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(Updated on 01 01 2024)


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Dear brethren and dear friends, we would like to share with you this testimony of Gustave Adonner who, having believed in the ultimate power of lucifer, had committed to serving him with zeal and confidence, and was determined to win all victories for satan. But one day, during a mission that satan had entrusted to him, he encountered Jesus Christ, the true Almighty God. The hundreds of thousands of demons that satan had put at his disposal could not do anything. All his incantations have proved to be ineffective. And while he was regretting the fate that awaited him after the failure of his mission, the Lord Jesus came to his rescue.


By the grace of God, he accepted the outstretched hand of the only true Redeemer, Jesus Christ, and that is how he escaped the torture satan reserved for him. He decided to give this testimony, on the one hand to warn all those who serve lucifer, and on the other hand to awaken the Children of God to spiritual warfare. This testimony is quite short, but very rich. It confirms the teachings on "Spiritual Warfare" and on "Discernment" that we made available to you a few years ago. We encourage you to read it and learn from it. We also encourage you to read our teachings on Spiritual Warfare and on Discernment if you have not read them yet. You will find them on the website www.mcreveil.org.


My journey to the world of darkness: The pandemonium
kingdom of lucifer


I am going to testify how I travelled to the pandemonium kingdom, how I met lucifer and the mission he gave me, and how Jesus intervened to save me. From my youth, there was a desire in me to be rich and powerful, to be recognized. I was with one of my schoolmates who were already in mysticism. I explained to him that I wanted to meet lucifer and that I tried but I failed. He said ok, I will help you. He made incantations after which he took an envelope and a blank sheet of paper out of his pocket and told me to write my request to lucifer.


I wrote on a blank sheet of paper, "lord lucifer, I would wish to meet you." Then my schoolmate said to me, "You must sign the letter", and I did as he instructed. After that he said, "Tomorrow morning, you have to go to the local cemetery called les sapins (the pine trees) and bury this letter, and you will receive an answer after half an hour." He added that he had no guarantee that this step would work and wished me good luck in case it worked. I went the following day to the local cemetery les sapins where I buried the letter and after 30 minutes, I dug out the letter and opened it. The contents of the letter had changed. It was now written with human blood and that blood was fresh.


I started to read it, the instructions in the letter was that I should find a coffin of a particular man called Morreaux. The man was a wealthy Rosicrucian buried in the same cemetery years ago. After I had managed to find Mr Morreaux's coffin, I started to recite the incantation that was in the letter when suddenly the coffin opened. And a man dressed in white appeared. He was shining.


Instructions in the letter asked me to enter in that coffin. And I had to lie down and replace Mr. Morreaux who had just disappeared. As soon as I lay down in the coffin, my spirit came out of my body and landed in an unknown and mysterious world while my body had remained in the coffin. I would like to remind you that the cemetery is one of the portals leading to the parallel kingdom of lucifer.


I realised that I was in front of a massive golden boulevard and it was shining. I could not see the end of it. As I was observing I noticed buildings and houses, some were of gold and others in diamond. I can say that there is absolutely no city on earth that can equal that civilization. I was wondering where I was. As I was a bit confused, it came into my mind that I was in pandemonium, the infernal kingdom of lucifer. There was no sun, no stars, no wind, and no moon. The sky was orange red. Suddenly some creatures appeared. They said, "Welcome to our world".


When I lifted my head to observe the people welcoming me, I was terrified and horrified. It came to my mind that these were demons. The upper part of the first one was snake and his lower part was pig. The second had a face of a tiger and legs of human. The third had the body of a human and the legs of a cow. I could not look at him twice, I was frightened. They noticed that I was afraid then they said, "Fear not, you are the one who wanted to come to our realm". Then they took a horse and said, "You must ride the horse as we must travel". We began our journey around that realm.


First I saw a dog but with a human face; but as I looked carefully I noticed that the human face of the dog was that of my late friend who had died many years ago. The demon asked why I was astonished! I replied that the face of that dog was that of my late friend. Then he said that since he was already dead, I should forget about him. While we were yet moving in that kingdom, I noticed in the boulevard that there were many beautiful cars.


