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(Updated on 01 01 2024)


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Dear brothers and dear friends, we want to share with you this testimony, which like the other testimonies awakens us in relation to spiritual warfare. It is the story of the young Felicien Mulopwe who, at the age of 13, voluntarily involved himself in witchcraft after watching demonstrations of a magician in their college. He climbed the ladder in satan's camp and committed dreadful damage until he accepted God's outstretched hand and gave his life to Jesus Christ.


This testimony, while opening our eyes more on the works of the world of darkness in general, and on the submarine world in particular, confirms the information that we already have from the other testimonies, which we have read. It is very clear, and warns us against the risk of living without having Jesus Christ as Lord and Master, and also against the danger of being a born-again Christian without truly living a life of sanctification. It confirms the teachings on "Spiritual Warfare" and on "Discernment" that we made available to you a few years ago. We urge you to read it attentively. Also take time to read or to reread our teachings on Spiritual Warfare and on Discernment. They are very rich. You will find them on the website www.mcreveil.org.


[Beginning of Testimony]


1- Initiation into red magic


One day a magician came to perform magical demonstrations in our college, as it was done in the past. After his magical exhibitions, I approached him to consult him because I wanted to become a powerful and famous man in my city and in my school. The latter gave me the addresses of great masters of Europe so that I could get in touch with them, then he made incisions on my body so that I could become powerful. After that, I wrote to one of those addresses, to a great master residing in France. I told him that I wanted to become famous in my city and powerful in my school, and also to attract girls of my generation. A few days later this master replied to my letter. He advised me to burn francs bank notes and my purchase order and throw them in the toilet. In fact, I had ordered a magic chain of power.


After having done what I was instructed, it took no time for the answer to come back through the same postal means, through the toilets. The answer of this mystic master recommended me to go naked to the cemetery at night. Before I left for the Mongansi local cemetery, at midnight I had to recite some magical prayers to disperse passers-by of my path, and also that neither my parents nor my family would know about it. Animated by a satanic courage, I went to the cemetery that night. My master's instructions stipulated that I had to keep all this secret, and my departure to the cemetery was obligatory. The refusal to go was punishable by death or madness. I had to keep cool and not panic or scream if I saw something strange. After doing my magical prayers, I opened my eyes. What I saw frightened me, but I had to be calm and not panic. So, I was surprised to find out that I had before me a large snake coming out of one of the graves of the cemetery. It had the size of an Anaconda. It stood and began to growl in order to frighten me, but I kept my calm because I was determined to have power and notoriety. It was not an ordinary snake but a demon.


The snake tried to scare me, but to no avail. Seeing that he had not made me flee, he opened his huge mouth in which was a bright and brilliant chain. Then, I heard a voice that commanded me to insert my hand inside the jaws of the snake and remove the magic chain. I had no choice, otherwise I would go crazy or die, and the devil would be happy to see me die because he would have won my soul. I then removed the chain from the snake’s mouth and put it around my neck as a sign of victory. But unfortunately, my victory was short-lived because I was surrounded by a group of living dead in skeletal form who were singing: "Brother James, brother James sleep ..." The objective of these demons was to make me spend time at the cemetery, for the master's instructions stipulated that I had to leave the cemetery immediately after removing the chain from the mouth of the snake. So I had to leave the cemetery without wasting time, for fear of dying or running mad, and thanks to my agility, I managed to escape these demons; but they followed me, shouting, "Thief!" They chased me with sticks and stones. Others went ahead of me to block the way, but I was able to dribble them. Finally, I left the cemetery; I had just escaped death.


When I got home, nobody knew what had happened. Beloved, this was when I was only thirteen. But do not be surprised, because there are even babies coming out of their mother's womb to travel to the invisible world and practice witchcraft. The world is full of mystery. There are terrible things happening at night while people are asleep. The next day when I arrived at school, it was as if demons had preceded me and advertised me to the students at our school. My success was such that even girls in my school could not resist me. So I became famous and even my teachers loved me. While I was practicing magic, I continued to serve in my church as a choirboy in the parish of Our-Lady Fatima in Dolisie. Days passed very quickly and one Sunday after Sunday Mass, the priest called me and let me know he needed to talk to me at 6 pm. In the evening, I went to the priest's house. He opened his heart to me and made me understand that he already knew that I was going to the world of spirits in the cemeteries, although I had never spoken to him about it.


He offered to introduce me to the Red Magic of the Red Dragon. He informed me about the several mysteries of magic and confided to me that his term in the city was coming to an end. Thus, he had to prepare somebody who would take over from him. He told me that a priest before the expiration of his term in a city where he works must prepare someone who will replace him and represent his magic branch. After this interview he invited me to meet the following Wednesday at the parish so that we could get down to business. On Wednesday at 10 pm, before arriving at the priest’s place, he asked me to change and put on a cassock he had prepared for the ceremony. It was a hooded cassock. This white gown was for novices in the practice of red dragon magic. After the priest's incantations, we sat on a red carpet in front of the statue of jesus. Then the priest asked me to close my eyes and concentrate. During this time, he recited magic formulas. And while he was reciting these magical prayers, I felt like we were flying in space. Then he asked me to stand up and open my eyes. When I opened my eyes, I noticed that we were no longer in the parish but in a magical world full of beauty. It was a very well-built city with gigantic buildings, of ineffable beauty.


Upon our arrival, a woman named Donna Leticia of Italian nationality came to meet us. After staring into my eyes, she began to accuse me of being a traitor, saying that I should not be introduced to the audience, and that the priest should replace me with another disciple. But despite her insistence, the priest told her that I was going to change. After this debate, they all decided to shut me up in a room with no window in which there was a light bulb, and cameras that were filming me. After sometimes, I was taken out of this room and a man was instructed to take me to the hall where there was a large meeting room. When I arrived in the conference room, I noticed that it was filled with people. There were people who were still alive and people who had already died several years ago. There were great traders of the city of Pointe Noire, there were military and civil authorities of our country, and religious people too. I saw people that we studied in history who died a long time ago.


When the meeting began, this Italian woman continued to insist that I should not be introduced to the audience, because later I will betray the invisible world. It was thanks to a vote that the assembly decided to introduce me to the audience. So the one who coordinated the meeting ordered me to go to the front and stand in the bar, as in a court. A new name was given me to signify that I had become satan’s full-time servant. The chairman of the meeting was a well-known bishop in the Republic of Congo. The latter enumerated ten laws which I had to observe, the least disobedience to these laws would result in severe punishment. As in all the enthronement meetings, all the audience was invited to the banquet hall in the same building, where the guests were supposed to taste the meat and human blood, and dance to the rhythm of the Congolese rumba sung by the musician Franco who was still alive at that time. Finally, the bishop approached me, and gave me a book containing several magical prayers intended to invoke demonic spirits and other powerful demons like queen Farida. He advised me to keep secret what I saw and heard in the invisible world, for fear of going mad or dying. That's how my career started in red magic.


I remember that after some time, on the eve of the new school year, my father took me to the market to do some shopping in order to prepare for my school year. While we were a few meters from the market, I heard a voice within me reminding me that I had to refrain from going to a market, as prescribed in the ten laws that governed my mystical life, for fear of being punished; it was one of the ten laws that I had to observe. My dad did not understand why I avoided the market. I lied to him that mom had already bought me all my school needs, which was not the case. So Dad gave me the money to buy the school outfit. I took this money and spent it on other things, knowing that I will consult queen Farida to give me what I needed. When she appeared, she asked me what I needed, and after clapping her hands, her servants brought me all my school needs and even the school uniform. This satanic lady had become like my mother. She found solutions to all my problems and claimed that she loved me.


