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Beloved in the Lord, and all of you who are engaged in the warfare against satan and his agents, by the grace of God we came across the missions that the queen of the coast has assigned to her agents against the whole world in general, and against the Church of Jesus Christ and the Children of God in particular. God continues to expose the tricks and strategies of the devil so that the true disciples of Jesus can progress freely. Our prayer is that your eyes open finally to the activities and manoeuvres of satan, so that you have more discernment with regard to his works among the people of God. May the Lord bless your reading, and may the blood of our Master, Lord, and Saviour Jesus Christ cover and completely re-cover your whole being! Amen.

1- Assignments of the agents of satan in the world

The queen of the coast sends her agents to the world. She appears with great anger on her face, and said: what a great loss, we have failed, 50 people, it is too much for just 3 years. What a great calamity! In the last two years, we had a great loss because of what that Righteous Man (Jesus Christ) is now doing; we need to act fast. Out of the 1.2 billion of souls who died in the last three years to this time, closed to 50 people have made it to Heaven excluding children. This is a great loss for us and it shows that our performance is very poor. Lucifer is very sad about this, and we all need to act fast before things become worst. Now I am sending you into the world and I need a good report back in the next 6 months. Whoever fails to achieve their task, should consider themselves dead. As you all know, there is nothing like mercy in our kingdom, a little failure, count yourself dead.

2- Categories of people on the earth

Now look at the screen, there are three categories of people on it.

1. Some people are walking naked; they belong to us. They are those who are yet to accept the Righteous Man in their life. They have been chained to one religion view and another. We will use them for celebration, after our victory. We will eat their flesh and drink their blood by December. The rest of their blood will be used to prepare lipsticks, jewelleries and cosmetics for the foolish.

2. Some put on white shining clothes: They must be pulled down fast, because they are Christians that have not giving their life to prayers and fasting. They hardly read the Bible. We can still get them easily.

3. Some put on white shining clothes, but shield with consuming fire and surrounded with fire. They are extremely dangerous. They are prayerful Christians. When we say yes, they say no; when we build, they destroy; if we close, they open; when we bind, they lose. They are mad people and they are the ones disturbing our kingdom; once any of them falls into your trap, kill them quickly.

You can see what happens to those who are captured but who live. Now that Righteous Man has forgiven them and they are waging war on us again. Moreover, see how they are exposing our plans, powers and tactics and now sharing their previous miserable experience in the kingdom of darkness to the world and many are being converted through their testimonies. When you manage to capture them, do everything to kill them. Go and seduce them. Cause them a painful wrench, regret, confusion, and program poverty and wretchedness upon their life and household. By this, they will compromise their faith and standard before God and backslide. Go immediately; waste no time. Kill them quickly before they think about repentance or amendment. I am sending you as a flood to work and win souls for our kingdom. Our time is running short. That Righteous Man will soon come and harvest them all. And that will bring the end of our fun and aims. We need many souls as soon as possible. Go, kill and cause terrible havoc in Christian homes and Churches.

3- Satan's mission in the Churches

I am sending you to the churches. Volunteer to sweep the churches. Make incantations on new comers, so that new comers will not come again. Invoke demons on the church wall clock to make people come late to church. Do not be afraid of causing havoc in the church; twist your fingers whenever the sermon is going on, then the preachers will be confused and start saying rubbish. Make babies cry in the church. Make children disturb, compel the youths to chat and browse with their mobile phones, shoot arrows of dozing and make people sleep during sermons. They cannot overcome you; water down their prayer, it will not go beyond their roof if they are living in sin. But, whenever you go to any church and the service begins with a prayer of repentance, run away, because the Righteous Man will answer their prayer and you will be struck. But if they pray without first confessing their sins, even if they call down fire from heaven, it will not affect you.

I now find out that, some youths have started giving their life to that Righteous Man even more than adults, and they are our target. Also, that Righteous Man is using the youth to gain more souls for His kingdom. He keeps on exposing some of our secrets through visions and dreams. Many of them are now afraid of Hell. Make them fall, and make even the pastors lust after you. I will allow those of you assigned to holiness preaching churches to put on skirts, but your skirts must be tiny and transparent. Wear thongs, split miniskirts, so one can even see your pants. Fools who call themselves pastors will not be able to correct you since you are not putting on trousers. Expose your boobs in the church. Those of you who fail in this assignment should consider themselves dead by grinding.

Pretend to be one of them. Enter genuine churches, and disguised as born-again Christians and target those who are single and standing and cause them to marry you. Once that occurs, destroy their vision, destroy their testimonies, and destroy their evangelical assignments. Turn their heart against God, and lastly, destroy them with immediate effect. By getting married to you, they have made a terrible mistake. Possess the children with biscuits and sweets you give them in the church and make them rebellious against their parents. You must work as an usher, initiate people through foods eaten in the church convention. Only the prayerful Christians will escape the spell. Initiate anyone around you, and anyone that has intercourse with you. We need more agents to replace the escaped ones. Manifest all possible forms of seduction, and push the weak that do not know how to lead the spiritual warfare to succumb and start to masturbate. Once they start to masturbate, other demons will come into them and hold them captive.

As for you pastors, I am sending you as pastors in the new churches that are opening now. You need more members and I have given them to you. Allow members to dress the way they like to church. I am recommending trousers for your Choirs. Introduce adultery into the church by divorcing your wife and re-marrying another. Never allow any of your members to cover their head in church. Tell the women about the importance of exposing their hair uncovered in the church, and the reason why they had to show off their fried hair, which cost them dearly. Tell women that their body appearance does not count before God; tell them jewelleries are good for women; tell them to dress anyhow to church and in their homes; tell them it is not a sin to put on trousers or pant as a lady; and tell them that salvation is only in the heart, and not by appearance. Organize a women committee and let the pastor see no reason to oppose your demand. Lay it upon their heart to believe that the world ends here.

I am going to give you all, a special charming, compelling and enticing power, that will lure their women into worldly dressing, make-up, paintings, body beautification and wearing of trousers both in their home and church and will make them to believe every word you utter. Salvation, truth, holiness and righteousness must be taken far from your lips. If you go against this order, I will disgrace you and kill you. Remember how I disgraced some pastors in Nigeria and Ghana. Just tell them to give their life to that Righteous Man. Once they do that, they can keep enjoying their life in sin. Tell them that their name is already in the Book of life. Perform false miracles, and more members will flow to your church. Go to the TV programmes, cable networks and advertise your ministry. Make your names popular on TVs. The fools will rush to your church and leave their true church.

I am sending you to get me more glory through laying on of hands. The anointing oil I just gave you is to be used in anointing these fools, which left their holiness preaching church. Steal away their glory and send it down to me. As you all know how foolish humans are, they desire lies above truth, so give them as they have requested. Preach lies to them. No mercy should be shown to any of these people, else you will die. Turn the Bible upside down. Tell them it is not a sin to go to nightclubs, to drink wine or alcohol, and that Righteous Man turned water into wine. Tell them they can smoke, because it is not in the Bible. Perform different magic in the name of miracle and destroy many souls. I have given all of you more power to perform miracles, to heal the sick, the blind, the lame, the deaf, and to make the dead to rise. We have discovered a way to manipulate every works, signs and miracle done by the Righteous Man. We can counterfeit all His deeds, but we are still incapable of counterfeiting His Blood.

All those healing, signs and miracles you are going to perform have a special price to pay. You must sacrifice one of your members yearly and must not eat any food prepared by a woman. Whenever you perform any miracle, such disease, or infirmity will fall upon another person, but not immediately so as not to be suspicious. You are free to mention the name of that Righteous Man during your preaching and healing process. Do not forget that we have already counterfeited everything. Since people already knew that we were unable to pronounce this name without suffering consequences, they became suspicious each time the name of this Righteous Man was not pronounced. We have counterfeited everything. We have our demons that bear the same names. You can use them safely.

Many people are now going to church for miracle, money, husband, wife, children, green card, blessing, promotion, employment and others. Therefore, deceive them with all these worldly pleasures and possessions of life. Let them see no reason to pursue or lay treasure above. But advise them that Heaven is already here on earth. I am always with you all; whenever you encounter any danger or powerful man of God, just make a sign and I will come for your rescue. I need more blood of pastors and evangelists. Make sure you seduce them with the charming spell of your eyes and your body shape and lure them to have sex with you and place your magic tube on them. When the alter is polluted, the spirit of that Righteous Man will depart from them, and the church will become dirty. Appear to them in dreams; dress like harlot to the church; your bosom, boobs and your laps are enough to get them. Make sure you always sit where their eyes will see you.