Some models of these cars are also on earth but others are not yet on earth. What was strange was that as I was observing a BMW I noticed that it was a moving coffin. I was also observing a jeep, but as I looked closer, it was a human skeleton crawling; it's the same thing when I saw a Nissan, it was a human skeleton. One of the demons asked me, "Why are you shocked? All these cars are in your world."


I replied, "Since I was born on earth I never saw anything like this". He replied, "There are millions of them on earth that are nothing but coffins, human skeletons and men transformed into cars; wait when you go back". We continued our journey, there was one of my teachers in college who died long ago, he was struck by a car and died on the spot. While we were moving, I saw him walking with his bag exactly as he used to do on earth. I tried to call him so that we could talk but the demon prevented me from calling him and he continued walking his way.


As we were moving on, we met a second group of demons, they were in two categories: The skeleton and headless humanoids. But these headless demons had wings similar to those of bats. The first group of demons handed me to the second group. They greeted me and put me on another horse. They put black scarves around my neck. They said to me, "We are taking you to meet our god." I did not know what they meant by god. I was so frightened by the accoutrements of these demons that one of the headless demons said to me, "You wonder if we can exist? You ask yourself if beings like us really exist. You wonder if this type of being can be here. I tell you that on earth there are millions and millions of our fellows. We are on earth, in your world in greater numbers than here. Wait until you go back to earth: You will testify to what I am telling you."


The demon had just informed me that there are many more demons on earth than in the world of lucifer. I was discussing with these headless demons, but I was surprised how he could talk to me without having a mouth, and how they could read what I thought. One of them said, "You are wondering how we are able to speak though we do not have heads." Then he lifted his arm, and it was terrifying to see a mouth under an arm.


As we were moving on, I began to hear music coming from far. As I looked where it was coming from, I saw a shining and golden kingdom. One of the demons said, "That is where our god (lucifer) dwells". When we approached the frontier of that kingdom, I saw a fallen angel in white that was shining. He was riding a white horse with a sword in his hand. Then suddenly many fallen angels appeared from nowhere. They all greeted me and said, "Welcome to our kingdom". Now the demons handed me to the fallen angels. One of them brought a white horse for me. When we entered the kingdom of lucifer, there was incredible music and there were thousands upon thousands of shining fallen angels.


After walking for a while, I was introduced to lucifer. The fallen angel said, "This is our god". When I observed him, I noticed that he was beautiful. He looked at me and smiled and said, "Dear Gustave welcome to my kingdom. I know you got a lot of questions." Introduce yourself and tell me what you want. I was about to speak when he said, "Don’t talk I know why you are here. I will give you an assignment on earth. If you succeed, then I will give you more than you are asking me. I know you have many questions about the creatures you saw here, but the truth is that there are more of these demons on earth than here. The earth is their base and place of work".


I replied, "I never saw these beings on earth". He said again, "I’m giving you an assignment on earth. First, I will give you spiritual vision to see beyond optical eyes. I will also give you incantation catalogue of magical prayers. The mission I am sending you on is to destroy the works of the Great Master." Then lucifer called two strong demons for me because there are two types of demons, the weak demons that you can expel easily, but the strong demons only come out through days of fasting and prayer. He also gave me one of his secretary and one assistant and my own secretary.


After I succeeded in my first assignment against these Christians lucifer told me, "I promised you that I’ve got gifts to give you". Then he called a fallen angel called Belial. He told him to present me my gifts. We went and entered a massive palace where everything was in gold and diamond. The fallen angel told me, "This is all yours". I was blown away by the luxury of the utensils. Everything was in gold, diamond, and crystal. After that we went back to see lucifer. I asked him, "Is that palace mine?" He said, "Of course". I said to him, "You are really the true god."