2- My meeting with sorcerers


A few months later, I started having problems with my father, which irritated me so much that I had problems with the invisible world; for the ten laws stipulated that I should not be angry. In my childhood I hated sorcerers. It happened one day that the president of our parish Our-Lady Fatima wanted to kill a boy who served in the children's choir. I was informed by demons, and the very night this man was supposed to execute the boy who was his own son, I stopped him. He could not do anything against me because his power was less than mine. In fact, he was just a wizard, and I was a satanist. This man who was the president of our parish and the head of sorcerers began to hate me. His hatred was so obvious, but people did not know the cause. They could not understand that there was a night conflict between him and me. During my magical life, none of my parents suspected that I belonged to the red magic branch, because I was gentle and docile.


Later, I started having problems with my father who was a well-known wizard in the community. He had a totem of crocodiles. At home, we had a toy that was a bamboo plane, but in the night, this toy was transformed into a mystical plane that my father used. In fact, there was a mystical airport behind our house. Our conflict began when my father could no longer leave his body to travel to the spiritual world. My demon prevented him from boarding his mystical plane, so I was no longer tolerated at home. One day after school, I went home and found that my father had burned my clothes because my presence made him sick. So, I had to leave his house. After this misunderstanding between my father and me, I became angry and this anger greatly disturbed the invisible world. Then queen Farida summoned me by mystical phone, and when I went to meet her, she reminded me of my transgression and let me know she was not happy with me. And to appease her anger, she asked me to sacrifice the baby that my stepmother had with my father. This sacrifice was to calm the anger of this demonic queen.


Then the queen asked me to visit my master, the priest of the Catholic church, in order to pay for my transgression. When I arrived at the priest's house in the town of Dolisie, the latter received me with open arms, but only he was disappointed because I had broken one of the ten laws. The priest told me that to plead for the grace of the great master, satan, I had to do a novena, that means nine days of fasting without eating or drinking in the parish. After that, I still had to sacrifice nine children to the devil. As soon as the nine days of fasting were completed, the priest invited me to his quarters to see what was to be done, I mean to help me sacrifice these children to satan. Then the priest set up a charity organisation for the distribution of food and supplies to children from two to twelve, as is the custom in Catholic churches. So every Monday we would distribute food to children: rice, sugar, soy milk. While the children were lined up, I had to put my right hand on the head of the child who will be the next victim. As a result, nine of these children died in the course of time. I regret killing innocent children. We must understand that behind the many charitable organisations of the catholic church, there are human sacrifices.


I advise you never to allow Catholics to hold a death service for a member of your family. In fact, during this mass, the priest sprinkles holy water on the coffin to capture the soul of the deceased. And the holy water thus sprinkled turns into a massive river in which the soul of the dead person is stuck.


Now the question is: where did the milk, rice and other food products we distributed to children come from? The answer should make us think. Before the distribution of food, we locked ourselves in a room that looked like a depot, and the priest made invocations to ask for everything we would distribute to the children on Monday. Following these magical prayers, the roof opened and tons of food and various food items came down, as if a group of invisible workers took them out of an invisible cargo plane, and piled them in the room that served us as a depot. So, these things came from the world of satan, he who does not give to humans for free; therefore, sacrifices were needed in return. That's why the children died, so I managed to offer nine souls to queen Farida. We still see Catholic priests donating and offering things in charitable acts, but no one knows where these things come from. Catholic charity is hypocritical and dangerous; it's another facet of wickedness. You must flee from that, if you cherish your life. By accepting these gifts and these so-called gifts and assistance that come from the world of satan, you unknowingly sign a pact with lucifer, to sell him your soul. You are now warned.


3- My first participation in the annual world summit of satanists
in the basement of India


One day, the priest asked me to go with him to the parish so that I could accompany him to the annual meeting at the end of the year. It was December 24, 1985. Toward the middle of the night, the priest told me that we had to get down to business. It was just after Christmas Mass at 11pm. Around midnight we went to the local cemetery of Moupé. Know that a graveyard is one of the portals to the parallel world of satan. It was from this cemetery that we were able to travel to the basement of India to attend the annual world summit of satanists. The satanic kingdom in India is not visible to the human eye; it is a spiritual realm; it is the headquarters of the world government of lucifer located in the basement of India. After invocations, the priest asked me to find the grave of a male corpse. Once this was done, he made a magical prayer and the person rose from his grave and I was able to talk with him. Then, I lay down in his grave and we told him to keep my body during my trip to India.


When I laid in his coffin, my spirit came out of my body, and I landed in India to attend satanists’ world rally. There were famous footballers, film and song stars, well-known political leaders, fallen angels, superior demons, and principalities. Newcomers like me had to be presented to the audience, and it was in this kind of gathering that major events that were to happen in the world in the upcoming year were determined.


Thus, the fate of political, sporting and commercial events was decided and determined in advance. This satanic gathering takes place every year from December 24th to 31st. The change of political regime and the results of the elections are decided in advance at these meetings. Sports results and results of championships are also decided and determined in advance during this meeting. Diseases that must emerge on the earth in different regions to torment the inhabitants of various countries are also programmed.


In these annual meetings, the fallen angels and principalities plan the wars and the military conflicts that they will provoke in different regions of the earth during the upcoming year. These principalities prepare and plan in advance the traffic accidents, plane crashes; they plan how to sink ships; they programme the so-called natural disasters that will hit different regions of the earth, etc. Major and world-wide events, prejudicial to humanity and favourable to the kingdom of darkness, which will happen on the earth during the New Year, are decided and programmed in advance by the principalities and fallen angels, while the whole world remain in festivities shouting "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!", instead of being in prayer.


In these gatherings, the choice of the presidents of different countries of the world is decided. It was during this gathering that I became aware of the change of political regime that would take place in my country; because I saw the fallen angels and principalities decide the arrival of democracy in my country and the devaluation of the CFA Franc. In this gathering of satanists and demons, we also discussed the war in Angola. We decided to send invisible soldiers to continue to help the rebel leader. His army was smaller compared to that of the official government, but he was still progressing because he was helped by demons that were fighting alongside him. I would advise Christians to pray for peace in their country. Many political and military conflicts are decided and programmed in the invisible world to stop the work of God. The kingdom of darkness reserves the right to dominate over a country that has asked for help from the World Bank; the AIDS epidemic was also discussed.


I’ll use this opportunity to ask Children of God not to argue or debate on issues related to sports in general, and football in particular. Let me advise you not to be a fan of a football team. The results of football championships and sports tournaments are decided in the invisible world, in these meetings of satanists and demons. In these meetings, it was decided that Canada would become a country of labour, and that Japan would develop scientifically and technologically.


After the meeting, newly arrived initiates like myself were taken to another meeting room where we were to receive instructions, and in this room there was a statue of jesus christ on the cross. In fact, this statue had a human body and fresh red blood oozed from this man on the cross. I do not know if it was a man or a demon. This man on the cross resembled the jesus depicted on images of Catholic devotion. We were presented this man nailed to the cross as the leader of Christians, the son of God who is worshiped by the Christians. Our host could not mention the name of Jesus Christ, because it is forbidden to mention the name of Jesus in the world of satan. Then he incited us to scourge the false jesus who was on the cross; we were instructed to subject this man on the cross to abuse and insults, and we were urged to flog him, spit on him, and punch him. As a result of this treatment, this man on the cross began bleeding even more.


This symbolic act of the new initiates was a blasphemous act that concretised the rejection of Jesus Christ, but the bleeding man on the cross was a superior demon who had assumed the appearance of Jesus. And I understood that the image of the man on the cross in the Catholic church was not to remind believers of the death of Christ, but rather to make fun of Him. Before returning to earth, they gave each of us a flying carpet, a book containing 120 magic prayers, a cord with a cross that was a telephone, and a stick that we were supposed to use in spiritual warfare. I was tasked to sacrifice 3000 people in 20 years, and then we went back to earth. When my master the priest left the city, he entrusted me to a fallen angel known as master bombar of bombar.


