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Dear brothers and dear friends, we are pleased to share with you this satanists’ circular, which exposes some of the tricks and strategies of satan against the Church of Jesus Christ.


We pray that your eyes are opened more to the activities and manoeuvres of satan, so that you will have more discernment regarding his works in the midst of the people of God.


This circular confirms the teachings on "Spiritual Warfare" and "Discernment" that we have studied. We urge you to read these two teachings, if you have not read them yet. They are very rich. You will find them on the website www.mcreveil.org.


May God bless your reading, and may the Blood of our Master, Lord, and Saviour Jesus Christ completely cover and re-cover your entire being!


Extract From Spiritual Warfare: Satan Trembles

From the supreme king

Of the Kingdom of Darkness and Lies; PO Box: 000 001 Hell


The Director of Issues Concerning Spiritual Death, PO Box: 000 002 Hell


My dear fool,


I received very disturbing and uncomfortable news about what is happening in Cameroon and in other world countries. It is told that, because of your negligence and your poor appreciation of matters, my core Enemy, Jesus Christ, is winning many people, transforming their lives, giving them new hope, and new sense of direction, and enrolling them into His army. The situation is so alarming that my entire empire, including my royal majesty, tremble on hearing what has already happened, and also what could happen if we don't immediately do something to stop them.


Reports show that my Enemy, Jesus Christ, has captured many of the best men in Cameroon, and in other countries. They are so loyal to Him that they are ready to do anything for Him. They love Him. They obey Him and it is evident we have lost a great deal of our grounds.


The loss to our detriment is quite tragic beyond all description. Some persons on whom we were counting as permanently ours, were taken by our Enemy, Jesus Christ. Things cannot continue that way, if not we will have permanent damages before our time ever expires. My supreme military council held under my personal patronage had carefully but elaborately discussed these problems. We recommend the following measures for immediate action so that the situation can be immediately and once and for all settled. If you act with rapidity and wisdom, we could still hope. It is therefore of our best interest, especially mine, that we handle and control the situation immediately, but permanently.


I- Force the heads of all religions and denominations to think that their positions are threatened by the message of repentance towards God and total commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ, that they will oppose this message with all bitterness, and do everything possible to stop it. Do everything in your power to bring these leaders together, even those who normally do not get on, to be united with the unique goal of attacking this message. Push denomination heads to tell lies about bearers of this message; to deform their message, lie about them in such a terrible way that no one would want to listen to these bearers.


But be careful. Do not let these religious leaders completely drive away the disciples of my Enemy from different systems, because, as you know, if they are completely rejected, they will set-up living assemblies in the model prescribed in my Enemy's pocket book the Bible. If that happens, our cause will be greatly slowed-down. You committed such an error before, and till now we are suffering the consequences of that foolish conduct of yours. Now, you will need to let these embittered religious heads tolerate these messages and their bearers, and keep them in their systems. While they are in these systems where I possess capable leaders, we will kill the message, destroy the vision and keep the situation under strict control.


II- Your most efficient procedure will be to help each religious system establish a counterfeit of what these disciples of my Enemy (Jesus Christ) are doing. Let my system also talk of 'evangelism' provided this 'evangelism' does not lead people to Jesus Christ, but lead them into a religious system or into something like a club. Also encourage my systems to organize prayer meetings, Bible studies, etc., but make sure that they initiate such activities without any real repentance or true commitments vis-à-vis our Enemy (Jesus Christ).


Such prayers do not go up to God but come to me, for all what is sin takes its origin in me and ends in me; and I will know how to answer such prayers. The main purpose of imitating these meetings is to bring whoever is in my system and desiring prayers, Bible studies, evangelism for my Enemy to believe and say: we also have these things. There is no difference between them and us. With that in mind, they will never give heed to the truth of my Enemy, and therefore they will remain ours forever.


III- Cause everyone to say that this message of 'repentance towards God and faith in the Lord Jesus' is nothing but the product of a new sect. (I did that successfully in the past, when I had to deal with that fanatic Paul) (Act 24:2-8).


This method was successful in the first century. It will also succeed today. As you know well, we deeply regret the commitment of my Enemy's disciples. It is too painful to know that they sacrifice their money to help spread my Enemy's message in this country and other neighbouring countries. They are so motivated and full of love for my Enemy (Jesus Christ) that their gifts will surely increase in the near future. There is nothing that will stop them from giving. I however suggest one thing: try to circulate ample lies about my Enemy's disciples in all milieus. You know, I am the father of lies and liars. So use me, as well as all my secrets agents (demons and lies telling spirits) to lie about their finances by saying that the money they are using is coming from America, Europe or any other place you could think about. Blackmail them concerning their work, lives and each of their actions. Paint as black picture of them as possible. Push some of my men to write false reports against them, etc. With all that you could obtain certain temporal results, which will help us gain more time in order to think and plan.