Then lucifer said, "I am giving you a second gift". Then he called a woman who was light skin and extremely beautiful. In fact she is a siren called Jernice. Lucifer said, "She is the one who will take care of you. She is to cook for you, do not eat, drink or wash and dress on earth. You will do everything here. This is your wife she’s going to care for you." He said, "I give you seven days to rest and enjoy, go back to your palace with your wife. Relax and come back after seven days." Now the seven days I spent in that palace with my wife I felt l was on top of the world. I had everything I ever wanted.


After that I went back to see lucifer. He said, "I am making you the supreme inspector of the worlds we are controlling, then later I will send you to the sixth heaven to meet the seven head dragon. First, you must go visit the world of misery and woes, so that you may know where to put souls you will be reaping on earth. You will report the arrival of souls and their settlement". After that he sent a letter to the sixth heaven for me to be received by the seven headed dragon, the serpent. Then he gave us a document and said, "You will show this to the demons and devils that you will meet in the world of misery and woes, otherwise you will not be allowed in." I was with my demon secretary.


After we did some incantations, we then travelled around the world of pandemonium and cabalistic. Finally, we reached the world of misery and woes. I saw a massive gate on which it was written, "Welcome to Hell the place of cries and miseries". My demon secretary told me, "We are going to explore 10 areas in Hell, but all the people you will see here are stuck forever, they will never be free. They are receiving their punishment according to how they lived on earth. The people you will see here are already dead, even those who died in the beginning of the earth. We detain their souls here, they will never come out of this place."


The demon told me that if I ask of anybody that is dead, he will show me the person. We approached the gate and gave these demons guarding the gate the document. After they read it they asked us to do a bit of incantation. Then after we did magic prayers they opened the gate. After we had entered, I looked to the left and saw five gates and on the right there were also five gates, but in front there was a gate on which it was written "Valley of death". We began the visit of Hell starting from the tribunal with the judges of Hell. We saw demons who were judging people who were just dead. I saw lucifer here again, he was judging the dead out of a massive black book.


Lucifer and other demons were judging thousands upon thousands of people according to their deeds. After they had judged a person, they would project a film about that person’s life. The demons would enchain the person, they would put a padlock on his mouth and throw him in Hell. I asked the demon, "These people in the fire are they not going to die?" The demon said, "The soul never dies only flesh and blood die. All these people are waiting for the last judgement until the Great Master returns".


I asked the demon, "Do you get them out sometimes?" He replied, "No, once you are thrown in Hell fire you stay there until the last judgement". The fire I saw reminded me of the industry of molten steel but this was far worse than that. Then the demon showed me the first part of Hell, he said, "This place is for the people you saw on earth with the mark Jesus Christ on their forehead, but their fire was extinguished. They became carnal in their ways. They were Christians but they were walking in the flesh when they died, so they came here."


The demons guarding the gate of second Hell opened it. They said, "This is for the five ministries of our enemy, that Great Master. Sometimes we work to get these people to use our power so that they can become rich and attract the crowd, but when they die they come here". My demon secretary got me to remember an incident that happened in my hometown. A minister was performing deliverance on a sister, but the demon that left the sister entered that minister. Later he died and came here and he is here.


Now pastors, when you are doing deliverance you must take measures because demons are dangerous and full of anger. They will come back to attack your children or family members who are unbelievers.


When the demon opened the gate of the second Hell, I looked and saw an ocean of fire. It was like a tornado making terrifying noises like explosions. This fire was far worse than any volcano. When people were trying to get off the fire, the demons were pushing them back inside the fire. I got scared despite the fact that I was already a demon. Later I saw that pastor emerge from the fire, they had chained his hands. There was a padlock on his mouth and he was making movement like someone who is drowning. My demon secretary told me that he was speaking but he could not say anything. The demon said that he was telling you to tell those left in the world not to come here. Then the demon said, "Do not mind what he is saying".


