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(Updated on 03 02 2024)

1- Introduction

Dear friends and dear brethren, we are pleased to put at your disposal this "exceptionally rich publication", as defined by the renowned historian, researcher and African writer John Boa, who also recommended its conservation in the African archives. This book helps you to understand how the luciferians of this world, and especially the french luciferians, who consider themselves as gods, have sworn to demonstrate to the rest of the world that Africans are their creatures, and that they (the french) can make of these creatures what they want. We recommend this book, as well as the other books in the Illuminati series, which can be found on the website www.mcreveil.org.

2- Finally, a real witness for Nyang Bensouda?

As you already know, the famous treacherous, poor and highly corrupt prosecutor nyang bensouda, prosecutor of the Indigenous Criminal Court wrongly called International Criminal Court (ICC), spent 7 years fabricating prosecution witnesses against the elected President of Ivory Coast, Laurent Gbagbo. From her factory, she was able to produce dozens of these liars and other informers. In fact, she produced nearly 300, some changed their minds just a short time after being contacted, and others withdrew before being called to testify. And those who agreed to testify almost all found themselves, even against their will, testifying rather on defence and not on the charge.

But as the felon-in-chief sank into despair, she had an original idea. In her fertile imagination, she thought of an atypical witness, a witness who according to her plans should succeed where all the other witnesses failed. It is this unusual witness who will be able against all odds to help nyang bensouda to sentence President Gbagbo that the thug sarkozy and his band of international scoundrels have not been able to murder. This miracle witness is called Youssouf, the bull that you see in the picture above.

Finally, nyang bensouda's thirst to see the Elect of the Ivorian people and worthy son of Africa Laurent Gbagbo be sentenced could be satisfied, with the help of this genius of a witness, who alone should hold, according to nyang bensouda, all the damning evidences that the UN (this criminal and racist organisation), the NGOs of misfortunes who live on blood that has been flowing in Africa, and other vampires of all kinds, said they had stockpiled during the french coup in Ivory Coast. The multiple evidences concerning the presumed war crimes and crimes against humanity of President Laurent Gbagbo, his wife Simone Gbagbo, and his minister Blé Goudé that these criminal organisations had announced they had, and that nyang bensouda still has not yet been able to produce at the court, it is perhaps this bull Youssouf, who would have them. And if that is the case, nyang bensouda would finally savour her champagne, and prove to her masters that she did not receive the two million dollars for nothing.

We can only wish her good luck with this new witness against the worthy Africa. Find below a discussion between nyang bensouda, a poor and highly corrupt prosecutor of the Indigenous Criminal Court wrongly called International Criminal Court (ICC) and Youssouf the bull. Good reading!

3- Discussion between Nyang Bensouda and Youssouf

Nyang bensouda: Youssouf, the situation is critical, I terribly need you.

Youssouf: What's wrong, madam?

Nyang bensouda: The case of Gbagbo is much more complicated than I thought.

Youssouf: What do you mean?

Nyang bensouda: Do you realise that for the last 7 years that I have worked hard to find evidence against this man Gbagbo, nothing works?

Youssouf: But I thought there was too much evidence, madam. This is what was announced even before President Gbagbo was overthrown.

Nyang bensouda: Yes, but there is one thing you do not know, Youssouf. We announced that because we did not imagine that Gbagbo would come out alive from the bombing of his residence. In reality the project that was prepared for him and his family was to murder them all. No one expected anyone to come out alive from that kind of bombing. So we were all very surprised to find them all still alive after this great bombing. And unfortunately for us, some instructions that were given were not respected.

Youssouf: Which ones, madam?

Nyang bensouda: My masters were sure that Gbagbo could not come out alive from his residence after the bombing. But they were not very sure that Gbagbo was actually in his residence. For that reason, they had clearly asked the terrorists, mistakenly called rebels, to kill President Gbagbo if by chance he was hidden elsewhere, and was found alive. But the terrorists did not do it.

Youssouf: Oh, I see! This is what justifies watao’s media statement. He had stated in the media that the reason why the shabby and infamous french ambassador to Abidjan, jean-marc simon, was hounding him and wanted him sent to the ICC was that he had refused to kill President Gbagbo. So, his statements were true then?

Nyang bensouda: That's right. He cannot afford to make such a public statement about the ambassador of france if that were not true. That idiot is boasting of not having killed Gbagbo. He does not know that he has put us in a real mess. It's been 7 years that I have been racking my brains, with no hope of success. If he had murdered Gbagbo and his family as guillaume soro had murdered Minister Désiré Tagro, I would not have been suffering any longer. My masters are as embarrassed as me. We are all lost, totally lost.

Youssouf: What about the overwhelming evidences that france, the UN and Western NGOs said they held against President Gbagbo even before he was assassinated?

Nyang bensouda: I realise you're slow to understand, Youssouf. You speak well of his assassination. It is not an assassination, Youssouf, but rather a failed assassination. Because if the project of assassination had succeeded, of course we would not have had this problem. So, understand that there was no evidence against Gbagbo. In fact, there has never been any evidence against Gbagbo. It is rather him, Gbagbo, who has all the evidence against us. We were announcing that we had a lot of damning evidence against him because we were convinced that this evidence would never be needed. Nobody expected the situation in which we now find ourselves, neither my masters nor me. We all knew that if Gbagbo were left alive, he would have all the evidence to confound us. That's why the only solution was to kill him outright. According to the project of my masters, we should currently be talking about Gbagbo in the past. Gbagbo was to die either before or at the same time as his minister Désiré Tagro. You followed yourself how his residence was shelled by the licorne force and the UN. Who could imagine that someone would come out alive from that hell?

Youssouf: No one. Myself, I cannot understand how he was able to get out alive from there.

Nyang bensouda: In fact, what was prepared against Gbagbo is what was much successfully applied to Gaddafi. The example of Gbagbo taught us a real lesson. That's why in the case of Gaddafi my masters had given strict and severe instructions to mercenaries, to liquidate him even if he was caught alive, and that's what was done.

Youssouf: That's right. The manner in which he was killed even though he was neither armed nor able to flee, confirms what you say.

Nyang bensouda: Fortunately for us, those who were in charge of killing Gaddafi were not as cowardly as that watao. Otherwise, we would be in another serious problem now. You see that for the case of Gaddafi, no one talks about it. My masters have stolen all the goods of Libya and shared them, and there is no one to flinch, and there will be no one to sue my masters for robbery or for any other crime. Gaddafi is no longer there to bring any proof of anything against us.

Youssouf: Madam, for this case of President Gbagbo, before accusing watao and his terrorist friends of not having killed him, it is necessary to take into account the role that his God played in all that. It is established that President Gbagbo during all this time prayed a lot and relied only on the protection of his God Jesus Christ.

Nyang bensouda: Absolutely. You are right. My masters have also recognised that Gbagbo owes his survival to the protection of his God Jesus Christ and the many prayers of Christians for him. There is even one of us, a member of the Illuminati, who for reasons I still do not know, chose to denounce all our plans against Gbagbo. He also acknowledged that the prayers of Christians have seriously thwarted our actions. Moreover, the bombs of the UN and the Licorne force destroyed the residence and the huge library of Gbagbo, but did not do anything to Gbagbo, or to his family, or to his Bible that was found on his table.

Youssouf: Therefore Madam, do not let poor watao bear the brunt of your failure, when we know that your assassination plan against President Gbagbo and his family has failed because of God's protection over their lives.

Nyang bensouda: I agree with you. Nobody can deny the fact that it is God who protected Gbagbo and his family. Especially since this project of assassination of Gbagbo does not date only from 2010 or 2011. It is in fact since 2000 that my masters began planning the assassination of Gbagbo. You have not forgotten the encirclement of his residence by the french tanks in 2004.

Youssouf: Oh yesss! You’re talking about those french tanks which, equipped with ultramodern GPS, had gone lost in Abidjan to the point of finding themselves in front of the residence of the President by chance, aren’t you?

Nyang bensouda: Do not make fun of my masters in this way, Youssouf.

Youssouf: No madam, I am not making fun of them. I was convinced that men were more intelligent than animals, until the scene of November 2004. When I learned that the french soldiers, though ranked among the most powerful in the world, could get lost in the city of Abidjan with their tanks, to the point of finding themselves in front of the residence of President Gbagbo without knowing what route to take for hours, I consoled myself with this. I understood that it was wrong that I underestimated myself in front of men. It was that day that I realised that we animals were more intelligent than men.

Nyang bensouda: You surely cannot be more intelligent than all men, Youssouf.

Youssouf: Forgive me, madam. It's true that I should not have generalized. This extrapolation is wrong. I would rather say that I understood after this event, that animals were more intelligent than the french soldiers who, although having been based in Abidjan for years, could still get lost in this way, in addition with tanks of the 5th most powerful army in the world. Madam, you will not hold against me that I clearly stated that our intelligence does not only go beyond that of the french soldiers. It also exceeds that of the french authorities who supported such nonsense, and even that of all men who believed in that kind of nonsense.

Nyang bensouda: Ok, Youssouf. Let’s forget the fact that even animals are more intelligent than french soldiers and their authorities. Let's go back to what we were saying. We were explaining that all the assassination projects that my masters planned against Gbagbo since 2000 have all failed. So before accusing watao and his terrorist friends of not having killed Gbagbo and his family in 2011, we must first ask ourselves how they managed to come out alive from that kind of bombing. The Licorne force and UN soldiers were not there to have fun. They were not bombing Gbagbo's residence like altar boys. They were not Christians. They were there to kill, and just to kill. And their mission was clear, liquidate Gbagbo. So, in fact, if one has to accuse watao and his terrorist friends, one must first accuse the licorne force and the UN, of not being able to kill Gbagbo, with all the military logistics that they had. They had all the weapons and other bombs available to them. So, you are absolutely right. We should leave watao alone.

Youssouf: I hope that you will pass this message to your masters so that they be soft with watao.

Nyang bensouda: I will do it. In any case, it is clear that if the big bombs of the UN and the licorne could not kill Gbagbo, it is not watao who would have done it. Now, let's go to the case for which I came to see you. What are we doing?

Youssouf: OK, it is clear that there is no evidence against President Gbagbo, and that there has never been. But at least you do not lack witnesses. I learned that you had many prosecution witnesses. We're even talking about a few hundred.

Nyang bensouda: That's right. I actually contacted more than 300 witnesses. Some changed their minds just a short time after being contacted, others withdrew before being called to testify. And those who agreed to testify are all or almost unable to testify against him. When they arrive at the court, they find themselves all saying the opposite of what they promised to say. I do not understand.

Youssouf: Has President Gbagbo not paid them by chance, or is it still his very God Jesus Christ who is protecting him?

Nyang bensouda: No, I do not think it's only his God this time. I do not deny the greatness of his God, but I think the problem is elsewhere.

Youssouf: I learned that he spends his time in jail reading the Bible. Does that not affect your witnesses? You should think about asking that he be forbidden to pray or read his Bible. Don’t you think that's prudent, madam?

Nyang bensouda: No Youssouf, I just told you that I think the problem is elsewhere. The problem is that it is not easy to prove a lie. The only real way to prove a lie successfully is to do everything to avoid proving it. His assassination was the only real solution for us, but alas! And as to whether Gbagbo paid all my witnesses, that is not possible. That's exactly the opposite. I paid all my witnesses. And I did not skimp on the means. I paid them well. I made millions available to each of them. Speaking of Gbagbo, do you know that he had nothing? That man is certainly the only idiotic President of all the Presidents of Africa. I do not want to insult him, but I am almost convinced that you will not find another President in Africa like him.

Youssouf: How do you mean?

Nyang bensouda: Do you realise that he had no account in any bank abroad?

Youssouf: Do not make me laugh.

Nyang bensouda: I'm serious. We searched everywhere, I mean everywhere, and we did not find anything. We were even hoping to accuse him of ill-gotten wealth, in the absence of crimes against humanity, but this guy had not embezzled anything, much to our surprise, and of course to our greatest confusion. When we did not find any of his bank accounts in Western countries, we thought it was in Africa that he had hidden them. And with the power we had to search everywhere without any barriers, we searched Africa, and again this man had nothing.

Youssouf: This is unbelievable!

Nyang bensouda: One of our favourite weapons of mass intimidation has been useless.

Youssouf: Which one?

Nyang bensouda: The freezing of assets. We were planning to freeze his assets, but this man had no assets to freeze. I do not need to say more in order to convince you. We were all ashamed. My masters all wondered if they were dreaming. Now you understand why I told you that that man was certainly the only idiotic President of all the Presidents of Africa.

Youssouf: What you have just explained to me now does not give me the courage to testify against this man. I understand maybe why people are unable to testify against him.

Nyang bensouda: Noooo Youssouf, do not be discouraged. Otherwise, I'd be ruined. My entire career, all my honour, at least what remains, depends on the sentencing of Gbagbo. It is in my interest in seeing him sentenced. I do not have any choice. I have invested so much in this business.

Youssouf: I see!

Nyang bensouda: Let me give you an example: My masters have put millions of dollars at my disposal to accomplish this mission. But I cannot do it. Yet I have tried everything. What have I not done? I have tried everything; I have attempted everything. You cannot imagine how many millions I have spent to bribe witnesses and potential witnesses. I even tried to use the mass graves that my masters had prepared during the war, but it did not help. You know that during the war, the french and UN forces massacred thousands of young Ivorian patriots. To hide the bodies so that no one would ever know the number of civilians they had killed, they had made mass graves in which they piled up the bodies. One will never even find some of these mass graves. And since there was no one from Gbagbo’s camp to be a witness to that, everything remained top secret.

Youssouf: So, I understand why UNOCI destroyed all its documents related to the management of the Ivorian crisis, meanwhile the court of which you are a prosecutor needs all these documents to conduct its investigations.

Nyang bensouda: I'll come back to the point concerning UNOCI later.

Youssouf: Okay madam. You were explaining to me the tremendous efforts you have made.

Nyang bensouda: Yes, I have tried many things. I went as far as trafficking some fake images of the killings perpetrated in Kenya to overwhelm Gbagbo, but people managed to thwart that plan.

Youssouf: Yes, I had heard about it. I even learned of the case of those people supposed to have been killed in Abobo by President Gbagbo, but who found themselves at the court testifying. When you tell me that you have done everything, I understand you. It's really unfortunate! I only hope your masters will not ask you to pay back the 2 million dollars I learned they gave you.

Nyang bensouda:Ah, you knew about this?

Youssouf: Yesssss! I am not the only one to have learned about it. The information had spread everywhere. We learned that you had received 2 million dollars to sentence President Gbagbo, which was twice what your predecessor luis moreno ocampo had received.

Nyang bensouda: (Sighing)

Youssouf: You spoke earlier of one of yours, this member of the illuminati who betrayed you, is he not the one who also revealed the information about the 2 million dollars that your masters have given you to sentence President Gbagbo?

Nyang bensouda: He is the one. I do not know why he chose to do that to us.

Youssouf: Certainly, he had not yet crucified his conscience like you, and he had some remorse. Not everyone can do the kind of harm you are doing, and sleep well. Your masters and you are really special beings. It is clear that you are not normal human beings. A normal human being cannot be so inherently wicked and cruel. Killing millions of people as you are doing around the world without losing sleep, is extremely difficult to understand.

Nyang bensouda: You may be right, Youssouf. But as for the money I received, my masters will not ask me to pay back. On the contrary, I asked them to increase the amount. It was very insufficient because we all underestimated the situation. Nobody expected such a difficult and complicated situation.

Youssouf: If all your witnesses who finally testified could not do anything, and they were about 140, what can I, Youssouf, a simple animal, do?

Nyang bensouda: I know why I'm counting on you. And I know why you alone can make me win this case against this man. Where he is right now, he is almost convinced that I have failed. He cannot imagine the wild card that I have reserved.

Youssouf: Explain it to me.

Nyang bensouda: You know that among the charges against him there were war crimes, crimes against humanity, murders, rapes and others.

Youssouf: But all that did not work. How do you think you will be successful with me?

Nyang bensouda: With you, it is completely new charges that will be formulated.

