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Beloved, we find it opportune, at a time when millions of demons are released on the earth to fight Children of God, to put at your disposal this testimony of a former satanist, narrated by Pastor John Mulinde. This testimony reveals to us how satan does everything to prevent us from waging a victorious spiritual warfare. It is therefore imperative that every child of God wakes up in order not to allow satan to win the slightest victory over his life.


Beginning of the testimony


I (John Mulinde) would like to share with you an excerpt from the testimony of someone who served the devil, before being saved. When I heard that man give his testimony, it so challenged me that I did not want to believe it. I had to fast before God for ten days in order to ask Him if this was true. It was at that time God began to teach me the things that take place in the spiritual realm when we pray.


This man was born after his parents had dedicated themselves to lucifer. When he was still in the womb, they performed many rituals to dedicate him to the service of lucifer. When he was four-year-old, he began to exercise his spiritual power, and his parents began to fear him. When he was six-year-old, his father brought him to some witches for them to train him. By the time he was ten, he was doing great exploits for the kingdom of the devil. He was feared by the common witches.


He was still a young boy, but he was so terrible in the things he did. He grew to be a young man in his twenties with so much bloodshed on his hands. He killed at will. He had the ability to go out of his body through transcendental meditation. And he could levitate; at times his body would rise off the ground and hang in midair. And sometimes he would go into a trance, and come out of his body; his body would remain behind while he went out into the world by a practice called "astro-travelling". And He was used by satan to destroy so many churches and so many pastors.


One day, he was assigned to destroy a church that was full of prayer. There were much division in this church, and much confusion. He began to work against it, but at that time, the pastor called a fast for the whole church. As the church began to fast, there was much repentance and a lot of reconciliation. The people came together and began to pray for the Lord to work in their midst. They continued interceding and crying out to God to have mercy on them and to intervene in their lives. As the days went by, the man came again and again against the church with demon spirits. But a word of prophecy came forth telling the Christians to rise up and wage warfare against the powers of darkness that were attacking the church.


So one day, the man left his body in his room to go astro-travelling. He led a powerful force of demonic spirits against the church. His spirit moved through the air over the church and tried to attack it, but there was a covering of light over the church. Suddenly, an army of angels attacked them and fought against them in the air. All the demons fled, but he was arrested by the angels. They brought him through the roof right before the church altar. He just appeared there as the people were deep in prayer, engaged in spiritual warfare, binding, breaking and casting out.


The pastor was on the platform leading the prayers and the warfare. The Spirit of the Lord told him, "The yoke has been broken, and the victim is there before you. Help him through deliverance." As the pastor opened his eyes, he saw the young man lying there. His body was with him. The young man said that he doesn't know how his body joined him; he had left it back in his house. But there he was in his body. He didn't know how he had entered it; all he knew was that the angel had carried him through the roof. The pastor silenced the church and told them what God had told him, and then asked the sorcerer, "Who are you?" The young man was trembling as the demons began coming out of him. So they prayed for his deliverance, and afterwards he began to share his story. The young man has now come to the Lord and many people are delivered through his testimony.


One night, I went to a dinner. The only reason I went was that someone had told me about this young man and I was very curious to see him and to find out if his story was true. So I attended the dinner, and in the evening he was given the chance to give his testimony. He spoke about so many things. At times he cried because of the things he had done. As he finished, he made an appeal. There were many pastors in the room. He said, "I appeal to you, pastors. Please teach the people how to pray." The people who do not pray can be taken in anything, in anything by the devil, and there are ways that the enemy can exploit their lives and their prayers. The enemy knows even how to exploit the prayers of those who do not know how to pray. "Teach the people how to use the spiritual armour that God provides."


Then he shared how he led expeditions through the air. He would go with other satanic agents and many demon spirits. It was as if they were working in shifts. He had a regular time that he was required to go and wage war in the heavenlies. He said that in the spiritual realm, if the land is covered by a blanket of darkness, that blanket is so dense it is like solid rock. And it covers the whole area. The spirits are able to go on top of and below the blanket and from there they influence the events on earth.


When the evil spirits and human satanic agents finish their shifts, they go down to earth at the points of covenant, on water or on land, to refresh their spirits. How do they refresh their spirits? By the sacrifices that people give at these altars. They could be sacrifices in open witchcraft, sacrifices in bloodshed of all types, including abortion, wars, human and animal sacrifices. They could be sacrifices of sexual immorality, in which people practice sexual perversions of all kinds. Such acts strengthen satanic powers. He said that when satanic agents are up in the heavenly realm, and Christians begin to pray on earth, the Christians’ prayers appear to them in three forms. All prayers appear like smoke that is rising toward heaven:


- Some prayers appear like smoke that drifts along and vanishes in the air. These prayers come from people who have sin in their lives that they are not willing to deal with. Their prayers are very weak; they are blown away and disappear in the air.