I want to warn everybody and especially pastors that the world you are living in is not what your eyes are seeing. If God can open your eyes or if you die then you will see how evil and deadly the world is. We are living side by side with demonic entities that you can never imagine. You pastors are wanted by lucifer, he is trying thousand ways to get you, or to side you with him. Be vigilant, avoid sin, laziness, negligence in prayer and meditation of the word. Lucifer has a category of demons called holy demons they work inside the church. They get people to heal and to perform miracles, they give people capacities. If you are a minister and you do not fear God, lucifer will send a holy demon in you. You will be healing people thinking that it is the Holy Spirit. It is only when you die that you will realise the Holy Spirit left long ago.


When the demon opened the 3rd gate I saw like a boiling ocean. I was told that people inside are men and women who had aborted. They looked young to me but the demon said that there are no young people in Hell. Most of the people old and young turn to 30 in Hell. The demons opened another gate I could see a huge place where there were lots of demons. I saw a huge saucepan and there were people inside. Then I saw demons burning or cooking humans. The demons opened another gate, and it was written "red Hell". I saw people who were hanged and grilled and the demons were burning humans in the fire the way we would grill fish or meat. The demon said, "These people will always be here even if you come back after 5 years you will find them here. Their fate is just crying and wailing this is their judgement."


Another gate was opened and I saw 25-meter demons whipping people, their bodies were full of injuries but they could not die. Another gate was opened, and it was written "The valley of death". The demon said, "This place is for demons, satanists and lucifer’s servants who fail in their missions. Anytime a demon or satanist fails in his assignment he is thrown here". The demon said, "The fallen angels who left Heaven and came down to sleep with women and produced nephilims are bound here". Then he said again, "After angels were cast out from Heaven, lucifer only selected the ones he thought were useful, other were cast here". Because of time, I cannot talk about other Hell, but I remember that before we left Hell my demon secretary showed me production and transformation industries. He said, "We send food and clothes to earth which we make here".


When I was in front of lucifer’s throne after my arrival he said, "I know you met demons here and that you are surprised and shocked by what you saw, but the truth is that there are more demons on earth than here in my kingdom because the earth is their base and place of activity". I replied, "That is not the case because I have never seen these kinds of entities on earth". Then lucifer said, "Wait when you go back to earth". He said, "I am sending you on a mission to earth to destroy the activities of our enemy".


In the kingdom of lucifer, they do not pronounce the name of Jesus Christ, they refer to him as Great Master. Lucifer said, "I am sending you on a mission, but first I give you spiritual eyes to see the realities of the invisible world that the ordinary man cannot see and a magical catalogue of mystical prayers. Your mission on earth is to destroy the work of that other one, who opposes us. If you succeed, I will give you much more than what you ask." Indeed, I had asked of lucifer power and work, as instructed by my friend. For this mission, lucifer said he allocated me two thousand strong demons. Then he called 2000 more powerful demons for me. Note that there are two types of demons, powerful demons and weak demons. It will require many days of fasting and prayers and powerful deliverance to expel them.


He assigned a demon to be my secretary and another one to be my assistant. He also gave me his own assistant and his secretary to help me strategize and complete my mission. Lucifer said, "I give you 14 days to fulfil this mission." He insisted and said, "You must succeed in this mission." If you fail, no one knows what will happen. After that, I left. I was accompanied by these demons. While we were on our way to planet earth, one of the demons who were lucifer’s secretary said to me: When the master talks of 14 days, he really wants to say 3 days. So we have three days to accomplish this mission. I tried in vain to contest the demon since lucifer had in fact spoken of fourteen days.


While I was in the kingdom of lucifer (pandemonium), everybody including my family and friends were bewitched to ignore my absence on earth. I spent two weeks in the kingdom of lucifer. I mean two weeks in earthly time but one month in luciferian time. While I was there, my body was still stretched in that coffin in the cemetery. It was my spirit that came out of my body and travelled in the pandemonium kingdom of lucifer as my body lay in the coffin.


We were with the demons when we finally arrived in les sapins (the pine trees) cemetery, and my spirit went back into my body that was lying in Mr. Morreaux's coffin. So I got up and went out of the coffin. When I came out of the cemetery with these demons, I noticed that I was walking in space. My feet were not touching the ground. But ordinary or natural man cannot see all this, because the natural eye is limited.