Join the ushering group. Go to their offices to greet them if they prove stubborn to look at your side during the service. Once they see you, they will from then on be confused while preaching, their sermons and prayers will have no effect. Cat walk around the church. Once the weak brothers gaze their eyes on you, your image will fill their heart, and they will lust after you. Whenever they prove too difficult, extinguish their fire through gift, giving of foods, envelops, clothes, and many presents. It will only take the power of that Righteous Man to save them from your traps. Do everything to prevent them from fasting. When they go for 3 days fasting, you must go for 9 days to counter their fasting. You must therefore fast more than they, so as not to be defeated.

I am sending some of you to set up theology schools to teach them our doctrine. Anyone who passes through our theology school will have our seeds in them. On their graduation day, anoint them and demonize them. Many churches across the world have already been captured and the majority of them are being headed by our agents. Go and cause the righteous pastors to stop preaching about salvation messages, and let their message appear funny. Our members are in the majority in their churches and are even part of the leaders' team. They will influence all the decisions that will be taken in the church. I will send a powerful demon to assist you to cause rioting and confusion in those righteous churches and their members. I am giving you license to start manufacturing plastic chairs. I realize churches now prefer plastic chairs to wood. Every agent in each church must cast spells on every chair in the church, anyone who sits on it will be weak in the spirit and will never have any interest in the message preached and they will sleep off in the church. But these spells will not work on those crazy Christians who pray a lot.

4- Attack the night vigils

I want to send more of you to Africa, because Africa is a very dangerous zone for our kingdom. Most of the arrows sent to us were usually sent from Africa; and most of these arrows are sent to us most especially on Friday when they gather for prayers. Now lucifer has given an instruction, since they all meet on Friday to wage war against us, we must always gather on Thursdays to wage war against them first. Shoot them with the arrows of tiredness, such that they will desire to rest on Fridays than meeting together for vigils. The fools do not understand the facts that, a night vigil is more powerful than 3 days fasting and prayer. Once the fools sleep, we shall come and feed them in dream, have sexual intercourse with them, and also plant weeds into their fields. They will pray and fast for 3 or more days before they will be able to get rid of our weeds. Once we get them to sleep, we will continue on our own mission of destruction, by planting different kinds of havoc into their families.

Remember, Aguamaga, one of our best agents was struck down by that Righteous Man. He succeeded in many countries but he was struck by that Righteous Man when he started his mission in Africa. So those of you sent to attack the saints in Africa must be careful. Nevertheless, if you fail on your mission, I will kill you. Those wicked Christians have succeeded in eradicating Ebola out of Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and Liberia. I hate the Christians in Africa, they are always troubling and destroying our work, despite the fact that our own ministries have filled up their countries, yet that Righteous Man keeps on bringing people from nowhere to pull down our plans. Those fools who call themselves government think they eradicated this disease with their own knowledge and wisdom. They never knew it is the prayers of the Christians that stopped the disease.

5- Satan's mission in the choirs

Join the choirs to introduce unclean music and satanic dancing. Other youths in the church will copy your styles, and your mode of dressing. As I always do, I have treated your throat in the lab, and your voices will be as sweet as honey. Introduce our songs, our way of singing, and dancing in the choir to invite more demons into the church. Praise their God with a disco dance; inflate the drummer to beat our beat. Also, disturb the amplification motors and bring out a horrible sound. Make sure you code everything. Always mention my nickname in your gospel music. Fools do not know. Now that most of our songs are sung in churches today, we will come in, we shall win. You men, entice the women in the choirs with money and everything I have given you. Put on figure-hugging clothes; expose your chest; put on short trousers to church; sleep with them. But for strong Christian women, appear to them in dreams and reveal yourselves to them as their future husband. The fools will be carried away by dreams, and will not pray further. And you women, allow the men in choir to sleep with you. We must pollute the church.

6- Be very close to true Christians

Go to higher institutions, target those Christians who serve the Righteous Man wholly kind-heartedly. Make friend with them, visit them at home; try your best to always be around them. If possible, do their domestic job for them. Find a way to sleep in their house; from then, you will get them. Many of you are friends to these new born-again Christians. Now you must get even much closer to them with these cosmetics. The fools think they can overcome your seductive power with their prayers. Make sure you put on skinny clothes that will show all your shape. This is one of the arrows we can use to pollute the mind of those young men who are in that Man (Christ). Once you get them, kill them so that they will not have another chance for repentance.

I am sending you into the universities and colleges. Watch out especially for true Christians. Disguise as secondary school students and let those Christians' teachers and youth corpers lust after you. Once they have sex with you, place your tube on them; they will never get tired of having more sex until we finish their blood. We need to begin their downfall from their heart. Our time is short, no time to waste.

Go to their offices, and make sure that they covet you. Give them bribes. Always want to sit beside them if they are men. Always make sure they keep seeing your boobs, face and laps. You will keep ringing in their memory for the demons will assist you more. Push your Christian's boss to appoint you as his personal secretary; he can never avoid seeing you all the time. Once they lust after you, you will receive a signal immediately, do not be afraid of going closer to them; keep talking to them. Even if they do not want to, your images will be appearing in their memory continuously, until they fall into sin. Always look sexy, and be cheap for them until they eventually fall on your laps then kill them. Do not give them any chance. Never be friends with false Christians, but use them as tools to destroy true Christians. God does not listen to their prayers. Their prayers do not even leave their temple of prayer. Be in friendship rather with true Christians. Do everything possible to quench the fire in them.

Even some of my agents are now waging war against me, after that Righteous Man has delivered them from my hands. We need to shift our battle on these people fast. We must isolate them for destruction, we need to start appearing to them too in the dream like angels of light, and teach them to do against the Bible. We also need to increase the love of money in their life; we must turn them against each other, and cause them to be jealous of themselves. Cause them to sell the gospel, instigate them with the spirit of pride, vain glory and covetousness; stir up their angers always. Also encourage them to sell their visions in CD’s, books and DVDs until the love of money occupied their heart, feed them with counterfeit vision and lastly destroy them.

7- Satan's mission in Christian families

Plant different kinds of havoc into Christian families; they will not have time to pray and will get tired of serving that Righteous Man, for we shall give them problems they will be nursing and make them forget about that Righteous Man. Once they forget about Him, and His Spirit departs from them, do not give them a second chance. Kill them immediately. Turn into rats, flies, mosquitoes, or cockroaches, etc. to monitor the activities of any Christian's home. Cause quarrels and disputes between husband and wife; make the woman look irritating in the eyes of the husband, and make children rebellious against their parents. Cause the husbands to beat their wives, cause the wives to disrespect their husbands, cause women not to cook for their husbands, so that they can go and eat our demonic foods sold in the canteen. Through that we will initiate them. We need to target Christian’s homes especially those who got married with our rings. We must afflict them with barrenness, and cause them to lose hope in that Righteous Man. Destroy every happy and peaceful home. I hate joy and happiness. Destroy new marriages and increase divorces. The fools will focus on the witches in their family, on their village witches and accuse the neighbour for their downfall. Our first targets are genuine Christians most especially those receiving vision from God.

8- Attack against young converts

I am sending you to these new converts because I have found out that many of them are youth. Some of these young converts are in the schools where some of you are lecturers already. Some are doing your courses; make sure they never graduate from school, except they agree to bribe you or have intimate relation with you. When the temptation rises, they may agree and dance to your tune, just to graduate. After that, kill them through the invocation mirror. I have given you a screen to be able to identify Christians. Do everything in your power to quench their spiritual life. Once you get close to them, shoot them with arrows of lukewarmness, then they will be too tired to read that book (Bible) and also too lazy to fast and pray. Shoot them the arrows of gifts; quench their spiritual life until they are totally doomed.

Many of them have completed their studies and are still looking for jobs. I am sending some of you to mingle with them and go with them for job hunting. Reduce your age to 20 and 23 at most, and encourage them to do the same, because 90% of them are already 27 or more years old. Remember, 90% of the companies worldwide belong to us. We will set the upper age limit for applying to 25 years, and we will see if they too will not reduce their age to apply for a job. Once they lie about their age, kill them because they are living a lie; never give them any chance to repent. I have also found out that, some of these young converts are working already. Apply to their companies and make sure you are transferred to their departments. Study them progressively, then get closer to them and destroy their spiritual life. When they get too stubborn for you, make people around them hate them, even their boss. If possible, get them sacked. Strike them with diseases. Always provoke them every time until they fall in sin through anger. Once that occurs, and they fail to repent quickly, kill them.