4- My failure in the destruction of a Church in Germany


Later, my master Bomber called me to tell me that there was a Church in Germany that prayed a lot, and this Church disturbed our programmes and disrupted our activities in the invisible world. So he entrusted me with the task of extinguishing the fire of their prayers, knowing that I was victorious in all my missions. I took my flying carpet and travelled to Germany, where the Church was to see things for myself. Once there, the power that emanated from this Church did not even allow me to approach it. I then realised that I was powerless against these believers; I was ashamed of myself. This defeat and this failure were enlightening. I could not understand the kind of power these believers had. I went to report this to my master, the fallen angel. He told me that he too had tried to attack this Church, but without success. I was surprised; even my master the fallen angel was helpless before these believers; but the devil is tireless, he will always try to come back again and again.


5- My first meeting with freemasons


As I progressed rapidly in magic, my superiors decided to send me to Italy, where I had to meet the grand master of the Grand Lodge of Freemasons, whose name I’m withholding. There I had to bathe in blood to increase my powers. It was there that I met several political figures from several states of the world. At this meeting, I was given a pigeon named Nice, which was a demon in the form of a bird. Its job was to report to me everything that went on during my absence, and the content of their meetings. So, to avoid suspicion, I bought other ordinary pigeons, so that nobody could understand what I was doing with this devilish bird. Some people who practice occult arts have cats and birds such as parrots or pigeons. At times, I felt a sense of guilt; I needed God, I wanted to join an independent church because I felt a void in me and the need to connect with God and His Son. When I wanted to leave the Catholic Church, the fallen angel Bombar became angry and decided no longer to supervise my initiation and my evolution in red magic. So, to change his disposition, I went to Ivory Coast where the pope was visiting, to convince him to speak to Bombar. He agreed, but I had to offer 200 people for Bombar to continue my initiation.


6- My meeting with the queen of heaven, and my participation in the celebration of the catholic madonna


Upon my return from Ivory Coast, I was forced to go directly through the city where the Catholic Madonna's Day was organized. I went where the priests of the ten Catholic formations of the city of Loudima lodged. There I had to meet some bishops and ecclesiastical authorities. I transmitted to them the news and the recommendations of the pope concerning the multiplication of photos of the holy virgin Mary, so that everyone attending the celebration can get them at very low price. Each of the attendees also had to bring along a candle for the ceremony, as saint Charlemagne and queen Marguella had to come down to attend the meeting. These two personalities are superior demons that people call mary and jesus. In reality, Mary is already dead, the Bible does not teach us to worship her; he who adores Mary commits the sin of idolatry. He unknowingly invokes a higher demon, for the queen of heaven, the holy virgin, is a fallen angel called Marie Marguella. That evening, when the ceremony and the Madonna's Day began, I managed to put poison in the water of the city from its source.


After people drank this water, I started to catch the spirits of those who were weak in this ceremony and in the city, and as a result, several days later people began to die in many ways so as to avoid suspicion. After capturing the 200 spirits of those who had drunk poisoned water in the city and those who were weak-minded, a mystical plane was sent. I point out that this plane was invisible to the eyes of ordinary people; only the initiates could hear the noises and see this invisible plane. The task of transporting these captive souls was given to a priest of the Catholic mission of the city of Loudima. He was in charge of transporting those souls who were bound in chains to the invisible world. I regret bitterly for putting an end to the lives of these people. After this feast of the Catholic Madonna, on March 6, 1989, some Catholic dignitaries gathered for a seminar in Lubango, a few kilometres from Pointe Noire. This seminar was convened by the queen of heaven. She was accompanied by her son St. Charlemagne, and both coordinated this meeting. The audience included bishops and other church dignitaries, as well as writers from other countries. In this seminar we had to solve the problem of the Legion of Mary; because in this matter there was a conflict between two priests; there was already a bishop who was in charge, but there was another who wanted to seize leadership of the group. The queen of heaven simply decided to maintain the bishop who headed the group of the Legion of Mary.


After this problem it was time to examine another case which concerned a bishop who was to be expelled from the clergy, because of secrets of the church that he had disclosed without authorisation. The Vatican put him aside and he lost his power as a superior priest. He was then punished by life sickness by the queen of heaven; it was paralysis, and he died from it, because priests were forbidden to reveal the secrets of the church to laymen. At the end of this meeting, the queen of heaven proposed to me to marry a woman from the waters commonly called mermaid or mami-wata. She was the daughter of queen Farida. I accepted her proposal without arguing. So, my new wife the mermaid gave me two children. But many years later, my family forced me to marry a human woman. Following this, the mermaid became angry and decided to leave me. She left with the two children to the world of waters.


7- The invisible war against the disciples of Jesus Christ


Sometime later, in my destructive work satan personally entrusted me with the mission to destroy the spiritual life of a man of God who came to Brazzaville for an evangelistic campaign. It was in August 1992. This Christian crusade was to be held in the Stadium of the Revolution, which is the current Massamba-Debate stadium. A large crowd had gathered singing praises to God. Then they raised their voices to pray. I wanted to stop them by blocking their prayers with my astral hand that I had placed over their hands; but it was a failure because their prayers gave off extraordinary firepower. Later I saw a protocol member heading towards me. I thought he had seen what I had done, so I immediately knocked him down by the power of my invisible kick, just like the wrestlers do. To avoid suspicion, I made myself invisible, then I went to stand on the platform where the Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke was. I stood in front of him to hit him and destroy him. So I sent magic rays to him to hypnotise him and kill him.


I saw the man of God speechless for a few minutes, and when he resumed his speech, he asked the assembly to pray for him, because he said satan was in the crusade. And when Christians raised their hands to address prayers to God for this man of God, I felt on my body something like fire devouring me and a strong power thrust me out of the presence of the man of God. And finally, not knowing what to do, I was there dumb, immersed in the most total confusion and breathing in me hatred against the Evangelist. It was a second defeat for me in the destruction of the churches. If only Christians knew these things, they would not be careless about prayer and the Word that keeps them from the devil's manoeuvres.


After this incident, I had to meet my master Bombar to report to him what had happened. He advised me to persevere. The next day at the same time, I went to the crusade to sow disorder and distraction in the midst of the crowd, and it succeeded perfectly because people were distracted, they could not focus on the Word that was preached. That day, there were only two cases of healing. Despite my inability to touch the man of God because he was surrounded by flames of fire, I still managed to cause disorder in this campaign, because I influenced the crowd who wanted at all costs to touch the man of God and this caused disorder. Knowing that I had failed in my mission to kill the man of God, I decided to capture some weak spirits and sacrifice them to satan in compensation, and I managed to catch 50 of them that I sacrificed to satan. On this subject, I would like to advise Children of God to always be spiritually prepared when they go to this kind of gathering. You must always confess your sins and ask God to fill you with the Holy Spirit; for not all those who participate in these crusades are children of God, there are also agents of the devils. During this crusade, I remained in Brazzaville in Meridian Hotel where I lodged, but I could not know where the man of God lodged because he was protected by God.


Seeing that I did not succeed in killing him, I went looking for those who were acting as security officers in this crusade. I managed to catch three of those brothers who were weak. That same night, I went to Mambo Palace Hotel where lucifer lodged to report on my work. He told me that among the people acting as protocol of the man of God, there was a woman who belonged to a secret society; she was a member of Hydro-Congo at the time. The devil told me that he was going to entrust this woman with the task of killing the man of God. Dear brothers and sisters, the devil has taken steps to introduce his agents into the assemblies known as revival assemblies, and they have the mission to restrain the churches, to stir up trouble and divisions in the churches, while preventing true servants from progressing spiritually. The devil’s agents tend to work in the Church leadership commission and want to be elevated to Church leadership. They tend to impose their will on pastors. In most cases, these men and women have always been great corporate executives, and thanks to their financial means, they are able to buy the conscience of the men of God blinded by material gain.