My brother, when I went out of the cemetery, I was astonished and horrified. In the street, I was surprised to see thousands and thousands, millions and millions of demons of all kinds, all colours and all sizes, exactly as lucifer had informed me. There are more demons on earth than in his kingdom. There was no space. There are more demons on earth than in his kingdom, it is as if they were more numerous than humans, more than what I saw in the kingdom of lucifer.


One of my demon secretaries said, "These are our angels, these humans are incapable of seeing them. To be able to see our angels you must have the spiritual eyes like what the master lucifer gave you." When we went around the main boulevard I was horrified and amazed. Christians, I want to tell you not to be attracted and impressed by the material things you see in this world because if God opens your eyes you will be horrified. Let me tell you, Christians, do not envy the cars you see in the world because they are not what your optical eyes are seeing. These cars on the boulevard are coffins, human skeletons crawling, some are even human beings.


Designers of these cars are regularly making incantations in cemeteries, rivers, toilets, as these are portals that lead to the parallel kingdom of lucifer. This is the truth. When I was in the kingdom of darkness, there was a policy according to which, from September to December most of the cars from their kingdom were to be destroyed by accidents so that lucifer collects human blood, for the kingdom of the devil constantly needs human blood, since human blood is needed by demons. That is why you must pray God to give you a normal car and not those of the kingdom of lucifer, for they are skeletons, humans, and coffins. Pray God when you are going for a new car.


As we continued to walk in the street, suddenly, I saw a man from far. He was dressed in fire and light, there was an Angel with a massive sword around him. He had a star shining from his forehead and an aura of light like a crown on his head. Then I asked my demon secretary what kind of man is that? Who is that man emitting light? The demon said, "Yes, these are the people we are at war against, these are the followers of the Great Master (Jesus Christ)." Then the demon said, "We must always keep a distance of 30 meters with them and we move away because we can be in danger. Light and fire can destroy us. Let’s deviate or we could be in danger because that Light is dangerous".


I said to the demon, "Are you crazy or what? We are the ones with power and we are many. There is nothing that man can do against us." My demon replied, "Yes, we have power but unless that Light and fire are extinguished, there is nothing we can do against that man even if we are many." Although I insisted, I even proposed to the demon to kill that man as I was motivated. The demon told me clearly, "If we dare he will destroy us all, although we are many, the fire in him must first be put off, so let’s go." We then change the way and I was disturbed by that incident.


Then we arrived at the place of our assignment, it was a Christian convention with the theme: "How to destroy the works of the devil." There were lots of people so we decided to stand on top of a huge building of a popular supermarket in Katanga province, the building was opposite to the place of the Christian convention. I noticed four kinds of human beings by their appearance. The demon explained to me that the first who is dark is just an ordinary human being. He is on our side, all about him is in our records. We do not have a problem with him, he belongs to us. The second man looked like an animal. He is also an ordinary human being but his shape is like that of the demon influencing his ways, he also belongs to us.


The third man had a name written on his forehead. The demon said: Do not pronounce that Name. It is a result of a covenant with the Great Master (Jesus Christ). From the moment when a human being decides to receive Jesus Christ in his life as Lord and Saviour and is baptized, he concludes a covenant or an alliance with the Son of God, and consequently the name of Jesus Christ will be engraved on his forehead. A strongly armed Angel is given to him. Then the secretary of lucifer made a remark to me, saying, if you look and observe the third man attentively, you will find that he has a seal on his forehead.


This third man you noticed has a seal on his forehead. In that seal there is a Name (Jesus Christ) but the Name inside that seal is blurred. The demon explained that the reason the Name is blurred is that although he is in covenant with the Great Master his life is influenced and led by our angels. As a result that seal is neither shining nor emitting light so they are powerless. The demon said the fact that he is led by our angels, he also belongs to us. If he dies, we will transfer him to Hell.