We know many of them are yet to get married; now I am sending you to them, appear to them as children of light, pray and sing together. Because of them, join the choristers, the prayer team, the intercession group, the deliverance group; ushering group, to get closer to them. Then start inflating them in dream. Each time they see you in dream, another voice will echo it in their ears that you are their wife or husband. Make sure you convince them that you are their partner. Once they are convinced, come back and report to me, then I will shoot them the arrows of sexual urges. After that, keep visiting them at home often and often, and they will end up committing fornication with you, and once that occurs, place your tube on them and invoke a snake into their private part. They will always want more, after that, kill them. But those that have a higher call may escape the first traps. If they escape the first traps, because of the arrow of urges on them, they will rush into marriage without praying further, because they will not be able to hold their body. Once you get married with them, destroy them, destroy their ministry. Before they realized you are evil, it will be too late; for you will be under their shelter already; we will win. I also found out that some of these youth are married already; we must do everything to get them down.

9- Attack Christians with immorality

If you go to churches without your laps and boobs exposed, I will kill you. Remember I killed Aguanna for that. Soon the fools will love your dressing and copy your style; and their God will reject them. If you ever walk on street with no seductive movement, I will kill you. If I find out that any of you ever walk on street, putting on clothes that cover their knees, they should consider themselves dead. Remember I killed Jikaya for that. If I find out that you ever go out of your home with your boobs and bosom completely covered, you are dead. Remember I killed Kakadika for that. Make pornography movies and pictures free on internet, even on Christians' pages. Make pornography adverts show on every page Christians open.

Remember how we captured the American and other European and Western countries, which are the most sophisticated organized and civilized countries in the world. Almost all their names had entered into our book of death. The Great Britain, United State, France, Brazil, Germany and the rest of them, now belong to us. We had legalized abortion, prostitution, and other various forms of immoralities. Sodomy and gay marriage had just been added to our achievement.

I have given you enough power and cosmetics to make even women lust after you. I have given you enough training; those powder I have given you are very powerful. Use it, and souls who refuse to run into the secret place of God and live under His shadow, will lust after you. This powder is the ashes of those who failed the task I gave to them. If you fail, you will also be ground into ashes. I am sending some of you to go and work in TV and Radio Stations. Immoral and unclean programmes should be viewed all the time. I am sending some of you to be musicians. Introduce many dirty words into your music, like saint Janet of Lagos Nigeria did in all her album. Sing Christians music and dance like Shakira. Break like Michael Jackson in the church. Those fools that are not watchful will fall into our traps.

10- Satan's mission through food

Go to the markets. Invoke demons on foods that are on the markets and in supermarkets. Those fools who do not pray before eating will be initiated. Make even mineral water sold in the street polluted. Remember how we invoked the spirit of anger into the life of a young convert through our sardines. We must turn people into flesh eating vampires. We must cause them to be guilty of blood shedding and of eating abomination. So, I am sending some of you demons into the world to start setting up eatery, and fast food canteens. I will be supplying you with human flesh for the preparation of your snacks, meat pie, pizza and other foods.

The number of aborted babies supplied into the deep sea on daily bases has seriously increased. Some of these babies have been transformed into frozen Turkeys and chicken. Every human on the earth must be polluted. The blood of those unborn babies will be required from them. The food will turn their heart against anything call holiness. They will be stuck in sins, even with sins they will never believe they could commit, and the whole atmosphere will be polluted. I am also sending some of you demons out to start manufacturing juice and other drinks including table water. I will be sending you different demonic flavours for the production of your juice, begin to manufacture pineapple juice, apple juice, orange juice, banana juice, strawberry, yoghurt, ice cream of different flavour, etc.

11- Satan takes advantage of the cooling off of Christians

The desire of many towards their God and His word including their prayer life has seriously decreased and this is a great advantage on our part. Also, many of them do not participate in praying and fasting. This has made them powerless to withstand our influence. Many have stopped witnessing to those who are perishing in the heart of sin, the report of people getting saved has reduced to 4%, but we need to draw it down to 0%. Fellow demons, we need to increase our attacks than ever until Christ is totally erased out of the earth. We need to increase human activities and cause them to work very hard before they can earn their meal. The harder they work to live, the lesser they will think about Christ, Heaven or eternity. We need to make situation difficult for men, as a result of that, they will deny their faith and seek our help. Afflict them so that they will only think of their needs. We are to make them become lovers of pleasure rather than lovers for God. Humans have always preferred physical pleasure than spiritual gain. They spent much time on their self even beyond the time they spend for things that concern God.

Many people no longer see the need to protect their mind against our influence. They entertain every thought, every fantasy and every lust and that is a great advantage on our part. Fellow demons, Hell has expanded itself and it is becoming hotter daily. This is the time we exercised our revenge on God for keeping us out of Heaven, by sending many people to Hell. The more we keep man in sin, the more Christ second coming will be delayed. I want purity to become the thing of the past. I want 7 years old begin to masturbate, fornicate, and commit abortion. I want believers to spend hours with televisions, watching our programmes and listening to our music. I want them just to brush some dust on their Bible while spending hours on Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter. This is why I have made megabyte browsing data easily accessible, with free-to air TV cable channel to become more affordable than Digital decoder. They will share our fate in the lake of fire. I have a conviction that we can still win this war. Arm yourself fellow demons, we go to war, we show no mercy. I know the thought that I think towards men, and it is the thought of evil and not good. If we will not get to Heaven, no man will get there.

12- Satan pollute the world with his items

The queen of the coast came out of the sea with many beautiful women and young men of different attributes. She also came out with many books and 5000 ships loaded with all kind of items, and she stood before the ships, giving different directions on what to do with the items loaded in the ships. She said, fellow demons, I want you to seriously see what we are up against. It is not the desire of God to let any man perish; He will do anything in His power to save them. But, it is our duty to make sure they perish. And our major targets are the Christians because they still have a chance of escaping our traps and they are the ones showing other people the way of salvation.

These ships are loaded with different items and latest technologies; latest fashions; soaps; lotions; shoes; hair attachments; jewelleries; creams; latest computers and phones loaded with countless applications; foods; drugs; beads; fans; nose rings; earrings; weavons; bangles; perfumes; lipsticks; powder; cross; pendant; seductive materials; candles of different colours; incense; human blood as red wines; mirrors to access the glory of men; condoms to draw men’s glory through their sperms; female pads; musical albums; teddy bear; olive oil; finger nails; eyelashes; born-again Christians' clothes, skirts and blouses; lace materials; suits and more leopard skin clothes; shoes; hats and bags; colourful and transparency linen materials; all kinds of catalogues, belts, t-shirts with the image of demons who disguise as beautiful women; wedding ring for married couples; bread and wine for the Lord's supper and more anointing oil for initiation; different packaged foods; 3 million toys of different kinds for children; each toy is possessed with many demons to get the children initiated; fruit drinks; new flashy cars; false Mary and false Christ pictures; and many more.

Many of these items bear our names and we have secretly inscribed figures like, 666, 999, 333 on them. Words like Saturn, Lux, I love satan, this soul belongs to lucifer, devil, unleashed the dragon, I am married to lucifer, register for Hell and many more words of covenant have been inscribed secretly on these items but unknown to human. We have also inscribed logos like lightening, 5 stars angle, skull, serpent, dragons, especially on clothes. These must be distributed around the world. I am dividing you all into different segments to pollute the world with these items. You must operate in different departments. The names of anyone who uses our materials must be recorded in our books. We must cause them to enter into a covenant with us ignorantly. Only genuine Christians who pray very hard will escape our influence, but 0.5% maximum I believe. Whoever uses any of these materials will be possessed and they will be doomed for Hell forever because they will find it hard to be holy. Write their names in this book as evidence that they belong to us. Once their names enter into this book, they will be qualified for Hell.

We must increase men’s appetite for sex even among the young converts in the church in order to indulge them in fornication, adulteries and masturbation. Their heart must not be free from immoral thoughts. So, we need women to do that for us. The moment they set their eyes on women hips or chest, their brain will be ringing for sex. Also, we are sending more creams, soaps, dye, relaxers, shampoos and perfumes into the world, produced from those who drowned in the sea some few seasons ago. Their flesh was squeezed into liquid and their bones have been ground into powder. Some perfumes were mixed and dried with these ground bones, and packed in the containers as facial powder to be sent into the world for those foolish women. No matter how they claim to be Christian, the blood of those who died in the sea will be required from them, after all they have exchange their soul for our beauty.