Youssouf: Really?

Nyang bensouda: Yes. I will redefine the charges against him. I will now talk about crimes against animals through murder, rape and other sexual violence. I will add the acts of persecution and other acts of torture.

Youssouf: What am I going to say concretely?

Nyang bensouda: You will say that Gbagbo killed you, that he raped you, and that he tortured you. We must not fall into the kind of trap in which we found ourselves with the first witnesses.

Youssouf: What did the first witnesses do?

Nyang bensouda: They all said that Gbagbo sent his soldiers to kill them. And the few senior officers of the army, whom we succeeded in bribing to testify against him, did not succeed in establishing his guilt.

Youssouf: What then should we do this time around?

Nyang bensouda: This time around, you will not say that Gbagbo sent his soldiers to kill you. You will rather say that it was Gbagbo himself who came to kill you and rape you. At that level we no longer run the risk of being confronted by soldiers who say that Gbagbo did not send them.

Youssouf: If his defense asks me why am I alive if President Gbagbo came to kill us, what will I say?

Nyang bensouda: You'll say you were just very lucky, and also very smart. You will say that as soon as he started killing the first animals, you lay as if you were dead, and he killed all the others.

Youssouf: And concerning the rape, what will I say?

Nyang bensouda: You will say that he had raped you all, all without exception, and on several occasions. And that when he was raping you, he did not care about who was male and who was female.

Youssouf: If I say that I too was raped, I may be asked for physical evidence, and there I will be stuck.

Nyang bensouda: In this case you should rather say that all the animals were raped except you, and that you escaped just because the first day he came to rape you, you were seriously ill, and that the other days, as you already knew his car, when you saw him coming, you had to hide. His defence may ask you if he came alone or with his officers. There you will say that you think that Gbagbo knew maybe that his principal generals were traitors, because he did not come with any of them. Whenever he had to do such dark operations, he only came with his real General Dogbo Blé. You will add that you now understand why it was only with this General that he came. It is he who has remained totally loyal and faithful to him to the end.

Youssouf: It's a good idea. The defense of President Gbagbo will find it useless to call General Dogbo Blé to court, since his testimony will be discredited. Everyone will say that he cannot say anything bad against the President.

Nyang bensouda: If his defense corners with embarrassing questions, tell them that you've already forgotten everything. Tell them that animals forget faster than men. And if they require proofs of this, I will bribe some veterinary doctors to confirm it. The United Nations has put a budget at my disposal for that.

Youssouf: And if I am asked about the mass graves where President Gbagbo buried us, what do I say?

Nyang bensouda: You will say that when he was killing you, he was not burying you. You will say that he was sending your bodies to the South, and that is why there was always meat in the South during the post-election crisis, despite the war and embargoes.

Youssouf: You do convince me more and more, madam. I think we can get by. I agree to testify.

Nyang bensouda: Ahaaaa Youssouf! You cannot imagine how relieved I am. You are the only hope I have now.

Youssouf: I'll do my best.

Nyang bensouda: This Gbagbo case has hurt us so much. All my masters are in total confusion. I cannot tell you how many meetings they have held, and continue to hold concerning this case. All of them have lost sleep throughout this trial, and all of them now regret having brought Gbagbo to the Hague. That has been a monumental mistake.

Youssouf: But you're exaggerating madam.

Nyang bensouda: Not at all. Do you know that this case has exposed all that we had as secret? I do not know if there is one of our secrets that has not been revealed. Do you want me to give you some examples?

Youssouf: Why not.

Nyang bensouda: Until this lawsuit against Gbagbo begins, several people were convinced that it was dramane ouattara who had won the 2010 elections. The Gbagbo trial revealed to the world that ouatttara dramane had not even made it through the first round. Everyone now knows that it was Gbagbo and Bédié who were qualified for the second round. In reality, dramane ouattara had not even had half of Bédié's votes. And it was even during the first round that Gbagbo won the elections. But our management software for those elections had manipulated the results. Everything was programmed so that there would absolutely be a second round.

Youssouf: That I know.

Nyang bensouda: That's not all. People now know that even the 16,000 deaths that are announced are the figures that my masters have chosen to let circulate. In fact, the Ivorian crisis has killed more than 100,000 people, and people know it from now on. All those who follow only our media really believed that the 2010 post-election crisis in Ivory Coast was due to the fact that President Gbagbo had lost the elections and refused to give up his position to dramane ouattara. Now everyone knows that it was more of a french coup against President Gbagbo, a coup that had begun since Gbagbo won the 2000 elections to everyone's surprise. There is even a brilliant investigative journalist who has made a book about it.

Youssouf: Are you talking about Charles Onana?

Nyang bensouda: I realise that you are well informed, Youssouf.

Youssouf: This Gbagbo case interests everyone, madam, including animals and trees.

Nyang bensouda: Charles Onana made an excellent book entitled "Ivory Coast: The Coup d'Etat", a book prefaced by President Thabo Mbeki, the former South African President. This book confirms very well what I have just told you. You know it's not up to me to advertise a book that exposes my masters and me. If I had the power to ban that book, I would have done so without hesitation.

Our plot was so exposed that even some of Gbagbo's enemies became his friends. All have now realised that he is totally innocent. Everyone now knows that the real President-elect of Ivory Coast is in prison in The Hague, and that the real first lady of Ivory Coast is in prison in Ivory Coast. That does not make my masters comfortable. Feeling so exposed is certainly the last thing they would have wished.

Youssouf: Madam, I must admit that this case of Gbagbo hurts you a lot.

Nyang bensouda: You can say that again, Youssouf. Far too bad. Let me give you a few more examples:

There is the refusal to recount the votes. This is a true denial of democracy. My masters who like to pretend to be donors of democracy lessons will never recover. The whole world now knows that the word democracy is just a meaningless word. Which true democrat can oppose the recount of votes when an election is contested? The recount of votes is the most democratic way to deal with this kind of problem. It has become impossible for my masters to still stand in front of Africans and talk about democracy without being ashamed. It is with a heavy heart that they use this word now.

There is also the closure of french banks during this post-election crisis as a means of blackmailing Gbagbo. Any African who enjoys all his senses can never put his money in a french bank, since he knows from now on that for nothing france can order her banks in an African country to close their doors and block the money of all their African clients for an indefinite period, without fear or prosecution, compensation or other forms of reparation to pay them.

There is also the place chosen by my masters to proclaim the results of the 2010 election. In no country in the world has such a thing been seen. This is another new fact. The results of the presidential elections of a country being proclaimed at the headquarters of the opposition candidate, that has never happened since the world came into existence, and I am certain that this will never happen again. Why? Because the shame that my masters are still experiencing now will make them never to fall again into the trap of spreading their great idiocy in the eyes of the world in this way. This case was too flagrant.

Youssouf: Madam, I agree with you that your masters were of a legendary naivety. Not only did they take it upon themselves to go to Golf Hotel, which was the headquarters of dramane ouattara, to proclaim the results of the presidential elections in a sovereign country with well-established institutions, which were functioning perfectly, but after their misdeed, they exfiltrated the hideous bakayoko, the president of the CEI (Independent Electoral Commission), and took him to Paris where he was housed, exonerated and fed for months, until the coup d’état ended.

Nyang bensouda: Are you talking about youssouf bakayoko?

Youssouf: It is intentionally that I did not want to use the name Youssouf, Madam. Youssouf bakayoko is a scoundrel. Here is a buccaneer who agrees to reverse the election results, and give dramane ouattara winner of an election he largely lost, and remains quiet when they're massacring tens of thousands of his compatriots. During this time, he agrees to go and be treated as a little pasha in Paris. For this villain, this little ephemeral comfort that he was given, is worth more than the lives of more than 100,000 Ivorians and other Africans. It's sad madam, and knowing that this idiot has the same name as me revolts me.

Nyang bensouda: Let me give you another example, Youssouf. I already told you that what the Gbagbo case did to us, I cannot find real words to express it. And when I talk about this case, I'm not talking just about the purpose of the military coup, I'm talking about the whole process that accompanied it. Another highlight is the naturalisation of dramane ouattara a few days before the presidential elections. We have never seen that anywhere. This is another unprecedented fact.

Youssouf: Madam, finally this Ivorian case will remain in history as the case that has encompassed the greatest number of unpublished facts in the history of humanity. I believe that UNESCO should dwell at length on it, and this case should normally be included in the Guinness Book of World Records. I recommend that the long french military coup in Ivory Coast from 2000 to 2011 be listed as UNESCO World Heritage, well before the french baguette.

It is established that dramane ouattara lived nearly 70 years as Burkinabé, and your masters forced President Gbagbo to naturalise him for the presidential elections, to make him the president of a country which in reality is not his. This is indeed an unprecedented event.

Nyang bensouda: There is also the embargo on medicines. This is the icing on the cake. You cannot imagine how this error showed the true face of my masters who like to give the impression of being very concerned about human life. Ivory Coast normally has about 30 million inhabitants. When my masters who advocate everywhere the different rights, including the rights of animals like you, allow themselves to block the medicines in the direction of nearly 30 million people, they are showing the world that they are just vulgar criminals. I think you agree with me that none of them wants to be seen this way.

Youssouf: Absolutely.

Nyang bensouda: Unfortunately, this is how they are seen now. Depriving more than 30 million people of drugs is to achieve what result, if not to kill all these populations who rely on these drugs. A real genocide. And among the people who will be victims of this odious decision, there are elderly people, pregnant women, breastfeeding women, small children, disabled people, etc. From that moment, what rights can my masters still preach to people? The rights of men? Women's rights? Children's rights? The rights of the elderly? The rights of people with disabilities? The rights of the sick? All these different rights have been violated. We do no longer know which way to turn, Youssouf. It’s very complicated for us.

Youssouf: Do not cry, madam. I understand the pain you're in.

Nyang bensouda: I am sorry, Youssouf, if I could not hold back my tears. Just this case of medicine embargo alone is enough to totally destroy us and put several pharmaceutical firms of my masters out of business if Africans choose to behave like people with brains. Which African with all his senses can still count on drugs from the West? And which African country worthy of the name can still count on imported medicines, especially from the West?

Any African whose brain is still functioning well, now knows that the drugs manufactured in the West are an instrument of domination and enslavement in the hands of my masters. True Africans now know that Westerners can block medicine at any time towards Africa, and leave tens of millions of Africans to die without any embarrassment. Africans who think will certainly run away from these imported drugs, and seek to heal themselves differently.

The same applies to African leaders. All African leaders with all their mental and intellectual abilities now know that relying on medicines made in the West is synonymous with exposing African people to possible blackmail worthy of spoiled children. They discovered through this abominable decision, what my masters really are. Responsible and conscientious leaders, if they exist on the African continent, must bring together all their experts and researchers in natural medicine and other alternative medicines, to quickly find solutions to treat their patients without relying anymore on imported medicines whose delivery can be blocked at any time, even for the most childish and ignoble reasons.

Do you imagine, Youssouf, that African leaders be mentally healthy and balanced people, and take the kinds of decisions I have just mentioned, what will become of the pharmaceutical firms of my masters? You understand why I cannot hold back my tears. Do you know that Africa officially has a population of one billion 300 million people currently. You know that the official figures are still very low compared to the real numbers. We are talking about a population of at least 2 billion people, 2 billion potential customers. It is Africa that constitutes the largest clientele of the pharmaceutical firms of my masters. Imagine more than 2 billion customers who overnight stop using drugs manufactured in the West. This would be a disaster. This is what would normally happen if the African leaders were not lackeys of my masters.

Even if it has not happened yet, my masters fear such a scenario. They say to themselves that if the new generation of Africans examine this situation with lucidity, they will revolt against the passive complicity of their leaders, will revolt against my masters, and will boycott all the french products without exception. And that will be the end of Western domination over Africa. This problem is very delicate, and I simply pray that Africans stay in their usual sleep, and that none of them even realise that any problem exists. If young Africans were a little aware of the reality and the seriousness of this situation, a revolution would be inevitable. And that's not all, Youssouf. Do you know that in the West my masters even defend the rights of the dead?

Youssouf: What do you mean, madam?

Nyang bensouda: Every time a sepulchre is desecrated in Europe, they make it a problem so serious that they order the police to investigate. And offenders are usually punished severely when they are caught. If Africans learn this, they will certainly realise that in the West the dead are worth more than the living in Africa. Can you see the gravity? While my masters protect the rights of the dead in the West to the point of severely punishing those who dare to disrupt these rights, they flout the rights of the living in Africa to the point of ordering the genocide of more than 30 million Africans unscrupulously. By this, they confirm that Africans are worthless. They confirm that men in Africa are less valuable than Western animals, and that living people in Africa are less valuable than Western dead. Imagine what the reaction of Africans will be when they realise this. I pray with all my heart that they never realise it.

Youssouf: You better put together a solid prayer group for such a prayer, madam.

Nyang bensouda: Looking only at the food section for dogs and cats in supermarkets in the West, you would faint, Youssouf; especially when you know the fate that is reserved for men in Africa by my masters and their valets who occupy several presidential seats in Africa.

Youssouf: I also learned, madam, that in the West the cemeteries are better built than the most beautiful neighbourhoods of Africa, with all the alleys paved and well traced, and the roads inside well tarred; while in Africa, you will not find any totally asphalted city, not even the capitals. This means that while Westerners are plundering Africa and turning African cities into slums, including African capitals, they are building their cemeteries in ways that make people in the most prestigious districts of sub-Saharan Africa jealous. I am sure, madam, that had it not been for the fear of the ghosts and all the evil spirits who operate in the cemeteries, many Africans would choose to settle in these beautiful western cemeteries.

Nyang bensouda: You are right, Youssouf. Imagine what will be the reaction of Africans when they realise all this. I pray with all my heart that they never realise it.

Youssouf: I understand you madam, and I understand very well now. Do you know that several hundred people died because of this drug embargo?

Nyang bensouda: I do know.

Youssouf: When your masters are ready to lock up President Gbagbo at the ICC for life for the virtual assassination of a hundred people, while they themselves actually murdered more than 100,000 people by their arms, and were still actually ready to murder an additional 30 million people by the drug embargo, it is necessary to ask oneself if one does not walk on one’s head.

Nyang bensouda: What do you want me to say, Youssouf?

Youssouf: Permit me come back to a statement that you made a moment ago. You said that in fact the Ivorian crisis has claimed more than 100,000 lives. This confirms the predictions of dominique claudine nouvian folloroux-ouattara, the wife of dramane ouattara. Several media have published that she had sworn that even if there were to be 100,000 dead, dramane and her would take power in Ivory Coast. Her prediction is remarkably true. Is this woman not a prophetess by chance? In my humble opinion, Christian churches that do not yet have prophetesses should appeal to her. But the only thing that could possibly dampen the enthusiasm of those churches that could be interested in her is the list of names that the media have given her. Some have called her "bloodthirsty harpy", others "dangerous whore", and others "fatal woman". These titles will not make her very attractive to these churches despite her powerful prophecy ministry and her predictions in the like of Nostradamus.

Nyang bensouda: Being from their side, I can't really comment on what you've just said. But I still want to warn you. Do not forget that you are still in Ivory Coast. Do not forget yourself and repeat in front of people there all these qualifiers that the media have given to dramane’s wife, otherwise you may find yourself at the Maca never to come out again. I hope you followed the case of the Unionist Mahan Gahé Basile and others who like him made a trip with no return to Maca. Political prisoners are so tortured that either, they die in prison, or, they come out to die some time later. The case of Minister Jean-Jacques Béchio is still very fresh in your minds. You know that I rely on you; I still need you, and I want you alive. And do not forget that if dramane kills you, you have lost everything, since his crimes will never be investigated or punished. I am very well placed to tell you that.

Youssouf: It is understood, madam.

Nyang bensouda: I cannot tell you everything that this Gbagbo case has done to us. Many of my masters bitterly regret getting involved in this case. Some admitted that if they had for a moment imagined that this case would have this kind of outcome, they would never have embarked on it.