The Fourth person had a seal of Jesus on his forehead, it was shining and emitting Light. He had a crown of Fire on his head like an aura and there was an Angel around him holding a sword. It is written that the Angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear Him and take them out of danger. The demon said, "We are here to attack these categories of humans. We must put out their Light. We have three days to do it." The demon then said, "Do you see the people standing in uniform? They are their commandos. They always pray and they are quoting the Name of their Master (Jesus Christ). That is very dangerous. They are called intercessors, their Fire can reach us here. We should move away." After consultation with my demon secretary, we divided the 2000 strong demons into four groups of 500 each. We positioned them all around that crusade. The demon secretary said, "We should attack the two main pastors."


We have to start by looking for doors. We should start by looking for a footbridge or an open door, we called that legal basis. My demon secretary suggested that we have to check the lives of their children and their wives. Then I sent two demons to their children and two to their wives. But we could not find any entry and legal ground. It is imperative for a pastor to train his wife and children in the Bible otherwise they will be the gateway for demonic attacks against the ministry. After that, we began to check the pastor’s office. The demon noticed that the pastor’s secretary had a fiancé who was an unbeliever or a natural man. Immediately, I did a mystical prayer then a beautiful robe appeared. After that, the demon took it and travelled 100 kilometres to the city of Likassi where her family lived.


One of my demons took the shape of her fiancé and went to her mother and said, "When my wife is back give her the present I bought for her." No one could suspect that they were dealing with a demon in a human form. The moment that secretary received the call from her mother about the gift, the Holy Spirit began to press her to confess and renounce and not to go, but she ignored the voice of the Holy Spirit and went to her family to see the robe the demon had brought. Then, the demon said to me, look and observe the power inside her pressuring her to renounce and not to go. As soon as her mother presented her this dress, the Holy Spirit began to tell her not to touch it, but she ignored the Holy Spirit.


There are five demons that the kingdom of darkness likes using. These are the demon of envy, curiosity, covetousness, negligence, and laziness. The moment the sister touched that gift she opened the door, so, we had a legal ground to enter in her life. At that moment, I saw the crown of fire above her head disappear. The Angel left, the light of the seal of the covenant of Jesus Christ on her forehead was extinguished, her Power was gone. The demon said, "You see the way to put out their Fire. We do these tricks against them and it works." The demon also said, "As she disobeyed the Spirit of her Master, her soul is already in Hell, despite the fact that she is alive on earth. If she dies now she will be transported to Hell because she now belongs to us, unless she admits and confesses her sins."


Now that the door was opened, we had legal ground to send powerful demons of fornication, of pride and powerful demons of prostitution in her. She was now inhabited by our powerful demons that were to begin influencing her life, her choice of lotion and soap, her outfit and even her dressing. When she went to church even the intercessors were lusting after her. The moment people were lusting after her the strong demons given to me were entering the people including the intercessors. After that she went to the pastor’s office and the pastor looked at her. Then the Spirit of God began to tell him to renounce, but after he looked again it was the eyes of lust then he opened the door. We launched the powerful demon of fornication in him. Then the pastor began to fantasize about this sister and they fell into fornication. Then, my demon secretary said, "We have successfully completed our mission against Christians within three days".


After the success of my mission against Christians I was again summoned to attend lucifer’s throne in the pandemonium. While there, lucifer said that the dragon in the 6th heaven asked to see me. The dragon is part of the satanic trinity, an imitation of divinity. The dragon in the 6th heaven is a seven headed fiery reptile. Now, to go to the 6th heaven, I was assigned a female demon to lead me there. Lucifer said, "First, I have to give you power as I promised". The first eyes he gave me is to see the invisible realm, the second eyes he gave me was to see and hear from 200 up to 600 kilometres. The third eye was to see what was happening in other continents. I could see what was happening in Germany, Japan, and America while being here in Africa. The eighth eye was to see and hear what was happening in the pandemonium kingdom of lucifer. I could be seated here on earth but I was able to see and hear what was happening in the realm of lucifer.