I am also sending out some intensive breast enlargement and hips enlargement creams mixed up with my urine and faeces. These creams are for women who want to look more seductive: Breast fit cream, cute Breast cream, re-zo cream, brestro gen, BT 36, purelan 37g, Mayfair pink, Big Breast Extra-large cream, Silky pleasure, Venox bestex, Swole cream, Botox enlargement, U-like, and many more. All these creams will give them smooth, shining and soft huge hips and boobs and also cause their shape to look like mine because it’s my waste. This will cause more men to lust after them. The name of any woman who uses any of these creams must be written in this book.

13- Satan sends his agents into the world as top-class human

I am sending you into the world as top-class human of both sex. You are to become celebrities and great icons in the society so as to influence people easily. Go into the world and become movies stars, presidents or governors, religious leaders, and also be in charge of every manufacturing company in the world. You are to ensure everything produced bears our names. There is no time to waste. Any man who uses any of our products will die spiritually and the love for that Righteous Man will fade away from their heart. I want you to become model. I want your image to be seen on every pages of magazine and anyone who admire you or imitate you shall be doomed. We are to cause them to enter into a covenant with us; no human must be able to escape our traps this time around.

14- Satan's mission through materialism

They must dress like us, shave like us. They must look like us in the eye of their Creator. So, these ships are also loaded with all kind of catalogues to be distributed to all shopping malls. Whoever copies any of these styles, clothing styles, haircut and beard cut styles or any other fashions, their names must be registered in our books. They think they are seeing the image of beautiful models; the fools do not know that these beautiful models are demons. Zephaniah 1:8 "And it shall be, in the day of the Lord's sacrifice, that I will punish the princes and the king's children, and all such as are clothed with foreign apparel." They want to be like us and they will share our fate. We will use Zephaniah 1:8 against them when they die.

Some Christians are now conscious of the kind of clothes to wear. They know that women must not wear trousers. But the fools only focus so much on trousers being wrong for women, and neglect other satanic wears. So, one of the ships is full of women wears but seductive and demonized; these also include materials for sowing and women wrappers. Remember how we got millions of women initiated through clothes. As I have instructed, all readymade clothes for women must be skinny from now on. Whether they are born-again or not, they will all be putting on skinny clothes and will seduce men, and become stumbling stones for them. There must never be a way for human to escape our traps; they must all share our fate. Only the wise will pray and break our spells.

I am also sending 3 million of my marine agents into the market place to possess any clothes not manufactured by us, or any of my agents’ companies on earth. I have also noticed that part of the African countries ship used clothes, because the poor are much more than the rich, only the rich will want to buy new and expensive clothes materials. I am not only interested in the rich, both the poor and madman on the street must never go to Heaven. The era of Lazarus and rich man in the Bible is over. One of the ships is full of used clothes. These are ready-made clothes polluted by 85 million demons, anyone who uses them must be polluted, and their desire to serve that Righteous Man will die. I am sending out 300 million possessed women under wears, whoever uses them will be possessed with our spirit. Their names will also be written in our books as a sign of covenant and we will be able to manipulate them right from the deep sea, and cause them to work for us.

15- Satan's mission through music

You human agents, I am sending you out in three groups to be great musicians in the world:

The first groups will go and sing worldly music. Whenever you sing, your voice will become as sweet as honey in the ears of those who listen to you. I am sending you all over the world, your music will hit the earth, and your voices will be heard all over the places. Anyone who sings your songs will be doomed, their names will be written in our books. You have to dedicate all your albums to lord lucifer the prince of darkness, just as Moses’ songs stand as a witness against the people of Israel, these songs too will stand against whoever sings it along with you. Their soul will be mine forever. I have captured 6.5 billion souls through music and I will still get more. I got half of Nigerian youth through Doro and African Queen. The fools think he is referring to his girlfriend. I am that African queen and I sit a queen. I have captured half of the world through African Queen, Makossa, Celine Dion and Michael Jackson thriller. I have their names in my book and I will use it against them as evidence they have a covenant with me. I have use Rihanna to draw the world under my umbrella. I will get more. Ensure you put more effort into musical mission and I will reward you with Grammy awards and Mtv Awards. Justin Timberlake, Fifth Harmony, Drake, Kanye West, Beyoncé, Katty Perry, D-Banj, Don Jazy, Sia, Meghan Trainor, Davido, Madonna, Dr. Dre, I am asking you to put more effort, win more souls for me, and I will reward you with Grammy.

The second groups of you are to become gospel musicians. Your songs will be evil and demonized but will look like gospel songs, and your voice will be known and heard all over the world. The fools are blind, and they will not be able to discern that it is not gospel songs, just as they were being fooled with my album (You make me high). Your songs will be sung in Christians' homes and churches. I will step into places where these songs are played and those places shall become mine, for it is written, anywhere I step my foot upon shall be mine. I have sent thousands of Christians musicians to African countries, most especially, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Congo, Ghana, Nigeria, etc. I forbid you from singing about salvation or repentance. It must only be praises to lord lucifer. Introduce different demonic beats in your album. Those of you sent to Nigeria, change the name of that Righteous Man to Igwe, to Baba, to Dansaki, to Helper. Use any name to deceive. The name of anyone who sings our songs will be registered in our books.

The third groups of you are to become music producers. I have sent countless demons into the world already to become music producers. You are to promote satanic music and ensure they win Grammy awards.

16- Satan's mission against children

I need more children in my kingdom. Lucifer has vowed never to allow even children to make it to Heaven. Because we were sent out of that place, we too will deal with them. I am sending out some of you as midwives and nurses to get me children placenta and the blood during their delivery. Place your mark on every baby through your hands. I have designed some ready-made children’s clothes for babies, children school bags, canvas and shoes, and I have also given some of you license to start manufacturing babies pampers, baby’s foods, noodles, cookies, biscuits and chocolates. I have also received 30,000 different cartoons movies and video games from the prince of the underworld kingdom, Margie, Rose, Eva and Magaroo. He has brought the list of the cartoons that should be released this year. We have successfully produced 30,000 of cartoons filled up with different kind of spells, magic and demonic animation characters and incantations for children to be possessed just as we did through Ben10, demon university, SpongeBob, Shrek, Rango, little mermaid, the Beauty and the Beast, the lion king and others.

There must be no way for future evangelism. Every child must be polluted right from their childhood so that no child will grow up loving God or His Christ. Inflate the spirit of disobedience, the spirit of pride, immorality, anger, fears, lies, laziness, murders and stealing, into the life of children. They must grow up with our spirit in them. Now thousands of cartoons have being loaded again into these ships, Zootropolis, pete’s dragon, the mermaid, Konfu panda, Batman vs Superman, Ice Age, the little prince, Eva’s possession, Beauty and the Beast, little mermaid, the jungle book, the good dinosaur, Life of pet, hotel Transylvania, norm of north, strange magic and many more. Cartoon Network, Disney, Nickelodeon and other kids’ channel must show them.

I am sending some of you out to set up more schools and colleges. 90% of the schools in the world belong to us already. Your schools will be the best in the society. I will give you enough to get your schools filled with the best facilities. You are to cast spells on the water the children drink in the schools. The foods served in the schools must be possessed. The uniforms sold in the schools must be possessed. There should never be a way for any child to escape our traps. Every student in the boarding school belongs to us. All children in the world including babies must be possessed. By the time they get to the university, they would have become expert doing our biddings. Only those who cover their kids with the blood of the Lamb will escape our traps. Those fools, who do not pray before taking their children to school, will get their children initiated. As for you sorcerer kids, get your friends initiated, and summon them to our nocturnal meetings. Deal with anyone who disrespects you; teach them you are not their mate. Lend your friends your books, biros and pencils; share your foods with them, and get them initiated. Try your best to always touch the head of your friends and bring down their glory.

I am also sending out some of you to become nannies, day carers, and housemaids. Initiate every child in your custody with the spirit of witchcraft; feed them with raw human flesh and blood until they are fully possessed. I am sending some of you to churches around the world, to become children’s leaders. Initiate children in the church with biscuit and sweet shared in the church. Those fools who call themselves pastors are blind and too busy to pray. When the children we initiate grow stronger, they will be the ones to destroy the work of those pastors.

17- Satan's mission through medicine

I am sending many of you to become doctors and nurses to work in every hospital in the world. Begin to send little children down to us through childbirth. Initiate patients through drugs and injections. Encourage more abortions, and send more souls down here for training. I am sending out ships loaded with possessed syringes, cotton wool, operating materials and latest medical technologies machines. These items only need to get in contact with their blood, then they will be possessed with evil spirit and immediately lose their salvation. You must show no mercy to anyone. I have deposited 30 million poisonous mosquitoes on the earth to bite and release diseases of different kinds into people’s bodies. Also there are thousands of demons hanging in the air to pollute the air with all kinds of sicknesses. Some demons have been sent to companies and offices, to work as cleaners, to wash their toilets and invoke spells on their water systems, whenever anyone uses the toilet without praying, they will contract all kinds of diseases.