Youssouf: But madam, they still managed to loot Ivory Coast. They have been looting this country for more than 15 years. They literally steal everything. Since 2002 with the rebellion created from scratch by them and led by scoundrels like soro guillaume and his band, your masters have well enriched themselves on the back of Ivory Coast. And since they murdered President Gbagbo, sorry, since they failed to assassinate President Gbagbo and took him hostage, they are plundering everything, without anyone saying anything. How can you say they regret this case?

Nyang bensouda: You do not understand Youssouf. You'd better be careful when you go to court. This kind of slip of the tongue you just made when talking about Gbagbo's assassination, do not do that in court. Otherwise, it will be a disaster. Now back to your question. I agree with you that they quite blithely looted the entire north of Ivory Coast after cutting the country into two and leaving the northern part to dramane ouattara’s rebellion led by soro, and that they are looting the country freely since they overthrew Gbagbo. But their image is totally destroyed. They would have preferred to loot less than what they looted, but to maintain the image of civilised people. At present, they are seen all over the world as mere brutes, as petty criminals, and as vulgar barbarians. That does not please them.

Youssouf: I understand.

Nyang bensouda: Yessss. This Gbagbo case hurts us a lot. I have not even spoken to you about the ICC. African presidents have repeatedly threatened to leave the ICC. Fortunately for us they are mostly cowards, real cowards. Otherwise, I will already be unemployed. Only the courageous Pierre Nkurunziza, President of Burundi, was able to match words with deeds.

Youssouf: You seem to have admiration for him.

Nyang bensouda: Yes of course. This is a man in the true sense of the word. A man who knows how to keep to his word and who does not let himself be frightened by the kind of scarecrow that my masters shake very often. And it's not just me who admires him. My masters too were surprised by his determination. They say among themselves that if these "cowards and useless" African presidents had the same courage as their small counterpart of Burundi, things would have already changed in Africa, and the ICC would already be closed. When I talk about a small counterpart here, I'm talking about the size of his country. This is a courageous president, who has personality. Fortunately for us, they are not many. The other brave one was his counterpart from Gambia, President Yahya Jammeh who by the way was the president of my country. But my masters were able to drive him out of power with the help of their vassals Macky Sall and dramane ouattara.

And france has more to lose in all this than everyone else. Take the case of the Orange mobile operator. It was established that during the Ivorian crisis, Gbagbo's people were being spied on by Orange, and that all their phone calls were intercepted at the request of france. What serious African can still use the Orange phone operator knowing that it is actually a strong weapon of the french spying system in Africa, and maybe even around the world? If Africans were conscientious people, they would all have abandoned this operator in order to protect their privacy. If Africans choose to behave as responsible and respectable people, each of them will abandon Orange, and this operator will cease to operate throughout Africa. Here again I pray that Africans should still be careless as they have always been. So you see, although we have looted Ivory Coast as you say, we are losing Gbagbo's case. My masters all dread what the future holds for them in Africa. Although Africans are recognised as eternal slaves, my masters fear that the new generation will wake up and choose to refuse slavery.

I have not even mentioned the case of our NGOs. If our great concern does not seem justified to you, it's just because Africans are really amorphous. Look at the role our NGOs played during this crisis. If the Africans were really serious, none of these Western NGOs would be left on the African continent, because no serious country can accept on its soil NGOs which are in fact active cells of the espionage and counter espionage of the other countries. But luckily for us, Africans do not even seem to find in this a problem. But we do not know how long it will last, especially that, for some time now, some people are waking up and are making their voices heard on the pan-African television channel Afrique Media. My masters even tried everything to shut down this TV station, without much success for the moment. I hope that we will succeed, but I am afraid we may not succeed.

I would not even want to mention the case of the french company Sagem, paid at the cost of billions by Ivory Coast, for the management of these Ivorian elections. Sagem was imposed by france on Gbagbo, as the company that was supposed to ensure the technical management of the vote. In reality, the mission of Sagem was to do everything possible to have a second round, because the french after serious investigations were convinced that Gbagbo would win the elections in the first round. The french also knew that with the pressing unpopularity of dramane ouattara, they could not dare a manipulation giving ouattara winner in the first round. They knew that with a second round, they would put pressure on bédié whom they grabbed by the testicles, and justify their coup by the fact that bédié would have allied himself with ouattara, and the whole world would be convinced that the two, together, would be able to win against Gbagbo. That is the game that was planned, and that's the mission that was assigned to the french company Sagem. And Sagem did its job well. As a result, blood has flowed in Ivory Coast, and continues to flow.

With this, what serious African country can still entrust the management of anything to a french company while knowing that french companies, whatever they may be, are in fact powerful tools of the french spying system in Africa? If Africans become conscientious, no french company will ever be able to win any business contract in Africa. That's what my french masters, Youssouf, are risking. I hope you will now understand the depth of our concern. If this case of Gbagbo opens the eyes of Africans who until then were blind, I am sure that my french masters will be driven out of Africa. Hence my recourse to prayer, Youssouf, so that Africans remain blind.

If I want to give you examples, we will never end. The case of Gbagbo has put us in so much trouble that we will never be able to recover from it. So, as far as his trial is concerned, it only takes an animal like you to still succeed in stopping my programmed failure, and to limit the shame that has already enveloped me like a garment. I am sure that my masters to try any coup again in Africa or even to sue any worthy African, will think twice. They do not want to relive this kind of nightmare. The case of Gbagbo was a monumental mistake for them. There is so much to say that if I want to explain everything to you, I will make a book of several volumes. There are so many cases, Youssouf.

Youssouf: That's what I see madam. There is even another flagrant and truly pathetic case that you have forgotten. It is about the childish and grotesque blunder that your American masters had committed. As soon as they chose to come to the aid of the french for their coup against President Gbagbo, the ignoble Barack Hussein Obama and the two witches who surrounded him, hillary rodham clinton and susan rice had encouraged President Gbagbo to give up the mandate that the Ivorian people had just entrusted to him, in exchange for a teaching job at the University of Boston in the United States.

Nyang bensouda: I do not see where the problem is, Youssouf.

Youssouf: I'm coming, madam. Here is the problem: Barack Obama and his two vipers hillary clinton and susan rice are among those who were singing on the rooftops that President Gbagbo was guilty of war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide, and so on. And they were continuously broadcasting these bulks of incantations against President Gbagbo on all their media. These ignorant who think they are intelligent had forgotten that by offering a university teaching job to President Laurent Gbagbo, they were offering a university teaching position to a genocidal assassin. In their imbecility, they had demonstrated to the world that the real punishment that should be reserved for war criminals, criminals against humanity, and the genocidaires, was to grant them a noble teaching position at the Boston University in the United States. That is stupidity at its height, madam.

Nyang bensouda: I understand now, Youssouf. I must admit that I had not pushed the analysis that far. You surprise me, Youssouf. I did not know that animals were that intelligent.

Youssouf: They are madam, as you can see. And sometimes they are more intelligent than some men. Do not forget that intelligence comes from God. The God who created men is the same who created us, and gave everyone a minimum of intelligence. With the reasoning of your American masters, who would not wish to become a war criminal, criminal against humanity, and genocidaire, madam? Now that I understand that, even me, a simple animal, can get a teaching job at Boston University in the United States, just by becoming a war criminal, and/or genocidaires, should I not think about it, madam? And now that I know that American university teachers are just a bunch of war criminals and genocidaires for most of them, I will never again advise Africans to enrol their children in these universities.

Nyang bensouda: I will not despise animals again for their supposed lack of intelligence, Youssouf. I am very impressed by your great wisdom and your great intelligence.

Youssouf: It is already wrong that you were despising us, madam. I do not want to boast, otherwise I would give you several examples proving that we animals are sometimes more intelligent than men.

Nyang bensouda: Give me another example, Youssouf.

Youssouf: Madam, me, a bull, will never dare, I mean never, mate with another bull. And no heifer or cow, even if his brains were not functioning normally, would ever go to another heifer or cow for some mating. Yet that's what you do, you men, to the point of erecting that as a norm. You are scandalising us, madam, you human beings.

Nyang bensouda: Let's change the topic, Youssouf.

Youssouf: You asked for another example, madam. Why do you want to avoid this topic? Let me tell you more. The scumbag david cameron, former prime minister of Great Britain had in his madness imposed on Africans to adopt homosexuality, while threatening to stop all aid to Africa, if his orders were not respected. The reaction of President Mugabe, that other worthy son of Africa, was almost immediate. He first told the mentally unbalanced david cameron in response that homosexuals were dogs. He later rectified his first statement by saying that calling homosexual dogs was an insult to dogs, and even a great injustice to them since dogs are sufficiently sane to distinguish between a male and a female. That's the sad reality, madam. If animals, even in their extreme madness, can never engage in the kind of abomination which you, so-called intelligent men, throw yourselves, it means there is a problem, madam.

Nyang bensouda: Uh!

Youssouf: I had read an article in which the author said that those who run this world are mentally ill. He was right! How else to explain this level of reasoning of a so-called educated and intelligent man, and what's more prime minister of a great nation like Great Britain? A man must have the last degree of insanity to believe that the lives of 2 billion Africans depend on his so-called aid, and that the survival of 54 countries depends on his "magnanimity". David Cameron had thus proved to the whole world that he was a vulgar idiot. It's a pity, madam. If the world is managed by this kind of idiots, then we can better understand what is happening therein. I now understand better this man of God who explained that the leaders of this world are not normal men, but rather a band of reptilians, demons in flesh sent by lucifer to destroy the world.

Nyang bensouda: Even if what you say makes me ashamed, it's all the same relevant, Youssouf.

Youssouf: Absolutely, madam. This is all the more relevant that it becomes imperative to sound the alarm. The former french President, francois hollande, has even had the effrontery to boast of having sodomized and gomorrhized france, by calling for a vote on what he has unscrupulously called "Marriage for All". A way of telling us that in their world, that is the harebrained world, everything can mate with everything. It's just mind-boggling. What this individual found positive in his reign as president of the french republic is to have turned his country into Sodom and Gomorrah. To make matters worse, he is proud of himself. Yes, he is boasting about it. This is the only feat he has achieved during his five-year term.

Nyang bensouda: Why don't we change the subject now, Youssouf?

Youssouf: With pleasure, madam.

Nyang bensouda: I was giving you some examples of the damage that Gbagbo's case has caused us. Let me give you another one. It is that of Guy-André Kieffer, this French-Canadian journalist kidnapped and allegedly murdered by Gbagbo's wife. Before Gbagbo's trial everyone had believed the official version, the one our media distilled. Yet now, everyone knows that it is france with dramane ouattara who planned and executed the disappearance and the assassination of Guy-André Kieffer to accuse Gbagbo.

Youssouf: Yes madam, I also learned about it. I even heard that dramane ouattara sent his secret agents to Ghana to assassinate a witness to the case who pledged to unveil everything and help the investigators find even the corpse of the journalist.

Nyang bensouda: So, you can imagine the embarrassment of my masters when all these plots are laid bare. With this, no one will give the slightest credence to the other accusations of my masters against anyone. This case of Gbagbo has discredited them so much. Look at the case of french soldiers allegedly killed in Bouaké. Everyone now knows that it is france under chirac that planned and executed this set-up, and that Gbagbo had nothing to do with it. This is the reason why no investigation has been carried out to date.

Youssouf: It's really terrible, madam. Yet it is on the basis of this grotesque lie that all the military aircraft of a country like Ivory Coast were destroyed, with the complicity of the UN. The stupid witch michele alliot-marie, who blatantly organized the escape of the Belarusian pilots who flew the aircraft involved in the so-called bombing of french soldiers in Bouaké, is still at large, despite the evidence of her crimes. Since the real version of this plot was brought to light, the UN has not said anything; it has not asked for an international investigation; it has not pronounced any condemnation. The UN, which never hesitates to meet urgently to condemn the accidental death abroad of a dog, a cat or any other animal belonging to a Westerner, and which is always quick to ask for international investigations when a Westerner dies in Africa, has remained impassive to this day. But by the way, who will pay for all those aircraft that france had destroyed, madam?

Nyang bensouda: I'm not an Ivorian, Youssouf. It will be up to Ivorians to manage the issue.

Youssouf: Madam, earlier you said you would come back to the case of UNOCI.

Nyang bensouda: Yes Youssouf, let's come back to that. The destruction by UNOCI of all its documents related to the management of the Ivorian crisis was another big mistake on the part of my masters. These documents were so compromising that my masters could not afford to keep them, but destroying them, and destroying them so early, proved to the world that there was nothing true in the version of france and the UN. Every man, even the most ignorant in the world, understood that france and the UN had everything to hide. You will never see normal people, who do not reproach themselves of anything, take upon themselves to destroy extremely important documents. If you see a person involved in a case consciously destroying documents of great importance, you can only explain his actions in two ways: Either he is guilty and has the interest in destroying the evidence, or he is mentally unbalanced. Now it takes more than the most dishonest man in the world or the silliest man in the world, to believe what france and the UN have said about the Ivorian crisis. You will never see honest and mentally balanced people, taking upon themselves to destroy documents of such importance regarding an unfinished event. Everyone knows that this Ivorian crisis of 2010 is not yet resolved; the evidence is that the president of this 2010 elections is still in prison at the ICC with one of his ministers, and the first lady of this country is still in prison following the crisis, and hundreds of political detainees are still in prison, following the same crisis. What can therefore justify the destruction of the documents of a case that we are still managing? So, understand Youssouf that I am more than aware that my masters have exposed their baseness, their naivety, and their smallness in the management of this Ivorian case, but there's nothing I can do about it.

Youssouf: Madam, what revolts me the most in all this is the massacre of thousands of Ivorian students. Do you know that the thousands of patriots that france and the United Nations massacred were mostly students? Everyone knows that students of any country are the future of that country. It is therefore the whole future of Ivory Coast and even of Africa that france with the help of the UN massacred in this way. With that are you not ashamed to speak of international justice, madam? If at least you were currently at the ICC trying france and the UN, we would understand it. Your fellow judges are instead trying the survivors of the massacre of your masters, and you are trying very hard to convict the survivors of the massacre of your masters. Is it not pathetic, madam? The UN has clearly demonstrated to the world that it is a mission of creation and maintenance of war and not a peacekeeping mission as it likes to declare it in its hypocrisy.

Nyang bensouda: I am speechless, Youssouf.

Youssouf: Going into a country and massacring without any embarrassment, and with impunity thousands of students as your masters did in Ivory Coast, it is an unprecedented fact. And it is only in Africa that such a thing is possible. Unfortunately, no one takes action; neither African leaders, nor African civil society, nor African intellectuals, nor African youth. It's terrible! We even saw some so-called African intellectual idiots who supported such an abomination. A president like Barack Obama, whom many Africans had appreciated, was not ashamed to condone such genocide. This thug did not hesitate to describe thousands of Ivorian students as thugs, and let them be massacred. He forgets that if he had been murdered while he was a student, he would never have become the President of the United States.

In addition, madam, your masters, to prove that they are only mentally ill people, still have the nerve to speak of human rights. Bloodthirsty people who can decimate thousands of African students heartlessly should never again talk about human rights, if they were in full possession of their mental and intellectual faculties. You will agree with me that if there was any consistency in this world, your masters would all be in psychiatric hospitals. But there is still an important element that Africans must understand now. Whenever your monster masters talk about human rights, Africans must understand that these people are talking about the rights of Westerners, and that these rights do not in any way concern Africans, because Africans for these demons have no value, and represent nothing. That is why they can be killed in their thousands and tens of thousands without any embarrassment, and without being accountable to anyone, and without anyone batting an eyelid. Take for example what is currently happening in the Central African Republic, and in the Democratic Republic of Congo, to name but two. The minerals that your masters are plundering have more value in their eyes than the millions of Africans they they are massacring to achieve their ends. I hope Africans will wake up and stand up this time.

Nyang bensouda: I do not wish for that, Youssouf. You know that if Africans wake up and get up as you hope, it's not just my masters who will suffer. People like me and all those who like me have chosen to betray their continent, will be driven out of Africa. And you know that we are many, Youssouf. In addition to those we have already mentioned, there are people like henri konan bédié and his band, blaise compaoré and his band, goodluck jonathan alias badluck jonathan and his band, abdoulaye wade and company, and all the other vassal presidents of france who took part in this coup d’état against Ivory Coast, not to mention other coups d'état in Africa since the wars of independence. Our masters and us are praying every day that Africa should never rebel.