- Another type of prayer is also like smoke. It rises upward until it reaches the rock, but it cannot break through the rock. These prayers come from people who try to purify themselves, but who lack faith as they pray. They ignore the other important aspects that are needed when one prays.


- The third type of prayer is like smoke that is filled with fire. As it rises upward, it is so hot that when it reaches the rock, the rock begins to melt like wax. It pierces the rock and goes through.


When people begin to pray, their prayers look like the first type. But as they continue praying, their prayers change and become like the second type of prayer. And as they continue praying, suddenly their prayers ignite into flames. Their prayers become so powerful that they pierce through the rock. When evil agents notice that prayers are changing and coming very close to becoming fire, they communicate with other spirits on earth and tell them, "Distract that person from prayer. Stop them from praying. Pull them out."


Christians often yield to these distractions. They are pressing through, repenting and allowing the Word to check their spirit. Their faith is growing. Their prayers are becoming more focused. Then the devil notices that their prayers are gaining strength, and the distractions begin. Sometimes, in the middle of very, very intense prayer, the telephone rings and you think you can go answer it and then come back and continue praying. However, when you return, you go back to the beginning. And that's what the devil wants.


Other kinds of distractions come your way. They may touch your body, bringing pain somewhere. They may make you hungry, causing you to want to go to the kitchen to prepare something to eat. As long as they can get you out of that place, they have defeated you. He said to the pastors, "Teach Children of God to set aside some time, not just for some casual praying. Once a day, they should have a time when they are focusing wholeheartedly on God, without distractions."


If the people persist in this kind of prayer and allow themselves to be inspired in the spirit and to keep going, something happens in the spirit. The fire touches that rock, and it melts. The man said that when the melting begins, it is so hot that no demon spirit can stand it, and no human spirit can stand it. They all run away. There comes an opening in the spiritual realm. The person who is praying on the ground feels like their prayer has suddenly become so smooth, so enjoyable, so powerful and intense. The man said that when the prayers break through, from that moment on there is no resistance at all, and the person praying can continue as long as he wants.


Then he said that after the person finishes praying, the hole remains open, and when people rise from their place of prayer, and move on, the open hole moves along with them. They are no longer operating under the blanket. They are operating under an open heaven. And in that state, the devil cannot do what he wants against them. The presence of God is like a pillar from heaven resting on their lives. They are protected, and there is so much power inside the pillar that as they move around, that presence touches other people as well. And as they talk to people who are standing with them, they too come inside the pillar. As long as they stay inside the pillar, all the bondages placed on them by the enemy weaken.


So when people who have experienced this spiritual breakthrough share Jesus Christ with sinners, the sinners’ resistance is low. It is very easy to bring them through to salvation. When they pray for the sick or pray about other things, the presence that is with them makes all the difference. The devil hates such people. He said that in places where prayer regularly breaks through in this way, the presence of God comes upon that place and does not leave. When people who do not know God enter such a place, all their bondages even suddenly weaken.


As you can imagine, we all sat staring at the man as he told us the things he used to do and see. Then he told us what they would do to those who broke through in prayer. He said that they marked such people and studied them. They would dig up everything they could find about them, so they knew their weaknesses. When someone overcame them in prayer and broke through, they would communicate with other spirits saying, "Target him with this and this and this. They are his weaknesses." So when the person walks out of his prayer closet, the spirit of prayer is upon him, the presence of God is with him, his spirits are high, and the joy of the Lord is his strength. However, as he goes the enemy tries to bring things that can distract him from focusing on the Lord.


If his weakness is in the area of his temper, the enemy will cause people to do things to make him angry. If he is not sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and he allows himself to lose his temper, he takes his eyes off the Lord. He gets angry, then after a few minutes, he wants to put it behind him and move forward in the joy of the Lord; but he does not feel joyful anymore. He tries to feel good again, but can’t. Why? While he was yielding to the temptation, they were working hard to close the opening above him. Once they restore the rock, the presence of God is cut off. The person does not cease being a child of God. But the extra anointing on his life, the presence that worked apart from his own effort, is cut off. If his weakness is temptation to commit sexual immorality, the enemy will prepare people or events, something to suddenly arouse his passion to move towards the temptation. If he yields to the temptation and opens his mind to receive and entertain its thoughts, when he is through and wants to again move in the anointing, he discovers it is no longer there.