We must release countless diseases into the world. And people will need our drugs to heal themselves. I am also sending out 20 million drugs of all kinds with different evil purposes, manufactured from thousands legions of demons. You know demons do not get sick or get tired. When the sick use these drugs, they will be very active. The drugs will cure them immediately but it will destroy their souls because they will look like us in the presence of God, just as we did to them in the time of Noah. I have also released 40 drums of my saliva for the manufacture of chemical that will be used to produce more drugs. Also, several drums of ascorbic acid have been deposited into the world for drugs and foods manufacturing. We can see that human no longer depends on the power of prayers but on the power of drugs for healing. With these demonic syringes loaded in the ships, contaminate people blood with these syringes while doing blood test, and recommend them some of these drugs in the ship for healthy living. Ensure you hijack people soul and send them into the deep sea while doing operation. They will become my slaves here in the deep sea.

The demons sent to hospitals are to contaminate every blood in the blood bank with diseases and unclean spirits. These demons are to suck part of the blood and release their saliva and evil spirits into every blood in the blood bank. It will only take the power of that Righteous Man to set anyone who uses any of our drugs free from our captivity. I am also sending out countless pregnancy care drugs for women. Each time they use it, they will be weak in the spirit. The fools would think the pregnancy is what is weakening them, and will not rely on the power of prayer. When they use our drugs, they will be weak both spiritually and physically to attend church services, read their Bible, or pray, until they become dead spiritually. Whenever you meet prayerless pregnant women, hijack the baby in their womb and replace the baby with a demon. Every family on the earth must have at least two of my agents, which will make it easier to know every activity going on in every home.

18- Satan's mission through social media

We need to get them through media. We need to promote worldwide pornography. So, I am sending you all out to introduce pornography of all levels from billboard, Magazine and public newspaper. Cast different spells on people who see your image and admire it. I need you to cast spells of all kinds, like immorality spells, indecent dressing, violence and even death on people. You are to dress in a way to be admired and let people see your dressing styles on the billboard. Anyone who follows your styles will be doomed, just register their names in this book. We will make pornography an occupation, a career. We will make pornography freely accessible by everyone; it will become a way of life for many, a secret door of pleasure.

Also, you are to go into the world as young and beautiful girls in order to win the beauty pageant so that you can influence people. We need to work also on newspapers. Nudity is marketable, and it is 80% of the population interest. We start from the mild, a star girl on the daily newspaper, wearing nothing at the top of her chest, which is another way of promoting indecent dressing. Then the desires for sex will increase more because I have made research and I have seen that more men read newspaper than women. You must introduce more immoral pictures until a man’s appetite for sex is not satisfied with having just one partner; work more on magazines like You-magazine, people-magazine, AARP-magazine, Good Housekeeping magazine, etc. Adultery and fornication will become an acceptable way of life even in the church. The stinks of sins will vaporize into God's nostril and the atmosphere will be utterly polluted with what He hates, because human will think of nothing but sex.

I am sending some of you out into the world to become broadcasters. You are to become newscasters and whenever you are to appear on TV, ensure your chest is exposed. Let those fools who call themselves pastors, who want to listen to 8 pm News, see your chest. They will lust after you when they keep looking. The fools do not know the eye is the gateway to the mind. Make yourself look more seductive. Remember the number of pastors you destroy increases your reward in the second Heaven. Go to every television station and promote immoral music. Sankai has released all kinds of music filled with indirect pornography characters. The programmes must be filled with immorality, even the Christian movies must be a mockery of holiness.

Go and open TV and Radio Stations. You must never allow holiness preachers on your Radio or on your TV, else consider your station closed down. Allow only my children to be seen on TV. We must silent Christianity all over the world. Go and become managers of every TV station. Allow only filthy programmes to be broadcasted. Only breakthrough preachers, prosperity preachers, miracle preachers, and entertainment must be the priority. I will strengthen jokes, music and dancing competition. The world must be polluted and that Righteous Man hand must bleed again.

I have made TV cable more affordable and I will still make it cheaper. DSTV and other cable TV will now circulate every house until man forgets about Bible. More season’s movies have been released, full of immorality just like Spartacus, Empire, lost and Rome. Immorality must be raw in every movie. Adverts must be full of immoralities and anyone that wants to advertise ordinary pencil on TV must first advertise a woman chest and buttocks. Lucifer has written countless movies scripts most especially Christians' movies scripts. Go into the world and act them. We must take much time of human with season movies. Human must never have time for God. Arm yourself fellow demons, go to war, and show no mercy.

Dominate any house that has any of our movies. I have released countless movies to possess human hearts. Write the name of anyone who enjoys watching our movies in this book, and dominate their house. I am sending movies like Lucy, gods of Egypt, The Curse of Sleeping Beauty, War craft, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Ghostbusters, Zootopia, The Witch, The Huntsman, The Neon Demon, The Darkness, the 5th Wave, the boy, doctor strange, Moana, X-Men, Apocalypse, The Legend of Tarzan, The Jungle Book, The BFG, London Has Fallen, The 5th Wave, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Resident Evil, and many more. Humanity must never have time for their God. We must cause that Righteous Man to hate them, and He will destroy them just as He did in the wilderness. Since He wants to send us to the lake of fire, we will go together.

19- Satan's mission through Internet

Fill up the internet and Facebook. Target most especially those who preach on Facebook and send them many friends' requests to fill up their space for friends, so as to hinder the other people who could have been saved if they were their friends. Since they lack discerning spirit, they will think they are preaching to human, they will not know they are preaching to demons. Send them messages that will provoke them. Perhaps they will get angry, once that happens their message will be very easy to antagonize. Send them messages that look innocent but destructive. You are to send them messages that contain series of spells to make the weak Christians disbelieve the truth. You must also preach about that Righteous Man but in an opposite way that will lead some astray. Use a title like pastor or evangelist as your profile name to deceive them. Target anyone who has genuine word of God; rubbish their post and cause other to follow your belief.

There are many youths among the Evangelists. I hate them and I feel like killing them right now, but they are shield with the power of that Righteous Man. They are very hot for Him. Some of them are even on Facebook and we must act fast. Go to Facebook, twitter, my-space, internet and many multiple social Medias across the globe with many pornographic images and pretend to be born again to request them. But make sure your profile picture is very seductive. When they see your picture, they will lust after you, and I will make sure many demons of immoralities work with you to cause those who lust after you to fall. I have found out that some truth is being preached on Facebook. You must also create your account and use the picture of that Righteous Man as a profile picture to mingle with them; then keep updating your status with some inspirational word; preach truth about Heaven. They will desire to be your friends.

Once you have many followers, start introducing little lies in your update, and they will believe you too, since they lack discerning spirit. From then we will get them all. Also, I am sending out some of you as experts. You are to pop out naked pictures on every page anyone opens, even if it is a Christian page. Make a picture of irresistible naked women appear on their page, asking them to click, to meet beautiful women. The image will carry some seducing spells and if any man looks at it twice, he will be charmed. Once he clicks on it, he will be doomed, and his name will be written in my book, and we will cage his soul right here in the deep sea. I am a queen, I sit a queen, I am not a widow and I can never see any sorrow.

20- Satan's mission in public places

I am sending you into every single company all over the world. You must get there and anything that comes out of the company must be filled with incantation; invoke spells on them. Go to banks, schools, hospitals, markets, streets and make people lust after you. I am also sending some of you to schools and colleges to get more children and youths initiated. Give them gifts all the time. You will be the most brilliant in your class, and people will want to get close to you. But give Christians more attention, so as to quench their fire. Be careful, as I have instructed you before, never attack them when their fire is still intact, else you will be destroyed.

21- Invisible rings

People have started to discover you through your visible rings. Now, I will give you invisible ringswith which you will touch babies' heads, as if you were trying to help them in their mothers’ backs. You nurses, lay hand on pregnant women’s wombs with your invisible rings, and kill the baby in their womb. Make things hard for humanity. They will do anything to meet up their needs, even if it is to sin. Some foolish people do not know how to zip up their mouth with their talkative spirit. They will always discuss their plans with you; always destroy their good plans.

22- Blood bank

I am sending some of you out as bus drivers because we are now in the period of Ember, and we need more blood for our bank. Whenever you get to the bridge, wheel the bus down. I am also sending some of you as fuel tank drivers. Whenever you get to a place where there is traffic, set the fire up, and cause more fatalities. The foolish Islamic terrorists have not been sending enough blood to our bank. You women, after applying your cream, make sure you are sitting by the driver’s seat. If anyone preaches in the bus, check your spiritual screen to see if they are saved, if they are not, cause an accident. The fools are trying to save souls while they are in sin. Whenever you caused the accidents, place your tube on them and draw down their blood into our bank.