Youssouf: You will be happy if your prayers are answered. But woe to you if otherwise. Nevertheless, you are lucky that I am just an animal, madam. If I were a man, I would mobilise all African youth for the ultimate liberation of Africa.

Nyang bensouda: Do not repeat that aloud, Youssouf, please. If conscious young Africans hear you, they can take advantage of your idea.

Youssouf: Madam, a while ago you mentioned the name of bédié. That's another strange character. This man is indescribably villainous. He was the one who chased dramane ouattara from Ivory Coast because he was a Burkinabé, and it is he who still allied with this same Burkinabé to let tens of thousands of Ivorians be massacred by france and his terrorists. Nobody understands what is going on in this man's head. Some Africans now prefer to call him conard bédié.

Nyang bensouda: Did he have any choice, Youssouf? You cannot imagine the degree of blackmail that my masters have done to him. You know he stole a lot of money that he stored in the banks of my masters. They threatened to confiscate all this and all his belongings if he chose not to cooperate. You only have to see the results of the first round elections. Bédié knew very well that in spite of the manipulations of the results by the french company Sagem, so that Gbagbo should not be elected in the first round, it was him bédié who was second. But we changed the results to let ouattara second, so that the coup d'état succeeds. You remember that bédié had even contested these results, but my masters had to smother him unceremoniously, and he kept his trap shut.

Youssouf: His money and his goods that vultures wanted to seize, are they worth the lives of 100,000 Ivorians and Africans, madam?

Nyang bensouda: Youssouf, you know that if I have to condemn bédié, I must begin by condemning myself.

Youssouf: Madam, whether it's this motherfucker bédié as some call it, or you and your other companions who like you prefer personal wealth at the cost of the lives of millions of Africans, I have some questions to ask you: How many years do you still have to live on this earth? Do you think of leaving this earth with all these goods for which you allow millions of Africans to be slaughtered? Do you think for a moment what history will remember of you? Do you think about the historical legacy you will leave to your descendants?

Nyang bensouda: (Sighs)

Youssouf: There is even another joker that we thought was lucid. He supported the coup against President Gbagbo, and backed the massacre of thousands of Ivorians. After that, in the 2015 elections, he believed in his naivety that your masters, who placed the accursed ouattara at the head of Ivory Coast after the massacre of more than 100,000 Africans, could allow a real election. He became a candidate to the point of dreaming. For that, he thought he could take Ivorians for idiots, and began to promise them that if he won, he would go and take President Gbagbo out of prison. It was just funny. These are the kind of people who make your masters believe that an African is stupid.

Nyang bensouda: Who are you talking about, Youssouf?

Youssouf: That joker of Kouadio Konan Bertin.

Nyang bensouda: This person does not represent anything in the eyes of my masters.

Youssouf: Let's come back a little bit on the UN, madam. How do you explain the fact that Africans remain members of the United Nations knowing that this organisation has only been working against them since its creation?

Nyang bensouda: Do not forget that I work for the UN, Youssouf. It is not from me that you should expect an objective answer to such a question.

Youssouf: And precisely, madam, I wanted to ask you how you managed to accept to work for a mafia organisation like the UN, an organisation supposedly created for peace, but which is behind all the wars ravaging the world?

Nyang bensouda: Let's change the topic, Youssouf.

Youssouf: Gladly, madam. You told me earlier that all your witnesses have failed because it is impossible to prove a lie. How will I prove mine then?

Nyang bensouda: Your case is different, Youssouf. You are an animal, not a man. People will not have the same look on you. At least that's what I think. In any case, I am desperate. I have to do something. Gbagbo must be sentenced.

Youssouf: That's understood. I'll do my best. I will help you win. I just thought of a real strategy that I will use to make you win. I prefer not to disclose that now. You know that walls often have ears. In any case, I promise you victory.

Nyang bensouda: Ahaaa Youssouf, what a relief! Thank you Youssouf, thank you very much. You give me joy again, and I'll have some sleep tonight. I do not dare tell you how many millions my masters will give you. Also know that we will confiscate the villa of one of the pro-Gbagbos to give you.

Youssouf: Ahaaa thank you madam, thank you.

Nyang bensouda: See you then at the court.

Youssouf: Madam, wait a minute. I feel totally guilty of having made that promise. I'm not sure to come to court anymore.

Nyang bensouda: What happened again?

Youssouf: When I think of all that you and your masters have done to this man, I rather pity him, and I cannot see myself testifying against him. Do you realise that this innocent man has suffered all the unimaginable evils from your hands? You just told me that dramane ouattara did not even have half of bedié's votes in the first round of 2010 elections, because he is such an unpopular man in Ivory Coast that he can never exceed 5% of the votes in that country without using fraud. But when I see how you treated President Gbagbo, who actually won the elections from the first round, and only found himself in the second round thanks to the massive fraud that you organized, when I see how you humiliated him, and what you did to him and his family, I shiver. I find it really cruel on your part.

Nyang bensouda: Do not take that position, Youssouf.

Youssouf: And again, madam, as if your cruelty towards him was not enough, his dear mother dies after a long exile, and you do not even give him the opportunity to bury her. Think about it, madam. Think about it for a minute! But what cruelty! Are your masters human, madam? President Gbagbo was not even allowed to see the body of his loving mother. Do you find this fair, madam? What have your masters and you done with your conscience? If at least President Gbagbo were guilty, we would understand with less difficulty your cruelty towards him. But he is totally innocent. Besides, he is so innocent that it is by counting on an animal like me that you hope to find a plausible witness against him. Your numerous crimes against him and against Ivory Coast are so great. Are you really sure that worthy Africans will forgive you for that kind of cruelty, madam? If President Gbagbo himself chooses to forgive all of this because he seems to be the kind of person who forgives everything even without thinking, I very much doubt if the worthy Africa will forgive you for that, and I am almost convinced that history will never forgive you.

Nyang bensouda: What then do you want me to do, Youssouf?

Youssouf: Madam, I just wonder where you got the courage to try to convict an innocent man like President Gbagbo with all the proofs of his innocence that you hold. I understand why you cannot sleep, madam. If you had a conscience, I am sure that you would have already abandoned this case against President Gbagbo.

Nyang bensouda: But Youssouf, you can't imagine the huge pressure I'm under from my masters.

Youssouf: I know it, madam. I had followed your statements published by a South African newspaper that confirmed what you just told me. These statements said I quote: "There is nothing serious against Gbagbo, I am under pressure from france, I cannot do anything about it." But madam, at a certain level, you should know how to say no. Do you imagine what you are doing to President Gbagbo? He was humiliated as no president has ever been, all of this unfairly. His wife Simone Gbagbo to this day is still being tortured, and she is dying because of the torture, all of this unfairly. She is the true first lady of Ivory Coast. You know very well how she was humiliated in the face of the whole world, all unfairly. You also know the kind of inhuman and degrading treatment she received secretly in the dramane ouattara’s jail. And you dare to say that you cannot do anything about it, madam? As a woman yourself, how can you condone and endorse what first lady Simone Gbagbo has been through? The choice you made to sell your soul to the devil and to crucify your conscience is really a very bad choice.

I even heard about an article in which you were accused of being a prostitute. At first, I thought you had left your husband to go with another man. It was later that I realised that the author of this article was not talking about physical prostitution. I cannot repeat before you some of the terms that worthy Africans have used against you. These terms are so disgusting. This story is known around the world. You are now making history as the most corrupt prosecutor of all time, like the slave that Westerners have used to subdue other Africans, and as a greedy vampire who for 2 million dollars is willing to sacrifice 2 billion Africans. Is that really the way you want history to remember you, madam? Are you ready to carry that kind of burden forever on your conscience, madam?

Nyang bensouda: Youssouf, to tell you the truth, you are embarrassing me.

Youssouf: It’s serious madam. Think about it. Recently when the news came out saying that you had lost your son in the United States, people rejoiced on social networks. Do you imagine for a while what that represents, madam? You yourself know that no normal man can rejoice at the death of another man. But some really normal Africans could not help but rejoice at the death of your son. Some people have wondered why anyone should be sorry for the fate of your thug and bad son, when you support the killing of tens of thousands of well-behaved children of others. You now have the whole dignified Africa on your back, madam.

Nyang bensouda: You know Youssouf, when you have signed a pact with the devil, it is often almost impossible to backtrack. I am stuck. And again, I've already gone too far to think of backing out.

Youssouf: Why then do people say that it's never too late to pull oneself together, and that there are only imbeciles who do not correct themselves, madam?

Nyang bensouda: I must certainly be one of those fools, Youssouf.

Youssouf: In this case, madam, know that it is against my will that I will be at the court. I know that if I refuse to testify against President Gbagbo, I will end up on your plates in the next few days.

Nyang bensouda: Do not say that Youssouf. There are people who refused to testify, and who are still alive.

Youssouf: Yes madam, you say they are still alive. But for how long? There are also some like Sam l’Africain who on their return from the court found themselves in prison.

Nyang bensouda: That will not be your case Youssouf. I give you my word.

Youssouf: Okay madam, I'll come.

Nyang bensouda: Once again, thank you Youssouf.

Youssouf: One last word, madam. I would like to admit that your masters are not just common terrorists and idiots, they are also clever strategists, really inventors of evil. How could they turn pascal affi n'guessan against President Gbagbo and against the Ivorian people?

Nyang bensouda: Pascal affi n'guessan is no different from me, Youssouf. He is basically selfish and extraordinarily egocentric. His belly comes first, and his own interests take precedence over all other interests. With the millions that have been given to him, by dangling the prospect of Ivorian presidency in front of him, he has forgotten patriotism, he has forgotten faithfulness and loyalty.

Youssouf: At one point one had thought that he was a real ally of President Gbagbo, and a true Ivorian patriot. Nobody could imagine that he was another idiot and rascal of the gang of scoundrels like soro guillaume, hamed bakayoko, and company.

Nyang bensouda: Do not forget Youssouf, that it’s in the presence of a game that one can distinguish what between the deer and the hyena is carnivorous. Affi n'guessan is not the only one. There is the freebooter alcide djédjé, and all the other pathetic corrupt traitors who were in Gbagbo's government, as well as all those who gravitated around Gbagbo, but who are now in what is called the "FPI of affi n'guessan".

Youssouf: That's what I see, madam.

Nyang bensouda: Why do you call my masters common terrorists and idiots?

Youssouf: What are they, madam? How do you call what they did in Ivory Coast? And how do you call what they did in Libya? Are there more great terrorists in this world than your masters, madam? In their idiocy, they take others for idiots. It's not the others who are fools, madam, they're the ones. We animals are not stupid. It is not because they are used to calling their victims terrorists and have made this false accusation their favourite chorus that we will eventually believe them, madam. Your masters are pitiful pathological liars. They lie like toddlers in need of inspiration. Who can still believe in one thing that these schizophrenics say, madam? If I want to enumerate the various lies, including the crudest and the most childish they conveyed during their military coup in Ivory Coast, we will not finish. There is nothing true in all the statements they made about Ivory Coast. If you want me to give you proof that your masters are mentally unbalanced, we will make another appointment.

In the meantime, I advise all worthy daughters and sons of Africa, to stop drinking from misinformation that official media distil by the international criminality abusively called the international community. If you want to get the real information, run away from all these lies. Whenever these lies-telling media give information, know that the opposite of this information is true.

Nyang bensouda: I have understood, Youssouf.

Youssouf: The proofs of the many crimes and other atrocities committed by the terrorists dramane ouattara and guillaume soro are everywhere, you do not have to look for them to find them. But you have not started any lawsuit against them yet. President Gbagbo who has committed no crime, because you cannot find any evidence seven years after his assassination, he is still the one undergoing what a little civilized people can never impose on an innocent man. All Africans will understand from this Gbagbo case that your french masters are vulgar criminals, fundamentally barbarians and bloodthirsty innate, and they have never been civilized. They are also the worst set of barbarians on the planet.

Nyang bensouda: Unfortunately, I am unable to say the opposite, Youssouf. But I do not want you to talk about the assassination of Gbagbo anymore. Talk at least about his failed assassination, please.

Youssouf: Madam, failed or not failed, the tons of bombs that your barbarian masters had dumped on the residence still inhabited by President Gbagbo, were not to miss him. So, you should not run away from the term President's assassination. The proof is that the poor man is still in the grave that you reserved for him in the Netherlands, waiting for him to die completely, and for you to send his body back to Ivory Coast, to hypocritically organise pompous funerals, telling anyone who would listen that President Gbagbo was a great man. And his wife, the real first lady of Ivory Coast, Simone Gbagbo, is still in the grave that you reserved for her in a cell in Ivory Coast, despite having already been acquitted of crimes against humanity and war crimes over a year ago by the Ivorian justice system under the orders of the terrorist dramane ouatara. The criminal dramane ouattara and the shabby sarkozy have vowed never to see her come out of this tomb alive. And since for the moment they are gods, their will still constitutes orders. But fortunately, not for much longer.

Nyang bensouda: I did not know that you were so angry against my french masters, Youssouf.

Youssouf: Already, it is not only against your barbarians of french masters that I am angry, madam. It is also against you and against other house slaves like you, that is to say those idiots who for a small favour are ready to sell all their brothers, and who are over-the-moon excited when they are tolerated in the presence of their masters. This is the case of greedy like abdou diouf and company. In addition, it is not only me who is angry against your assassins of french masters; it is in fact all worthy Africans and other friends of Africa who are in this position. So, your criminal masters would do well to put an end to their madness while there is still time. Madam, go and tell your barbarians of french masters, that they were not the ones who created Africans, and therefore they should not take Africans for their creatures. Africans have never been their creatures, and never will be. Remind these barbaric assassins that everything has an end, and that their inhuman and degrading treatment of Africans must come to an end, and that end has come.

Nyang bensouda: Everything you say worries me, Youssouf. And you know that like any good selfish person, I care more about my fate than my masters. If I defend the fate of my masters with such enthusiasm, it is because my own fate is linked to theirs. If my barbarians and assassins’ masters as you call them, stop looting Africa, where will they get the millions of dollars they will pay me as a tip, as salary and other benefits, and even as expenses of corruption from?

Youssouf: I have understood, madam, that you must live in luxury, and that your continent must be the dump of all the oddities of the world. Your barbaric assassins of masters must transform Africa into a field of experimentation of everything. All new drugs and vaccines must be tested on Africans. All new bombs must be experimented on Africans. All the new bacteriological weapons, it is on the Africans that one must experiment them. All the new poisons, it is on Africans that one must experiment them. African orphans must be kidnapped by cunning to serve as guinea pigs for your barbarous assassins of masters.

Which of the African nationalist presidents did your barbarian assassins of masters not murder, madam? Where is Patrice Lumumba? Where is Sylvanus Olympio? Where is Thomas Isidore Noël Sankara? And which of the Patriotic African Leaders did your barbarian assassins of masters not murder? Where is Ruben Um Nyobé? Where is Félix-Roland Moumié? Where is Ernest Ouandié? To quote only those. And do your masters really expect worthy Africans to applaud, madam? It's time that we all got up in Africa, Men and Women, Pets and Wild Animals, and even Trees and all the vegetation, to put an end to the savage barbarism of your barbarian assassins of masters who do not only plunder the continent, but enjoy killing millions and tens of millions of people.

Nyang bensouda: (Sighs)

Youssouf: Is there a single African in this world that your french masters can still convince, madam? This french genocide that began in 2002 and reached its peak in 2010 and 2011 in Ivory Coast, resulting in the massacre of more than 100,000 Africans, confirmed to every sane African that the worst enemy of Africa is france. Only African idiots continue to believe otherwise.

Nyang bensouda: I myself know it, Youssouf. But it is thanks to france that I have been promoted prosecutor to the ICC. Do not forget it.

Youssouf: Madam, I can swear, to you and your masters that if your corrupt justice cannot judge you, because it will never judge you, the justice of nature will judge you, and none of you will escape it.

