unbearable to me and I felt in myself the intensity of the suffering that he endured while the fire burned him, he was a friend of mine. He died in November 2010. I did not know what to say, "It's really Rija who's in the fire!", and I cried!


We approached Rija. - Jesus: "Have you been here a long time?" - Rija: "Yes, for a long time, since November 2010" - Jesus: "Did you know me? Have you ever heard of Me?" - Rija: "I already heard about You on the radio and on TV when I was still on the earth, one of my friends was always talking to my friends and I, "I tell you that you all must receive Jesus!", but we used to make a joke of all this, we even nicknamed him "a Rev ... (Reverend)." But now, I want to receive you Jesus! Get me out of here! Save me! Save me because I suffer horribly! Later, Jesus tells me, "We cannot do anything for him anymore. It's too late."


When we left my friend, Jesus took me to another room and we approached another person. What was my stupor when I saw that this third person was none other than my own grandmother! I was really heavy-hearted. I was heartbroken and I said to Jesus, "Jesus, you know, my grandmother who is there loved us very much! And then, during her lifetime, she went to pray every Sunday without interruption, in a church FJKM (Fiangonan'i Jesosy Kristy eto Madagasikara / The Church of Jesus Christ in Madagascar), and why then is she here?" Jesus replied, "Yes, that's right, Yves. But you see, all that time, she had gone to church only out of habit, but she had not received Me. She had not made Me her reason to live during her life. It was routine that pushed her to 'pray' in church." I was dumbstruck! I did not say anything anymore. I was very sad and my heart was completely broken! Jesus said, "Come, Yves, let's go to that place over there." Yves answered Him: "Jesus, I cannot go there! What I wanted was to simply ask you to explain to me the meaning of the word "Madagascar is waiting for you", but why are you showing me here these things that totally break my heart?" Jesus answered him: "You will know the reasons of all this a little later. But I will limit the visit to 5 people. If you remain faithful to me, I will return and we will finish the visit of Hell".


We went into another room and we saw a young girl suffering from horrible pain in fire. She called for help! She was shouting loudly! She was really suffering! Once again, I had a setback. I said, "Jesus, I will not come near this place, I will not go there, I also know that person that you will show me!" "Yes", said Jesus, "It's true that you know her, but come, I want you to hear what she's going to tell us." This girl was in high school with me. We went out together at that time, but later we broke up. We approached her. - Jesus: "Tell me, have you been here for a long time?" - The girl: "Yes, since a long time, since 1998" - Jesus: "For what reason did you come here in Hell?" - The girl: "I committed suicide and I immediately found myself here." - Jesus: "Why did you commit suicide?" - The girl: "Someone had broken my heart and I preferred to commit suicide!" - Jesus: "And who was this person who had broken your heart?" - The girl: "Someone, who is somewhere, his name is Yves!"


My heart was breaking even more! I did not know what to do! ... I was really sad! I absolutely wanted to save her. Yet every time I walked a mere meter I felt the burning heat of where she was and it was impossible to enter. I could not do anything in front of all that. It should be noted here that when the fire passed on the body of this girl, she became all bald. Then the next moment, her skin and flesh were reconstituted. Worms and snakes crawled on her, and so on ... Then we went into another room to talk with a woman. Fortunately, I did not know that woman! She was in pain because the fire penetrated her sex, worms came out of her eyes and the fire was constantly on her! She suffered horribly! Jesus said, "Do you see this woman, Yves?" "Yes, Jesus, I see her." "That's what happens to a shameless woman who catches people's eyes with the immodest way in which she dresses and her indecent behaviour - it's this attitude that drives others to desire her." It was a horrible suffering!


During these visits that we had made, there was a moment when the tears of Jesus really flowed, so much He felt pain for those people who suffered and were tortured in Hell, for not having repented of their sins while they were still alive. So, Jesus feels a lot of sadness when people refuse to give themselves to Him. But alas, He cannot do anything to save them because it's already too late. The soul of an individual is very precious to Him. At the end of these visits we made, I heard noises ... It sounded like the crackling of countless coins falling off the slot machine during a jackpot. I asked Jesus, "What is it?" Jesus answered him, "Come, I am going to take you there." We entered the room from which the noises came. I was stunned to see the fall of all these people. They came from the earth and landed in Hell like jackpot money! Jesus said, "This is how people come to Hell!" At first, they did not realise at all that they had arrived in Hell. They were only aware of it when demons tore them off ... They said to each other then, "I'm really in Hell!" They were shaking with fear after that. But they could not go anywhere else! From that moment, they were already beginning to experience severe pain because demons tore their skins. I saw that the most numerous among these people were Asians and Indians.


