Message to all those who desire blessings


To all those who desire blessings, the Lord is recruiting an army of translators to translate the teachings of into all languages, be they African, American, Asian or European.


The goal is to put all these wonderful teachings that the Lord has given us at the disposal of all, all over the world. So if you master any language, any written language, know that you can put this at the service of the Lord. The Lord needs you to translate these teachings to make them available to people of every nation, tribe, race and continent.


Do not hesitate to put your talents to use in the Lord's service, in order to spread His message throughout the world. And if you cannot translate the teachings, but know people who can translate them, you can encourage them to do so.


Your contribution will be most welcome. The Lord needs you to advance His work.

Now is the time to make yourself useful to Jesus Christ your Master and to accumulate your blessings in Heaven. If you wish to be part of this army of the Most High, please contact us at and indicate into which language you want to translate.


May the grace of the Lord rest upon you!