Nyang bensouda: My french masters seriously fear a revolt of the new African youth. And what I can tell you with almost divine certainty is that if this Gbagbo case does not awake Africans, no other case will awake them.

Youssouf: You're right, madam. This Gbagbo case is the one that should create in the heart of every normal African, the anger necessary to produce the revolution that will end in the total deliverance of Africa. If Africans do not get their total liberation after this case, they will never get it again.

Nyang bensouda: I am filled with anxiety, Youssouf.

Youssouf: Madam, since you seem very worried about a possible awakening of young Africans that could push them to revolt and drive your masters out of Africa, I have a little anecdote to share with you.

Nyang bensouda: Go ahead,Youssouf.

Youssouf: This concerns information about the real first lady of Ivory Coast. The pan-African television channel Afrique Media has a show called, unless I'm mistaken, Pan-African Merit of the first ladies. They will forgive me if the name is not correct. During this interactive show, they ask Africans from all over the world to vote for the first lady of their choice. They scroll through the pictures of the first African ladies throughout the show. Many Africans call and vote for the First Lady Simone Gbagbo of Ivory Coast, although her photo is not displayed. This is a real confirmation that every worthy African recognises only one first lady in Ivory Coast, that is to say, Simone Gbagbo, hostage of dramane ouattara and the ignoble sarkozy, in prison in Ivory Coast. Your masters will never succeed in making worthy Africans to accept the "fatal woman" and "the dangerous whore" as the first lady of Ivory Coast. That will never happen, you can be sure of that. Your masters and you are therefore right to worry about a possible revolt of African youth. But if your masters could listen to me, I'll give them the only real solution left to get out of this African quagmire without too much noise.

And at each of these programs on Afrique Media, the presenter is always embarrassed when the First Lady Simone Gbagbo of Ivory Coast is chosen, since her name is not often among the names of the ladies for whom to vote, and her picture does not appear anywhere on their screen. All these votes are therefore still not counted. And since then, the pan-African channel, Afrique Media, did nothing to that. As they are also gradually letting corruption and compromise take over on their original probity, they still have not had the courage to put the name of the real first Ivorian lady, Simone Gbagbo, on the list of first ladies to elect. I hope that will come. Because if you need a real African revolution like the one your masters and you are afraid of, this will require great courage and great abnegation of all these pan-African channels, and all the other pan-African media. As long as these pan-African media fall into the trap of also engaging in compromise and even corruption as they are unfortunately doing, the liberation of Africa will shuffle.

Nyang bensouda: Youssouf, let me start by appreciating Afrique Media for not having taken that step in recognising Simone Gbagbo as the true first lady of Ivory Coast. It would have been a real disaster for my french masters, because they know that this channel is really followed by Africans everywhere, and even by non-Africans who are interested in Africa. My masters and I will ensure that such a thing never happens. I can promise you that my masters, as I know them, will do everything so that such a thing never happens, unless, of course, they are surprised by events, especially that no force in the world can stop a real revolution.

Youssouf: Madam, when someone like you even on an ad hoc basis appreciates a pan-African channel such as Afrique Media, this worries the real pan-Africanists.

Nyang bensouda: You are right Youssouf. You seem to be a true visionary. I have the impression that you read my masters' mind. What you just said about the non-recognition of Simone Gbagbo as true first lady of Ivory Coast by Afrique Media, is what enchants the most my french masters, because they seriously feared such recognition. If Afrique Media had taken that step, my masters would have ordered the immediate release of Simone Gbagbo, for fear of creating a revolt in Africa. Because if this lady is elected on every show even though her name does not appear anywhere, we can understand what would happen if her name and picture were displayed. But as soon as the channel considered as the most pan-Africanist of the continent has given up the very essence of the Pan-Africanist struggle by making a pact with corruption to the point of displaying the wife of dramane ouattara on their screen as one of the ladies to vote for, it has been a great victory in our camp, and I can reassure you that my masters have savoured this with champagne.

Youssouf: That does not surprise me, madam. This is exactly why several real pan-Africanists were disappointed, and have totally lost interest in Afrique Media. When you talk about making a pact with corruption, I understand you very well. There are signs that can't be mistaken. For a channel that was once recognised as truly pan-Africanist with strong pan-Africanist positions like Afrique Media to display the image of the "fatal woman" on their screen and invite pan-Africanists to vote for her, it means that it (Afrique Media) has drowned in corruption. Nothing in the world can justify the opposite. Everyone knows that the sworn enemies of pan-Africanism on the African continent are dramane ouattara and his "bloodthirsty harpy" wife. Even animals know it. How have these worst enemies of pan-Africanism become the ones that Afrique Media presents as people that Pan-Africanists would elect? Are we all dreaming? There are thousands of true pan-Africanists who no longer believe in Afrique Media as the instrument that will help them achieve the liberation of Africa. It is obvious that it is not with this degree of compromise and corruption that Africa will succeed in its liberation struggle. It's a shame!

Nyang bensouda: Ah ha haha ha! You will probably be a little more lenient with me now, Youssouf. When I tell you that I am under very strong pressure, and that I am working against Africa because the temptation of corruption is very great, you ask me if I am going to sell the whole continent because of the pressures and the money. This is your pan-Africanist channel that is slowly, but surely following my steps. Ah ha haha!

Youssouf: I am ashamed, madam, to hear you justify and console yourself in this way, unfortunately taking a true example. I am sad, and I hope that Afrique Media will pull itself together. You cannot imagine the shock we had to see for the first time on the screens of Afrique Media the picture of dramane ouattara and of the "dangerous whore". Each of us wondered how the woman who had promised to take power in Ivory Coast, even at the cost of 100,000 dead, and who has reached the feat of achieving her goals, walking on 100,000 dead bodies to enter into the Ivorian presidency, could suddenly become a lady that pan-Africanists are supposed to vote for. This is the biggest insult and the worst kind of mockery that Afrique Media could serve to true pan-Africanists around the world.

Nyang bensouda: It's really true, Youssouf. I do not need to console myself with such a drift. Nevertheless, it is still the African blood that flows in my vein.

Youssouf: Several true pan-Africanists, who saw in Afrique Media the ultimate weapon for the total deliverance of Africa and who were all excited and began to dream of the imminent liberation of Africa, were totally disoriented. When Africa Media scorns the ridicule and goes so far as to portray dramane ouattara, that one of their experts has rightly described as a disaster, among the presidents that pan-Africanist are supposed to vote for, it's not only despising the pan-Africanist, but it is betraying pan-Africanism; it is also behaving contemptibly. Dramane ouattara still remains the greatest bloodthirsty African of all time. And we do not understand by what alchemy the greatest enemy of pan-Africanism has suddenly become according to Afrique Media, a pan-Africanist that Africans should vote for. Only a high level of corruption can justify such infamy.

The problem of liberating Africa is so big that to hope to solve it, we need a great hatred of compromise and corruption. It's totally absurd to vilify the barbarian sarkozy and yet present the barbarous dramane ouattara as a president for whom Pan-African can also vote. What is the difference between these two morons? There is none, not at all. The leaders of Afrique Media went from the strategy that we all tolerated, that of being a bit lenient with the bloodthirsty and irresponsible African presidents so that the Pan-African fight is more effective, towards the drift that we firmly condemn, that of angelising these African bloodthirsty dictators who are as guilty as your barbarians of french masters.

Nyang bensouda: Since we started talking about Afrique Media you've lost your verve, Youssouf. Let's go back to our main topic.

Youssouf: Okay, madam.

Nyang bensouda: Let me go back to another big blow that the case of Gbagbo struck at us. Just look at this story of the overwhelming evidence that my masters and I said we detained against Gbagbo. This seriously discredited us. Whether it was the former prosecutor luis moreno ocampo who was there before me, or myself, we all sang the same songs, that there is far too much overwhelming evidence of Gbagbo's crimes. We had Gbagbo arrested, we incarcerated him; we are the ones holding him for years, yet we have no proof to condemn him. You cannot imagine how embarrassing this situation is to us, Youssouf. If at least we left him free, it would be a little easier for us to say that he had time to hide some of the evidence on which we relied. We did not leave him any minute to hide any evidence. He did not have a single second to hide anything, neither him nor his wife. The question that the whole world is asking itself is to know what happened to the overwhelming evidence that we said we had against this man. And this is seriously embarrassing, and totally discredits the ICC. I do not understand why despite this, my french masters stubbornly want to keep Gbagbo in prison.

Youssouf: Madam, I firmly believe that this degree of stubbornness of france sounds the death knell for its African domination. France has totally exposed itself with this Gbagbo case, and this case will sign the total fall of the french empire in Africa. I am convinced that the Africans, despite their recognised amorphous and cowardly nature, will revolt this time against france. Madam, your french masters can be assured, the end of their domination on the African continent is signed. They have looted this continent enough, they have slaughtered this continent enough, they have stolen this continent enough, they have killed enough in this continent, they have raped enough in this continent, and the time has come for them to be forced out of this continent, and they will be. The worthy Men of Africa will rise against france, the worthy African Animals will rise against france, and even the worthy Trees of the African Fields will rise against france. You may take my words for the words of a simple bull; you will see in the days ahead.

Nyang bensouda: I'm very worried. Just a moment Youssouf, I have a phone call.

Youssouf: Ok, madam.

Nyang bensouda: Your statement sounds like a premonition, and makes me more and more afraid, Youssouf. The phone call I just received was telling me sad news, the death of one of ours, who played a key role in this coup against Gbagbo. This is general emmanuel beth, former commander of the Licorne force in Ivory Coast between 2002 and 2004, and former ambassador of france in Burkina Faso at the peak of the war against Gbagbo from 2010 to 2013. Only secret archives can reveal to you the role he played in this coup d'état. He has gone. It's scary Youssouf. And what is significant is that no bomb of the licorne fell on his residence, no bomb of the UN either.

Youssouf: That's the reality, madam. Men may pretend to be gods, but they will remain little mortal men. You only have to look at the list of your former masters who played the gods on the earth in the past. Where are they? All died like any ordinary dog, and they all joined those whom they had precipitated into death. That's really vanity, madam. I hope this example will make you think. Look at your master jacques chirac, whom a British newspaper called "worm". This earthworm who took himself for a god is the one who had engaged this long coup against President Gbagbo, a coup that the demon Sarkozy came to complete. It was this same chirac who had destroyed all the Ivorian military planes, and to prove to the eyes of the whole world that he was a god, nobody has done anything to him, until today, as if he had not done anything wrong. Where is he now? Do you see what state this god is in? In a pitiful state. I do not want to tell you more about his condition, for fear of giving you nausea. Now understand madam that the gods of the earth are mortal gods, gods whose flesh rots like the flesh of any vulgar animal.

The idiots dominique de villepin, alain juppé, jean-pierre raffarin, to name but a few, and all those other vampires who supported this carnage in Ivory Coast and in other African countries, and who still support slavery that france imposes on Africa and Africans, should with what the "worm" chirac has become, understand that the mortal gods are limited.

Nyang bensouda: I must admit that you are a wise animal, Youssouf. I doubt very much that there are even among men, many with your degree of wisdom. Your reasoning makes me think.

Youssouf: If only your other masters could learn from events like these, madam. When you tell me about the one that was your masterpiece in Burkina, I think of his colleagues who were managing the massacre on the spot in Abidjan. Among them are three scoundrels who have distinguished themselves: choi young-jin, the representative of the execrable demon ban ki-moon in Ivory Coast, jean-marc simon, the french ambassassin in Ivory Coast, and philip carter III, the US ambassassin in Ivory Coast. These are the scumbags that we have been respecting, to the point of calling them "Excellencies"; yet, they are real human waste. I always wonder if these idiots have a conscience. They come to a sovereign country to sow disorder, they organise and plan the massacre of tens of thousands of people, lie like naive little kids in need of inspiration, and boast of it. You realise that during this war that international criminality you wrongly call international community led against Ivory Coast, the murderous thug philip carter III had ordered the UN criminal forces to crush all the young patriots who were trying to make a few barriers to stop the UN terrorist forces who were supplying the terrorists of the demons dramane ouattara and guillaume soro with weapons and ammunition!

These barbarians after their villainous crimes were rewarded by the terrorist states for which they were working, and are currently ruminating the blood of more than 100,000 Africans they helped to shed. While the bastard philip carter III is taking things easy in Stuttgart, Germany, the despicable vampire jean-marc simon, has chosen to become a businessman, and to completely settle down in Ivory Coast, to better enjoy the fallout of the genocide they created. And Africans in their great naivety continue to call these idiots "Excellencies". I hope that worthy Africans will rise this time and whistle the end of the recreation.

You have this other villain named ban ki-moon, whose idiocy made us shiver, we animals. Here is the prototype of characters that convince us that some humans are more animals than us, and that they are people who are so stupid and so foolish. This is a so-called smart man, secretary general of the united nations, who dares say to the media around the world, that recounting votes in a democracy would be a "serious injustice". Madam, you will not find among the animals such a stupid and useless person. When this scoundrel speaks of serious injustice, what is he talking about? Who in his opinion would be the victim of this serious injustice? Madam, I can afford to tell you with authority, that your world would be better if you let us animals manage it. The men who manage your world are of a stupidity that there's no word to describe them.

Nyang bensouda: We'd better think about it, Youssouf. My masters who zealously defend the rights of animals, should begin thinking about it.

Youssouf: One last, last word, madam.

Nyang bensouda: Yes, Youssouf.

Youssouf: I would like to come back to a statement that you made earlier. When you say that when someone has signed a pact with the devil, it is almost impossible for him to backtrack, it intrigues me a little, madam. By going to testify against President Gbagbo, this innocent man who has already suffered enough, I will also be signing a pact with the devil. Will backtracking be possible for me, madam?

Nyang bensouda: Youssouf, Youssouf. But you are only an animal. You need no backtracking. Do animals need to repent Youssouf?

Youssouf: Okay madam that reassures me. But understand then that if I were a man, I would not have even considered your offer to testify against President Gbagbo.

Nyang bensouda: Yes, I understand it.

Youssouf: If I, a simple animal, find it difficult to accept your offer to testify against President Gbagbo, I wonder how men were able to accept it, including some of his own generals, namely his chief of defence, and what's more, a pastor's son. Madam, you might be right in saying that those who make pacts with satan completely crucify their conscience. The example of the wretched traitor general philippe mangou is patent.

Nyang bensouda: You seem to understand me now, Youssouf.

Youssouf: I am not a preacher, madam, but I have already heard Christians say that God forgives even people who have signed pacts with satan, if these people choose to repent. Why can you not try to meet some of these Christians to find out more?

Nyang bensouda: I was able to meet some of these Christians just like that pastor's son you're referring to, but he did not give me any advice in that sense. I hope you will not tell me that he's not a Christian. Because I have proof that he too is a Christian. During the post-election crisis, he was showing off with the Christians, and he was even seen singing religious songs while waving a little white handkerchief.

Youssouf: Exactly madam, he is not a Christian, or at least he is a hypocritical Christian. I even learned that he is rather in a satanic sect, and that he would be in the same lodge as dramane ouattara. So, in reality he is not different from you, madam. He too has sold his soul to lucifer and no longer has conscience. He is therefore very badly placed to help you. You are in fact in the same camp. He also needs to repent before God, and publicly ask for forgiveness, first to President Gbagbo and his family, then to the family of the late Colonel-Major Hilaire Gohourou Babri, former spokesman of the army assassinated on 4 April 2011 by a french sniper, then to the families of thousands of Ivorian soldiers whom he delivered to the french army through his treachery and his crime, and to the families of tens of thousands of young patriots who, believing to support the army of their country and to protect their President, were massacred by the barbaric french and United Nations army, and finally to all the African people. That's what this deceitful general has to do. This is what worthy Africa expects from the idiotic and ignoble philippe mangou, that renegade general.

Nyang bensouda: Your reasoning is logical Youssouf. When you would have finished testifying at the ICC, I will meet you to see what I can do to repent. For now, let's focus on preparing your testimony before the ICC judges. Okay?