8- My journey to the submarine world


As the days went by I wanted more power, I wanted to discover the power that lies under the earth, under water, in forests and mountains. One morning I called Bombar the fallen angel to inform him of my decision to visit the underwater world. Normally, I had to get a visa from a man who was the guru of a charismatic occult sect in Pointe-Noire, but this man refused to grant me a visa. Thanks to the permission of the fallen angel Bombar, I was allowed to travel to the world of waters without a visa, because in the world of spirits it is the law of the stronger that prevails. In the evening I went to the shore at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean at Pointe-Noire, where the Loya River meets the ocean. After a few incantations a path opened and I was able to go down to the bottom of the ocean. After a few meters of walking, a car appeared. This beautiful car came to take me and drove me to a beautiful city where the residence of the queen of the coast of the Atlantic Ocean was.


I was already in the submarine world under the ocean, the water had already disappeared. I could only see this beautiful urban and metropolitan city that was well populated. The city was big and swarming with people. After some time the queen came to greet me; she was accompanied by beautiful girls who took me to her palace. A wine of honour was served for my arrival, but it was human blood. Then the queen of the coast questioned me about the reason for my visit. I told her it was just a courtesy call. She asked me to wait a little because she was receiving the "only son", that is to say the pope, who also visited the kingdom of waters that day. While sitting in the waiting room, I saw many businessmen who were in the import-export business. I saw businessmen who import goods from foreign countries, those who own depots, cold rooms, fishing boats. I then understood that many businessmen are in the occult. I understood that 80% of their belongings, such as cars, electronics and domestic appliances, come from the underwater realm.


After receiving many people, the queen of the Coast delegated a young lady who was to take care of me during my visit to the submarine world. I was installed in a house that was well furnished, and then the lady took me to visit industries of the manufacture of household appliances. I saw car manufacturing industries and textile and other industries. These factories and industries design all kinds of articles, devices and instruments that we use on the surface of the earth. These clothes and appliances designed in the water world have marks, signs and seals that bewitch humans that use them. After visiting the industries and factories, I was taken to a place that looked like a prison, and there I saw many people chained. The lady who accompanied me informed me that these people were lucifer’s servants who had failed in their missions.


Sometime later, the young mermaid lady took me to a very large room where there were some very sophisticated machines and devices, capable of torturing and cutting off people's heads. I saw machines that were put in place to extract fat from human corpses. These machines were also extracting blood and water from corpses. The young mermaid lady explained to me that the water extracted from the bodies of victims is sent to the Vatican. This water is mixed with natural water and other substances to become what they call holy water, and then that water is sent to Catholic parishes around the world. The lady told me again that the fat extracted from the body of the victim becomes incense, especially the Benjoin incense containing a powerful magical power. The heads of the victims are crushed to design Lourdes incense used by businessmen to attract prosperity. There is also Jerusalem incense conceived from other parts of the human body; Nazareth incense used by priests is also made from other parts of the human body.


After that, the girl took me to a place that looked like a farm. I saw many animals like pigs, oxen and poultry. I questioned this lady about these animals and their use. She said to me, "Unless I explain it to you, you will not be able to understand". As the girl was still talking, I knew in my heart that these animals and livestock on the farm were human victims of human sacrifice. This lady told me that 70% of the food and meat we consume on the surface of the earth comes from the submarine kingdom. She also stated that the many businessmen I saw in the waiting room and received by the Coast lady, are their associates. Much of what they sell comes from the marine world and they mix them with other stocks from Europe and other parts of the world. Brothers and sisters, we must understand that most of the meats we consume on the surface of the earth are human meats, mixed with those from cattle. This kind of food causes all kinds of health problems, and even diseases that become incurable. Pray before eating!


While the visit was still underway, the queen of the coast joined us and we continued the visit together. Sometime later a group of beautiful young women dressed in a way to provoke womanizers arrived. They were all extremely beautiful, they were about to be deployed on a mission on earth to seduce the nations. They came where we were with the queen who introduced them as her daughters. They prostrated themselves before the queen of the coast and asked permission to go to the surface of the earth to spend the weekend. The queen placed her hand on them and said, "You have my blessing, go and seduce mankind." Christians must understand that the beautiful women and beautiful kids we see on earth are not all ordinary humans, but physical demons.


Many people are victims of their evil power of seduction and end up getting missing, because they could not resist this demonic attraction, and end up in submarine jails of the kingdom of waters. Many demons come from the world of cemeteries and the underwater world. They have human appearance, they have beauty and money, beautiful cars and many succumb to their charm and are seduced by their money. When these young mermaid women went to the surface of the earth, we went to visit factories and fabric design industries like super wax, corduroy and super cent material. The queen of the Coast also told me about oil companies in the Atlantic Ocean. She told me that no company can exploit oil in the Atlantic Ocean without her authorisation. Once a company signs an agreement with her, she will personally take the company staff to the untapped sites and oil reserves under the ocean.


Beloved, I would like to emphasise that we must always thank the Lord before eating because of the nature of the food of this world. Many businessmen in the markets are agents of the devil. So when you go to the market and you see the crowd surrounding a particular vendor, you should avoid that person! Many chickens sold on the market are babies. After my visit to the sea kingdom, I returned to the surface of the earth with many gifts from the queen of the coast.


9- My second trip to the annual world summit in India


As we had to participate every year in the world summit of satanists, at the end of the year I travelled in the parallel dimension to attend the annual meeting of satanists in India, where I was appointed supervisor of the big market of slaves in our area. Let me emphasise that this is a spiritual market where souls who are captured by satanists, sorcerers, Catholic priests, occult pastors, etc. are sold and purchased. This slave market is invisible to the natural eye, those who do not have spiritual eyes cannot see it. The market is located in the city of Bouenza, at a place where sorcerers and satanists sell human souls that have been captured, and occultists go there to buy these souls. I was also responsible for working with satanist doctors to initiate babies in their mother's womb so that their lives would be at the service of the devil. Many doctors are occult members, sacrificing their patients to the devil for the prosperity of their clinics and hospitals.


In this annual meeting in India, there was a discussion about the political change in my country and the devaluation of our monetary system the CFA Franc. We also talked about the political situation in many countries. All the major events that happen in the world are organised and planned in the spiritual world, whether pandemics, social unrest, armed conflict, wars, everything is organised and decided in advance at the annual end-of-year rally. At this meeting the fallen angels and principalities organise, plan and schedule the social, political and civil events that will occur throughout the world and in every country of the world. In fact, every country on earth is governed by a principality. This is the real ruler or leader that runs a country, because the principalities are the leaders of the countries of the world and not the physical government and the president we see on television. It is the principalities that decide what will happen and take place in their respective countries during the end of year annual summit held in the basement of India, the official headquarters of the world government of lucifer.


After attending the annual satanist World Summit, I travelled to the underwater realm of the Atlantic Ocean, where I was received by the queen of the Atlantic Coast in an urban metropolitan city. After that, I had to travel to Angola to fight alongside the rebel leader Savimbi as it was decided in the satanists' global meeting in India. Our help to the rebel leader was spiritual; we were fighting the government forces spiritually, and the victims of this war were human sacrifices. There is a visible army, but there is also an invisible army that is demonic. The demons were fighting alongside the rebel leader Savimbi's armed rebellion. This rebellion progressed because it was supported by demonic troops that were invisible. I would like to inform the brothers and sisters of Angola that the war in your country was not a normal war. It was decided, arranged and organised in the kingdom of darkness to overthrow the president who had been established by God. It is important for believers to pray for their country. Many Christians do not take the time to pray.


