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You snakes! You brood of vipers! How will you escape being condemned to Hell? Matthew 23:33




Dear brothers and dear friends,


We are pleased to share with you these circulars from the world of darkness, which expose some of satan's tricks and strategies against the Church of Jesus Christ.


We pray that your eyes are opened more to the activities and manoeuvres of satan, so that you will have more discernment as far as his works among the people of God are concerned.


This circular confirms the teachings on "Spiritual Warfare" and "Discernment" that we have studied. We urge you to read these two teachings, if you have not read them yet. They are very rich. You will find them on the website www.mcreveil.org.


May God bless your reading, and may the Blood of our Master, Lord, and Saviour Jesus Christ completely cover and re-cover your whole being!




The devil was going to service, and was moving ahead.


"Where are you going?", someone asked.


"To the temple, where I have something to do. Why won't I go and defend myself where I am attacked?"


"Defend yourself? But how will you go about it in a church where anyone is against you?"


"Poor novice! I have a thousand of ways out. Right from the morning, for example, I make sure that an unforeseen event happens. Oh, nothing great: guest programming for noon, a little influenza one would want to destroy by staying indoors, and I saw this event much easier: a lace breaking just at the time when one is about to leave, a missing button, spilling milk, the cat falls sick, the gas just finishes, the car that does not start off, children who drag on, and that is it, he will not go to service. And even if one goes in these conditions, I am at ease, one is in such a mood that he does not profit anything from the service.


In church, I work in such a way that the moment of meditation that precedes the service, becomes impossible. That is quite easy! We just need two or three persons chatting in the hall, or at the back of the Church, or in the congregation in order that the whole assembly finds it difficult to meditate and pray! I arrange as many people as possible to come late, and there I profit doubly: Those people have missed the beginning of the service and they disturb others during the first 15 minutes. That's so much to the good!


There are those who take me aback and enter this place for the first time. Since I don't desire to see them come back, I have taken counter-attack measures: No one gives them a hymn book, no one greets them, neither when coming or going out. I noticed that that was enough for them not to come back. A child who closes the door noisily, an umbrella falling, or just any other noise will be enough to help turn the heads of the majority of the audience.


I also make that the first to come take the back sits, so that late comers will be obliged to stand up behind or to march across the whole assembly. That profits me doubly, because the audience is disturbed, and to avoid this inconveniences, they do not come next time when I cause them to come late, by any last minute unplanned incident.


In this way, I steal from them two or three meetings a month. And, of course, I have many tricks in my bag. A little patience is enough and I will have more than they could themselves have!


A young person full of enthusiasm... that pains my heart for the moment, but let him get married, and you won't see him anymore. I involve him in house construction projects, and their zeal is slowed down.


And then, if you could read in all the hearts during the songs, prayers, and the sermon, one is thinking about his trade, another about his outing, another about his lunch, and yet another about his house. I have many thoughts to slip into their minds, and they welcome it so easily, to the point that some are present in the bodies, but completely away in their minds. I won't finish it all, you know, if I had to say everything well, I make sure that some don't forgive each other, there is no understanding among them, and they do not sit near each other, because of rancour. What a devotion!


So then you see I am right to go for worship service and that I have nice deals there. In pleasure centres, my work is doing all alone. I need to concentrate less attention to those places. But in the temple, it is all different. I need to get there and if possible before all of them."


Such reasoned the devil as he moved on.




In his opening speech to his fallen angels, he said:


We can't stop Christians from going to Church, we can't stop them from reading their Bible and know the truth. We can't even prevent them from having a relationship with Jesus Christ. But if they succeed in that relationship with Jesus, then our power over them is broken. Let us allow them live their conservative lifestyle, but let us steal their time in order to hinder them from having this intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.


So this is what I want you to do, fallen angels: "Distract them, hinder them from getting hold of their Saviour and from maintaining this vital relationship daily". Then, the angels said: "How can we do that?"


*Keep them occupied with unessential matters in life, and invent machinations to occupy their spirits.


*Cause them to spend, spend, spend, borrow, borrow, borrow.


*Persuade women to go and work for long hours, and the husbands to work six, seven days per week, 12 hours per day to offer themselves what they desire.


*Stop them from having some time with their children and families, soon there will be no escape route in their houses from the tension of work.


*Stimulate their spirits the more to the point where they won't hear that gentle and sweet voice (the Holy Spirit).


*Cause them to turn on the radio, put cassettes or CDs while they drive, and video TV, VCDs and their computers constantly on in their houses.


*Watch that each store and restaurant in the world play profane music non-stop. That will fill their spirits and break their union with Jesus Christ.


*Fill up their pedestal tables with magazines and newspapers so that they will be invaded by world news 24 hours round the clock. Let these be enough advertising boards along road to draw their attention while they drive.


*Pack their mailboxes with uninteresting letters, catalogues, all sorts of price draw, promotional letters offering free products, and advert giving false hopes.


*Put up slim and well-formed mannequins on newspaper front pages, so that men will believe that outward beauty is more important than inner virtues; and by that they will be unhappy with their wives, and that will quickly break families.