23- Urgent need for blood

Whenever you need urgent blood, just walk among people who dress like us or who use any of our materials, perfumes, lipsticks, jewelleries, attachment or relaxers, rings, tattoos, and many more. Just place your tube on them and drink their blood. Drink the blood of whoever loves to dress like you.

24- Satan warns his agents

Remember I will not have to remind you again that 967 of you were ground into dust in the last meeting as a result of failure in their tasks. Remember the grinding machine is always available for whosoever fails in this mission. You are warned! I have provided you with all you need. You lack nothing. I have given you enough wealth, enough power to charm with your eyes. I have given you enough power to charm with you boobs and laps. The gels and creams I have given you come directly from satan himself. They were made out of lucifer's saliva. Once you apply these creams on your face, laps and boobs, everyone who sees you must lust after you. If any of these young converts are weak in prayers, they too will lust after you. We must get people initiated; make sure no one is ready for that Righteous Man's coming.

25- Lucifer does not tolerate

The queen of the coast came full of pride; she came out with 6 cows, saying: these cows are those 6 out of the new members that were sitting down when I was asking you all to stand up. I turned them into cows. Do you all think you can disrespect me as you always disrespect that Righteous Man when you refuse to stand up in the church when you are asked to? Do you think it is this way in our kingdom? In our kingdom, there is no indiscipline. If you are unruly, you will be destroyed. I will use this as a scapegoat to warn the rest of you. We lack mercy here and will never tolerate disobedience; but if you are willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of my kingdom. Now you marketers, these ones should be taken into the market, slaughter and sell their meat to those foolish buyers that never pray before going to the markets.

26- Lucifer is angry

It seems we have started losing the battle, and lucifer our lord is seriously angry with us. Our time is short, and the number the Righteous Man is waiting for will soon be complete, if we keep allowing people into that place. Out of 350,000 souls that died in the last 4 months, another four have made it to that place. Now there is no more time to waste, we must be very active in all our operation. This woman on my screen is the most wanted. She is in Uganda, and I have just been alerted by the 9-9 realms demons, that two of the four that made it to Heaven were from Uganda through this woman, one from Zambia and the other one was from Nigeria. So, I am sending 22 of you to that lady. Adopt all possible tricks. Two of you should pretend to be new comers in her street, walk to her house pretending to be preachers, trying to win her for Christ. She will confess to you that she is also a born-again. Ask her where she fellowships, tell her you are new in the area, then join her church.

As new in the area, she will be your only friend, and then begin to extinguish her faith little by little through giving of polluted gifts. Make sure you never give her time to study the Bible, make sure you always call her whenever she is about to pray, then start discussing with her until she forgets to pray, extinguish her zeal. Let six of you go to her workplace and be employed there, then start your operation in her office too. Two should be her office cleaners. Invoke evil spirits into her tables and files, and invoke evil spirits of confusion and weariness in the office where her desk is. Two should work as her colleagues, and two should work as her messengers. Monitor her to know who are her closest friends, then invoke the spirit of hatred in her friends, and caused them to hate her without any reasons. Make her boss harsh on her to stir up her anger.

Let two of you go to her children’s school and become teachers, and make sure you get her children initiated with evil spirits. Let the remaining two go to her husband’s office and make sure you invoke the spirit of anger and bitterness into her husband’s life, so that he begins to hate her. Then he will also help us in persecuting her while the ones on her street will pretend to be comforting her. You must work on her until you totally quench her spirit and get her backslide, then destroy her. Again, do not attack her now because she is still on fire, else you will be destroyed. Many of the agents I sent to her have been destroyed through her prayers. She is on top of the list, and her matter is already before lucifer. Whoever among you gets her will become the next princess or prince.

27- Boko Haram is one of our instruments

We have succeeded in using the Boko Haram terrorists in weakening some of the Northern part of Nigeria gradually. I have instigated some of my servants to silent Christianity in Nigeria. Now Christians have started hiding their light. I have passed into law the abolishment of preaching of the gospel in some quarters of Northern region in Nigeria. We will make Christianity a once upon a time in Nigeria, just as we have succeeded in Turkey. We shall win. You demon of frustration, I have sent you out to torment people, and cause them lose all their hope, so as to reject their God and eventually come and bow for us.

28- Lucifer's new mission

I have got new information from lucifer. We are about to launch an incurable disease into the world most especially in Nigeria. This sickness will be contracted through toilet. The only one way to cure the sickness will be to take drugs that will give them the mark of the beast. Now the drugs are ready, but we need to launch the sickness. [End of the speech of the queen of the coast].

29- Lessons to Learn

Beloved, almost all the missions that the queen of the coast has entrusted to her agents against the Church and against the Children of God owe their success only to the adoption and the practice of false doctrine, due either to ignorance, or to negligence or to disobedience to God, which includes the love of the world and the lusts of the flesh. We will examine these different missions in order to close to these agents of Hell, all the doors of our lives.

29.1- The consequences of false doctrine

I have never ceased in my teachings to remind you that having abandoned the sound doctrine has given free access to satan in the Church. The doors through which demons pass to achieve their missions in the Church and in the life of Children of God are the consequence of the adoption of false doctrine by Christians. The abandonment of the doctrine of Jesus Christ in favour of satanic doctrines that have no biblical foundation is the source of the misfortune of true Children of God nowadays. And this abandonment of the sound doctrine is not a coincidence. It is a deliberate choice of satan’s agents sent to the world as pastors to open so-called churches, with the help of their fellow demons who disguise themselves as Children of God.

The different groups of madness that the queen of the coast sends her agents to infiltrate, should not, in the first place, exist in the Church. Satan sends his agents to infiltrate ushering groups, prayer groups, intercession groups, deliverance groups, choir groups, praise and worship groups, youth groups, women's groups, groups of married people, groups of unmarried people, Sunday schools, etc. Remember once and for all that all these groups are satanic. None of them is biblical, and none must exist in a true Church of Jesus Christ. They are all inspired by the world of darkness, and are a gateway for demons in the Church.

For those of you who by the grace of God can read, I have a small assignment to give you. Go through the New Testament. It is not very long. You can read the entire New Testament in two days if you are free, or in one week at most. To reassure you that what I am teaching you is true, sacrifice a few days to completely re-read your New Testament. As soon as you find one of these satanic groups, just one, underline it out for me, and let me know so that I repent. And if you do not find any of these groups, repent and quickly get out of all the satanic churches in which you are. The church service models you see today are imported from the underwater world. That is why it is easy for satan's agents to infiltrate the Church, settle in, and operate freely.

If you value your salvation, flee from all fake churches whose model is imported from the underwater world. Come out from all the churches in which there is any group. The Church itself is already a group, and does not need any subgroups. If you want to know how a true Church of Jesus Christ functions, we recommend the reading of the Teaching on the Church, which you will find on the website mcreveil.org.

29.2- The danger of worldly structures in the Church

Another abomination that has invaded the Church today is the notion of offices, secretaries, and the like. Every so-called servant of God now has an office and at least a secretary. The agents of satan whom you mistakenly call pastors prove to you that they are directors of private companies, and not pastors. Since the church is for them a private enterprise, they manage it as such, with an office, secretaries, private secretaries, etc. It is in these satanic structures that the envoys of the queen of the coast infiltrate and work freely and easily. As soon as you finish reading the entire New Testament as I have just recommended, show me where you find the pattern of churches that sorcerers have created today. It is this deviation that allows satan to succeed in all his projects against the Church and Children of God. Had the Church remained on the model of the sound doctrine or the early church, as we often call it, no mission of satan against it would succeed.

There are two categories of agents of satan who benefit from this satanic structure. On one side are the female demons who work in pastors' offices. Their missions are, on the one hand, to swallow the few non-sorcerer pastors who in their ignorance have copied the satanic church model, and, on the other hand, to use their privileged position as the pastor’s secretary to initiate Children of God. On the other side are the male demons who work as pastors. Their offices constitute to them ideal places to operate and initiate the Children of God into witchcraft with complete peace of mind. Some of these demon pastors have even set up beds in their offices. Others have for offices large suites as hotel suites, with a separate bedroom and a living room. And not only is the room equipped with a bed, but it is fully furnished. This room serves as a real office while the living room serves as a reception room.