After my mission in Angola, I returned to Congo and opened an occultic church. Thanks to my magical power the church was full in record time. People came with their problems and diseases, and I healed them and I worked miracles. I noticed that people are always attracted by healing and miracles. Although my miracles and prophecies were demonic, I was very much appreciated. A few months later I had to attend the meeting of all the Churches of Bouenza in the town of Dolisie. I was informed by the fallen angel Bombar that lucifer was in the city and that he was going to attend the gathering of all the occultic churches of Bouenza. When I arrived in the city, I went straight to the hotel where the devil resided. I was received by the fallen angel of the name of Nabam who is the associate and the secretary of satan. Later, lucifer received me in his room. He was a Caucasian skin man, but he can take on any appearance that he chooses. His face was exactly like that of the jesus depicted in the devotional portraits of the Catholic church, and he was handsome. When I looked into his eyes, I fell to the ground because I could not withstand the vibrations that were coming out of his eyes. Then he put his hand on me and I got up. He asked me what I wanted.


I told him that my concern was to see Jesus Christ, and to become a millionaire. When I pronounced the name of Jesus Christ the devil was weakened at once, he got angry and hit his head on the table, then he said to me, "Young man I know your condition, you must understand that even if you wash a goat with soap, its smell will never leave it. You must understand that we will all go to the lake of fire and sulphur. We have the same fate you and me." I was confused and amazed by lucifer's attitude. In fact, I did not know that the devil could not withstand the name of Jesus Christ. A few minutes after this incident, the devil tried to make me forget what had just come out of his mouth, but I got his words in my head. All that interests the devil is that we will all end up in the lake of fire and sulphur. Later, the devil blessed me and gave me the power to rule over the demonic powers of Hell. He gave me 900 warrior demons and ordered me to make war against the authentic church of Jesus Christ.


On December 24, 1990, I went to the basement of India at our annual end-of-year convention to make decisions about the fate of countries. Only full-time satanists, superior demons and principalities ruling all the countries of the world were allowed to participate in this world gathering. The devil himself presided over this meeting, and while he chaired this meeting he was constantly changing his appearance and transforming into various horrible and grotesque beasts to intimidate and frighten the participants. The main subject of this meeting was the war and the invisible battle against the Church of Jesus Christ. We also spoke of the death of the leader of the universal white brotherhood who could not obey the terms and conditions of the alliance. As a result, he was executed by the authorities of the invisible world.


After the meeting, the devil invited satanists from around the world to another meeting to be held in Ethiopia. Later, he received me in a room and he asked me if I had a request or a concern to submit to him. I was going to talk when he interrupted me and asked me, "Why is it that every time I look at you, I always see a bright, glowing light?" I did not know what to say to him because I had never seen that light, but the devil knew it was a symbol of Jesus and that made him nervous. He knew that one day I will go to God. Then he asked me to join him at the rally that was to be held in Ethiopia on January 14, 1991, where he was to organise a meeting of satanists of the world. At this meeting, we discussed the disease and the efforts to be made to spread malaria throughout Africa. We also discussed the destruction of people's lives. The devil hates humanity and our presence on earth does not give him joy. He would destroy us right now if that were possible.


10- My elevation to another magical rank


In 1989, the invisible world informed me of my elevation to another magical rank. Thus, to properly prepare for my enthronement, I was forced to sacrifice about twenty people. Without wasting time, I began to cause rainless artificial lightning that killed several people. I regret these innocent deaths. To complete the number of people who were asked for sacrifice, I employed a sorcerer in Makola, the village located a few kilometres from the city of Pointe Noire on the national road. The latter was to cause violent accidents so that I could sacrifice the number of victims that had been asked of me by the invisible world. This sorcerer did exactly what I asked him because I had forced him. This is how I could get the total number of souls that had been asked of me. The advice I give to travellers is to always recommend their journeys in the hands of the Lord, because many accidents are not natural. In fact, at least 70% of the accidents in the world are the work of satan.


During my enthronement, there were executives of all levels: ecclesiastical authorities and mystical lodge masters from all over the world. I was enthroned as a master of the first degree into the magic of red dragon. On this subject, I would like to specify that the branch of the magic of which I was member is more deadly than other branches. If you read the book of Revelation 13, it is written that the red dragon was waiting for the woman to give birth to the child so that it could devour him. Thus, this magic is related to human blood and human sacrifice to excess. In this branch of magic, we sacrifice much more than in other forms of magic. The devil loves to drink human blood and eat human flesh. Dear friends, if you are in magic or witchcraft, know that the devil does not love you. Even if you offer him a whole continent, in the end he will thank you in the manner of a hunter with regard to his dog. Satan can send you on a mission and you can succeed, but know that one day you will regret the day you were born, because with him there is no sincere and lasting friendship. When the devil turns against his most faithful servants, one wonders if he has the sense of living or loving. But one thing is true: satan has neither love nor pity, nor feelings. He is really heartless, that is why he is called the 2-heart chaplain.


11- My initiation into the Brazilian witchcraft: The Macumba


A few days later, I received the invitation to go to Brazil to attend training in Brazilian witchcraft. When we arrived in Brazil, we were welcomed by a delegation that took us to our place of lodging. We were 27 people from different countries that had come to learn Brazilian high sorcery called "the Macumba" or "the magic of zombies", which consists in resurrecting the dead. When our training began, I was surprised to see that our teacher was none other than the great Brazilian professional soccer player revered worldwide, whose name I prefer to withhold. At the end of our training, we were given gifts and a magnetic mirror that serves to cause traffic accidents on roads. It was there that I received the power to transform into a panther. And when I transformed into this animal, my favourite victims were women because their bodies and blood increased my power. Any woman who slept with me would suffer from stomach pains and became barren.


12- My participation at the satanists world summit in India


I want to give readers a clarification on this subject. The country of India we are talking about here is a spiritual place in India, a place that optical eyes cannot see. And when we went there, it was not through ordinary means, but with the help of a flying magical carpet that helped us move quickly without problems, that is to say, far from the administrative hassle of airports. This meeting was an emergency session. Satanists of high rank, powerful demons, the forces of the universe were all gathered in this session, which was presided over by the devil himself. We dealt with many issues: religion, politics, health, sport, economy, etc.


Concerning religion, we decided the destruction of Christian Churches, especially those of Democratic Congo. Everything had to be done to prevent the German Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke from leaving his country, because of his many Gospel crusades, which disturbed many of our magical activities. It was necessary to do everything to close the borders in order to block the Congolese Evangelists going out, lest they bring revival to other African countries. In this meeting several satanists asked satan to create TV channels and multiply film programmes, to disrupt the prayer life of Christians so that they spend a lot of time behind television, instead of leading a fulfilled Christian life in prayers and the reading of the Word of God. Because it is when Christians are asleep that the devil and demons work with freedom. Thus, several television channels were granted to satanists, especially those of Democratic Congo.


In the political realm, it was decided that one day the pope should be openly recognised as president of the UN. We all know the Secretaries General of this organisation, but the president of this organisation is not known to the public although he exists, and it is kept secret. He is the pope, his identity is hidden to prevent people from identifying him with the beast and the false prophet revealed in Revelation 13. But in this meeting the devil decided that he will be publicly recognised as president of this organisation. After this rally with the powers of the universe, lucifer sent a letter to satanists and principalities reminding them of the obligation to destroy the Church of Jesus Christ. I have the content of this lucifer’s letter which is as follows:


To all satanists, representatives, agents, principalities, I write to you because Christians do us more and more harm. If we are not careful, we could be dominated, crushed and defeated. I wanted to draw your attention to the resolution we made at the last meeting in November 1991 at midnight. We succeeded in keeping the content of this meeting secret from Christians. As a result, we were able to suppress and bewitch them. That's why I take this opportunity to congratulate you all. But things have changed. We must improve and modernise our tactics and our strategic control of the universe, because Christians are pressuring us with fervent prayers and their strong faith. The solution is to use the biblical principle the wrong way.