We left this place and Jesus said to me, "I'm going to take you near that window there, you'll see something there." And we approached the window. There was a big room which was the meeting room of demons. They were just meeting at that time. "Demons have a leader, he is horribly ugly, his eyes are very red, he has two horns and a round plate is on his chest." He was the one who gave orders to the many demons who attended the meeting. "From now on, you have to do everything possible to win as many people as possible and bring them here to Hell; especially, all those children of God who do not pray enough and are not well established. I don’t want to hear you say that you could not bring them when you come back here, you must bring them!" Said their leader.


After that, one of the demons spoke and said, "But the problem is that every time they say "Jesus" we cannot bear it at all and we run away." The demon leader got angry and banged hard on the table saying, "I told you already that I do not want to hear that name anymore." He suddenly took the sword that was on his right, grabbing that demon and cut him in two, his colleagues who were gathered there rushed to eat his intestines, it was horrible, it really makes you want to punch them, and seeing them come together to attack us, humans, create rage, it's really disgusting! "The visit to Hell is over", said Jesus to Yves. "I'm going to take you to Heaven now."


3- Visit of Heaven


Jesus was always to my left every time we moved. We arrived in front of a large metal gate. It was pure gold and Jesus said, "Yves, enter the Kingdom of God!" It was the opposite of what was in Hell. The air was sweet, wonderfully perfumed. It was unparalleled! Jesus opened the golden portal. As soon as we entered, we walked on a golden road. We could see flowers on the left and on the right and they were very beautiful! "Look, Jesus says, it's really wonderful here and it's spacious, it's still very spacious!" Jesus often said, "It's still very spacious" every time we pass near a place. "Do you see that building there?" asked Jesus. "Yes Lord". "It is called "Palace of Praise." Every time that a person converts on the earth and offers himself sincerely to God, the angels sing very loud songs of praise in this place."


We entered this Palace. There were many musical instruments in this place. These musical instruments were all gold. The next moment, Jesus said, "You see that there is still no song of praise inside now, simply because there is no one yet who converts, this moment you're here." "It's very serious! In Hell, people pour out like jackpot money ... But here in Heaven, it's really very quiet...! There are only few people who really convert to God. It's appalling!"


As we advanced, I realised that everything we had before us was beautiful. We passed near a valley and all the paths we were walking were paved with precious stones. Jesus said, "I will lead you to the Father's house." I gave a jump when I learned that we were going to enter the House of the Holy Father! Jesus led me holding my hand as we entered this House. I realised that I was wearing a long white robe when I entered this Holy Place and carried a golden crown on my head. The throne of the Father is in gold. It is installed on a platform. "The Father was sitting on His throne, His head was shining brightly and one could not look at Him, I could only see his feet and He was wearing a long white robe. The Hall we entered was very large. There was a throne in gold to the right of the one where the Holy Father was sitting, and where no one was, it was obvious, since Jesus was still visiting with me. I asked Jesus: "Jesus, can you explain to me what do these people who are before the throne of the Father do? They seem to worship, accompanied by the angels." Jesus said," They are in worship before the Father, they glorify Him, and the angels are sent to the children of God, when necessary.


After a while, we could see a beautiful city. This place was really wonderful! Jesus said to me: "We will not yet go there, not today Yves, I'll take you there next time, if you're still ready". Yet, at that time, I was really curious to know what this "city" was like, and while I was walking, I kept looking at it, the long white dress I was wearing went fading gradually after the visit of the Father's throne, and shortly thereafter Jesus said, "Yves, I'll take you back to earth when I finish making my last recommendations to you." I said Ok, then I said to myself "Well, you will not stay here, Yves, but you'll come back!" I wanted to bargain a little with Jesus over this. "Jesus, why don't I bring this crown back to earth so that my friends will see that I really came here to Heaven? Jesus laughed softly, saying, "Yves, you will not need to prove that, just tell them what I've told you and tell them what you learned from all the visits you did with Me, you will not need to prove to anyone that I brought you here, for I will show My Glory on your whole life." Okay, Lord. Jesus and I continued our conversation:


"Do you remember all the teachings you have learned here?" Jesus asked me. Yes Lord:


1- One must neither joke with the Gospel nor take it lightly;


2- One must be very careful that praying does not become a mere custom or habit. It is absolutely necessary to live it. You have to make it a top priority, even about tiny things. From now on we must think of the things that are above (in Heaven) and not only of those that are on the earth. You must not be too absorbed in everyday life.


3- We must control the words we say and the actions we take in front of a person because they can cause injuries in their soul.