Youssouf: That's understood, madam. And as you spend all your time praying with all your heart so that Africans stay in their usual sleep, and that none of them even realises that any problem exists, or so that Africans never realise that men in Africa are less valuable than Western animals, and that the living in Africa are worth less than Western dead, or that Africans on the whole, are still careless as they have always been, I would like you to pray with the same fervour so that at the court I do not think about everything you have done to President Gbagbo. Otherwise, I may find myself defending him as Sam l’Africain did.

Nyang bensouda: In that case, I think it is better that I rather fast for you, Youssouf.

Youssouf: Thank you madam. Earlier I asked you what I called a "last last word". Now, madam, what I have to ask you is not a last word, nor a second to last word, but a little favour. I would like you to transmit this message to the ICC judges. Tell them on my behalf that they have ridiculed themselves in the eyes of the whole world. It will be remembered of them that they are vile and despicable people, vulgarly corrupt people. Remind them on my behalf that they will forever carry on their conscience, if they have one, this degree of injustice that they took bribes, to condone.

Nyang bensouda: I will, Youssouf.

Youssouf: Finally, madam, I want to remind you that your ferocity against President Gbagbo has crossed all limits, madam. Your masters went as far as asking their jesters of judges, to forbid people to call President Gbagbo President. They demanded that he be called Gbagbo. It's amazing, madam. And I watched you all the way through our discussion; you were extremely careful not to use the expression President Gbagbo, you only talked about Gbagbo. Yet you have the proof, madam, that this man is indeed the winner of the 2010 presidential elections in Ivory Coast. And it was you who had just told me that President Gbagbo had actually won the elections during the first round. Even your reaction at the court during the first appearance of President Gbagbo had confirmed this information that you gave me. As soon as President Gbagbo asked the judges to answer the question "Who won the elections?", you contested it violently, saying that you were not in court to know about who won the elections. Meanwhile Madam, if President Gbagbo is before your court, it is because according to your grotesque accusations, he would have lost the elections and would have refused to give up his position to dramane ouattara. How can you explain such relentlessness, madam?

Nyang bensouda: (Sighing)

Youssouf: Do not worry, madam. Since you are committed to fasting and praying for me, I will come.

Nyang bensouda: Thanks a million, Youssouf.

Youssouf: I have a message for President Gbagbo, madam.

Nyang bensouda: Yes, Youssouf.

Youssouf: In a few days, it will be April 11, 2018. For this 7th anniversary of his assassination, call it failed if you want, I would like to send him all my love, and the love of all the worthy animals of the African continent. I would also like, without usurpation of power, to also send him all the love of all worthy Africans.

Nyang bensouda: I'll give him your message, Youssouf.

Youssouf: Goodbye, madam!

Nyang bensouda: Goodbye, Youssouf!

Thus ends the discussion between the prosecutor fatou nyang bensouda and the perhaps next and final prosecution witness against President Laurent Gbagbo of Ivory Coast, a hostage of france at the court of shame in the Netherlands. Long live fatou nyang bensouda, the scum and shame of the 21st century Africa!

4- Youssouf soliloquy

After this discussion with nyang bensouda, Youssouf launched into a soliloquy whose content is below:

Youssouf: I am convinced that this bribed will sit peacefully at the ICC, waiting naively for me to come and testify against the innocent Laurent Gbagbo, the President elect of my country Ivory Coast. What this treacherous woman, who is ready to sell a whole continent of nearly 2 billion people for 2 million dollars, does not know is that all of Africa, from men to trees of fields to animals, know that the real President of Ivory Coast Laurent Gbagbo, and the real First Lady Simone Gbagbo, and several hundred true Ivorian patriots are dying in prison or in exile because france must gleefully loot Ivory Coast and the entire West African sub region.

This lady who is corrupt to the core does not know that if I agreed to go to the ICC, it would be exclusively to testify in favour of my President Gbagbo. But I found it useless to go because the ICC judges do not need people to support the President, they themselves know that the President is innocent. They have all the proofs of his innocence. Instead, they need prosecution witnesses, hoping there would be one, whose lie could miraculously turn into truth to give them the opportunity to condemn Africa through Gbagbo. Although I am sure that my refusal to go to the ICC will get me on the plates of dramane ouattara in the near future, I prefer this destiny, to enter into history in a good way as the Great General Dogbo Blé, and other real African patriots such as Damana Pickass and company, and the late Ben Soumahoro, died in exile. I will not go to the Punitive Indigenous Court.

5- The only option left to the scum nyang bensouda

With Youssouf's refusal to testify against President Gbagbo, the corrupt nyang bensouda, to still hope to sentence Mama's son, has only one real option left to her: To constitute herself as a prosecution witness against the President.

6- Youssouf's monologue

When Youssouf left nyang bensouda, he was greatly distressed and until sundown, he could not contain his anger or calm his emotions. He then returned to his arena, and spent the night fasting. He approached no heifer and no cow, and his sleep went from him. Then, at break of day, he got up and began to reflect on the long conversation he had had the day before with the representative of the executioners of President Gbagbo. He then launched into a monologue before the sons and daughters of Africa, who, although not physically present at the moment of his speech, are in his imagination, and are indeed listening to him.

6.1- Who of God or of the french man created the Africans?

In view of what is happening, one is entitled to wonder who of God or of the french man, created the Africans. The french are convinced of having created Africans; and as such, it is up to them, french, to decide which African should live and which African should die. And when they decide to kill Africans, they can choose to kill them either by the dozens, or by the hundreds, or by the thousands, or by the millions, and are accountable to no one. This is why they massacred tens of thousands of people in Ivory Coast and no one even bats an eyelid. This is also why they massacred millions of people in Libya and no one bats an eyelid.

And among those Africans that they decide to let live, it's still them, the french, who decide who should be free, who should be in exile, and who should instead be in prison. That is why the elected President of Ivory Coast Laurent Gbagbo, his wife and several of his ministers, and other Ivorian patriots, are either in prison or in exile, whereas it is established that they are all innocent, meanwhile there is huge evidence to support that they are all victims of the mafia of international crime led by france. But everyone seems resigned.

And when they decide to keep you in jail as they please, it's still them who decide the day of your release, even if the judges, feeling embarrassed by your unjustified presence in their jail cell, decide to release you. That is why even when the judges on the orders of the ICC wanted to release President Gbagbo on May 28, 2013 because they no longer knew why to continue to keep him in prison, france had blocked their decision, and ordered that President Gbagbo remains in prison, as revealed by the french newspaper Marianne.

And as these french are great abominable before the Lord, they take upon themselves to sodomise African children in dozens or hundreds, without a care in the world, since no one will ever do anything to them. Who can do what to a god? That's what the abominable french soldiers have done to African children in the Central African Republic lately. They raped and sodomised little children, boys and girls, with the blessing of the mafia and criminal organisation called UN. Despite the plethora of evidence exhibited in front of cameras around the world, the racist and wicked unjust french judges dismissed the case. A way of telling the world that rape and sodomy of African children is not a problem, Africans being only objects that can be disposed of at will.

6.2- How long?

Africans, how long will you accept to passively endure france's madness, which even animals can no longer bear? France is a pitiful parasitic and leeching country that only survives by swindling and begging from Africa. You must put an end to this.

France is the most contemptuous country in the world. To find out, you need to visit its embassies and consulates, to witness the the kind of torture inflicted on Africans who go there to apply for a visa.

France is the only country in the world that has sworn never to abandon slavery. To find out, you need to look at the currency used by French-speaking African states. In 1994, it was in a gloomy and obscure office in Paris that the decision was taken, without any African, to devalue the currency of these African countries by 50%, to completely destroy the economy of these countries, in order to better plunder them. How long will you continue to be slaves of this terrorist state? Pan-Africanist African leaders, the most important thing that dignified Africa expects of you is to drive this parasitic and murderous france out of Africa, to put an end to this monetary terrorism, abolish this Nazi currency called the CFA franc, and to nationalize all french banks and companies in Africa.

France has destroyed all African airlines, to give Air France free rein over African skies. Pan-Africanist African leaders, drive Air France out of Africa and make African airlines prosper. Africans, boycott Air France.

France is the only country in the world that has sworn never to abandon the colonisation of Africa. To find out, you need to look at the number of terrorist groups it arms and finances to help destabilise and plunder Africa. You must stand up against this.

A few years ago, I learned from African students that france had created another big scam called "campus france", whose mission is to swindle poor African students. These are idiots who pretend to be a developed country, but who are not ashamed to organise rip-offs and swindling of poor African students, forcing them to pay nearly 100,000 francs each, supposedly to help them obtain information on studies, training, enrolment procedures and living conditions in france. They deceive these poor Africans by promising to help them apply to french universities, applications that almost never succeed, but the amounts paid are never refunded.

The parasitic french state has made it compulsory for visa applications to go through this mafia called "campus france". This means that any student who wants to apply for a visa for france, an application that will be refused, must first go through this mafia and pay the sum of nearly 100,000 francs, before paying the visa fees, only to get nothing in the end, since the visa is always refused in the vast majority of cases. And when you know that millions of Africans attempt this adventure, you understand how many billions this parasitic state reaps through this robbery.

These are the actions of a so-called developed country, in so-called poor and heavily indebted countries. How long will you continue to pay this other colonial tax to this parasitic state? African students, stop being swindled by these pathetic and miserable parasites. Leaders of pan-African African countries, put an end to this french madness.

French supermarkets in Africa are filled with products that cannot be consumed in france. Africans, boycott these supermarkets.

The French are real gods in Africa. They put in prison whoever they want, and arrest whoever they want, to inflict whatever kind of punishment they please. And since the leaders who are in power were placed there by them, no one can object. This is what they do in banana republics. The obvious example that I can give you is that of this buccaneer french soldier who, a few years ago, ordered on world television, in front of cameras filming him, that a Togolese journalist be arrested in Lomé, and put in prison, without any valid reason. How long will you continue to accept the unacceptable from this rogue state?

Since the pseudo-independence that these french terrorists and murderous colonists imposed on the traumatised peoples of Africa after the massacre of millions of African Nationalists, french military bases still remain in several African countries that claim to be independent and sovereign. French criminal mercenaries come and go as they please, organising coups d'état and destabilising Africa as they see fit. How long will you continue to accept from this rogue state what it did not accept from american mercenaries after the Second World War? How long?

How long, Africans, will you continue to agree to behave like creatures of these french demons? Have you forgotten that your Creator, the God of your fathers, is the true God, Creator of Heaven and Earth? How can you find it normal to be treated like creatures of snakes, of these demons who have lost all sense of what is natural, and who believe and teach that men can mate with men, women with women, men with animals, etc.? How long will you agree to live as idolaters, serving so-called gods who in reality have never been gods? But how long?

What are you waiting for, Africans, to revolt against the madness of the parasitic french state? What are you waiting for to free yourselves from the slavery of the abominable french state? Do not let African Animals do this work for you. WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP!

7- Youssouf's message to the worthy Children of Africa

Africans, worthy daughters and sons of Africa, I have just exposed to you the truth, the sad truth. This truth is certain; it is undeniable; it is irrefutable; it is irrefragable; and it is implacable. If not, tell me what the President of Ivory Coast Laurent Gbagbo, winner of the 2010 presidential elections since the first round, is doing in a pitiful prison at The Hague, in the Netherlands.

Before you try to prove me wrong, tell me what the real First Lady of Ivory Coast Simone Gbagbo is doing in a pitiful cell in a gendarmerie camp in Abidjan in Ivory Coast, and help me to understand the relevance of the dismissal of charges in the case of the children of the CAR sodomised by the abominable french demon soldiers.

Tell me what french military bases are still doing in Africa. Tell me what french-speaking African countries are doing with a Nazi currency that cannot even be exchanged between the countries of West and those of Central Africa?

Africans, worthy daughters and sons of Africa, if you are convinced that your creators are these criminal french leaders who dispose of your lives as they please, then applaud and do nothing. And if you are convinced that you have never been creatures of a bunch of scum, monstrous demons, and other pathetic criminal barbarians, then prepare to free yourselves completely from french slavery. You can no longer continue to contemplate the french arrogance with revolting passivity. Haven't you had enough? Aren't you fed up?

What is the President-elect of Ivory Coast doing in prison in Holland seven years after his failed assassination? What is the wife of the elected President of Ivory Coast doing in prison in Abidjan? When history is written in the next few days, would you say that you were alive on earth while this kind of madness was happening? Would you be able to look your children in the eye and tell them that you had the courage, I mean cowardice, to passively observe this kind of abomination?

If you cannot be filled with anger at this extraordinary cruelty of the barbaric french leaders, therefore we animals are more dignified than you. I, Youssouf the bull, cannot be so appalled by this degree of injustice that can only be tolerated by creatures in front of their Creator, when you men, seem to put up with this life of slaves.

We, worthy animals of Africa, demand from france the immediate and unconditional release of the President of Ivory Coast Laurent Gbagbo, winner of the presidential elections of 2010, and his wife the true first lady of Ivory Coast Simone Gbagbo, and other worthy sons of the Ivory Coast still in prison, failing which we will demonstrate to france that if African men are their creatures, we animals are not. So, worthy daughters and sons of Africa, if you have never been the creatures of these scum who run france, now is the time to demonstrate it. Do not disgrace your generation; do not bring shame to your continent.

If you believe that your creators are those barbaric french leaders, those psychopaths who believe that with the support of the criminal organisation called UN they can allow themselves anything, you have nothing to do. And if you are convinced that your creators are not those criminal french leaders who believe that with the support of the criminal organisation called UN they can dispose of your lives and your continent as they see fit, arise and snatch the liberation of your continent.

Barrister Patricia Hamza-Attéa, lawyer at the Ivory Coast Bar and a very committed human rights activist, was raped, slaughtered, and burned by the terrorists of dramane ouattara, president decreed by the International Criminality abusively called International Community, and nobody talks about it anymore. African youth, wake up. Young Africans, wake up. An African is worth more than the french want you to believe.

Philippe Rémond, a French national living in Ivory Coast was murdered in Yamoussoukro by the terrorists of dramane ouattara and guillaume soro with the help of the licorne force, for denouncing the looting of Africa by france through the CFA franc. African Youth, wake up, get mobilised and put an end to this CFA franc for which so many people have been murdered, including foreigners, like this Frenchman. Wake up and put an end to the CFA franc so that all this blood that has been shed is not in vain. Sylvanus Olympio was assassinated because of the CFA franc, Joseph Tchundjang Pouemi was assassinated because of the CFA franc, to name but a few, and Laurent Koudou Gbagbo and his family narrowly escaped the assassination because of the franc CFA. Awake African Youth; get up so that all these sacrifices are not in vain.

Worthy Women and Men of Africa, are you ready to stand up for the total liberation of Africa, or will you choose to leave this fight in the hands of animals? The choice is yours. I have put you face to face with your responsibilities and your destiny. If you keep sleeping, Africa will never be liberated. And you Pan-African Media, if you continue to compromise and allow yourselves to be corrupted, then Africa is gone again for at least 800 years for a new slavery, followed by a new colonisation, a new neo-colonization, and a new recolonization.

Resignation, ah! Resignation! Why are you resigned, worthy daughters and sons of Africa? It is because you have seen and experienced the unprecedented barbarity and savage brutality of france and the UN in Ivory Coast and Libya, a barbarity and brutality that have left millions dead, that you say to yourself, what can we do? First of all, you have no weapon. And even if you had weapons, you are convinced that no African army can stand before the coalition of international bandits. And for that reason, the only solution you have left is resignation. You are wrong. Why?

In fact, no one is asking you to take up arms against barbarians. You do not need weapons to free yourselves. The liberation of Africa does not need to go through an armed struggle. Blood has flowed enough in Africa, and you must never allow blood to flow again. Boycott all french products, and france will leave Africa after a few weeks, not more. This is the small sacrifice that Africa expects from you: Total boycott of all french products. In this regard, I recommend an excellent article entitled: "France-Africa War: The Solution" that I read a few years ago, in which the author explained everything about this topic. You can find this article at www.mcreveil.org. The liberation of Africa will only come from collective awareness. It does not need weapons or bombs; it rather needs unity.