*During their recreational and relaxation times, cause them to be excessive, let them return from it completely worn out, not at all in peace and not prepared for the coming week.


*Don't permit them to retire into nature to meditate the wonders of God.


*Send them to amusement parks or funfair, watch sporting events, take part in concerts, go to the cinema.


*Keep them occupied, occupied and occupied, and when they meet for spiritual meetings, lead them to gossip, vain talks; let them depart from those meetings with trouble mind and destabilized emotions.


*Go ahead, permit them to commit themselves for soul winning, but fill their hearts with so many good causes that they will not have time to seek power from Jesus. Very soon, they will work and do all that by their own strength, by sacrificing their health, and their family for a good cause. It will work, it will work...


It was really a good convention! So the fallen angels went quickly away from the convention with the mission of training Christians to be everywhere the more occupied, the more busy, going round here and there.


The question is this: "Has satan been successful in his schemes?" Judge for yourselves!




To all satanists, representatives, principalities, all agents, powers; all evil spirits, and to all demonic forces in the universe:


Christians are ceaselessly doing us evil, and if we are not careful, we will all lose.


I would like to draw your attention to the resolutions taken during our Tuesday Nov. 1, 1991 meeting from midnight to 01 am.


Remember that not all Christians were informed of the activities we programmed last year, and as such, we caught many of them, for which I congratulate you.


But for the meantime, things are changing as I remarked in our control issue N° x-x-1-00 beyond death and life, and our secret issue for world control.


Christians are becoming more and more victorious because of the strength of prayer, and also because of their firm faith. What are we to do?


This is what we are going to do succeed:


Let us accentuate our craftiness by using the Bible in a wrong way, especially for pastors and preachers. Also use the techniques and tactics we put down for the 90 decade.


Let us for a moment be more serious than before. Below are some tactics and crafts you will apply on Christians. However, not all, some of them are already in our nets, so care not of hypocrites, we have them with us already:


1- Do not let them read the Bible which is the source of life. Instead, encourage them to read other books than the Bible, like religious literature, amusing stories, magazines from our libraries, and many more less interesting books. By that, when temptation comes, they will be unable to resist.


2- Never permit them fast for a just cause, and if ever they do, they will be stronger and weaken us.


3- Entreat them to laziness towards prayers. For if you let them pray, the spirit of God will help them discover our plans and win us.


4- Tell them to remain poor by prohibiting paying their tithes, give offerings and arm supports, etc. Not to love one another so that they will not be united. So our plans will be realised.


5- Permit them to occasionally pay their tithes, because God loves those who give with joy. Whereas, poor, they have less joy, and do not give all the tithes anymore. Since they will have many needs and consequently give with much hesitation and regret.


6- Never permit them to love one another with the true and sincere love of their master Jesus Christ (Oh! I would never pronounce that name!). Let them love only verbally, never from the bottom of the heart (book of the Bible 1Corinthians 13, modify verses 7 and 8 by saying that one should not love until having heart pain, that there are limits).


7- Entreat them to criticize one another.


8- Give them freedom and wisdom in lies telling, so that they may always tell lies. And little by little, this will build the link that will help them enter the kingdom of satan right up to the city of fire for ever. I wish that you practice and apply tactics according to directives given.


9- Allow them to know everything about Christ's return (Oh, that name!), but force them to think that there is still time. Tell them that Christ return will be in 100, 200 or even more years, whereas Jesus will be back very soon and keeps His word! Know that with this soon return of our Enemy, our position becomes weaker and weaker as days go by.


10- Prevent them from witnessing or preaching the gospel. For those who own TV sets, cause them to perch in front of their screen, hours upon hours, so that they have little time to read the Bible or pray. Let them hate one another, and remain in separation.


I will be sending other tricks. As for now, use these ten tactics first. In case of any complication call 00-000-000, a direct line which you will dial, plus your code number.


N.B: Always walk with this letter and never give it to another person, because if the Christians discover the secrets, we will face terrible difficulties and our plans will fail.


I wish you all good luck for this 1990-1999 secret edition and never forget to meet us weekly at the headquarters.


Next time we will discuss the following points:


1) How to cause all the pastors to fall


2) How to use better ways to discourage believers


3) How to trap believers


4) How to obstruct their prayer lives


5) How to introduce our agents into their follies


Bring along suggestions you have to complete the above list.


Yours for the continuous fight day after day, 24 hours round the clock.


Lucifer, satan!


Grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love!




Dear brothers and sisters,


If you have run away from fake churches and would like to know what to do, here are the two options available to you:


1- See if around you there are some other children of God who fear God and desire to live according to the Sound Doctrine. If you find any, feel free to join them.


2- If you do not find one and wish to join us, our doors are open to you. The only thing we will ask you to do is to first read all the Teachings that the Lord has given us, and which are on our website www.mcreveil.org, to reassure yourself that they are in conformity with the Bible. If you find them in accordance with the Bible, and are ready to submit to Jesus Christ, and live by the demands of His word, we will gladly welcome you.


The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you!


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