4- One must be very careful about one's gestures, one's dress, one's behaviour for fear of provoking a temptation to induce desire and adultery in those who watch. Do not have the spirit of immorality, which is an abomination in the eyes of God.


5- Praying for each other is very important. When praying and the name of a person weighs heavy on the heart during prayer, it is necessary to pronounce the name of this person and ask the Lord to cover the concerned with His Holy Blood to protect them. Jesus says afterwards, "There are other recommendations that I want to make to you.


6- "Most men never ask me for advice before doing something. And often it's only when they are stuck that they call on Me and ask Me to save them. From now on, you must all consult Me on how to proceed to do something and it is only after you have obtained an answer from Me that you should proceed."


7- "When you ask me something, specify the thing you are asking for, do not be hesitant about it, whether it is a question of money or equipment or anything else."


8- "Speak of Me, and of this visit that you have made here to everyone, in your family, with your friends, in the society where you live, in all the country where you are."


9- "See what's happening in Europe, Yves, their time there is completely manipulated by the devil, so that they cannot have the slightest opportunity to serve Me. Yet this is a form of modern idolatry, a thing that I really hate."


10- "Speak to everyone there, tell them to stay on the watch because my return is imminent."


"Would you like to tell me exactly when will you be back there?" He says with a laugh, "I cannot tell you because My Father alone knows it, but tell everyone to stay watchful and prepare because my coming is near, there will be a country that I will make disappear from the surface of the earth because its wickedness reaches strongly to Me." "Will it be like what happened in Japan, Jesus? But Jesus, the earthquake and Tsunami that happened there were already very violent!" "Yes, it's true what you just said, Yves, but what will happen to this country will go far beyond what happened in Japan because I will make it disappear forever." "Can you tell me what country it is, Jesus?" The Lord replied: "Exactly Yves, that's why I said that Madagascar is waiting for you." I was seized with great terror. Please, pray together for Madagascar, and for all the islands that are around her, sincerely ask God for forgiveness.


Later, Jesus asked me: "Yves, are you ready to change and give up your bad character and your bad habits of before?" "Yes Lord". I fell on my knees before Jesus. And when all this was over, He said to me, "Receive the Holy Spirit and it is this Holy Spirit who will purify you completely and make you as pure as snow and there will be no impurity on you." Then He blew on me. I heard creaks in my whole body, and I felt great serenity after He blew on me. Jesus then said to me, "Are you ready to carry My message and do My works?" "Yes Jesus, I am ready." When all this was over, Jesus said to me again, "I am going to anoint you. Receive the power of God, and the whole world will be speechless when they see your life, for I will fill it with my glory!" Then He breathed on me a second time, and I immediately felt a great current flow through my body. The next moment, I was back to earth.


- No longer be absorbed in everyday life and no longer take lightly your relationship with God. - Think of the things that are in Heaven and offer to God your life and everything that concerns you. It is up to you alone to decide, and be careful not to delay too much because in this case Jesus will not be able to do anything for you. - Use the name of Jesus because the devil cannot do anything against you if you use this "powerful weapon." - Communicate this Message to everyone (both to people you know and to those who are unknown to you) because it is the will of God. Jesus will be glad to see you do this and He will bless you in all that you do because you have fulfilled the mission He has given you. May the Holy Spirit come down on you and give you new strength so that you can change your life into a better one, so that all that concerns you is pleasing to God. Take courage and may God bless us all.


4- Yves' second encounter with Jesus


My second encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ took place in 2013. One Thursday evening, kneeling down to pray, at a totally unexpected moment, I felt a burning hand holding my shoulder, and a voice saying to me: "Yves, my time has arrived". When my eyes opened, I saw 2 angels before me and turning around, there was the Lord Jesus Christ filled with glory. As the last time He took me in His arms and instantly I was taken from my body that was falling on the ground ... "Let's go Yves, we'll visit Hell, I'll take you to see the other two people," the Lord told me. Beloved, once again I had a setback. My whole being was dreading a second visit to this terrible place. It was only through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ that made me an instrument to open the eyes of many, which I accepted in spite of myself to return there. All glory belongs to our glorious Lord!


5- In the tunnel


When we arrived in Hell, we found ourselves in the dark, nauseating tunnel where I heard loud sounds of explosions. The atmosphere was flooded with sulphurous smoke. Beloved, the smell that emanates from this place is totally unbearable. Not even one of you would be able to withstand the intensity of this horrible, foul odour. Walking along this dark tunnel with the Lord, I saw pieces of flesh scattered everywhere that, in the sight of Jesus, were all fleeing. The closer we got to the end of the tunnel, the more I heard the noises in unison of several thousand voices screaming with all their strength.