IV- You know quite well that there are certain denominations which believe in the same biblical truths as these Jesus fanatics. However, because of our faithful work in the past, we have killed the zeal of these denominations, destroy their identity and inject a spirit of compromise in them, in such a way that they desire to be accepted by all. As such, we have rendered them more or less impotent, in the like of these systems which do not believe in the truth.


However, even if these people have lost their zeal, they nonetheless remain the children of my Enemy Jesus. Now, I want you to help these children who have lost their zeal, not to concentrate on their spiritual failure, lest they find a way out, but to try instead to attack these zealous fanatics of Jesus. Force them to concentrate their attacks on those planning crusades everywhere, push them to say evil of any group that is zealous of this vision. If you could just succeed through those who have lost their zeal and the vision, so that they will concentrate on those who are carried away by the zeal and vision for my Enemy (Jesus Christ), we will win the fight. Here is the secret behind that: While they are actively fighting against their zealous brethren, they are fulfilling our task, and by so doing, we can focus elsewhere.


Moreover, when they are so full of hate against the new expansion of the gospel of my Enemy (Jesus), which they themselves believe, they will forget of their spiritual backsliding, and as such remain in these conditions to our great advantage. While you are realising this special plan, you will need much tact. You should start with influential leaders and go gradually. Never forget they are not ours and could possibly discern what you are about to do, and if they do, they will repent, get reconciled and expose us to shame and total retreat. Have just one thing in mind, don't await any much from those who are my Enemy's children by personal choice. They have little material profit from it. I mean that they are more objective in their appreciation of the radical soldiers of my Enemy and are consequently more open to my Enemy's action. You will succeed more with those called 'full time ministers', because they don't only regard my Enemy's interest, but some of them are deeply preoccupied by the fact that their religious systems should continue to operate so that their jobs and positions should be secured. So use them. But as I said, in all these, you are in a dangerous ground because my Enemy's spirit is upon them.


V- You learned about this terrible thing called 'intercessory fasting' (the thought of that pains my heart). You shouldn't have ever permitted such a thing. Now, these people fast and pray in increasing number, and had it been they were praying only for spiritual things, it wouldn't have been so bad. But they are praying for all aspects: their political leaders, governments, their national economy, agriculture, health, roads, development projects, educational systems, national security, etc., in addition to revival and all the interests of Jesus. The results of these prayers done for more than 7 years is that there is greater harmony in the country's political life in a period when many countries are turned into pieces: and their national economy is in rapid and clear growth, and obviously, there is peace from my Enemy (Jesus the Prince of peace).


All these are to my detriment. I want war, for I am the prince of war, and war helps fulfil my plans. I want poverty, since I can use it to our advantage! Please, give me instability, for I can also use it to destroy the kingdom of Jesus and build mine. I order you to wedge war against this intercession in fasting for Cameroon. Do the following: bring these powerful fighters of my Enemy (Jesus Christ) to be very hungry and particularly weak on Wednesdays, such that many will look for reasons not to fast each week.


Try that those who persist in fasting and prayers sleep during prayer meetings. Watch that this prayer does not spread to other towns. Make it in such a way that the religious leaders who see the need and power of this ministry should not join it simply because they are jealous of the one my Enemy (Jesus Christ) used to initiate it.


The entire prayer domain must be attacked in an absolute way. Can't you stop prayer nights? If you cannot, considerably reduce the number of participants, and always be there yourself with a good chunk of sleep, tiredness, purposelessness, pain, lack of concentration, etc., inject all these things in them so that they will be less efficient. That is one of the most important tasks for us if we must succeed in Cameroon and elsewhere, or are you not aware of the far reaching consequences of their prayers? They are praying for Chad, Nigeria, Korea, China, Japan, Russia, France, England, etc., and with each prayer, our Enemy lords it over us.


VI- You must also do the following on these brave soldiers of my Enemy. First of all, discourage them in all direction. Attack their businesses, studies, jobs, families, bodies, etc. Send millions of demons to theirs truss. Don't let them know I have been conquered, and that with the authority of Christ Jesus, they can push me, the king of hell, and you, my faithful servant, as well as our well-trained army to despair.


You must hide this fact from them. Give them a false impression of my greatness and paint a picture of a Jesus in failure. Make them not to feel that they are fighting from victory. Cause most of them to backslide and resign. You succeeded in that in the past; and you remember that helped us recover many persons we had once considered 'lost', therefore, continue. Be without pathos. Attack them without mercy. If all methods fail, destroy their lives, for it is better to completely take them away from the scene than to see them actively fight against us.


Then help them go back to sin and remain there as a normal life. Don't think you will succeed with the 'gross' sins such as adultery, fornication, stealing, corruption, etc., Remember only a handful of people commit such sins, and even after committing those sins they feel so disgusting that they repent, receive my Enemy's forgiveness and will once more join the army to fight against us.