Then he gave me a book of magic prayers and said, "Anything you want, just pray with the book". He gave me a red cross, an invocation catalogue, pomade for invocation, a stone of destruction, bottle of domination, and a red carpet of invocation. He said, "When you go back to earth you will set up an inter-dimensional portal in your room that will allow you to travel from earth to my kingdom. You will not need to go to the usual portals like the cemetery, toilet, or river to come to my kingdom like the others." Then he said to me, "You are promoted to the position of general inspector". He then gathered together demons, devils, and satanists and he introduced me to them. He said, "This is my new servant. He is going to combat our enemy on earth". They all clapped and welcomed me in excitement, this was like a party. These inter-dimensional beings were eating human flesh and drinking human blood. Human beings are their food.


When I came back to earth I went to my room and set up my place of invocation and my inter-dimensional portal. After the party, lucifer brought his book of covenant and I had to sign with my blood in that book. After signing in the book the covenant was sealed. He then gathered 250 000 demons for me, his assistant and his secretary. The devil said, "I should now send you to the 6th heaven to meet the 7 headed dragon as he asked to meet you". I was then led to the 6th heaven by a female demon. When we reached the 6th heaven, it was incredible. The dragon was huge, beyond imagination. He was big and he had 7 heads. As I stood before him, he lowered one of his heads and began to speak with a voice like thunder. You could collapse just by the sound of his voice.


Then he said, "I am aware of the work you are doing for our kingdom. We are giving you a second assignment. I don’t want to hear about the follower of our enemy anymore. You must destroy their activities completely. If you succeed your power will extend over the earth." After saying that he spat fire from his mouth onto me. When that fire reached me I did not burn but it changed my biologic nature. I became fiery. I could dry up a tree just by a look. I could also kill a human just by a look. After I finished with the fiery dragon in the 6th heaven, I had to attend lucifer’s throne again and I went there. He elaborated on the assignment I had to complete. It was in the year 1998 in March, this second assignment was in the capital Kinshasa. I’ve never been there, but only through out of the body travel.


Lucifer told me that there are 45 000 powerful demons stationed there waiting for me. I was already going with 250 000 others. They had to come together and work with me to accomplish my task. When I landed in Kinshasa I decided to get in touch with Kinshasa witches and wizards, and occultic pastors and ministers working for lucifer. I met lucifer’s emissaries and representatives in Kinshasa and I related to them my mission. I had 84 demons for Kinshasa and 5 for Luanda, the Angola capital, and Brazza, the capital of Republic of Congo. I was given holy demons for healing and blessing. I also got in touch with different demons stationed in Kinshasa like demon Zainan, demon Ngobila of Congo River and demon Ngirima, religious demon Bombar and Bombas, the demon of Maraboutage.


Most pastors in the beginning have good intentions. They want to serve God and win souls so that their ministry grow, but the problem begins when God blesses them. They become materialistic. They are tempted by pride and fornication. Many pastors today are occultists. They use Indian magic. They are using oil to anoint people, they are using water from cemetery, they are using handkerchief to kill people. Now there was a church that was causing damage and destruction against my demons. They were unable to do anything against that church. The demons tried many ways but they were unable even to come close to that church because of the flames of fire coming from that church.


When lucifer learned about our failure to defeat that church he got angry and started to threaten me. He gave me a warning and ultimatum to do something about that church or face consequences. I decided to rise and pay a visit to that church and see what power they really had. I was on my way to that church with strong demons; we were heading to that church. We were about to use the crossroad that lead to the church when suddenly we saw a huge man. He was fiery and He was beaming Light. He had a Sword in His hand. This Being of Light stood in the middle of the road. He was blocking the way. I asked my demon secretary who that man was who was standing in our way and blocking the road. The demon exclaimed: This is the Man we have been fighting against. He is their Great Master, the Leader of the Christians.