6- Hell


Arriving in front of a big pit, a terrible sight presented itself to our eyes. Thousands of people were burned by the fire excruciatingly with shrieks of the most infernal and tortured relentlessly by demons. The first person the Lord showed me was a servant of God. The Lord Jesus said to me, "He served God when he was still on the earth, but he used his charm on his followers to gather wealth through tithes, making them a source of wealth. This man had sex with women in his church regularly and even with women outside. "Beloved, it was painful to contemplate the tortures suffered by this man, so much it was, and of an indescribable violence. At the end of these tortures, the demons forced him to have sex with women in the fire, he screamed in pain. This servant of God was surrounded by a multitude of people who were subjected to the most ferocious tortures. Overwhelmed by such a spectacle, I asked the Lord Jesus why they suffered so much torture. He said to me, "When they were still on the earth, pronouncing only my Name, they tormented the demons with pain, but today they belong to the devil who avenges himself on them."


The second person whom the Lord showed me was a politician, behind him was a crowd of idolaters. A huge spiny serpent wrapped him from his head and covered his whole body. Lucifer passed by, and the man on seeing him shouted to him, "Where is the kingdom that you promised me when I was still on the earth?" Did not you tell me that I will have another eternal kingdom with you? You are a liar." Lucifer exploded with laughter and made him sit on a chair of fire and said to him: "Here is your eternal kingdom." Infernal arrows on the chair pierced his body from side to side, creating huge holes that attracted fire, worms and serpents that passed through. Jesus said to me, "This is how lucifer deceives politicians who have made a pact with him. He misleads them with this lie of an eternal kingdom, but they will end up here in a chair of fire."


In another place, I saw a metal plate hanging in the air with the following inscription: "Those who do not pay tithes". Jesus tells me that these thousands of people in the pit are those who are not faithful with tithing. The demons tore their whole body with huge sharp blades. Worms devoured bodies from side to side, it was an unbearable scene. At this point of the visit, I begged Jesus to bring me out of this place. I could not stand to see the suffering of these people, but He answered me: "Yves, it is for your good, it is for the good of your nation, it is for the good of your church". Dear brothers and sisters, I beg you, be faithful with tithing, do not steal God, otherwise you will go straight there. The Lord said to me, "All those who do not pay tithes are my enemies, and their place is here. Yves go tell them, since no one dares to speak of this, no one dares to do it. It is not my desire to see you here, go and tell them that this is the place of those who will not be faithful with tithing, and tell them that I hate idolatry, this is their place. Many among you say they are Christians but continue to practice idolatry, that saddens me Yves, because you have shared me with the world. Go tell the whole world that Hell really exists and the torments are unbearable, you will never bear them."


At the end of our visit, the Lord told me something that shook my whole soul: "You too Yves, can still find yourself in this place later if you do not watch over your life." I was seized with terror. I then realised that there was still a risk for me to end up in Hell, and I know very well the fate that would await me. Beloved, God is no respecter of person. Romans 2:11. It does not matter if Jesus took me twice to visit Hell and Paradise. If I choose to remain in sin, it is in Hell that I will spend eternity. "The wages of sin is death." Romans 6:23; "The Lord rewards each person according to their works." Psalm 62:13.


7- In the temple of lucifer


After the visit of Hell, the Lord took me to see the laboratories under the sea in the temple of lucifer. Beloved, let me tell you that lucifer has calculated all your life and knows all that you will do from A to Z, and this, from the morning as you wake up. He already knows in advance, even before the sunrise, and in detail, all your programmes of the day. How? During your sleep, he works tirelessly to set up his plans, his tricks and studies you to fight you during the day.


8- Facebook


Here I draw the attention of everyone, especially Christians, who use Facebook. Beloved, you must know that the agents of lucifer in person discuss with you every day, they connect directly with you, they are very numerous on Facebook, they are envoys of Hell. On Facebook there are commands "Like" and "Add as friend." These are satanic commands to accomplish secret pacts with the devil. All these pages and accounts that you see on Facebook are not all of human origin. Every time you click on "Like" on one of their pages or when you add a demon "As a friend", you’ve just sold your soul to the devil, and he is very satisfied. Dear friends, beloved in the Lord, use Facebook only to preach the word of God, otherwise you will fall into the traps of the devil.


9- Stratagem against Christians


Jesus took me to witness a meeting of lucifer with his demons and agents. Lucifer came in direct contact with attendants from a giant screen: "In order for me to have a free field of action, target the servants of God in the first place. Spread among them the love of money, all those who will be versed in the love of money will no longer have time to devote themselves to the works of God. Spread the spirit of fornication to destroy entire churches. Destabilise the servants of God through their families firstly, their friends, their entourage, and society, work hard because I'm close to the goal." "Do you see Yves?" Jesus told me, "That's why I'm asking you to pray for one another."