We will turn the Bible upside down. We must continue to apply the technique and tactics agreed for this decade. Do not allow them to read the Bible, let them take an interest in reading publications and books that have nothing to do with their spiritual lives such as fun stories, magazines and novels. Therefore, when the temptation comes, they will have no support and they will fall. Do not give them time to pray; push them to feel lazy in prayers, otherwise the Spirit of God will reveal our plans to them, and they will take counter-measures and crush us. You should never allow them to fast, because they will become spiritually strong and they will conquer us. We must not let them give offerings and tithes so that they are in poverty, because God loves those who give with joy. Do not allow them to love one another with sincere love. Their love should be only in words, not in acts.


You have to push them to criticise and slander each other. You must give them freedom and wisdom in lies telling so that it becomes a bondage and a way of life, so that they do not enter the kingdom of God, but end up in Hell, the city of fire. You can let them preach on the return of Jesus Christ and the Rapture, but you have to make them think that it will happen in 10 or 20 years time because the reality is that He can come back now. You must not allow them to evangelise or testify. Make sure they are in front of the television for hours and hours to prevent them from reading the Bible and praying. Make sure they are in conflict and division. Create misunderstanding in their midst so that they are not united. I wanted to write to you on more tactics, but for the moment you have to apply this recommendation according to my directive. If you have a problem, you can call me on this number which is a direct line and you will reach me. You must keep this letter secret. Christians must not be allowed to lay their hands on it; otherwise we will be in pain and defeat. This is our plan for this decade. I wish you much luck for this decade from 1991 to 1999. Take care to attend our weekly meeting in our head quarter in the pandemonium.


13- The battle and war against Churches and pastors


So lucifer entrusted me with the mission to fight the pastor of a Church in my country Congo-Brazza. When I arrived in the city of Pointe Noire where the Church was, I began by investigating the pastor. After this investigation, I finally discovered his strength. I discovered that he was a man who feared God and who was powerful in prayer. The implication of all this was disturbing. In fact, it prevented our movements and activities in the city. In his church, there was an intercession group that prayed every day and every night. Beloved, you must understand that the devil does not attack hypocritical Christians because they belong to him. Only those who walk in holiness and the fear of the Lord draw the attention of the devil.


This pastor was a member of a community of many churches, but he was the one who feared God. That is why the devil designated him as a potential target. My strategy against this pastor was to extinguish the fire that shone and burned in him. My tactic was to get him to break the law so that I could have access to his life. I was also supposed to stop his evangelical journey to Europe. Whenever he went to the administrative offices for the visa, I deployed demons in those offices to oppose him, but the main purpose was to make sure that this pastor could break the law. I had 800 warrior demons working against this pastor. Failure in the kingdom of darkness is unacceptable. So we worked hard. But despite our determination, this pastor was constant and intense in prayer. So, I summoned the chief sorcerer of this neighbourhood and his brotherhood so that he could go to this pastor and complain about the noises caused by the intercessors in their prayers. In fact, in all quarters of the world, a chief or secretary general of sorcerers has been established.


I told the chief sorcerer, "Gather all the sorcerers in this area and go to the pastor, you must pretend that the intercessors make noises with their prayers at night and people cannot sleep." So in the morning, the sorcerers went to see the pastor to complain. They approached this pastor with abusive and shocking language to make him feel offended. It is a powerful strategy that succeeded, because the pastor reacted with pride. As a result, the door of his life was opened and the sorcerers managed to send a demon into the life of this pastor through the door of pride. He was spiritually weak and his attempt to travel to Europe failed. You must understand that the devil will seek an open door to access your life. Anger and offence are the two great main doors used by sorcerers against Children of God. The Bible says, "Be angry but do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger". Ephesians 4:26. I managed to extinguish the fire of this man of God.


14- My participation in lucifer’s rally in Asia


A few weeks later, I received the invitation to go to Hong Kong, where an extraordinary meeting was organised to bring together high-ranking satanists. I took my flying carpet as usual and went to Hong Kong. There were many businessmen and representatives of great fashion houses and perfume makers; representatives of the lotion industry and the beauty industry were also present. At this meeting, we focused on drugs. The devil recommended the creation of many drug outlets and drug stores around the world. He recommended more distributors, dealers, and agents in all sectors of the world. "We need agents in the police, in the local authorities, in the customs of the different ports and borders of many countries of the world. We also need agents in international structures to enforce our decisions in the customs, the police, and the government."


After dealing with the distribution of drugs, the devil instructed manufacturers of beauty products, all brands, to accelerate with the creation and design of beauty products, including soaps, lotions, perfumes and others, so that human beings destroy their natural beauty. The devil charged the powers of darkness to attach demons to these beauty products, soaps, and lotions, so that humanity can be possessed simply by using them. Later, the devil incited scientists to design fake drugs for diseases such as malaria, so that people do not recover after taking these drugs. After this meeting, the devil took us to Spain where he had a disciple in charge of hotel and restaurant businesses. After he took us to the United States where we visited the guardian of the bulls of the United States, also called the "bulls of Chicago". This animal is a demon and this demon is the principality that governs the United States. The devil made me understand that every country on this earth is ruled by a principality that is a superior demon. This principality is represented in the image of a beast or a totem, and that of the United States is represented by a bull.


15- My Mission to Namibia to destroy a man of God


A few days later, the devil sent me to Namibia to destroy a man of God who was troubling us. After a few days, I went to the capital of Namibia. When I arrived, I transformed into a beautiful woman. I had reached a level where I could take the form I wanted. Then, the intelligence service of the kingdom of lucifer that works 24 hours a day informed me of the location of the targeted pastor. I was informed that he had gone to visit a church member, but was on his way back. I approached the road where he had to go, in the shape of a woman hitchhiking. He was driving on the same road and when he saw me in the form of a beautiful woman, he stopped his car. He was already captivated by my beauty and he wanted me. When I got into his car, I seized the opportunity. As he desired me, I threw 30 demons in his mouth. They are demons of sexual immorality, fornication, and covetousness. They immediately took hold of him and began to influence him.


After a while, he stopped his car around his house. He was supposed to take money so we could go to a hotel. When he entered his house, I noticed an old lady sitting by the door, she was his mother. When the pastor took money from his room, I approached his mother and gave her the face of a girl. And when the pastor came out of the house, he saw the beautiful young woman sitting exactly where his mother was sitting. I manipulated the pastor's vision to show him the things I wanted. The pastor did not realise that the beautiful girl was his own mother, and since he could no longer control his sexual behaviour because of the demons of fornication inside him, he ended up sleeping with the pretty lady who was his own mother, because his vision was manipulated and they were both bewitched. The pastor, according to him, thought that he took the money, took me, and went to a hotel where we had sex; but I had manipulated his vision, it never happened. He just slept with his own mother. I was there in the car; I simply implanted a false vision in his mind.


While the pastor was sleeping with his mother, I took the form of a rich young man, I went to sleep with his wife and daughters, and I managed to put the spirit of fornication in the house of this pastor. When he committed incest with his mother, he received even more demons of fornication who began to influence him. Later, he went to visit one of the elders of his church. When he saw that he was not present, he coveted his wife who was alone. He seduced his wife and they had sex. And while they were in action, the elder came back and caught them in the act. He got angry and told the Church what had happened. This situation was unbearable for people in the Church. As a result, this church was divided and ended up dislocating. This mission in Namibia was a success. I was rewarded in the devil's kingdom with gifts and promotion. In the kingdom of the enemy, if you cause the fall of a man of God there is much reward for you. Men of God must understand that not all women who come near them are necessarily ordinary women. Some are mermaids and demons; others are satanists in female form.