I asked, "Okay, He is challenging us but we will see what will happen, it’s either Him or me." I took the book of incantations and invocations. I conjured all kinds of powerful demons but in vain, they won’t appear. Then we decided to change the direction. We took another road to avoid that being of Light. Still we noticed from far that the church was surrounded by a great number of Angels. Then we changed the direction for the third time but it was the same thing. We then came back to the crossroads where the Being of Light was, He was still there, surrounded by an intense Light and He was fiery. I knew that we were in danger, the demons were fearful and panicking. They were keeping good distance. Now we were stuck in the middle of the street and the Being of Light (Jesus Christ) was standing in front of us in the middle of the road.


Then I called master lucifer and told him that the Great Master of Christians was preventing us from passing, and that we were hem in. And lucifer sent 10 powerful demons to assist us. When they landed and saw Jesus Christ, they returned immediately to pandemonium to report to lucifer. Lucifer got angry; he threw them in the valley of death. What I noticed while serving lucifer is that a demon cannot come within 30 meter distance of a committed Christian because of the consuming fire surrounding him. Then, I called lucifer again and said: As you are more powerful than Him come down here to deal with Him by yourself because all of the reinforcements you are sending is not working. Then lucifer responded with anger and said, "You are going to deal with that situation by yourself. If by evening you don’t fulfil the task given to you against that church I am sending strong demons to arrest you and throw you in Hell".


When I heard that warning from lucifer I became afraid, so I got together all the 1 500 000 demons. The strong, the light, the powerful was at my disposal, we organized a meeting. I told the demons that I had a serious problem, I needed a solution because I had an ultimatum from the great master lucifer. The demons replied we are aware of the problem you are facing. We must find a solution. Then I said, "You need to come up with a strategy to deal with their Great Master". I then retreated in my mystical office. While I was serving lucifer I noticed that a demon can come closer to a Christian only if he is inside the body of another human. A Christian is a fiery entity. He has soldier angel equipped with heavy weaponry.


I was still in my mystical office and the demons were outside in the meeting drawing a strategy, when suddenly I heard a noise of panic outside. I did not know what was happening. Now what happened is that Jesus Christ turned up in our meeting, demons were scattered. They were now observing at a distance. Then I heard Jesus calling me by my name, He said in a peaceful voice, "Gustave Adonner come out I want to save you and to use you". As I knew that it was Jesus I came out of my mystical office, I saw Jesus Christ standing in at a distance of meters. There was a pillar of Fire separating me and Him, demons were watching at a distance.


Jesus called me for the second time, He said, "Cross to My side you will be ok". Demons started shouting. Some were supplicating and saying, "Do not listen to Him you will die. Don’t go." Others were saying, "He is a liar don’t do it stay with us". After some time Jesus called me again, I resisted, now I had a choice of staying with lucifer but there was an ultimatum against me. I also knew that I had no chance against the church I was supposed to destroy. It was 8 a.m. in the morning when Jesus called for the 3rd time and said, "Gustave this is the last chance I am giving you I will use you I will give more power than you have." The demons were protesting and shouting to me not to go to Jesus.


Finally, I jumped with speed toward Jesus at that very moment Jesus said, "I am Jesus Christ", as He said I am Jesus, I was projected on the ground because He unleashed a Power similar to that of a bomb. Demons were bombed by the sound of the Name of Jesus Christ. When I woke up I noticed that my 8 visions and the capacity to see the invisible realm was gone. My fiery eyes were gone because I could kill a human or a tree just by a look. I felt the air that I could not feel. I became a normal human being again. I could not see demons again. Then I had a vision Jesus was indicating to me the church I was supposed to go to.


Grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love!




Dear brothers and sisters,


If you have run away from fake churches and would like to know what to do, here are the two options available to you:


1- See if around you there are some other children of God who fear God and desire to live according to the Sound Doctrine. If you find any, feel free to join them.


2- If you do not find one and wish to join us, our doors are open to you. The only thing we will ask you to do is to first read all the Teachings that the Lord has given us, and which are on our website www.mcreveil.org, to reassure yourself that they are in conformity with the Bible. If you find them in accordance with the Bible, and are ready to submit to Jesus Christ, and live by the demands of His word, we will gladly welcome you.


The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you!


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