The devil continued: "Work hard in groups of billions, do not lose a moment because we have almost no time." "Look Yves," Jesus said to me: "Even the devil knows that his time is coming to an end soon". And then he continued in these terms: "You know that I will soon reign on this earth, I will share this kingdom with you, we will reign together. 93% of the whole world belongs to me, redouble effort to acquire me these 7%. Do no longer go in groups of hundreds or thousands but in groups of billions. Also reduce the rate of money in circulation to provoke financial crises, transfer these notes in my temple in Great Britain to invoke incantations, spirits of idolatries, the love of money." Listen, Jesus said to me, "The love of money is bad, go tell all My children that I have true wealth, these things sadden Me because even My servants are affected by this spirit of idolatry. I don't desire your wealth, but it is your heart that I seek to reign there, and whoever comes to me acknowledging his sins, I'm still ready to purify him. Go tell the one that will hear this testimony at this moment that I'm still ready to purify him."


10- The third world war and tribulation


After these things, the Lord showed me all the weapons that will be used during the Third World War and the events that will take place after the day of rapture. The devil gave instructions. "I told you to work hard to accelerate the Third World War." "Why?" Asked the audience, he replied: "When this war begins, there will be a great mass destruction on earth, these people will have no time to repent and give their lives to God, only one explosion alone will cost the life of countless people." I saw in the temple of lucifer a small weapon that has the ability to destroy the earth's crust. Beloved, after the day of the rapture, there will be a huge manhunt for all those who refuse the mark of the beast. Wherever you are on this earth, they will hunt you and find you, and here I tell you that no one will bear the torture, no one ... Dear brothers and sisters, we all know the Lord Jesus, I beg you, do not miss the rapture, do not risk to live what will happen thereafter. You have to succeed in the first round, do not wait for the second round. At that time, it will be necessary to go through tortures of unimaginable violence to be saved. You will live the equivalent of Hell to go to Heaven.


11- Blood shortage


Lucifer explained to the audience an urgent problem: "I urgently need blood, I have no blood supply, pour blood in all the territories already acquired." Beloved, lucifer has created all the technologies that are on the earth, everything you see, everything you use and even those that have yet to come out are the work of his hands. He displayed in front of the giant screen a world map. The captured territories were marked by a cross. I found with great sadness that Madagascar was one of the countries already crossed, captured by the devil. At this very moment, Jesus tells me to listen carefully to the devil's next speech: "I want to establish a special plan for Madagascar, Madagascar will soon release its mineral resources, but all its resources are in my hands, they belong to me. I urgently need blood in Madagascar, I want a lot of blood to be poured in Madagascar to feed the blood supply, there is almost no reserve ". I was stunned! Lord Jesus, I cried, how is it possible that Madagascar is already crossed? We are a very godly nation! "Exactly Yves, that's what I'm going to reveal to you up there."


12- Heaven


In a split second, Jesus and I left the bottom of the sea to find ourselves in Heaven. I was in the last place where Jesus took me on my first trip to the edge of a great city of indescribable beauty. The atmosphere was totally different from that of Hell, there was a very fragrant smell. Everything was so wonderful and illuminated by the glory of God, it was a breath-taking environment. The opposite of foul odours and darkness, lived in Hell ... "You know Yves," said Jesus, "I promised you that if you remained faithful, I would take you to see this city. But you must know that it is not because of you, nor of your obedience that I am taking you here, but because I am in a hurry, in a hurry."


13- In the beautiful city


Jesus and I took a beautiful golden bridge, at the end of which was the immense massive gold portal of the city. Opening it, two angels with huge wings stood in front of us. By taking a staircase that rose in height, I saw the beautiful city of the redeemed. Immediately, innumerable songs of "Alleluia" adoration rang out everywhere. Beloved, I cannot say whether there is a city like this in the world. There were large, gilded, scarlet, diamond-studded dwellings magnificently decorated with all kinds of precious stones. The floor was gold and everything had a breath of life. The people I saw there were filled with great joy, they rejuvenated and were constantly smiling to us.


Everyone was full of love and holiness. "I told you so," said Jesus, "I'll show you wonderful and unfathomable things." Jeremiah 33:3 "Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know." These are the beautiful things that the Father has reserved for all His children who love Him, but the thing that saddens me the most is the fact that the inhabitants of the earth no longer believe in this place because of the lies of the enemy. Even in Christian circles no one dares to speak openly about it. Many of you do not even believe in its existence. For you Hell can exist, but not Heaven."