Every time after you have a breakthrough in prayer, remember you are still a weak human being. Remember you are not yet perfect. Ask the Lord to protect you from all the traps of the devil.


The man said that when prayer breaks through like that, the answer will always come. He said he did not know of a single case in which prayer broke through and the answer did not come. He said that the answer always came, but that in most cases, it never reached the person who asked for it. Why? The battle in the heavenlies.


Then the man said something that really shook my faith. It was because of what he shared next that I fasted for ten days asking, "Lord, is this true? Can You prove it to me?" The man said that every Christian has an angel who serves them. We know what the Bible says about angels in Hebrews 1:14, "Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?" He said that when people pray, the answer comes in the hands of their angel. The angel brings the answer, just as we read in Daniel 10. Then he said something that was difficult to receive: If the one who prays knows of the spiritual armour and is clothed with it, the answer comes by an angel who is also clothed in full armour. However, if the one who prays does not care about being clothed in spiritual armour, their angel comes to them without spiritual armour. When Christians are careless about the kinds of thoughts that enter their minds, and do not fight the battle for their minds, their angels come to them without helmets. Whatever spiritual weapon you ignore on earth, your angel does not have it when he serves you. In other words, our spiritual armour is not protecting our physical bodies; it is protecting our spiritual exploits.


The man said that as the angel was coming they would watch him to find the areas that were uncovered, and then attack those areas. If he did not have a helmet, they would shoot at his head. If he did not have a breastplate, they would shoot at his chest. If he did not have shoes, they would make a fire, causing him to have to walk through fire. Actually, we asked him, "Can angels feel fire?" You know what his reply was? Remember this is the spiritual realm. They are spirits dealing with spirits. The battle is intense. When they overpower an angel of God, the first thing they go after is the answer he is carrying, and they get it from him. They then give it to people who are involved in cults or witchcraft.


Then the man said that they were not satisfied with just stealing the answer. They were also interested in detaining the angel. They would start fighting against him. And he said that sometimes they would succeed in holding and binding the angel. And when that happens, the Christian on earth becomes a victim as well. They can do anything to that Christian because he is left totally without ministry in the spiritual realm.


I asked him, "Do you mean that an angel can be held captive by demonic forces?" The man did not know the Scriptures at the time he was saying all this. He was just sharing his experience. He said that they could not hold the angel very long because as other Christians prayed elsewhere, reinforcements would come and the angels would go free. However, if the Christian responsible did not pray through, the angel remained a captive. Then the enemy would send his own angel to them as an angel of light. That is how deception comes, with false visions, false prophecies, false leading or guidance in the spirit, and the making of all kinds of wrong decisions. And many times this person is open to all kinds of attacks and bondages.


I left that dinner extremely troubled. And I asked the Lord, "Lord, I don't want to even try to believe this." It takes away all of my confidence, my security. During the ten days that I sought the Lord, the Lord did two things: First, He not only confirmed the things I had heard, He also opened my mind to understand a lot more of what happens in the spiritual realm that the man could not tell us. And two, He led me to see what we are supposed to do as the things are happening so that we are not defeated, but can overcome. We need to know and come to terms with three things:


1- How to use the weapons of our warfare. The Bible calls them the armour of God. It is not our armour; it is God's armour. When we use it, we allow God to fight on our behalf.


2- Understand the relationship between ministering spirits - angels - and our spiritual lives, and be sensitive to what is happening in our hearts as a leading regarding what needs to be done in the spiritual realm on our behalf.


3- The Holy Spirit: We should not regard the Holy Spirit as our servant, who is serving us and bringing us things. He does not run back and forth between us and the Father to tell Him what we need. That is the angels’ job. He stands by our side. Doing what? Guiding us, teaching us, leading us, helping us to pray in the right way. And when these things are happening in the spiritual realm, He lets us know. Sometimes He wakes you up in the middle of the night and says, "Pray." But you say, "No! My time has not yet come." And He says, "Pray now!" Why? Because He sees what is happening in the spiritual realm. Sometimes He says, "Fast tomorrow!" But you say, "Oh, no; I'll start on Monday!" But He understands what is happening in the spiritual realm. We should learn to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. He guides us in paths of righteousness. [End of testimony].


Grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love!




Dear brothers and sisters,


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The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you!


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