16- My return to Congo after my mission


After completing this mission, I travelled home to Congo where I went to see the devil in a hotel where he resided. He had the form of a rich young man. He received me and congratulated me. He gave me three more missions, with great promises and great rewards. He asked me to attack the Church in Germany where I had already failed. He asked me to fight the revival churches in the Democratic Republic of Congo. I knew in advance that it was an impossible mission, because the devil himself with his angels had tried to fight this Church in Germany, but without success. The devil knew I had a sign of God on my forehead, so he sent me to destroy the churches in the hope that God would reject me forever.


One day when I was walking in the city, I saw a woman passing by and she was carrying a child. I noticed that the child had a light shining on his forehead. I knew it was a sign of God. I tried to destroy this child by grabbing his spirit with my astral hand, but I realised that the more I tried to take the child's soul, the more I became powerless and weaker. It was strange, I felt humiliated. After this experience, the devil appeared at my place and he was furious. He said, "Why did you try to kill that child without my permission?" He said to me, "You have to relocate to a different house." I ended up leaving my home, and moved to a new neighbourhood, but I encountered another problem. I had a neighbour who was a Christian and his prayers blocked me. I decided to send him a power of seduction, fornication, and spiritual weakness, in order to extinguish his fire which was hurting and blocking me. Later he became an alcoholic and began sleeping with men. I became comfortable as his power diminished.


17- My deliverance from red magic and my conversion


Then I travelled to France where I was invited by the representative of the Rosicrucian Order for the exchange of knowledge and occult powers. I explained to them certain mysteries of satan and the doctrine of nosa. I asked them for some understanding of Rosicrucianism. I was told that everything started in ancient Egypt. But while we were talking, something happened in the middle of our conversation. A child whom I had killed in human sacrifice a long time ago appeared and he was dressed in white. On his garment was inscribed "Jesus". When we saw the child, we were paralysed and we fell to the ground. There was a power emanating from this child and when he disappeared, we got up. The people of this sect of the Rosicrucian Order questioned me about this event. I had no other choice than to lie to them that it was the devil himself who was testing us. I was confused.


I knew that the child I killed was innocent. I was convinced that I had crossed the red line and I was filled with fear and reflection, I was restless and uncomfortable. The devil knew about this event and my state of despair. He invited me to travel to his kingdom so that he would explain what this event was all about. After a few days, lucifer sent a flying machine that looked like a helicopter to transport me to his kingdom. When I arrived in lucifer’s kingdom, I was amazed by his royal castle. No royal family or president on this earth has wealth and luxury like him. There were many servants and maidservants, many goods and his servants guarded them. I saw visitors from all over the world. The devil was receiving people from all the nations of the earth who were seeking for power and wealth.


I noticed that the servants and maids were very well dressed. It reminded me of the men in uniform of the Salvation Army. This royal palace was decorated with an exquisite and refined taste. In this castle I met a woman who was called "the iron lady". She is one of lucifer’s wives. Her power exceeds the power of all men. Then I was received and taken to the waiting room, and then the devil received me and gave me the explanation about the appearance of this child. He also gave me some assurances. A few days later, I went back to earth. I had my mystical sanctuary in the mountain, near the bush where I was resting and isolating myself. I was in this sanctuary, and when I fell asleep, I dreamed of the same boy who had appeared to us in France. The boy was like praying, then he raised his hand and said, "In the name of Jesus Christ." When he quoted the name of Jesus, the place where I was, shook and my sanctuary caught fire.


I jumped out of my sleep; I was happy to see that it was just a dream; but a few minutes later I heard a sound like thunder and my sanctuary caught fire just as I saw it in the dream. Then a power seized me and projected me from the mountain and I became blind, I could not see anything. Some minutes later, lucifer appeared. He assured me that everything was fine, but he lied to me saying that he was the one who had caused what happened in that bush around the mountain, but that was not the case. As a result of this event, I became ill and depressed. A few days later, I saw a modern vehicle and eighteen people came out of it. They had advanced medical instruments that human medicine has not yet seen or invented. These people were sent by lucifer, and they treated me by giving me four injections. As a result, I was restored.


A few weeks later, I had another dream. I saw the same child I dreamed last time. He announced to me the good news of the Gospel. At the end he said to me, "My mission is over, I have come to preach the Gospel to you but you want to kill me?" So in that dream, I saw one of my demons stabbing this child and as he was dying his blood was spilling out in my room. I jumped from this dream, I was trembling. A few minutes later, I noticed that my flying carpet had disappeared, my star had disappeared, my ring and my magic necklace had also disappeared, and my uniform of the invisible world had also disappeared. In fact, I was an officer in the spiritual world of the devil. When I tried to contact the devil's kingdom, I noticed that all communication lines were cut off.


I was about to leave the city when the devil managed to establish a communication with me. He ordered me to stay in the city and not to be afraid. He said he was deploying additional warrior demons for my protection. He ordered me to continue my activities, to cause deaths because I had to reach the determined number of 3000 to become a millionaire. He then deployed 300 warrior demons for my protection. He knew that God's intervention in my life was not far off. I already felt guilty because of the Church that I had destroyed and dislocated. I killed thousands of people by traffic accidents. I knew God was angry with me. I thought of seeking God's forgiveness. In the kingdom of darkness, they were suspicious of me; they thought that I was going to betray the devil.


Days later, I received a visit from a friend. He came to tell me that a former satanist from the Democratic Republic of Congo was testifying in their Church. The satanist served satan for 10 years. I was preparing to take refuge in this Church. As I was preparing to go to Church, the devil called me and told me to join him in the city of Pointe Noire. He told me that he would spend 6 months in the city to handle many problems. When I went to see him where he stayed at the hotel, I was escorted where he was. When I tried to reach out to greet him, he refused to shake my hand and asked me to sit down while he continued talking to other visitors. But while he was talking to other visitors he said to me, "Felicien, do you know that I love you very much? But you must understand that we are all going to end up in the lake of fire and sulfur because we have all been involved in murderous acts, so there is no difference between you and I, we have the same fate, which is the lake of fire and sulfur."


Then the devil told me about a former satanist who was testifying in the city. He said to me, "I give you the mission to kill this agitator. All the satanists and sorcerers in the city have been instructed to kill this agitator." After that, I went back home. The words that came out of lucifer’s mouth were as sealed in my mind. He said that I was a murderer like him, and that he and I had the same fate, and would end up in the lake of fire and brimstone. So, I became aware of the sins and crimes that I had committed over the years. I said to myself, what kind of master is this! I have served him from my young age, I sacrificed thousands for him, I destroyed Churches for him, but he does not know love. Later that evening, my friend came and took me to his Church where the former satanist was testifying. Before leaving for the Church, lucifer called me and insisted that I should kill the former satanist, whatever the cost.


When we arrived at the Church where he was testifying, I tried to capture his spirit but the former satanist was surrounded by fire. I could not do anything against him. I had no motivation to continue attacking him because I was already filled with guilt and I knew God was angry with me. I sat down and listened to the testimony and teaching gently. After the service, I went home, confused and depressed. I was having a nervous breakdown, and in the night when I was resting, I heard a voice speaking and quoting a passage from the Bible. Hebrews 4:7 "Therefore God again set a certain day, calling it Today, when a long time later He spoke through David, as was said before: "Today, if you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts." The next day, I decided to confess my sins and give my life to Jesus Christ. Lucifer's statement that we are all murderers and we will all go to the lake of fire consumed my soul.


The next day, I met the former satanist and brought him books and magical instruments which he burned. We had a deliverance prayer session, then he prayed that the Holy Spirit would baptize me with fire. After my conversion, the news spread throughout the city. Many satanists including those whom I initiated into magic came to try to convince me to change my decision. But my decision was final because it was a long-term goal for me to know Jesus Christ. The kingdom of darkness began to persecute me with various paranormal manifestations, but I was not afraid because I was already used to these things. Jesus Christ protected me and His peace filled my soul. I was not afraid of paranormal phenomena of the devil, I was already used to it. [End of the testimony].