Use 'civilized' sins, which however hinder them from having deep fellowship with my Enemy, Jesus. These sins include jealousy, pride, anger, ego-centrism, lies telling, exaggerations, impure thoughts, laziness, idleness, lack of forgiveness, prayerlessness, indiscipline, gluttony, lack of love, etc. Do you understand? We want to destroy them. We know that the 'big sins' will not play our game. The "small ones" will do. They are not convicted of small sins, and consequently they will not repent, but these sins bring ruin. That happens especially with those who are zealous, you know most often they don't see pride as the very sin which gave birth to our kingdom, and which keeps me permanently in this kingdom.


Lastly, attack their leadership. You know how important that leadership is. For instance, without my leadership, our kingdom will simply end. It could be reasonably said that the kingdom is I. If I am destroyed, then all is finished. The same thing applies to our Enemy. Jesus is their supreme Head. But at any place, there is a man or group of men on whom everything rests. In this specific case, there is a particular obstacle consisting of the frequent retreat of the leadership into solitary places for prayers and waiting on God for new directives and for renewal of strength by our Enemy. The sad thing is that this is not just with one person, but with a growing number of persons in the leadership. This helps them to receive something from our Enemy, such that in spite of their failure and weakness, they still strongly remain in control and progress to our detriment.


I don't think you can really do anything to stop them from these secret meetings with our Enemy, since they do it out of genuine love for Him, and a real desire to serve Him. You can however do a few things to limit them.


1- Cause those they are leading to be jealous of them and secretly attack them.


2- Cause most of those praying for them to find faults in these leaders and as such cease to pray for them.


3- Put a profound feeling of loneliness in them, which will envelop them while they bear the burden of the leadership, so that they may lose their joy.


4- Cause most of those they are leading to disappoint them and really afflict them.


5- Render the vision progressively gloomy so that one day they will no more know to where they are leading people.


6- Bar any of their attempts to make the work advance. Use even their close collaborators to do that. This will lead them to discouragement, and once they are discouraged, they will cease to envisage great things, initiate effective prayers, work hard, and await great things from God. In this way, we will reduce a work potentially able to reach the whole world to a thing that will not have any consequences even for a single nation.


7- You need to attack the entire unbelieving population in order to make sure that our stronghold on them be permanent.


I recommend these seven following points:


1) Wrap all unbelievers with a spirit of doubt that they will not take seriously the invitation of Jesus to repentance for salvation. Cause them to believe that the gospel is not true, as it cannot be demonstrated in a scientific laboratory.


2) Push those who believe the word of God is true to postpone their decision to accept Christ to an uncertain future. And let them continue to postpone until it is too late.


3) Fill people's hearts with love for alcohol and other sort of wines, for new dresses, fashions, and new hairstyles, for different car models, new games, etc. Do just anything that will distract them and spare them from any opportunity to think on the meaning of life, their lost condition, reflect on the inevitable judgement of God, and Jesus invitation to repent and be reconciled with God. Force them to concentrate on 'here and now' sex, pleasure, and glory, etc.


4) Fill the country with many religions offering a nice philosophy to men, but not leading them to vital contact with Jesus who said, "I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except by me". Cause many to believe that good works will lead them to heaven and as such will not see the necessity of accepting Jesus Christ.


5) Cause many people to discredit the Bible, saying it is not in fashion, and to look for modern versions that would permit them have sexual relationship before marriage, commit abortion and all sorts of dirty things they would want to do.


6) Sow a deep fear in many hearts, so that they would think that if they completely give themselves to Christ, they would lose their social positions. Cause them to prefer these positions of here and now, than having a throne in heaven with Jesus Christ when He comes. Make sure that the message of Christ's return is never preached or taught.


7) Do just anything and everything possible to see to it that they are not converted to Jesus Christ, for as long as they remain unconverted, they belong to me, whether they be good or bad people.


If you seriously watch over all these things, we will regain control of, and maintain all things in our favour.


Remember that time is against us. The end is not far away, and this could be our last opportunity. Be wise, be full of tact and craftiness.


Your master, satan


(king of hell, lord of all evil and father of lies)


Grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love!




Dear brothers and sisters,


If you have run away from fake churches and would like to know what to do, here are the two options available to you:


1- See if around you there are some other children of God who fear God and desire to live according to the Sound Doctrine. If you find any, feel free to join them.


2- If you do not find one and wish to join us, our doors are open to you. The only thing we will ask you to do is to first read all the Teachings that the Lord has given us, and which are on our website www.mcreveil.org, to reassure yourself that they are in conformity with the Bible. If you find them in accordance with the Bible, and are ready to submit to Jesus Christ, and live by the demands of His word, we will gladly welcome you.


The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you!


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