14- The residence of backsliders


After these things, I saw large homes disappear instantly below the earth. And in some places I saw other houses growing from the ground like trees, they were very small. What does it mean Lord? He answered me: "It is the homes of Christians who at this very moment have become backsliders, the angels have erased their names from the book of life".


15- Yves’ house


Continuing our way down an alley, Jesus and I arrived in front of a beautiful house. On the front door was my name and surname inscribed in golden letters. The sight of this filled my heart with great joy. Then the Lord took me inside. Beloved, it was an indescribable beauty, I have no words to describe the beauty of the interior. The floor was like a sparkling crystal, the walls were dotted with many precious stones. "Do you see Yves," said Jesus to me, "These are things that are coveted by men on earth, but here are the true riches and the day you enter the palace of praise, I will rain on you precious stones and gold and you will know that I am the Living God." Given the magnitude of the magnificence of all these wonderful things, I wanted to plead with Jesus to stay in Heaven, but He already knew all my thoughts. Beloved, no one at sight of what I have been contemplating would have the slightest intention of returning to earth. But Jesus told me that He first had to show me something important.


16- The residence of the most faithful


Around us countless houses were disappearing and others were growing like little trees. Continuing our journey, we saw a group of beautiful homes, one of them was breath-taking. An exceptionally decorated house, certainly the most beautiful house I have ever seen. Why is this so different and so well decorated Jesus? And the Lord answered me: "You see this house Yves, I reserved it for a person on the earth, all he does on earth is only to accomplish my works." Beloved, that motivated me enormously. You too, dear friends, brothers and sisters in Christ, if you really want to inherit a beautiful home in Heaven, fulfil the works of the Lord, consecrate everything to God.


17- The wedding feast of the Lamb


"Come, I'll take you to see something else," says the Lord. It was a huge building, in the middle was a large room that the Lord allowed me to see from the outside through the windows. There was a very long table, everything was ready for a big party, even the golden cups had already been filled with wine. This is prepared for "the Bride of the Lamb" says the Lord.


18- A house of praise


The Lord took me to see a group of worshipers singing praises, the atmosphere was incredible, things difficult to describe in words. Among them was a young man dancing with a flute. Who is he, Jesus? "You'll know soon, Yves!" He answered me.


19- The day of the Lord


After that, Jesus took me to another building. There the Lord sat down on a golden chair and turned a table, immediately a giant screen appeared before me. Then the Lord said to me: "You asked me Yves, why Madagascar was already crossed by the devil whereas it is a very pious nation. First watch Yves, here is what will happen at the day of the rapture." In this scene, I saw people dressed in white flying in the air like a superman. They went up to meet the Lord in the clouds. On the earth, I had noticed that countless people had missed the rapture. There were millions of people, even billions who raised their hands in the air, but they did not go up, nothing happened. Then the Lord showed me another scene that affected me greatly. Two people who are very close to me raised their hands in the air, but nothing happened, they did not go up. A great blow hit my heart, my ardent desire to remain in Paradise flew away in a flash. I decided from that moment to return to earth, whatever the cost, to save these two people.


Beloved, there will be immense regret on this earth, an unimaginable regret. Everyone regretted, everyone regretted having missed the day of the rapture. Everywhere there were innumerable accidents across the earth. The Lord told me that the Spirit of God was no longer on earth, it is the enemy who reigns there now. I saw the status of freedom hit by a meteorite, people in their cars were chased by meteorites. There was destruction everywhere. I also saw a scene where people were praying in a church, but the Lord told me, "I do not listen to these people anymore, I do not listen to them anymore." Brothers and sisters, the earth was in darkness, the moon and the sun no longer emitted any light, the whole earth was plunged into darkness. Revelation 8:12 "The fourth angel sounded his trumpet, and a third of the sun was struck, a third of the moon, and a third of the stars, so that a third of them turned dark. A third of the day was without light, and also a third of the night."


20- Madagascar, unholy nation


"Now I'm going to answer you Yves, I'm going to reveal to you why Madagascar was already scratched. You have to know that I am very saddened by what is happening right now in Madagascar. The vast majority of My servants in Madagascar are not listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit, you only grieve the Holy Spirit. All you do on earth is evil, all you do is malice, all your churches are divided, destroyed, you have no love in you, I could never take you up on the day of the rapture, it is impossible, you only have hatred for one another, you will never go up, Yves! Only love will reign in Heaven.