If you want to win, never again fall into the trap of division that france sets for you every time. Stop believing yourself to be a Northerner or Southerner, Muslim or Christian, etc. Africa needs all its sons and daughters. But if you believe that you were created to be slaves, live in slavery and die as slaves, do nothing. Do not fall into the trap of believing that the french leaders will change. They will never change. They are psychopaths. And anyone in their right mind knows that psychopaths do not change. Instead, start the war of liberation immediately.

8- Youssouf's message to the unworthy children of Africa

After having spoken to the worthy children of Africa, I would now like to address the scum of Africa. Yes, I would like to address all these bad apples, all these unworthy children of Africa without whom france would never succeed in perpetuating its madness in Africa.

You traitors, you felons, you scoundrels, all you hybrids and other bastard children of Africa, Africa has suffered enough because of you. You snakes, you brood of vipers, Africa has bled enough because of you. For six hundred years, Africa has been dying because of you.

It is you, GPS (Générations et Pervers Sanguinaires) (Generations and Bloodthirsty Perverts), wrongly called Générations et Peuples Solidaires (Generations and United People) embodied today by the pitiful and pathetic terrorist guillaume kigbafori soro, who have always been the scum that helped france and its allies of international criminality to destroy Africa and reduce Africans to slavery. In every generation, france and its vampire allies of international criminality, have needed bastards like you, to succeed in their satanic missions against the worthy African people.

For slavery to succeed in Africa, it did not take the power of psychopathic western colonists, it took traitors like guillaume kigbafori soro. For colonisation to succeed in Africa, it did not take the intelligence of the demented western settlers, it rather took traitors like guillaume kigbafori soro. For neo-colonisation to succeed in Africa, it did not take the wisdom of the insane western colonialists, it rather took traitors like guillaume kigbafori soro. And for recolonization to succeed in Africa, it will not take the foresight of the western colonial demons, it will rather take traitors like guillaume kigbafori soro.

Patrice Lumumba would never have been assassinated, if there were no guillaume kigbafori soro. Sylvanus Olympio would never have been assassinated, if there were no guillaume kigbafori soro. Thomas Isidore Noël Sankara would never have been assassinated, if there were no guillaume kigbafori soro. Laurent Gbagbo would never have ended up in the Hague concentration camp, if there were no guillaume kigbafori soro. One hundred thousand Africans would never have been murdered in Ivory Coast from 2002 to the present day, if there were no guillaume kigbafori soro. More than two million Africans would never have been murdered in Libya from 2011 to the present day, if there were no guillaume kigbafori soro.

More than two million Africans would never have been murdered in the Bamiléké region of Cameroon between 1954 and 1971 if there were no guillaume kigbafori soro. It took traitors like guillaume kigbafori soro for the Cameroonian independence leader Ruben Um Nyobe to be assassinated, along with the massacre of more than four hundred thousand Africans in the Bassa region of Cameroon during the independence struggle.

Do not forget that the scumbag dramane ouattara that usurps power in Abidjan only owes the success of his coup to terrorist guillaume kigbafori soro. It is guillaume kigbafori soro who is the masterpiece without which dramane Ouattara would never have come to power in Ivory Coast. It is guillaume kigbafori soro, this mystically powerful demon, who worked hard, sacrificing everyone around him, to put the cynical and perverse ouattara in power, hoping in return to recover logically and peacefully from the hands of the rogue ouattara, the power he entrusted him. Soro seemed to ignore the law of the satanic world.

Guillaume kigbafori soro misunderstood the real intentions of the terrorist-in-chief dramane ouattara. He misunderstood the law that governs the demonic world, and the guiding principle of the world of darkness, a principle founded and based on treachery, felony, and ingratitude. Although he had been warned repeatedly by his friend Charles Blé Goudé, and by President Gbagbo himself, this naive little guillaume kigbafori soro believed that the law of the satanic world could change with him. In his idiocy, he really believed that the french demons who have never respected the fallacious promises they make to African traitors, should suddenly change, and become angels with him.

Now that all is over, what will we do with the villainous traitor guillaume kigbafori soro and his band of scoundrels, when Africa is liberated? Can and should we forgive them for their crimes? Yes, we could forgive their extreme wickedness, and not think of revenge, on the sole condition that these bastards choose repentance, and a sincere repentance.

Although we will never forget that it was because of this bunch that Africa remained in slavery for nearly six hundred years, we would nevertheless be willing to forgive them for the unforgivable, provided they convince us of the need to do so, opting for a repentance made in such a way as to make even the hardest of hearts bend.

Let the vile traitor guillaume kigbafori soro and his band of scoundrels not think that they can sneak surreptitiously into the midst of worthy Africans and pass themselves off as Pan-Africanists. It will not work. Their many heinous crimes are forever etched in the indelible history of Africa. History will forever remember that guillaume kigbafori soro, this modern day mobutu sese seko kuku ngbendu wa za banga, is one of the pillars of the massacre of over a hundred thousand Africans in Ivory Coast, and especially of blocking the liberation of Africa.

Because it was the long-awaited liberation of Africa which was launched under President Gbagbo, but which the terrorist soro guillaume had blocked. Ivory Coast was to leave the CFA franc in May 2011, but the demon soro guillaume who, in his selfishness and self-centredness only thought of his power, had helped his french colonial masters to bomb the residence of President Gbagbo, in order to stop this project. And when the deliverance of Africa comes, this demon soro with the opportunist pseudo-Pan-Africanists who support him, will attempt to highjack, and make people believe that they too really wanted the liberation of Africa. Even if we may later be tempted to forgive these bastards, any forgiveness will be the result of true repentance.

All those great traitors who supported the worst enemies of Pan-Africanism, such as dramane ouattara, paul biya, blaise compaore and the other criminal dictators of Africa, and who now pass themselves off as zealous pan-Africanists, will understand when the time comes that history cannot be fooled.

As I write this text, I see before my eyes this image of the thug terrorist guillaume kigbafori soro declaring, hilariously, on a television channel of the enemies of Africa, "Gbagbo is finished". This scoundrel therefore celebrated the assassination of President Gbagbo before the effectiveness of this assassination. And when the assassination of Laurent Gbagbo and his family failed, this same despicable guillaume kigbafori soro, with his band of crooks, celebrated the humiliation broadcast globally of the elected President of Ivory Coast, Laurent Gbagbo, and his entire family, by the french schizophrenics, and their allies of international crime, vulgarly called international community.

The terrorist guillaume kigbafori soro should therefore not think that the fact that he has fallen out with the worst tragedy that Africa has known, that is, the tragedy ouattara, can justify his conversion to a pan-Africanist, and his acceptance within the great pan-Africanist family. This shortcut will not be granted to him. The present enmity between the idiot guillaume kigbafori soro and his deranged boss dramane ouattara should therefore not impress any worthy African.

You worthy daughters and sons of Africa, do not let yourselves be impressed by the crocodile tears shed by the pathetic and despicable guillaume kigbafori soro. Do not feel sorry for the predictable and well-deserved fate of this pervert guillaume kigbafori soro. When the demons are seized with confusion, turn against each other, and begin to destroy each other, you, worthy Children of Africa, must observe their self-destruction with the greatest indifference.

The obnoxious felon guillaume kigbafori soro and his band of delinquents who supported him, if they hope to be forgiven, must first admit to all their crimes, without exception. They must tell us who won the 2010 elections in Ivory Coast. They must confess to the murder of more than 100,000 Africans killed in Ivory Coast from 2002 to date, and clarify in detail the assassination of all the worthy daughters and sons of Africa killed in Ivory Coast over the past two decades by the french demons, with their complicity.

This same vile felon guillaume kigbafori soro and the band of delinquents who continue to support him, had as their godfather the human waste blaise compaoré, the assassin of the Pan-Africanist Thomas Sankara. These demons therefore have on their hands, not only the blood of more than one hundred thousand Africans killed in Ivory Coast from 2002 to the present day, but also the blood of the thousands of Africans murdered in Burkina Faso by their criminal godfather, blaise compaoré.

The assassins of Thomas Sankara, all their accomplices, all their supporters, and all those who justified them, cannot fool the worthy Children of Africa by passing themselves off as Pan-Africanists. These scoundrels have never been Pan-Africanists, and they never will be. Rather, they are sworn enemies of Pan-Africanism. One cannot assassinate the Pan-Africanist par excellence, Thomas Sankara, and claim to be a Pan-Africanist. Nor can one make a pact with the assassin of the Pan-Africanist hero Thomas Sankara, and claim to be a Pan-Africanist. The villain traitor guillaume Kigbafori soro and the gang of scoundrels who support him are vulgar opportunists, pathetic chameleons. They change their status according to their interests. They are only waiting for a right opportunity to betray the African people, as they have always done.

When they were with the assassin blaise compaore, they insulted the memory of the Pan-Africanist Thomas Sankara, labeling him a dictator. It was with great eloquence that they justified the assassination of President Sankara by accusing him of being the one who wanted to kill blaise compaoré. For these idiots, if blaise compaoré had killed President Sankara, it was in self-defence. They were not ashamed to say that the Pan-Africanist Thomas Sankara was killed because he had deviated from the spirit of the revolution, and had become authoritarian.

When blaise compaoré was ousted from power by the people, this same soro guillaume and these dishonest people who follow him continued to support him. They continued to extol the merits and supposedly great qualities of the demon compaoré. Meanwhile, all dreamed of a messianic return of the demon compaoré to power, and were actively engaged in organising a coup d'état to bring him back to power. Guillaume soro was actively involved. Tell me how hypocrites like these, who ostentatiously fought against the sovereign will of the Burkinabè people by trying to bring back to power one of the worst bloodthirsty traitors Africa has ever known, can claim to be pan-Africanists.

When the coup co-organised by soro guillaume to bring the demon blaise compaoré back to power failed, and it became obvious that blaise compaoré could never return to power, these abject chameleons began to argue forcefully that President Thomas Sankara was a true hero and a great Pan-Africanist. Their speech about Thomas Sankara had completely changed. So, this is the true face of the traitor guillaume kigbafori soro and the gang of rascals who support him.

They did the same with President Gbagbo. In order to support the assassin dramane ouattara, they demonised President Gbagbo, accusing him of being a dictator and an enemy of the Dioulas and the people of northern Côte d'Ivoire. When their selfish plan to regain power from ouattara failed, their attitude towards President Gbagbo changed. President Gbagbo suddenly became a true Pan-Africanist for them. This is the degree of Pan-Africanism of these chameleons. They are pathetic opportunistic traitors.

When the felon guillaume kigbafori soro, a friend of the thug and despicable nicolas sarkozy who assassinated another Panafricanist par excellence, the Libyan leader Gaddafi, pretends to be a Pan-Africanist, it only takes fools to believe him. Every time guillaume soro appeared alongside the pathetic sarkosy, the orchestrator of the slaughter that left tens of thousands dead in Côte d'Ivoire, he thought he was in seventh heaven. He displayed a highly ridiculous pride, like a house slave invited to the master's table. Is this the kind of traitor you want to take for a pan-Africanist?

The monster guillaume kigbafori soro had celebrated the embargo that these other monsters, imperialist masters had placed on medicines in Côte d'Ivoire in 2010, thus approving the murder of over 30 million Africans in Côte d'Ivoire. All this because he wanted power. Can a demon like him, who can order the massacre of millions of African people, be considered a Pan-Africanist in your opinion? Stop being stupid and dishonest, all of you who present the bloodthirsty guillaume soro as a pan-Africanist. This bastard has never been a pan-Africanist, and he has no intention of becoming one. He is ready to sell the whole of Africa to his imperialist masters in exchange for power.

Dignified Africa must forever be wary of guillaume kigbafori soro and the band of crooks who support him. Betrayal is in their genes. Their selfishness and self-centredness come first. Their so-called Pan-Africanism revolves around their stomachs and their personal interests. These people did not support blaise compaoré because they were not aware that he was the assassin of the Pan-Africanist Sankara. They were with the demon compaoré because he had power. These people did not support dramane ouattara because they did not know that he was a pawn of the imperialists. They were with ouattara because they had signed a deal with him to hand over power to them after his first term. Therefore, do not expect anything good from these opportunistic traitors. They must confess all their crimes if they hope to be forgiven.

It is on this basis, and only on this basis, that the true daughters and sons of Africa will be able to consider granting forgiveness to these traitors whose treachery has cost Africa what Africa will never have again, unfortunately. For the millions of Africans crushed, the millions of African geniuses decimated, the millions of valiant Africans crushed and subjected to abject misery for several decades, will not return, unfortunately, to rebuild Africa. And the backwardness that Africa has experienced because of the ignominy of these bastards will never be recovered. That is why the heinous crimes of these criminals will remain forever engraved in the history of the African people.

And as for his dream of becoming one day president of Ivory Coast, the miserable guillaume kigbafori soro must understand that worthy Africa has spewed him out. Let him give up this dream now, because it will never come true. Guillaume kigbafori soro will never be President of Ivory Coast. We have so decided. Therefore, he had better start now to work seriously for sincere repentance, in order to perhaps obtain forgiveness. Our forgiveness is the only thing this scoundrel can still hope to have. Soro's only dream that can still come true is to be forgiven.

Let the african bastard guillaume kigbafori soro, this wretched president of Générations et Pervers Sanguinaires (GPS) (Generation of Bloody Perverts), with all his reckless and dishonest supporters, understand that, whatever they do, worthy Africa will never forget their abominable crimes, and will never forgive them for their monstrous crimes, until they admit to them and confess them. A trick of cunning and subterfuge like the one they have played to give the impression that they have begged Africans for forgiveness, is a waste of time. Let them stop fooling themselves. All we expect from them is a proper repentance.

One cannot afford to voluntarily, consciously, and premeditatedly massacre tens of thousands of people in the cruellest of ways, and then try to use trickery to supposedly ask for forgiveness. No dear idiots, this is not possible. You cannot continue to gorge yourselves on the blood of poor Africans that you have sacrificed, and pretend to have turned the page of this dark history of Africa for which you are responsible. No page has been turned and no page will be turned as long as you feed on the blood of Africans. The insolent luxury in which you live, the princely lifestyle you lead, are the fruits of the blood of many sons and daughters of Africa that you have sacrificed.

Do not forget that the bloodthirsty guillaume kigbafori soro that some idiots are not ashamed to call "His Excellency", is the greatest scoundrel that contemporary African youth has ever produced. To hope to find a scum of the calibre of guillaume kigbafori soro, you have to go very far back in the part of ancient history that has not been told to us. Guillaume kigbafori soro is this living monster, supposedly the embodiment of youth, who has embarked on the most heinous crimes in the history of this generation. This scumbag has gone so far as to disembowel women, asphyxiate dozens of gendarmes in cisterns, in appalling and indescribable conditions, massacre thousands of other Ivorians including members of the legitimate government of President Gbagbo, not to mention the abominable crimes committed for satanic rituals. Their crimes are immeasurable.

This idiot and his gang have gone into the dustbin of history forever. I warn the future guillaume kigbafori soro. Let all these young felonious Africans, who are still inhabited by the desire to sell Africa to the monsters of the West, know that all those who will take the path of guillaume kigbafori soro, will end up in the dustbin of history. [End of the Article].

9- Analysis of the article

After reading this article of immense wealth and immeasurable depth, I remained speechless. This text, despite its melancholy character, did not fail to make me smile at some points. Nevertheless, the facts described plunged me into an indescribable sadness. My soul is in bitterness. My cheeks are wet with tears. I wondered if this story was a fiction or a reality. I strongly wished it were a nightmare that would disappear when I would wake up. It was not the case, alas! This is just the reality, the sad reality, the implacable reality.

It is a pity to note that france for centuries has had for Africa and Africans only scorn, barbaric treatment, inhuman treatment, and so on. It is also sad and unfortunate that until today, in the middle of the 21st century, france has changed nothing in its cruel treatment of Africans to the point where they have no other alternative but to launch against it a war they have ever dreamed of, the total boycott of all french products, hoping to free themselves from the interminable slavery that france imposes on them.