You will certainly be wondering what the use of a bed in the office of a so-called pastor is. You know that sexual relations are for satan the perfect way to sign pacts with men in general, and with Children of God in particular. The offices of these demon pastors serve them to swallow as many women as possible through sexual intercourse. That is why they do not mind having a bed in their office at all times.

29.3- Rings, chains, and other jewellery

The Lord has already revealed to us that the so-called servants of God who put on rings and chains of all kinds are agents of satan. These rings and chains are objects of satanic power that the devil gives them to dominate and influence the faithful. Now that they know in their world that the Lord has laid them bare, and that all the true Children of God know some pastors of satan just by their rings and chains, they have created invisible ones. From now on, some of these demons will put on invisible rings and chains. So do not let people whose spiritual nature you do not know lay hands on you, or touch you on the head or touch your children's heads. Be very vigilant.

In conclusion, understand once and for allthat all these so-called servants of God who put on rings, chains and bracelets, are agents of satan. These objects are imposed on them from the world of darkness. You will not see a true servant of God bind himself by satanic pacts through such objects. If you are in a church led by one of those sorcerer pastors who put on either a ring, a chain, or a bracelet, come out from there quickly if you value your salvation. Some of these sorcerers will try to justify themselves, and will tell you that their rings are what they like to call "wedding ring". Know that such a thing does not exist in the Bible. If you want to understand this notion of wedding ring, refer to the teaching on "Marriage", which you will find on the website mcreveil.org.

29.4- Sorcerers’ fast to obstruct us

In the midst of Christians, not all those who fast do so for the Lord or for the good of the Church. Often when you take fasting moments, some among you fast not to wage the same warfare as you, but to receive from the world of darkness the power necessary to prevent them from being consumed by the fire of God that will come from you.

29.5- Dreams, visions and revelations

Beloved, know that the manipulation of the world of darkness is often of an extremely high level, and goes way beyond human understanding. This is why Children of God must exercise great discernment and great prudence. As you already know, many of the dreams you receive are as a result of a sophisticated level of manipulation of the world of darkness. Do not take the risk of believing dreams anyhow, without discernment. Whatever the clarity and unambiguousness of a dream, do not conclude without verification that it comes from God. Always go before God, on your knees, check if He is really the One who is behind this dream. Satan knows how to fabricate dreams, and he knows how to design some that are very convincing.

He even knows how to make up the confirmations of these dreams. So, you have to be very careful. That is why I warned you in the Teaching on Marriage never to base your spouse's choice on dreams, visions, and revelations. Understand once and for all that God will never give you a husband or a wife in a dream. Never. All the husbands or wives you receive through dreams come from satan. And for you who are already married, if the choice of your spouse was made through a dream or a vision or a revelation or a prophecy, know that you have as partner an agent of the world of darkness. You will certainly have already noticed it.

29.6- Friendships in the midst of Christians

The fact that the Church is already polluted and infiltrated by many agents of satan, and the fact that the Christian milieu has become what you know, make it very difficult today, to live true fellowship as the Lord had recommended us. You must be very careful and very vigilant. Before accepting the friendship of a so-called brother or a so-called sister, wait to see their fruits. Do not be in a hurry to build relationships and other kinds of friendships without discernment. Otherwise, you will pay the price. Be very careful with those people who have just arrived in the Church, and who want to build friendships very quickly, and make every effort to force contacts, meetings and visits by tricks.

You should also be careful not to allow personal visits between faithful of opposite sex. Even between true Children of God, the risk of temptation is already great. We do not underestimate the great manipulations and other powerful incantations of satan against us. And when agents of satan infiltrate the Children of God, you can imagine the result if the green light is given to them to operate freely. While the male demons swallow the sisters of the Church, the female demons will swallow the brothers, and it will be a disaster.

29.7- The insecurity of hospitals

As you have just read, hospitals are controlled by satan. The nurses and doctors who work there are, for the most, agents of the world of darkness. Some of the medicines that are administered to patients come from the world of satan. Some of the syringes and medical equipment also come from the world of darkness. This leads you to understand that the hospital is not a safe place for the patient, contrary to what is claimed. Therefore, before you decide to go there, you should think twice. The subject on health and hospitals was covered in a testimony entitled "Sickness and Nutrition", which you will find on the website www.mcreveil.org. We recommend it to you.

29.8- The danger of the so-called gospel music

For you, true children of God, we no longer need to warn you against satanic music. You know very well that it is dangerous, and that is why you have already fled from it. But very often, even without realizing it, you find yourself singing or humming some of these songs. This is a serious mistake. Avoid this from now on. Know that the mere fact of humming satanic music exposes you to the attacks of demons. By singing or humming music inspired and/or composed by the world of darkness, you invite demons into your life.

But although you have already abandoned satanic music, you have fallen without discernment into the trap of another form of demonic music that satan made the effort to serve you with in the form of religious music or gospel music. You have abandoned the Holy Ghost-inspired hymns that the first brethren left us with to turn to satanic music conceived and inspired by the world of darkness, which praises the devil rather than Jesus Christ. Go back to the true hymnals, if you really want to praise and worship Jesus Christ the only true Master, and the only true God.

Know that the term "Christian singers" or "gospel singers" that you use, is an aberration. There are no Christian musicians, no gospel artists. All these so-called Christian singers and musicians are agents of satan. They sing for the glory of satan. Music is not a profession in the eyes of God. Singing is not a job in the eyes of God. It is certainly a job in satan's eyes, but not in the eyes of God. In the eyes of God, it is every child of God who must be able to praise and worship God. No one should sing for the other, and some should not sing for others. All Children of God, all without exception, must sing for the glory of God; they must praise and worship the Father, in spirit and in truth, and not by intermediaries, and not with instruments of seduction conceived and manufactured from the world of darkness.

Also pay close attention to those people you call pastors musicians. They are all sorcerers. They are all agents of satan sent from the world of darkness to deceive and initiate Children of God into witchcraft. Some of these sorcerers even have what they call "music schools". Know that all these so-called music schools are satanic schools, with the sole mission to initiate you into witchcraft. The music classes are also opportunities for these satanists to seduce young women and lure them into sexual sins, to possess and recruit them in the camp of satan.

In the eyes of God, no so-called school of music exists. God does not need any school to teach His children how to praise and worship Him. All these schools are satanic, and all these pastors who created them and those who manage them are agents of Hell. May this teaching be clear to every child of God, once and for all. If you want deeper understanding of this subject, refer to the teaching headed "Praise and Worship" that you will find on the website mcreveil.org. You Christians who were in these satanic schools called schools of music, come out from there quickly. And you pastors’ musicians, if you were in these satanic enterprises out of ignorance, repent and give it up quickly, and implore the grace of God for your deliverance. If despite everything you choose to be stubborn, Hell awaits you.

29.9- Strategies of demons to disrupt our moments of worship

Beloved, as you have read in this speech of the queen of the coast, one of the missions of agents of satan is to introduce their songs and their dances in the midst of Children of God, so that God rejects all the praise and adoration of His children. So, you have to pay attention to the meaningless songs you sing. Also watch out for the weird dances you dance in the churches. Be careful; satan's agents are very cunning. If you are in those churches where sorcerers can sing all their nonsense and dance like demons freely, get out quickly. Understand once and for all that the Church of Jesus Christ is not a place to have fun, but rather a place to be sanctified and get ready for Heaven.

We had some sorcerers like these in our midst in the past, demons whose mission was to cancel all our praises and worship. And they accomplished their mission with such a level of success that made the devil very proud of them. Whenever we were right in the middle of praise and worship, one of these demons would rise, make a few weird dance steps, and everyone would split their sides laughing, and praise and worship would stop. And this demon did it so as not to leave anyone indifferent. The satanic manipulation that accompanied the grimaces of this snake was such that no one could refrain from laughing. And when it was not satanic dance steps, it was other quirks that had the same goal, that of stopping praise and worship. And each time unfortunately, this demon won the victory. The first few times we had trivialised these ridiculous actions, thinking that they were brief expressions of spontaneous clumsiness. But as the same comedy kept recurring, we realised that it was a big trap of satan that was set for us. By the grace of God, we had put an end to such madness.

Children of God, be careful not to fall into the traps that agents of satan set for you. These snakes know how to disguise themselves as children of God to operate without suspicion among the people of God. You must therefore use all the elements of discernment that the Lord has given us, to quickly catch these demons, no matter how subtle and cunning they are. Let us leave no chance for any victory for satan in our midst.