Then Jesus ordered me to deliver a heavy message to the whole nation. "I, the Lord, the Living God, Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, I order Madagascar to make a national repentance as soon as possible." Beloved, I was greatly saddened by this message, I lost heart, afflicted by immense pain. I cried to the Lord Jesus that I could never say such a thing. But He repeated to me a second time: "I, the Lord, the Living God, Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, I order Madagascar to make a national repentance as soon as possible." Lord, I do not have the courage to say such a thing, but the Lord Jesus was explicit. "You must say it Yves, you have to say it; I count on you." But there, a lot of my servants are all corrupt, go tell all these churches that my Spirit deserted these places long ago. This is why lucifer commanded his demons to pollute these dead churches because they no longer have my Spirit. How many times must I tell you, I cannot stand your idolatry and your witchcraft. You will soon celebrate the Passover, tell them Yves that I have enough of your blasphemies in My name, I am tired of your idolatries and all your sorcery."


Beloved, the Lord spoke to me very harshly to warn me of a great danger awaiting our sinful nation. "I, the Lord, the Living God, Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, I warn Madagascar and all the Malagasy one last time. This is My last warning, because you, the Malagasy, even when you leave your country, still take along to those places all your idolatry and witchcraft; but go tell them that this is my last warning. One last time I warn all these divided churches whose hearts are hardened by sin, repent and forgive one another. I command you one last time to repent and to forgive one another. If you really want a great national revival, love one another". And He repeated once again: "I warn Madagascar and all the Malagasy one last time, your churches will never go up Yves, if I come, seeing them in this state, they will never go up, it's impossible to get people who do not have love, people full of wickedness and hatred. Yves, may I tell you that if I went down at this moment, 95% of your church members will be left. Again, it is love that reigns in Heaven, love one another, and repent."


After all these things, Jesus showed me another scene on the giant screen, I saw millions of people carrying burdens on their backs, these burdens were of different sizes ... "Do you see that Yves? They are all Malagasy who are heading straight to Hell because of idolatry and sorcery, it's time to return Yves. Share the good news of salvation, share this good news because the vast majority of you do not dare preach the salvation of souls. They have all turned to the gospel of prosperity because of materialism. It is no longer out of love that you seek me, but for the sake of a need and in the end you fall into the trap of witchcraft and idolatry. Your nation is already stricken because Madagascar is a nation of witchcraft and idolatry, something that I cannot bear. I, the Lord, the Living God, I warn you one last time, this is my last warning." The Lord approached me with 7 angels, and said to me: "Yves go, carry revival for your nation, Madagascar is waiting for you." He took me in His arms and I was transported to earth ... Hallelujah, Hosanna! [End of Testimony].


21- Lessons to Learn


21.1- The reward of the faithful


You Children of God, all of you born again Christians, do not forget the promises that God has made to us. Jesus Christ promised us eternal reign with Him in perfect happiness. He also promised us eternal homes, as we can read in John 14:1-3, "Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me. 2In my Father's house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you. 3And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am."


The testimony of this young Malagasy on Heaven confirms this promise of the Lord. Know that all that you do for the glory of God is for yourselves that you do it. When you work faithfully for the Lord, it is your own crowns that you amass. The Lord Jesus promised that He was going to prepare for us a place in the Kingdom of His Father. And faithful to His word, that's what He's doing, while waiting to come back for us. This testimony further enables us to understand that the place the Lord prepares for us depends on how we love Him, how we serve Him, and how we work for Him.


You have read the description of the houses as brother Yves did provide. Already all the houses are of indescribable beauty. This does not surprise us because we know that the Lord in His glory only reserves for us that which reflects this glory. In addition some houses are even more beautiful, larger, and majestic. And the Lord says that this house is for those who serve Him faithfully. Who would not wish to have such a house, beloved? Who would not be happy to spend his eternal retirement in this kind of castle?


This is what the Bible tells us in 1Corinthians 2:9 "However, as it is written: "No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him." We believe that we have seen everything on earth. Even those who have never travelled beyond the borders of their city or country, have seen in pictures or on television, beautiful cities of this world, with skyscrapers, beautiful buildings, huge and extravagant castles, etc. If the word of God tells us that the things that God has reserved for us are things that the eye has not seen, then you can understand why all those who, like Yves, had the grace to visit Paradise, have no words to describe the beauty. The idea or the notion of beautiful houses awaiting true Children of God in Heaven, is not a fiction, beloved, it is a reality.


Everything you do for Jesus Christ helps build your home. This means that the more you work for God, the more you enlarge your house, to make it a sumptuous castle like the one that impressed Yves. In addition to the castle that awaits those who are faithful to Jesus Christ, there is the golden throne, and there is the eternal reign in glory. Revelation 3:21 "To him who overcomes, I will give the right to sit with me on my throne, just as I overcame and sat down with my Father on his throne." Who would not be delighted to sit with Jesus Christ on His throne, beloved? Who can despise such happiness? Repent and set to work now.