18- Call to Repentance


18.1- Catholicism


For you, dear friends, who, despite all the warnings that you receive from God, still choose to remain in the Catholic sect, know that if you stay there, it is in Hell that you will spend your eternity. The Catholic sect has never been a church, and will never become one. It is lucifer’s largest sect in the world. It is the mother of all the abominations of the earth. Your priests and bishops are all satanists, and all the former satanists who repent have never cease to reveal it to you. As you have just learned from reading this testimony, the so-called virgin mary whom you worship is none other than marie marguella, still called the queen of heaven, and the so-called jesus whom you adore is none other than St. Charlemagne, and both are only superior demons in lucifer’s kingdom. And even your pope is known in the submarine kingdom as the "only son". Are you not surprised that each Catholic temple, big or small, has a graveyard next to it? Cemeteries are one of the strategic places for them. They operate there at night as well as during the day. These cemeteries serve as gateways to the world of pandemonium.


Catholicism is the religion of satan. Only satanists officiate there, because to occupy any position, one must go through an initiation into witchcraft and magic. As you have just read in this testimony, even the so-called charity works they do, are traps to catch innocent people to sacrifice to lucifer. If you treasure your salvation, flee the Catholic sect, and if you care about your life or the lives of your children, never again fall into the trap of accepting the so-called charities that Catholics do, and the so-called help they offer. All these are huge traps set against you. It's your life that you sell to lucifer in exchange for these aids. Remember once and for all that satan never gives anything for free.


For you born again Christians who preach the gospel to Catholics, remember this: All those Catholics to whom you have already explained, with the help of the Bible, that Catholicism is an abomination in the eyes of God, but who stubbornly choose to stay there despite the evidence you give them, and in spite of all these very clear testimonies that former satanists put at our disposal, are sorcerers. Do not waste your time anymore. These people are not in Catholicism out of ignorance. They are there by choice. Being sorcerers, they prefer an environment that will help them thrive in magic. Do not waste time believing that you can win them. You will not succeed.


The few people who are in Catholicism out of ignorant, when you explain to them through the Bible that Catholic doctrine is purely satanic, they understand, repent, and leave this abominable sect. Those who have followed everything the Bible says about their doctrine, all that the former satanists confess, but who stubbornly tell you that they are Catholic and will die Catholic, are dangerous satanists. They know very well what they are doing. Stop wasting time preaching to such people, and beware of them.


18.2- Other religious sects


In the same way that you must flee Catholicism, you must also flee all other religious groups that serve lucifer. This is the case of Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, all those assemblies of sorcerers who dress in white and walk barefoot, and even some churches called evangelical or revived churches, but whose doctrine is not biblical, and whose pastors are satanists. If you want to know how to recognise a good Church, we advise you to read the teaching on "The Church", which you will find on the website mcreveil.org.


18.3- Importance of Spiritual Warfare


Christians, the Lord has revealed to us the secret of victory. To be victorious against all these projects and other satanic attacks, we must live a life of sanctification, and lead a true life of prayer. This is well developed in the teaching on "Spiritual Warfare" that you will find on the website mcreveil.org. It is time for you to wake up and take the fight seriously. If all Christians wake up, choose to become serious with God, and form prayer chains wherever they are, the whole Church will be victorious. The call is launched. We must all wake up while there is still time! Make the effort to organise chains of fasting and prayers during the whole period from 24 to 31 December, to disperse this great satanic gathering that takes place each end-of-year, and during which all the decisions that we are subjected to are taken. Rather than falling into the trap of the world and feasting by shouting "Merry Christmas" and "Happy New Year", fast and fight to strike and destroy those agents of the world of darkness who come together to decide our fate.


18.4- Products manufactured in the submarine world


Now that you know where most of the products you find in markets and supermarkets come from, be very careful about what you buy and what you eat. And for those of you who still eat meat, if you do not want to eat human flesh, only eat the meat of the animals you reared yourself. Do not send people whose spiritual nature you do not know, go shopping for you. When satanists do our shopping, the products they bring to us often do not come from the market. With all the revelations that God gives us, we must be more vigilant.


18.5- Football and other worldly sports


For all of you who are still attached to football or other sports, and who are supporters of such or such other team, know that it is a worship that you offer to satan by supporting teams composed of sorcerers, and by rejoicing over victories planned and decided in the world of darkness. What you have just read in this testimony will help you understand what I was trying to tell you about this famous Nigerian satanist, mistakenly called prophet, who accurately predicted the outcome of the 2012 African Cup of Nations competition between Zambia and Ivory Coast. The so-called prophet, who is a satanist, had predicted that Ivory Coast would miss a penalty during the match, and that Zambia would eventually win the game. Naive people had found in this a proof that this son of the devil would really be a prophet.


He is nothing of that sort. It was not a prophecy at all. This satanist is one of those participating in this worldwide meeting of satanists in India. So he can freely give you information like this one precisely because all these results are decided during this meeting. This satanist is not the only one to know the results before the matches. Do not be fooled. For those of you, who continue to believe that this satanist is a prophet of God, know that a true prophet of God has much work to do than to occupy himself with trivialities like football. And God Himself has enough to say to His people, rather than launching into barren prophecies concerning satanic competitions, which will bring nothing to His disciples, and of which His disciples are even invited to flee from.


18.6- Beware of hitchhiking


With all these multiple traps that satan’s world set for God's Children, you must be very careful. Do no longer fall into the trap of picking up on the road people you do not know. This Namibian pastor lost his ministry, his life, and that of his family, because of this act of imprudence and lack of discernment. Such cases should serve us as lessons.


18.7 - The danger of living with an agent of satan


Beloved, no matter how cautious you may be, no matter how much you live a life of sanctification, no matter how much you lead a life of spiritual warfare in accordance with norms and following the teachings we have received, if you live with an agent of satan, you will be a victim of attacks of the world of darkness. The agent of satan with whom you live, will have time to exchange all your belongings with counterfeits made especially for you in the submarine world; he will have time to exchange all your food products with products from the underwater world; he will have time to exchange all your drinks with poisons made in the submarine world to destroy you and totally ruin your health, and even your life. As we've just read, foods and other food products that come from the underwater world, cause all kinds of health problems, and even diseases that become incurable. You must therefore take appropriate measures, while there's still time. Although it is recommended that we live together as brothers and sisters in faith, do not take the risk of living with someone whose spiritual life does not reassure you. You must therefore be extra vigilant and prudent.


18.8- The infiltration of the Churches by agents of satan


As you have just read in this testimony, among the people of Evangelist Bonnke's protocol, there was an agent of satan, a woman who belonged to the world of darkness. This is how satan always succeeds in infiltrating into the environment of Children of God, through his agents. We must therefore be vigilant and prudent, and exercise all the discernment that the Lord has given us. Pastors and servants of God, pay attention to all those people who always like to be at the fore front, who always like to be involved in everything you do, and be aware of all the decisions you make, and who want every time to be the only ones to do everything for you. These people are usually for the most part women. May the Lord grant us His revelations!


Grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love!




Dear brothers and sisters,


If you have run away from fake churches and would like to know what to do, here are the two options available to you:


1- See if around you there are some other children of God who fear God and desire to live according to the Sound Doctrine. If you find any, feel free to join them.


2- If you do not find one and wish to join us, our doors are open to you. The only thing we will ask you to do is to first read all the Teachings that the Lord has given us, and which are on our website www.mcreveil.org, to reassure yourself that they are in conformity with the Bible. If you find them in accordance with the Bible, and are ready to submit to Jesus Christ, and live by the demands of His word, we will gladly welcome you.


The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you!


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