This leads me to ask myself the following questions: Why do some men do their utmost to exasperate others? What does france gain in pushing Africans to revolt? Do france, which was obliged to resort to revolt, violence, and armed warfare to free itself from the yoke of Nazi Germany, think it can impose on Africa a treatment worse than what it refused to go through, without worthy Africans reacting? Does it think it can turn Africa into an eternal footstool with impunity and without ever the slightest response from its victims?

What france has refused to suffer from the Nazis to the point of using all means, including violence and armed conflict to oppose it, it has multiplied that by a thousand, and imposes it on Africans, expecting them to applaud. France imposes on Africa all possible forms of Nazism: Political Nazism, military Nazism, economic Nazism, monetary Nazism, banking Nazism, social Nazism, cultural Nazism, religious Nazism, etc., this for centuries, and remains stupidly convinced that Africans will never do anything. It's absolutely incredible! France's contempt for Africa has reached its peak.

It is unthinkable to believe that the french ruling class has been constituted for generations only by common backward, mere brutes, real idiots, totally devoid of reasoning and intelligence, incapable of foreseeing and anticipating the reactions of their victims when the sufferings of the latter will become unbearable. And if my judgment is wrong, then france is convinced to have found in the African, the kind of thing or the kind of object which has neither sensation, nor feeling, nor dignity, nor honour, neither esteem nor respect, and therefore, will never react, whatever is imposed on him, whatever may be done to him, and no matter the degree of torture, humiliating and degrading treatment inflicted upon him. How did france even get there?

Are the french rulers so stupid not to understand that everything under the sun has an end? Unfortunately, yes. They are big idiots; they are mentally unbalanced. For these psychopaths, Africans are things, or if you want, simple objects. That is why they can with impunity, make Africa and Africans what they want, as they want it, and when they want it, without fear of reactions or retaliation. I can reassure these snakes that they are mistaken. God has given them power and dominion over His people just for a time, not for all the time, and not for eternity. And this domination has come to an end. The decree of the total liberation of Africa from french slavery is already written, and it is irrevocable, according to the "law of the Medes and Persians", which is immutable. The total deliverance of Africa is therefore only a matter of time, and it will not be long in coming.

In the meantime, let's ask ourselves this question: What does france gain by transforming Africans into francophobes? What does france benefit from making millions of Africans acerbic francophobes? Are the french authorities so obtuse that they sincerely believe that it is by dealing with an Africa filled with people revolted against france that they will fare better? The answer is undoubtedly yes.

If not, how can one explain their determination to excite more and more the anger of Africans who by nature are peace-and justice-loving, and who aspire only to live in peace with everyone? If not, how can one understand their stubbornness in making enemies of all Pan-African youth who are yet ready to negotiate with france in a mutually respectful way, for a win-win partnership?

Whenever I browse the Internet and I come across images of the First Lady Simone Gbagbo, frightened, half-naked, exhibited by pitiful and ignoble french soldiers of the licorne force as war trophy before the cameras of the world, my anger reaches its peak. And when I know that this lady is the wife of the democratically elected President of Ivory Coast, whose proof of victory in the elections are implacable, my indignation is at its height. I think it is wise to remind the barbarian french leaders that it is imperative that they release President Laurent Gbagbo immediately and unconditionally, that they liberate Africa, and this as quickly as possible. If they do not do it willingly, they will do it by force.

Even if the only solution the author or authors of this article have found to this france-Africa war is the total boycott of all that is french, know that the real solution is elsewhere. However, without denying or underestimating the effectiveness of this ultimate solution proposed to Africa to free itself from french slavery, let me reveal to you that the problem of Africa is spiritual, that its slavery is spiritual, that its enslavement is spiritual, that its true deliverance will also be spiritual, and that the true means of achieving this deliverance will equally be spiritual. Those who have ears to hear, let them hear!

Finally, we urge our french brothers and friends to encourage their leaders to come to their senses while it's time. Know dear french brothers and friends, that your leaders have already achieved the feat of making Africans the enemies of france; and what they are striving to do now is to turn the hatred of france that Africans feel, into hatred of the french. If nothing is done, Africans will end up mistaking you for enemies, when in fact you have never been one, at least directly.

10- Call to the great leaders of this world

You great leaders of this planet, you Presidents, Prime Ministers, Ministers and other decision-makers of this world, you are the only ones better placed to understand the situation we are decrying. Any other person reading this story will feel that it is somewhat exaggerated; yet it is not the case. On the contrary, the reality is much worse than what is described, because no human language can accurately describe the degree of atrocity that france with your support is inflicting on Africa and Africans. Therefore, we, worthy sons and daughters of Africa, who cherish justice and peace, send you this message:

When you talk about the Abolition of Slavery, which according to you took place between 1833 and 1869, what are you really talking about? Records show that slavery was abolished more than 100 years ago. If this is really the case, tell us how you call what france does and is still doing to Africa and to Africans, with your help, with your support, with your assistance, with your complicity, and with your blessing.

At the time of writing this message, 15 African countries have their currency confiscated by france, which does what it wants. Tell us where in the whole world is such a thing still possible. Every African leader who dares to claim his economic independence and tries to free himself from this monetary Nazism is immediately assassinated by france, with your complicity. Are you really so stupid to believe that such a thing can go on forever? We thought you were intelligent. Come back to common sense while there is still time.

France rapes African small children, boys and girls, in Central African Republic, the representative of the UN who dares to be indignant, is immediately driven out of his post. Despite the profusion of available evidence, investigations carried out are subsequently dismissed. All this is happening before your very eyes with your complicity. And do you want worthy Africans to applaud and sit back?

France, under the false pretext of wanting to help orphans, kidnaps hundreds of African children in Chad to serve as guinea pigs in pharmaceutical laboratories in the West. And when the operation fails and the french criminals involved are arrested, france creates a deadly war in Chad to blackmail the murderous dictator Idriss Deby, and have these criminals released by force. All this is happening before your very eyes with your complicity. And you want worthy Africans to praise you?

The great Governor of the BCEAO (Central Bank of West African States), Mr. Philippe-Henri Dakoury-Tabley, an intelligent, worthy, responsible and respectable man, was seriously hit by dark-skinned french mercenaries, and laid bare like a vulgar highwayman, like one of those bandits who in some lawless regions, are delivered to popular justice when they are apprehended. This is what france does with your complicity. And do you expect worthy Africans to applaud and fold their arms?

Tell us if the Governor of the European Central Bank, or simply the Governor of the Bank of France, or the Governor of the Bank of England, or the Governor of the Bank of Germany may one day suffer this kind of fate. The pictures of Governor Tabley in his underwear being hit like a snake, went round the world. This is what france organises, plans, and executes freely in Africa; this is the fate that france reserves for responsible African personalities, who want to enjoy a certain independence of mind. Yes, it is this kind of treatment that france reserves for insubordinate African leaders and authorities. And you dare to tell us that slavery has been abolished? When? Where? By whom?

Should we praise you for that? It's time you asked people what they can really offer you. It's over. We have decided to put an end to this madness. We would like to propose that you immediately put an end to the slavery of Africa voluntarily in order to suffer less loss, less shame and humiliation, or to get stiff-necked, and suffer the fate that Egypt had suffered at the first liberation of the people of Israel.

If you choose to harden your heart, the second liberation of the people of God will be more spectacular than the first. For, dear Pharaohs, dear so-called powerful men of this world, dear slave traders, dear psychopaths, dear mentally ill people who think you are gods and other lords of the earth, the decree of the deliverance of Africa is signed, and the execution of this decree is inevitable. Know therefore that Africa will be delivered from your yoke, with or without your consent. Let us finish by making you dance a little bit. Are you ready?

11- Song of the Captives

By the rivers of Babylon

By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down
Yea, yea, we wept, when we remembered Zion.

By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down
Yea, yea, we wept, when we remembered Zion.

When the wicked
Carried us away in captivity
Required from us a song
Now how shall we sing the Lord's song in a strange land?

When the wicked
Carried us away in captivity
Requiring of us a song
Now how shall we sing the Lord's song in a strange land?

Let the words of our mouths and the meditation of our hearts
Be acceptable in Thy sight, O Lord.

Let the words of our mouths and the meditation of our hearts
Be acceptable in Thy sight, O Lord.

By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down
Yea, yea, we wept, when we remembered Zion.

By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down
Yea, yea, we wept, when we remembered Zion.

By the rivers of Babylon (dark tears of Babylon)
There we sat down (You got to sing a song)
Yea, yea, we wept, (Sing a song of love)
When we remember Zion. (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

By the rivers of Babylon (Rough bits of Babylon)
There we sat down (You hear the people cry)
Yea, yea, we wept, (They need their God)
When we remember Zion. (Ooh, have the power).

12- The Prophecy

If you are done dancing, we can continue. You have listened to this song, you have heard it, you have danced it, but you did not understand it. Its message was hidden from you. Its understanding was sealed in your eyes. I will unseal it for you now.

This song taken from the Bible, precisely from Psalm 137 and Psalm 19, was composed by Brent Dowe and Trevor McNaughton of the Reggae group "The Melodians", in 1970. It was then made famous by the group Boney M a few years later, from 1978.

Many people have danced this beautiful song, without ever knowing that it came from the Bible. And even people who hate the Bible and oppose the God of the Bible had a lot of fun with this song, not knowing that it was the Bible they were humming and dancing to.

This song, whose message is both historical and prophetic, is an account of what your ancestors, those demons in the flesh who thought they were gods on earth, had done to God's people in the past. After them, you other demons in flesh like your fathers took over. For more than six hundred years, you have made the people of God your playthings, your objects.

You have subjected God's people to cruel and barbaric slavery, inflicting on them all the worst treatment imaginable. You have been guilty of the most heinous crimes, and in spite of the many warnings we have given you, you have remained unmoved. In your arrogance, you thought you were all-powerful and invincible.

You have cruelly and savagely tortured Africans, impoverished and starved them, while forcing them to sing for you, dance for you, applaud you, and praise you. The Africans, despite suffering the worst atrocities that even animals would not bear so easily, sang for you, danced for you, they applauded you, they praised you, so much so that one of their sons, deported to the West Indies, wondered how such a thing could be possible.

Like many other enlightened Africans, Aimé Césaire, who could not fathom this mystery he was facing, exclaimed in a quote which has remained famous to this day. He said: "Africa is the only continent in the world where people sing and dance for, and applaud, those who impoverish them, starve them, and torture them. Africa's misfortune is to have met france."

What Aimé Césaire, like many other people who wondered about the fate of Africa, did not understand, is that Africa was the victim of a biblical prophecy that was bound to be fulfilled, and it has indeed been fulfilled.

In fact, what you do not know is that Brent Dowe and his friends who composed "By the Rivers of Babylon" had only accomplished the first part of the divine mission. That first part was to lull you, and allow you to have fun. In doing so, they had only presented to you the first part of God's prophecy which should make you laugh. So, they only sang to you verses 1 to 4 of Psalm 137.

13- The Verdict

I will accomplish for you the second part of this divine mission, that which consists in calling down judgment on you, in invoking the wrath of God upon you, and in crying out for vengeance to the God creator of all humans. Yes, my mission is to show you your limits. For this, I will present to you the second part of God's prophecy, which will make you weep and gnash your teeth. I will announce to you the misfortunes that await you, and the calamities that will befall you in the coming days.

Now that you have danced and had fun, let me reveal to you the rest of this prophecy from God, which will no longer make you laugh at all. This is what the rest of Psalm 137 says:"5If I forget you, O Jerusalem, may my right hand forget its skill. 6May my tongue cling to the roof of my mouth if I do not remember you, if I do not consider Jerusalem my highest joy. 7Remember, O Lord, what the Edomites did on the day Jerusalem fell. "Tear it down," they cried, "tear it down to its foundations!" 8O Daughter of Babylon, doomed to destruction, happy is he who repays you for what you have done to us - 9he who seizes your infants and dashes them against the rocks."

You have here an idea of what awaits you and your children in the coming days. The God of the Bible, that is to say the God of the African people whom you have taken hostage for several centuries, has sworn to avenge his people whom you have spent all your time torturing. His wrath against you will be equal to what your cruelty has been towards his people.

The creator of heaven and earth, the God of the African people, has sworn not to forget his people. He has left them in your hands for a time, but he has not forgotten them. He will avenge his people, he will repay you for all the evil you have inflicted on his people. He will seize your children and dash them against the rock.

You must therefore prepare yourselves to suffer in the coming days what Egypt had suffered during the first liberation of the people of God. The destruction of france, this pitiful, criminal and abominable terrorist nation, which can only live and survive by mercilessly sucking the blood of Africans, will be worse than that of Egypt. The french kinglets-rulers, these miserable eternal emperors whose honour lies only in the shameless plundering of Africa, these scumbags who think they are gods, the idiotic french rulers, I said, will all end up like Pharaoh did. The fate reserved for them is worse than what was reserved for the great god Pharaoh under Moses.

Just as your vampire ancestors sucked the blood of God's people and asked them to sing them one of the songs of Zion, you, torturers and executioners of Africa, you ask your victims to sing you some of the songs of Zion. You, oppressors of Africans, you ask the oppressed to praise you. You torturers of Africans, you ask your captives to amuse you. You, slave masters, you ask your slaves to entertain you, to put you at your ease. Hallelujah!

"Africa is the only continent in the world where people sing and dance for, and applaud, those who impoverish them, starve them, and torture them. Africa's misfortune is to have met france." This exclamation from Aimé Césaire was only part of the message that God wanted to send to you. I now give you the rest of this divine message. It is as follows:

"France is the only country in the world run by mentally retarded people, deranged petty kings who have convinced themselves that they can live forever, exclusively from the abominable plundering of Africa. France's misfortune will be to have made Africa its footstool, and Africans its prey."

Those who, like Aimé Césaire, did not understand what was wrong with Africa, will now understand it. Just as the first part of Bible prophecy was fulfilled, so the second part of this Bible prophecy will be fulfilled. The end of french domination of Africa will be spectacular. These idlers, who never imagined they would have to work before they could eat, will be biting their own tails in the coming days. I have chosen to keep a part of this terrible judgment that awaits you. I will reveal it to you later.

All you imperialist colonialists and slavers, your treatment of Africa in general, and the treatment of Africa by france in particular, is such that if we really want to write everything down, we do not think that the world itself will be able to contain the books we would write. We have nevertheless chosen to give you some extracts.

Remember that the time for the deliverance of Africa has come. It's up to you to choose on which side you want to be. I have already told you above, I repeat myself: The decree for the deliverance of Africa has been signed, and the execution of this decree is inescapable. Remember that Africa will be delivered from your oppression, no matter what you do. Engage in all the contortions, all the stratagems and other satanic tricks as you please; equip yourselves with all the ultra-sophisticated military equipment as you like; forge as many incestuous alliances with other abominable nations as you wish; I solemnly declare to you that Africa will be freed from your yoke, and very soon.

14- Conclusion

I leave you to meditate on this biblical prophecy from Isaiah 47, which confirms what I have been revealing to you all along, and which will inevitably be fulfilled for you in the coming days.

"… 6I was angry with My people; I have profaned My inheritance, and given them into your hand. You showed them no mercy; on the elderly you laid your yoke very heavily. 7And you said, 'I shall be a lady forever,' so that you did not take these things to heart, nor remember the latter end of them. 8"Therefore hear this now, you who are given to pleasures, who dwell securely, who say in your heart, ‘I am, and there is no one else besides me; I shall not sit as a widow, nor shall I know the loss of children'; 9But these two things shall come to you in a moment, in one day: The loss of children, and widowhood. They shall come upon you in their fullness because of the multitude of your sorceries, for the great abundance of your enchantments. 10"For you have trusted in your wickedness; you have said, ‘No one sees me'; your wisdom and your knowledge have warped you; and you have said in your heart, ‘I am, and there is no one else besides me.' 11Therefore evil shall come upon you; you shall not know from where it arises. And trouble shall fall upon you; you will not be able to put it off. And desolation shall come upon you suddenly, which you shall not know." Isaiah 47:1-11.

Grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love!




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