21.2- Pay attention to the tricks of satan


Do not forget, beloved, that all that Jesus promised us is eternal. Whether it be the throne that He promises us if we are victorious, be it the kingdom, the crown, the treasures, our heavenly home, peace, glory, happiness, all is eternal. That's why satan in his jealousy does everything to distract us from God's work. In the world of darkness, demons work tirelessly to devise strategies to blind the whole world and prevent the true Children of God from focusing on God's work.


On the one hand, satan sends many of his demons in the flesh to create new doctrines to get people away from the path of God. They regularly create new satanic doctrines. Some of these demons had created the doctrine that Jesus Christ would be only the Son of God, and would not be God. Other demons had created the doctrine that Jesus Christ would be at the same time God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Now other lousy and pitiful demons have created the doctrine that Jesus Christ would be a false god, a pagan god. This should not surprise you anymore. Satan and his agents are sworn to challenge God.


On the other side, satan does everything to distract and destabilise the Children of God. For those of the Children of God who work, satan goes through assignments or appointments or promotions, to distract them from the work of God. You Children of God, before accepting any assignment, any appointment, or any promotion, ensure that this is not a trick of satan to distract you from the work of God. And for those of the Children of God who do not work but who are looking for a job, satan organises from the world of darkness, a job for them, in order to distract them from the work of God. Before accepting a job, make sure that it is not a ruse of satan to turn you away from God's work. Do not forget that the only thing that will remain for all eternity is all that we have done for Jesus Christ. All that is of the earth will remain on the earth. All these things that we are looking for now, we will leave them on the earth. Nobody will take anything when leaving the earth. And we will leave the earth soon; either by rapture or by death.


So be careful of some of the things you believe to be blessings. Some so-called blessings are real traps that satan sets for us, real manipulations of the world of darkness. When satan sees that you are totally committed to the work of Jesus Christ, he does everything possible to destabilise you. If you are not married, he will offer you a wife or a husband. If you were looking for a job, they will organise a job for you from the underwater world. You will suddenly be offered a very good job that you did not even dream of, with good remuneration. If you were already working, he will either organise your dismissal in order to frustrate and discourage you, or plan a promotion for you, with the aim of getting you busy the more, so that you no longer have time for the work of God, or to keep you away from the brethren, in order to cool your zeal.


All those who will remain faithful to Jesus until they reach Heaven, will reap all that they have sown and all that they have invested for God: Their time, their talent, their money, all they have done for the Lord, they will find it in Heaven as a crown, treasure, and eternal blessings. If you intended to build a very large and beautiful house on earth for your earthly retreat, change your mind now. Instead, make a very large and beautiful house in Heaven, to spend your heavenly retreat there. The best retirement is the one that will last. The retreat to Heaven will last for Eternity. You have read in this testimony the kind of house that awaits the Faithful. It's up to you to choose what kind of castle you want for eternity. If you want to enjoy a little semblance of happiness on this earth to spend your eternity in Hell, feel free. And if you want to bear the whims of this life on earth for a limited time, to spend your eternity in Paradise, feel free. In any case, it's up to you.


22- Call to Repentance


Beloved in the Lord and dear friends, the essential of all that is necessary to understand in order to escape Hell, and to spend an eternity in the beautiful Heaven that God has prepared for His children, has already been said in the Calls to Repentance of the first testimonies on Heaven and Hell that we put at your disposal. These testimonies are: The Testimony of 7 Young Colombians, The Testimony of Angelica Zambrano, The Testimony of Bernarda Fernandez, The Testimony of Laura Wanma, and The Testimony of Mary K. Baxter. You will find them on the website www.mcreveil.org, in the Heaven and Hell section. We encourage you to read them, and also to read the teaching on "Spiritual warfare", to know how to destroy all the different plans of satan against your life.


Grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love!




Dear brothers and sisters,


If you have run away from fake churches and would like to know what to do, here are the two options available to you:


1- See if around you there are some other children of God who fear God and desire to live according to the Sound Doctrine. If you find any, feel free to join them.


2- If you do not find one and wish to join us, our doors are open to you. The only thing we will ask you to do is to first read all the Teachings that the Lord has given us, and which are on our website www.mcreveil.org, to reassure yourself that they are in conformity with the Bible. If you find them in accordance with the Bible, and are ready to submit to Jesus Christ, and live by the demands of His word, we will gladly welcome you.


The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you!


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