29.10- The danger of the so-called Christian movies

Beloved, pay close attention to these so-called Christian movies. Many of these movies have nothing of Christian in them. They are purely satanic, and were designed in the world of darkness to contaminate Children of God, as you have just read. One of satan's missions is to attack anything that can edify Children of God. Since he knows that true Christians have fled worldly movies and are interested in Christian movies, he has ordered his agents to produce so-called Christian movies, but which are true incantations and true initiations into witchcraft and pornography. Satan has contaminated all these so-called Christian movies, be they Western or African.

Speaking of Western Christian films, some true Children of God who have watched recent versions of movies such as Jacob, Joseph, Samson and Delila, David and others, were shocked to notice that these movies are real pornographic movies. They wondered who these so-called Christians are who can write or act such abominations. You understand now that these people have never been children of God. They are agents of Hell sent on mission against the people of God. And for African movies, it's a mixture of pornography and witchcraft. It has become very difficult to find one of these movies free of pornography and witchcraft. When you do not find in them one form of abomination, you find the other.

29.11- The danger of gifts

As you have just read, gifts are another powerful weapon that satan’s agents use against Children of God. So, you must be very careful of those people who make the effort to violate sound doctrine principles, and who persist in giving you gifts in private. In accordance with the sound doctrine, all those who had a property or a gift to give to God, came to deposit them at the feet of the Apostles, and it was they, the Apostles, who could distribute them according to the needs of brethren. This practice has several advantages, as I will explain it to you:

Firstly, true children of God who give are not tempted by pride. They do not give to be seen, and they do not give to be appreciated. Secondly, they do not expect a thank you from any brother or sister because they did not give anything directly to a brother or sister; and in such circumstances, it is the Lord alone who thanks them, and blesses them. Thirdly, all these poisoning or incantation projects intended for a particular child of God, have no chance of success, all the doors of such transactions being closed.

You then see that if the Church had remained in this model, the envoys of the queen of the coast would catch no child of God by this trap. This is another consequence of the abandonment of the sound doctrine. In conclusion, understand once and for all that all those so-called children of God who, though knowing the teachings, violate and stubbornly give private gifts to Children of God, are agents of satan. They are envoys of the queen of the coast. These so-called gifts are poisons. Do not accept them. Do not accept any private gifts in the Church. Demand that the principles of the sound doctrine be respected.

29.12- The danger of marriages made in haste

As you have just read, another mission of the queen of the coast's envoys to the Church is to marry true children of God. And when they succeed in this kind of mission, they totally swallow up their victim. The only weapon to fight this trap is patience as I have explained in the teaching on Marriage. I advised you to have been with a brother or sister in the Church for at least three years, before entering into a marriage with him or her. Three years are enough to detect all the fruits of an agent of satan, no matter the strength of his power to dissimulate, to manipulate, and his cunning.

Never take the risk of getting married in a rush or under pressure, and never marry a partner you do not know well. Know that if you fall into the trap of marrying an agent of satan, it will be very difficult for you to escape Hell. The agent of satan you have married will do everything to extinguish your spiritual life and win you over to satan. Do not hesitate to expose all those who use satanic methods to push you into marriage, and all those who use cunning to pressure you to marry them.

29.13- The danger of the so-called Christian television stations

Another thing that certainly did not fail to attract your attention in this mission of agents of the queen of the coast is the instruction to open television and radio stations to better deceive the religious community. As I already told you in the teaching on Discernment, there is no Christian TV station. All these so-called Christian TV stations are satan's propagandist instruments. You do not need much discernment to recognise these sirens that play the role of journalists on these channels. Just by seeing them, you can recognise them. Their make-up, their attire, and their posture of seduction betray them. The so-called servants of God who go on these TV stations, the satanic commercial that scroll across the screen, the filths that you find there, the topics that are debated in their programme slots are sufficient to prove that these TV stations are of satan. Therefore, if you want to talk of television, talk of television. Do not especially put the word "Christian" in front of it. Note once and for all that there is no Christian television.

29.14- Recognising agents of satan by their attachment to vanity

You will recognise more easily some missionaries of the queen of the coast among you by their attachment to vanity. If you know so-called sisters who, despite all the teachings you have received, still insist on wearing jewellery, putting on makeup, and wearing wicks and other satanic hair on their heads, know that they are envoys of the queen of the coast. Expel them from among you without wasting time. You have now understood why they cannot submit to the teachings that the Lord has given us. They are agents of seduction. Their mission is to lure brothers into sexual sins.

If you know so-called brothers who, despite all the teachings you have received, are stubborn about wearing jewellery, putting on makeup, and making beard cuts in a circle around the mouth like the worldly people do, know that they are the envoys of satan. Expel them immediately from among you. You have now understood why they cannot submit to the teachings that the Lord has given us. They are agents of seduction. Their mission is to lure sisters into sexual abominations. And if you are in a church where these things are practised freely and with impunity, come out from there quickly.

29.15- Recognising witches by their attire

You will now recognise some missionaries of the queen of the coast in your midst. If you know so-called sisters who, in spite of all the teachings you have received, insist on wearing short skirts, short dresses and other so-called sexy outfits that expose their legs, their breasts and the shapes of their bodies, know that these are the envoys of the queen of the coast. Expel them from among you without wasting time. You have now understood why they cannot submit to the teachings that the Lord has given us. They received severe threats from their queen.

There have been such witches among us in the past. Young girls who, despite all the teachings they had received, despite the warnings, and despite the fact that around them all the other sisters obeyed the Lord by wearing long and decent clothes, never wore clothes that went beyond their knees, and always made the effort to expose their breasts and other parts of their bodies. We could not understand what could justify that. Some of these witches were what one often calls "Christians born in the faith", that is, children born to so-called born-again Christian parents, children whose father and mother had already supposedly accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and their personal Saviour before they were conceived. Some of these vipers were even children of so-called pastors.

When the Lord in His love revealed their true nature, the brothers chased them away without wasting time. It is only now that we understand why they could not, despite the clarity of the teachings, despite our warnings and our threats, obey our God. They were obliged to rather obey their god and master satan. Their mission was to prostitute themselves, seduce and lure the maximum of brothers into sexual abominations. Know, then, that all those so-called born-again Christians who continue to dress as agents of Hell are indeed agents of Hell. You will not see a true child of God who has already received the teaching about the woman's outfit, still wear trousers, or short skirts and short dresses and other indecent clothes. You will never see one. It is the agents of the queen of the coast who rebel against the instructions of God in this way. And they do it because they have no choice. It is their mission. That is why they came to this world.

29.16- The name of Jesus Christ counterfeited

In the past it was very difficult for satan’s pastors to pronounce the name of Jesus Christ. Whether at the end of their prayers, or in their sermons, or during the so-called miracles and other healings they performed, they carefully avoided using the name of Jesus Christ. At times when they felt stuck, they timidly pronounced the name of Jesus, but never that of Jesus Christ. This element had become an element of discernment for Children of God. The people of satan have realised this, and in their world, they have devised a strategy to counteract this difficulty. Satan being the god of counterfeiting, the simplest solution for him was to counterfeit the name of Jesus Christ, as he did with the names of all the Servants of the God of the Bible. He therefore chose a demon to whom he gave the name jesus christ.

As you can now see, this element of discernment that Children of God had to recognise the pastors and preachers of satan no longer holds. Today, all these snakes pronounce freely and clearly the name of Jesus Christ, and feel free to pronounce it even several times. At one point, the Children of God were troubled, and wondered how that was possible. But we ended up understanding the game of satan. This is what the queen of the coast confirms in her mission to her agents.

Do not be deceived by the name of Jesus Christ that these sorcerer pastors freely use either in their preaching or in their prayers. The jesus christ whose name they call is not our Lord, Saviour and Master Jesus Christ, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, but rather a demon of the world of darkness to whom the devil gave this name. This is what he did with the names of all the Saints of the past, such as Moses, David, Peter, John, etc. In the world of darkness, there are demons bearing all these names, and satan uses them to deceive his ignorant agents. This is what he did with great success to totally blind the ignorant who are in the Catholic sect. Satan has given a demon the name of "virgin mary", and to this day, many ignorant Catholics continue to believe that this demon called "virgin mary", is the Mary, mother of Jesus. This is why they cling to Catholicism. Many believe that they are worshiping Mary, who was the mother of Jesus on earth. It's sad!

For those of you who have the grace to read this teaching, know that all the Biblical names that satanists use are names of counterfeit persons. Be it the name of Jesus Christ, or of Mary, or of the Prophets of the Old Testament, or of the Apostles of the Lord, all these names are borne by demons from the world of darkness. Never again fall into the trap of this lie, and be no more astonished when you hear satanists and sorcerer pastors freely use the name of Jesus Christ without fearing anything.

Grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love!




Dear brothers and sisters,


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